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Mel B.'s Secret Wedding!

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Mel B. is a married woman!

PerezHilton.com can exclusively reveal that the Spice Girl has married her boyfriend, movie producer Stephen Belafonte.

The pair eloped in Las Vegas on June 6th and have kept the news secret until we just broke the story.

"Mel's tried very hard to keep this under wraps, especially with the paternity case against Eddie [Murphy] and everything going on," a source tells us. "She really values her privacy."

Sources also reveal that Mel has taken steps to protect her children. "Yes, they signed a prenup," we've been told.


Mel also "is aware" of Belafonte's checkered past (including arrests). "They've known each other for seven years and were friends before they were lovers," says our source. "Stephen treats her like a queen and she's incredibly happy."

Well, if she's happy we're happy. Just don't want her to get hurt.

Congrats to the "happy" newlyweds!

Update: Mel is currently under the weather but under the care of a doctor, and - sources tell us - she's hoping to be well enough to appear on Larry King Live Thursday night to talk about her new marriage and about her bitter baby battle with Eddie Murphy.

Get well soon. Real soon!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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136 comments to “Mel B.'s Secret Wedding!”

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  1. hehe says – reply to this


    under the weather????? yeah right, her head is probably spinning from all of this new info about her new hubby. there has got to be some kind of damage control going on right now.

  2. leon says – reply to this


    mel b is a married woman?? when was she a woman firstly?

  3. Mudd says – reply to this


    These women are usually murdered. She's a celeb so she might be spared.

  4. briana says – reply to this


    but the ring is on the wrong finger!

  5. fluffy galore says – reply to this


    she is such a pig with her big plastic tits squeezing out of all her two sizes too small clothes. She has absolutely no class. She obviously just wanted to get knocked up for $ and more fame. Sh is hideous and should be ashamed of herself. Stay at home with your baby you vacuous slag…..

  6. Parte Deux says – reply to this


    She probably bowed out of Larry King because her lawyer advised her against it. I can't help but wonder that since these two have known each other for 7 years, if she was fucking him AND Eddie simultaneously, but used no protection with Eddie to ensure that he was the father. Hmm, maybe this whole thing was a plan between the both of them to scam Eddie out of his money, and then when the settlement finally comes through, he (Belafonte, Jr.) will take Mel B.'s money and run. OMG, it's Wild Things II in black and white. But this time there will be a bigger surprise ending. Stay tuned…

  7. Matt says – reply to this


    This can not be true, if it is then it's her decision, even if it isn't the most correst one.

    Still hoping to see her on Larry King.

  8. Team Mel B says – reply to this


    What's up with getting married in Las Vegas?

  9. angela says – reply to this


    how long have they been seeing each other?

  10. Marianna says – reply to this


    Congratulations ! i wish you guys happy long life , love and lots children!


  11. RJII says – reply to this


    she's broke and taken care of business liek all trash bitches do. Ho needs US money

  12. MIKA says – reply to this



  13. Icaught Piguez says – reply to this


    I'm Piguez but EOnline had the story at 544pm your time. Sorry you weren't first.

  14. momma's lollipops says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? Values her privacy? What about whoring her baby out for a photo shoot with OK (and it's a given she didn't donate the proceeds of that to charity) or taking that poor baby to the Ivy for lunch? She may value her own privacy but doesn't give a SHIT about her kid!

  15. chris from washington dc says – reply to this


    to soon to get maried

  16. Sarine says – reply to this


    Maybe the ring is on the wrong finger cause they can't afford to get it resized yet. Just a thought.
    Ok, so she got married. Who cares. She shouldn't have this soon while trying to get money from a man who fathered one of her children. Trying to keep it "under wraps". For what reason? If it was because she's working on getting child support and doesn't want it to interfere, then.. maybe she shoudln't have done it. Usually things are kept *secret* because they can mess something up, means, you shouldn't have done it.
    MelB, you wanna keep your privacy, then stop having news conferences and talking about everything to everyone. These single mothers out there that you are "standing up for" aren't going to get a penny of anything you get from Eddie. They don't give one care about what you're doing "for them".
    Whatever the reasoning behind talking about "personal businees" with the public is, it honestly doesn't make sense to me.
    But then again, I saw the footage of all the *Spice Girls* together getting ready for their reunion. MelB looked terribly uncomfortable in the very tight outfit she had on and walked rather funny in those high heals. Anyone that thinks that's sexy, ought to have their eyes checked.

  17. marie says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of SPICE Girl DRama: What kind of example is she setting for her daughters?? She needs to get a Real Life…SHe should thought of some of those things. (like sleeping around with no protection…) Just being a Drama Queen..Cmon Eddie Murphy what was she thinking?? DOesnt PAY TO BE IN HOLLYWOOD…All they do is sleep around, marry eachothers EXS..stay in the news…

  18. Pierre says – reply to this


    "Just don’t want her to get hurt."

    AWWWWWWWWWW, PEREZITO. We, spicers, just love ya.

  19. Basen says – reply to this


    wat a sweet couple!

  20. NoElleNo says – reply to this


    DAMN!!! Came here to have Eddie's baby, got married 2 months later…This girl must want a GREEN CARD BAD!!! No offense, but how many 3 month "lust-mantic" stints must she go through before she realizes the real deal with American men? If she's a'givin, they's a takin' and it might not mean a thing? Eddie knew he took a dip in the pool, but he could have donned his rubbers! Poor judgement on both parts!
    Best of luck to this poor silly little British girl. This thing here- I'll give it 6 months. She'll be back across the pond this time next year!

  21. chevans says – reply to this


    Any relation to Harry Belafonte?

  22. EH? says – reply to this


    she's been going out with him, what? two weeks?

  23. Lady Elle says – reply to this


    Ummm. . .could someone please remind Mel B. of what happened to the last "wo"man who tried to defame Eddie Murphy's name. Can you say Shalimar? Mysteriously died shortly after being caught with Eddie and before s/he could spill the beans on what was REALLY about to go down? How YOU doin'? Mel B. needs to watch her back before Eddie puts a hit out on her ass! I hear she is planning to go on Larry King Live. Don't do it girl!!!!! Don't Do it!!

  24. ARCHER says – reply to this



  25. N says – reply to this


    Go to JanetCharleton.com too see what people are saying about Stephen Stansbury (Belafonte)

  26. friend of Mel says – reply to this


    Mel is doing the right thing by speaking up! Eddie is a piece of slime and tried to brush her off after a 6 month… (not 6 WEEK!), "intense" romance!!!! They got tattoos together and ran around like two people in love… They talked about having the baby and planned it! This "SPICE GIRL" has the plenty of money to support this child… its not about the money!!! The point she is making is that this child is the important one. That the child was wanted and created in love! She DOESNT want the baby to grow up thinking her father is a jerk who doesn’t love her! You just don’t do that to people! Men should not be allowed to walk away from their responsibilities as fathers…(Screw the money, what about knowing your child!!!! he should have been a man about this in the first place, then it wouldnt be in the media!

  27. ILZE says – reply to this


    good for her!

  28. jammijam says – reply to this


    First rule!! Never put your dick in anything that Eddie Murphy put his dick in!!!
    Sorry kids, but we need to have standards these days!!!

  29. Reagan says – reply to this


    i am happy to learn that MEL has finally became once again a married woman.

  30. Dorothy says – reply to this


    It's so sweet to see that you care. Even though they've known each other for seven years they started dating when she was pregant (just like Seal and Heidi Klum). Eddie didn't keep his engagement a secret so why keep the marriage a secret. I think she didn't want people to talk her out of it. Anyway, both she and Eddie have partners that they claim to love and i wish her well.

  31. tina says – reply to this


    intersting…but is it true love?

  32. LIZZIE W. says – reply to this


    Poor girl, no, I don't really mean that! She's the one that wanted to drag Eddie's name through the mud with all her bs, and now, she wants PRIVACY!! Give me a break! I'm sure he (Belafonte)does treat her like a queen, because she has all that child support money to take care of them both! Stupid bitch, doesn't even realize that Eddie is her ticket to fame and fortune. But like Justin Timberlake says "what goes around comes around" and this marriage will end up like her first. Really, this guy can't even pay $254 a month child support in LA! By the way, you guys that are saying mean things about Gays, kiss me and Perez's ass! I love Gays! Yall Rock! My Best Friends are Gays and that's no cliche!!

  33. EPIPHANY says – reply to this


    No wonder, the poor boy (Eddie) is a trannychaser! Eeerytime he plays for the "home" team, they stick him with a kid and a lawsuit! Can't really blame the man for chasing a tranny and I'm a mom of 3!

  34. LIZZIE W. says – reply to this


    2 words-TERRY MCMILLIAN! Google her name, if you don't know what I'm talking about!

  35. You Go...You says – reply to this


    #59, That maybe why Stephen and Eddie was attracted to her!

  36. Lovablebutt says – reply to this


    first yea ok but good for her!!!!

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