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You Mean He's Really Not Gay???

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cristianaano.jpg critinao2.jpg

Cristiano Ronaldo pulled his train into the STD station yesterday.

The Manchester United superstar got very friendly with Bollywood actress and supermodel Bipasha Basu in the VIP lounge of Belem in Lisbon this past weekend.

Seems like Cristiano is totally through with Gemma Atkinson.

Wonder what Bipasha's fans in India will think of her whoring it up in Portugal????

Basu and Ronaldo did leave the club together. Uh huh.

[Images via Big Pictures.]

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181 comments to “You Mean He's Really Not Gay???”

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  1. shana says – reply to this



  2. anj says – reply to this


    fugly girl

  3. anj says – reply to this


    she looks like a man

  4. nng says – reply to this


    This doesn't make sense. I thought Bipasha Basu was engaged to another Bollywood actor, John Abraham.

  5. mary says – reply to this


    I just knew this was coming…they seamed pretty suspicious at the y7 wonders gala. She had her eye on him.

  6. lisa says – reply to this


    nice to see you know who people like Gemma Atkinson are perez ;)

  7. laurent says – reply to this


    Anyway,who cares about him in US??

  8. sal says – reply to this


    …It looks like she has a hefty engagement ring on, too. John will not be pleased.

  9. Santiago says – reply to this


    no one can be straight with those eyebrows!

  10. Aimee says – reply to this


    Ewww…he needs to learn to kiss properly.

  11. Crystal says – reply to this


    Oh that sexy bastard!

  12. Crystal says – reply to this


    I personally think Bips is gorgeous, she just looks bad in these photos because she was having a long night. I way prefer her to future porn star Gemma Atkinson, who by the way, says she loves being with Cris because she wants to become the next Posh and Becks.

  13. roxy says – reply to this


    Damn! Christiano is GORGEOUS! Props to my bengali girl for getting her some hot soccer stud lovin!!!

  14. Kenyon says – reply to this


    He is so hot!!!!!!! Go here- www.Gogetart.com. - and create a legacy of your fave painting for everyone to see

  15. Salomé says – reply to this


    Seriously he looks VERY much like a Portuguese man. The Portuguese man's favorite outfit is the white vest, tight blue jeans with said vest tucked in and tightened with belt. I kid you NOT! They are also notoriously homophobic (huh huh). Sometimes I wonder about that whole nation.
    Perez, if you are interested in some photo evidence then let me know as I am going home (to Portugal) on holidays tomorrow! YAY!!!!!

  16. Salomé says – reply to this


    Seriously he looks VERY much like a Portuguese man. The Portuguese man's favorite outfit is the white vest, tight blue jeans with said vest tucked in and tightened with belt. I kid you NOT! They are also notoriously homophobic (huh huh). Sometimes I wonder about that whole nation.
    Perez, if you are interested in some photo evidence then let me know as I am going home (to Portugal) on holidays tomorrow! YAY!!

  17. Maria says – reply to this


    He is so not the best thing we have in Portugal.

  18. rolf says – reply to this


    Oh for fuck's sake, Mario. Not everyone is a fag.

  19. kiki says – reply to this


    he is the most beautiful man i have ever laid eyes one.

  20. Me says – reply to this


    Got news for you. NOT EVERYONE IS GAY!! KEEP DREAMING!

  21. Jean says – reply to this


    Forget Gemma At-wateva, what language will they be communicating in is what I did like to know????

    I heart him btw.
    ManU ftw.

  22. Laly says – reply to this


    John Abraham is sexier than this… actually he is the sexiest man on earth

  23. Kitty Lush (www.myspace.com/thebitchofmyspace) says – reply to this


    What a TWAT!

    Gemma Atkinson is sooooo much more beautiful than that silly old bint HAHA

    I hope she finds some 1 better than him!

  24. M says – reply to this


    I don't know either girls - Bipasha Basu or Gemma Atkinson, but with a quick check on google I'd have to say this Bipasha girl is just stunning and gorgeous compared to the simple boring and big boobed typical blonde.

    She's def the better pick of the two! Gemma has nothing on her!
    Cristiano is one lucky guy ;)

  25. according to me says – reply to this


    whohhhh. sexy cristiano. long live man utd ;p

  26. lil-mizz-bossy says – reply to this


    That isnt Bipasha Basu - is it? It doesnt look like her, she is actually really pretty. Maybe its just a bad picture. And he's just KISSING HER ON THE CHEEK people! The picture was taken from an angle that makes it look like they're fully kissing BUT THERE NOT!!

  27. Rani says – reply to this


    First, Bips is gorgeous. Post more pics of her and you will see. ANd yes, she is engaged to John Abraham who is much more attractive than this manicured "man." Kudos to Perez for having some international insight!!

  28. Tina says – reply to this


    hes hott, im jealus :( !

  29. lil-mizz-bossy says – reply to this


    Bipasha Basu had a long night - she is actually really pretty. It doesnt even look like her. HE IS ONLY KISSING HER ON THE CHEEK people!! The picture was taken from a angle which looks otherwise.

  30. Kat says – reply to this


    last i checked, you can't get STDs from kissing someone. methinks that might be why they're called SEXUALLY transmitted diseases. it's just a guess, though.

  31. Drew from Toronto says – reply to this


    this is horrible
    what a skank
    shes born in 79 and hes born in 85.
    shes a skank in india whoring around nows shes going fully into europe
    disgrace. i thought indian girls were a bit more respectul than that..

    look at rai. do u see her WHORING AROUND?

  32. blankita says – reply to this


    he sooooo hot i cum just by looking;)

  33. k says – reply to this


    you know Bipasha is engaged to John Abraham … Are you sure that's her

  34. insider says – reply to this


    contrary to popular belief..

    bipasha is not engaged.

    shes just seeing john.

    and shes been spotted with a whole lotta indian actors lately like saif etc and rumour is that her relationship with john isnt the best its been..

    and so im not surprised if she was messing with cristiano!

    good job perez ! and everyone workin with perez ! these pictures are no where on the internet!


    and yeah no one knows this, but john has cheated too.. some 3 years ago.

    i repeat, no one knows this.

  35. sonia says – reply to this


    i;m proud of her snagging sucha hot guy.Just shows beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.I mean i find her pretty but not everyone does.I;m glad cris finds her beauty attractive.iGood on her and him.

  36. privacyboy says – reply to this


    #32 - blankita says:

    he sooooo hot i cum just by looking;)

    Same as Perez himself while writing this..how disgusting i can see image of an old queer masturbation over this cute pic of people who just hanging out and have fun….very creepy indeed Gotta give a PRO to american way of life McDonald internet and porn woopie!

  37. Deep says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,
    That is not bollywood actress Bipasha Basu!

  38. star says – reply to this


    first of all..bipasha is beautiful..perez,put up some other pics of her please..second,christiano is just too hot..so john is hotter than him but john cheated on bipasha …like a 100 times! so i hope she and christiano have a lotta hot sex together..

  39. aish says – reply to this


    butt bipasha is with john abraham! but then again they're both whores so it doesnt matter.

  40. whatever says – reply to this


    he's still HOT!!!

  41. whatever says – reply to this


    he's still HOTT!!!

  42. Fudge says – reply to this


    Cristiano ronaldo is a cry baby pretty boy, i mean if he loses a math he starts crying for goodness sakes, it's just a game, and those eyebrows, can he stop plucking them!!!! I also hate Gemma Atkinson, i hated her as lisa in hollyoaks especially wen her and ben got there own spin off, it was so boring, and bipasha basu is ewwwwww!

  43. Bips says – reply to this


    that is not bipasha basu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. morningwood says – reply to this


    bipasha… everything's in the name, guys! this won't be the Date Of The Year.

  45. Leah says – reply to this


    It is Bips because there were other pictures of her at the club and she looked more like herself in those. Definately her. I personally love this couple but I think it was just a random hook-up.

  46. random says – reply to this


    bipasha is normally hot!! her bf is gunna be pisssssssed

  47. mandy says – reply to this


    that doesn't look like bipasha at all.

  48. Clara says – reply to this


    Wow…usually Bipz leaves the sluttyness to her bollywood movies

    seems like she wants to export it too now…..

    why cristiano? she is not even hot….

  49. Helluuu says – reply to this


    It is Bipasha. He can have everyone he wants! LUUUV HIIM!!

  50. StupidBipasha says – reply to this



  51. Slater Granite says – reply to this


    Can you say Fag Hag? He's definetly gay. He's too hot to be straight!

  52. E says – reply to this


    you guys are retarded - european men dont have this shitty homo here homo there additude - they know how to dress, and dont label themselves -
    Ronaldo is one of hte biggest football stars (soccer here in the US - futbol everywhere else in the world….) -
    so get over whatever the fuck he is doing -
    he is certainly more athletic than all baseball stars combined

  53. Mariam says – reply to this


    He must like ladies that look like men.He has no taste whatsoever.

  54. Salonica says – reply to this


    what the fudge!!!!! shes always getting all the good guys… besides john. hes butt fugly. haha. but i still love her.

  55. nicole says – reply to this


    awesome! she's looks more than a little less than sober… nice to see people on the way to getting some ass… loose morals make me happy…

  56. Anita says – reply to this


    omgggggggggg nooo. ew why her she's like 28 years old. like almost 30. why does he always go for the old ladies. ew i'm so disgusted right now.

  57. Brianna says – reply to this


    WTF!? He has clearly never kissed a girl before..

  58. Kari says – reply to this


    He must be drunk. She looks like hell and probably stinks to high heaven.

  59. Sakina says – reply to this


    OMH what the hell?! Bipasha is dating bollywood actor John Abraham.. if he finds out she is so dead.

  60. nicole says – reply to this


    after some googling i must agree with whoever said she gets the sexiest men. DAYUM!!!!!! more power to her, she may be my new idol…. go head girl, work it out!

  61. raju t says – reply to this


    i hope she gets stoned in india! go arsenal!!!

  62. Jessie says – reply to this


    Isn't Bipasha still dating that John Abraham guy ?

  63. apache says – reply to this


    that doesn't exactly look like bipasha

  64. apyknowzitall says – reply to this


    EGAD!!! I can't stand him. Not after that crap he pulled against England at the WC.

  65. Shelly says – reply to this


    Just wanted to give Perez props for holding it down internationally! Thanks for not just limiting pop culture to just our borders. =)

  66. Tiffany says – reply to this


    I love Cristiano Ronaldo he is so hot but he have the worst taste in women.

    PS: more Ronaldo please

  67. canela says – reply to this


    christiano reynaldo is so sexy. It makes perfect sense women throw themselves at this guy.

  68. Intheknow says – reply to this


    First of all…THAT IS bipasha basu. Surprise people…this is what she looks like without makeup and colored contacts…and her hair in the pictures - extensions. Her hair was cut to chin length about 6 months ago.
    Just google her and you'll eventually come across non made-up pics of her. She's still pretty, but not much of a head turner unless she's done up - although she still has a great body.
    Also, while it's very possible that they did screw around, i doubt they're SO stupid that they'd try to make out when they know they're surrounded by paparazzi.
    It may be good publicity in other countries, but it would really hurt her image in India - especially still she is still with John Abraham.
    (They are just rumored to be in troubled waters, it hasn't been confirmed.)

  69. niki says – reply to this


    she is not bipasha……i have seen many of her movies…..its just not her!…some other girl…..please dont spread false rumors

  70. niki says – reply to this


    its not bipasha

  71. winnie says – reply to this


    'canela' who the hell is Christiano Reynaldo?

    anyways, that IS Bipasha, there are clearer pictures of them in a Portuguese magazine.

    and Perez, stop dreaming. most Euro guys dress this, it doesn't mean they're gay.

  72. sacred says – reply to this


    That isn't Bipasha…perez, all brown girls don't look alike! LOL

  73. n says – reply to this


    Are you making up people now? That isn't Bipasha

  74. Gem says – reply to this


    You all havent a clue. We are still together and very happy thank you. He said this was a photo from ages ago and I believe him so all you haters better stop all this NOW.

  75. marcia says – reply to this


    that bitch should be me ;-P

  76. Dita says – reply to this


    Wow. Too bad for a good minute I thought that was Lance Bass.

  77. cristiano-is-hawt! says – reply to this



    *sniff sniff*

    I never wanted to see this picture.

  78. me says – reply to this



    *sniff sniff*

  79. arty Perez says – reply to this


    that poor broad is gonna get stoned to death

  80. ..... says – reply to this


    please post more cristiano stuff!! gotta love the uk gossip

  81. anonym says – reply to this


    she's a bitch!! I hate her!! whore!!

  82. Lovely says – reply to this


    Okay who's the 15 your old that said he (22) kissing a 28 year old woman is wrong because she's "like almost 30". Are you kidding me? Get over your jealousy that he likes women and not little girls. It's not like you have a chance with him anyway!

  83. Someone says – reply to this


    eh, i think it's just rumors. he has a gf already anyway.

  84. Tone says – reply to this


    If that Indian broad did that in India, they would arrest her like Richard Gere.

  85. sonam says – reply to this


    John dumped bipasha..no wonder she is desperate now. Anyway who cares, as long as she is having fun.

  86. Sonam says – reply to this


    its just one night stand for him..so please ugly indians why are you so proud of that ….cheap slut, ready to spread her leg anytime for white boys

  87. ben says – reply to this


    I think she looks great. While she looks completely different than her published photos, its refreshing to see her as a normal beautiful women.

  88. hussain says – reply to this


    that aint even her idiots bips iz hundreds times sexier wetha she had a lond nyt or not

  89. PORTUGAL rules says – reply to this


    FUCK YOU laurent! get the FUCK OVER YOURSELF! theres a big world OUTSIDE THE US! go ronaldo and football rules! he's way better than any sport stars here!

  90. van says – reply to this


    Cristiano is so ugly…I don't understand whys he's so lusted after.

  91. Areeba says – reply to this


    Bipasha is a pretty big star in India…And she is also been with John Abraham for the past like 5 years…he is also an Indian star. It is also rumored that they are married…so this is going to be a big surpirse for "Bollywood"

  92. Liz says – reply to this


    Lucky bitch!

  93. Kathie! says – reply to this


    He is going to stink up the locker room with that currie breath

  94. Paula says – reply to this


    He is sooooo hot - leave him alone!

  95. I'm so in love!!!! says – reply to this


    I can't imagine that can pass as a model anywhere. Countries only go down to third-world, there's no 10th-world country.

  96. nessa says – reply to this


    haha shes indian so it doesnt matter. he probaly is gay.. cuz who likes an indian girl? lol. yes other indian guys

  97. Suuz says – reply to this


    I'm so jealous I want to cry….

  98. Preet says – reply to this


    I'm guessin BAsu and her hottie of a boyfriend are broken up? Way ta rebound Bipsaha!

  99. raman says – reply to this


    bipashaaa iss so sexyyyy!! and yah john abraham isss wayyyyy better looking than ronaldooo!! and theres no wayyy shes going to himmmm

  100. Jenn S says – reply to this


    Nessa is hating on Indian women because an Indian woman probably took her man. Sorry you're ugly Nessa

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