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Fierce Homo Pop

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We don't even know what he's saying, but….

THIS is so cheesy fun!

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250 comments to “Fierce Homo Pop”

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  1. SILVIA says – reply to this



  2. VandJess says – reply to this


    Oh my god! This is like watching a pumped up emo boy in a bright red jumper trying to commit suicide! The arrow did it for me. Sooooo damn cheesy could not bare to watch the whole thing. Bitch-slapped myself in disbelief!!!

  3. howboy says – reply to this


    It's like watching an old Soul Train, but white and with the lyrics played backwards.

  4. cati says – reply to this


    i loved this video! that's THE coolest thing i've seen in a long time.

  5. Lola411 says – reply to this


    Euro Zac Effron?
    With mascara…..

  6. ozzienik says – reply to this


    poor lad….poured his heart and soul into it and it just came off shit…..hope he didnt get chafe from that ugly red suit

  7. Mr. Djamm says – reply to this



    ..makes me proud to be icelandic :D hahahahha

  8. apes says – reply to this



  9. It´s cheesy on purpose says – reply to this


    It´s cheesy on purpose
    If you could understand the language you´d get it

  10. Anna says – reply to this


    whoever made this video should probablyyyy be banned from the industry

  11. madie says – reply to this


    oh my god, this is my new favorite song! and btw, the video is GENIUS!!!

  12. monica says – reply to this


    my GAWD that was awful! so awful I had to laugh!

  13. Ice Ice Baby says – reply to this


    Of all the web sites in the world i could never imagine seeing Pál Óskar on it. And of all the web sites in the world i could have never imagined that he would be criticized for his performance, is he too gay for America to handle or is it just jealousy?
    Who hasn't made a tacky music video, if you knew what he is singing about and would actually take the time to find out about the story behind the video you wouldn't make these jokes. He decided to make it extreme, and he did a hell of a good job!

  14. love Paul Oscar says – reply to this


    check out his myspace : www.myspace.com/pauloscar he is the BEST, pretty much everyone in Iceland loves him , where he is, the party is !

  15. Auður Anna says – reply to this


    hahahaahh komment !! .. greinilega fólk frá islandi sem les síðuna !! :)

  16. Elsi says – reply to this


    Don't you love this video? I practice this routine I choreographed. =)

  17. JohnFD says – reply to this


    This is totally excellant and would bother uptight amerikkan idiots with repressed desires. Or fat ugly girls who work shitty jobs…and haven't love..
    He is brillant and much better than Mika Mr. plastic.
    Just goes to show that you all are thinking your world is the only one meanwhile the rest of us just get on. Well thanks for putting it on the site, sad that these lamers can only fling bile, while others spread love.
    Geuss that's why you retards have Bush/Gannon and the David Vitters….

  18. Sheena says – reply to this


    No one will every be as fagulous as Erasure…the Drama! tour was fierce…(for the 90s anyway)

  19. Eydis (80s) says – reply to this


    Paul Oscar is without a doubt the best DJ I know and I absolutely love him!

    He's so forward and lovable..Like when he was a judge on X-factor and Idol he kept shocking the male contestants by hitting on them and telling them about his fantasies ;)

    You non-Icelandic people should really try listening to some of his other songs, you'll love them! Especially when you've had a drink or two and ready to party ;)

    PS. Love your blogs Perez, hope you'll visit Iceland someday! (We really don't live in houses made of snow!!)

  20. Danny says – reply to this


    Give him a break. Its so hard for him becouse he is the only gay in the village..

  21. Daniel says – reply to this


    This is a fierce video; I love European style…. rich and dramatic. I also like that he is totally out, why here in America people are so closeted?

  22. Adrianne says – reply to this


    It's nothing compare with Samwell's "what what in the butt" on YouTube.

  23. Laura says – reply to this


    It's nothing compared to Samwell's "What What in my Butt" on Youtube.

  24. Dr C says – reply to this



    Forwarding to my gay brother. He is going to cream himself over this hottie.

  25. Raina says – reply to this


    he's the progeny of madonna and morrissey…sigh

  26. katrina says – reply to this


    Wow..indeed.as well as gay gay gay!! All the symbolism say is it!!

  27. Agnes says – reply to this


    Well, see how many people are looking at the video just after perez posted this. People looove the unusual. And yes, he's gay. But still he's the best:P
    Páll Óskar er snillingur! punktur

  28. Agnes says – reply to this


    It's so funny how the Americans think that they're any better than the rest of us. Have you EVER seen the extreme homosexuals that come from your country? Have you seen the music videos for Paris Hilton and other celebrities that don't deserve this chance to be known?
    Well, news flash, babes… America ain't so purdy so stop trying to dizz other countries. Get a life and stop trying to bring other people down because it won't work.
    Not saying that I'm a big fan of this video, but at least I have the dignity to keep some things to myself.

  29. Agnes T. says – reply to this


    ^^ I didn't post the one above me >_

  30. Proud 2 be ICELANDIC says – reply to this


    Bravo Pall Oskar ! First of all , understand before you judge.
    He is singing about love (out with the hate in with love) and its a fantastic song and many of us here love him because he is not afraid to be himself!
    If we are all inbreeds then americans are all a bunch of HILLBILLYS at least we know the name of our president and we know our geography.
    1 more here we at least know 2 languages and many of us speak more than 4 languages!!!!!

  31. Icelandman again says – reply to this


    svona svona Íslendingar.. þetta var nú bara létt grín með skyldleikann !!! Ekki svona hörundsár !!!

  32. Iris from Iceland says – reply to this


    Páll Óskar is awesome;D
    And yep He's gay;D
    Everyone knows that..:D

  33. Nina says – reply to this


    The name of the song is "All for love" and the lyrics actually make sense.
    Páll Óskar a.k.a Paul Oscar is really big in Iceland and if you would understand Icelandic I´ll bet you that you would LOVE this song ;)
    He competed in the Eurovision Songcontest in 1997 when he broke nearly all the rules then in the competition :)

  34. fionalicious says – reply to this


    hahahahhahhaha I seriously can't stop laughing! damn it!
    bitch loves the red on his mangina:P

  35. Anna says – reply to this


    wow its so funny how americans judge everything and are in so much denial of that they are the most hated country in the world haha youre living in a little george bush, rasist, terror bubble… the rest of the world sees you as a joke…

    this paul oscar guy is amazing !!

    cheers from germany

  36. Laurent (France) says – reply to this


    Don't like it ! So kitch ! It reminds me the worst of 90's eurodance songs ! Northern Europe keeps living in 1993 LOL ! Really different in Southern Europe.

  37. Hulda says – reply to this



    I love this guy, he is gay if that matters…. he was once in Eurovision if you know what that is!!!! He´s actullly really famous in Iceland… you can probably see and here more if you google him :
    Páll Óskar
    Paul Oscar

  38. Oy Vey says – reply to this


    This is beyond terrible.

  39. Selma says – reply to this


    first of all the red costume… it looks like a stiky red garbage bag with white strainers, second of all he crys and there is mascara coming down..hahaha…, third he oh man i dont think i am going to have enuff room to fit this is!!!

    all i am gonna say is GAY AS HELL!!!

  40. Miss Cheesy says – reply to this


    Does anyone really question if Paul Oscar is gay? It´s all he does, being gay. He has a full time job being gay, and considering he is 37 years old it´s a little sad. It is not correct that he is Iceland´s most popular singer. He was, but those were they days of wine and roses. He is arrogant and full of himself. This song would have been great 10 years ago, not now. Just shows that PO is stuck in the past - living on old fame.

  41. SJ says – reply to this


    For those of you who are still not getting it. Think of three names- Bjork, Sigurros and Páll Óskar. Are you getting the picture?
    There is one respectful word for these great performers- Unice.
    Now go get your latex oweralls and start dancing- Þú rokkar Palli

  42. Jói says – reply to this


    Djöfull fæ ég alltaf mikinn kjánahroll að lesa svona aulakomment frá Íslendingum sem snúast um að lofa og fegra öllu tengdu Íslandi, sýnið smá virðingu og hættið þessu!

  43. Margrét says – reply to this


    Hahaha Jói ég verð að vera sammála… ég fæ alveg svona "ha ég íslensk.?? Neiii e-ð að mis sko…*hóst*

    Annars bý ég á Spáni og er búin að sýna nokkrum hérna þetta og þeim fannst hann æði…. (á hallærislegan hátt though…)

  44. sissa says – reply to this


    sammála þér Jói… fæ aulahroll af kommentunum frá samlöndum okkar :S

  45. Paul Oscar Fan#1 says – reply to this


    You shallow americans…You don't know anything about this guy! He is a legend in Iceland! He is a grate singer, grate dancer and a grate DJ..He has it all, so don't you judge him for being gay..Your gratest singers are some fucking "American Idol" winners..And even the people in 2. ,3. and 4. place are superstars:D..All American people are in no position to judge other countrys and other people if you don't even know the name of your senetors or your president!!! So I say."Don't judge people if you are no better you self"

  46. Sigrún says – reply to this


    Hey, I'm Icelandic. This video is like Perez says "Fierce Homo Pop" ..but for some reason it works, doesn't matter if you're a very proud Icelanders (admit it..we tend to get a little overprotective when it comes to us and the outside world, understandibly because we are such a small country). It doesn't matter why Perez put it on his website…probably just found it by accident on youtube.com. Páll Óskar, our very own ultra & proud gay who has put a smile on our faces for a long time. So to you defending Icelanders, relax .. it doesn't matter what the outside world thinks, if they don't get Silvia Night how in the world can you expect them to get Palli…and he is a real caracter?! And for you others..relax too. Icelanders are weird people, I mean we produced Bjork and Sigurros etc. We decended from vikings who made a living out of robbing people and drinking exessively and people tend to get a little eccentric in those kind of circumstances. :) Don't worry be happy,

  47. Alex says – reply to this


    It's really catchy! I liiiike.

  48. Erna. bíbí og helena says – reply to this


    Haha this is the best video ever:D we love páll óskar … he is the best! Greetings from Icelandic Girls;)

  49. Stína says – reply to this


    He is supergay and is real proud of it. He is a great singer with a beautiful voice. He's been in the Eurovison song contest and there he was in a black leather suit rolling around on polarbear skin with 2 ladies. Here he is singing about love and forgiveness. Yes the vid is weird but the song is great !

  50. Perezhiltons Protege says – reply to this


    Oh my Fucking God did Gay vanilla Ice really shoot himself with an arrow that kept moving back and forth due to the fact that he was still singing? Give me a break.. I felt like that Video would of been a good song for queer as Folk and I would have absolutely loved it… GET IT!!!!!!!!

  51. Ice ftw (Jon) says – reply to this


    The fact is that he has been a well known celeb in Iceland and self-proclaimed homosexual for many years. If his videos weren't gay it would be unusual !

    As for those who are dissing it, I can understand you dont like the music or the video for example but no need to be so fierce with your words. Any1 who likes dance music should have a great time listening to this even if they don't understand a word he says, as for the video it is not some professional video that he made wanting it to become world famous for its class and choreography, this is a fun dance tune and the video is a fun spoof of all the mainstream videos that you find coming from the USA and also other western countries.

    So really by hacking down this video, Americans are hacking down their own dance music video industry as this is just like those videos apart from the fact it is a joke.

    Once you Americans can actually say in which country the Eiffel-Tower is, what town the leaning tower of PISA is in, who Tony Blair is and recognize world famous faces such as Bill Gates, Al Gore Hillary Clinton then perhaps I will start taking note of what you say !!

  52. cfzaj says – reply to this


    that's HOT!

  53. Hrafnhildur Ýr says – reply to this


    Ég er ánægð með þig Palli minn!!

  54. Hrafnhildur Ýr says – reply to this


    Taka Tvö:

    Ég er ánægð með þig Palli minn!! þú ert búinn að vera mitt nr1 síðan ég var 9 ára, árið 1995, og varð ástfangin af röddinni þinni og skemmtilegum persónuleika..!! Elska þig mezt og ég er stoltust af þér!!

    You're IT! :*

  55. carmamusic says – reply to this


    i love it :)

  56. Agusta says – reply to this


    this is such a good song and it is #1 on the hit list here at the moment :D the video is quite funny i think but it is such a good song and pall oksar is amazing he is also a very good singer

  57. richwhitetrash says – reply to this


    Finally! A positive original piece on, lets face it ->our culture… thanks :-)

  58. Mina says – reply to this


    That is so incredibly disgusting, i feel like vomiting

  59. Þórdís :) says – reply to this


    the song is really about LOVE :) ..
    what ppl do for love, miss, suffer, literally do everything ;) .. this is paul oscar , he was once in eurovision :) .. genious ! ;D.. gay , yes .. and soooo adorable ! :D

  60. Icelandic guy says – reply to this


    Not everybody in Iceland likes this song. The video is not good and the song is like 10 years behind. So dont listen to those 14 year old girls that like him. But visit Iceland anyway, not everyone is gay or Bjork

  61. steinunn says – reply to this


    He is the BEST singer I know …. and whatever he sings you will love ;)

  62. Heidi says – reply to this


    Love dancing to this song…Páll Óskar is the best DJ in the country.

    You should check out his video "Minn hinsti dans". You can find it on Youtube.

  63. Icelandic girl in Seattle says – reply to this


    I love you Palli!

  64. BryndísGyða says – reply to this


    He is just soo adorable , so all yo haters stop hating :D
    Áfram Palli

    Allt fyrir ástina for the win

  65. snorri says – reply to this


    This is song is nr. 1 in Iceland and name of the song is All for the Love in english. And for all of you how dont speak Icelandic you are alle missing of an really good lyrics ;-)

    regards from Iceland

  66. Katrin Anna ;* says – reply to this


    phenomenal !

  67. Icelandic says – reply to this


    The song name is everything for love *allt fyrir ástina*.

  68. anna says – reply to this


    funny …
    but a grate song !

  69. Lilja from Iceland says – reply to this


    I just love it and the song too! Stop criticising him people (this is to everybody who are criticising him ;) ) You are great Páll Óskar, congrats!!! (K)(L)

  70. Lilja from Iceland says – reply to this


    I just love it and the song too! Stop criticising him people (this is to everybody who are criticising him ;) ) You are great Pall Oskar, congrats!!! (K)(L)

  71. GuRa says – reply to this



  72. Ólöf says – reply to this


    Frábært Páll Óskar. Frí kynning á góðum listamanni í USAlandi.

  73. Icelandic girls says – reply to this


    hey we are from Iceland and this is so cool!!
    hi is saying everything for the love so sweet!
    and the guy is gay but that don't matter

  74. icelandic says – reply to this


    he is from iceland and is gay that song sucks and gay people suck

  75. Sunna says – reply to this



  76. Gudbjorg from iceland says – reply to this


    So why does it matter if he's gay? Do you know what? He is gay, and he is proud of it! Every single icelander is proud of him! He, as you probably know, is singing (translated directly); everything for the love…who you can never get enough of..the men love,sacrefice,are in pain, and miss…

    Yup :) I love you palli(páll)…who wouldn't ? :D

  77. the gay boy from iceland says – reply to this


    im gay and i love it,yes he's a bit like david bowie in the 70's ,love it when he dies in the video ,páll óskar i mean ,i love his music

  78. Rakel From Iceland says – reply to this


    Hi, ok this video is gay. but páll óskar is the best DJ and he holds up the party !! PÁLL ÓSKAR ÞÚ ERT BESTUR HAHA :D PÁLL ÓSKAR JUST LOVE HIM HE IS THE BEST !!

  79. Sólveig Leifsdóttir says – reply to this


    Hello My name Is Sólveig And I am from Iceland An I can tell you what He Is singing about….he is singing about that he will do everything for love and something…..well Bye Bye!

  80. Stína says – reply to this


    Everything for love!!!! Love you Páll Óskar, you are the shizzle fo' sho'

  81. theck this says – reply to this


    new paul oscar song

    song by paul oscar (not the actual video)

  82. Dru says – reply to this


    Heh. Yes, it's cheesy as hell but that's kinda the point. :p And he's totally brilliant.

    But the song itself is good and it's just really a dance song about love. Not bad. :) He just tends to go overboard with his vids sometimes. Heh. You should see this one ad that has him here which is advertising some kinda candy.

    It makes fun of his act from the 1997 European Song Contest (Eurovision). I love that ad. Heh. But maybe because I loved that act in the ESC.

    And yes, I'm Icelandic but I only came here because there was something about this on the news. lmao. Yes, we are that small. Heh. And really protective of each other. Heh.

  83. karen says – reply to this


    heeyy,,he is from iceland and me to ! you have no right to say this about this man,,he is a great singer and even though he is gay,,but he is singing about love and this is a famous song in iceland and a good one !! svo farð þú bara í rassgat aumingja litli kaninn þinn !!!! and that meens so you just piss off you stupid little amerikan !!

    kveðja frá íslandi þar sem heilbrigt fólk býr

  84. Neondoll says – reply to this


    This is freakin' hilarious. To my fellow Icelanders on here, stop acting like the country is under attack because of some stupid comments on this site. They're not getting it anyway, and use the word "gay" like it's an insult, while to Palli, it's a compliment.

    While I'm not a a fan of Palli's, I think he is alright although his appearance as a judge on XFactor was a self-absorbed narcissistic orgy. More power to him for being able to bring attention to himself on the most famous gossip site in the world.

    Ísland - Bezt í Heimi!!!!

  85. karen says – reply to this


    shut up !

  86. perez hilton says – reply to this


    to all you fuckin stupid icelandic commenters !!!
    you all tell the same lame bullshit. o and who gives a fuck that you are from iceland it sucks and you suck and apparently youre all gay. FOR SHAME!!!

  87. Iceland says – reply to this


    hahahaha this is just too funny to put this video on some american website where nobody knows who Páll Óskar is! ok the icelandic people get this because we know how he is but to read this comments where many are just shocket is just too funny but hey you who like this you rock!!

  88. Kristjan says – reply to this


    Palli this is fantastic, you know how to do this ad you must blow me soon:)

  89. Guðný says – reply to this


    Ok I have some comments to make people:

    #42 - Val says:

    I think he’s saying:


    I like it in the ass…..shove this bottle up my ass..
    tickle me with rose petals….and fuck me with nail polish…
    I like it in the ass…..Grind those petals up my ass…
    Don’t bother picking off the thorns…..I like the way they rip my ass…

    **These lyrics are not to be used for future reference…these ar my lyrics and mine alone….. LOL…. I love this website..

    My reply: ok first of all, you dont know shit about this song! If you dont like him just because he's gay then DONT BOTHER TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

    #51 - tyler says:

    Does anyone else notice that this guy looks like Zac Efron in 20 years?

    my reply: haha yeah he could be Zac(my future husband).

    #95 - Angry Icelander says:

    U stupid f!!!!!! americans! U don’t know anything about us Icelanders for sure!!
    Don’t jugde others because they are diffrent then u or because they make other kind of jokes then u do. Because you make fun of other countries as well.
    So if you don’t get the funny part about this video then watch something else or mind your own busniess.
    Páll Óskar ROCKS!!!!

    my reply: Amen! nákvæmlega það sem ég ætlaði að segja! Þessir hálfvitar eru öfundsjúkir afþví að Palli er BETRI OG FALLEGRI EN ÞEIR ALLIR!! Við erum að tala um Pál Óskar, manninn sem gerði afmælisdaginn minn ÓGLEYMANLEGANN!! Það er ekki eðlilegt hvað ég ELSKA þennann mann!

  90. Melissa says – reply to this


    Is this guy a long lost Madden bro?

  91. Erlasoley says – reply to this


    palli, love to you! haha;)

  92. Heidi says – reply to this


    Love, love, love this guy, he is a genius!!!

  93. sassy says – reply to this


    Palli is a great singer and porforms like his sweet gay ass is online;) he's our king here in Björkistan aka Iceland..
    u should be very thanksfull to get to enjoy his tallents…
    We support our man… go Palli make us proud sweety;)


  94. Nína says – reply to this


    this is the best!!!! Páll Óskar is a gay idol in Iceland!! I luuuv him:D

  95. Gusta says – reply to this


    hahahthis is Pall Oskar he's from Iceland (same country as iam from) I HATE THIS SONG !!!!

  96. MyStangTx says – reply to this


    Do you think he is gay?

  97. icland says – reply to this


    why are you kitting a bout him??hee its a goot singer end this its youst stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A HATE YOU ALL AMERICANS end you specil you ho put it on the paeche you are justt GAY …..!!!!

  98. halldor gudmundsson says – reply to this


    ooohh this guy is sooo totally friggin hot, i luuuuv him

  99. halldor muahhaha says – reply to this


    9/11 rocksssssssssssssssssssssss

  100. höööööörn says – reply to this


    oh hes singing about how lovely love isss jaja
    i love him

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