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Diddy's ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his children, Kim Porter, is speaking out to Entertainment Tonight about her recent split from the hip hop mogul.

What she said:
"After ten years, I have decided to end my on-again/off-again relationship with Sean Diddy' Combs. In ending this relationship, I made a decision that was in the best interest of myself, Sean and our family. I look forward to moving on with my life and my career, and wish him prosperity, health and happiness in life and in love. We will remain friends and committed parents to our children."

What she was thinking:
"Daddy diddy is an absentee parent, but I don't give a shiz. I still have access to his credit cards!"

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80 comments to “Celebritology”

  1. vegaslamb says – reply to this


    Its about time!

  2. ugly mexican says – reply to this


    yo!!! fookers

  3. cec says – reply to this



  4. Lit Ciggie says – reply to this



    Who gives a shiz?


  5. ooo says – reply to this



  6. Joey Jack says – reply to this



  7. Latrell Washington says – reply to this


    Kim is pissed because she caught Diddy in bed with men one too many times. This is common knowledge that he is a closet homo. Personally, I think he ought to quit jerking the lady around.


  8. Brischick says – reply to this


    He looks like a JACKASS!!! Big Ass Horse Teeth….She should jam that toothpick down his throat.

  9. aussie cozzie says – reply to this


    well… der!!! and now she has his kids, she's set for life!!!

  10. Gina says – reply to this


    Diddy doesn't look like a nice person, he doesn't seem to have feelings$$$ Like few days after the birth of the twins he was in Europe on Tour. Is that what a normal Dad is supposed to do. Celebrities act so weird, that's unfortunate. Ca fait pitié *I'm not a hater, this is just how it is*

  11. Cassandra says – reply to this


    One would think that Sluttienna would stay away from taken men considering her past and all.

  12. movie reviews says – reply to this


    But Diddy's still got the keys to your city.


  13. AnnaBanana says – reply to this


    I Hate him!!!

  14. sprinkles says – reply to this


    she put up with enough from him.

  15. Jesse says – reply to this


    Diddy is really ugly :(

  16. Gina says – reply to this


    I missed the comment box. The blog wasn't tastin the same.
    My favourite celebrities:
    1)Leonardo "helmet" Dicaprio
    2)Angelina Jolie
    3)Cristiano Ronaldo just for his sexiness otherwise he doesn't seem to have personality.

    By the way remember the first baby pics of the twins they didn't even seem happy, thats so sad for Kim she seems like a nice lovely person

  17. Mika Feeds Me Money says – reply to this


    Kim Porter owes me money from Tuesday.

  18. Janice says – reply to this


    In 1985 Diddy was on the Le Vere cruise leaving Tampa Bay, Florida at 4:52 AM. I was crying in a bathroom when he came in without knocking and began kissing me and rubbing my chest. I started crying and trying to fight him off when he did things I dare not say.


  19. SamaraScaredMe says – reply to this


    Hey P-Nasty, love your blog honey! Keep it up ;)

  20. Gina says – reply to this


    O and what is this damn thing in his mouth, it looks so cheezy. Why not a touthbrush, stupid! His personnal advisers didn't teach him how to act like a decent guy in public? And this sunglasses, seriously? He so seems to think that he is the best on earth and has sex appel but SO NOT, it's disterbing how ugly arrogant richpeople think they are the best$$ At least he is giving a 0,01% of his revenues to charity, which is not that bad compared to others, but he is still a selfish bastard

  21. Gspot says – reply to this


    Diddy is still the man!! $ all u haters dont be jealous!!!!! Kim knew wat she was gettin into..please watever!!

  22. TRUE WORRRD says – reply to this



  23. Brianna says – reply to this


    BAHAHA I loved that Perez.

    And to the people who say "Omg who caresssssss?????" are fucking stupid. Because they obviously do care if they come to a CELEBRITY GOSSIP site.

  24. Terry says – reply to this


    Who cares he's big ole gay man, just like JayZ which makes me wonder if Beyonce is gay. It doesn't add up with Kim & Beyonce hanging on the arms of flat out gay men. Come on a 35 year old man with money living with a man who he is not related to - (Larry & JayZ) it's called a gay relationship. I still think Beyonce is either gay or bi.

  25. Kase! says – reply to this


    Her ass shouldve left long ago! He pays her $35,000 a mnth in child support! Stupid bitch!

  26. Angie From Chicago says – reply to this


    10 years and three kids is a big chunk of your life to give to someone who still couldn't marry you after living like that of a married man. Its so ridiculously cowardly and irresponsible, keep making babies, stick by my side for a decade, while I flail in the wind and act like even though my old ass is about to touch 40 i'm still indecisive and not ready for commitment. That sucks ass. and though she may love her kids she could've stood to have them with a man that would marry her and help her actually raise them side by side where she could be celebrating her anniversary as opposed to her fiftieth break-up from the same jackass. Money never has been and never will be everything…that's for damn sure.

  27. Rose says – reply to this


    So what else is new? This shit happens everyday. When we run out of other peoples' business to talk about, we start puttin our 2 cents in anyone & everyone elses'. How you think they keep websites like these going? It's not that big of a deal. She'll go her way, with kids & enough $$$ to take care of her & the kids.

  28. kayla . says – reply to this


    Ha, P.Diddy's cool .

    Cuz we have the same b day :P

  29. Courtney says – reply to this


    CAREER ? Doesn't she know her "career" was havin' his babies ? Now what is she going to do ?

  30. Melissa says – reply to this


    i think it sucks that diddy is still out there enjoying life….he was the one hyping up the biggie and pac beef and hes the only one alive this world is so unfair he has single handedly wrecked hip hop for ever

  31. Kelly says – reply to this


    YAWN PEREZ…no surprise there sweetheart

  32. Carrie says – reply to this


    Typical negro, bailing out and leaving a hoard of kids without a father.

    Nice. Real nice.

  33. deliciousgal says – reply to this


    diddy is defnitly a fucking loser! kim should move on collect fat child supporter and find herself hunk.

  34. Confused says – reply to this


    Mario, I think two things about this story:

    1.) Nobody really cares about this story.
    2.) He could really stand to leave his toothpick at the restaurant.
    3.) When will this sunglasses phenomenon end?

    Three things.

  35. TorchedThreads.com says – reply to this


    She should buy some of our shirts with all that money.


  36. Darryn Smith says – reply to this


    A girl can only take so much shit!!!!!!!

  37. Lysette says – reply to this


    She must be serving body because it sure isn't face. I could never figure out what he saw in her.

    She has 3 kids with Puffy/Diddy and 1 kid with Al. B. Sure. She seems like she has always been a celebriho, goldigger. She hit the jackpot with last one. Ten years = lifelong $$$.

  38. SPiRAL says – reply to this


    Kim also has a kid from Al B. Sure

  39. marie says – reply to this


    no 38 please question who is Al B.

  40. Victoria NYC says – reply to this


    I meet p in the hamptons. He looks very GAY in person and is very short! He tried to talk to me but I dont do the black one's.

  41. Me says – reply to this


    Al B. Sure was a very successful R&B artist in the 90s which is of course when Kim made a baby with him. She was in one of his music videos. He was a protege' of Quincy Jones and is now a music producer and synidated "quiet storm" radio show host.

  42. Marvelous Marv says – reply to this


    #40 Victoria, what was a white trash, trailer park skank like you doing in the Hamptons? You only wish a big dick black , especially a rich one, would look in your flat ass, hillbilly direction. We all know you were at Walmart in Kentucky buying powdered milk for your inbred children you had with your uncle, no where near the Hamptons.

  43. naomi says – reply to this


    totally. i bet she stayed in it as long as she had to until she knew she could get out while remaining fully supported by him financially. and another 2 kids certainly did the trick… TRICK!

  44. Ellz says – reply to this



    I Think its Party Time
    Am I The Only One Or
    Is This National

  45. Funhoneybunn says – reply to this


    He's gay.

  46. Kayla says – reply to this


    #42 you were probably the black one-toothed cashier at Walmart cashing her out! baha

  47. Vinny The Geek says – reply to this


    No #46 Kayla, I was too busy watching you, (trailer park, white trash inbred- number two) sticking your tongue down your father's throat, while your white trash daddy fingered your nasty pootang!

  48. Melissa says – reply to this


    #46 Kayla, I hear you turn tricks with your mother behind the target store on route 12 in alabama.

  49. Amy Paulson says – reply to this


    Please folks no more commenting to #46 Karla or to all the other racists stuck on stupid who troll this site. Peace.

  50. Lola says – reply to this


    There's a blind item in P6 today about a hip hop guy who's gonna go broke from child support cause of all his kids, including a recent one by a member of his entourage, not his GF who just left him…Diddy much?

  51. Brianna says – reply to this


    Okay you guys are all fucking retards.
    One person makes a racist comment about a black person so the black person makes a racist comment about white people?

    Both of you are at fault, I don't have any mercy for the black person or the white person. You're all EXTREMELY immature, I'd be afraid to see what you're kids will turn out like..

  52. Mondo garcia says – reply to this


    To#49. Well said Amy Paulson, I'm sure 99% of us agree, but there will always be that small group of haters amongst us. To #50, you're right. Hip-Hop fashion designer, Sarah Chapman of Atlanta had a daughter by P. Diddy last year. Kim found out and instead of kicking him to the curb, she decided to get pregnant too to hold on to him. It's all about the MONEY with women like this. She already gets over $25,00 a month in child support from Combs from the son she had with him. Now she is going to make out like a bandit.

  53. liliana says – reply to this


    kim is FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and diddy is a moron wanna be rapper

  54. holdin27 says – reply to this


    Hopefully now she can get rid of that mustache.

  55. Yelitza says – reply to this


    She shouldn't talk shit about other people like JLO. Because whether or not she can have kids at least she ain't poping them out for the sake of a pension

  56. Valerie says – reply to this


    #55 Yelitza, I agree with your. Kim Porter is getting exactly what she deserves. She was best friends with Misa Hylton who was dating P.Diddy and had a son by him, but Kim broke that shit up in a hurry by sleeping with P.Diddy behind her friends back. Kim only dates and gets pregnant by rich men, she is just a celebrity child support collector.

  57. old friend says – reply to this


    Pack your bags honey and come on home to lil ole Columbus GA where you are from…..we will gladly take you back. You did good girl, you came home with a little bit of change in your pocket and a few insurance policies disguised as kids!!

  58. madam pince says – reply to this


    She's doing the right thing — he treats her like crap. He said publicly when the twins were born he still wouldn't marry her. To the curb, asshole!

  59. sweetm says – reply to this


    Girl runnnnnn!!! Get away from those sour juices! but keep those cc for the KIDS!!!– they will need them

  60. me says – reply to this


    she shouldn't be pissed. she's been dating larry johnson for quite some time now. look into it.

  61. Alyssa says – reply to this


    haha.. that's funny.
    but i kinda feel bad for the new family..:(

  62. bobby brown says – reply to this


    Easy to tell from these pictures that the theory of evolution is true. And not so long ago.

  63. sbt says – reply to this


    She is so damn ugly I can't stand it. I'm sure she's nice (well, I actually have no idea!), but she is THE most tranny looking "girl" I have ever seen. The only person fuglier is Diddy!

  64. LadyD says – reply to this


    Seriously? After 10 yrs of back and forth did they really think it would work this time? She must be his "break glass in case of emergency" chick. Imagine what the kids think of mom and dad constantly getting together and then splitting up. What a couple of fucktards!

  65. Darv says – reply to this


    Diddy has those faggalicious 'Bubba Gump' cocksucking lips. Wouldn't surprise me to see him come slithering out of the closet; those huge lips trailing the ground after him.

  66. iculookin says – reply to this


    kim probably got fed up w/ all the BS. Besides,with the twins , she's set for at least the next 18 years.

  67. La Dolce Vita says – reply to this


    That's what she gets for being a desperate ho and a free wife. Smart women don't get pregnant to trap a man or his bank account; they get married. Whatever money she gets, it won't be as much as if she were his wife. Smart women have enough self-esteem and know their own value to get a man to marry them first. Then when things go wrong at least in the state of California you get half for whatever heartache you endured. And lastly, only morons sign pre-nups. People can say what they want to about Heather Mills, but that girl was no dope. Desperate women get the short end of the stick. Confident women get everything because they know a man will agree to anything if you know how to negotiate. Kim Porter could've married Diddy 10 years ago had she not been so desperate. And are we surprised at Diddy's latest dip in the vanilla side of life? What kind of woman goes back with a man who left for someone else? She gets what she deserves for being a first class idiot. Congratulations for having had enough after 10 years of being a fool.

  68. Jael says – reply to this


    As far as I'm concerned, Kim Porter is an idiot. To stay with that douche for 10 years and no ring, baby, you got played. Look at the way he treated J.Lo when they were together. And after she left him, douche was crying like a little catholic boy after mass. Diddy doesn't care about Kim, all she ever was to him was a constant jump off because he never respected her. Atleast she can cry all the way to the bank to collect those fat child support checks.

  69. Junklette says – reply to this


    More like Kim Port-a-potty! And Diddy, with all that money, SHAVE THEM TEETH. Horses ain't got nothing on you, brother!

  70. Mezzy says – reply to this


    gosh these people aint fed up. We'll see them back in each other's arms again!! And like she did not see that one comming. Him not being there and all!!!

  71. sarko says – reply to this


    I hope she will take all of the money of his fucking bastard!!!!

  72. its me says – reply to this


    good its been way to long he is such a scumbag he deserves nothing

  73. Audbrey? says – reply to this


    So I heard that awhile back Aubrey from "Making the Band 3" was preggers. Then we hear that Ms. Diddy breaks it with Diddy b/c he got a member of his "entourage" preggers… Aubrey is usually like a twig and she DID get a lil chunky for a bit???? HMMMMMMMM…… WAS IT AUBREY ODAY?????

  74. moist_place says – reply to this


    I guess know she has to shallow all that crap she talked about in Ebony ( or was it Essence) magazine.

  75. Yo Go Girl says – reply to this


    It's about time… She finally got tired of just being his bed partner and not his WIFE…. that is what more women need to do… Take a STAND if they wont marry you the LEAVE and find someone who will…. Stop giving all the cookies away.

  76. MsVlexx says – reply to this


    It is about time

  77. meenahlove says – reply to this


    get all you can out of kim

  78. datprettibabi says – reply to this


    make sure u put him child support. .make him pay for the last ten years he wouldn't marry you

  79. Uhuru says – reply to this


    Kim, I hope the first thing you do is get tested for HIV/AIDS. 10 years is a loooooooooong time. It good to see that you open your eyes and saw the light. Take time off to fine you again. No men for awhile, get your life together girl.

  80. Shanel says – reply to this


    It's about damn time she too smar to be with him. He's such a jerk! Good for you Kim