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Avril Does It Again!!!!

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The alleged song thief does it again!

We try to avoid her "music" as much as possible, so we didn't catch on to this until it was just pointed out to us.

It has been brought to our attention by an astute reader that the beginning of Avril Lavigne's song I Don't Have To Try - off her new album The Best Damn Thing sounds IDENTICAL to I'm The Kinda by a true Canadian artist, Peaches - off her album Fatherfucker.

The first 20 seconds of Avril's song are a carbon copy - musically and thematically - of the Peaches track.

We don't care enough about Avril to make a side-by-side comparison.

If somebody gets around to doing this….let us know!


Click here to listen to the song comparisons.

Thanks Jamie!

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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334 comments to “Avril Does It Again!!!!”

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  1. Sheena says – reply to this


    Man, I am so confused as to why this would be considered punk rock ???..
    ….It comes off more as some watered down rap-style pop music that isn't even good….boring as hell……There is no such thing as "pop punk" some jack hole marketer made that shit up so everyone and anyone could "get in on it"…I remember the days when you had to work for your street cred and not buy it in a fucking store….Even Depeche Mode is more punk rock than any of this shit and those of you who were there no what I mean…HA!

  2. melinda says – reply to this


    I guess it does sound alike but don't they all use the same beats? I mean it's definatly not the same lyrics. Avril's song is about something totally different, about being in control of the relationship and well I'm not quite sure what Peaches sang about. Like don't they get there beats off a keyboard. lol. I could be wrong, I dunno. I do think Avril writes her own songs.

  3. tamantha says – reply to this


    Is she like related to vanilla ice or did they just go to the same songwriting school.

  4. Veronica says – reply to this


    did she copy every song from someone?!?!?

  5. queen B says – reply to this


    You guys are just hating because you aint got no money like her.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Curious says – reply to this


    Shame, shame, shame is all I can say. I realize she puts her own spin on things but to resort to copying another artist. It might have been a compliment to the other artist if she had gone about it in a decent manner.

  7. nanda says – reply to this


    they sound NOTHING alike.

  8. I wear the prance says – reply to this


    Avril, you ignorant slut!!

  9. Jennie says – reply to this


    God..I knew she sucked balls but damn.. she stole two song already…geez someone please choke this bitch..

  10. electrostrike says – reply to this


    holy shiz, she really is a song stealing hack with no talent!

  11. tearyouapart says – reply to this


    i dont understand why she would steal a song from peaches who is obviously a better artist. you could hear it even when they compare the two songs. everyone who is staying stop hating is ridiculous.. its not hating when you call some one out for doing something illegal.Everyone makes there own music and if they dont they get the rights to the music they copy. Avril fans, why is it right for her to steal other peoples ideas and pretend their her own?

  12. Ask Me How I Really Feel says – reply to this


    Whoops! I think she has been caught with her pants…..down!!!!

  13. greatturtle says – reply to this


    Avril looks like she stinks! This girl needs to wash her hair and her cooch…

  14. JB says – reply to this


    It would be okay if she was just honest about it and gave credit to the true artists. She's SO Vanilla Ice.

  15. really_rosie says – reply to this


    WoW! That is definately similar.

  16. ashley says – reply to this


    wow! what a stupid cunt! She should just stop writting songs now! they are not nearly the quality of the origials anyway! AVRIL SUCKS!

  17. Jessica says – reply to this


    wow that is utterly pathetic. Avril is a whore.

  18. Big Cock McGee says – reply to this


    Peaches Vs Avril in a ring (in g- strings of course) who will win?

  19. floggie says – reply to this


    I guess if you have to write something about this whore, you may as well mention that she is an untalented, egotistical, poser bitch. I don't know why she is such a bitch all the time… I mean, she's not pretty, she's got a fucked up face, and she can't even write original stuff. There are so many more talented and wealthier people out there who actually have personalities. Then again, maybe it's not her fault, this is what happens when pure white trash gets a little bit of fame and cash.

  20. bleh says – reply to this


    why has no one brought up the fact that parts of skaterboi sound exactly like hungry like the wolf? called bullshit on this slut years ago.

  21. Taylor-BabiiE--x says – reply to this


    So What She's Copied Someones Song;; Who's Has The Best Music Record Obviously Avril,, She's Done Peaches A Favour She's Probably Turned The Beggining Of A Rubbish Song Into Something Good

  22. fingerlickin says – reply to this


    WOW! that is unbelievable how much they sound alike

  23. syl says – reply to this


    avril fuckin blows. shes so *hardcore punk* pfffffffffffft

  24. Eddy says – reply to this


    I don't think she's necessarily "stealing" songs. I think it's just that her music is so unoriginal, it's bound to sound like like many others.

  25. Kimberly in GA says – reply to this


    Please tell me someting why do you give Avril such a hard time. A few of Fergie and Gwen S. songs have the same sound, you do not ride them!

  26. KittyCat says – reply to this


    What a hoe!!! i cant believe that bitch….Oh wait yes i can simply put she's a copycat!! WHORE!!!

  27. ellabobella says – reply to this


    Well you can't really blame avril. If she doesn't write her own music, then she's not the one stealing. It's whoever gives her the songs and says, here, sing this, it'll be a hit. Basically, her people, the ones who manage and produce her, are worse than her.

  28. AnnaBanana says – reply to this


    Ew. Bitch wears Abercrombie to the beach too. Not edgy and not a musician! Punk princess my ass.

  29. michele says – reply to this


    They sound exactly alike!

  30. Sharon says – reply to this


    She sucks

  31. Linda says – reply to this


    I can't believe you people are saying you're embarrassed to be Canadian or some of you (Obvious) Americans are saying she should just "Go back to Canada." Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Here's kudos to the Internet: Giving ignorant people like you a voice.
    I really like Avril's CD…though I think this the worst song anyway. If you have ever fooled around with drum beats on a Keyboard, they generally all sound the same. The songs are similar, but it's guaranteed that after this many years of writing songs, they're going to sound all the same!
    Maybe people will be happy that Avril's next CD will be depressed again. I was just happy that she was versatile enough to try new things.

  32. Juniper says – reply to this


    I always knew that little poser was a hack!
    Hope someone sues her off that fucking pedastal of hers!

  33. Nicole says – reply to this


    wow. Avril Lavigne should just give up, she should give up now. She cannot write songs. Its just embarassing to listen to her songs.

  34. Roxie in Chi Town says – reply to this


    Don't know her at all, but come on! NONE of your producers noticed the similarities either. Someone needs to go down for copyright enfringment

  35. jessi says – reply to this


    is she even smart enough to COPY songs, though? i don't think she knows enough about music. her handlers prolly find songs for her to copy.

    i hope she goes through court processes and utter humiliation anyway.

  36. MEB says – reply to this


    I'm the one who wears the pants?????? What a douche bag! Worst lyrics ever.

  37. Lyss says – reply to this


    Those prancing pants lyrics are def the worst lyrics i've ever heard, Rhyming easy words doesn't = good lyrics

  38. Melay says – reply to this


    WOW that's brutal! I'm a fan of Avril's and this is just bullshit!

  39. marjorie says – reply to this


    avril tries to make chantal kreviazuk look bad, but hello avril how do you explain that… chantal and peaches rock… you suck avril

  40. Ruthi says – reply to this


    OMG! That is so disappointing!

  41. NBabi91 says – reply to this



  42. TRIXIE says – reply to this



  43. sunshiiinne says – reply to this


    i used 2 avril…..but now that i know that her songs are rip offs..i kinda dont like her anymore!

    Is this from the same album as the song, 'girlfriend'? maybe the whole album is a complete rip off!!! no point buying iT!

  44. fuck off says – reply to this


    do any of you people even know her, perez you? I didnt think so

  45. Hal007 says – reply to this


    I've heard songs that sound more alike then those two songs, and there are noticable differences been the two songs. And the girlfriend song only has 5 words similar to the song i wanna be your boyfrirnd with the band copied from the Rammones (i think i spelled that wrong), Avril's song is better written and as alot more to it. I don't think Avril stole anything and i'm really not even a big fan.

  46. Jess013 says – reply to this


    Tell her to fix her hair extensitons there so FAKE

  47. Ontario Girl! says – reply to this


    I'm sure we could listen to almost any song from any artist and find a song somewhere that sounds just like it in some way… With the millions, and millions of songs out there it's impossilbe for this not to happen. Give your heads a shake and come back to reality.

  48. Amber says – reply to this


    I don't hear any similarities AT ALL!

  49. RFY says – reply to this


    Oh come on. There are similarities between those beats but I bet it's all just coincidence. When you have as many people making music, that just might happen once in a while.

  50. D says – reply to this


    WOW, all of you are jealous. Like she really cares what you say about her. She is living large. I don't really listen to her music but she must be doing most things right. Look where she is in life…… where are you?

  51. COURTNEY says – reply to this



  52. cat says – reply to this


    Avril Sucks. Peaches is queen.

    stupid obnoxious biatch that avril.


  53. Amanda says – reply to this


    Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I don't have any beef with Avril, but the similarities are just too much… and if it was just one song, maybe I could say it was just a strange coincidence… but come on now.

  54. indeciSEAN says – reply to this


    you may say you don't care enough about her to do a comparison, but if you want to incite shit like this you clearly do. besides, you should care enough for peaches to wanna bring avril to justice! :-P

  55. Lunnazol says – reply to this


    Yet another reason to hate her even more… This bitch is outta control!

  56. v says – reply to this



  57. melanie lee says – reply to this


    I think peaches could take her.
    While the rubinoo's hold her down.

  58. Jessica says – reply to this


    Wait- There is a major difference here, people. Peaches' is good, and Avril's fucking sucks and sounds stupid. There goes the case.

  59. rayray says – reply to this


    wow, i love that song by peaches. as for avril, she's a joke. unbelievable she just copies that stuff.

  60. Raven says – reply to this


    avrils a ho

  61. AvrilLaDouche says – reply to this


    Um and the second part of the song sounds exactly like a Sum 41 one song which is probably fine except thats a rip off of a Gob song…

  62. Wink says – reply to this


    I've been saying all along that Avril sucks.

  63. katie says – reply to this


    Dear Avril, hey hey you you please go fucking kill yourself.

  64. Eliz says – reply to this


    OMG! Will that Bitch EVER learn? I'm Canadian and It breaks my heart that she is too. ;(

  65. Canadian girl says – reply to this


    "When you get to a certain level, people attack you" says Ms. Lavigne. In this case, the level this pathetic person is at is LOW. She has absolutely no class, perhaps she instead of blogging, she should just spit on her attackers, more her style anyway….

  66. avril ladouchebag says – reply to this


    i cant believe this bitch is famous

  67. goldie says – reply to this


    this chick is takin it to the limit……but i guess yet again she will get away with it……her attitude was stinky/stank from day 1……she acts like a 12 yr old…on hard candy with a slight ADHD problem…..all i have to say is …next!

  68. b.brown says – reply to this


    The song is decent…but really not worth your career to steal!!! It's not that great. And doesn't even fit into her repretoire [spelling? too lazy to check]…it's a rap song. I could do that. :P She's going downnnn!

  69. Matt says – reply to this


    bah, it's a drum beat … I don't like Avril Lavigne, but alot of music sounds alike …

    for example, the drum at the beginning Youth of the Nation of POD sounds alot like the beginning of Guernica of Brand New … google it or something. It dosen't mean that they are THIEF or whatever … it's a DRUM roll for godsake. Timbaland on the other hand …

  70. CC says – reply to this


    imitation is the best form of flattery, n'est-ce pas?

  71. Sonja says – reply to this


    She is a bimbo… I used to have respect for her because Chantal worked with her… now not at all!! I hate that Girlfriend song… so stupid… is she not married… how would she feel if someone was telling her fugly honey that they did not like his "wifey"… bah… so dumb… so immature…

  72. krrn says – reply to this


    wwwwwooooooowwwwww Avril's got some balls doing that shit.

  73. Justen Mariash says – reply to this


    the funny thing about this fucking bitch is, she says she doesint copy or w.e from people? but she says she was drunk for most of her songs? maybe she was to drunk to remeber shes a fuckin idiot and stole ideas from everyone else….

  74. IDontGetItIGuess says – reply to this


    The beat is the same, but the lyrics are not? I don't get it. Half the pop shit out there prolly sounds like something that has already been out. There are only so many beats these talentless people can cover. Seriously, who gives a shit really?

  75. IDontGetItIGuess says – reply to this


    Oh, and I love Peaches :)

  76. goldie says – reply to this


    by the way peaches rocks!

  77. kim says – reply to this


    Oh please! They are not EXACTLY the same. I'm sure you could find many songs with a similar beginning if you looked. If she changes one beat, then it isn't the same

  78. takara says – reply to this


    I saw some documentary of 'the making of Avril's album' and all she did was tell everyone how drunk she was the WHOLE time and also…yeah…how she wrote like everything…and I think she even played most of the instruments. What a skank!

  79. Funz says – reply to this


    That Biatch has always made me sick, hardly any talent, no good looks, sorry no you are not hot, get a tan and some food.

  80. Sheila says – reply to this


    Okay - now this makes TWO - yes TWO songs on this CD that the bites off of. That ain't right. Don't claim the fame if it ain't your game. I used to really like her, but I have no respect for a musician with no consience.

  81. B.A.P. BARBIE says – reply to this


    Honestly, Avril did rip this song off. She needs to knock that sh*t off because she's talented. She wrote Kelly Clarkson's hit, "Breakaway" when she was a teen.

  82. Danielle says – reply to this


    Poor girl why do you hate her so much. How many rappers stills songs. Even if she did look kanye west nobody has sued him yet

  83. kristin says – reply to this


    i like her stuff to be honest
    who cares if she took the song? shes got more hits than any of the ppl that are commenting on this page will ever have…

  84. steph says – reply to this


    i like some of avrils music but i hate her

  85. Holla! says – reply to this


    This bitch's career (if you can even call it that?) is over!

    What a scumbag!

  86. neutral opinion says – reply to this


    i don't like avril or peaches. it may be a rip off, but avril's song clearly has a 4th beat as opposed to only 3 beats in the peaches track, which makes it an "original" piece. i don't like her, but the extra beat may save her in my opinion.

  87. andrew mcgrath says – reply to this


    CANADA LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!1
    LOVE YOU AVRIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. fashionstar says – reply to this


    umm yeah she copied but Peaches version is still way better. damn avril, you suck!

  89. stougas says – reply to this


    i mean i really really love avril, and i really really REALLY love peaches (143) but as long as avril didn't steal from my favorite band of all time, ahem KISS, then i don't really care. but if she ever does steal from KISS, believe me…me and the rest of the KISS army will stomp her down and i seriously won't even think twice about it.

  90. FUCKAVRIL says – reply to this



  91. michelle says – reply to this


    you are retarded. you are not an attorney and have no idea, musically or 'thematically' is going on. all you know is that you hate avril and will take any side thats not hers. let the attys battle it out. they at least have more brains than you.

  92. maryellen ethiopia says – reply to this


    i would just like to say that avril is messing with the wrong woman. peaches is my goddess, my heaven on earth. peaches and celine dion. my canadian lovers. there will be no sucking o0n my titties like u wanting me calling me all the time

  93. Rotunda says – reply to this


    Avril cannot be stopped, cannot be beaten in court, cannot be outsold.
    These people coming out of the woodwork to try to get a piece of the TBDT sales, will find this out very soon.

  94. kayla . says – reply to this



  95. linda says – reply to this


    slimey little douche. her name is avril and she's married that that other "super-hardcore-hot topic .one hit in the last ten years midget rocker"…..could anything otherwise really be expected?…. and those freakin skirts…she should be banned from hot topic…no more PLEASE!

  96. avrilhater says – reply to this


    ugh! I love peaches and she totally copied peaches. avril is a talentless, snotty loser bitch.

  97. lili says – reply to this


    peaches is so much greater!

    no comparison possible.

  98. lili says – reply to this


    peaches is so much greater!

    no comparison possible!!!!!!!

  99. Damon says – reply to this


    You are all idiots! Especially you PEREZ… Do you know what carbon copy means… it means "exact"… the beat is different (ok not much) and the words are all different (again ok it is about the same theme) So lets just say then PEREZ HILTON is a corbon copy www.thesuperficial.com… EXACTLY THE SAME… SAME LAME COMMENTS… SAME PICTURES… SAME PEOPLE…

    Hey PEREZ stop stealinf shit you hack!

  100. beth says – reply to this


    Damn!!!!!!!!!!! thats really awful…those songs are identical!! it seems like avril just speeded it up a bit.. and last night i saw her song go head to head with the '70's song 'i want to be your boyfriend' on E!news… - and yeah, they're identical too! just cause you got no talent of your own, you can't go around stealing others!!! get a real job, bitch!!!

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