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Warning: This Is Too Real

| Filed under: AnglophiliaAmy Winehouse

Fuck the fake Hollywood bullshit. Fuck the bullshit!

Amy Winehouse is going to die if she continues down this destructive path!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE for very graphic pictures of a bloody fight that erupted between Wino and her husband in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

We do believe in God and we pray that he is able to help save Amy from death, which she keeps inviting into her life.

And ditch that loser husband!!!!

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596 comments to “Warning: This Is Too Real”

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  1. Princess says – reply to this


    This girl needs some serious help NOW! It sounds like these two together are trouble and enable each other. I just saw an old picture of her from 2003 and she was so pretty! She looked truly happy. It's really sad, and I hope she gets it together soon!

  2. Kristin says – reply to this


    Everyone keeps saying "poor amy, she needs to ditch blake." WTF? I feel for him. They are terrible for eachother, and she is a nut job. Anyone who gets pleasure ferom cutting themselves is crazy! And why was she about to do drugs with a call girl, like it says in that article?

    They both need help, and they aren't going to get it if they stay together. She is trash and they probably both have AIDS. The public is in danger if she walks around dripping her blood everywhere.

  3. Terese says – reply to this


    She is Janis Joplin reincarnated. Please… Amy, we want to see you beat this and LIVE….I love you. Iowa.

  4. vanessa says – reply to this


    so fucking freaky,
    i feel sorry for her, wasting her life away.

  5. BJB says – reply to this


    Looks like it's Ole Blakey who's beat up

  6. Looshkin says – reply to this


    I think SHE is the crazy one. She's psychotic. Drugs + self-mutilation = get help !! The boyfriend's just trying to help and he's the one looking bad in that story. Come on, she dosen't need anyone's help to stone herself up…

  7. emz says – reply to this


    holy shit…that's intense

  8. Anon says – reply to this


    She is such a fucking moron.

  9. quizzabella says – reply to this


    Good luck Amy. I love your music, but you don't owe anyone anything - go find somewhere quiet where you can get yourself together. There are enough tragic rock and roll stories without you becoming yet another name on the list of casualties.

  10. OG says – reply to this


    that fucking asshole of a husband, what kind of MAN hits a woman like her, Im glad shit fucked him up, and I agree with comment #11, she must like it to stick with it. WE know she shouldnt, but we cant change people, thats really really sad because I love Winehouse. I have a family member who is on drugs and there is nothing I or my family can do to change them or their mind, its all up to them and their willpower to save themselves.
    so sad so sad


  11. TheatreTart says – reply to this


    Wow…what a tortured soul. She's in my prayers too!

    I love Perez…such a heart, darlin…God bless you for sharing your concern with all of us!

  12. angelbut says – reply to this


    WE are enabling her by buying her albums - I for one will no longer support a JUNKIE - I do not feel bad for her at all, she has made her own bed and won't get help.

  13. liliana says – reply to this


    wow she is actually pretty w/o the rats nest and scary makeup… if she really wanted to help herself she wouldnt check out of rehab…. she hasnt hit rock bottom like another post here mentioned…

  14. Diana says – reply to this


    Leave her alone. :)

  15. CryingShame says – reply to this


    Lmfao - typical of a wannabe DIVA - anything for publicity and attention!!
    Do it again AMY!!! lol…

  16. mer says – reply to this


    I had my hopes up to high thinking that she would stop wearing those dreadfull ballet slippers after she got blood on them…no such luck.

  17. leah says – reply to this


    I think Amy is beautiful, she's def. going through some hard times but she's real and that's what i admire about her.

  18. Nikee says – reply to this



  19. Pkitty says – reply to this



    IT'S SID & NANCY 2007!!!

  20. MNG says – reply to this


    argh… what's a nice jewish girl doing cutting herself… man oh man… she'll be dead by the end of the year.

  21. gina says – reply to this


    Can somebody tell me what has HE got (or not) under that hat?? Have not seen ONE single picture of him without it? Perez, do you have any?

  22. JW says – reply to this


    Seriously, like Perez gives two shits about her. Just a few posts above this story Perez had this to say about Britney Spears:

    "After a little break, Britney is back to her hard-pAArtying ways.

    And you know what we say about that? Thank God!"

    Perez, which is it? Do you want to make fun of celebrities or suck their famous cocks? Honestly, I think this is the last time I'll be coming to your stupid site.

    Two words:

  23. gb says – reply to this


    Fuck the fake Hollywood bullshit. Fuck the bullshit!

    So, following that logic one can only say………….


  24. Cazza says – reply to this


    Perez, why do you kiss Amy's ass? Does its drug soaked boniness taste good to you? She is as self-destructive as Britney, but I don't see you LOVING and CARING for Britney. Poor Perez, you just want attention, don't you? You are SUCH a Hollywood wannabe yourself, so why curse Hollywood? You are so PHONY. You are Hollywood's biggest whore.

  25. SUGARPUSS says – reply to this


    freakSHOW freakSHOW

  26. wtf says – reply to this


    damn everytime I post something it doesnt show or it disapprears. Moral of the story kids: DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!!!

  27. Staysh says – reply to this


    girl, get it together, you're too talented. Of course, it's usually the gifted ones that are nuts.

  28. Staysh says – reply to this


    Rasputin…..that mess is NOT fabricated…come on! A hot mess like that!?? That girl is in serious trouble.

  29. Cori says – reply to this


    HE IS HITTING HER!!! She can justify the bullshit all she wants I grew up in this I know what it looks like! For starters, she really beleives he hits her because he loves her. No matter how abusive he is she won't leave him because he will never abuse of her as much as she ABUSES OF HERSELF!!! I love her! It breaks my heart to see what is inevitable SHE IS GOING TO DIE! PERIOD! She doesn't want help! PERIOD! I had tickets to her Central Park show in NYC and I was taking my nephew who loves her… he's 15. She broke his heart! I don't have the attitude about death most people have because my mother constantly tried to commit suicide when I was a child and MADE ME WATCH! The first time she did this I was 8. I spent the better part of my life taking her out of mental institutions every time she tried to kill herself again… YOU KNOW WHY SHE STOPPED? Because one day I said, If you want to die THEN DIE!!! That was 15 years ago she has never done it again. BTW I REALLY MEANT IT! I love her but she was killing everyone around her. I say AMY WINEHOUSE IF YOU ARE READING THESE, AND I KNOW YOU ARE, I THINK THAT IF YOU'RE DEEPEST DESIRE IS TO DIE… YOU SHOULD!!!! DO IT ALREADY So the people that love you can suffer all at once and GET THE FU__OVER YOUR STUPID, SELFISH ASS!!

  30. Cynthia says – reply to this


    I don't understand these stars have money some of them have the world by there balls and still they want to be known as White Trash. Amy sweetheart use some of that money that you have and buy a new look. Cause to me you are just White Trash who will be dead very soon!! Good luck!

  31. tommy tbag says – reply to this


    Amy, I still think your hot even if your a little skinny and bloody. Any time I an offer my services I would cus Im in love with you.

  32. Speed Queen says – reply to this



  33. ~Thwacked~ says – reply to this


    Ewww! Her face is a Gooey Black Mess!
    She oughta start using a BIG BLACK SHARPIE cuz it will stay on for daze!

  34. million dollar man says – reply to this



  35. Lisa says – reply to this


    Please Amy haters stop wasting your time by writing horrid comments here about her. I love her music, I think she's so so talented and i just wish that she'll get better.
    BTW: people that have not ever had a drug addiction, do not know how hard it is to get out of it so please 'give her a break' - unless you're an ex-heroin or an ex-crack addict. Then you can talk.

  36. whaaatttt??? says – reply to this


    that first one has GOT to be my favourite!!

    mmm blood…

  37. Archadia says – reply to this


    Is it just me or are these 2 the Sid & Nancy of our time. She even looks like Nancy Spungen.

  38. boompotty22 says – reply to this


    who cares about these selfish lame drug addicted losers? They should be ashamed of themselves.

  39. Fever says – reply to this


    She's my new Anna Nicole.. Really her voice is beautiful but she has some serious problems.

  40. you are all idiots says – reply to this


    wow…why are people being such bitches to her husband. Now I don't know anything about him or if he's an addict as well, but the way the story read, she bought drugs, took them back to the hotel. he found out, he told her how dumb she is, she started cutting herself, he tried to make her stop and she went ape shit on his ass. if anyone is the abuser in this relationship it's Amy. I think it was perfectly reasonable for him to start screaming at her. have you ever tried to talk to someone who was addicted out of taking drugs? he's lucky he wasn't killed.

    she has four main wounds: the ones on her foot and knee are obviously self inflicted because if he were beating her, the majority of her wounds would be located on her head arms and stomach. the wounds on her arms are self inflicted, and she has bruises on her neck which are probably from him grabbing her, trying to hold her back.

  41. vanessaRaCHELlE says – reply to this


    omG!!! those pictures are way disturbing…i dont know why you stand by this ero hoe bag perez but yet you talk so much shit bout brit brit!!!!! this bitch is 10 x'z worse and everytime you post something of her you praise the hoe and then say something…. come on be real …she is a nasty druggy female..yeah her songs are good but still who cares…..She belongs in the damn 70's!!!!

    i cant believe after all that they would be walking around in public!!!! knowing they are gonna be photographed!!! keep your drugged out trash behind closed doors ….. too disturbing to see….. PooR mother of hers!!!

  42. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Holy Fuck!
    Amy Winehouse; i cant BELiEVE im doing this but shes a TOUGH BiTCH!
    She should leave him, if the storys straight, did he REALLY beat her ass?
    And if you read the page, she was CUTTiNG HER SELF AND ABOUT TO DO DRUGS! You dont fkn beat a woman if shes doing that, o yea " he saved my life yet he beat the living shit out of me and then i scrached him face like a hardcore bitch, its ok if im so brused and fucked, at least he didnt leave me yet, like i dont want to spend the money to get my tatoo removed, THAT MONEYS FOR DRUGS BITCHES! "

  43. EBK says – reply to this


    that is sooo messed up!!!! I luv amy's music, but definatlly not her LIFESTYLE!

  44. vickylicious says – reply to this


    this would make some good writing material 4 amy i guess, this bitch is sick!!!!!!! love wyno 4life

  45. G says – reply to this


    We love you Amy! Take care of yourself. You are worth it, no matter what you feel about yourself because of what's happened to you. Sending you the bestest vibes!

  46. Lili says – reply to this


    Amy, you truly are one of the few, well…the only one besides Madonna, with TALENT. REAL, NO BULLSHIT, ALL OUT TALENT. Please take care, I'll be praying for you.

  47. Leggs says – reply to this


    DAMN…..Is this some sh*t or what? THEY BOTH NEED HELP! What a damn freakin shame……all the freakin money, fame, going right up the nose, veins, whatever. Now, they are trying to KILL each other. What the heck! GET SOME HELP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Amanda G. says – reply to this


    Man that shit is fucked up! That make me taste blood. I been there and done that with an x of mine. if my family hadn't saved me/shown me there is something more than him I woulda died just as I'm terrified she might. LEAVE THAT IDIOT AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. boots says – reply to this


    Hey Pearly - He didn't step on her feet, she's a junkie and she shoots up between her toes. Gross. Sick. Chaotic. Don't be fooled into thinking she doesn't love the drama, she does.

  50. Jenifer says – reply to this


    The second coming of Sid & Nancy- and Amy is playing both parts.

  51. wes says – reply to this


    i wouldnt mess with ms. winehouse she fucked dude up but you can tell o boy didnnt hit her its only her eye stuff she be wearing is smeared all over her face and the pictures of them walking down the street and him hoding and kissing her, it look like ther puting up a front to make it seme like its all good

  52. Hazel says – reply to this


    Meet the new member to the fab four trainwreck clan (Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole) the only difference is that she's from the UK.
    "They try to make me go to Rehab I said YES YES YES AGAIN AND AGAIN"

  53. nellie says – reply to this


    WHEW! I bet Britney is so happy the press is off her and her destructive path to Amy's . It looks like Amy and her husband both lost. After an fight back it the hurt and humulation never goes completely away.

  54. kimando says – reply to this


    Wow…that is really sad.
    It's time for her to start taking care of herself…she's so young and talented. It's a shame, really. Were she my daughter, I'd be pulling her out of there and entering her to rehab…no matter what her age!

  55. Muggle says – reply to this


    What's really unbelievable is that you people out there care !! I ran across this accidentally and laughed my a** off !! Then there are people out there like you that keep stupid people like these happy…you people are the biggest suckers I ever seen !!

  56. Jennie says – reply to this



  57. beee says – reply to this


    they tried to make her go to rehab, well I say GO GO GO….give it a try Amy!! Look what wonders it did for Britney and Lindsey….uh, nevermind…

    Just don't die yet Amy…:)

  58. snatchmo says – reply to this


    Why blame him? It looks like she f*cked him up good, and she had injuries less than what I see women walking off the soccer field with around here. Give me a break, and give them a break…yer all a bunch of perez hos.

  59. Geoff says – reply to this


    The best thing of all is that so many of you - people who WORK for a living - give a shit about these people and how they are given everything, deserve nothing, and still fuck their lives up while you slobber all over them. God Bless America!

  60. Latas says – reply to this


    This is like a modern day Ike and Tina. She looked awful! He didn't look any better. That was too much. She needs to get help and leave him alone. How is she going to keep sticking up for him when he did that? He messed her up? Yeah she got a few cuts here and there, but what about next time? He's such a loser for doing that. I don't know the whole story, but from the pics, it's messed up. She needs help more than Nicole Richie needs jail time, lol. Seriously though, I'm worried about her. Yikes!

  61. Jas says – reply to this


    Aww I love Amy, she is my hero and I hate to see her like this.

  62. Mona says – reply to this


    What a clear contrast between her 2003 photo and who she is today. Makes me question her motives in all the tattoos, post-anorexia-could-be-bulimic look, and wino behavior. Sadly, it's a fictitious impersonation of a devil-may-care, helpless woman. She and her hubby are having way too much fun with this. Who walks out in public displaying their wounds after a fight. Give me a break. (Amy, don't hurt yourself on our account. Please. Your talent alone is enough to garner our interest.)

  63. Wino Lover says – reply to this


    Perez stfu fatty

  64. MissMottin says – reply to this



  65. EBZ says – reply to this


    I dunno about this……….i'm not to surprised if she was Ike and he was Tina.

  66. guinnesschick says – reply to this


    who gives a rat's a–?! if she wants to kill herself, just friggin' do it. just don't keep bringing it up. oohhh…a cry for help…what the f ever. i don't even know who this waste of flesh is, but i'm sick of hearing about it. some people are better off dead………

  67. Laura says – reply to this


    Amy Winehouse is an amazingly talented and gorgeous woman… these pictures are incredibly sad… she's in my thoughts, and i hope she can pull through this. Fuck Nicole Richie and Britney Spears with their attention-seeking bullshit, Amy is going to self destruct unless she sorts this out. So sad :( x

  68. Laura says – reply to this


    …and stop giving into the idea that talented people cant live long… its just a shame most of the best sadly didnt (River Pheonix etc..) BUT DONT LET IT BE OK FOR AMY TO SELF DESTRUCT. she deserves the best.

  69. headwiper says – reply to this


    1st time it happens shame on him.2nd time shame on you Amy.But frankly it appears this is'nt the 1st time this has happened.Does he buy you pretty expensive things afterwards and say he's sorry?And I bet his Dad used to beat his Mother infront of him.Tell you what Amy.Why don't you have kids with this guy and then they can carry on this great "family tradition".BTW,this is not going to stop until 1 or both of you are dead.OXOXOXOX…Chris

  70. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Wow. That's so scary and shocking. First off I think anyone who has anything bad to say about Amy should keep their thoughts to themselves. From the looks of it she's in hell right now and the littlest thing could push her over the edge. I really really hope she gets the help she needs and can start her life over. This reminds me of how real drugs are and how they can change you in ways you never thought possible. So sad. xo

  71. Gemma Denman says – reply to this


    Amy, Amy, Amy… save yourself from yourself honey. Please don't be a legend that dies young!!

  72. Timmy says – reply to this


    some people just dont deserve to live. Its sad, but very true.

  73. crimson boudoir says – reply to this


    I saw her live and she was so fragile,drunker than f@@k and yet awesome.
    I and my man thought, she isn't going to be here long. Troubled artists often go down fast…As a former alchohol abuser myself, all I have to say is that she has to hit bottom. Let's hope the bottom isn't her death.


  74. Alwayzz says – reply to this


    Good Lord….give me a fucking break…Let them kill themselves….who the hell gives a shit….And while their at it…Britney and Lindsay can eat shit and die too….

  75. dubai gay girl says – reply to this


    i told you so…

  76. JAI MATTHEW says – reply to this


    Bitch needs a new fucking belt

  77. nobody says – reply to this


    Amy Winehouse should go to prison for abusing her husband. It's pretty clear from the photos and from her previous comments here that she is the primary abuser and not the husbands.

    Call me silly, but it is a common place for someone to get defensive wounds on their toes?

    Is her husband like, "I'm going to kill you," let me start with your toes?


  78. nobody says – reply to this


    There's no excuse for a violent woman.

  79. Ashley says – reply to this


    If you look at the article that is a link in this post, the picture of Amy in 2003 looks WAAAAAY better than she does now. What's up with her now-nappy hair?

  80. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Wow thats a messed up situation! you need to fix that hair.

  81. vernaroseann says – reply to this


    i wish her and her loser hubbie would bathe. herion chic is soooo over.

  82. Elke says – reply to this


    It looks like that crazy bitch attached him!! i think the dumping should be the other way round!!

  83. Lee says – reply to this


    i dont think he is the problem….. she is known to be outspoken and has been reported in this country (UK) to have an "attitude problem"

    nobody can help her other than herself! i think the media are using her husband as a scape goat!

  84. Smuuglie says – reply to this


    Jesus I love that woman XD Love-hate relationship intensity at its best

  85. Timothy says – reply to this


    If the stupid wagon wants death so much - let her bloody have it.

  86. Mean says – reply to this


    She must have wanted those drugs pretty bad.

  87. Jill says – reply to this


    I really love amy and I hope to god she gets well :(

  88. J says – reply to this


    Why is it so hard to believe that she beat the shit out of him? Men are abused too. He may or may not have been her gateway into drug hell, but she's admitted to whacking him before. It's not a "you go girl" situation, it's a situation where there's physical abuse and drug addiction. They're in need of help, both of them.

  89. bekka says – reply to this


    She is such a SCUMBAG!!!!!!! Why do you even waste space on this JUNKIE!!!!!!!! She makes me want to PUKE!!! Britney Spears is a saint compared to this HOEBAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

  90. sherry says – reply to this


    She is a disgusting SKANK!!!!! She is a pitiful JUNKIE!!!!!!!!I don't have time for this shit, what am I doing here?????????????

  91. the_doll says – reply to this


    i'm glad amy looks like she won but…

    does she not wear anything else on her feet? just curious…

  92. bob says – reply to this


    what a crazy bitch. he should get a restraining order against her.

  93. Helen says – reply to this


    Great role model for young girls everywhere!

  94. Q says – reply to this


    Umm, looks like she was only puffy from crying and smeared her heavy make-up. He, on the other hand, looks beaten.

  95. Ethan says – reply to this


    so does she keep a knife in that bee hive or does she give a weave and then her and her husband fight and make her shit look ugly !!! lol

  96. Mallenmarie says – reply to this


    Someone tell me, what the F*** is with those everlasting pants?

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