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Eddie To Mel B: Back Off Or I'll Sue You!

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It's getting ugly for Scary!

Eddie Murphy is threatening to file a lawsuit against former girlfriend and mother of his child Angel, Mel B, PerezHilton.com can exclusively reveal.

The Beverly Hills Cock (as nicknamed by Victoria Beckham) has retained the services of pitbull litigator Marty Singer, in addition to his family law attorney, Scott Robinson.

Singer has put the Spice Girl and her attorney, Gloria Allred, on blast - sending them a threatening letter that said they would sue for defamation and extortion if the two of them did not stop spreading lies about Murphy.

"You have been engaging in a pattern of disseminating disparaging, negative and defamatory statements about Mr. Murphy, portraying him in a false and outrageous light in order to pressure Mr. Muprhy to capitulate to your highly unreasonable extortionate demands," a source close to the situation reveals the letter said. "We demand that you immediately case and desist from this wrongful conduct."

Singer claims that Mel B. and Allred have engaged in "a calculated effort to smear his reputation, thereby hoping to induce him to accede to outrageous extortionate demands if he wants you to stop your dissemination of negative statements," the letter is said to have read.

What are those outrageous demands?

"On Ms. Brows's behalf, Ms. Allred has demanded that my client not only pay very substantial child support, but that he also buy a $9 million house in Malibu and pay for all associated expenses for Ms. Brown to reside there for free for the next 18 years."

Singer claims that before there was any test to establish paternity of Angel, Murphy offered to pay and did pay for Mel B.'s medical expenses.

Despite this, Allred has labeled Eddie in the press as a "deadbeat dad."

On August 6th, Allred appeared on the TV show Showbiz Tonight and claimed that Murphy had not paid any expenses for the child.

"Perhaps recognizing that this was such a blatant lie, she then said that my client paid expenses, but did so only after Ms. Brown had filed a petition in court," the letter to Mel and Gloria reportedly read, according to our source. "This, too, was false and highly derogatory, since my client offered such payment right away, long before any proceedings were filed."

What's worse, Singer alleged that on August 7th, Allred's office told Murphy's family law attorney, Scott Robinson, that if Eddie bought the $9 million house, everyone would "shut up."

That is civil extortion, Singer claims, and it's the foundation for their planned lawsuit if Gloria and Mel don't hold off their attacks against Eddie.

Additionally, Murphy goes on to deny Mel B's claim that the baby was planned.

"Mr. Murphy and Ms. Brown were romantically involved for a period of only a few months, during which they neither lived together nor made any plans to have a family together," our source tells us the letter read. "Ms. Brown's pregnancy was not planned by Mr. Murphy and came as a surprise to him."

Singer says Murphy has offered to pay reasonable child support, but that Mel and her lawyers are being unreasonable.

Oh, the dramz!!!!

[Images via Mavrix Online.]

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224 comments to “Eddie To Mel B: Back Off Or I'll Sue You!”

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  1. markfriend says – reply to this


    i liked eddie murphie he was hilarious in the film norbit but now i think im slowly changing my mid about him that may be because i absolutly love victoria beckham

  2. Michelle says – reply to this



  3. kathy says – reply to this


    Go EDDIE. Why would he dis this kid! It never made sense from day one, she is fucking SCARY SPICE for chrizake!!

    Allred should know better than this.

  4. shouldn't he be dead by now? says – reply to this


    Think of the poor kid, having him as a father. I don't think she's doing it for the money (like she needs it) but to prove a point that Eddie Murphy is a total self-obsessed cock. Shit, he's not even funny. Or good looking. Poor kid…

  5. Matt says – reply to this


    Are you serious? Who's sueing WHOM?

    Mel B has a whole right to sue that c*nthead and not the other way around. He was the one to mock her reputation saying that he "has no idea whose baby she is carrying". Go Scary Spice, show him how SCARY things can get!

  6. chauncey says – reply to this


    he is pathetic. i hope she gets every penny that she's due…. a house is out of the question……..

  7. le ew says – reply to this


    Eddie Murphy is an ass. (and an ugly one at that.)

  8. lillie jones says – reply to this


    This is all about Eddie's money.She is just using the child as a weapon.Hold your head up Eddie and be strong.

  9. quitta says – reply to this


    She's making herself look real stupid cause her feelings hurt but her baby is suffering through it because she's JEALOUS and making stupid demands that she's not going to get. Get over it

  10. Donna says – reply to this


    To say she and Eddie planned this baby, she sure did get over his ass fast!!

  11. Chrissy says – reply to this


    At first I felt sorry for Mel but now I just think she is pathetic and a greedy goldigger and am now sick to my stomach when I see people defending her. All she does is lie and cause trouble.

    She wanted to complain when Eddie went on TV ans said the baby may not be his and said what he did was immature yet she is doing the same exact thing and getting her spice girl pals to even insult him on TV so how is she any better then he is?

    She claimed that Eddie and her planned this baby which makes no sense, if they planned the baby why would he leave? Mel also recently got married and HID it, gee I wonder why. I think Mel was maybe cheating with Eddie with this man and that is why Eddie made the comment that the baby may not be his.

    Half the crap Mel B is trying to get she is not going to get, a judge has to rule on what she gets in child support and a judge is certainly not going to demand Eddie buy a house for her and if she thinks a judge will do that she is more stupid then I thought and lives in a dream world.

    She wants to talk about how she is standing up for every single mom out there umm hello she is freaking rich she does not even need child support or even need to work. There are moms out here on welfare struggling to feed there kids, if she wants to help them and stand up for them why not donate some of her millions to help them out instead of going on TV spreading lies about someone.

    Eddie can very well sue her for what she is doing and I think he should fight for custody of that child because Mel seems to be very psychotic

    j-money you want to sit here and talk about how Eddie rubbed it in her face by getting engaged, you are aware that back in like June or July before Eddie was even engaged that Mel got married? Do not sit here and run your face if you do not know the whole story

  12. critter says – reply to this


    she puts the "gold" in digger. come on ladies…you should all be pissed at her. its nasty horing bitches that are looking for a free ride that make us hard working ladies look bad. and she did this to an innocent child not just herself. eddie may not be a gentleman, but mel and her sleaze of a lawyer should be ashamed. she's trash.

  13. mommy says – reply to this



  14. elaine says – reply to this



    Eddie claimed it could not possibly be his child.

    If you every had sex with this woman…It is a very good possibily it could be your child.

    Eddie need to go to a sex education class.

    like I tell my patients; if you don't want pregnancy do it in the ass!

    Eddie should take it in the ass, for his foot-in-my-mouth-syndrome.

  15. NANCY says – reply to this


    Eddie Murphy… is a nasty ass muther fucker and he's a pervert don't forget he fucked around with a he/she!!! cocksucker!!!!

  16. daisydoodle says – reply to this


    #30 … the point is you dont get child support from a condom full of jizz….?

  17. Aquaries says – reply to this


    Eddie needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for this precious child. If the pregancy was planned or not that child didn't ask to be here. He just want to make himself look like a king ass nigga cause he got the booty when he's only making himself look like a damn fool. If I were Mel B I would take his ass down through there and fight to get whatever I could get from his weak ass. This should be a lesson to Mel B too, everything that looks good to you ain't good for you!

  18. Aquaries says – reply to this


    Eddie needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for this precious child. If the pregancy was planned or not that child didn't ask to be here. He just want to make himself look like a king ass nigga cause he got the booty when he's only making himself look like a damn fool. So what if she has millions he's not trying to do anything else so the least that he could do is pay medical expenses. If I were Mel B I would take his ass down through there and fight to get whatever I could get from his weak ass. This should be a lesson to Mel B too, everything that looks good to you ain't good for you!

  19. D says – reply to this


    notice how the females are behind the gold digging lying bitch and the guys are behind eddie, a good father.. SHUT UP HOES!

  20. camila says – reply to this


    he is so mean ..mel is so nice he is such an asshole ..i agree wit georgie i'll never watch a eddie murphy movie

    ****i luv victoria beckham**im a big fan

  21. camila* says – reply to this


    i dont like eddie murphy he is an asshole Mel is so nice and sweet …..i agree georgie i'll never watch a eddie murphy movie again

  22. Tommy says – reply to this


    WOW, so many POV's. Who's right here? Who's not? Granted she did & granted so did he but seriously $ aside… does that make it right? He has a little girl that he never so much as called to see how the birth went and still hasn't so much as called or even sent her anything. What kind of man is that? A good father?????

  23. LoCharley says – reply to this


    The thing is - with this - Who runs a-muck about getting pregnant & BLABBING off like she did? Okay, OOOPS, she got pregnant. BUT lord—how PUBLIC she has been about it….
    Whatever the situation maybe….her "blabbing" about it is just tacky! (That word isn't strong enough)—
    NO CLASS. Whether they were having difficulties or not, SHUT UP and work it out in PRIVATE! For her (or whomever in this type of situation) to go public about it?? NO CLASS OR RESPECT - not only for the other party, but for themself!! Let alone the child to be.
    I think it makes her look….TRASHY and Yah, gold digger too. Because of her "yappen" enough for publication.

  24. nabeen says – reply to this


    how do we believe this asshole that Mel B asked those stuff when everything he said about her and the baby has turned into a lie. I think he should be paying couple of millions after ruining her and her image, i think she deserves it.

More comments: « 1 2 [3]