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Avril Does It Again!!!!

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The alleged song thief does it again!

We try to avoid her "music" as much as possible, so we didn't catch on to this until it was just pointed out to us.

It has been brought to our attention by an astute reader that the beginning of Avril Lavigne's song I Don't Have To Try - off her new album The Best Damn Thing sounds IDENTICAL to I'm The Kinda by a true Canadian artist, Peaches - off her album Fatherfucker.

The first 20 seconds of Avril's song are a carbon copy - musically and thematically - of the Peaches track.

We don't care enough about Avril to make a side-by-side comparison.

If somebody gets around to doing this….let us know!


Click here to listen to the song comparisons.

Thanks Jamie!

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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334 comments to “Avril Does It Again!!!!”

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  1. mende says – reply to this


  2. Typecast says – reply to this


    Ugh!!!! Avril is horrible and cannot come up with an original idea on her own if her life depended on it. Please go away forever!!!!!!

  3. lady says – reply to this


    her extensions are nasty. she used to have natural long hair but now shes got paris hair.

  4. Laura says – reply to this



    she is a disgrace to canada….

  5. gianina says – reply to this


    hola como andas?? espero ke bien te cuento ke sos una de las mejores !! jaja bueno besos chauu
    cuidencen simplemente giany!!..

  6. Jenny says – reply to this


    ppl say "avril,go back to Canada” well…WE DONT WANT HER NEITHER!!!

  7. F says – reply to this


    They sound identical. But she can play the whole 'Im a songwriter not a producer' deal.

    My friend pointed out to me a while back that Girlfriends sounds like Holla Back Girl

  8. fluffy reeves says – reply to this



  9. Team Perez says – reply to this


    OKAY this little neo-uber "hey, im cool and preety and rad but im still a rebel with *good* fashion sense" gothie wana-be NEEDS TO LEAVE THE MUSIC SCENE ALL TOGETHER!!!! P eople have we not learned from Vanilla Ice???? he did NOT give credit to Queen and he is a joke now!!! AVril, THATS what U GET FROM TAKING SLOPPY SECONDS …….. HAHHAHAHHAHAHH have fun with your oh ssooooo great hubby

  10. Mr. Wook says – reply to this


    OMG, what a hack, just listened at YT.

  11. Danielle says – reply to this


    I don't even like this girl but seriously… shut the fuck up and move on.

    Shit like this happens everyday. Once again, only in America do you see people suing other people for stupid ass reasons like this.

    They don't have the same Lyricsm therefore she never copied. So many songs sound the same as other songs do.

    There's worse things in the world. Jesus.

  12. Poe says – reply to this


    ay perezito, you may have made it more difficult for avril. lol. right on!

  13. Kira says – reply to this


    Haha, she's screwed

  14. caitlyn says – reply to this


    her nostrils look a little raw. shes so nasty.. sad excuse for a musician.

  15. rodo says – reply to this



  16. Deidre says – reply to this


    The funny thing is that Avril probably has no idea that she even ripped off the song. This is why you should allow your children to complete the 12th grade people!

  17. sandy says – reply to this


    she fucking SUCKS!

  18. Eric The Midget says – reply to this


    I will perform the balloon stunt……WITH AVRIL!

  19. farouk says – reply to this


    avril should quit music and do porn!

  20. Allie says – reply to this


    All I have to say is that I used to just love Avril, her first two albums were amazing! Let go is still my favorite cd of all time. Under my skin I loved every song but one! But The Best Damn thing, just really isn't that good. I love the Avril who is deep and has alot to say about issues that matter to me. But I don't wanna hear about stealing boyfriends. And I don't have to try is my least favorite off of her album and to see she stole from Peaches makes me think that Avril is losing what made her famous to begin with. I don't think Girlfriend sounds like that other song but this song sounds alot a like. The melodie lines are very similar. And the music is exactly the same. Avril better come out with a better album soon or else I won't be buying another one!

  21. Get a life says – reply to this


    Who cares???

    Think of all the songs in the world, not every song is gonna sound well different. an if one of her songs sounds like a song she's listed as one her faves ever it shouldn't be a shock to anyone.

    all most musicians bang on about is who influences them, so some songs are gonna sound the same.

  22. Taylor says – reply to this


    How could you hate somebody and hope they died for the music they made?

  23. kero says – reply to this


    are u gna shoot her or should i?

  24. Britt says – reply to this


    I wanna shit all over her face…then I want a picture of me doing it…and then I want her singing the song while I am doing it.
    And then I can stick all the shit in her asshole and then make her spoon it out of her ass.
    And then.
    And then I can punch her in the face! :D

  25. kb! says – reply to this


    you know what…you can hate her guts. but she is on top
    and u all suckers are not! u all know her and waste your precious time talking about her… hahah she doesnt even know you ppl.
    so get over it..

  26. Drummer Boi says – reply to this


    Perez said that Avril stole Peaches song, but I don’t I don’t think so.
    I am a drummer and the beat patterns sound different to me.
    The beat In Avril’s song although it sounds similar goes
    The beat on Peaches goes
    and then progresses to
    Not the same . . .
    The remaining 97% of the song is different; did you listen to the rest of the song?
    Avril plays the drums a “little bit” and she knows the beat it is different, she said that the “Peaches” song “I’m the Kinda” is one of her favorite songs, Avril loves the Peach, she is not stealing she is simply paying tribute to one of her favorite songs. What is wrong with that?
    Perez is just stirring things up in a viscous heartless way; sad thing is you guys believe him, which is so sad. I’d never stand up in court.

  27. gaby says – reply to this


    Although both songs do sound a little bit similar to me, who are you Perez to be talking about Avril's lack of originality when most of the pictures posted here are stolen from other web sites and the whole idea of your web site is so not original. Damn! even your "personality" is not original. And also what qualifications do you have to be making these judgement and say that "The first 20 seconds of Avril’s song are a carbon copy - musically.." ??? You're such a joke you're lame! and BTW I don't think you'll do good in TV sorry you just don't have the right personality for TV and you have 0 charisma

  28. gina says – reply to this


    i am new to this site & i find it highly amusing that you guys hit the nail on the head on this beeotch! i've always wondered why she's famous & acts like she's punk & tough. i'd crush that little bitch & i'm probably about the same size.

  29. Impromtu says – reply to this


    What I don’t get about Perez is how poorly he will treat some celebrities; he has openly stated he will destroy certain people’s careers if he can. Here in lies the rub, he shows favoritism to certain celebrities that are often worse than the ones he put down. He just seems hypocritical to me. If he dishes it out he has to be willing to take it. I don't see why people like him. I guess putting people down, rather than building them up, is cool?

    It is a gossip blog that tears people down.
    He seems like the Jerry Springer of the Internet to me

  30. Michele says – reply to this


    wow. just wow. how dare she.

  31. Chuck says – reply to this


    So…for those of you who can actually count…the Peaches song is in 8/8 time (3 eighth note downbeats, eighth rest, 3, rest). Avril's is in the same time signature (OH MY GOD SHE STOLE THE TIME SIGNATURE!!1), but has 3 downbeats, rest, 4 downbeats. It's amazing how non-musical people can hear what people tell them to, e.g. two "identical songs", but I just can't stomach the idiocy anymore. You're not musicians, these two people are, and the songs are clearly similar. If we want to go about talking about plagiarism just because we've got thematic and genre similarities, everyone nowadays is plagiarising from the first decades of rock 'n' roll. There are finite chord progressions, people…

  32. alix says – reply to this


    avrils "everything back but you" in her new album sounds a lot like "thank you" by simple plan, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow.. is this whole album copies of other songs??

  33. Hans says – reply to this


    hey you all stupid bitch!!!! she's not copying the peaches song or anything!!!
    how old are you that makes you all stupid enough to say it's copying or whatsoever??IT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!!!! don't because avril is beautiful, famous and genious so YOU ALL MESS UP WITH HER!!!! you just jealous with her success!!!!!!BITCH!!!!! she's totally original….thanx for DRUMMER BOI for the comment…..i hate all those avril-haters!!!!!DIE YOU ALL FIRE CROTCH!!!!

  34. texascowgirl says – reply to this


    She is such a dumb retard I knew she wasn’t that talented the more money they have the stupider they get hope she gets the shit out of her sued

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