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We Would Pay To See This!

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Heather Mills's appearance on Dancing With The Stars was tame in comparison to what the golddigger has in store next.

Paul McCartney's ex is going to shock TV audiences!

Mills is in talks to join the U.K.'s Dancing On Ice show next season.

“Heather changed her image in America - and she knows it," says a source close to Mills. "She now wants to try the same thing over here and Dancing On Ice would be perfect.”

It would totally be perfect. Cuz you know that bitch's fake leg is gonna fall off when she attempts a double axle or a tripe toe loop!

We can't wait!!!

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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81 comments to “We Would Pay To See This!”

  1. AnnoyingLizard says – reply to this


    What is it about this person that actually makes her a "celebrity"?? Peg leg tramp


  2. Mike says – reply to this


    First!!!! and that is really harsh

  3. mel says – reply to this


    That's mean

  4. Buzzah says – reply to this


    My Jeez,
    your "fans" or "haters" need to lighten the fuck up.
    Perez says harsh shit all the time,
    get over it or don't read his fuckin' entries.

  5. Daggey says – reply to this


    Can't stand the girl. Loudmouth bitch who used Paul McCartney. Being married to him and having one leg is her claim to fame.

  6. lover says – reply to this


    do you ever go to sleep my dear?

  7. P-Nasty's Bitch says – reply to this


    Wow, Perez is up late tonight!

    Uhh, Heather should just sit down. And rest. She's going to make a fool of herself. Nobody cared about how well she could dance on DWTS, they just tuned in to see if that thing would pop off. C'mon!

  8. cal says – reply to this


    great to see Heather out enjoying herself and getting on with her life. At least she doesn't have to suffer drunken rages from Paul anymore.

  9. brandi says – reply to this


    Hahaha! Iqould so watch that to see that hos leg fly off!

  10. Stephen says – reply to this


    Thats not shocking… I thought you were going to announce she is going to do porn and fuck herself with her leg!

  11. anna says – reply to this


    that WOULD be funny… yes perez, that WOULD be funny…

    why the fuck are people treating her like a celebrity?!?!? she MARRIED one, that doesn't mean she IS one. she's just a fucking golddigger with a peg leg.

  12. Kate says – reply to this


    I like this bitch. If you look into her past, she has more than one leg to stand on. Public: Forgive her for falling for a past beatles member and try to look past that. She was in the public eye before that train wreck of a marriage. She's rich but chooses to devote her life to her daughter and charity work.

  13. Gold Digger says – reply to this


    What's the time in America? It's 6.08PM in South Australia.

    And.. I Aint Saying She's a GoldDigger!

  14. Riluri says – reply to this


    wtf you twat. maybe you should have a fake leg see how that works out for you when you dance. show some respect.

  15. allison says – reply to this


    OUCH…too funny!!! we were all wondering with dancing with the stars…you ladies just said it though…. *cross fingers*..or not…is that too bad of karma?? hmmm, NO.

  16. allison says – reply to this


    OUCH..too funny!!! we were all wondering with dancing with the stars…you ladies just said it though…*cross fingers*..or not…is that too bad of karma?? hmmm, NO.

  17. angeltherockstar says – reply to this


    That was freaking funny…… but you know you're going to hell right?

  18. ceecee says – reply to this


    probably not.. because it never fell off during dancing with the stars and i think everyone was pretty bummed that nothing interesting happened with it. everyone thought she was so great because she could dance on the leg… but really her dances were plain. the judges were like "we're not going to judge you because of what you can do with your disability, it will be strictly on your dancing." then after every dance they gave her a 10 and said bravo to her dancing with her disability.. umm duuuuh. makes you wonder about her. she had to crawl to the toliet because paul "took her leg" but she can do a backflip. go figure.

  19. Ker says – reply to this


    Your my fav blogger when im up at 4 in the morning watchin ANTM

  20. 44deagle says – reply to this


    perez can you get the latest lil kim nipslip unblurred?

  21. ukmoaner says – reply to this


    Well if its true I for one cannot wait to see the reaction she will get on the programme. Does she honestly think the people in the studio wont boo the fuck out of her???!!! Will have to get tickets if the golddigging so called model is doing it!

  22. Kim says – reply to this


    Half of the wounded military personnel are coming back to America without limbs and/or blind, and/or brain damaged. Losing a limb isn't funny and everyone who jokes about it may one day be in the same situation or know someone in the same situation. Diabetes is the number one cause of losing a limb. I hope none of you ever get diabetes or lose a limb , because I am positive none of you would be able to handle it

  23. Zoe says – reply to this


    she went to my school…

  24. Jesse says – reply to this


    I love you Perez. First thing I see when I wake up is this ugly tramp.
    Sometimes I question why I have you as my homepage.


  25. Kathryn says – reply to this



    just wanted to say i saw u on GMTV this morning, and u were fab, absolutely loving the orange hair.

    love ya

  26. Kathryn says – reply to this



    just wanted to say i saw u on GMTV this morning, and u were fab, absolutely loving the orange hair.

    love ya

  27. Juany! says – reply to this


    wouldn't it be funny ( and sad ) if her leg flew off and hit someone?!


  28. Pip says – reply to this


    LOL…"It would totally be perfect. Cuz you know that bitch’s fake leg is gonna fall off when she attempts a double axle or a tripe toe loop!"
    Too funny Perez. Love Ya!!!!!

  29. Plopsy says – reply to this


    VeryVulgar.com - Perez without clothes.

  30. Lynette says – reply to this


    There are always talks about South Africa and it's crime. But really I can't believe the remarks the Americans make towards their own people. How the hell can you carry on about her leg. South Africa will help you to have respect for other people.

  31. sarah says – reply to this


    Ha. She really shouldn't bother. NO ONE likes her over here. We were so pleased that she tagged on to America but now, NOW she's coming back! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  32. Extirpation says – reply to this


    I hate this woman! GO AWAY YOU GIMP!

  33. elle says – reply to this


    it was just said on this morning that she wasnt doing it. phillip schofield( the presenter of dancing on ice) had 'texted' people who said neither people had contacted each other.

  34. ukmoaner says – reply to this


    One of the presenters of dancing on ice has checked with the shows producers and has said there has been no talks between the show and the golddigger, so damn me probably wont see her fall on her arse

  35. Donna says – reply to this


    All the women in the world and he picked her, I guess love really is blind!!I can't see anything nice about her except maybe he charity causes.

  36. Ellz says – reply to this




  37. melissa says – reply to this


    I saw in celeberity skin that before she lost her leg she was a porn star!!! Perez do your homework and find the pixs they are GREAT!!! she has HUGE 80's hair while getting a uge in her…well you get the picture.

  38. Ellz says – reply to this



    haha dat was actually a jerk thing
    her leg is awesome

  39. -hmhmyummyyum says – reply to this


    i think i am like 35th but hell let me proclaim first only cause it's the first time my drunkin azz has been out here not cause i give a rat's ass if i am

  40. magicstars says – reply to this


    I live in England and the presenter of Dancing on Ice (the lovely Philip Schofield) said on his TV show "This Morning" that the story is not true. Shame.

  41. allyk says – reply to this


    well perez a fake leg falling off is nothing compared to your fake persona turning people off but love you monkeynuts

  42. G-Lo says – reply to this


    goldigger fake ass bitch, thats why stella never liked you

  43. Alli says – reply to this


    Not a celebrity in any form - just a run of the mill crazy whore. Go away , please, we have enough (and the others are younger and much better looking).

  44. KIZZIE says – reply to this



  45. bongo says – reply to this


    Don't worry Paul, we hate her in the States also.

  46. jan says – reply to this


    That's really low. How'd you feel if you had one leg cut off?

  47. Marcel says – reply to this


    'that bitch’s fake leg is gonna fall off when she attempts a double axle' that is just rude and stupid. I don't like her, but you are simply a bastard PH.

  48. ASHLEY says – reply to this


    I hope her leG falls off GOLDDIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. JarJar says – reply to this


    “Heather changed her image in America - and she knows it” — From what, golddigger to freak show?

  50. TorchedThreads says – reply to this


    Heather Mills could tie one of our shirts around her leg to keep it on.


  51. ReRe says – reply to this


    So I went to a comedy show last night and saw Tammy Pascatelli, she was a comic on Last Comic Standing a few seasons ago. So she tells us that she was supposed to be on Dancing with the Stars this last season, but guess who took her spot at the last minute. Wonder who would have gotten farther in the show??

  52. maya says – reply to this


    If she didn't have a prostetic leg would you feel the same way about her? Quit the pity party already! She's a gold digger who latched onto a loaded mine, took her haul and left. As for "charity work" - her idea is making appearances and doing the minimal needed for a good photo shoot. Her motto is Charity Begins At Home - hers!!!

  53. Jenni says – reply to this


    I hate this gold digger, fake leg or not. What a bitch. Was she a model before her leg got wacked off?

  54. Rod says – reply to this


    Changed her image? WTF? I hate this damn hag even more after seeing her fugly ass on TV. Eff off bitch!!

  55. x says – reply to this


    Perez get your facts right - she's not appearing on the bbc version. The bbc are showing the american Dancing With The Stars d'oh!

  56. Jessica says – reply to this


    Don't be such an ass Perez. That's seriously sick degrading an amputee like that, even if you don't like her.

  57. Lisa says – reply to this


    Can somebody please tell me what the eff she's wearing??

  58. missy says – reply to this


    you are all just jealous that perez came from nothing & made something.. dont b so jealous & green w. envy & all the ppl writing means things r prob like celebrity assistants forced 2 do so but they actually prob read perez & love it hahaha bitches get over yourself! perez i love u no matter what dont let these jealous bitches bring u down.. if u dont like the site dont read it

  59. rebecca says – reply to this


    I hope perez gets into a horrible accident and loses both of his legs well above the knees! Fuck you asshole!!

  60. thebuffoonery says – reply to this


    The ONLY downside to this is for those who have taken a shine to this dope this will be yet another courageous step in poor little Ms. Mills' pathetic life.

  61. Becca says – reply to this


    Does anyone realize that she has tracks on her arms?

  62. Kristen says – reply to this


    There is no jumping in Ice Dancing…

  63. JarJar says – reply to this


    To clarify my prev. comment (#49), my Mom was an AK amp and Brother is a BK amp. I'm not saying this Heather woman is a freak show because of her leg amp. What I am saying is that she seems to be using her amp as her one and only talent/attraction/aspect. And that is what makes her a freak show.

  64. kait says – reply to this


    Heather is a perfect example of women over 25 who starve themselves and continue to try to dress like teenagers. So much skin showing after a certain age is just tragic.

  65. beauty_w_brains says – reply to this


    Money grubbing, cum guzzling, TWAT! GO AWAY! We don't care about you!

  66. She cares about animals says – reply to this


    She's alright. She seriously puts a lot of money and effort into helping animals. So she married, and it didn't work out. Unions that break aren't new. Leave her be!!

  67. Heather is a TRAMP says – reply to this


    This women is such an untruthful person. She could not tell the truth if she tried.

  68. Wendis says – reply to this


    Anyone else laugh when she fell down during dancing with the stars?

  69. cock-punch says – reply to this


    I hope you lose a leg someday, Perez. And 50 more lbs, you fat 'tard.

  70. FaBuLoUs says – reply to this


    All I have to say is…."TOE PICK!!!!!"

  71. Terese says – reply to this


    A GOLD DIGGER IS A GOLD DIGGER. I love Stella and Paul.

  72. linda says – reply to this


    hahahahahahaha she is SUCH a goldigger… that caption was sooo funny

  73. Stac says – reply to this


    I Hate this fake bitch…….tryin to save the seals……maybe she should of worked on her shitty ass marriage to a former WTF!!!!!!!!!!!……………..Let us newfoundlanders work real jobs, and you can keep on gettin shitty gigs……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………WHat a WHORE!!!

  74. Scarlett says – reply to this


    Of course she's going to be dancing on ice, she's the ice queen. Dumb? Well anyway, her face is fucking razor sharp, quick someone slice some bread on her cheekbones. Golddigging bitch.

  75. merry says – reply to this


    Hope the golddigging bitch falls and breaks her ass….although I'm sure she'd find a way to make a buck off tht! SHe makes Yoko look like a sweet little schoolgirl!

  76. micheal says – reply to this


    why is it funny if her leg comes off? and in response to annoying lizard and all the other jerks who are slamming her I have to say that you are extremely single-minded and probablyhave no idea what you are talking about. You cannot say that she was a gold digger and only used Paul, because you don't know anything about either of them or their marriage besides what was put out by the media. I think that you all need to grow up.

  77. Scarlett says – reply to this


    I don't only take issue with her, I take issue with any woman or man who thinks they should be paid a monthly stipend because they got divorced. Alimony is a meow-meow way to live. Go get a job bitch and support yourself.

  78. megs says – reply to this


    we were actually taking bets to see when her leg would fall off…maybe we can try again…hahah

  79. Rock Them All says – reply to this


    Fucking hilarious!

  80. zoomzoomr says – reply to this


    First ballroom dancing with the "stars", now dancing on ice.. what's next? Soccer? Olympic gymnastics? Can't she do anything that doesn't involve the risk of that solid-gold (bought with Beatles gold-record proceeds, no doubt) peg flying off?

  81. Miss Deirdre Halliwell says – reply to this


    She ain't a celebrity! She is just a durty old tramp who happened to marry some old rich saddo. The usual story!

    I love it when we meet for cocktails and she drinks Mai Tai's from her false leg! She is so hysterical!

    Oh, and did i mention she was a gold digging tramp?