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Michael Moore Unhinged

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday, promoting his new movie about healthcare, Sicko, and went on an epic 10 minute tirade against CNN, which he claims is biased.

Click here to watch it all go down!

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439 comments to “Michael Moore Unhinged”

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  1. ashley says – reply to this



  2. b says – reply to this


    love him or hate him.

    Sicko was a great documentary.

  3. Earl says – reply to this


    michael moore is a slob

  4. scared says – reply to this


    YAY!!! we are up again with comments!!

  5. YankeeGrrl says – reply to this


    Why is it UNHINGED???

    I say, PREACH IT MIKEY!!!! ;)

  6. idiot says – reply to this


    what a dumb fat fuck

  7. mem says – reply to this


    Perez for Prez

  8. Debraw says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a ticking timebomb……I loved his documentary on Flint, Michigan years ago. He just seems out of control to me.

  9. Chloe says – reply to this



  10. madmax says – reply to this


    Wow a real rarity! Someone of real value to society is on this site.

  11. wow says – reply to this


    Wow, I'm a Michael Moore fan, but he makes himself out to be quite a jerk here. I don't care how angry he is. He does not need to treat the reporter like that. Treat others how you want to be treated, FUCKER!

  12. vamonticello says – reply to this


    He was NOT unhinged…he was telling the truth.

  13. Suzanne says – reply to this


    YES! Impeach them!! Michael Moore might be a blowhard but he is RIGHT!!!

  14. whytee says – reply to this


    Keep speaking TRUTH to power, Michael Moore! Come on, Perez, you gotta appreciate where he's coming from. Right before he was on they played this total hit job on him. I say MORE POWER TO YA MICHAEL MOORE!

  15. Jen Mac says – reply to this


    He's sooo fat, talk about needing good medical coverage:)

  16. scosco says – reply to this


    I use to hate this fat douche, but he's right.
    He always has been right. He might be fat, slobby, petergriffin like but he's smart.

  17. Laura says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is one of the lone voices in America willing to stand up and voice his opinion about issues that directly affect the nation. I hope he continues to create films that expose the corruption and hypocrisy of the government, especially the Bush administration. I also truly hope that everyone here takes the time to educate themselves about each current presidential candidate so that we can take back this country.

  18. Stephanie says – reply to this


    YES!!!! Michael Moore speaks the truth. Why aren't we marching in the streets? I don't get it? The apathy is so scary.

  19. N-Jay says – reply to this


    Absolutley right!

  20. Jenny says – reply to this


    the man is amazing and the truth is really starting to get to him

  21. SFLADY says – reply to this


    Let's debate the healthcare nuances AFTER everyone in this country is insured!!! Michael Moore is AWESOME! I liked how he called Wolfowitz on his BS when saying that he is being told what to say thru BIG Corporations.

  22. Andrew says – reply to this


    Thank you, Perez for posting this! Keep speaking out - help us move people to get rid of this president and his vice president!!!

  23. jai says – reply to this


    YES! Someone actually taking the media to task! Good for him. Where was our media when the hard questions needed to be asked?? BBC asks them… He is right to be pissed.

  24. mki says – reply to this


    what a fat dumb slob fuck. I hope he dies soon

  25. MissMottin says – reply to this


    Michael Moore accused CNN of being biased? That's a hell of an indictment from a Michael Moore.
    It would be like having a terrorist say someone's methods were "underhanded."

  26. christin says – reply to this


    it is wrong to call him unhinged. more people should be as passionate about making this country and the world a better place.

  27. Bill says – reply to this


    It's about time someone told the truth. Michael Moore is a great American.

  28. sms says – reply to this


    Although I'm a democrat, Michael Moore is out of control and doesn't know how to make an unbiased documentary or inflates the real facts. "Bowling for Columbine" was disgusting in the way he exploited victims. I agree that something needs to be done about healthcare in the US. There is NO simple solution! He needs to stop trying to make himself money by lying and attacking journalists. Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the CNN medical unit know what they're doing, FAR more than Moore. As an intern there some time ago, I actually researched the pharma issues that were being kept secret to the public, and the employees in that CNN dept. have acknowledged that they sometimes do disparaging stories on their sponsors. CNN is not biased… perhaps he's thinking of Fox News…

  29. Emily says – reply to this


    Finally, someone not scared to fight back! We need more people like him.

  30. Megan says – reply to this


    Ugh, that man makes me want to vomit.

  31. bonnie says – reply to this


    i *heart* michael moore…. i work for a pharma company, and he is so on base it is insane how the american people are so unaware of the healthcare system and how it is completely ruled by money, selfishness and greed of the insurance companies (and pharma co).

  32. justagrl says – reply to this


    Glad he's speaking out no one else will

  33. Amy says – reply to this


    You have to give Wolf kudos for not cutting Moore off. That was great. I just wish cnn would take note.

  34. clay says – reply to this


    people like michael moore are the reason our health care is so expensive in this country. the guy is morbidly obese, and an incredible jerk. he tries to bully people around with his loud voice, and doesn't allow anyone to retort. if you want to analyze healthcare, consider how unhealthy americans like him are, consider mow many more people live in the US than in other "industrialized" countries, and consider how much our new and more advanced treatments cost. technology isn't cheap.

  35. COCO says – reply to this


    "Tell the thruth to the american people"- Michael Moore really think americans are stupid, people will have to "tell us" things, we can't think for ourself? The problem with Moore is the following.
    He thinks like a communist, therefore NOBODY can't dissent from his views. He hate our government but he want the government to take over our lives and our souls. and now our Health Care.
    He want you to think health care in Cuba is free and he will never tell you that EVERYBODY in Cuba work long hours, since the age of 10 years old you MUST work as a "volunteer" in the farms, all in the name of the revolution. It's not free Michael. Cubans are slave of Castro. Tell the truth.
    He had become a prophet in his delussional mind, and CNN must DIE because was disrespecful to GOD (him)
    He is fat, rich, live in New York 5th ave and I bet you if his children are sick he will never taken them to Cuba.
    Michael Moore is MAD, ANGRY. He thought that his "documentary" will make millions and millions of dollars. This is not the case, he is now on the tenth place in the box office, in only the third week. Maybe now the American people realize who Michael really is.

    The difference between him and Paris Hilton is that Paris is skinny and he is FAT. They both are media whore, but at least Paris like the USA.

  36. Jenny says – reply to this


    Blah, blah, blah. "these people" as Michael refers to. I am one of those people who tries to make patient lives better. He's a crock.

  37. Bill says – reply to this


    GOD IS HE A MORON!! People that believe such stupidity should probably move to Canada.

  38. alecia says – reply to this


    That was NOT unhinged. Everything he said was true. And for those claiming that Michael Moore

    "iz a liarr omg"

    go screw yourself. Where does he lie? Have any information to back that claim? You are the problem with America.

  39. jane says – reply to this


    Michael Moore speaks truth to power…and it hits 'em between the eyes! Michael RULES!

    Listen to him folks…we need to hit the streets marching in favor of health care for all with a single payer system. It's the only way. As he says in his movie:
    Who ARE we that we can treat people this way in the richest country in the world. I mean…seriously!! Go Michael!

  40. dardar says – reply to this


    That was fantastic. GO MOORE.

  41. Amy says – reply to this


    Thank you Michael Moore and Perez Hilton For the wake up call!!

  42. rando says – reply to this


    Some of you have finally seen the light and then there are some of you who are still the huge American Ignoramuses…..I pity the fools. Go Michael Moore, show us what a bunch of bungling idiots Americans really are.

  43. Collin says – reply to this


    It was an amazing documentary - Thanks to google video for leaving it up long enough for me to watch it.

    Moore did an excellent job - I think Moore is REALLY defending the majority now.

  44. krbcan says – reply to this


    He was a little out of control here, but don't really blame him. Good for him to speak his mind, and to put CNN on the spot for not doing their jobs as proper journalists!

  45. you guys are idiots says – reply to this


    to those who are just calling michael moore fat and hoping he dies you obviously don't have any brain cells left thanks to the american media. you should be THANKFUL that there is someone that is willing to tell the truth about how shitty the state of our country is. good job michael moore.

  46. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Well done, Laura!

    On another note, what makes MM a jerk during that clip?! Take a look and do some REAL research about the media. Spin, spin, spin. Nothing new. He's one of the few that have the balls to stand up and speak out against the people who are putting thoughts & ideas in our heads. Bravo Michael!

    The documentary was phenomenal.

  47. rando says – reply to this


    sms and coco are you for real or are u like 11 and have not reached puberty yet. Common sense should tell u that u r in deep shit! Thank goodness you have Michael Moore

  48. Mumra says – reply to this


    As an English boy, i find it strange what you Americans will put up with in the name of patriotism. If it takes Michael Moore to wake you guys up, then so be it. I think he's absolutely incredible. If only the Democrats had half as much backbone as him, you might become an incredible country again.

  49. YEA! This is amazing. I have never seen someone be this smart ass ROCKER/CONFIDENT AMAZING. He is incredible! HE IS MY IDOL. This is beautiful. CNN is outed! Finally! says – reply to this


    YEA! This is amazing. I have never seen someone be this smart ass ROCKER/CONFIDENT AMAZING. He is incredible! HE IS MY IDOL. This is beautiful. CNN is outed! Finally!

    GO M.MOORE!!!

  50. T-$ says – reply to this


    Jesus people, it's called spell check…or an education.

  51. DEE DEE says – reply to this



  52. fred says – reply to this


    go see this documentary if you haven't already!

  53. as says – reply to this


    Hello - its MONDAY not tuesday as he's reporting.. is mario that lost that he is reporting last weeks CRAP??

  54. maria says – reply to this


    thank GOD someone is finally exposing and fighting this fucking horrendous crisis we are in. He IS passionate about this…he doesn't have to be…he can afford these ridiculous healthcare rates hes standing up for the rest of us.
    I would GLADLY march in the street for this, and get involved. Everyone should, unless you enjoy paying out the ass for healthcare, or think you will never get caught up of fucked by the system. (ps for all you bumbling morons out there ready to 'not care', corporate company-based bennies do not=free).

  55. Voice of Reason says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a PUTZ! He makes his money by showing the bad side of any issue. And you idiots who actually pay to go see his one sided dickumentaries only proove to him that it's OK to treat people like crap. No wonder our nation has such poor leadership. You sheep will believe anything you hear.
    He's not the solution…he's part of the problem.

  56. Can says – reply to this


    Thank you for posting this!

  57. turdlinger5000 says – reply to this


    he's making CNN look like chumps…. good for him cause we all know he's right

  58. jillita says – reply to this


    No! not unhinged…reasonable, logical, impassioned, correct. Get your bias out of your ass and use your small brain. These are end times and folks like Moore recognize that and try to way lay it. Intelligent man, he, and 100% correct on issues. As the facts bear out.

  59. none says – reply to this


    Too biased? Definitely. Closer to the truth than what politicians give ya? Yep.

  60. Superherolex says – reply to this


    moore said that shit right to his face and he just bullshitted him; theyre all phonies

  61. Margaret RN says – reply to this


    Mike is totally correct on so many things. The fact that he's a fat slob probably contributed to his going after hot topic issues and showing that he's brilliant. To overcome his insecurities.

    GO SEE "SICKO." If you are not 100% pissed off at our health care system by the end of it, you need someone to check your pulse (if you have insurance and can get an appointment, that is).

  62. JohnnyG says – reply to this


    The media is called the "4th Estate", basically meaning it's one of the essential parts of society that keeps democracy from crumbling. And Moore is right, they haven't done their job. We're 9 trillion in debt because of Bush's never-ending war of choice. We're not going to bounce back from this one kiddies. Bush, with the help of a compliant, lapdog media, has ruined America. Burying your head in the sand ain't going to make it go away, you're just postponing becoming as "unhinged" as Michael Moore about the ruination of our once great country.

  63. sugarcoatedpoisonapple says – reply to this


    Anyone who is against socialized heath care, will be wishing they had it when they, or a loved one, parent, child, mate needs it because they have no insurance or they don't have enough money to cover their part. You might have to wait to have bypass surgery in Canada, but thats better than NOT getting it at all in the USA because you can't afford it. SEE THE MOVIE.

  64. Christopher says – reply to this


    Unhinged?! Try brilliant and brave. We need more people who stand up to the government and media spin machines.

  65. Reva says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is AWESOME. Thank goodness for him!

  66. mlc says – reply to this


    instead of attacking the media maybe michael moore should focus his efforts on something that can actually be changed.

  67. maggie says – reply to this


    stick to what you're good at: covering celebrity fuck ups and entertainment news. you seem to have very little knowledge about politics and the world around us. i think your posts about the entertainment industry and goings on in LA are highly entertaining and well put together. however, when it comes to issues such as healthcare in the US and government politics concerning the welfare of billions of people, i find it highly irresponsible of you to debase a man like michael moore, who is one of the few high profile people who are able to expose and articulate the truth so well, as unhinged. then again if you actually disagree with what he says and have the evidence and statistics to prove him wrong, then by all means give your reasoning. but for everyones sake please don't post about stuff you don't even comprehend.

  68. lisa says – reply to this


    I'm in total agreement with michael moore. everyone should be pissed as hell. he speaks for me!

  69. manga says – reply to this


    "Michael Moore for President!!!!"

    He is real!!!

  70. Sarah says – reply to this


    ***For all the people that have said "American's are not stupid, etc…"
    Most people are! Most people are uninformed and are apathetic!

    ***Michael Moore is INSANELY smart and he's a voice for America's poor and impoverished.

    ***Check into the facts, they are all correct!

  71. impressed says – reply to this


    Man, I adore Michael Moore. He's truly my hero how he takes on these big issues. Most people don't have it in them to speak up and fight for things, especially on a national scale. In my mind, he's the BEST AMERICAN there is. Most people in government just want personal power and wealth. Michael Moore speaks for the middle and lower classes like no one else. He actually cares, unlike politicians who just want to appease their biggest backers.

  72. Kare says – reply to this


    Thank you Michael Moore for telling the truth about the media they cover up and bullshit lies everyone of them if u wanna see the real media about the USA u have to view from a diff country.. Amen for Michael!!!!!

  73. Average Jane says – reply to this


    It's the very characteristics that make him uncomfortable to watch that make him effective — he's tenacious and uncaring of the likability factor. He's also right. He's a voice that's needed right now. He's done more for the awareness of critical issues in this country than all the media combined. He was quite right to focus in on CNN. To this I say: BRAVO Mike!

  74. jen says – reply to this


    my fucking hero

  75. kelly says – reply to this


    Michael Moore makes me sick! Not only his disgustingly obese image (which is another American problem he has seemed to skip over when adressing all these problems) but because he is telling one side of the story! Nobody ever takes a minute to think about all the help we DO get. It doesn't get much worse than Mr. Moore…


  76. CEE CEE says – reply to this


    Moore is right. Profit should not be an issue when it come's to saving lives. He has the balls to tell it like it is & isnt afraid if people like it or not.

  77. andrea61682 says – reply to this


    love it! thanks for giving us all the opportunity to see someone tear the wolf to pieces! can't wait to see which "journalist" you take it to next time!

  78. hallmonitor says – reply to this


    Michael Moore might be as subtle as a blunt tack…but he brings a voice to issues in the US that would benefit from change. Why is it called anti american when someone looks outside their country at other viable systems (i.e., universal healthcare) that would ultimately benefit his fellow american? Look beyond the flag waving for once…

  79. kdizzle says – reply to this


    just watch the documentary Manufacturing Dissent…it's a film made about who the real Michael Moore is…a manipulating jerk who is making millions of dollars off of the idiots that pay to see his films. The people who made the film originally went out to make a film about him because they thought he was awesome…after following him for 2 years they realized what a horrible turd he really is.

  80. Tracy says – reply to this


    If only more people would get angry/passionate like MM. You have to get mad to combat hypocrisy and evil in this world as he is doing. He is a BRAVE and patriotic man. His being fat has nothing to do with his being a good American. Those accusing him of being fat are short-sighted and mean-spirited. He is obviously working so hard that he doesn't have time to excercise or to watch his weight. He's focusing on things that are more important!!! Long live Michael Moore.

  81. erin says – reply to this


    michael moore is off his rocker. everything can be spun one way or another in today's world. he obviously has an agenda and will do ANYTHING to get his obnoxious voice heard. boooooooooo!

  82. bridget says – reply to this


    YEAH! Tell it like it is, Mr. Moore! I seriously admire the power this guy has to shape the debate in this country. H.R. 676 NOW!!!

  83. Bee says – reply to this


    That just really irritated me. No sense of reality whatsoever.

  84. Maddie says – reply to this


    LOVE michael moore! We need more Moore!

  85. Ashley K says – reply to this


    I want to know what happened to make him freak out. What was said before this started.

  86. JUSTIN says – reply to this



  87. mlc says – reply to this


    and JohnnyG,
    If you believe that Bush has 'ruined America', I think you're giving him a bit too much credit. If one person could "single-handedly cause the 'ruination of our once great country', don't you think it would've been done long ago?

  88. lisa says – reply to this


    wtf! he's not out of control at all, he's just passionate about what he's saying.
    he's dead on about CNN

  89. Larry King says – reply to this


    Wolf Blitzer is a hottie!!

  90. stick says – reply to this


    He's absolutely right. The media did a shit job when the war began. They were afraid of getting "Dixie Chicked" by questioning the fact that there was NO evidence of "weapons of mass destruction." They knew that the weapons "experts" were Bush's men who weren't even trained in that area, but no one said anything. They knew that Iraq had no link to 9/11 but never reported it. How many people know what happened in Fallujah? It was tragic and sickening, but the average schmo knows nothing about it.

    People were so bent on being "patriotic" that they blindly supported this ridiculous war. I dont think they realized that more than 440,000,000,000 would be spent, and thousands of troops' lives lost (many due to a lack of armoured vehicles). Also, thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed, and for what?

    It's too bad that news outlets are more concerned about keeping their sponsors than telling the truth. But, in all fairness, CNN does "fudge" the truth through omission, but they are still one of the better news outlets. Fox News outright lies and some people actually believe what they report.

    PS. Would more people like Mike Moore if he looked like George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

  91. egdghfhfhfhfgh says – reply to this


    stupid fat retard

  92. C.P. says – reply to this


    Thank gor the United States have Michael Moore to wake 'hem up - as far as I'm concerned unless you watch other newsprogramming than the CNN-FOX-NBC-ABC-CBS or anything outside the US, you get lobotomized by the subversive censorship.

  93. k says – reply to this


    "sicko" was a phenomenal film! Michael Moore is awesome!!!

  94. lisa says – reply to this


    and uhh…michael moore is not "unhinged"
    u obviously know nothing about politics

  95. Meg says – reply to this


    Read "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man" by David Hardy and Jason Clarke. I find it uncanny that he can sit here and berate a journalist for not reporting the facts when Michael himself has invented much of his own history. He's obnoxious and a fraud.

  96. JC says – reply to this


    Wolf Blitzer is a hottie.

  97. Cally says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is an idiot.

  98. Jaclyn says – reply to this


    Every single thing Michael said was so right! We must overhaul the healthcare system in a major way and take money back from those slimy insurance companies…at least someone has the balls to say it out loud! THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!

  99. COCO says – reply to this


    An Answer to Random.
    Yes I'm for real. Very real. I'm also a cuban and I know first hand that Castro is a dictator and Cuba health system is a myth. Do you know that in Cuba a child can't drink milk after he is 6 years old? Only when he is 65 he is again aloud to buy milk. Milk is restricted to people between 7 and 65 yearl old. Great for calcim, eh? Do you know that a doctor from Spain went to Cuba to treat Castro? How come he was not treated from cuban doctors? Why? Do you know that doctors in Cuba are also working as Taxi drivers because taxy drivers make more money and can buy food in the black market?

    Michael Moore is a disgraced to this country and he will eventually snap out of control, because he is like Castro, Chavez and Hitler. He is totaly egotistic and creazy. You can see it in this video. The fatty it's out of control. Of course he is. Nobody is watching Sicko.

    And I'm a democrat who voted for Clinton and Gore.

  100. Henry Jones says – reply to this


    At least, Wolf had the balls to have him on the show even though Moore was at another location. O'Reilly says that Moore is ducking him but I am sure that Bill O'Reilly can't deal with Moore because O'Reilly is such a fake and really a wimp. Go Michael.

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