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Us Weekly has unearthed this spooky article from the 1999 that Ving Rhames gave to The Los Angeles Times.

In a 1999 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Pulp Fiction star showed off his “petrifying” Ambullneo mastiff named Samson and his three mastiff puppies — Storm, Scorsese and Cage (the latter two were named after director Martin Scorsese and actor Nicolas Cage, with whom Rhames worked on the film Bringing Out the Dead).

He also talked about his 170-pound Fila Brasileiro named Kong.

"The dog was actually bred to guard slaves," Rhames said. "It was the only dog they found that had the temperament to guard a slave. It could be around you every day, but if you tried to run away, it would deal with you like it never saw you before."

The Times reporter joked, “Just as you are thinking how helpful this will be to the forensic specialists, he pulls the dog away with his free hand before it can playfully disembowel you.”

During the interview, Rhames lavished his canines with attention, at times speaking to them in baby talk.

Still, despite their intimidating appearance, Rhames insisted that his dogs were all bark no bite. "He just wants to play,” Rhames said of Kong.

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92 comments to “Foreshadowing”

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  3. madonna says – reply to this


    thats hawt

  4. Josie says – reply to this


    I WIN

  5. cn says – reply to this



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  7. magnum says – reply to this


    scaryyyyyyy!!! what the character testing???

  8. t says – reply to this


    sorry what the fuck what this article even about? the most pointless thing ive ever seen u post pnasty

  9. star says – reply to this



  10. themexcellentone says – reply to this


    o man…makes you wonder if those dogs just attacked because the dude was doing something unfamiliar to them???

  11. wastedOne says – reply to this


    Josie, how's it feel to win 4th - LOSER!

  12. pick me says – reply to this


    amy wine house and the oldest son of princess diana look alike

  13. kay says – reply to this



  14. dre0dre` says – reply to this


    damn…. thats crazy

  15. k says – reply to this



  16. Geminat says – reply to this


    oh shit…he's dead? I guess I should have read the whole page. That's too bad I loved him in Baby Boy.

  17. pick me too says – reply to this


    britney spears has the biggest forehead what other celebrity out beats her?

  18. Drosofila says – reply to this


    I'm from Brazil, I know the fila brasileiro and it's one of the most dangerous breeds there are. It's a shame someone feels proud about having such an untrustable animal at home.

  19. Corrinne says – reply to this


    The obsession with being first will never cease to amaze me. Anywho - that sucks for him but hey shit happens, they were his dogs so he should be held responsible for it.

  20. hfdbgsfg says – reply to this


    haha fuckers u aint first. i was f ucking first. lmfaoo haha who even gives a damn saying first is fucking annnoying peace

  21. Rock says – reply to this


    Creamy middle!!

  22. sunshine says – reply to this


    Enough already. Not an interesting story. You've touched on it now move on to something more interesting.

  23. lalala sont want to hear it!!! says – reply to this


    angelino jolie looks like someone punched her in the mouth. its funny that after she stole brad from jen everyone was hating on her and she rushed out to adopt more kids so she can then become a saint…and now what? jen's become the bad one….I sdont think so I still root root for Jen!!!

  24. common says – reply to this


    do more separated at birth..you should so separate at birth triplets and compare 3 celbs i loveeeeeeeeeeee these

  25. dr. strangelove says – reply to this


    mygod perez 4 posts on the same shitty, pointless, d-list actor? u suck

  26. why? says – reply to this


    ashlee simpson looks like the witch from wizard of oz…her chin is so pointy and and out, and why does her hair always look dirty and all up in her face..why does she still slouch?

  27. Jessica says – reply to this


    Oh Perez you are updating quite a lot today and it makes me super HAPPY!

  28. pretty please!!! says – reply to this


    why dont you compare someone from the Dr. Seuss movie with ElizaBitch from the view, she has their nose eys and mouth YU HAVE TO DO IT you'll make our day!!!!

  29. k says – reply to this


    ni he's not dead the dogs killed his assistant.. & yeh i think youve post enough bout this move on!!!

  30. funny says – reply to this


    yes Elizabitch from the view does lool like a character from Dr. Seuss!!! hahaha

  31. Mike Jones says – reply to this


    Sounds like Michael Vick and Ving Rhames will make great cell mates. They both admire the hell out of dogs.

  32. dixie chick says – reply to this



  33. jeri says – reply to this


    Ask Big Boi (of Outkast you tards) about HIS pit bull breeding operation…
    When I found out, I hated OUtkast, despite Andre 3000/

  34. John Taylor says – reply to this


    Whats up with African American men and their dogs?!

    Even Rottweilers dont turn out this vicious, if rasied in a loving home.

    These dogs were either mistreated or trained to kill. Another black man perpetuating the cycle of violence. Way to go VIGG!!

    Whatever happened to treating a dog with kindess and love. Or is that just a "white" sensibility.

  35. john m says – reply to this


    … but were the dogs also ON STEROIDS?

  36. true true true says – reply to this


    you should compare simmon cowells saggy brest with nick lachey saggy breast!! hahahahahahah so true!!!

  37. col says – reply to this


    ok we get it!
    hes a douche.
    people shouldnt be allowed to have those dogs. they killl people all the time.

  38. flashypink says – reply to this


    Today is my "B" Day; do anybody care!!!

  39. YES!! says – reply to this


    hahaha nick lache and simmon cow SEPARATED AT BIRTH!!!!!

  40. NO says – reply to this



  41. Candy Barr says – reply to this


    I have always said that men with big dogs have little dicks . . . And he had four or five big dogs . . . His dick couldn't be as big as a mosquito.

    And in reading some of the other posts, I see that some don't realize that Ving's dogs attacked and killed his assistant.

  42. CATHAZAT says – reply to this


    It's a real tragedy but as an owner of a bull mastiff, who, like the English mastiff is large, gentle, but protective (but not in a cutthroat way), I'm greatly relieved these were not the bull or English variety. I've never even HEARD of the kind of mastiff he had. Clearly they are not to be trusted around anyone but the owner. That's very disturbing, especially as the dogs knew their trainer/caretaker. But of course, just "mastiff" will be used in the media and that will give ALL mastiffs a bad name.

  43. canadiangirl says – reply to this


    you need to get your facts straight……. the man had a heart attack and the dogs did NOT kill him. Any wounds found on him were NOT deadly. Of course I'm not a moron and any dog bite isn't good. But they didn't kill him. The way you put it you said he was mauled to death. NOT!!!

  44. LL Cool J says – reply to this



  45. duuuuuude says – reply to this


    they think the dude died of a heart attack since none of the bites were life threatening. Just because the dogs are big and scary it doesn't mean they kill people. what a bunch of doggie racists you are! (lol)

  46. Natalie says – reply to this


    The guy had a heart attack running from the dogs, get all the facts before you start posting things.

  47. john m says – reply to this


    Ok, I flipped out on some girl here the other day for talking about "illegals" and all … but seriously, what is WITH racism these days? People like #35 turning everything into race issues make me wonder, is racism spreading, or is it just that all the hicks in Alabama finally got computers and decided to go to the big gay website?

    Like maybe a guy with killer dogs is more of a machismo thing than a black thing? Maybe?

  48. cman says – reply to this



  49. harlow M. says – reply to this


    I own two Fila Brasilero dogs!! People REALLY NEED TO read about these dogs before they start making assumptions about them.

    They are THEE SUPER DOG! They are AMAZING, LOYAL, GENTLE companions BUT ONLY TO THEIR OWNERS!! Brazil's motto is "Faithful as a Fila". They are NATURALLY breed to hate strangers and to do anything to protect their family and property even other animals that belong to them.

    You can not breed or train this out of these dogs. Only RESPONSIBLE owners should have them!!! I really hope this does not give them a bad name! People really need to know the truth about them.

  50. rabbit dinner says – reply to this


    and your point is what?

  51. rabbit dinner says – reply to this



  52. zomlov says – reply to this



  53. biUBBULa says – reply to this


    Rhames must have been referring to his employee as this "slave". The gardner ("slave") ran and his slave dogs ripped him a new ass hole…

  54. L-say says – reply to this


    the sad thing is, mastiffs are known for being extremely gentle and sweet creatures…so he either raised them poorly or is just dumb. AND now these poor dogs are going to get a BAD reputation that they don't deserve!!

  55. zomlov says – reply to this


    The Fila Brasileiro is arguably the most beautiful and awesome of all the guardian dog breeds, with some characteristics not found in other breeds. You will often hear Fila owners and breeders say "they're not like other dogs!"

    What is a Fila Brasileiro? The Fila is a rare molosser breed that had it's origins in Brazil starting around 400 years ago, possibly from bloodhounds, Portuguese herding dogs, mastiffs and ancient bulldogs. The Fila Brasileiro is the National dog of Brazil, it's legendary loyalty expressed in a Brazilian saying: "Faithful as a Fila".

    The Fila Brasileiro excels at family and estate protection, hunting, tracking, cattle herding and even carting. A large and powerful dog, but don't let that fool you: the Fila is also extremely agile and athletic, and it is not unheard of for a Fila to clear a six foot fence to defend his master.

    The Fila Brasileiro's protectiveness is also legendary. He is a patient and gentle family dog with those he considers his own, but does not take to strangers and should never be left unattended with casual acquaintances, strangers or anyone he does not regard as part of his immediate family.

    The Fila does not need to be trained to defend, it is part of his genetic makeup. A Fila should, however, be intensively obedience trained and desensitized to external environmental stimuli. Some people use the term "socialized", however, this often leads to the misguided belief among potential Fila owners that you can train the Fila to be reliable around and safely accept attention from strangers.

    Most Fila Brasileiro fanciers in the USA favor a heavier, larger dog with more facial skin, a broader skull, a somewhat milder temperament and less ojeriza, more like an English or Neopolitan mastiff in appearance, while the CAFIB followers prefer a lighter framed fila looking more like a hound with more ear leather, a pear shaped head and a hard temperament with plenty of ojeriza.

    In the picture to the right with his favorite teddy bear is an American bred Fila Mastiff. As you can see, he looks more like a mastiff than the female Fila (pic at bottom left) who came from a CAFIB breeder in Brazil.

    If you're considering adopting a Fila Brasileiro as your next dog, there are some things you need to know BEFORE you take that pup home! For a lot more detailed information on this breed, check out the FAQ on this site.

  56. G-Man says – reply to this


    Typical Macho f*cking idiot with his 'Look How Dangerous these dogs are and they're STILL under my control' attitude. Dangerous Dogs are so-called for obvious reasons dummies!

  57. Arlene says – reply to this


    Urgh let it go Perez it was an accident…

    I swear sometimes you just OVER KILL everything…

    These weren't "KILLER DOGS" maybe you should wait for the FULL Story to surface…

    I am a HUGE fan but you really pissed me off today…

  58. Reality-check says – reply to this


    There are breeds of dogs that are prone to killing people and the idiots that own them should be put in prision and sued when they kill plain and simple. All the idiots defending these animals should have their IP's traced and their pit bulls or mastiffs checked out to make sure they cant kill anyone.

  59. swissffun says – reply to this


    anyone owning a Fila Bras. that ends up mauling an employee truely deserves life in jail! what the fuck else did he think would happen? or did he just not think - a good possibility but ignorance doesn't get you out of jail free.

  60. swissffun says – reply to this


    canadiangirl…. get your facts straight on this fucking dog breed. these are killers, plain and simple. they gained infamy a few years ago by mauling - and half eating - a woman in the hallway of her SF apartment building. Her neighbors had the dogs and they just barrelled out of their apartment and pounced. There is NO excuse for having these kind of dogs as pets!!! NONE:

  61. swissffun says – reply to this


    and perez—– THIS is a great piece you put up. This is important journalism. Keep it up. Evolve and develop into more than just a pantiless paris gawker. Good job!!!!

  62. Dagon666 says – reply to this


    Leave it alone Perez….the news is already saying the man probably died of a heart attack and the dogs are friendly—we have no idea how this happened and dogs are not your area of specialty (unless you count paris hilton).

  63. sexiest bitch ever says – reply to this


    First off, lemme say that I grew up with Bull Mastiffs and they are sweet dogs. True some can be dangerous - but so can any other dog. it's all about the master. our dog was named Moola - dumb as shit, always wanted kisses, walks and food…. the most aggressive thing he did was try to hump pretty ladies .. . he spent his days suntanning on the picnic table - and what a sight at 170 pounds!

  64. Al says – reply to this


    It's all in how you raise your dogs - its the owners that screw up the dog, no the dog itself. P.S. swissffun the dogs that mauled the woman in the apartment building were Presa Canario's owned by the lawyers of a skinhead who trained the dogs to attack. Plus the lawyers were zoophiliacs. Again, its always the owner.

  65. canadiangirl says – reply to this


    Swissffun…… Get YOUR facts straight…. read my comment again - if you are able.

  66. Willow The Wisp says – reply to this


    Do any of the posters even have a clue what this is about? The dogs didn't kill Rhames, they killed their handler, hired by Rhames. I don't know why these idiots even bother to post when they don't know shit about anything other than being 'first'. Get educated about what's going on in your world already.

  67. mcneezy says – reply to this


    why dont you report the update that the man died of a heart attack? good1.

  68. Uhoh says – reply to this


    Ving Rhames may be in a world of trouble due to his knowledge that these dogs were dangerous and ultimately resulted in a man's death.

    Couple of things going on: civil action for negligence, worker's compensation action for death of an employee, and possible criminal action for manslaughter.

  69. Sara says – reply to this


    T- you idiot, is this the only news you read. His dogs just killed a guy.

  70. anna says – reply to this


    dude…let it go.

  71. rongh says – reply to this


    F*cking n_igger!!!!!!!!

  72. Tonya says – reply to this


    Get your facts straight, Perez. As usual, you start trash talking before you get the whole story. The assistant died from a heart attack. The bites from the dogs were NOT the cause of death. Ving is not weird with his animals. Your friend, Paris is the one who seems to have a thing for dogs, with her ever-expanding menagerie.

  73. Never Fails... says – reply to this


    Once again, I am amazed by the ignorance of Perez's fanbase. Before you post your racist and often incorrect thoughts, you really should get some clue as to what is going on here. As to the poster who ranted about increased racism, um yeah, your post was about as racist as it gets you dumb fu*k. My only hope is that natural selection runs its course and most of you fall victim to stray lightining bolts.

  74. p list celebrity says – reply to this


    who honestly cares about this guy? come on, seriously.

  75. kimlovesperez says – reply to this


    you really had to put four posts about this douche??

  76. John says – reply to this


    perez, you low life hypocrite, I cannot wait for your site to be taken down PERMANENTLY your legal team is as weak as your site. It is going to be hilarious when you have to pay for the pics you stole

  77. Surprised says – reply to this


    Okay the guy died of a heart attack. The dogs were trying probably trying to help. There's no such thing as a dangerous breed, only dangerous owners. His dogs are friendly. This was an accident.

  78. Alexa says – reply to this


    Y'know, I feel strongly enough about this to put my email at the end. I think most of your posts are hilarious. Most of them are about the stupidity of some star. Some famous person doing the wrong thing. Well, in this case, it was his dog. I think you need to take it easy. I'm sure he feels absolutely terrible. It wasn't his fault, as he can't control his dog's actions. Maybe the dog was completely placid until now. All the other posts are amazing, I read perez everyday. I adore it, because I don't feel sorry for all the stars who are drunk driving and throwing up after they eat. I feel sorry for this guy though. He's probably going through some serious emotional trauma. I know I would if my pet did something like that. msalexajane@hotmail.com

  79. erin says – reply to this


    you're really on a Ving Rhames thing today.

  80. Vinnie says – reply to this


    Anyone see him in the new Kojak series? He was hot in his leather trenchcoat! Made me cum all the time!! LOVE YOU PEREZ!!!!

  81. ytsur says – reply to this


    Sure they wanted to play….Play dead that is

  82. Rod Weatherwax says – reply to this


    Dogs are such loathsome creatures. They deserve nothing better than extinction.

  83. Buster Cherry says – reply to this


    My vet has a sign on the door that states he will NOT treat pit bulls and other vicious dogs. Do not bring them to the door and don't ask for emergency treatment. Insurance companys are refusing homeowners policies to the owners of these terrors. Nearly all the people I see who own these species live in trailers, dope dealers and red- necks. Be honest, you know it is the truth.

  84. Kristin says – reply to this


    Buster Cherry that is complete BULLSHIT.
    Insurance companies do NOT reject homeowners policies.
    ANNNND What an idiot these dogs are NOT PITTBULLS GAHHH! Find out what a freaking pittbull is before you go off on their amazing breed. Half the people that do not like pittbulls (american straffordshire terriers) have never even been around one so how can you judge them? fucking annoying!

  85. lay off perez says – reply to this


    dame perez you are really going hard on the news about Ving Rhames i think it i s because he is black i bet if it was ur gurl paris and that dame dog did something you would not give two shits stop trying to be white ur spanish boo
    all these people u kiss ass to are looking like ur a FOOL paris does not give a fuck about u nor does ving

  86. LJ says – reply to this


    I have a fila and they are great dogs. But yes they are stranger weary and can be dangerous but they are not aggressive

  87. Corrinne says – reply to this


    #48 JOHN M, I see where you are coming from about racism and illegals - but you don't understand some people's backgrounds…I had a best friend die at the age of 23 because an illegal from Mexico was drunk and hit her head on. Every bone in her body was broken except for her neck because she was wearing her seat belt….don't judge others before you really know the situation because everyone eventually has a story.

  88. Sal says – reply to this


    Whenever a dog kills a human being people will always make excuses for the dog and blame the human. You sick fucks.

  89. Jo Jo says – reply to this


    Gee, wonder what his dogs will do to kids (when he has them) or visiting kids when they run around his home or yard??? The dogs would assume that they were "trying to run away."

  90. stargirl555 says – reply to this


    This is very very sad. I just hope that people are intelligent enough not to judge these breeds of dogs and these specific ones until you actually know what happened. Mastiffs are not natural born killers. Neither are pit bulls. They must be raised a certain way…just like children. Most mastiffs are very smart dogs and can be the biggest cuddelers and lovers ever known. Just because a dog was raised for war or fighting 500 years ago does not mean it will just kill you. I have a tosa inu (japanese mastiff) and a neopolitan mastiff (italian) and they sleep with young son every night. My son weighs about 45 lbs…the dogs weigh at leats 160 lbs each. They showed aggression towards one person one time….someone tried to break in my house. Needless to say they didn't get in.

  91. Mike Vick says – reply to this


    I personally trained these dogs. I know they would never kill anyone!

  92. Me says – reply to this


    "Ambullneo Mastiff"…? THERE'S NO SUCH BREED, it's a mutt. No responsible breeder would have, let alone, breed such a thing. These breeds are protective, but stable, in the right hands. In the wrong hands, dangerous. However, crossing them…deadly! You do not mix them, unless you're trying to come up with some psychotic mess. Nice of these P.O.S. breeders and STUPID owners to ruin these dogs. Just hearing about his mutt and purebred choices tells me a lot about this guy…and it's not good!