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Read Between The Lines

| Filed under: Sarah Jessica Parker

THIS item is pretty damn fabulous:

"Sarah Jessica Parker caught a performance of "Gypsy" on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, her bearded hubby, Matthew Broderick, was treated to a "Happy Birthday" chorus Thursday at Palm West by Harvey Fierstein, Marc Shaiman, "Wicked's" Shoshana Bean and Scott Wittman."

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78 comments to “Read Between The Lines”

  1. Trey says – reply to this


    Hee! Bearded.

  2. first says – reply to this



  3. janet says – reply to this


    and, who cares?

  4. Edith says – reply to this


    not interesting.

  5. hi says – reply to this



  6. Becky says – reply to this



  7. BANANAMAN says – reply to this



  8. sonix says – reply to this


    don't jinx it!

  9. 10inch says – reply to this


    10th!!!!!!!!!!!! this sure is boring. get a life or another hobby.

  10. artika says – reply to this


    not first

  11. Smart Person says – reply to this


    I READ BETWEEN THE LINES..AND THERE IS NOTHING THERE………bad newz for the "perfect couple"

    hate them
    hate her

  12. SLY says – reply to this



  13. kristin says – reply to this


    Big deal. My husband and I don't go everywhere and do everything together.

  14. p-baby says – reply to this


    two different nights - so what?

  15. Rockin' Robin says – reply to this


    The NEXT John and Kelly? Get a clue people he keeps working with Nathan Land for God's Sake! Sex is NOT in the city!

  16. OH YEAH! says – reply to this


    Ferris ain't no homo!

  17. Mini says – reply to this


    He's a Fruit Cake like Perez! Duh!

  18. angel says – reply to this


    I don't get what I'm supposed to be reading between the lines.

  19. Mishy says – reply to this


    His birthday is in April…so they spent the night separately -who cares?

  20. bkgal says – reply to this


    comparison to nick and jessica…..

  21. Kelly says – reply to this



  22. Maria says – reply to this


    Sly, #12….you are so ignorant. You are embarrassing

  23. Edith says – reply to this


    Very clever #12 SLY …

    Did you read that on the back of an Old El Paso Tortilla bag?

  24. Kiki says – reply to this


    Hey # 12…studies show that Hispanics have a higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes. And the last time I checked diabetes leads to ALL kinds of cancers. Not to hate on the SA's but c'mon…

  25. Fresh.. says – reply to this


    i don't get it…

  26. emma in vt says – reply to this


    sly — write in spanish if your english is so poor. you sound like a gosh darned illiterate and that's not really helping your argument. get some help before you get the racist cancer.

  27. Clover says – reply to this


    i love old el paso tortilla chips
    another margarita, please

  28. Dame Judi Snatch says – reply to this


    This must be old - Matthew's birthday is in March, isn't it?

  29. O'smom says – reply to this


    Hmmmm…. her "bearded" husband huh?

    And #12 - your comment seems like it may be slightly cancer-causing. Be careful, looks like it's in your blood too. Oh, and you sound like a moron.

  30. melissa says – reply to this


    SLY you are a retard… geez can't we come to this site and relish in the gossip…or as in this case the boring gossip without idiots liek you going on and on about race… im so over the racism being played out

  31. just me says – reply to this


    Paco wants a Taco! Go back to your homeland Sly! Learn correct English

  32. c says – reply to this


    he works in Broadway. Of course he's going to hang out with gay people: it come with the territory. Why is that such a surprise?

  33. Perezito's Stalker says – reply to this


    quesadilla fajita tacitos jennifer lopez

    and Ferris is a 'Mo
    and SJP is a carpet muncher

  34. Michelle says – reply to this


    Right, because every guy on Broadway who has a good marriage, chuck full of individuality on both sides HAS to be bearded. Whatevs.
    The fags want to keep all of the good ones. Bitches.

  35. Melissa says – reply to this


    Happy birthday? Matthew's birthday is March 21!

  36. madam pince says – reply to this


    Get over it, Perez. SPJ and MB are gonna do whatever they want, and they're NOT going to check in with you for permission. Just give up and let them lead their life.

  37. lizzy says – reply to this


    #12-YOU are the racist, duh. Go read a book-your hatred is pathetic-go away.

  38. Why, oh why? says – reply to this


    Oh I get it, Sly is just making the rounds this morning trying to whore up attention for itself. You sure are a smart one Sly, bet Mama's proud.

  39. COCO says – reply to this


    #12 Sly.
    In Justim Timberlake's forum you were Selena, now Sly. No matter how many names you use to cover yourself, you are a real animal. You are not a latina, you are a dog and a revolting bitch.

    What is your purpose? To make anglos hate latins or make latins hate anglos? Either way, your purpose is not love, but hate. I really feel sorry for you.

  40. Katie says – reply to this


    Big deal…they were attending different events on different nights…and it wasn't even Broderick's birthday. His is in March.

  41. Monique says – reply to this


    I can't stop laughing at the stupidity of Sly's comment. I try to ignore dumb comments like this, but I'm getting a kick out of it, to be honest. I love that he's saying that white people are racist and his race is better. That's not a racist thing to say at all. LOL gotta love idiots. Don't bother getting pissed at him, just laugh at him.

  42. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Could it just mean he has an ACTUAL BEARD on his face right now????

  43. simon says – reply to this


    Yes, it has to do with the fact that he's wearing facial hair- i.e. 'beard', which is also the term used for closeted homosexuals who are married/dating girls to hide their sexuality to the public…John Travolta has a 'beard', as does Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Haden Christensen, etc. etc…that's what Perez means by 'read between the lines'…took me awhile to figure it out, cause I thought P had written the 'beard' part himself…

  44. Tana says – reply to this


    What the hell does "bearded" mean anyway? I'm fairly positive it means a wife covering for the gay husband and the marriage is one out of convenience but how did the term come about?

  45. Jujubee says – reply to this


    Oh, stop tryin'a out Ferris.

  46. Margaret says – reply to this


    Speaking of John Travolta, has anyone seen pictures of his son? The kid, who's in his early teens, is HUGE (both tall and obese) and looks like there's something wrong, frankly. (There was a pic of him w/ Mom in the surf in one of the tabloids a while back.) Has Perez noted this?

    It was weird. Kelly Preston (Mrs. Travolta) was quoted as saying how her son is all that matters to her in life (um, Kel, you also have a daughter? a hubby?), and here he is, at the very least severely overweight. You would think that a mom who cared all that much would arrange for some exercise classes or something. But then, it made me wonder if he's the center of her attention because he has a developmental problem we haven't heard about. Or have we, and I just haven't paid attention?

  47. Simon says – reply to this


    Margaret- Jett Travolta is autistic…and the scientologists don't 'believe' in that as a problem, so they don't treat it…someone else can prob give you more defining info about how they deal with it, but last I heard, John said they were teaching him about art and dealing with it that way..no professional help whatsoever…so sad…

  48. Jimmy says – reply to this


    OMG! TOO FABULOUS! I am obsessed with Shoshana Bean. She is the hotness. Make friends with her, P!

  49. mom2eight says – reply to this


    Just have to put in my two cents with Jett Travolta. I saw a recent photo of him holding hands with Kelly and walking in a parking lot. He was walking on his toes. I think there is mental retardation too, in addition to the autism and maybe some other problems. People who are mildly autistic still can function. What kid his age would still be holding his mom's hand in public? Also many people who have mental retardation are obese.

  50. Moriah says – reply to this


    I think the more interesting item on that link was this:

    Which troubled young star was overheard asking where to get crystal meth at a Los Angeles nightclub last weekend?

  51. Tired says – reply to this


    #23 - Edith - Tortilla bag??? Hilarious comment you RACIST PIG!!!
    #30 - melissa "im so over the racism being played out" you must be some dumb white bithch b/c if you weren't you would be able to understand the plight of minorities and racism… try as we may we cannot escape, it is not a game or a card people throw out, it is OUR LIFE you insensitive douching FUCK!

    *DISLAIMER* i used the term "dumb white bitch" but im not saying shes dumb b/c she's white, just noting that she's PROBABLY white b/c she seems to not understand the struggles minorities face and shes dumb just b/c sadly thats probably how she was born

  52. Sandfa says – reply to this


    #46…there is speculation that there is something wrong with the Travolta's son (other than his weight problem)…they think that he is autistic but due to their scientology beliefs they won't acknowledge therefore treat his illness because scientology believes that if you just keep studying harder into the faith whatever mental problems you have can be cured without using meds (hence Tom Cruise's ignorant tyrade against Brooke Shields when she was suffering from post-pardom)…if you ask me they're all a bunch of loons and i'd rather have Britney Spears as a parent than Tom or John…ugh

  53. mimi in miami says – reply to this


    Have heard for years that Matthew B likes the boys in the chorus - so who cares!

  54. Perezito's Stalker says – reply to this


    ummmm, guys? there is no treating Autism. You can only cope with it. There is no known cause, no known cure, and 1 in 166 kids are born with it. Those are some pretty scary odds. They have special programs to help the kids with more severe cases of it learn to communicate, but the sad thing is they can come very far, and then just wake up one day and forget everything learned. And you have to start all over again. So sad.

  55. American says – reply to this


    Just to set the record straight with #12.

    I work with 3 Mexicans - as in, they sit in traffic for 3 hours every morning just to cross the border to come here and make $8 an hour - and they are dumber than a box of rocks.

    I'd rather have the risk of cancer and die an early death, than be as dumb as a Mexican.

  56. Mico Midnight says – reply to this


    I guess if you're straight and happen to have gay friends people will automatically assume that you yourself are gay. Thinking like yours is the reason for the continuing isolation of the gays from the rest of the human race.

  57. Jessica says – reply to this


    Liza married David Gest b/c they adored and loved eachother. People can marry whoever they want to spend the rest of their lives with(ok, this didn't exactly end up happening, but allow me to elaborate). And I think that's a beautiful thing. If SJP and Broderick married for the same reason, then more power to them. She's fabulous (and mo's are drawn to fabulocity) and they probably love and adore eachother. BUT, one thing I do not understand is the fact that Broderick hasn't come out of the closet. Why not? What's the big deal? You already work on Broadway, it's not like you're up for any action hreo roles. And another thing I don't understand is why SJP wouldn't want to get married and spend her life with a "real" husband that she could have full intimacy with. Odd. Why don't people that work with him just out him already?

  58. Michael says – reply to this


    Old news, new news, it's new to me and that's all that matters. I would be honoured to have such B'way greats serenade me!

  59. Michelle says – reply to this


    So he can't have gay friends? Geez Perez you'd think you'd be happy that he's not calling them fags all night long but no you have to go an imply that he's gay. You're so stupid.

  60. D says – reply to this


    My favorite part of this was SHOSHANABEAN. THANK THE LORD, she has not fallen off the face of the earth.

  61. Jules` says – reply to this


    To #55, the so-called *American*-I guess working with three Mexicans makes you a fucking expert on the race doesn't it? Where'd you get your certificate from….Institute of Ignorant Inbred Rednecks? Why don't you spare us your trite observations on race and go to a monster truck show or something, you arrogant prick!

  62. bullshit says – reply to this


    Hey, #51, tired. Why is it that just because a person is white, they are automatically pegged as racist? And why is it that even though a latino starts all this bullshit by saying (without being provoked I might add) that white people are racist, we are called racist for defending ourselves? Don't act like all white people are priveledged. Yeah, we might have it easier in some situations, but let me tell you, life can suck ass for us too. I know. I'm lower middle class and my father has to work his ass off because since he's an older man doing physical work, he gets replaced by 20 year olds and has been laid off 6 times in the last 2 years. Stop fucking asking for pity from all white people because honestly, I don't give a fuck what color you are. You'll be just fine if you work your ass off like the rest of us. And if someone makes a racist comment to your face let it go because I'm sure you've made plenty yourself. You are not defined by your color. that is bullshit. And there may be racist white people, but of the white people I associate myself with, we never even bring up color. In fact we get annoyed everytime a black guy or a latino or an asian are on tv yelling about their color. You all are the one's bringing it up, not us. And I will not apologize for the few stupid fucks out there that hate other races because you all won't apologize for your stupid fucks either.

    I do not feel sorry for you at all. I never did shit to any of you and fuck you if you think that because I'm white, I must be racist. That's real ignorant.

  63. Jessica says – reply to this


    There are certain individuals in this world who make sacrifices for a better life–certain individuals who are smart enough to endure challenges so that they can get by in a world where there are, sadly, people who think like you. Throughout your life you have likely reaped benefits greater than your 3 co-workers due to your race, and yet you still work alongside these people who are "dumb as rocks." What does that say about you?

  64. Bi-racial says – reply to this


    So one stupid person makes a comment about how they think white people are racist. I've met more *MINORITIES* that are way more racist than any white person in my life and I'm half asian/half hispanic so I've got it twice. I'm neither excepted by either ethnic background. This whole read between the lines was about Jessica and Matthew, grow up.

  65. Jen says – reply to this


    Matthew B. birthday is March 21.

  66. your mother says – reply to this


    I love how more people are commenting on the idiotic statements of #12 then they are the actual blog at hand…
    That's PerezHilton.com for you…

  67. Marrr says – reply to this



  68. maya says – reply to this


    I went to high school with shoshana bean, she was a bitch then and no doubt a bitch now.

  69. Whatever says – reply to this


    HAHA well, she's an actor, you have to expect that.
    But with that voice, she can get away with it!
    Was she just the bitchy popular whore?

  70. LBO says – reply to this


    Um…#12….white people have racism running through their blood? What about you saying, "HISPANIC IS THE BEST RACE. LATINO FOREVER"? Isn't that racist?

  71. Daryl says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez, I have thought this for years!

  72. momococo says – reply to this


    Years ago I had dinner in Dayton with a man who had previously lived with a Broadway producer. At that time he told me Matthew B. was gay…and a few others I won't mention, so I've been wondering all these years when he would finally come out. He and SJP seem to be very decent and talented people. Live and let live.

  73. mia says – reply to this


    I agree that Sly's comment is ignorant but comments like #31's and #55's are just plain stupid.

    By the way, #55 you must be a rocket scientist…

  74. Get over yourself says – reply to this


    55- You don't deserve the privilege of being an "American." You obviously don't know what that means.

    Unless you're a Native American, your ancestors were immigrants, too- jackass!

  75. wannabe says – reply to this


    I don't do everything with my husband either. Just seeing celebrities in the magazines do they even have time to see each other?

  76. ferris is gay, the sky is blue, cows go moo! says – reply to this


    He is SOOOOOOO gay.

  77. NoProblemHere says – reply to this


    #62 I'm hispanic and i completely agree with u. I really don't understand why everyone crys about how hard it is to be a minority. I have never felt that being a minority has gotten in the way of living my life. I think it's all an issue of self-worth.

  78. a;slkdfj;laksjf says – reply to this


    he is SOOOO NOTTT gay!!! shut up!!! i've met him and he is DEFINITELY not gay!

    but SJP def is ugly :)