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Halos And Horns

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We're always running around at such a crazy frenetic pace, but every once in a while it feels so damn good to just sit back, soak it all in and enjoy.

Perez realizes how damn lucky he is. Extremely. And he doesn't take it for granted!

Thursday night, we had the opportunity to go to a super exclusive listening party for Dolly Parton's new album. There were only about twelve or so people there, and the country music legend was one of them - making a surprise appearance.

Our shit nearly turned the color of our hair and we practically pooped in our shorts when we walked into the room and Dolly herself greeted Perezzers with a big 'ol hug. And she is sooooooo tiny (except in the boobage). We were afraid we were gonna break her!

Miz Parton is a legend, and she's everything you could hope for. Talented and kind. Sweet and saucy. Pretty damn near perfect, like Mary Freakin' Poppins.

The international gay icon was done up to the nines - big nails, big hair, lots of color and bling and sparkly stuff. She was diggin' Perezito's sunglasses and playfully tried them on herself.

Dolly floated around the room, giving some one-on-one attention to the lucky few invited to the listening party. Amongst those in attendance were the genius David LaChapelle and the equally genius Danilo, who does the hair for Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese.

Miz Parton's new album doesn't even come out until February 2008, so it was such a special treat to get a big preview of the record.

The disc is Dolly's first foray into mainstream country in a while  - she had been making a few (critically acclaimed) bluegrass records lately. And the results on the new album are amazing!

You have your ballads. Your gospel. Your uptempo. There's a little bit of everything for everyone.

The two standout tracks were Backwoods Barbie, a song that Dolly's writing for the new 9 to 5 Broadway musical, and You Drive Me Crazy, a cover of the Fine Young Cannibals song.

On our way out, Dolly even gave us a super rare special surprise by playing us a wicked new song she wrote called Just A Wee Bit Gay. Yes!!!

Dolly loves her gay fans, and after she releases her new country record she's gonna put out a dance album!!!!!

This woman is a legend. She's been in the business since before we were born. And she's just as good as ever. No bullshit.

Viva La Dolly!!!

[Perez's sunglasses courtesy of Ksubi. Thanks to Christopher Kreiling! P's hoodie courtesy of Clandestine Industries. Thanks to Peter Wentz!]

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265 comments to “Halos And Horns”

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  1. Curry. says – reply to this


    Perez, you really need to lose the mo.
    love the hair though!

  2. browneyedqtie says – reply to this


    Dolly is the freakin' shit. Still hot after all these years and still putting out great music. She's one of the best songwriters of her time…and uh, for all the haters, you only wish you looked as good when you're 60+! lol.

  3. www.dollyon-line.com/ says – reply to this


    Dolly's new album is going to be amazing. Check out Dolly Parton On-Line, her official site, and DollyMania for the latest info!

  4. Mia says – reply to this


    What happened to the junk in Dolly's trunk? She used to be a bit heavier, now she looks way too thin…besides the boobs, silicone doesn't shrink apparently.

  5. John says – reply to this


    Um, Perez, I believe the sunglasses should be credited to TSUBI, and NOT Ksubi. If you're gonna thank manufacturers for your swag, they'd probably appreciate it if you spelled their brand correctly.
    (A friendly fashion stylist looking out for your best interest in future swag reaping)

  6. www.DollyMania.net says – reply to this


    For folks wanting to visit her first-ever official site, it will be at www.dollypartonmusic.net, but it won't actually launch for about another month. For #88 complaining about dollyparton.com, it has not only been inactive for weeks as you noted, but it's actually been inactive "forever" because that site has yet to launch :) Until her official site is available, check out the nightly Dolly news updates on DollyMania.net and vote on Dolly On-Line for what content you want to see when her official music site launches!

  7. Dominic Darrah says – reply to this


    That smile, those dimples, perfect skin, ultimate hour-glass figure. I've always thought Dolly Parton was a very beautiful woman. And she still is! Can't wait to hear her new cd! I believe the first single will be available at itunes by late September.

  8. Putting The Delilah In "Hey There" says – reply to this


    Awww! You two make a splendid little picture. And you're both rocking the sunglasses. :] Plus, your hair is fierce, Perez! (You should dye your mustache to match…wait, on second thought, don't. I have visions of a green lip coming on.)
    Sigh…seeing a nice celebrity is like finding Chanel flats mixed in with your flip-flops–super-rare and super-fabulous. Go Dolly (and P, of course)!

  9. Jess says – reply to this


    This is one zexy pic, Perez!


  10. Julie K. says – reply to this


    When I was little, every Sunday my mom, dad, brother, and I would go on Sunday Drives. Translation: A fairly boring car ride in the country that has no real destination-just grown ups riding around and looking at stuff with their bored kids in the back seat. The bet part of the drive for me was when we would drive by Dolly Parton's house, and I would always ask "do you think we'll see her today?". My parents always gave me hope that maybe she'd be getting her mail out of the mail box at the end of her driveway or picking apples in her yard and I would get so excited! I never saw her. But driving by her fancy house surrounded by big iron security fencing was the highlight of the day. Great photo Perez! Two of my favorite people.

  11. shelby anderson says – reply to this


    Dolly is an amazing person and exceptional talent…she should have won the Oscar a couple of years back…such a great song-writer and singer. I seen her in person a few months back, and she is soooo pretty in person - very tiny and PERFECT skin. She treats everyone the same, whether you are her waiter or the president of Disney…Dolly is the best there is

  12. tomcat says – reply to this


    For as long as I live, I don't think I will ever meet a more beautiful person
    than Ms. Dolly. She is truly an angel and will always be loved

  13. ellie says – reply to this


    CLANDESTINE IS THE SHIT. love the mothafuckin hoodie perez. :]

  14. Lucy says – reply to this


    Dollly is so damn likeable and has such a cute figure and so much talent as a singer and songwriter. I adore her.

  15. kelmo says – reply to this



  16. Meagan says – reply to this


    Ahhhh!!! LOVE THE DOLLY!!!!!!!!! Damn, Mama is rockin that body, baby!!

  17. Geoff says – reply to this


    man you are one fat pig perez

  18. haha that's ironic says – reply to this


    i bet that's the first and the last time anyone has and will ever compare dolly parton to mary poppins.
    only you, perez. only you ;]

  19. Robbie says – reply to this


    we love u dolly! YOUR FAB

  20. patti says – reply to this


    peeerrreeeeez you look like a dirty sanchez in this picture..haha.

  21. hideous says – reply to this


    god, youre ugly

  22. joe says – reply to this


    Dolly Parton is the most amazing person I've ever met! She looks absolutely beautiful as always and you can catch her at Dollywood Sept 14 for the opening of the bluegrass and BBQ festival! ROCK ON DOLLY!!!!!!!!!

  23. Pandora says – reply to this


    She's probably had more plastic surgery than most but still she looks great.

  24. Julie says – reply to this


    I did a show with Dolly a couple years ago, she is the sweetest cutest little person in the world I love her!!

  25. LOVE says – reply to this


    DOLLY is a DREAM!!!

    I've loved her since I was a little girl. We had the soundtrack (on tape) and I still now every word to all the songs. I saw her in concert and actually cried a little. She's smart, funny, sweet, amazingly talented, and genuine. That's what you call a STAR!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO DOLLY!!!

  26. jrt says – reply to this


    I could not be more jealous than I am now. How in the hell did you get this opportunity. Dolly is my favorite human being in the world. I would do anything to meet her, and she was in the same city as me, and I didn't even know. Jealous as can possibly be.

  27. v dots hot says – reply to this


    are those butt implants???????????????????????????????????????????

  28. CareBear says – reply to this


    see perez! you know you love pete! your wearing clothes from his fashion line!!!!

  29. kelly says – reply to this


    perez i love you so much man!! but please get rid of the mustache!!!
    you would look a lot better babee!!

  30. Rita says – reply to this


    Lose some Weight, fatass Perez!! i hope they put you on celebrity fit club you fagget ass cunt

  31. diehard dolly fan says – reply to this


    for all you dolly haters….get a fuckin life! you will never have as much talent in your entire life that dolly has in her little finger. you will never have the career, the longevity, the fans that dolly has. for all you trifiling girls who are jealous that you will never look like her and for you guys who cant even get a halfway decent girl to have sex with you….you are all so jealous and it shows in your comments. dolly is laughing all the way to the bank, bitches!!!

  32. Paul says – reply to this



  33. EE says – reply to this


    Oh, oh honey….that's not good. Not good at all! I love you but if you are going to comment on others appearances…oooh, oooh no!

  34. Sandeana says – reply to this


    Dolly looks like she could use a few big fatteing meals.

  35. Sandeana says – reply to this


    Dolly looks like she could use a few big fattening meals.

  36. Reece says – reply to this


    I love Dolly! You two look so good together and I don't care what they say you looks so sexy in that hoodie.

  37. Brittney Ellen says – reply to this


    My God Dolly is looking great!!! wow! Anyone who thinks she is anything but pure and sweet really doesent know the real Dolly that her legions of fans do…she always wants people to "see the brain beneath the wigs and the heart beneath the boobs"…we see it, Dolly, and you are quite simply the BEST! Love ya!!

  38. Kelly says – reply to this


    OMG Perez, dont do this to your hair ever again :) LOVE YOU LOTS, so I'll pretend it didnt happen. Whenever you're in Atlanta email me so I can style your hair bay bay.


  39. laura says – reply to this


    you lucky bitch!

  40. laldallas says – reply to this


    Sometimes, just when I think you totally suck Perez (like right after I read you bagging on Jack N. re: how he looks at age 70) you go and show that you do recognize aging talent as the talent that they are/were. Kudos re: that. But, just as Dolly Parton is an original talent, so is Jack Nicholson. They both are some of the best at what they do, and sometimes when you live fast, you look rough, it's just that Jack lived a touch faster than Dolly dearest. On a related topic, if you think Paris Hilton, Lindsay, et al, will look like daisies at 70 after their ride in the fast lane you're not as quick as I thought you were. (On the plus side for Perez, there will be lots of bagging on people who were born more genetically gifted than you for years to come.) Smiles - lal

  41. cherry says – reply to this


    you really are hideous. u really shouldnt be talking shit about celebrities looks when you look like this.

  42. Carla says – reply to this


    I like Dolly too, but geez, what a suck up - relax, man!

  43. Sugar tits says – reply to this


    I bet they felt like gaw breakers.

  44. stevo says – reply to this


    dam Perez your so fucking ugly …….. and thats IT!

  45. ArmyWife27 says – reply to this


    I am so happy that you went to Dolly's event and reported on it for us. It's nice to hear something that is entertainment-related, pertinent to current events, and spoken of with true interest, instead of just another photo of a lost female cause hitting another car, striking another pose, taking another drink. I am from Tennessee and Dolly has always been my hero. She is an ultra talented performer and a sharp-as-a-blade businesswoman, just to name a few of her attributes. She has looked exactly as she has wanted to look at any given time in public and never in 40 years had a photo taken of her getting out of a car with crotch showing, eyes glazed, and trying to juggle a damned puppy as an accessory. She has an incredible sense of humor, she is an immaculately groomed lady, a philanthropist, a musician, singer, songwriter, and recognized as being a major contributor to the Performing Arts in so many ways. My respect for you, Perez, went up several serious notches, in that you attended this event as one of a very few, and actually made comment on the intent of its purpose. I used to think that you were just another media whore with a laptop that somehow got lucky on his publicity, but now I see that you actually have an interest over and above the ParisBritLindNicsuperficial sideshow and that you do give thoughtful attention and time to those who deserve your forum to actually comment on their current events. I adore Dolly and although she may be Perez-worthy as a gay icon, she is also one of the top businesswomen and entertainers of the modern world. Thank you, Perez. And now, back to the tidbits that pay the rent and get you 4 million hits a day…another shot of Brit doing nothing.

  46. zapatos_verdes says – reply to this


    yes, for real, perez, do something with that look. it looks like you went to the clearance sections at walmart, or k-mart. maybe you need those tags that help tell you what pieces to put together, cuz, ummmm, that outfit don't go.

    some people can pull it off, with their unique styles, but you just look like a wanna-be, a poser sorry to say it too, but man, you have just let yourself go. you have ballooned up. has your success translated into increased gluttony? the hair sucks, seriously, i know you get a kick out of being "different," but your different is not cool. it looks bad. lose some weight and get a trainer. your head would probably shrink to a normal size and you might get laid without having to bribe or pay for it.

  47. Lilli says – reply to this


    I'm not starstruck in general but I think I would follow her around like a little puppy if I saw her in person. You are so, so lucky. Have heard about this new music you were lucky enough to listen to. Was curious what direction she'd go since she reinvents so much. Just bought "16 Biggest Hits" which is a greatest hits collection (already have a couple of older ones) and I recommend it if you haven't listened to her lately.

  48. Renae says – reply to this


    Very jealous you got a listening party invite for this as are many other people who have heard this album was not done yet! She is such an icon. So interesting to hear it will be a cross section of styles to have better appeal. Rumor had it that it would take one direction only. But not out until when?!? Will have to be satisfied with her newest "16 Biggest Hits" to tide us over until… I can live in the past listening to this for a few months.

  49. bip says – reply to this


    why are u so fat perez?????????
    there is medication u know… work it out !

  50. Mariah says – reply to this


    Ahahaha. Another Clandestine hoodie. I want.

  51. mamapeg says – reply to this


    is perez related to john force??????????

  52. Evelyn says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton you are a caricature who should look at yourself in the mirror when you make your judgments against people, especially women. You are the emperor with no clothes on. No one will say it to your face, but you are naked! No one really likes you anyway.

  53. Roger says – reply to this


    Damn i wish that was me being able to feel those hard , big round breasts of hers against my chest. I bet alot of her male friends are always trying to get a hug for every dumb reason just to feel those babies.

  54. Shannon says – reply to this


    holy shit she's skinny! Perez, you're looking gay as ever! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for all the awesome stupid people shit you have.

  55. Toxic Waste says – reply to this


    Dolly is just awesome. She looks amazing and is the friendliest celeb I have ever met. So everybody who says something bad about Dolly GO FUCK youself !!!!

  56. roman says – reply to this


    all hail queen Dolly! i hope it's a big hit for her, sick of britney etc. Dolly is a real talent and love love love her!

  57. ledrep@hotmail.com says – reply to this


    wow two queens in one room! Dolly deserves attention again - she's no flash in the pan like the rest of todays "stars". Dolly is awesome and only recently are her boobs fake - she lost all that weight and they dropped like Monica Lewinsky for Clinton! Fake boobs don't grow and shrink with you so all you idiots look at all the old shows if you think were fake. They'd jiggle up to her chin - thats real baby and fxxx all you haters (though I see you outnumbered about 100 to 1) anyone who hates Dolly should just kill themselves because they are too mean to live - it's like hating puppies and kittens! And Perez you dress how ever you want! Kisses and give war a chance - if we leave they kill gays and jews first people…read a frickin history book! ANYWAY LOVE LOVE LOVE Dolly (but hate country besides her)

  58. Stef says – reply to this



  59. Niki Nightmare says – reply to this


    You make Clandestine look horrible.

    Fucking take that hoodie off fatass.

  60. Niki Nightmare says – reply to this


    Clandestine owns,
    But you kill it.


  61. DollyNood says – reply to this


    The finest tits in all of showbusiness for sure!!
    Dolly should pose nude in the near future, or at least show us the pictures of her that have undoubtedly been taken, instead of waiting until her 100 th birthday!

  62. mark says – reply to this


    Dolly is the shit and "I'll always love you" Miss double D fer shur.
    She is like the only celeb that knos fans got her where she is and loves
    her fans as much as they love her, and i have so much respect for that.
    How many of today's music peeps will still be relevant when thier 60?
    She be lookin' and writing and singing better now than ever.
    Rock on Dolly!!!!!!! See you in the Rock and Roll Hall Of FAME!!!!!

  63. K says – reply to this


    her boobs are fake and she wears a wig. but she is kinda pretty tho.

  64. K says – reply to this


    her breast are fake and she wears a wig. but she is kinda pretty tho.

  65. K says – reply to this


    her breast are fake and she wears a wig. but she is kinda pretty tho.

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