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Mommy Wants To Party All The Time

| Filed under: Britney Spears

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Britney Spears is still the queen of the clubs.

The former pop star hit up hotspot Les Deux on Saturday night, wearing her sunglasses at night. Cuz bitch don't want you seeing her pupils.

Hope the kiddies were staying with K-Fed! He should get sole custody. Isn't that a scary thought? But he should!

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384 comments to “Mommy Wants To Party All The Time”

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  1. Almost spit out my morning coffee says – reply to this


    A fat man like Perez saying Britney is puffy. LMAO. That's crazy.

  2. Jess says – reply to this


    She's such a fucking moron. I would feel so bad if I left my baby boy in favour for the clubs…

    She's fucking selfish. Grow up Britney you wanker

  3. alex says – reply to this


    dude you are hilarious! You're bringing out the nastiness and bullshit about these white trash "celebrities", and I give you credit for that. I watched your "view" appearance, you can just tell how weak those four bitches are, they can't come up with a good argument, and I think you should have been more harsh on them.

  4. sven says – reply to this


    uhm… is this what all the fuss is about ? there is nothing on this site that i haven't read elsewhere. it's just some pix with silly comments. easy.
    and they'll make this into a tv show ??

  5. a mom says – reply to this


    Leave her alone you misogynistic asshole. Why are you never on the father's ass about taking care of the kids? For a gay man,your point of view is extremely sexist. Oh, I know. She gets more hits than Kfed. Have some compassion for these people who are putting the food on your table.

  6. sea says – reply to this


    wow i remember the days when i though kevin was deff the worst parent…now its britney.

  7. 4joh55 says – reply to this


    all who are protecting brit here must be white trash skanky whores with a kid and no daddy, wanting to go out more but can't because they have no money

  8. Dionis says – reply to this


    Fuck You, Perez!!!

  9. Nadia Says says – reply to this


    Apparently Perez, your mother didn't give you enough love as a child. That's why you have to say such cruel things about people. To make yourself feel better. Sure, Britney isn't perfect. She's human. You're far from perfect. You're a fat loser who gets his jollies off of critiquing others. May one of these Celebrities sue you for defamation of character, and you lose everything you have (which isn't much, so I've heard.)

  10. JAJMJ says – reply to this


    The people who are bashing Perez on here make me laugh. You are here to bash - but if you didn't like him - you wouldn't be on here in the first place. Curiosity killing you? Perez - saw you on The View - I like your nickname for Elizabeth - she's a waste in my opinion - and needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Intelligence isn't her strong suit! BUT - - be careful - - being a gossip monger isn't always the best thing!! But hey - if it works for you…………………..
    Just leave kids out of it - they have a hard enough time in this screwed up world today - give em a break.

  11. marina says – reply to this


    if you want to see me naked, visit www.spreadondemand.com

  12. IU says – reply to this


    Agree w/commentary… K-FED deserves sole cust. THOSE POOR KIDS!

  13. She's a wreck????????? says – reply to this


    You're the fucking wreck! Perez, you're a douche.

  14. btv says – reply to this


    Mtg quote:"Good for her, a mom’s gotta go out. She’s NOT fat. You’re OBESE Perez. STOP EATING."
    TO MTG: Yes, a mom's gotta get out, every now and then….NOT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!! And the bitch is puffy, she doesn't look anything like she used to. She looks like a washed up, loser who needs a shower. And if you don't like Perez, why are you here???????????

  15. Dionis says – reply to this


    You're an idiot!!!!

  16. kathie! says – reply to this


    It looks like she is paying a trailer trash woman to make her clothes.

  17. denise says – reply to this


    haha you guys come to this sight soley to make fun of the creator. amazing. obviously you're just as low life as britney. there is still enough white trash in this world that her fan base is still existing! wow.

  18. Bitch Please says – reply to this


    Your fat ass is calling Britney fat?? Dude, buy a scale. What are you? 275, 300 lbs lately?

  19. Nubia Brown says – reply to this


    She's definitely not getting the mother of the year award. I feel sorry for those two little boys because they have such fucked up parents. A sorry excuse for a man father and a club-o-holic mother. If she's so concerned about her children as much as she says she is, then she needs to grow the fuck up and start acting like she wants those kids.

  20. Britney is a Diva says – reply to this


    BTV- Britney is far from "Puffy". For having 2 kids in the past 2 years, she looks pretty damn good.

  21. Popping my arse zits into Perez's mouth... says – reply to this


    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?

  22. Farting in Perez's face... says – reply to this


    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?
    Who's the "WE" Perez, is it one of your other personalities?

  23. I love this says – reply to this


    I love how Perez calls someone else fat. Come on Perez, get real. You're fat sweetie.

  24. siruh says – reply to this


    there is nothing wrong with britney going out. when her and kevin were married she never went out and he was out partying everynight while she was home with the kids..now all of a sudden he should have custody??lol yea ok. he used her for everything and she finally relized that, i would be a wreck myself if i let some do that crap to me. let her live her life and leave her the hell alone.

  25. Hey Nubia Brown says – reply to this


    Hey Nubian Princess- STFU, get off the internet, and go take care of your 7 kids by 7 different daddies.

  26. UKer says – reply to this


    for fuck's sake,this bitch just isn't interesting anymore ,please no more britney,i beg you .

  27. 1st time visitor says – reply to this


    So I came to this site for the first time today. What a joke. Some fat guy is saying Britney is fat? Perez is wacked. I hope he gets kicked in the head.

  28. sven says – reply to this


    no that ' we ' is the royal plural… as in ” we, the queen of england declare that etc etc ”

  29. sjn says – reply to this


    I have no respect for this bitch. Once she popped out the Brit spawns she should have examined her priorities and the KIDS COME FIRST, she however still values her "me" time and I'm sorry but if you have kids there is no longer "me" time. I agree with Perez that, god help me for saying this, but K=fed should get sole custody. He's no winner either but he at least has put this children above his social life. Brit should lose custody and be allowed to see the kids on weekends under supervision only. If you're not going to take care of the kids properly then dont have them at all

  30. Inspirem says – reply to this


    I'm thinking the kids are probably visiting their father. Let the girl go out damn… Oh, and if you pay attention KFed goes out way more than Britney does. Sexest much?

    To the person that said good moms don't go out every weekend.. You're either not a mom or you have no life. You might want to take a little break from the computer dumbass.

  31. get a stylist says – reply to this


    hmm always commenting on her clothes, but just take a look at what perez is wearing !!

  32. Like Perez has 20million!!! says – reply to this


    I hope Sam wins!!!!!

    Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson is suing Perez Hilton and Sunset Photo and News Agency for libel — to the tune of $20 million!

    According to the Daily News, the Sapphic celebrity DJ is miffed that both sites claimed she was making money by tipping off paparazzi on special friend Lohan. She's also taking issue with both sites' reports that Ronson was responsible for the cocaine found in LiLo's car the night of her most recent crash.

    Neither Perez nor Sunset have publicly responded to the claims.

  33. Sofia says – reply to this


    You can take her ou of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of her….


  34. Terese says – reply to this


    I think she should get custody because at this point I think it is the only thing that will keep her head on straight. She needs to lay low for a while and settle down because people aren't going out to see how good she looks, they are getting pics for these kinds of mags and comments. I love the Britster… I just hope she can get it back together again. I have always hated K - FUG. She should really call Justin and have him hook her up. She needs to get back on stage and cut out her goddamn mom then if she is stabbing her in the back. I love you Brit. Love from Iowa.

  35. kefty says – reply to this


    Does she have absolutely any PRIDE at all in herself???
    I guess bad press is better than no press…

  36. jss says – reply to this


    Why don't you follow K-fed around!! He is probably out and partying too! Give a mommy a break! She needs it. Do you know how hard it is to take care two babies that close together in age. The kids are probably asleep anyway - which is the best time to go out.

  37. momma@17 says – reply to this


    I agree she has tottaly lost it and needs to get her life together before she looses her precious babies!!

  38. Bye Bye Perez says – reply to this


    You are calling Britney fat? You're 250 pounds. Bye bye, I'm done with your site. It's just not funny anymore.

  39. hotmomma says – reply to this


    britney needs true love. we have to understand her. she is brokenhearted plus post partum depression. she needs a little bit of understanding, compassion and at the same time counselling. britney baby turn to God please. God will keep you company 24/7 and you will feel contented and happy from within. yeah you can party but keep it within the bounds - no booze no drugs!!!! if God is with you life aint no boring. believe me.

  40. rude says – reply to this


    Hey man, why don't you go make fun of all the puffiness and pot bellies of all those poofy men out there like Elton John. Oh no, that's right, he's a virgin whose never ever partied.

  41. CyberSemaj says – reply to this


    Wow, seriously. After seeing you on the View last week, I am thinking you should probably not be calling anyone "Puffy". She is young, the kids do spend time with FedEx and we know she had them last weekend, hello, the pics were everywhere. So, lay off. Let her be 25 every now and then.

  42. K Fed says – reply to this


    I can't believe I was married to that white trash trailer park ho. Typical dirty south skank.

  43. Mel Bell says – reply to this


    I think she's gotten to the stage where she actually is addicted to the attention. She parties all the time because if people aren't flashing cameras at her 24/7 she doesn't feel wanted/needed anymore. Even though if she just spent some time being a good mother like Katie Holmes or Angelina the press would still be all over her. Stupid woman…

  44. dina says – reply to this


    she is faaat and perez is not a pop star so what if he is fat he is not walking around naked like she dose ,she is fat she have a pizza face she is bald with saggy boobs hidious eye brows scary neck fucked up personality,she is an alcoholic and a junkie a sex addict a bad mother a bad daughter and crazy.what r u ppl still deffending i dont understand?i know her fans r just lossers who have no life or future a wast of space just like her.

  45. whatajoke says – reply to this


    Why are you not talking about your time on the VIEW?? Probably because you got your ass servered to you. lol. It was fun watching you get a taste of your own medicine. I like how you had no defense/come-back when they told you to lay off the kids. You were just stuck there with nothing to say. I suspect now you are going to target the view members in the future.

    I also wonder how you say you are telling the truth when you are very selective in who you decide to attack and report.

    Congratulations on the VH1 gig. But really, what is VH1?? It is a place for all those who have fallen from grace in Holywood to keep some sort of fame, when really they should just move on. And it is for those who wanna be famous, just like some porn stars are famous. Very low quality and worthy of very little respect or appreciation. You should do very well with that.

    I hope you do get famous and the media starts going after your family and friends, and your mother in particular. You think you can dish it out, but can she. Nice of you to decide for her.

  46. uaintfly says – reply to this


    She is starting to look like Elvis, when he got all fat and gross!

  47. Shannon says – reply to this


    Hey everyone! Im not a big britney spears fan but no one knows her life except those in it. We all sit back and read about celebrities but do we really know the story behind it all? Maybe her children were visiting with their father and she got a chance to go out and have fun! Big deal! Why do we care so much about Britney Spears when thats everyday life in this world! What makes her so special? People treat their children like shit everyday, Im sure shes not the worst mom out there. She can provide for her children cant she? Whats really fucked up are those parents who have children yet they dont have enough money to feed them. And what about the children over in Iraq and other 3rd world countries that we blow up for no reason? We shouldnt judge anyone else on how they take care of their kids until we fix our own country and problems….There's parents that bring their 18 year old KIDS out to party with them, now thats messed up. Atleast Britney isnt bringing her kids around shit.

  48. blair says – reply to this


    UAINTFLY is right she is starting to look like Elvis. Thats Kinda scary i dont want her to end up like him

  49. She's doing FINE leave her alone says – reply to this


    I had my child at 18. Even at age 28 once or twice A YEAR my husband and I go out to let loose. LEAVE HER ALONE. She's doing FINE!

  50. dina says – reply to this


    not to mention with all her money she never contributed anything to her community or helped someone in need she is a selfish person who dosent care about anyone not her children not her family but her self what an un educated loser.

  51. nana says – reply to this


    leave britney alone!

  52. EmmafromCHI says – reply to this


    hey ALL you haters..don't jump on Perez's a**…he is merely reporting what is very obvious. Britney wanted to be in showbiz, well that is a double edged sword. She wants all the great things that come with fame, but none of the responsibilities. As far as I'm concerned, very few young women in Hollywood can carry themselves with class, and Britney seems to have a lot of class, all of it LOW..I just feel so sorry for those kids. I was a young mom once, and trust me, did I want to party. But you cant do that once there are little ones who depend on you. The sad part is, when those kids become older and start to want to party, Mommy Britney won't be able to say SHIT to them cause they'll throw all this shit at her. I can see it all now….:[ What you sow, you shall reap…..

  53. Just_me says – reply to this


    I'm a mother of two and the same age as she is. I am lucky to get out once a month to go to clubs and ect…. Here she is going out all the time (even once a week is all the time) clubbing and what not. She's a mother and her kids need a mother that cares about their well being. A mother is a childs first friend, first teacher, first at almost everything. I really have lost respect for her. She is a bad mom in my eyes. She really needs to get her act together and grow up. Her kids really should come first.

  54. Shitney's ass hairs says – reply to this


    she is so fucking gross. She gave my friend herpes.

  55. luvperez says – reply to this


    1. I LUV U PEREZ!!!
    2. Why can't people like Paris, Lindsay, and Britney just stay home one night and watch tv like the rest of us? Especially you Birtney, spend some damn time with your kids!!! People say, "She deserves to go out". What, every friggin night? I would never with 2 babies at home, get a life
    3. You never see young stars like Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, etc. at these nightclubs 6 out of 7 nights during the week. They don't need the publicity, their talent speaks for itself

  56. Nadjah says – reply to this


    Well, you know, she's never going to grow up. She just wants to party party party. I hope K-Fed gets the kids.

  57. Pity Britney says – reply to this


    You people act like you know what BS is doing and not doing, thinking and not thinking…can't you understand she's calling the paps to follow her around??? It's already been documented that from childhood she wanted to be in the public eye…and she was when there was something to market. Now that she's over, she's desperate to stay in the spotlight. Every damn pic she's in is contrived, set up in her crazed mind. Trouble is, now she's obsessed. Mix that with substance abuse and you have a accident waiting to happen. Notice…NO family, NO friends. Those poor babies have no say, or they'd probably escape her too. She can't even commit to a pet. ug. I hate it when I have to agree with an idiot like Perez.

  58. Shani says – reply to this


    Are you people kidding me? She hardly EVER stays home @ takes care of her kids. It is NOT ok to go out clubbing at all when you have 2 kids. When you bring children into the world, you have to make sacrifices & clubbing is one of them. She is a horrible mother & a horrible person. She is getting what she has coming to her.

  59. julia says – reply to this


    Let's just fucking boycott Britney. She's so fucking over anyway. Seriously. Who gives a shit. SHE obviously doesn't. Anyone with me on this one?

  60. Nette says – reply to this


    Why the hell did she even have kids? They should be with Social Services.

  61. Nette says – reply to this


    Why the hell did she even have kids? They need to be with social services.

  62. miss k says – reply to this


    Britney should put her kids up for adoption or kevin should have sole custody because either one would be better than her caring for those kids.

  63. hatebritney says – reply to this


    Britney is nothing but a wreck. The actual tiltle of the Great American Trainwreck should go to her instead of the late Anna Nicole. She's an embarassment to all mothers out there. She's disrespectful of her parents and lost her ground. Don't buy her albums! She's just a former pop tart who cannot sing.

  64. Charlotte says – reply to this


    Uhhhh no…I don't think K Fed should get the children…
    People?!?! What's with the anger towards Perez????

  65. Ciara M. Anderson says – reply to this


    Wow…Perez you have some nerve talking about people. Who in the hell are you? You're this gay ass fat piece of shit and you got the nerve to be talking about people. What, do you not have a life? No one wants to fate ur ugly ass? How can you sleep at night knowing that you hurt people? How is it that you want people to respect gays, but yet you dont respect anyone? Because of homosexuals like, you all will never be treated equally. Karma is a bitch… peace

  66. lard says – reply to this


    Your suck a fucking angry person, you hate yourself because you are fat and gay so you take it out on these poor people!

  67. wirblewind says – reply to this


    i have to agree with #1 perez fan she needs a new stylist ASAP! i don't know what people saw in her in the first place anywho. To me it's really no surprise that she went through all the stuff she did, knew it had to come sooner or later, But that is no excuse for that outfit!

  68. cntrlvalboi says – reply to this


    I think that brittney is washed up, who cares about where the bitch hangs out !as far as far as I am concerned she is a HAS BEEN

  69. You're a Moron Perez says – reply to this


    Like other stars don't wear sunglasses to clubs. Please.

  70. KIM says – reply to this


    O dear . look at all you attacking perez! even beth whats her name on the view.But your leaving comments on his website cause you love it !You can not help yourself see flaw's in ceb's.
    When you decide to entertain people and make stuiped amounts of money and act like your a god(goddess).There was a price to pay and you your children and family help pay the price for your fame .
    If they want things to be secret have parties at your homes like the old celeb did you didn't see mickey rooney out there danceing on a table are carrying on,O how about Whoopi!!! (love her) you know nothing really about her at least not like you would lohan, Paris.
    This is site is for the people who want to know all the dirty details causee it shows guess what !your just as human as the rest of us.
    Hollywood is a cest pool of celebs who want to be seen.
    You know why brad and anglea moved to my city!!!
    You think they were the first! you know how many celebs lived and now live in N.O.
    WE DO NOT!! SNitch!!! cause we do not give a shit!!!!
    You know the photo's that were taken here of them walking there kids !!
    it was a tourist!! and a few traveling gossip peeps .. but guess what they do not live here!!
    what happens here stays here , there are a few leaks maybe ,,, i know personaly a few rock stars who BTw like Both sex's !! I know very high up there celebs who really know how to party ,, in a bar!! i have seen there homes from the outside of course, i have seen them in the am waving and saying good morning to the people walking to work.
    I have seen them walk to a local coffee shop with a paper , no one following them . i have seen them riding there motorcycles in the Quater,shopping in the French Market, people leave them alone here we are use to it are culture and easy way of living , gives them a easy way of living.
    So too britney, hun maybe its time you came home and bring up your Kids in kentwood , they still love ya and on the wekends you can come to the Quater and party, with some old friends .
    O and NIck!!! we miss you hope to see you again in are fair city!
    Good luck on you and your sons new comic!!

  71. none of yer business says – reply to this


    Britney Spears is one of the WORST examples to be working/walking around Hollywood.She is the worst of all losers.
    I wish someone would get rid of Skanky Spears for good

  72. corky says – reply to this


    I am totally surprised that she can still get into the clubs! Those days are numbered.

  73. MzG says – reply to this


    Perez-You're getting sued by Samantha Ronson?!??!? Kick her ass- I'm so sick of seeing her face in the pictures and why would she even TRY to take down Perez?!?! Love ya!

  74. Mimi says – reply to this


    Samantha Ronson is suing you!?! What a joke, this world is ridiculous when you think that someone writing a stupid blog can get sued. Bitch just wants your money. Goodluck with that Perez.

  75. loribitch says – reply to this


    Has-been needs to disappear and work for a grocery store, if she's even fit for that.

  76. EV says – reply to this


    Perez Honey

    You are sadly pathetic, I almost feel sorry for you. Bleached out, bloated and talking about a situation you know nothing about. sorry you got alil carried away, but Saturday is Kevins scheduled time to have the boys. So it is in the right to be able to go out as a grown woman for 2 hrs max, which you failed to mention, and dance, party, or network.

    Furthermore, as you and other paps have been told, the boys are off limits, expept when jerks like you steal photos from over a wall. You sicken me and just so you know you're wrong and you make thinsg up. Get your facts straight.


  77. loribitch says – reply to this


    HASBEEN needs to go away. Only reason we care is to laugh at her misery and fuck ups!

  78. mel says – reply to this


    maybe she should be a mom to her kids and spend some time with them instead of going out and partying or buying a new puppy. how does that saying go "you need a license to drive a car and to catch a fish, but they will let any butt-reaming asshole be a parent". i can't wait to see her kids in 15 years, future wrecks in the making. I LOVE PEREZ!!!!

  79. glenna says – reply to this


    look, on the nights where kfed has the kids, why shouldnt she go out and let loose and have a good time. now, if shes leaving the kids w/ a nanny to do it, i dont agree… but if its when kfed has them, why not?

  80. Icepick says – reply to this


    Shitney is no longer marketable.
    She has lost her appeal, fans,supporters.
    She needs to go a find herself another trailer park and move on.
    She parties so much it's a surprise she even goes home to her kids..
    She's a lousy parent and I also believe what Prez said that KFED should get the kids full time.
    At least he took the time to care for them.

  81. From Sweden. says – reply to this


    I don't know what to say.. You are just pathetic. I have been reading your blog a while now.. There's absolutely NOTHING interesting in it. The only thing you do is complaining on everything. You look like the hulk and you write so much bullshit here….

  82. ona says – reply to this



    First of all, I don't understand why she's STILLLLLL making an atempt to make a comeback and shizz. Her career is OVER. Seriously, OVER! Her image; wrecked. She'll never be the Britney she was before no matter how hard she tries. Plus, "popstars" aren't "in" anymore. She needs to fuckin step it up and be a full time mom to her beautiful children. She thinks shes still fuckin 20 years old. Britney, face it. You are so over, and you need to fucking take care of your children instead of going out every fucking day and making a fool of yourself. Learn to love yourself. If you didn't want to be a mom then you shouldve kept those legs of yours closed.

  83. Isabel says – reply to this


    britney spears….the new paula abdul….

  84. C says – reply to this


    I'm a little tired of hearing what makes a "bad" mother when it comes to time with the kids. An adult going out on the town with friends does not constitute bad parenting. Who are you to assume how much quality time she is spending with her boys? I know plenty of moms that don't party and are homebodies, thus appearing to be the epitome of the "perfect" mom, BUT are chatting on the telephone constantly, sitting on the computer reading this kind of stuff, and watching soap operas ALL day long….and let me repeat, DAY long (when the kids are needing the most attention!)

  85. Cheri says – reply to this


    I hate to say it because, honestly, I have been really pulling for her. She fell off the wagon, she lost her way, I was hoping she would find her way back. She has been given chances, not only by her family but by the public. And what does she do? She continues on her downward spiral. I am beginning to think that K-Fed does need sole custody.

  86. gelato says – reply to this


    such a mess, she's the ugliest celeb with most chaos

  87. Seriously! says – reply to this


    SERIOUSLY! SOMEONE GET ME A BARF BAG!! The only thing worse than having to see vomit-inducing pictures of Britney…who am I kidding…there is nothing worse! Please for the love of God make her go away. Please…I beg you….

  88. P-Rez says – reply to this


    She is circling the drain.

  89. julie says – reply to this


    why is it bad for her to go out and party and not for k-fed????? because he´s a guy??? nobody says anything about him when he goes out!!!!!
    you´re obssesed with her, it used to be funny but know is kind of sick and wierd

  90. Alex says – reply to this


    Your right in the sense that she shouldn't be partying because she needs to be the most important part in raising her kids. I dont know why all these people are so pissed off at you when they don't understnd the true way of raising young childrren. you were right on her being puffy, but thats just something to make her all stressed AND TURN HER ANOREXIC

  91. CHICANA says – reply to this





  92. megan says – reply to this


    She looks like Rosie O'Donnell here!

  93. Little ole me says – reply to this


    She should loose all rights to both of her children. I feel sorry for them. K-Fed I hope you are reading this….TAKE THEM FAR AWAY FROM THAT DRUNK FEMALE.

  94. akg'phga says – reply to this


    Who cares about Britney Spears? I want to know more about Perez, like who he hangs with and stuff. You're becoming a star now and I want to know these things about you, Mario.

  95. marisa morphine says – reply to this


    i totally agree w/ u , she's puffy and seems like she doesnt want her kids

  96. Fracas says – reply to this


    Don't listen to those who hate you, Perez: they are just mental midgets victimized by the Hollywood main stream media :)

  97. Fracas says – reply to this


    Don't listen to those who hate you, Perez: they are just mental midgets victimized by the Hollywood main stream media.

  98. perezisstupid says – reply to this


    perez, you are soooo srupid. puffy? your the one who needs liposuction. ughh.

  99. gino says – reply to this


    Save those babies!

  100. tsali says – reply to this


    Perez, c'mon, man. You're soooo judgemental it's kind of sad. You're sitting there with four dozen creme-filled donuts blogging at 4 a.m. and trashing people you don't really know. With really bad grammar, I might add. Have you thought of taking a writing class, Tolstoi? If it's her weekend off, who gives a shit if she goes out. So why don't you wipe off that cream cheese frosting and turn off your computer and go get a life?

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