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Our media blitz begins!

Tune in to the Queen of All Media this morning, Wednesday, on The Mike & Juliet Show at 9:00 A.M. - airing nationally on your local Fox affiliate.

Ch-ch-check it out, babies.

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46 comments to “Today”

  1. Anna says – reply to this



  2. devyn says – reply to this



  3. tru says – reply to this


    Congradulations PNASTY hahaa

  4. Neha says – reply to this


    Perez, I think you're ADORABLE! I totally get your "mean" thing and I get that you're not actually like that in person. But I wish you'd realise that this isn't just "gossiping with the gals" that you're doing here, and people do get hurt by what you say. So… be a little nicer to them, instead of going after them full throttle.

  5. kayla says – reply to this



  6. Kirk Keeter says – reply to this


    Damn perez — what are you doing up so early.

  7. mtg says – reply to this


    I'll pass. I can't stand your voice.

  8. wtf says – reply to this


    Don't be a sissy queen. Show some respect. You bring gay men down. We hate your guts.

  9. valerie says – reply to this


    love ya perez!

  10. Monie says – reply to this


    I love you Perez–but why are you appearing on Fox News? Have you missd their ongoing campaign against gay rights? Their anti-Latino stance?

    Even gossip can be responsible.

  11. jills08 says – reply to this


    Monie, of course you would say something so ignorant. Fox news is not anti anything. You have just seemed to jump on the Liberal bandwagon. I am sure you never even watch it!

  12. Marina says – reply to this


    I don't wake up that early, so sorry, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say…no. But we should all buy The Hills Have Eyes II on Tuesday, July 17 because that movie is fucking gnarly! Jessica Stroup is a cutie and so is Daniella Alonso. Yeah, they're prety hot. And Flex Alexander, Reshad Strik and Lee Thomson Young are fine as hell too. Haha, yeah I'm bi, leave me alone, I'm picky, and no I ain't no ugly-ass dyke. I'm a lipstick. =D Anyway, you should get some Jessica Stroup and Daniella Alonso up in this website, make THEM your "it" girls. Sure they're only like b-listers but they're on their way and hey, what's Bee Shaffer? Yeah. Just an heiress. But she's hot too.

  13. Jazmine says – reply to this


    HAHA, "Marina" why are you promoting thhe2? I love that move though. so yea, everybody buy it!! Jessica Stroup is fine, in grey's anatomy she like gave off a gay vibe with her little BFF haha, I was surprised they were just that and nothing more. and Daniella Alonso was ACTUALLY a lesbian in one tree hill, heck she even kissed that one girl, it was hot. =] haha or she was bisexual whatever. haha. And whats it called..in THHE2 they both gave off a gay vibe too haha even though she has a kid. but I don't know, jessica stroup was like no I'm not leaving her! yea yea, I like that movie, I don't care if I'm rambling, I don't know much about the mike and juliet show. sorry, maybe I'll tune in while I'm getting ready for work.

  14. Grace says – reply to this


    Love that show! It's not Fox News….it's syndicated.
    Can't wait to watch you and see what you have to say!

  15. Matt M. says – reply to this


    GOOD LUCK! Congrats on the success.

  16. sophia says – reply to this


    watching now….Orange hair….fagolicious!!!!!!!!
    New venture what is the big news……

  17. Bonnie says – reply to this


    i'm watching you on mike and juliet! you oompa loompa you!

  18. Jennifer from Long Island says – reply to this


    Watchin' you right now! Nice hair!

  19. really_rosie says – reply to this


    You look great on there! Love the orange hair.

    Julieete was trying to become your best girlfriend. Down, girl!

  20. jenn jenn says – reply to this


    I just saw it….congrats!!! you were wonderful.. I think you should do a hair color line..Who better…oh, your back on.. gotta go watch

  21. Monie says – reply to this


    Jills 08–

    Keep drinkin' the cool aide bitch–and do take a class on mass media if it's offered by your third rate, hick-town Jerry Falwell "University"

  22. jaxi says – reply to this


    You looked fabulous darling simply fabulous !

  23. willow says – reply to this


    Yes..i will be tuned in to see Perez. Hope you do a very good job in representing yourself. Can't wait to see ya.

  24. Miranduhh says – reply to this


    Alan Cumming is on also? Wow.

    Perez, I love you and I'm watching it right now! How come they have teen drinking on too? They dhould focus it all on you. :D

  25. Noelle says – reply to this


    You did GREAT!!!

  26. Layla says – reply to this


    UGH! My local affiliate is doing a live press conference so I'm missing you. Now, I agree that the real news is more important but I WANT BOTH!! Please post a video of your interview! xoxo

  27. Cheryl says – reply to this


    I would, but I hate that show…they put me back to sleep!

  28. Just ME says – reply to this


    you looked great on TV today i loved the orange hair and i an typing as i am looking you are awesome dude!!!!

  29. MJ says – reply to this


    I HATE THAT BORING AZZ SHOW….YAWN!!! It rocked to see u but now that they are talking about something else, I am turning it off!! Muah!! I love you Perez!

  30. Allis says – reply to this


    HEY!!! so don't be mad but i didn't even know you existed until i saw the show!!!! but now that i do…i think i'm falling IN LOVE!!! i'll be here everyday now…so keep it good!!!

    Q: did you design the t-shirts?? (fuck rehab in rainbow?!?!? toooo grrrrreat)

  31. TxAggie says – reply to this


    Aww Perez…you look great!! Texas loves you and I can't wait to hear this big news on Friday!

  32. Mary says – reply to this


    I absouletly loved seeing you this morning, and the hair was fab! Love ya babe

  33. Laurie says – reply to this


    You looked so GREAT! You are always such a joy to watch, Perez. So funny and super charming! Can't wait to see you on the View!

  34. krystal says – reply to this


    oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh on

  35. silly girl says – reply to this


    The what show??

    Some of us actually have DAY JOBS.

  36. Amanda says – reply to this


    loved u on the show… i always watch mike and juliet and just heard about you and decided to check u out lovin it

  37. Ann says – reply to this


    Perez you are so cute and adorable!!! I love you and you were so amazing on the show! I love the new orange hair!!!

  38. jessica says – reply to this


    You were great, Perez

  39. MBA-MsBadAss says – reply to this


    Perez, you were & looked great!

  40. Andrea Ch. says – reply to this


    you REALLY need to tell us when your going to be on, a day before, because its crap if i wake up at 12… and i miss it.

  41. kim says – reply to this


    Loved you on the M & J show this morning! I have to admit I didnt know who you were BUt I do now! I checked out your site and I LOVE IT! YOU ROCK! Luv YA!

  42. El$* says – reply to this


    Perez you looked great on the show this morning although i hate the color orange for the same reasons Paris does.i thought Cumming was funny cumming all over hahahah cummin on a bar hahaha

  43. kayla . says – reply to this


    I missed it… :(

  44. OJ says – reply to this


    lmao ur sucha hot mess :(

  45. M says – reply to this


    You probably will not believe this, but we do not get Mike & Juliet in San Diego…the state's 2nd largest city. You ready…at 9:00 we get…THE 700 Club with Pat Robertson on Fox…I kid you not!

  46. patti angers says – reply to this


    what happened to justin & anna ? i want to see more of them