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"Lauryn Hill Is Bipolar"

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Lifelong friend and former Fugees partner Pras is talking some more about Lauryn Hill's many problems.

In an interview with AJ's Playhouse on 93.3 FM in San Diego on Friday morning, Pras told the radio show that Lauryn Hill is mentaly ill.

He says, "Lauryn Hill is like to me the greatest artist in the last 25 or 30 years, but - still - if you mentaly ill, you mentally ill. I'm not no expert, but based on my profesional opinion, she needs medication. I think it's bipolar. The thing is, when you're around someone like that that you love and grew up with, you don't wanna believe that kind of behavior really exists. It seems so unreal."

Lauryn is the black Britney!

Check out the clip below.

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240 comments to “"Lauryn Hill Is Bipolar"”

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  1. WATEVER says – reply to this


    COME ON PEOPLE ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. catty says – reply to this


    What is in a a name. call it bi-polar or whatever. She is just crazy at hell.

  3. catty says – reply to this


    What is in a a name. call it bi-polar or whatever. She is just crazy at hell.

  4. bvgfd says – reply to this


    gay as

  5. KD says – reply to this


    Please don't say IS bipolar..people HAVE it they aren't it…just like someone isn't cancer…they have it.

  6. tina says – reply to this



  7. Tina says – reply to this


    I want the old Lauryn back!!!

  8. claire says – reply to this


    gay as

  9. two says – reply to this



  10. hummerbird says – reply to this


    Is she channeling Oprah? What is the deal? I do not remember this chick looking like the big O the last time I saw a pic of here!

  11. nadine says – reply to this


    Oh nooooooo! not lauryn!

  12. leah says – reply to this


    it is hardly surprising that creative people are often those most prone to mental illness. does it ever occur to you that your ignorance about these diseases makes you look like an absolute shit? doesn't that bother you at all?

  13. tom says – reply to this


    perez sux

  14. Jiyu says – reply to this


    Lauryn Hill WAS great but why bother with her, she hasn't even released a decent song in years. If she is truly bipolar, maybe her TRUE friends can drag her to the shrink… look at her, she isn't the fabulous gal that she was.

  15. Renata says – reply to this


    What's going on with her? She used to be so beautiful and now she is terrible.
    Please save Lauryn!!!

  16. brittany says – reply to this



  17. smorf says – reply to this


    I know bi-polar people and they don't dress like they are in the musical cats

  18. brooke says – reply to this



  19. El$* says – reply to this


    lauryn hill is the black britney lmao hey im bipolar

  20. Nicki says – reply to this


    This is super sad. Please, if you have BIPOLAR for the sake of everyone around you TAKE YOUR MEDICATION. I've had it forever and to finally recognize you have issues and getting yourself on the right track is the BEST thing you can do for yourself. Get better.

  21. jeb says – reply to this


    i understand the point of this site seems to be to hate and be mean, which is pretty sad- not that i don't participate. but i don't think this shit is funny. if's she's mentally ill, why don't people do more to try to help her… i know too well that sometimes you can't help people that won't be helped, but i'm already dreading the comments all the mean people are going to post on this. if the woman's sick, we shouldn't make fun of her any more than we'd make fun of someone in a wheelchair.

  22. Terese says – reply to this


    I wonder if she is still racist when she isn't bi polar? Um, I think so. :D I hate this bitch. She is truly a has been.

  23. F3L!c!@ says – reply to this


    Now ain't that some shit….the black Britney, she always semmed a little off balanced

  24. whocares says – reply to this


    who gives a shit about this freak show? C'mon P, give us something we CARE about.

  25. chittybang says – reply to this


    perez you are a moron. you shoud know better than to make fun of someone who is mentally ill. its not something to make fun of. are you aware that years ago they thought homosexuality was a SICKNESS? you should really watch what you say about people. if she is bipolar she needs help. and who the hell is pras? in HIS professional opinion? negro please…they're all just mad cuz they cant ride the lauryn gravy train anymore. perez, wise up, cuz what goes around comes around. and your straight jacket is waiting somewhere…

  26. HollywoodBasher says – reply to this


    Crazy People are usually talented…what's your excuse?

  27. MandaJ says – reply to this


    she seems like a completely different person since Sister Act 2, why would someone who always got so much respect shatter her image?

  28. hello says – reply to this


    Based on his "professional" opinion?


    He's a musician, granted a talented one, but let the medical professionals do the diagonses

  29. jessi girl says – reply to this


    perez, drugs are fun!!!!

  30. Lynzee says – reply to this


    Shout out to AJ's Playhouse!

  31. Eric Kane says – reply to this


    If he "loves" her so much why does he run his fucking mouth about her every chance he gets?

  32. Solaera says – reply to this


    "I’m not no expert, but based on my profesional opinion, she needs medication."

    God. What a moron.

  33. jennzz says – reply to this


    If she does have mental problems,, lets hope she gets help,, unmedicated mental patients usually end up hurting themselves or others
    someone take her to a doctor!

  34. Mommy says – reply to this


    accept lauryn used to be beautiful and immensely talented… britney was put together to appear pretty but basically an overrated pole dancer… poor lauryn! i loved her music~ fuck britney! i hope she never pulls herself up by her shitty bootstraps.. i hope lauryn emerges!

  35. Amber says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does she look like Oprah???

  36. Devin says – reply to this


    I hope she gets whatever help she needs, she is a good artist, and I would like to see the old Lauryn back. I've lived with an extreme bi-polar person in the past, when they take their meds, they tend to do pretty well, problem is with most bi-polar personalities is that once they begin to feel better, they stop taking their meds. Then they tend to swing into high gear, ( manic ) not sleeping for days on end, and then they crash, becoming so depressed and in despair they feel as though they have no will to live. I just really hope she gets the help and sticks with it.

  37. Witchdoctor says – reply to this


    Rohan Marley's wife put the voodoo hex on her for trying to steal her man. Now she's alone with four kids and crazy. She's paying with her sanity for being a homewrecking slut.

  38. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    Geeze, she looks like Oprah dressed for Halloween.

  39. Lala Bush says – reply to this


    Thnx Praz…first you clearly state that you're "expert" then you give us your "professional opinion" and wanna medicate her. Maybe you can help, I have this pain in my ass that's been bugging me…oh wait, it's just you!

  40. The Sweetest Thing says – reply to this


    Lauryn is not the black Britney. Lauryn does not flash her vahjayjay and hang out with people like Paris and those crazy assistants that Britney keeps having to fire. She is not screwing anything with a pulse and having sex in nightclub restrooms. Perez, you're off on this one.

  41. msnmle says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Oprah?

  42. lia says – reply to this


    The black Britney?
    Lauryn Hill won Grammies for stuff she wrote, composed, interpreted (with the voice of a gifted singer), played.
    She was a true musician.
    Does Britney even know how to read a partition?
    I'm very impatient to hear a full album she would have written and composed.I'm sure it would be a masterpiece!

  43. BJB says – reply to this


    Like duh

  44. F*CK PRAS says – reply to this


    You people seem to think Lauryn stopped living after the Score and MisEd albums. Lauryn has 4 beautiful children and she has never stopped making beautiful music. She did not distribute it through the traditional channel, but through live performances (2 European tours following the Unplugged album) and yes internet leaks. Have you heard Social Drugs, Guarding the Gates, The Passion, Selah, Damnable Heresies, Conformed to Love, Politicians Sprite, Rich Man, One Higher Love, Little Boyz? She also has live version of the Unplugged Songs. The latest "Lose Myself" on the surfs up soundtrack.

    You people are really pathetic; because, Perez and other media sites only choose to report on this talented women when people have something negative to say about her or an unflattering picture you want to make her out to be CRAZY. I read the crap about Amy Winehouse and I don't think I read once anyone refer to her as CRAZY.

    Lets see what was Lauryns crime? She f*cking cried while performing on Unplugged and she doesn't want to work with those f*cking loser. She her self has said many times that she has suffered from depression over the years. All you have to do is listen to "Lose Myself". She has never been arrested, never been caught with drugs and I challenge to find where she has ever said anything negative about anyone. She even passed on the opportunity in her last interview that was posted on here and youtubes. She can take off the clothes and the makeup. Lauryn is still as beautiful as ever and there are plenty of pictures and video to prove it. Lauryn has a fan base around the World that is patiently waiting her return.

    Therefore; I say again F*CK PRAS.

  45. i heart perezzers says – reply to this


    She looks like your crazy grandma/great aunt who collects all the dusty ceramic cats and tries to make you wax her chin hair and has those hard candies in the dish that are all stuck together in one big lump

  46. Miss Rich Bitch says – reply to this


    I'm tired of hearing about Lauryn Hill Perez! NO MORE! She's a crazy diva!

  47. michaela says – reply to this


    oh man, please don't compare lauryn hill with britney…they are pretty much on opposite ends of everything. except for crazyness.

  48. Sam says – reply to this


    WOW! I listen to AJ's Playhouse every morning….cool you guys linked them! :)

  49. Christine says – reply to this


    I think she looks like Oprah Winfrey!

  50. KAT says – reply to this



  51. Cristian says – reply to this


    Duh! All artists are bipolar. Bipolarity is a characteristic of all artistic/creative personalities. The opposite is the conventional thinker. If you're a "healthy not-bipolar" person, then news is you'll never become a talented artist, so start tossing away that application for American Idol, and start looking for a nice 9 to 5 job.

  52. jessica says – reply to this


    Obviously Lauren Hill has issues just like the rest of the world, but she is not hurting anybody, that was very stupid to say that when you grow up with someone you just can't believe one can be that way. what way is that? mental illness is a sickness, it means something is no functioning right, do we forget that? people wih mental illness don't chose to be that way, if you think about it aren't we all crazy but we just pretend no to be! I have met many "normal" people who think weird ass shit! just let Lauren be, if she is doing drugs it's her choice she is a grown woman.

  53. So wrong says – reply to this


    What a shame that people feel it is acceptable to continue to feed into the stigma surrounding mental ill health. We all know someone with a mental illness (many successful people - artists, etc.) have suffered from bipolar. And I do say suffer because it is not something anyone would chose for themselves. This is like making fun of a cancer victim. Very "nice".

  54. Reality says – reply to this


    She's just a little too full of herself.

  55. me says – reply to this


    wow, proper grammer is not his strong point. I might have to just skip his "professional opinion"

  56. Koko says – reply to this


    He just needs to shut the fuck up. If he grew up with her and at one point in time they really were friends then telling everyone this makes him an asshole. Jealous much? He's a bitch.

  57. Hyde says – reply to this


    What is with all these idiots? They have every opportunity, then they go and blow it. Tards.

  58. Sarah says – reply to this


    I am so bored about hearing about Lauryn Hill. We're over it.

  59. mendez says – reply to this


    Please stop saying all these celebrities that obviously use drugs are bipolar. I myself am bipolar I can perfectly function well due to medication. The only reason these assH*** are going bonkers is because there basically HIGH! I HATE CELEBRITIES, BUT I LOVE PEREZ!!!

  60. Cazza says – reply to this


    "If YOU mentally ill, YOU mentally ill?" If you are retarded, you are retarded, PRAS. You are, or YOU'RE. Are you a cave man or something? And what kind of friend talks about a friend like that? Leave her alone. Maybe she doesn't want to work with you because you are an asshole. Pras is a disgrace.

  61. Candalily says – reply to this



  62. F*CK PRAS says – reply to this


    I don't know what the issue is other than something to gossip about. If she does have bi-polar she is still Lauryn. She is still loved regardless. She would not be the first or last to suffer from this disorder. People need to respect those that suffer mental illness the same as they would someone with a physical illness. It is not something you wish for, but simply must deal with in the normal course of life. If mental illness was not such a stigma a lot more people would seek help and end their suffering. We don't know what Lauryns situation is and neither does Pras in his "professsional opinion".

  63. G Washington says – reply to this


    Black people are not mentally ill.

    Only white racists says that.

    Blacks also, never abandon their wife and kids, they dont use drugs (and if the do its because devil whitey made them take them), they never use violence to solve many of their problems, and they never disregard education and learning as the cornerstone to a successful life.

    Its ALL whiteys fault.


  64. ozzie says – reply to this


    AHAHAHA the series of captioned pictures are some of the funniest things I've seen in a while!! She looks like a damn fool.

    m y s p a c e . c o m/yummyozzie

  65. GreanInw says – reply to this



  66. NN says – reply to this


    Pras needs to stop running his mouth & putting her personal business on blast. It's tacky. Let the girl get help or help her….Enough already.

  67. Jesse J says – reply to this


    Bipolar? I doubt it the monkey is never happy.

  68. Perfectly Sane says – reply to this


    It's a bi-polar epidemic! Or is it?

    These days "bi-polar" is just another way of saying out of control, egotistical, spoiled, selfish BRAT.

  69. Sasha says – reply to this


    Lauryn might be going through some shit…but, there no way shes the black fucking Britney…Have u seen her droppin her kids, drivin with them on her lap, flashing her pu**y, shaving her head??? NO, u have not. Abeit, her hair and makeup is fuckin crazy…

  70. Bipolar or just bi? says – reply to this


    "People need to respect those that suffer mental illness the same as they would someone with a physical illness."

    Like hell we do! I owe you nothing. Respect is EARNED. If you want respect, take your damn meds and STOP WHINING. Don't use your 'condition' as an excuse for bad behavior and we'll get along just fine. If you CHOOSE to wallow in your 'condition' and make people tiptoe around you, you're just a useless waste of DNA and you should stay home.

  71. Why is the woman always "crazy" says – reply to this


    You know, it is amazing to me that no one is pointing the finger at Mr. Marley, who up and left her to raise her children (at least 4?) by herself after he cheated on her FOREVER. I think if that had been going on in my life, people might think i am a little "crazy" too….

  72. ginny says – reply to this


    perez…do you need an assistant? i will drop everything to be your slave.

    the black britney - pfffffffffffffffffft!!! buaaaaaaaahahahahhahaha!! right on…

    i fucking love you, perez…you're a crazy bitch!

  73. Jess says – reply to this


    SHOUT-OUT TO AJ'S PLAYHOUSE!!!! Channel 93.3's Geena the Latina!! Love you perez, good lookin out! ;)

  74. shesahaterBITCH* says – reply to this



  75. Matthew says – reply to this


    Well maybe you would be more convincing if you could SPELL!
    Retarded. There just needs to be one label 'crazy people'- like it used to be.

  76. DKK says – reply to this


    It looks like Oprah's daughter!

  77. MCL says – reply to this


    That eye makeup = 80s Oprah.

  78. abi says – reply to this


    first of all. the accusations made on miss hill being racist.. were crap to begin with. just another example of people spreading useless gossip ruining peoples lives.
    second…calling lauryn hill.. the black britney spears is not only ignorant as all hell…but last time i checked lauryn hill had more talent in her left toe than that waste of life could ever wish to have in her entire career.
    ps- you guys might want to check out nytimes.com or bbc.com for some actual worth while information

  79. devin says – reply to this


    "Lauryn is the black britney"

    …Hmmm, there's something wrong with this statement… mainly because britney is about half (probably alot less than that) talented than Ms. Hill and three times as crazy. And pras fucking sucks. I'm suprised lauryn and wyclef even let this guy touch a mike let alone be in the group.

  80. locodoctor says – reply to this


    I am a psychiatrist, when I saw that interview with her…wow, pretty impaired. Just from that little interview though, sounded more schizophrenic. Good wishes to her, i hope she is geting the right treatment…

  81. me says – reply to this


    Skid Row is a 50 square block area in downtown Los Angeles where an average of 90,000 homeless and transient people live on any given night. More than just a place - it’s a way of life, a mind set, the last resort for those who have given up on society and, in many cases, themselves.In the feature documentary SKID ROW, Pras Michel - one third of the successful hip-hop band The Fugees - lives on the streets of Skid Row for 9 straight days and nights as a homeless person. The entire time he and his crew are undercover, using surveillance cameras. His journey is a difficult one, riddled with hunger, exposure to the elements, criminals, drugs and danger. It is also life-changing… as Pras learns not only how to fend for himself, but discovers the dark, very human and, at times humorous underbelly of Los Angeles

    In theaters August 24


  82. Mikayla says – reply to this


    I live in san diego and heard that this moring! Holla SD!

  83. GetWellMsHill says – reply to this


    First it was a married Wyclef who f*cked her, led her on, then left her. Then a married Rohan Marley pumped 4 kids into her in 6 years and left her. It is any wonder the girl has lost her mind?

    Oh, and Pras WHO?? If he weren't talking about Lauren Hill, no one would even be paying this talentless loser any attention. At least Lauren has talent and a chance of a comeback. Who's interested in a new Praswell CD?

  84. GetWellMsHill says – reply to this


    First it was a married Wyclef who f*cked her, led her on, then decided he wanted to still be with his wife. Then a married Rohan Marley pumped 4 kids into her in 6 years and left her. It is any wonder the girl has lost her mind?

    Oh, and Pras WHO?? If he weren't talking about Lauren Hill, no one would even be paying this talentless loser any attention. At least Lauren has talent and a chance of a comeback. Who's interested in a new Praswell CD?

  85. Amy Winehouse's idol says – reply to this


    I have believed Lauryn Hill was mentally ill for a while based on media reports and I pray that she gets help. Anyone that would compare Lauryn to Brittany obviously doesn't know anything about Lauryn's music. She is a singer, songwriter,poet, MC, and one of Amy Winehouse's idols. Winehouse ( also mentally ill) still sings Lauryn's music in her performances.

    If you are such a fan of Winehouse then you reeeaaaalllly need oto check out The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and her MTV Unplugged CD to find out where Amy's musical inspiration comes from.

  86. Truthiness says – reply to this


    Lauryn Hill is not a racist. Check out her MTV Masters interview on DailyMotion videos. She talks about the rumor started by that racist Howard Stern other people picked up the rumor…this really hut her b/c she was actually raised in a white neighborhood and has friends of all races.

    A Howard Stern caller said Lauryn made a statement in an MTV interview that she did not want white people to buy her music, the tabloids picked it up and she had to get MTV to release a statemnet that no such interview took place. Stop getting your "news" from lying tabloids!!!!!!

  87. Leslie Armstrong says – reply to this


    Dang ya'll! She be looking like Oprah or some shit

  88. Fa Rea do says – reply to this


    Fa Rea do! she do look jes like Okra!

  89. ozzie says – reply to this


    she looks like oprah

  90. John says – reply to this


    Perez, I'd hardly label Lauryn Hill the black Britney. Just on an IQ plane, they're on different planets. So, maybe she has bipolar disorder. Her erratic behavior may indeed indicate that. But labeling her mental illness to make her seem like a leper is really ugly. Try some empathy for a change.

  91. Lexi says – reply to this


    Perez, sometimes your desire to come up with a cute or snarky little witticism leads you to make some just plain stupid comments. "Lauryn is the black Britney"? Britney WISHES she had one iota of Lauryn's depth, talent, and (justifiable) craziness.

    Seriously, dude, please don't lose your objectivity just for the sake of a laugh.

  92. Angie From Chicago says – reply to this


    PRAS' bitch ass is WYCLEF JEAN'S COUSIN. All the while fugees were assembled and she was dating wyclef he was fucking abusing her and fucking her up in the head. He was controlling every aspect of her life from where she could go and what to wear to what she could do in her career in the midst of being abusive. So of course jackass loser pras who has no real career and his name on nothing worthwhile or good would dog lauryn hill while he was the one sitting back in a trio where the FACE OF THE FUGEES and the woman who MADE THE WHOLE DAMN GROUP was abused by his family. His opinion means shit. And the rest of you are dick heads for jumping on the bandwagon.

  93. Angie From Chicago says – reply to this


    EXACTLY!!!! @ #77

  94. Princess Mags says – reply to this


    Mz Hill is a crazy ass heffer! :O

  95. barbara says – reply to this


    First all if you know Lauren Hill you will know that she has always been her own person.She has never been the type to dress like most stars…No matter what she has always been a very smart and classy lady.No matter how much makeup or what she has on I will always love her and give her the up most repect.I think she is a wonderful young lady..

    People please understand that make-up clothes hair etc. doesn't make a person…She is still the same person I am more than sure..

    If you can't help a person then stop saying ignorant things about them pray for her instead of making fun of her..She's human…We don't know what she is going through and then again maybe she isn't going through anything…Maybe this is the way she want to dress..

    Lauren has always been a multi talent person…

  96. LUVLAURYN says – reply to this



    Thank You. Lauryn is a fabulous individual. She most definitely is her own person and she always speaks the truth as she knows it.

  97. PRAS=CRACKHEAD says – reply to this






  98. jezzy says – reply to this


    She's the black Britney except her kids aren't paraded out in the media, she's not addicted to anything, running around with worthless man after worthless man and actually has more than a modicum of legendary talent! But other than that, she's just like Britney. And if Pras was on the radio speaking, why is damn near everything he says spelled incorrectly? Did he spell the damn interview over the air?

  99. tis says – reply to this



  100. Fleck says – reply to this


    Whatever. She had one hit, and it was a COVER. I never understood why everyone thought she was some kind of musical genius. Just another nappy-headed ho who got overhyped and screwed somebody more deserving out of a grammy.

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