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You Mean He's Really Not Gay???

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cristianaano.jpg critinao2.jpg

Cristiano Ronaldo pulled his train into the STD station yesterday.

The Manchester United superstar got very friendly with Bollywood actress and supermodel Bipasha Basu in the VIP lounge of Belem in Lisbon this past weekend.

Seems like Cristiano is totally through with Gemma Atkinson.

Wonder what Bipasha's fans in India will think of her whoring it up in Portugal????

Basu and Ronaldo did leave the club together. Uh huh.

[Images via Big Pictures.]

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181 comments to “You Mean He's Really Not Gay???”

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  1. Anonymous says – reply to this


    That picture looks fake… she deffinetly doesnt look like Bipasha too! Bipasha is way beautiful!

  2. Micca says – reply to this


    god im portuguese and all portuguese men look like that. CRISITIANO RONALDO is gods gift to the portugueses and although i repeact u perez you just cant diss crisitano hes my portuguese brother. same portuguese blood muhaha. VIVA PORTUGUAL!

  3. amanda.afl says – reply to this


    cristiano ronaldo is freaking GGGOOORGEOUS.
    i love him.
    and perez!

  4. dr.ANA says – reply to this


    screw you! what do you mean he's pulling into the STD station? if anything bipasha is pulling into the STD station..

  5. My3 says – reply to this


    AAAhhh..what about john????

  6. SHAWNA says – reply to this


    so many racist people here, its a shame isn't it?

  7. Kheran says – reply to this


    HAHA GOOOO BIPASHA!!!!!! Damn We Need A Female Player… Like Fuckin John Abraham hasnt done half india!!! please…… Go Girl!!!!!!!!

  8. Perez is my BOYFRIEND says – reply to this


    finally she's found a man whos not a caucasian clone
    good for her
    lucky slut

  9. aisha says – reply to this


    1st of all she's not fugly..she's really hot! INDIAN BABES ARE WAY HOTTER THEN WHITE GIRLS! but yeah she's a slut. I wonder whats john abraham's reaction when he sees the picture! *DUMP HER JOHN, DUMP HER!* oh btw I still think john is way hotter than ronaldo. tsk tsk!

  10. Dee says – reply to this


    Wow ! Personally i think she is tacky. Rumour has it that she is actually boning bollywood star, Saif Ali Khan. If you people think Christiano is hot - check him out. Oh, and he is Royalty. (the real kind!!)

  11. Deelite says – reply to this


    Personally think she is tacky ! Besides she is rumoured to be boning Saif Ali Khan. Bollywood Star. Think Christiano is hot, check him out so much hotter. He is also royalty!

  12. Nafisa says – reply to this


    First of all, it's just a photo. It doesn't mean anything. Bipasha said it herself that it was taken out of context when she returned home to Mumbai. Also, please don't call her a slut because she's far from that. This girl is more intelligent than half of the women you will ever meet in India. If you watch one of her interviews, you will understand. She doesn't "open her legs up for every man". Few of her movies may portray her as a socialite, but that is all it is at the end of the day, a movie. There are far worse actresses in India who are so desperate as to do anything on the "casting couch". Actually, she is one of the few Bollywood actresses to stay in committed relationships for such a long period of time. Her releationships with ex-Dino and John have both exceeded the 5 year mark. Our own gem Aishwarya Rai hasn't even had relationships that lasted as long as that. Clearly, this is what happens when a decent celebrity from India visits a foreign country. Things get blown out of proportions and she is made to look like the bad person. I'm tired of people bringing her down.

  13. Nafisa says – reply to this


    Btw, John Abraham has had his share of sluts in the past including the infamous SMSer Riya Sen, who literally opens her legs up for every man.

  14. John Abharam says – reply to this


    Bips….what are u doing?

  15. L from toronto says – reply to this


    CRISTIANOOO WHY??? common.. her name is BIPASHA BASU..
    im so freaking jealous.

  16. reena says – reply to this


    what a slut she has a boyfriend

  17. Fanjio says – reply to this


    Now lets see what John has to say about this…

  18. cat says – reply to this


    why cant he just find a nice Portuguese girl? (like me..)

  19. khan says – reply to this


    i boned her

  20. khan says – reply to this


    shes ok

  21. john says – reply to this


    I think picture has been read wrongly.Ronaldo is kissing on her cheek.But looking the way Bips is touching her and looking into his eyes, also they went together out of Club, no one can tell what happened after that.John Abraham, her BF wud not be too happy about this.But he may also not care much about this incident, as he is too good for Bips.He can surely get a lot better girl than Bips.

  22. ayesha says – reply to this


    i cannot believe this crap. his mouth isn't touching hers, so until i actually see a picture with them making lip to lip contact, i'm going to say he's a whore and she didn't do anything with him.

    i love bipasha basu way too much for her to be two-timing john.

  23. Miss says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh, i was type in her name in google images to see what she looks like and my is she stunning. how can someone be that pretty.

  24. huber says – reply to this


    the way she lookin at him they musta had wild monkey sex after they left

  25. Reiko says – reply to this


    u guys are fucked in the head, i can tell why ,, this is all fun .. who doesnt wanna put his wang in INDIAN POONANI . coz i do .. plus this indian girl in the pic is fuckin ugly i have seen her in movies.. she looks like a man .. plus so fuckin dark .. i thought she is jamacian .. or something

    bollywood star huh .. my ass ..

    fuckin sniffing towel jockstrap turd …

    go for the poonani .. Ronaldo :-)

  26. Amber says – reply to this



  27. say_what says – reply to this


    that is NOT bipasha basu!!

  28. sophie says – reply to this


    she is gourgeous

  29. anj is tranny says – reply to this


    Anj..i can bet u want Ronaldo's dick so u r pissed she is gettin it.. stop hatin u tranny

  30. Ayesha says – reply to this


    the girl is fine. you all are haters. and reiko, you are a classy guy. really.

  31. V says – reply to this


    BTW, the comments/remarks about portuguese men and vests and shirts tucked in or out or under or the fuck is totally absurd and it could only come from an american, which, by the way, are ignorant, to say the least! As for Ronaldo being gay…yeah right. Check your sources again, Mr. blogger…looks like you don't know pretty much about anything do you? Oh yeah, american right? Forgot your latino heritage did you? For god's sake, get a life…and so should I, reading your blogs and posts and the comments from your readers is a total waste of time. Man, I'm wasting mine, that's for sure.

  32. Ayesha says – reply to this


    okay, i think thats enough proof to her being hot.

  33. Lorraine says – reply to this


    She is an ex-winner of Ford Supermodel of the World… I think that says it all.

  34. sarah says – reply to this


    :'( ronaldo is such a playboy…i thought he had a girlfriend?!i love him so much it's my man :( that's a whore!!!shes engaged!!!

  35. halcyon says – reply to this


    You are making a mountain of a molehill. This lady is a professional model/ actress not a nun. Let ' em be .

  36. plAto says – reply to this


    maybe u otta put it in ya mumz POONANI @reiko ;)

  37. anr says – reply to this


    first off he does not look gay to me not every good looking man is gay and second .. that bitch is fugly he is way too hot for her!!!

  38. Amber says – reply to this


    wait, you hear that? That's the sound of a million teenage hearts breaking lmao.
    funny shit, i must tell you.

  39. Amber says – reply to this


    wait, you hear that? That's the sound of a million teenage hearts breaking lmao.
    I would give anything to see the look on a fangirl's face once they saw this photo haha.

  40. B.Basu Management says – reply to this


    This picture is not of our client Ms. Bipasha Basu.
    These reports of her are entirely fake.
    And she states that she will be taking legal action against those who have published these stories.
    As they are a defamation of her character.

    B. Basu Management / PR Team

  41. Sophie says – reply to this


    he cn do MUCH better!!

  42. Becca says – reply to this


    he is so sexy! Bipasha Basu is really pretty but that other girl looks like a whore.

  43. idiots says – reply to this


    well obviously u Americans don't like football cause u guys aren't any good at it so how would u know who Cristiano Ronaldo is…and Bipasha doesn't look like a man…go check out more pics of her before u judge idiot.

  44. Jude says – reply to this


    @ #2,3 Anj don't be hatin on her cause she is way more beautiful than ur ugly ass, you probably weigh 200 pounds and packin all the fudge in ur belly as I type this, Low class bitch.

  45. mary says – reply to this


    Looks like she and John Abraham broke up

  46. sas says – reply to this


    she is not Bipashaa

  47. Nimisha says – reply to this


    O helll naw ! bips is cheating on john freaking abraham . NO ONE in their right mind does that NO ONE . i mean come on just look at john . poor bips . i wonder what john thinks of this .

  48. Bianca says – reply to this


    NOOOO!!!!! my true love
    this sucks, i hate when people have to break the bad news to u
    how r they goin to talk to each other, they speak a whole different language from one another, but still this sucks
    i wish that was me in the pic kissing ronaldo…OMG!!! hes soooo friggin amazingly hott…
    this just made me sooo upset…. pfft :(

  49. john is mine says – reply to this


    Thanks Bips! John is ours now!! yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

  50. john is mine says – reply to this


    thanks bips!! john is ours!! yaaaaaaaay!!

  51. john is mine says – reply to this


    thanks bips!! john is ours!! yaaaaaaaay!! [;)]

  52. Panks says – reply to this


    Well whats wrong in this whether bips is going with dino, john or now chiristino..
    its her nature.. she always keep changing men like her clothes..
    so enjoy..
    may be Next no is ours.

  53. Danielle S says – reply to this


    Holy shit the girl is gorgeous. Google her!

  54. Ali says – reply to this


    Hi, I woona say to bhipasha wht ll happened when Jhon ll know about ur latest affair hmmmmm.

  55. rohan says – reply to this


    hell ya.. !! bipasha rockz.. keep it up..!!

  56. gunner says – reply to this



  57. emma says – reply to this


    ohh comeon guys…he was just being too friendly…there's nothing between them believe me..btw that girl doesn't looked like bipasha..it's like a women that is 20 years older than him..we love u cristiano ronaldo..

  58. emma says – reply to this


    yeah..to all cr's fans..not everyone is gay and he's straight till u dont how straight he would be..i lufffu guys cr's fans..keep supporting him okayyy.go to hell to cr's haters…it's all about jelousy….some people are just hate it if other people are better that they are….and it's been prove…

  59. Sai says – reply to this


    It's this climax situation where everyone will end up in…. after all it's just kissin.. Hope nothing more after this

  60. Daniela says – reply to this


    Bipasha is beautiful and it is so much better than the supposed girlfriends of cristiano ronaldo…
    but i'm surprised with the attention gave to our star in US!

    (sorry about my english…)

  61. PS says – reply to this


    I'm Indian, and YES that really IS Bipasha Basu but with less makeup.
    She's 28, he's 22. I'm in love with Ronaldo he's sooo effing hott, but wtf Bipasha is being a whore. She wants John AND now Cristiano Ronaldo. She needs to keep her panties on geezzzz.

  62. max says – reply to this


    are you trying to imply that Indian people have STD's? Would you really stoop that low?

  63. Adriana says – reply to this


    She´s really beautiful..More beautiful than this slut Gemma Atkinson…She had the typical slut-style..Blond, big boobies…Bipasha is good for him..Better than this ugly Gemma. =)

  64. eva says – reply to this


    Ohhhhhh noooo!!!!!!!:-(

  65. Mike says – reply to this


    Fuck the bitch hard.

  66. Valerie says – reply to this


    noo!!! i luv ronaldo hahaha…laurent im from the US n i care a/b ronaldo ♥

  67. zee says – reply to this


    pretty sure thats bipasha basu in the pic getting pretty intimate with ronaldo and she is not a FUCKEN MAN!!!!! she is gorgeous and way freakin better than that blonde slut gemma who only has plastic shit on her chest as assests. however they should both keep their underwear on and stop fucken around with every god damn person they come across. lucky this didnt happen in india otherwise all hell would break loose; shetty and gere and now bips and ronaldo.

  68. Barbara Meinhoff says – reply to this


    Nafisah is being a little disingenuous. One of the reason she gets peoples backs up in India is that she has given dozens of interviews explaiing how no one treats her as the sex goddess she so obviously is (and she is certainly pretty). Plus she does play up to her sex bomb image a lot in her films (prancing about in Bikinis, inept softcore shagging scenes, etc). The difference is that she is one of the pretentious Bollywoodscum actresses who make their stock in trade seem like some sort of artistic higher calling, when really its what Our Panmmy Anderson does without the bullshit.

    For all that supposed maneater reputation, she is gushing like a hormonal 12 year old because "He was nice to me and paid me lots of compliments!!!!!!"

    Yes you gormless mare that is the general etiquette when a gent is trying to gain access to one's Mimsy. Has schtupping that dribbling monosyllabic retard John Abraham for so long made you think that a sentence of more than 4 words is some sort of love poem?

    Oh. And she had her tits done a month ago.

  69. tee says – reply to this



  70. zeeshan says – reply to this


    lolz…dats not bipasha

  71. wtf? bips and cr7 says – reply to this


    she is a slut, but gorgeous too and a hell of a friggin lot better than that blonde bimbo gemma atkinson.

    i think it was just a one night stand, ronaldo cant keep is dick in his pants for more than one day, next week he'll probably see another hott chick and mesmerise her with his charms so he can shag her. and yeah i agree, he was "showering" her with compliments coz its the polite thing to do.

    keep dreaming bipasha coz ronaldo aint urs!!! infact he doesnt have a girl coz as i mentioned b4 he cant be faithful to one girl. but im happy he realises that g atkinson is a stupid tramp.

    rock on manutd!!!

  72. l.a says – reply to this


    the john prick cheated on her so he DESERVES this! Why is it women are called whores for messing around as her seriously stupid partner was'nt! Good luck Bips luv ya!

  73. Ana says – reply to this


    the picture is real, after presenting the new 7 wonders they were to a club. this was a scheme. yes they were together, we dont know if they really kissed or not. she has a boyfriend so dont even go there…. he is not gay and many girls can prove it.

  74. armani boi says – reply to this


    o my god
    she cant kiss
    shes ugly
    she looks like a horse
    sry cristiano i dont know why you do that
    i think that you love mee???
    fuck off

  75. tanyaa says – reply to this


    omfg..bipasha and ronaldo are soo sexcici n cutee…i lov em both so fukin muchh.i hope end up togetherr..so dey can both be sexcii together:P nd she shud leave john ..he is fukin uglyy compared to ronaldo :D

  76. perezfan says – reply to this



    Gemma is pale white bitch!

    Bipasha is exotic… ! she looks like the young Sophia Lauren. Very sexy.

    wtf if they have fling…. not our business anyway…

    eat shit…

  77. 100% CRISTIANO FAN says – reply to this


    Exuse me wat the hell were u tinking Ronaldo Bipasha is lyk totally freakin ugly gross . Merche is the one who u should be kissing not that slut!

  78. twinkletoes says – reply to this


    no offense but shes fuckin rotteennnn….no..scratch outr the no offence part

  79. Stephanie says – reply to this


    1st of all she needs to gets her hands off my man. 2nd what happened to him & Gemma Atkins & 3rd i thought she was engaged.HELLO she has a big ol rock on that finger. If Cristiano doesnt know that means she's either married or engaged!

  80. Stephanie says – reply to this


    1st of all she needs to gets her hands off my man. 2nd what happened to him & Gemma Atkinson & 3rd i thought she was engaged.HELLO she has a big ol rock on that finger. If Cristiano doesnt know that means she's either married or engaged!

  81. i me and myseld xD says – reply to this


    i think that bipasha is a bitc
    h and she doesn´t deservea man like ronaldo he´s to good for this prostitute !!!!!
    she´s engaged but look what she´ve done
    tu tutu
    what a bitch

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