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Something Light and Fluffy

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Celebrities behaving badly nicely!

PerezHilton.com reader Peter just sent in the following:

"Hey Perez,

My name is peter kennedy, today I met kathy lee. Just thought I'd let you know how it went.

So here it goes… around 11am I arrived at work, by the way I'm a waiter at a resturant in downey,ca. As I was saying around 11:45am in walks a young girl along with two women. I couldn't help but stare at the woman in yellow, I kept thinking in my head "where the hell have I seen her at". Once I realized who she was I asked are you kathy lee and she responded "yes, how the heck do you know who I am" in a good way not a bad way. I'm guessing she said that because I look young and I'm only 21.

She then told me she was in town because her daughter had an audition at the downey movie studios next to were I work. I then showed her to her table and I politely asked her if I could take a piture with her when she was threw with lunch.

She was extremely nice and agreed. By the way I wasn't her server someone else was. About 2 hrs later I was standing around when I hear my name being called… it was kathy lee haha she said "peter hi do you still wanna take a picture with me?" I said yes of course… she was great one of the nices celebrities I've met besides anna faris whose also had lunch there too. Before kathy said good bye she told me she was working on a book and a couple plays and her focus rite now was her daughters acting career.. And that was that great day wouldn't you say… At least she wasn't like
Lance "princess frostylocks" Bass. I've attached the pic I took with her. Enjoy!"

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150 comments to “Something Light and Fluffy”

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  1. one says – reply to this



  2. eVERYONE KNOWS says – reply to this



  3. fds says – reply to this


    Changing the subject now….

  4. Kevser says – reply to this


    thats cool!

  5. sexy MF says – reply to this



    castro lives!!!

  6. tracy says – reply to this


    thats niiiccccccccceeeeeeee

  7. griff says – reply to this


    who give a fuck, when are you retracting that castro shit??

  8. fgdfgdfg says – reply to this



  9. pusspuss says – reply to this


    whoop there it is!

  10. Elle says – reply to this


    thats so sweet i wonder if she would have been as nice if it was after her husbands cheating scandal i still love her though

  11. ih says – reply to this



  12. jj says – reply to this



  13. spizzle says – reply to this



  14. greg says – reply to this


    unfortunately first

  15. Lauren says – reply to this


    so whatever happend to fidel castro???? i guess your making it up then???????? anything to get a little publicitiy

  16. betty says – reply to this


    ooooooo about time a celebrity wasnt a twat

  17. dave says – reply to this


    Nice grammar you douche…..

  18. lol says – reply to this


    I LOVE kathie lee!!!!!!! I think Kelly Ripa is a "10", the cutiest, the funniest, the bomb, but kathie lee had her time also…..I appreciate her too…….

  19. Matt says – reply to this


    This guy needs to go back to third grade to learn basic grammar and how to spell. No wonder he's a waiter.

  20. cambel says – reply to this


    Nice to hear a story of somebody behaving nicely and acting grateful for their fame.

  21. serious says – reply to this


    thats one serious funny lady.

  22. smaruh says – reply to this



  23. oldfart says – reply to this


    Don't change the subject - did u fuck up or not???????

  24. laura says – reply to this


    aw! that's cute.

  25. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Who cares, what about Castro?

  26. gill says – reply to this


    wow! my comment is so early! this story was boring…

  27. casey says – reply to this


    Awwww, she sounds nice. It's always good to hear when celebs aren't stuck up.
    I actually met Amy Winehouse who I have to say was really nice too.

  28. silly girl who cares says – reply to this


    thanks not all celebs are jerks

  29. Bill-625 says – reply to this


    I guess nothing else is going on the world …

  30. tara26 says – reply to this



  31. Lauryn says – reply to this


    LMAO The Mafia isn't really that bad. They are still around today actually. My brother is actually friends with the head honcho around here.

  32. Aimee says – reply to this


    Sweet *^_^* xXx

  33. wowzo says – reply to this


    yeah, that's real nice. Now. What about Castro?

  34. grendel20 says – reply to this


    When she was 'threw' with lunch?? Gotta love Downey High.

  35. FIDEL CASTRO says – reply to this


    CASTRO LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MF_er says – reply to this


    Who the fuck cares?? Also, I sure hope you're waiting tables to work your way through college because your spelling and grammar sucks!

  37. stick to your strengths says – reply to this


    See, Perez? That's more your speed. Don't play journalist. Remember you're a flamboyant starfucker who got lucky and you'll do just fine, for all of your 15 minutes.

  38. Martin says – reply to this


    Who are these ignorant hambones who write comments on Perez Hilton, of all places, with the anti-gay "f" word in them? In illiterate sentences, of course.

  39. kim says – reply to this


    kathie lee rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name that tune dude!!

  40. Kim says – reply to this


    *sigh* Why do people have to be so mean? I wonder if it just gives their sad little lives some kind of boost to see their hateful words printed in public? Smoke a joint, get some sunshine, doing laughing Yoga…something, but stop speading hate in a world already plagued with enough of it, will ya?

  41. j says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,
    I just want to commend you in the faith that you have in people and the information that they give you.Like you, there are people you trust in what they say is true and people who want you to believe in what they say, and when you do , you find out they mislead you. Its to bad that there are people in this world that thrive on lying to get drama started. So sad. WHy are some people so fucked up by that?I think that the reason is that there lives are out of there control and they feel like if they down talk you and others they are bigger than life.
    But they aren,t there is always going to be somebody who will countradict them and it will go on and on and on!!!!!! I guess I just want to say if we stop drama and we stop thriving on drama to make our boring lives better.Maybe we will be better, eveyone, stop trying to destroy other peoples lives!!! Peace

  42. Jodi says – reply to this


    Hey Peter - you're a moron. Learn to spell.

  43. Go Buckeyes! says – reply to this


    What a sweet kid for writing that to you, Perez. Good karma to him.

  44. Hurricane Andrew says – reply to this


    Today is my anniversary. Thank you Homestead, Fl for your burritos and tacos.

  45. jennzz says – reply to this


    hehe I love Kathie Lee!!

  46. jerkoff says – reply to this


    You guys who care so much about grammar, go watch your animal porn.
    Who the fuck cares if he has bad grammar/spelling.
    He wasn't writing a fucking essay.

  47. Mia says – reply to this


    She seems like a really nice, down-to-earth woman, and she looks good in this picture.

  48. Nancy says – reply to this


    That waiter works at the Elephant Bar . My ex boyfriend works around there too. He's a dick…….

  49. Frances says – reply to this


    Aww, how sweet! This makes up for all those Honduran children she enslaved.

  50. Me says – reply to this


    Seriously, why is everyone here so mean?

  51. Diana says – reply to this


    Lay off Lance. My friend Brian met him at CAFETERIA, sent in pictures to Perez and wrote about how sweet Lance is… did Perez ever post it? Of course not. Perez will do ANYTHING to smear Lance, who is an absolute doll in person.

  52. RRM says – reply to this


    I like Kathie Lee…

  53. Anne says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit? Who the hell are these people?!?

  54. Shocked says – reply to this


    I take back everything mean I ever said about Kathie Lee. That was really genuine and nice of her. I still think her singing sucks though.

  55. lindsay says – reply to this


    my godbrother used to be her son's best friend or something like that

  56. michael says – reply to this


    fluff this beeeoch. you got had! snap.

  57. Miss Me says – reply to this


    is she famous?

  58. LaurenRae says – reply to this


    I'm surprised she was nice cause my cousin met her once at Disneyworld and he said she was a bitch! I guess since she's not really famous anymore she turned nice.

  59. Veroca says – reply to this


    i think that you work @ Elephant's bar or Carinos or Chili's restaurant…but i tking i saw you @ elephant's by the way….Q se muera Fidel…viejito Cochino!!!! i love Perez….

  60. michael says – reply to this


    go shave your head brit style you crumbling wad.

  61. HANS says – reply to this


    This Is stupid, he is a looser,




  62. Snick422 says – reply to this


    Come on,dude. She's a cunt!

  63. fribby says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does that pic not look anything like Kathy Lee?

  64. jogaagora says – reply to this


    i rather fuck around with kathy lee than bass anyday (well maybe mr. gifford - well you know what i mean).

  65. Liz says – reply to this


    It's so nice to hear a positive celeb encounter. Thanks for sharing!

  66. 287 says – reply to this


    heehee I love Kathie Lee

  67. j says – reply to this


    Dear Peter, your a moron for taking you pathetic time out to show that someones grammer is bad!! Looooosssser! Get a life and stop taking your time to criticize others!! So get laid tonight!!! If you have to , wich I am sure you dod d, pay for it as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. HUH says – reply to this


    WHO CARES ABOUT KATHIE LEE? Or Castro?!? How the hell is Amy Winehouse doing?

  69. Olivia says – reply to this


    nice way to change the subject.

  70. Edward says – reply to this


    #50 - jerkoff says:

    You guys who care so much about grammar, go watch your animal porn.
    Who the fuck cares if he has bad grammar/spelling

    I do. I'm guessing you don't because you're [or your as you probably spell it] an idiot, as is this guy. Who spells right as "rite". Stupid people! If you can't fucking write and spell, it's a pretty good indication you are a moron. Throw in the bit about giving a flying fuck about getting a picture with Kathy Lee and you've pretty much sealed the deal. Who would want their picture taken with Kathy Lee?

  71. Dignity 4 Sale says – reply to this


    Aw, He looks sweet. As is his story…zzzz.
    No but really, he looks cute, which restaurant do you work at sweet waiter guy?

  72. Olivia says – reply to this



  73. LOL @ the waiter says – reply to this


    With the way this guy spells, he is destined to be a waiter for a long time. I especially like this one: "when she was threw with lunch". Threw??? LOL moron.
    I don't even consider "nices" a spelling error since that is probably just a typo, but still, go back to school kid…I recommend first grade.

  74. wowsey says – reply to this


    Gawd! PP! I am SO confused! You go from unconfirmed world news to Kathy Lee? WTF? You put yourself out there now put out. WTF?

  75. anon says – reply to this


    Geez, dude…you seem like a decent person, but maybe you'd have a better job if you learned to spell. Seriously, get a clue. These are NOT difficult words.

  76. Frank says – reply to this


    Dude, learn how to read and write. Your letter is pretty pathetic.

  77. kevin says – reply to this


    my recollection was that kathy lee was a known bigot. bought her parents a house in rehoboth, then sold when she discovered it was a gay heaven beach. flaunts right wing christianity like she invented it. all of that , plus the fact she can't sing her way out of a paper bag. and here we are celebrating her having lunch in a chain restaurant, and the tale told in broken english. sheesh. so what is it we're attempting to persuade people of here. please. by the way, also she has bad hair and bad clothes. better than mine, but i'm not passing myself off as a celeb. and so far as i know i didn't make money of little children working in a sweatshop. i'm just sayin'

  78. Órli says – reply to this


    holy shit people have some PATIENCE! surely perez would update as soon as he gets more information so quit refreshing your browser and stop complaining!!

  79. Bubba Zanetti says – reply to this


    Learn how to spell loser!

  80. kittyprince says – reply to this


    Leave her (kathie lee) alone. She isn't hurting a single soul. Just let her do her "thing" people. Get a hobby!!!!!!

  81. speak truth to power says – reply to this


    This is a sad attempt to draw attention away from your earlier Castro announcement. Now whatever happens with Castro - like if he dies in a week, or two weeks, or even a month, you will claim that you "broke" the story first. It's a shame that you don't have the balls to own up to a mistake. It's time that you start using your "power" for good. You messed up with the Castro story - believed some BS you shouldn't have. Wouldn't it be a good sign of a grown, mature, real man to own up to your mistake? Unfortunately for the world, people care what you say. They hang on to your every word. You publish lies, insult the innocent, and there is no one holding you accountable. For the sake of all that is good in this world, please start holding yourself accountable. Please. Maybe you could start by distancing yourself from Paris Hilton - or simply acknowledging that she is a racist, drug abusing, liar. It's on tape for everyone to see and you never even called her to the carpet for it. Now that I think about it, you probably have some contract preventing you from disparaging her - since you so blatantly copied her name. Okay, if you can't do it with Paris, start with this Castor debacle. Give your fans a real reason to respect you because up until now you haven't given anyone a reason to respect you. Yes, you got lucky with your blog. Or maybe even your success is due to your "talent" and "hard-work." Now that you have achieved something, try to become a decent person. Otherwise, you are no better than Michael Vick, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and any other person with money and fame that spits in the face of success and behaves like imbeciles when they should be thanking God for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. What do you want your legacy to be?

  82. bobdman says – reply to this


    Kennedy, learn how to spell and you might not be a waiter all your life. The rest of you out there should learn from this. Learn something in school. How much you learn will decide how much money you make. Education will make any person rise to the top regardless of their race or religion. No one is holding you down. You are holding yourself down. If you don't like your life, go to night school at a Junior College.

  83. leslee says – reply to this


    it really shows she's nice because, she goes to the ELEPHANT BAR………
    YEAH DOWNEY!!!!!!!!!! ROCKS ok no.

  84. JL says – reply to this


    This guy makes Perez and Richard Simmons look like Russell Crowe.
    Shut up Fagola!

  85. bubbles says – reply to this


    Hey Peter:

    Nice story and thank you for sending it in. You seem like a nice guy.

  86. Sara says – reply to this


    I really hope this site doesn't become a spillover of regular people's encounters with celebrities with a LITTLE bit of news. This shouldn't even be on this website, Perez.

  87. Matti says – reply to this


    FAKE! Just like Castro.
    Photo shopped!

  88. nicole says – reply to this


    i'm so glad that kathy lee is nice…but seriously, the author of this letter needs to go back to english 101. learn some correct grammar dude.

  89. SOUTHERN RACIST says – reply to this



  90. ACF says – reply to this


    Not really a Kathie Lee fan, but she does look good and it's nice to hear that she was friendly and gracious. Yeah, Dude. You do look young. With that babyface. Aw, she probably wanted to pinch those cheeks of yours, read you a bed time story and then tuck you in!

  91. APPOLOGIZE FOR THE CASTRO says – reply to this


    Why dont u appologize or retract the castro story?
    then you can move on

    You lost all respect.

    Why dont you at least fix the guys grammar before you post it on your website and make the guy look like an ass.

    where is the announcement ??

    you got a lot of hits with your bs tonight, but you lost a lot of peoples respect

  92. smledoc says – reply to this


    She's alright - she wishes she could come back….Liked her on Regis & Kathie Lee a million years ago. Sometimes we all need a little "light & fluffy" news to balance out all the other crazy sh!% that's goin' on!!!

  93. Bob Bowie says – reply to this


    Kathie Lee may be nice to gay waiters, but she won't give Frank Gifford any buttsecks.

  94. Pattycakes says – reply to this


    And then, Kathie Lee left the restaurant to devour an entire infant. She's a beast.

  95. AH says – reply to this


    Hey douchebag, try not ending your sentences with prepositions. Makes you sound like a dumb fuck. Even more so when you write them, i.e. "Where have I seen her AT?" You can just stop her HER, in that sentence.

  96. Crystal says – reply to this


    I love love LOVE Kathy Lee. SOOOOOOOO funny!

    #83 Kevin is an idiot- oviously has NO idea wtf he's talking about

  97. Crystal says – reply to this


    by the way, isnt KLG the origional 'orange oprah'? how did lame ass dina steal that?

  98. Lolita says – reply to this


    How ironic, (#76) Edward. You can write and spell, and yet YOU'RE a moron. Go figure.

  99. Nate says – reply to this


    Two things:

    1- What's going on with Castro?
    2- Our friend Peter needs to learn some proper English.

  100. take it easy says – reply to this


    Wow some of you guys are mean. This guy just seems genuine and kind, something that is so clearly lacking in the world today. Who cares if he can't spell, that's not the point!

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