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Spotted: Victoria Beckham is at the Sports Club LA on Camden and Wilshire in Beverly Hills right now (at approximately 12 pm Pacific). She's signing up to join the gym, cuz she's not skinny enough!

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87 comments to “SIGHting”

  1. Punchy says – reply to this


    hell yeah - slim that bith down

  2. Jess says – reply to this



  3. Scott Baio is 45 and Fugly says – reply to this


    Leave her alone - she's beautiful - at least she takes care of herself!!

  4. jaym says – reply to this


    dayam posh. youre skinny enough. but hi ci yah, hold tight

  5. KACEY says – reply to this



  6. sean says – reply to this



  7. Lane says – reply to this


    1st bitches!! skinny bitch…

  8. rita says – reply to this



  9. Mrs Minx says – reply to this


    Perhaps she's signing up for a bit of colonic irrigation cos she doesn't spew enough shit as it is…..

  10. Wowzers says – reply to this


    Becks is going to end up breaking her when they're in the sack if she gets any more frail!

  11. Lindsey says – reply to this



  12. j says – reply to this


    fuck vb

  13. adrian says – reply to this



  14. Moni says – reply to this


    Good, maybe a gust of wind will come along and blow her away

  15. Suzy Q says – reply to this


    maybe it is for health reasons. skinny people can be fat on the inside ya know? it's visceral fat…

  16. crystal says – reply to this


    i bet her youngest son weighs more than her thats sad she needs to eat more instead of going to the gym for 10 hours

  17. Miss Rich Bitch says – reply to this



  18. YOU TRIED IT BITCH! says – reply to this



  19. noway says – reply to this


    umm the gym is a healthy place where people STAY in shape and toned…want her to veg and become a fattie?

  20. jen says – reply to this



  21. luvkitten374 says – reply to this



  22. Amber says – reply to this


    Maybe she wants to BULK UP? Hahaha… she'll hop on those roids and be just fine… lol

  23. jaime says – reply to this


    id so go there if i lived closer : /

  24. debbie says – reply to this


    bittch needa EAT. she looks STARVING

  25. shawna says – reply to this



  26. lila says – reply to this



  27. Claire says – reply to this


    Working out isn't about being skinny. It's healthy.

  28. Garrett says – reply to this


    If there is one place a celebrity deserves some freedom its at the gym. Shame on you for calling attention to SCLA like this.

  29. Kenya says – reply to this


    I go to the Sports Club LA in NYC - I feel so cool now knowing I go the the same gym as Posh. I'm gonna go out RIGHT NOW, cut my hair, dye it blond, and starve myself. This is the best day of my life.


  30. Sexy says – reply to this


    I hope she diappears!!!!

  31. Queenie says – reply to this


    so what?

  32. paunchy says – reply to this


    Why on earth does this incredibly wealthy woman who just bought a 20,000 square foot house need to go to a public gym unless she's desperate for more attention? I bet her new house has a lovely workout room, and if I can afford a personal trainer to come to my house, she could afford an army of trainers to come to her house. She's just desperate for more paparazzi to follow her around … and in a year or so, we'll have to listen to her bitch about how she has no privacy …

  33. goyo says – reply to this


    dfasdjfljdflksajdf'ajrs;dlairsdridmcvaocjk'esoi or in english: BS

  34. LACIE BITCHESSSSS says – reply to this


    Ok Ok OK is it me or is anyone else getting VERY VERY tired of the becks? I mean yeah sure David is one sexy guy but for posh, EWWWWW seriously that girl is discusting looking. Id rather watch Britney keep going insane then ahve to look at one more picture of this ugly creature that GOD made. Ewww Man ( i think that i jsut thro-up in my mouth) they do have good looking kids though, ( that side came from david) …JUST SAYING!!!!

  35. Thats All says – reply to this


    Please everyone who joins Sports Club, LA is wanting attention!
    The only cool part of this gym it has underground parking and no phones allowed. Also the windows are frosted so the common folk wont look in … So she will have some privacy… It dose not smell like a gym and has top 100% New equipment….Candle light yoga is awesome there and Patrick's dance class is one she needs to look into.

    The Hefty price of membership and initiation fees are up so it keeps 24/bally folks away…You can always tell when a HE-HA tourist from the Midwest are there on a guest pass. (You Can Buy a one Day Guest Pass) They go up to stars and ask questions when they are working out! Jessica Simpson was very nice to them though!

    I mean this gym has a bar in it! Dose your Ballys or 24 hour have that… And I don't mean Juice Bar!

  36. lova says – reply to this


    maybe you should follow her steps perez

  37. trapitossucios.com says – reply to this


    You should see if she can get a you a "friends" members discount so that u can too b skinny! :P

  38. SO SICK OF HER:@ says – reply to this



    -she's just a whore desperate for attention,and whats with that fudge "pout" she poses within every picture.i mean enough of her on tv,on magazines,argh i wish some one would fuck her all the way to hell!

    -whats so special about that disgusting bag of bones man,this is really low perez,get soem real info someone actually gives a shit about.

  39. madam pince says – reply to this


    I thought she hated exercise.

  40. jenbunny says – reply to this


    uhhh yeah, since she's such a fat pig. please eat more, posh, but i still love you!

  41. Barrinton Smythe the third says – reply to this


    The Spice girls were the biggest & most successful female band in the world, selling more than 55 million albums & over 20 million singles. They made a blockbuster film & did a sell out world tour. Victoria had more money than David when they wed. I can assure you the 'Spice Girls' were huge worlwide.

  42. Bruno DV says – reply to this


    She´s right! She´s got a world tour coming, so she needs to be in the shape she feels good about!

  43. sille says – reply to this


    #41: The mere fact that you are calling Victoria a golddigger just goes to show that you know absolutely nothing about her! Victoria, as a matter of fact- although talking of how much you own is rather tacky- had more money than David when they fell in love. Furthermore all of you people who talk badlly about her should all get some class an keep ypur mouths shut! She is a brilliant woman and I am sure she works out in order to STAY healty and not to get attencions, and if she in fact does - who are you to be bothered!?

  44. mishelle says – reply to this


    it's okay. some skinny people have more fat than muscle mass. she's probably just trying to keep healthy.

  45. Starla says – reply to this


    Please, can someone answer this for me?

    Uuuuuh….Why do some people assume that people go to the gym to lose weight?

    Victoria is very thin but she has a beautiful face. Her poses for the camera…out of sight!!!! It doesn't get any better than that!!!!

  46. KooKoo says – reply to this


    She's filthy rich and could well afford to furnish her home with a private gym (and probably has) which makes it seem as though she WANTS to be seen

  47. Katers says – reply to this


    I sincerely pray that Victoria Beckham will be reincarnated as a child in Darfur. Sorry, but I do.

  48. beverlyhillsbitch says – reply to this


    omggg. i just saw her coming in with her huge body guard, toting little cruz and her assistant as i was leaving the gym. the bitch is so fuckinggg skinnnyyy. w

  49. lovezzzzit says – reply to this


    omggg. i just saw her as i was leaving the gym. she walked in, carrying little cruz, with her bodyguard and personal assistant. she looked very interested in all the equipment, that skinnnyyyy bitch

  50. yikes says – reply to this


    just cause she goes to the gym it doesn't mean she's planning on getting more skinny. although you perez should consider going to the gym to lose more than a few pounds.

  51. lovezzzzit says – reply to this


    omggg. i just saw her as i was leaving the gym. she walked in, carrying little cruz, with her bodyguard and personal assistant. she looked very interested in all the equipment, and oh so skinnyyy

  52. lovezzzzit says – reply to this


    i just saw her as i was leaving the gym. she walked in, carrying little cruz, with her bodyguard and personal assistant. she looked very interested in all the equipment, and oh so skinnyyy. but why the hell doesnt she have a private gym in her new house? what is she thinking working out next to us common folk?

  53. Jane says – reply to this



    You really don't seem to understand the idea of exercise and working out. People don't just work out to lose weight. It's called "Being healthy"!!

  54. ak says – reply to this


    hopefully some muscle will give her some curves. she's skinny but doesn't look fit.

  55. alicia says – reply to this


    she is so insecure cause her hubby already cheated on her she thinks by staying boney he wont do it again.lol he might like someone with a little more meat !

  56. bitchfest'07 says – reply to this



  57. caitlin says – reply to this


    i'm skinny but i work out…i like to have muscles. i do agree though, she is really skinny but i think if she sticks with working out she will get muscles. but why does it matter to us what she does?

  58. 17 says – reply to this


    lovezzzzit, what was she wearing?

  59. Christie says – reply to this


    Don't these people have home gyms and personal trainers??

  60. TRACY says – reply to this


    GOOD CUZ SHE'S A REAL FAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. papa bear says – reply to this


    Ummm…everyone has always said that she doesn't go to the gym. You guys do know that you normally put on (good) weight when you work out at a gym, right? Or are you all fat amorphous blobs like 'some' people who haven't seen the inside of a gym in your lives?


  62. Kathryn says – reply to this


    Yea I'm a member there…she is WAYYYYY too skinny and looks gross in person. she called at her son like a little chihuahua when I was going into the locker room and had to ask her to get out of my way…haha…seriously tho, she should gain like 7 pounds…fucking nasty

  63. mickeylovesminnie says – reply to this


    i love v beckham!!!! and her hubby!!! woooohoooo!!!

  64. Talamarie says – reply to this


    will she ever smile on a pic?
    she should take a break off Botox so her face would move a bit

  65. MAJORly annoying says – reply to this


    NOO thats my gym and they already shut it down for Paris in the past…why doesnt she get a home gym…i dont need to be on a treadmill next to a size 00 anyway.

  66. whodunit? says – reply to this


    how care

  67. bobdman says – reply to this


    Bleeech……….Pardon Me……that was a sympathy barf for the Bulimic Bitch……….Bleech………..

  68. TAMARA says – reply to this



    Hi, my name is Tamara and I am only 15yrs old. Even though I am so young I have enough intelligence to understand that you are an unhappy man. I have seen you many times on T.V. but I never payed that much attention. Than one day I just opened my eyes and I really saw and heard you. I was flawed by what you had to say. You were on POP AGANDA on MUCH MORE MUSIC. You were asked a question that I can't recall exactly but I do remeber you saying that "you were thinking it too”. Yes, I'm not going to lie. People do look at celebrities and every one else that is in sight. People also have mean thoughts at times about others but their is a reason why they dont say it, they only THINK IT. The reason is that it makes people feel bad about them selves. You no that this is true but you seem to pay no attention to others feelings. I looked at you and I saw many flaws with you but I only decided to pay attention to one characteristic of yours. It had nothing to do with your physical appearance. I was paying attention to your personality. You seemed cold and as I payed more attention I started to think to my self that maybe you are unhappy with your self. I think you say all these nasty things about others to forget about the things you don't like about your self. I'm not saying that I dont do the same at times and I'm not denying that I'm wrong but you are doing this on television. You have the oppritunity to voice your oppinions and you choose to voice nasty oppinions. People look up to celebrities and often try to immitate them in a sence. If you are making celebrities feel bad about them selves apperance wise there fans will start to feel bad about them selves. Fans want to look like ther idols and you feel that it is alright to slander there appearance. If a fan thinks there idol is gorgeous and you slander the way that celebrity looks there fan has more reason to feel bad about there self. When you make a celebrity feel bad and they start to change that gives ther fans reason to belive that they should change to. You are hearting people in so many ways. Your cheap gossip is sickining and shows that you are very sick on the inside and I pray to God that one day you can come to peace with your self. I say this because I highly doubt that you are at peace with your outer or your inner apperance. If by some small chance you are ok with your physical apperance there is no way your ok with your inner self because it is digusting. If you really feel what your doing is right I just want to let you know that even a 15 year old girl knows that its not. Good luck.

  69. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Maybe she's just trying to tone up.. Just cuz ya go to a gym doesn't mean ya go to lose weight.. She's had 3 kids. Gotta keep herself firm. Better than getting anymore surgery.

  70. VB lova says – reply to this


    maybe there are health reasons. not everyone who joins a gym does it to lose weight! leave her alone, let her live a normal life. i think she looks great, especially after 3 kids. im sure whatever she does at teh gym she can only look better. go VB!

  71. Tan says – reply to this


    I SAW HER AT THE GYM! She walked in with her bodyguard and her youngest son, Cruz. She grabbed a chair and sat down, she was drinking lots of water. Then she Put Cruz on the treadmill and put it on the highest setting! The kid was sweating like fuck. She kept telling him that he was a chubby chuck, and that she wouldn't be seen with a fatty kid. I couldn't believe it!

  72. Poster says – reply to this


    I am 5ft 6, and I weigh 30 lbs, POSH IS MY IDOL Y'ALL.

  73. Samahe says – reply to this


    Love Victoria God Save the Real Queen of England

  74. SO SICK OF HER:@ says – reply to this


    my guess is you are just a pathetic saddo,and if you aspire to be like her,well shame on you,and goldigger she may not be,but a WHORE she certainly is

  75. blabla says – reply to this


    I wish those two would go away

  76. linzi says – reply to this


    Bein a fellow english gal i goota big her up. yeah i have seen more meat on a chinese spare rib but the girl does a good enough job of looking good and who else looks like that after 3 kids? David obviously cant mind that much otherwise he would be with sum1 else!think there too much of a strong family to let anyones comments bother them!! Big up to ya posh,keep it up!!

  77. MJ says – reply to this


    What ? She s totally insane. She ll dissapear….

  78. Alyssa says – reply to this


    I somewhat agree with paunchy but at the same time she probably is a people person and wants to work out somewhere that she could be around people. But once again then after a year or so they complain on how they don't have a private life….HMMMMMM

  79. sille says – reply to this


    #81: For you to assume that I am some kind of sadististic person seems well off! Whatever gave you that idea? You should seriously get some class since the way you come across seems to be rather verbally aggressive for absolutely no reason at all.. Now I do not know why you would call Victoria a whore, she has been married for years and has 3 lovely boys with her husband. I admit that she, at times, has dressed rather… Well let us just call it un-stylish, but the amount of times that she has gotten it right should well upweigh those petite fashion faux pas.. She is a beautiful, talented entrepeneur and if you do not like her, thenn just do not comment on her - show some class.

  80. daljit kaur-khela says – reply to this


    OMG!! get over yourself woman!! enough is enough we cannot take anymore of you - you are the most annoying person in the universe!!

    your life is just one big pretence you are such saddo!! you have to do pretend do every day thinks in life to have a life!! you are the new wakco jacko - you even look like him (minus blonde birds nest of course)!!

    please find a corner of the earth where there is no media so we never ever need to look at your miserable mut ever again!! leave becks behind though - he is normal!

  81. coco says – reply to this


    OMG!! get over yourself woman!! enough is enough we cannot take anymore of you - you are the most annoying person in the universe!!

    your life is just one big pretence you are such saddo!! you have to pretend to do every day things in life to show people that you allegedly have a life!! you are the new wakco jacko - you even look like him (minus blonde birds nest of course)!!

    please find a corner of the earth where there is no media so we never ever need to look at your miserable mut ever again!! leave becks behind though!

  82. jane says – reply to this


    #87 is right. She seems to have some obsession, or is competing with with Pam Anderson, only she is scary not sexy, and trying WAY too hard with her haircut and ever-present implants

  83. ro54ck says – reply to this



  84. ro893ck says – reply to this



  85. dreadkitty says – reply to this


    Holy shizz! I workout there and saw her walk through!! I thought it was some freaky impersonator! Girl is skinnnnnnnnny!

  86. Barbiee3 says – reply to this


    excuse me people but who shud give a foooooooooook about what she does?? its her buisness…not you low lifes out their trying to make her feel bad for your own little pathetic self…jesus, shes got further than you ever have in your life! im from england myself and shes worked feckin hard to get where she is! oh and people go on about her pout…so what? shes gorgeous…if you'v got it, u gotta flaunt it! Yeah shes skinnt but she probably has about 30 people looking after her everyday making sure she eats…shes petite framed and keeps in shape..BLAHHH..ur all just jelous!!

  87. blondiieee says – reply to this


    Excuseee me but why is everyone slagging her off? she's worked fucking hard to get where she is now unlike all you low lifes… Im from England myself and Posh is probably one of the most respected women in the uk… u may not think that but yet again uv got all these fake plactic things that prance around with ur fannys out… yeh she may be skinny but she will have about 30 people running around after her making sure she does eat everyday…and yeh so what if shes joining a gym….she obviously wants to stay fit? DUHHH yeah she has got 3 kids u pathetic sadddosssssssssssss!!