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It Just Won't Go Away

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Do with it what you will, but….

We keep on hearing that Fidel Castro is dead.

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109 comments to “It Just Won't Go Away”

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  1. Jen says – reply to this


    A nuestro familia… el momento viene. Cuba se va liberar! Cubanos unidos!!!!!

  2. jh says – reply to this


    how can you be so insesitive? breaking news is one thing but must you draw cum on castro's face… it's the first time that i have ever been sickened by your website.

  3. Gringo says – reply to this


    The days keep passing and yet, still no announcement, and still nobody outside of Miami gives a crap, just another idiotic rumour from the right-wing JFK-murderers at the Versailles, and "Perez" gladly passes along their lies. A million Miamians are obessed with every hangnail that tinhorn dictator gets - they think he's in the same league with Hitler and Pol Pot, but he's just another banana republic dictator just like the rest, except he took away the rich white Cubans' goodies and that made them mad, so they ran away to Miami (instead of fighting to the death) so they could send their kids to Gulliver Prep. When will Miamians get it through their skulls that nobody else CARES! The whole country of Cuba barely has the population of NYC!

  4. Gringo says – reply to this


    By the way, "Perez", you are aware that when he dies, Raul will simply take over and nothing will really change, because the people on the island are not angry enough, and the people in Miami are way too comfortable there to ever go back and do anything about it. From Cheney/Bush to the Miami Cubans, it's always the same with right-wingers, always wanting someone ELSE to go do their fighting for them. Miamians tried to con JFK into a foolish invasion and he blew them off, and Cheney/Bush destroy all the jobs for poor and minorities so they have little choice but to go illegally occupy Iraq. "Perez", why don't you, and all those cigar-chomping, guayabera-wearing loudmouths at the Versailles get your asses on a boat and go fight all the poor blacks you left on the Island and change things? I'm sure they'd love to be your peons again!

  5. Gringo says – reply to this


    Just as I thought, "Perez". You are a damn coward, deleting messages that tell the truth about you and your Versailles buddies. PATHETIC!

  6. Kay Abella says – reply to this


    LETS NOT LET THE MEDIA WHITEWASH CASTRO! When he goes, we’ll have to sit through all the pontificating about what a great leader he was, a titan of the 20th century, blah, blah. BUT the truth is – he’s ruined a nation and its people - killed thousands. Read my book, Fighting Castro: A Love Story, to see exactly how Castro worked his evil - go inside the lives of Lino and Emy Fernandez - who he tried to destroy - and feel in your gut what it’s like to live in that kind of tyranny. He'll still be a murderer, even when he's dead.

  7. yona says – reply to this


    well perez you know what we spanish ppl always say Yerba mala nuca muere…lol

  8. Noelia says – reply to this


    You should be more interested in watching Bush die, he is killing innocents every fucking day and your country still chooses him so pleaseeee Before talking about cultures you have absolutely no idea about try first to understand yours…If you can….I think nobody can because is fucking ridiculus.-
    Noelia –> Argentina.

  9. SK says – reply to this


    if you've had the opportunity to go to cuba, you'd know that castro was not a terrible leader. i'm sure not many people know but cuba is one of the leaders when it comes to education. no offence but i'd be pissed if that country became americanized. i agree with mark…i hope you'll be plastering shit all over your site when dictator george bush dies!

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