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Mommy Just Wants To Party

| Filed under: Britney Spears

a16901pcn_britney01.jpg aa16901pcn_britney01.jpg

Ain't no stopping her!

Britney just wants to have a good time. And we love it. We want more.

The trawreck of the year hit up hotspot Winston's in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Does this girl have any fans left???

If so, WHY do you still like Britney??????

We're genuinely curious! To us, she's lost all appeal - besides the fun of watching her life implode before our eyes.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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575 comments to “Mommy Just Wants To Party”

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  1. ark says – reply to this


    Of course I'm still a fan - she will come back better than her "I'm a slave" days.

  2. Annie says – reply to this


    She's just fun to piddle on…like a virtual golden shower

  3. justin says – reply to this


    I still love Britney because i believe she will rise up out of this hot getto mess and return to the stage where she belongs. she still has the ability to break it down like back in the day with a crew of dancers and her headset mic. never say never!

  4. heyyall says – reply to this


    She's disgusting.

  5. dangar says – reply to this


    I'm tired of Britney fans saying that the media, and or K-Fed, is to blame for her being completely crazy. If she didn't like the media attention she would move out of LA and stop going out to clubs everynight. And the media didn't really start "stalking" her until after she went crazy that one weekend and married that Jason Alexander dude for a couple days. What sane person does that??? And she know K-Fed way better than we all do, so if he is such a loser and a terrible guy, then she is the idiot for marrying him…right??

  6. Jesse says – reply to this


    Im still a fan because during my youth I went through alot and her music helped me come outve it stronger–no pun intended.I have nothing but faith in her that she will be back bigger and brighter then ever.

  7. candy says – reply to this


    I LOVE Britney!!!!
    Her wild and crazy life is out of hand, which is sad. Good thing K-Fed is there to be the responsible one to take care of those babies! Who would of thought?! She use to be so hot back in the day and was super successful! One of these days her come back will end up happening! All of her craziness is keeping her in the media until it DOES happen!
    Everyone that says that they hate her and wonders how she has fans….you're totally supporting her! You love to keep up with the media, gossip and pictures to see what she'll do next! Attention is attention doesn't matter how you get it!!

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    .. Atleast she's setting a good example for all young children across the world by wearing her seatbelt.


  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    .. Atleast she's setting a good example for young children all over the world by wearing her seatbelt.


  10. PEREZ says – reply to this


    She keeps us entertained.. what's not to love?

  11. OLIVER! says – reply to this


    I LOVE HER!!! shes so effin amazing and i love to party just as much as she does shes my number 1 queen B

  12. Thatissofetch says – reply to this


    I'm a Britney fan for life! Don't gotta explain myself!

  13. Angie says – reply to this


    People give her a break…she is probably suffering from depression…common she is a single mother of two young kids!

  14. Mom says – reply to this


    If the press would just leave this girl alone, she would fade away from all of our minds and be just a very sad, pitiful memory…but, obviously, for Brit, bad press is press…she knows the photogs are everywhere and she still goes out and gets blasted and continues to flush herself down the media toilet. She is a train wreck and we can't help but watch. It is really so very sad! Brit are you reading these???

  15. Al says – reply to this


    She has no talent. Never did, never will. It caught up with her.

  16. Stace says – reply to this


    Britney is gone. Please have her kids taken away. I used to like her before, but now she has changed for the worst.

  17. corey says – reply to this


    ok where to start. i am a very big britney fan and the way i look at it we all have our bad times in life and we are have our bad days. i also would just like to point out that britney doesnt ever look any better then perez does.

  18. Rehea says – reply to this


    in england we would call this. bloody waste of space.

  19. Stace says – reply to this


    Please get her out of L.A now!

  20. Laina says – reply to this


    i would love to see her pass away

  21. donny says – reply to this


    We like britney because she is crazy good at entertaining people. Your picture is a picture of Britney blinking…do only crazy people blink? Britney may be going through a weird and crazy time, but we still love her as an entertainer and we know that she is still an awesome and interesting person, even if this past year hasn't been one of her best.

  22. mammagreenbuds says – reply to this


    Every pic I see her in she's smoking. Is she going to be ABLE to dance or 'sing' (lol) anymore even if she wanted to??? (or anyone else wanted her to which we do not) She's all done.

  23. Mig says – reply to this


    Oh, being a single mother with 2 young sons and having depression makes her behaviour ok… ??? What planet are we on?? I must be lost!

  24. DeLayne says – reply to this


    Why do you stupid assholes come to this blog if the only thing you have to say is "FIRST" ?
    You must be so fucking boring. Is that the only word you know?

  25. Amy says – reply to this


    A good music producer can make anyone have a good voice…….she has no talent alone.

  26. Natalia says – reply to this


    hey i just want to say that since 1998 i loved britney spears…and was seriously thinking she would make a bigtime comback..but now i ripped all of posters up of her and i think she is the equivalent of Michael Jackson.

  27. Save Britney says – reply to this


    Perez…when I was 13 years old Britney was the center of my existence. I followed her career closely in the following years and fell in love with who I thought she was. She is obviously an amazing entertainer, but the southern girl who made it to the top is what made her so appealing. You could see a little of yourself in this young girl who some how used her talent to make her the voice of a generation. I think she still has that some of this greatness still in her, so I will continue to support her until she proves me wrong.

  28. Mari says – reply to this


    trailier trash enuf said!

  29. Jen says – reply to this


    Britney grew trashy, she's never been anything but trashy. She has never been a classy lady. more power to her for not changing. lol.

  30. truth says – reply to this


    i was at winstons last night, she wasn't bombed or fucked up. it was a bad picture, she sat in a booth with her friends and had a good time.

  31. miss bee says – reply to this


    I was never a big fan but I've always liked watching her videos and performances because she was a great entertainer, she used to be very pretty, she seemed to have natural beauty, even with no make-up…and it's sad to see the way she looks right now…her hair…her face…I just feel sorry for her and I still hope that she will get help and she'll get her career back on track…I just wish she'd start caring about her appearance again!fix her hair and die it BLOND, do some make-up, hire a good stylist…

  32. chanel says – reply to this


    theres nothing to like or look up to shes a good example of wat NOT to do with your life

  33. heyyall says – reply to this


    She looks like she has major body odour. Combine that with the stale cigarette stench… BLECH! She's gross!

  34. Dante says – reply to this


    there were plenty of better pics to put… but you guys put right the one which she`s blinking…
    that`s what I call being biased

  35. Rebs says – reply to this


    She will come back one day!!!!!!! I still belieeeve!

  36. **Star Jennings** says – reply to this


    I LOVE BRITNEY!!!…She doesn't give a fuk…and she shouldn't give a fuk about ANYONE!! Especially the lovely tabloids and the haterz….I especially love how the media is coming together to tear her down. Oh that's great.

    Keep doing what your doing girl. You'll still get paid and people will still want to about you!!..Did you laugh all the way to the bank today?? lolo

    Oops I did it again!!

  37. Lisa says – reply to this


    SHE IS 25! She is NOT an adolescent. You 'fans' need to stop painting a tragic teenager because she is a REAL adult. Any 25 year old knows this! We have bills to pay, lives to lead, and you can NOT behave like she does, especially if you have children. CPS, bill collectors, etc. would be after you! She is in dire need of intervention, and you fans are NOT helping by excusing her every move by saying 'she's going through something' and 'leave her alone and let her focus on family'. She was left alone. She didn't focus on famiy, she focused on partying. She craves the attention. If we left her alone, she may OD just to get back in the papers! She needs to grow up, and you all need to realize that she is a no-talent basic waste of tabloid space.

    Britney, get over yourself and grow up. You'll be 26 in a few months, not 18. GROW UP!

  38. brittany says – reply to this


    britney spears is pretty fucked. i'd like to see her realize what she's doing. how the fuck can this bitch be that blind? does she not see all the terrible press on her, the impression she is giving people, the image for her children and for young girls. she either needs to get it the fuck together, for real & not have ass try. or just give up. it's disgusting.

  39. claire says – reply to this


    i feel sorry for her. alcoholism is a tough disease. especially when your life sucks.

  40. venusian says – reply to this


    i'm just waiting for her hair to grow back…britney…show us your real hair…without the rats nest extensions!

  41. Amy says – reply to this


    Of course I am still going to listen to her music if it is good. I was never a real "fan" of Britney, but I do enjoy her music when in the mood. I actually prefer this Britney more, she is finally admitting to not being "perfect". All stars go through their own ups and downs, they are human too. The thing we have to remember is that Britney is in her early twenties having a good time. The only bad thing is her choosing to have children. Perhaps she is an unfit mother, but can we even say that. The pictures of her that I see are at night, when the children should be asleep. If she is neglecting her kids during the day that is different.
    I don't believe in judging a star on their hard partying, I make my decisions on talent, and the girl has talent when she chooses. She is not the greatest singer, but if she wanted she could be a great performer…again!!

  42. Gloria Christian says – reply to this


    The media has nothing better going on than slamming this girl!! Kfed is a LOSER with Mulatto kids with the other skank,I guess Britney's moola's gonna pay for those brats too!Why don't the media talk about the divorced and single fathers out there partying? It's okay for that slut Pamela Anderson to be out but not okay 4 Britney ?At least her kids aren't with strangers raising them,she's trying!Leave her the F*** alone already!!!

  43. cplusg says – reply to this


    it all started when she met that dang kfed

  44. miss m says – reply to this


    here's the deal i'm so sick of seeing all negitive about brittany!!! how about have the paps that follow britany follow that loser k-fed and lets see what he's up to!! do you ever see him with his other kids (yeah remember he has other kids) of course not because he's a LOSER and is riding the wave of britany. Is britany perfect hell no!!! but having paps folow you 24/7 and nobody is. do you think the post the most attractive photos of her HELL NO thay wont sell. k-feds a loser and he'll never go after the kids because that would ruin his life style. hate to tell ya paople he's out partying just like her, he just don't have all the paps following him.

  45. Gloria says – reply to this


    Leave the the girl the F*** alone!!!Kfed needs to take care of those MUlATTOs he had with the other skank,take about GROSS whats is BETH DITTO???

  46. TO #56 says – reply to this



  47. Abigail says – reply to this


    i love britney for like a ton of reasons. i've loved her since i was six years old..which makes me fifteen. she messes up a lot but like she IS a good person. she donates to charity. and even though she seems to be having mothering troubles doesnt mean she doesnt love her kids. im really hoping she'll get her life in order and make a great comeback.

  48. michelle says – reply to this


    pamela anderson's kids are like 12 and 13 years old, not 2 and 1. And you have never seen her make "mistakes" with her kids like little Brit-brit does……..Have you?! I can't wait until the day Kevin is givin' full custody of the kids. And then Britney will really make a bigger dumbass out of herself.

  49. Jaime says – reply to this


    Shes young, she should be left the fuck alone! Haven't u seen her film clips, this will all end in her death soon enough for some silly reason! She's just being hated on because she has kids at home, and in todays society normal mums arnt going out and looking as trashy as her. She needs a new man to bring her head out of the clouds. Get well britney.

  50. vegas says – reply to this


    she's interesting and she gives you ppl something to write about. YOU would be boring without britney….you'd find someone else to exploit so i don't know what you're complaining about. britney can do her thing and she obviously doesn't care what people like you think! so let her ruin her career or make a comeback. either way bitches will talk!

  51. angelica says – reply to this


    team britney!!!!!!!!! i frigen love her!!! i dont think she can go any lower than right now so im waiiiiiiiiting for her to get her act together!!! she can do it..

  52. ANG says – reply to this


    I am so over this disgusting biatch!! I would be absolutley surprised if she really did have any fans left and like you said if so then omg WHY??!! She has ruined her career and as for a comeback….yeah freaking right!! She is too screwed up to get her shit together.

  53. Samantha says – reply to this


    Whoever said this girl has musical talent needs to be shot in the face. She's nasally and the only reason it sold records is cause they did so much studio work it covered up her bad voice. Her sex appeal got her to the top, let's be honest!! But now that's gone as well as her dignity…and I agree with the whole loving to watch her life implode before our eyes. :)

  54. Dan says – reply to this


    I think Perez is so ridicoulously biased. He puts up a pic of her almost blinking and of course it makes her look out of it. I saw other pics that same night and she looked GREAT. I don't know why all this negativity has been around Britney lately I guess bc of the failed OK interview but I think she's just not ready to talk about all the painful things that have happened to her in the last year. She may act out but she really is a good person and that's why I'm a fan. I think she just wants to escape from all the pressure and everything she does is just soo blown out of proportion. If we think about it a lot of us have had crazy parties or got wild on Turth or Dare the difference is there isn't millions of people there to judge us. You can see she LOVES her kids soo much and I honestly don't know how she is at parenting but I do see the love she has for them. I do still think she will have a comeback and after Firing that whore assistant Shannon Funk I think shes slowly getting things back together. I LOVE Britney and am still a fan!

  55. ashlee says – reply to this



  56. Dr. Dick says – reply to this


    To answer your question Perez–yes, she does have fans left but they are all under 12 and are extremely stupid. Could you please block their IP addresses and keep them off this site. Reading posts defending this hillbilly has-been is not amusing anymore. Jesus she looks wasted in this picture. I hope Kevin has the kids. By the way tweenies, hater is not a word (see Websters collegiate dictionary). Go back to watching Teletubbies.

  57. scarlett says – reply to this


    Josephine Public would have had Child and Family Services in Canada would have swooped in and taken those children by now, no matter who she thinks she is. And yes, it is all about what she thinks in her own mind ’cause nobody on earth cares about Brit anymore.

  58. KAB says – reply to this


    She use to be so cute I use to adore her…now I think she looks terrible and is not a good mother. Its all over for her. She has ruined her career.

  59. Papaya says – reply to this


    What happened to her manicure? The middle finger is completely void of color.

  60. Shae says – reply to this


    She's just killing herself. I hope this girl gets her act together before it's too late. Smdh.

  61. smazz says – reply to this


    I'm a HUGE fan because she's so talented at being CRAZY…..love that mess!

  62. Jenny says – reply to this


    she needs to beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. barbara says – reply to this


    idk how ppl can still love her. its crazy because i used to idolize her. she was awesome and even if you insulted her and made fun of her fans, deep down you know you were still addicted to her songs.
    and now shes a complete mess. maybe if she wasnt a mother, i would still have some hope, but this bitch is HORRIBLE. im sorry but i just dont pity a mother who abandons her kids to get wasted 5 times a week.

  64. marissa says – reply to this


    seriously all of you are damn fools for still liking this stupid hoe….she cant do anything right…if you are a fan of britney, then you are a dumb ass for liking a fugly slut!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ale says – reply to this


    Why so much pressure on her!!!!!!!!! let live her life! she stopped two years for pregnancy and a wrong love….. why not?! stop trshing other people and look at your perfect life! ( and is not for britney, is for freedom! open your mind not always your mouth!!!!!!!!!1)

  66. jess says – reply to this


    britney leave the COUNTRY!!! perez stop piking on her.

  67. Lucy says – reply to this


    She's going to regret all the time she missed with her boys. It's sad for them because these are their formative years.

  68. AGAINST PEREZ says – reply to this






  69. megi says – reply to this


    i love her because she looks like such shit in her designer clothes and makeup that it makes me in my pajamas at 4pm look good :)

  70. myspace.com/partylikeananimal says – reply to this


    sigh… who wants to party with her? she is all saggy and drugged up…. if she's smart and was thinking …. she should never hook up with her baby's pa pa…

    career is over…

  71. Julia says – reply to this


    I'd like to yank you by the hair and slap some sense into you, but you don't have any hair. GROW UP!

  72. ms vixyn says – reply to this


    I totally agree Perez! And I used to be the biggest Brit Brit fan but she started to loose me around kfed- I started to see the storm- I think she knows she messed up but wont change and thats just not cool. bottomline- how can u support someone who doesnt support herself? So now each day I wonder what life is like on the crazy britney train.

  73. mexicano says – reply to this


    Look, A texan girl had to take 2 spaces to complete a sentence!

  74. sarah says – reply to this


    UGH I MISS BRITNEY. RIP. What happened to her old songs? I almost cry when I hear Sometimes or Born to Make You Happy. It's so upsetting. BRITNEY COME BACK. I think she's beyond a come back at this point though. : (

  75. Jasmine says – reply to this


    ok…..britney is just living the life that she should have lived when she was younger. first of all, she should'nt have been going around saying that she was a virgin and all that crap and trying to be all innocent. its funny how people gave christina a alot of crap of her"bad girl image."afterall, its all a phase. britney just tried to be all perfect and now shes crashing down. i pray to god k-fed gets those kids.britney is just trash anyways.

  76. duh says – reply to this


    She is so rolling.

  77. jimmy says – reply to this


    britney 4ever

  78. andie says – reply to this


    never lked her…wondering if she can blow thru all that cash…and could she please stop biting those nails! GROSS!!!

  79. sniff it bitch says – reply to this


    she looks like that guy from guns and roses…so scary :0

  80. moi says – reply to this


    Ok….Get a clue! Child Protective Services does NOT take kids away because Mom parties. Morons. Get a life.

  81. Wacky says – reply to this


    I love Britney becasue she is a total mess and she leaves her house looking so ridiculous. She seems so normal, too. Like she just had a divorce, so most people go on benders after that until they settle down. I am rooting for her, until she hurts her kids. Everything else is just entertainment.

  82. ASHLEY says – reply to this


    Diz bITCH has got to learn she has to change sooner than eva she has to make sum drastic change if she still wants her title back bcuz as for me I use 2 like her songs but now it has become more of a TrainReck She has gotten so low Diz bitch should have stayed wit Justin Timberlake her life would have way better i bet u dat.

  83. Crazy Girl says – reply to this


    Comment from #5 - What are you smoking? Her voice sucks…

  84. 4sknfan says – reply to this


    ALL of her mu$is sucked(mu$uc) 1 bad bomb of a movie(that i know of) a 1st marriage that would last a lunchtime, one sucessfully cancelled reality tv show, a talented lyp-syncer in her day….gave the world K fed…did i forget anything?

  85. Jessica says – reply to this


    we all have rough patches
    I'm still hoping for a comeback!

  86. Hash says – reply to this


    That Hair!
    It's hideous!
    This girls got more than just her trax slippin…

  87. sandra says – reply to this


    I kept hoping that Brit would 'redeem' herself cos I really felt for her. (i.e. screwing up, time after time, in the public eye.. nobody's perfect) HOWEVER, I am sick of hearing about 'comebacks' and 're-inventions' and her apparent lack of getting her life together. It just keeps draggin on and on!!! OVER IT!! Never liked K-Fed, but like everyone else, I find myself looking at him as the better parent these days. Whether he is toning down his life for custody potential reasons or not, at least he is showing that he is CAPABLE of doing it for longer than a passing moment. P.S. Jayden always looks unhappy & stressed! Britney if you are reading this - please - DO SOMETHING that shows you have strength and potential, cos you are nearing the 'washed up' stage where people get tired of rootin' for ya. Take some time out from partying at nightclubs, they aren't going anywhere.. spend time in peaceful locations with your boys & get to know them.. and show the world that we are wrong about you. Otherwise, your millions may not be coming in for much longer, and that will stress you out even more.

  88. Ashley says – reply to this


    There are those of us who are roughly the same age at Britney, who remember the first time we heard "Hit Me Baby (One More time)" and thought it was awesome. We watched her try to balance her roots, her upbringing, morals, love, music and celebrity. We watched her lose her first love. Like Justin, some of us still want to see her win.

  89. kay rock says – reply to this


    I personally am obsessed…I don't know if it is the hopes that maybe she'll pull her sorry self up or watching her explode into the trenches right before our very eyes.

  90. Britt Fan says – reply to this


    I love Britt. I know she'll make it through this period. I do think she is a great entertainer. I hope she finds her way back to her sons soon though, she's breakin my heart. Maybe , Angelina and Brad can adopt them.

  91. DE says – reply to this


    You know I have never really understood the appeal of this girl, and now I can't fathom WHY the media is so hungry for every move she makes. She is selfish and irresponsible.. It seems like she wanted babies because it was "cute" and now that they are becoming little people the fun is wearing off, Which is so sad for them. They deserve a parent who doesn't just drop them with a nanny and go party. Drawing a case for them being endangered would be really difficult. Emotionally ignored is another case, and the damage that does won't show up for some years. Having said all of that. I am saddened that someone like you Perez would find this "fun" The "fun" of watching her life emplode before our eyes… I don't think it is fun at all to watch someones life crumble… what do YOU gain from that, superiority??…. how sad. I hope someone buys her a clue and forces her to get the help she needs to turn it around. And I hope to hell Perez that you never have a change in status…. because how quickly do you think folks would lose all compassion for you???

  92. Ally says – reply to this


    i love her because she is such a mess a celeb role model of what not to do :) she is such a HOT MESS id see her in concert anfd buy her new album even if it did suck!

  93. MthrFckrrrr says – reply to this


    Great voice my ass. You've got to be kidding me if you think this bitch can sing. She can't even hit a fucking high note. She only had a career because her wack ass songs were catchy. That's about it. Somebody take the kids from this bitch already!

  94. vanessaRaCHELlE says – reply to this


    yes !! i have been i fan forever!! i have always backed her up if everyone started talking bout how bad she has been !!..trust me i would feel so bad for her i thought people just needed to leave her alone!!…but damn i'm sure even the most devoted fans of hers are starting to turn the other way!! she is so far gone..who dresses like that!! with all that money and she looks like shit!i dont have much money but even in the lil chinc fashion stores they dont sell the shit she wears..where the hell are these types of cloths comong from!!… i wonder some times "is she for real?" it seems like everyone talks shit about her so she is going along with it.. like.."they say i'm a trashy whore..so here i am looking trashy!!" i am really hoping that is it… she is just giving the media what they want.. but reALLY WE ARE ALL STILL ROUTING FOR HER!!!! GET BETTER!!! everyone was so happy and on her side when she first split… i know if she cleaned up her act she could still be a success…

  95. Nicky says – reply to this


    come on… do u really look good when ur mid-blink? get off of it, the woman's having a hard time in her life and the press is doing a damn good job of making it harder.

  96. laura says – reply to this


    Does she even have a clue that the media is all over her childish behavior? Lindsay Lohan must be breathing a sign of relief - monkey's off MY back.

  97. natasha says – reply to this


    ummm she doesnt really sing sooo whats left to like about her except that we have the fun of watching her fall apart which isnt really a good thing

  98. never thought id say this but leave her alone... says – reply to this


    i was never a fan of her, but now, i do feel bad for her..
    the media will just build you up and tear you down.
    EVERYONE of us has bad pictures like that, i'm sure!
    there are pictures of me where i'm 100% sober, but i look wasted too.
    i'm not saying that she doesn't have problems, but it's not fair to put her under such a microscope.

  99. Lauren says – reply to this


    I don't like her as much as I am amused by her. She's officially reached the point of permanent fuck up!

  100. Tikkicakes says – reply to this


    Why is she wearing a wedding ring? She is soo fat neck nasty! She needs a good washing!

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