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Mommy Just Wants To Party

| Filed under: Britney Spears

a16901pcn_britney01.jpg aa16901pcn_britney01.jpg

Ain't no stopping her!

Britney just wants to have a good time. And we love it. We want more.

The trawreck of the year hit up hotspot Winston's in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Does this girl have any fans left???

If so, WHY do you still like Britney??????

We're genuinely curious! To us, she's lost all appeal - besides the fun of watching her life implode before our eyes.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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575 comments to “Mommy Just Wants To Party”

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  1. Tat says – reply to this


    she is very lost and needs some help

  2. me says – reply to this


    I was never really a fan until she shaved her head. That shit was punk rock!!! But alas, everyone who was freaking out over how that was a sign she was spinning out of control was right…She started wearing those stupid wigs…she does need help. I really feel for her. I think having two kids in two years, and by a man who didn't really even know her and took her money, just fucked her up beyond belief. I wish she would just take account of her life…I wish her all the best.

  3. sukin says – reply to this


    ive only like her since the trainwreck happend, its so amazing to watch!

  4. Nat says – reply to this


    Well im sure you would be pretty fricking stressed out if you had cameras following you around all day! and plus the fact that like 4/5 times you look horrible walking down the street and britney has that right.. they just choose the bad pics of her instead of the good ones!

  5. jenn from nc says – reply to this


    she just makes me sick…she is so nasty….if anyone is still a fan of hers….whats wrong with you? she cant sing, she isnt pretty, she is a terrible mom…she is on her way to another huge meltdown…what will be next? attemted suicide? she needs serious mental help before she kills herself!

  6. Amanda says – reply to this


    damn…hire a stylist already.

  7. Jen says – reply to this


    Does anyone else wonder why the hell she still wears her wedding ring? She has it on in almost every pic of her lately.

  8. Yuna says – reply to this


    "cuz she’s still got a nice voice… she’s talented musically."

    I hope you were kidding…

  9. BritRocksMySocks says – reply to this


    We love her because she is "REAL" and her "Human" Qualities show. She's just like you and me, and makes mistakes like everyone else. She doesn't try to hide, or put on a fake face, she is who she is whether you like it or not. She's Britney Spears and She'll be BACK.

  10. john says – reply to this


    still love her…with all the paps pics to choose from it's funny how u guys always put the worst ones up…guess she must have pissed u off sometime back…even though i read ur blogs i know u scew them to suit YOUR needs not the REAL picture of whats going on….i have yet to see ONE picture of perezers looking remotely attractive and he posts his pics himself…lol

  11. jenni says – reply to this


    what was her last hit anyway? I just feel bad for her
    mom & kids @ this point!!

  12. kaycee from louisiana says – reply to this


    oh puh-lease. she makes louisiana look bad. brit needs to get a life, take care of her kids, & get off the drugs and booze. not to mention, grow UP!

  13. additionally says – reply to this


    is anyone else tired of those damn head wraps, hats and weave? just flaunt the short hair. its got to have grown out some by now [unless all the partying killed the cells that MAKE hair]! i mean, geez. it looks absolutely terrible!

  14. Julie says – reply to this


    I used to think it was funny reading about Britney and how screwed up she was. Now I dont think its funny at all. Here is this person who has every move recorded or photographed. Most of the people in her life just use her or sell her out. No wonder she is over the edge. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. And all this bashing her isnt helping. I definatly think Kevin should get the kids but how is it fun watching someone life emplode around you? Are you really that pathetic that gives you pleasure to watch someone elses pain? I used to be a faithful reader of this site but now I'm not so sure.

  15. jeffalicious says – reply to this



  16. Brit is FUCKED UP! says – reply to this


    Time for another stint in rehab. She looks awful–bloated face, borderline fat. She won't have a shot in hell at getting her figure or looks back if she keeps this shit up. GET IT TOGETHER BRIT! I'm getting sick of your deteriorating ass. You have kids that depend on you STUPID BITCH. You don't have time to have a nervous breakdown. Somebody help this stupid cunt–her Mother needs to intervene.

  17. Leo32 says – reply to this


    I am scared for her right now but see that she has a good heart, wounded but good, and hope she will have a wake up call that doesn't result in serious injury or death (hers or anyone elses) - soon - before we get the news that she's dead.
    Kevin should take custody. By all accounts he's a good dad, yes he smokes and does pot but is mellow, easygoing, etc. and loves his kids in a consistent way. Get those boys outta her house. She has zero good judgement about her hangners on and who knows the quality of care they are receiving!
    the whole thing is just sad.

  18. jessica says – reply to this


    she looks like BOY George,, definitely a seperated at birth photo moment

  19. Murr says – reply to this


    She's giving us what we want (to see her crash and burn) at the expense of her kids. Man they're gonna be so fucked up! Which should be awesome in about 17 years!

  20. Mia says – reply to this


    #210 - looneymom said: What is wrong with the child welfare system in the US? ANSWER: Britney has/had money so she gets a lot more leeway then we poor, hardworking folk. Also, this bitch isn't blinking, she's FUCKED UP!

  21. lalane says – reply to this


    kiss those poor babies buhbye, brit

  22. cristina says – reply to this


    i'm not really a fan of britney & i LOVE that she is just spiraling down in her personal life. But you've gotta agree the girl's got talent. She's not a talented singer but a really talented performer. she know's how to keep people watching, on stage or off. Since she hasn't been performing onstage for awhile, i think she feels the only way she can get attention is through her personal life, which is sad but true.

  23. fluffy galore says – reply to this


    looks like slash's fat bloated illegal maid……

  24. Breanne says – reply to this


    Ok Perez…I seriously love your website and go to it about 2 times per day, but you gotta lay off Britney. Think about it………She grew up in the spotlight as a young kid, she had people around her for years that kissed her ass, she married when she was young and it didn't work out, she has TONSSSSS of media in her face, AND she's had 2 kids in the past 2 years or so. Damn….that's a lot of shit to go through, and to go through it WELL and HEALTHY is another thing! Give her a break and STOP playing off the damn negative publicity that's around!!!!!!!!!

  25. tina says – reply to this


    i want to know why evryone thinks k-fag is so fucking great??????? he left the mother of his other child when she was 8 months PREGNANT so he could be with britney, WHY? money of course, she was his ticket to the good life , how the hell do you think he pays child support now, WITH BRITNEYS MONEY!!!!!!! ok so she likes to go out, doues she take the kids to the bar with her???? is she seen out late at nite with them? no she isnt ooooh big deal she was holding jayden while she had her ciggarets in her hand, well guess what i do the same thing,doues that make me a bad mother? no it doesnt,you know if people would just leave her alone she might get her life together, and another thing who cares if she gives her kids pop, my dr says diet pop is ok for them in moderationas are snacks and junk food type things, its no ones buisness what she feeds her kids ,as long as they are being fed, and why is everyone bashing her comeback? hell if mariah, elvis,johhny cash,and robret downy jr can crash and burn and come back even bigger and better why the hell cant she???? i for one am rooting for her,i hope she has a huge comeback and gets to tell everyone who treated her like shit while she was down to KISS HER ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets give her a break, shes young and single and trying to live the best life she can,she needs support not bashing.im by the way im 37 and have 4 kids and i still go out on the weekend and party with my friends and guess what my kids are fine!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ohio says – reply to this


    Omg…let the girl live her life..

  27. tina says – reply to this


    ok, after reading some of the coments here i want to say a lot of you are a bunch of fucking hypicrits, wher is it written that you can only go out on certain nights??? being a mother and all, ore mothers only allowed to go out on saturday nights or friday , ive gone out on a week night, doed that make me a bad mother? what if i as a mother can only get out one day a week and i choose to do that on say a thursday,weather i go to a movie, a club or a bar why the hell does it matter what fucking night it is, ill bet there is not one single person on here who can say they have NEVER gone out during the week, and if they do well all i can say is your a liar!!!!!!!!

  28. Wes says – reply to this


    There is a war goin on In Iraq..and this is what We spend our energy on….

  29. tina says – reply to this


    and dont go making any nasty ass coments on my spelling, i have a peice of shit keyboard and some of my keys stick!!!!!!!!!

  30. Katie says – reply to this


    i love how people say "who cares?" then rant for 20 minutes…they have obviously been thinking about it. she just needs some support right now. how would you feel if you had paparazzi around you 24/7 and the whole world against you, waiting for you to fail? its a lot of pressure….she will come around. just get off her back.

  31. dowde says – reply to this


    For those who are still backing her musical "talent"…how? Why? A shot of Wild Turkey and I'll sing cadenzas around her ass (I'm an instrumentalist). It's sickening for those of us with a music degree to see this piece of shit still being photographed!! Thank God for Miss Madonna!!

  32. Ugh says – reply to this


    Never been a fan, never will be. She's always been a mess, and her music has never exactly been classy or classic.

  33. rle says – reply to this


    This girl aint got no good singing voice!!!! its called STUDIO. for those who think she has a "good" singing voice why does she always lip sync when she performs???because the bitch know she cant sing!!!!

  34. natasha says – reply to this


    i love britney
    im a hige fan.
    just coz shes doing things a little differently i mean. she didnt really get the chance to the whole rebelling thing when she was a teenager did she i mean anyone who was brainwashed into thinking sex before marrige was a bad thing was bound to go off the rails sumtime.

    i just think that she needs to be naughty.
    everyone does

  35. octobersgift says – reply to this


    Poor Brittney is the new Whitney !!

  36. droplet says – reply to this


    The female Tom Sizemore

  37. Tan says – reply to this


    We love Britney because she is keeping it real. She does what she want's when she want's. She doesn't have to look perfect for ever picture, she doesn't have to be some skinny girl who always does the right thing. She lives her life despite our(the paparazzi's) interference!

    Plus she makes awesome music.

    Love you Brit x

  38. To moi says – reply to this


    #385, they DO take away your kids if mommy parties — that is, if she's POOR and parties. $ makes all the difference.

  39. zander says – reply to this


    i want more of britneys' good time too!

    more!!!, more!!!, more!!! her kids are good looking. they remind me of my own if i had any childrens… they they look like me when i was that age too… britney and paris are at an age i remember well in my mid-twenties when the terror of actually being a grownup in a grownup world was looming and i had great fear of what my role would be in that world. i stayed in school, became a computer scientist. at 40 i still wonder what my role is in this world besides a kind of temporal damper. it has been a long 16 years…



  40. mette says – reply to this


    No i dont like her , but i read all of this because i hope one day that someone will take those kids away for awhile ..she needs to be real.. cmon this is not how a mother should act!!! I really hope Kevin or Lynn will do something soon . I really feel sorry for the kids …could you imagine having a mother like that. Theres nothing wrong going out , but you dont see madonna like that or angelina jolie . Shes always a drama queen TAKE care of your kids woman

  41. Divalicious says – reply to this


    A LOW point in her career? You people are more delusional than Britney! A "low point" is like when Mariah Carey fainted and claimed "exhaustion" for a week in the hospital…or when Elton John tried to be straight and married a woman.

    Britney landed permanately on the crazy-train years ago! Not one bad outfit, but hundreds. Not one crazy interview, but countless. Not one divorce, but two before 25! Not one drunken night out, but thousands! She's a white-trash poster girl for failure.


    SAY GOODBYE TO IT ALREADY. I'm so embarrassed for her I could just die. That poor family.

    All I care about is how this NONSENSE distracts from real USA failures like the war.

    And Brit could never sing. It was all enhanced. Her body looks like shit. She shaved her head like a psycho and can't speak proper English. Let's prented she was imported from some tiny unknown crazy city & country: Iceberg Lettuce, Iceland

  42. barbara says – reply to this


    #433 Tina. No youre not a bad mother for being out on a weekday. But look at Britney. Its EVERY SINGLE DAY. And she has obvious psychological problems.

    I would hate to see a mom have her kids taken away, but this girl needs help before her children are permanently damaged.

  43. LoCharley says – reply to this


    Can you put dates on each article you post? Just so the media knows the pic's aren't from a month ago…. Just a thought.

  44. Daniel says – reply to this


    Maaaan, can't she just drop dead allready. We all KNOW its gonna happen! She fires her driver of some shit and goes off a cliff with a bag of coke in her lap and a bottle in her hand.


  45. sterling says – reply to this


    I'd still bang her.

  46. Lo says – reply to this


    She is just, embarrassing!! And, its unreal how she just keeps on diggin herself into…."bleh".
    I mean, when someone usually acts out (celebrity or not), the embarressment and realism of it straightens one out.
    NOT HER!!!
    SHE IS JUST BEYOND IDIOT NOW. It's more like a Circus act or a train wreck…we must look- cuz we can't keep our eyes off the mess!!!
    Pathetic…..totally pathetic. Get some dignity, just a smidge (at least)…PALEASE!

  47. Shay says – reply to this


    I don't think any of the negativity towards her is hatin' or enjoying seeing someone fall. For one she is a horrible person and her behavior towards other people is appaling to say the least and when you $hit on people then you get $hit on….and her karma happens to be a career ending $hit fest which she created! Second, she CANNOT sing and has no talent and as far as being a performer…er um you can teach a dog to dance if you bring in the right trainers! She was just a marketing brand and with no talent you have no longevity ie. no comeback, no reviving your career….and with nothing to fall back on she is grasping at straws right now because she needs the media attention and the spotlight to even stay relevant. Spare us all and pluuuuleeese hang it up brit! Nuff said!

  48. beca says – reply to this


    of course I still luv brit! her songs are great, and when the new cd comes out, I am sure it will be great! she is a great dancer too!

  49. Kat says – reply to this


    The best thing she could do right now is take a year out of her career (which shouldn't pose too many problems!!!) and concentrate on trying to be a good mother. One day her boys will see all these pictures and read the bad press about her and they'll resent her for it, big time. Not everyone can be a great parent but for someone who wanted babies so badly she doesn't even seem to be trying.

  50. Gee says – reply to this


    NO we do NOT love it and NO we don't want more…

  51. BRITNEY, YOU'RE LAME. GET HELP says – reply to this


    If any run of the mill welfare mother were running around partying and neglecting her kids all of you would be screaming but because this person known as Britney is in the media suddenly her behavior becomes something to sympathize with. Why no sympathy for welfare mothers struggling to support their kids with no child support? Britney has money and choices yet she chooses to act like trash so why does she deserve sympathy? If she didn't want kids then why wasn't she on BIRTH CONTROL? And if she has depression/drug problems why won't she get HELP? There are women with problems who WANT help but cannot afford it. Give your sympathy to people who really deserve it.

  52. shutterbug says – reply to this


    her music was ok, last millenium. but now she's just a sad mess. who's looking out for those poor kids.

  53. Billy says – reply to this


    never liked her and never liked her music. now that she's an adult with kids i'm really concerned for her sanity and the kids' safety.

  54. ANnie says – reply to this


    Well - everyone loves a comeback and we want to hope that she can do that …

  55. Wheeler says – reply to this


    Plain and simple half the reason she continues to get worse and worse is because of the people who continue offering her "support" despite the fact she is acting like an ass. She never hits rock bottom and never has incentive to change because she always can say to herself that at least her "true" fans are standing by her, think her antics are normal and/or cute, blow her up saying that they love her to pieces no matter what. The best favor the world could do for Britney is to truly ignore her.

    While berating her certainly is fun, it is obviously a mean thing to do when someone is down and out but I think praising her and acting like her behavior is excusable or acceptable is even worse than berating her. I for one think that trashy Britney IS the real Britney– the glimmer of hotness and talent we saw years and years and YEARS ago was a manufactured product and never the "real her". I really hope that she can find an all together new Britney as a strong, stable, happy adult– but it certainly won't be her "fans" and their enabling that help her to make a change.

    Start a revolution– IGNORE BRITNEY

    I'm starting riiiiight… now.

  56. Rachel says – reply to this


    She is just a human waste of life. See how drugs and drinking just take over your life. They become more important to you then your own flesh and blood.
    I think that any judge in thier right mind should not award custody to this so called MOM. When she is out partying all night where are kids??? When she comes home wasted, and wants to sleep off a night of partying, who is there in the morning to take care of her children???? God Help her and her kids.
    Money is the root of all EVIL……………

  57. ory says – reply to this


    Im still her number one fan..im still so into her..she has beautiful kids and can handle everything.. a lot more than people thinks.. the media are hard with her but dont believe everything u read.. sometimes she goes party and maybe make out with some guys but I dont see nothing wrong since she is single! i'M LOOKING FORWARD HER COME BACK AND ALL HER FANS KNOW THE ALBUM WILL BE AMAZING!!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS!

  58. Arctic1 says – reply to this


    She looks a little like Elvis in his bloated, boozed and drug fueled last days.

  59. monamona says – reply to this


    she lookslike she is dressed for halloween, what do you expect she is not talented, and she obviously isn't looking for a come back

  60. **Chrissie** says – reply to this


    Please, she is a lost cause and does not deserve those kids..i feel sorry for them the most!!!

    She needs to wake up to herself

  61. rara says – reply to this


    because she could care less what people think and say about her.

  62. princess pop says – reply to this


    I loved Britney before and it hasen't stopped now!…although I do admit that she is a bit of a train wreck. When Kevin Federline is lookin like the prime parent there is a problem.

  63. Jimmy says – reply to this


    I still love Britney because I don't think we're seeing the real her with her recent bad behavior. It's like something is broken inside her. I think she's dealing with some kind of mental illness right now. I can't understand why no one around her seems to be able to get her to get the help she obviously needs. I honestly don't think this is as much about illegal drugs and drinking as it is about a need to be hospitalized for a little while. I'm scared to death that we're going to turn on the news one day and find that Britney is dead of a suicide or drug overdose. This poor girl has been tormented by the press for so long that she's lost all sense of reality. Also, it doesn't help that all her "friends" and family want to do is bleed her for as much publicity as they can get. Unlike Paris and Lindsay, I believe there is still hope for Britney to rise above all this. Underneath it all there was a great entertainer inside her. It would be a shame to watch that part of her die.

  64. Krissy says – reply to this


    We all go out. We all party.

  65. del sol says – reply to this


    i'm so tired of all of these drama-queen-train-wrecks that are tearing up hollywood. i wish they would all just stop it. be freaking normal! and if they don't want to be normal, i wish there was a way to perminantly black list them and boot them out of hollywood. they're just ungrateful washed up druggie loosers, and i won't spend a penny to listen to them or watch them. bums off the street have more class then these loosers.

    and to 'brit-brit' = "TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS WHORE!!!!!!"

  66. babaloo says – reply to this


    ok. britney is a stupid bitch. she has two kids and she doesnt take care of them. all she does is try and get attention. STOP FUCKING UP YOUR LIFE

  67. Ck says – reply to this


    you know, i was pulling for her to get better for a while so kfed wouldnt get the kids now she is just asking for people to hate her with the way she is acting

  68. Molly says – reply to this


    Did anyone ever think that mabey she want's to be fanless?

  69. Courtney says – reply to this


    Britnes just needs to resign from life….and she can't sing for shit….and she'll never get the body she had back…esp if she keeps being trashed all the time…

  70. kitty says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her. She is so Bi Polar. Her family is a piece of shit.

  71. Courtney says – reply to this


    Britney just needs to resign from life….and she can't sing for shit….and she'll never get the body she had back…esp if she keeps being trashed all the time…

  72. Junkie says – reply to this


    She has COKEHEAD written of OVER her face.

  73. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    she's like the ex that I hate but just can't quite get over. I'm not a fan anymore, but I'm still rooting for her to get better.

  74. Baldwins anger mgmt. mentor says – reply to this


    I thought she was a joke when she first came onto the pop scene. I blame her ambitious stage mother for this. Her own kids will need intensive therapy but their general well being will be better off with KFed. I predict at this rate she will try to commit suicide thru drug overdose before this year is out. Hope I'm wrong though. She's definatly a mental case.

  75. Ali says – reply to this


    haha i never thought I'd say this. but give K-fed the kids already.
    she's talentless and now that her career is down the toilet she just acts like a complete moron in public

  76. ryry says – reply to this


    I LOVE Britney! She is fantastic, a great entertainer, and I believe this all part of some sick-twisted marketing ploy! That bitch is gonna be back better than ever and I can't wait! Oh and I am sure she is an awesome mother to her kids! No one seems to be watching Fed-Ex's moves…so how do we know he's being a good parent!? Plus, he left his pregnant wife for Britney! I mean really!?

  77. jules says – reply to this


    4 words: slave for you video


  78. kay says – reply to this


    i have never been a fan of her, but what she is only like.. 24 or something? she is still so young and yea she makes an ass of herself often but everyone does at that age

  79. andie says – reply to this


    puff puff give motha fucka

  80. chelsea says – reply to this


    she's just done everything in her life so fast. she's only 25 and she has already had multiple hit albums, been married, had two kids, and been divorced. not to mention shaved her head. it's a shame that she has the world constantly criticizing her every move, but she is just completely out of control. the stuff she is doing wouldn't be half as bad if it were't for the fact that she has two kids. i'm still hoping that this is just a rough time for her and that she will eventually pull it back together. i think alot of people want to see her get her life back on track.

  81. BRANDON LONDON says – reply to this



  82. kstens says – reply to this


    This girl NEVER had any talent
    Her "fans" were thirteen year old girls into bubblegum music
    MTV turned her into a "sex symbol"
    She's an idiot without brains!
    Married some guy who would pay attention to her
    Had two kids because she needed "someone to love her"
    the guy is sick of her so she no longer wants the kids
    she'ed rather have a dog she can dump when she's sick of it
    Is another kid star on drugs
    End of story

  83. ang says – reply to this


    because she is britney and she has talent afterall she captured the world by the time she was like 17. her life just isnt together and she probably doesnt know how to deal with disappointment after disappointment. I still think when/if her new album comes out its gonna sell because whether people love her or hate her everyone seems to buy her music or read about her. I think she should stay home and parties wont solve anything besides bring her more trouble. She just needs i dont know a friend i guess lol someone to tell her she is wrong but then wont go tell all the magazines everything that is wrong in her life because no one wants to read the good.

  84. LAINE says – reply to this


    I love watching this. I shuoldn't admit it, but what a guilty pleasure. The hoe-train has come full circle. It's like watching a bad car-wreck—you shouldn't but you just can't NOT watch lol.

  85. anthony says – reply to this


    lol why is she a mess agian?
    becasue perez says so?

    if you actually looked at a picture where her eyes arnt half closed you would see she really is looking good again…

  86. nicole richie says – reply to this


    oh lord, this is whats gonna happen, i'm calling it, k-fed will get those poor lil babies and yes she will kill herself, she's killing herself rt now just slowly!!! and excuse me but if ANY of us were acting this way those kids would be gone, makes me so freakin' mad , these train wreck celebs are sadly fun to watch crash and burn!!!!!

  87. Camelle says – reply to this


    I don't know what it is but it's just like your 2nd cousin at at family reunion that you know is a fuck up but she's still the life of the party. Family reunions would not be the same without her nor would the world!

  88. Ness says – reply to this


    I'm just waiting for her snap outta this….. Maybe… I hope. I miss sexy Britney

  89. Lauren says – reply to this


    I still LOVE Britney.
    step off her grill.
    Everyone goes through hard times, cut her a break.
    I think she is a gorgeous lady.
    and a BAMF.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise can keep their opinion to themself.
    "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all."

  90. christine says – reply to this


    This bitch is a total WHORE…..I have an 11 yr old who thinks she is totally NASTY

  91. liveintpa says – reply to this


    she hasn't been hot since she was 16 yrs old

  92. ... says – reply to this



  93. Pascal says – reply to this


    I LOVE BRITNEY! I cant wait for her to put out her comeback CD. Although she does do some stupid stuff and doesnt seem the care much, deep down I am always routing for her to do better and get back on her feet. SHE CAN DO IT!! :)

  94. alli says – reply to this


    Does she ever stay home with her kids? Or work? Or look in the mirror?

  95. brann says – reply to this


    I love her! She isn't as bad of a mom as people are trying to say. Every single mom has her moments of going out with out her children and having a good time. She should be able to do what she wants when she doesn't have the boys. Get off her back!

  96. Sher says – reply to this


    Im a Fan but only now that shes a trainwreck! LOL I really didnt like her when she was supposedly "PERFECT" but now that she is fucked up out of her mind its so much more real and entertaining to watch! So thats why Im a fan now, since you asked

  97. dustin says – reply to this


    She is discusting! Why anyone would like her is beyond me. People are just interested in watching a constant train wreck before our eyes.

  98. qubanitalinda says – reply to this


    Can't wait for her next f*ck-up!!!

  99. norton says – reply to this


    Was she raised or hauled up? Obviously she missed some lessons along the way - restraint, common sense, not being a whore etc. etc. etc.

  100. Jo says – reply to this


    I like her. I hope she gets back on track soon.

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