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Something Light and Fluffy

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Celebrities behaving badly nicely!

PerezHilton.com reader Peter just sent in the following:

"Hey Perez,

My name is peter kennedy, today I met kathy lee. Just thought I'd let you know how it went.

So here it goes… around 11am I arrived at work, by the way I'm a waiter at a resturant in downey,ca. As I was saying around 11:45am in walks a young girl along with two women. I couldn't help but stare at the woman in yellow, I kept thinking in my head "where the hell have I seen her at". Once I realized who she was I asked are you kathy lee and she responded "yes, how the heck do you know who I am" in a good way not a bad way. I'm guessing she said that because I look young and I'm only 21.

She then told me she was in town because her daughter had an audition at the downey movie studios next to were I work. I then showed her to her table and I politely asked her if I could take a piture with her when she was threw with lunch.

She was extremely nice and agreed. By the way I wasn't her server someone else was. About 2 hrs later I was standing around when I hear my name being called… it was kathy lee haha she said "peter hi do you still wanna take a picture with me?" I said yes of course… she was great one of the nices celebrities I've met besides anna faris whose also had lunch there too. Before kathy said good bye she told me she was working on a book and a couple plays and her focus rite now was her daughters acting career.. And that was that great day wouldn't you say… At least she wasn't like
Lance "princess frostylocks" Bass. I've attached the pic I took with her. Enjoy!"

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150 comments to “Something Light and Fluffy”

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  1. next to were i work says – reply to this


    fer shizzle dude…please learn to spell before you bestow your next post upon us. i mean seriously. what a state our education system is in. omg.

  2. jenbunny says – reply to this


    curious. if this is true as proven by the phonepic, then maybe kathie lee isn't the mistress of evil i thought she was from her textile exploits and oft repulsive gig on tv. i'll still never be able to stand either her voice or her religious pomposity.

  3. LeeLuLaLa says – reply to this


    You can not believe at how offened I am at your spelling and grammar. I am either an office chick, teen age girl, or homosexual, and am so mortified. I expect more cruising the internet with my finger in my twat, or asshole. Please be more considerate next time. Thank you.

  4. Samantha says – reply to this


    Lance can go fuck himself.

  5. JesusIsACunt says – reply to this


    I had a foursome with Kathy Lee, her daughter, and Peter the Server. It would've been a fivesome but my 250 pound lonely gal pal was too busy shaving her cunt.

  6. ali says – reply to this


    Hey Kathy Lee, miss you!
    Hope being away from the limelight has been good to you and your family and you are doing great!

  7. Downey High Alumni says – reply to this


    Downey High sucked. Downey sucked. Kathie Lee sucks & that's why she hangs out there.

  8. Call Your Mother says – reply to this


    I was fingering my kid sister underneath the table when I noticed how bad Peter's spelling and grammar were. Doesn't anyone have any values these days?? PS: Alas, my kid sister came before the entree did.

  9. gigi says – reply to this


    omg! is that elephant bar or chillis?!

  10. Hyde says – reply to this


    Peter! You're a cool dude! Thanks for the pic and story. It's great to hear of a celeb being NICE. Ignore the jackasses here-some people can't handle anonymity and act like fucktards.

  11. Monica says – reply to this


    I thought that was the Girls Gone Wild dude.

  12. whatever says – reply to this


    Peter- I think it's great that you got to meet KLG. She always seemed pretty nice for a christian. I apologize for the idiots who comment on here. They have some nerve criticizing your spelling and/or grammar when their own is far worse. Even Perez himself has a spelling and/or a grammatical error in 99.9% of his posts. And I'm being gentle with him. Don't let the bastards get you down, you had a great day that you'll remember forever! And that is what matters. Chin up! Carry On!

  13. artis says – reply to this


    thes guy cain't speill, an its veri anoying.

  14. pachacutik says – reply to this


    "one of the nices celebrities"

    "when she was threw with lunch"

    21 and you can't WRITE PROPERLY…no wonder your a waiter

  15. fishball says – reply to this


    gee give lance a break !

  16. kevin says – reply to this


    I met Kathy Lee seven years ago at a CD signing, and she is every bit as nice as this guy says she is. I was getting the CD signed for my mom who was sick with cancer, and when I got up to Kathy I broke down when I told her who to make it out to. She got up and came around the signing table and hugged me. She told me her father was dying too, and that she understood. I'll never forget her.

  17. the princesse says – reply to this


    THAT WAS NICE!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT AVRIL LAVINGE,is she that nice?????????

  18. netto says – reply to this


    YOUR 21!!!! and you think you look young ……HAHAHA

  19. Call Your Mother says – reply to this


    HEY #119: "…no wonder your a waiter." It's "YOU'RE" (a contraction of "you are"). YOU YOU YOU CAN'T WRITE PROPERLY! No wonder you have a shit stain on your chin. PS: Wanna smell my finger?

  20. JOse says – reply to this



  21. Carrie says – reply to this


    Aww, that is so nice! Kathy lee always got a bad rap, but I always knew she way a really nice, wonderful woman. And Peter, you are too cute for words! Stay that way, you're priceless!

  22. joeyOh says – reply to this


    Wasn't a big fan I thought of Kathy Lee, however never watched Regis again since the day she left…. go figure?

  23. justme says – reply to this


    Hi also met kathy lee several times and she's amazingly nice

  24. KAZ says – reply to this


    Through with lunch and Right………Happy for you buddy but learn how to spell

  25. Michael says – reply to this


    Nice, like the story and the Waiter is HOT!!! Dont you think Perez?

  26. jenn says – reply to this


    Aww! Well, i never think celebrities should be cocky. But Kathy Lee seems so sweet. I think she picked u a new fan!

  27. pessimism says – reply to this


    i thought it was a female fan who took a picture of JOE FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. claire says – reply to this


    that's the worst grammar and spelling I've seen lately

  29. P E T U N I A says – reply to this


    Wow, holy cow.
    I live right by the Downey Studios!
    Way to go waiter kid!

  30. K says – reply to this


    Kathy comes into my restaurant all the time in the town that she lives in with her family and they are always so polite and the best customers! I live for a table like them. Nice to know that they are so humble and the kids are the most polite as well

  31. ixydxy says – reply to this


    I second all the other comments about this guy's appaling lack of grammer. And to those who slam us for noticing ~ it's obvious you all have reached the level of your incompetence.

  32. Studly Du Wrong says – reply to this


    Quick, somebody get on a plane to Havana (Hint, hint to Perez Hilton ,>) and give Fidel-i some of whatever Kat babe is using to look so goooooood. (OK, bad idea. Don't give Fidel-i nothing.) Yeah baby! Dump Frank G. and find yourself a 25 year old stud muffin to jangle your chains!

  33. maria says – reply to this


    who knew downey got so much action! All Iknow is that bulding scares the fuck out of me!!!! ahhhhhh

    that restaurant must be the elephant bar at the downey landing right??

  34. Roma says – reply to this


    With apologies to the poor man who wrote this, believe me, it's not directed at you, mate. However, reading this guy's post we have yet further proof of the lasting damge of the Bush years:illiteracy is once more rampant in the 'Good 'ol US of A'!

    All you 'thoughtful' (less) Bush voters, don't you feel appalled with the results of your myopia and greed ? You've voted twice! (don't you people learn from you mistakes?) for a vile, immoral regime that prizes oil (to wit: the invasion and occupation of other people's countries to grasp control of THEIR oil!) over and above the education and of its OWN CITIZENS!!

    Reflect, people, reflect… VOTE AGAINST the exorbitant & EVER ESCALATING costs of this continued, undemocratic and IMMORAL OCCUPATION and vote to do some DOMESTIC GOOD: a CONCRETE, radical overhaul of the domestic educational budget!

    VOTE BUSH OUT! Give someone else the chance to repair the DAMAGE THIS MAN HAS DONE TO THE MIND'S OF A GENERATION, because compared to GEORGE'S LOVE FOR OIL (& his family's personal fortunes!!) 'ephemeral' things like LITERACY, the desire for knowledge - fostering, in turn, a culture of RESEACH & DISCOVERY - ARE WAY, WAY LOW DOWN ON BUSH'S PERSONAL WISH LIST!

  35. Tracey says – reply to this


    But what Peter forgot to tell us, was she wearing a bra or not???

  36. jenn says – reply to this


    Good story, but dude! You need to go back to school and learn to spell correctly. Damn, you sound like an idiot. "when she was threw with her lunch"? I thought she got mad and "threw" it at you. Try "through". "where have I seen her at"??? Are you kidding me? All you freaks who are saying "seen her at& where you at" are all a bunch of losers. I might as well answer you, "I be over her at". Jeezus.

  37. saggy says – reply to this


    nice to know waiters in Downey can spell as well as they smell.

  38. jen says – reply to this


    thats so sweet lovely do see a kind and grateful celeb unlike the othr full of crap airheads n brats out there …cute pic too :)

  39. mark says – reply to this


    ok ppl evry bdys spellin sux wen they r typin!! i'm amazing wen it cums to english n spellin but i dont spell correctly wen typin …i jus type the shorter wrds…its faster

  40. Mike Spencer says – reply to this


    I love kathie lee i think i was the only person i know that bought her cd "heart of a woman" lol

    its actually not bad.

  41. Edgle says – reply to this


    It's nice to see something nice on this wed site,great job,I love kathie lee she awesome

  42. me says – reply to this


    does anyone use spell check any more?

  43. irene says – reply to this


    Peter Kennedy - your spelling sucks and your English is even worse. Read a book, go to school - do something to improve your English or you will forever be waiting on tables.

  44. Christine says – reply to this


    I used to be in radio and we had a promotion with Kathy Lee Gifford to promote an album she had just put out. The album wasn't all that great, but she was one of the nicest celebrities I'd ever come across. We spent the whole day with her, too. Usually no one can keep up the nice act that long! I didn't know what to expect because the media always seems to make her out like some hyena or something, but she is seriously sooo nice- she was great with the listeners and everybody at the station.

  45. Roger says – reply to this


    Yeah im in college but id so turn down girls my own age for a date with Kathy. Shes just such a hot MILF, id love to spend a weekend with. Id ride her all day and night. She is still freaking gorgeous

  46. Shannon says – reply to this


    She's a "has been", unfortunently. (Thanks to that asshole of a husband) So I'm sure it made her feel good that a nice, young, good looking man recognized her. KUDOZ to Kathie Lee.

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