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The Truth Will Come Out

| Filed under: Politik


We stand by our story 100%.

Fidel Castro is dead!

The only way the Cuban government can settle this once and for all, though, is to parade him (alive) around Havana this weekend. No pictures or video!

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1373 comments to “The Truth Will Come Out”

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  1. mn says – reply to this


    Ketti is an ignorant little cunt.

  2. andrew says – reply to this


    its disgustin to make this kind of announcement without knowin it

  3. andrew says – reply to this


    its disgustin to make this kind of announcement without knowin it

  4. Disgusted says – reply to this


    How embarassing for you, Perez, that you confuse yourself for a real journalist. Why print nonsense and get people up in arms? Truth is the backbone of journalism. Reporting rumors and confusing them with fact — shame on you.

  5. MommyD says – reply to this


    This is idiotic. News outlets don't "wait until rush hour is over" to report the news.

  6. Pedro says – reply to this


    You should get a real job and stop writing rumors, maybe you work for Castro and are trying to see what kind of reaction the people of Cuba and Miami do before the real news come out

  7. the princesse says – reply to this


    why PPL are so fucking intresting in this man, i really hope that his dead.screw him.
    and by the way if he wasn't dead perez you ganna be really screwed.

  8. b.s. says – reply to this


    never listen to a cuban when it comes to castro!

  9. Ella says – reply to this


    but you rarely hear from the “brown” or “black” cubans- they didn’t exist under Batista and they don’t exist in S. Florida, exactly the way they want it
    Heziana, yBatista was black, you moron.

  10. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    HEY 1114 JEN




    (sometimes i wish that all you "che" lovers would see what it's like to have ALL of your stuff taken away from you) (and no, I'm not Cuban, I'm Nica, and the same thing happened to us with Ortega–Death to Castro)


  11. Interesting says – reply to this


    I have to laugh.

  12. PEREZ SUPPORTER who's Pointing out the obvious says – reply to this


    I still can't believe people think Perez is wrong when there is NO evidence Castro is alive. If any of you who are so quick to believe the silence in mainstream media get asked to do jury duty, DON'T. We need people in our judicial system who are not so quick to jump on bandwagons. Perez is cool for having balls to say what other media is afraid to say. Worldwide media has speculated for ONE YEAR about the FACT Castro has made no public appearances for one year.

    Remember, dictators don't retire - they die or get overthrown/killed. When one does die, history has shown that the next guys in line will lie and do whatever they need to so others don't smell weakness and try to overthrow them. It all makes sense.

    NBC6 in Miami says THIS MORNING on their web site:

    "A friend of the family that knows somebody that works for the government told them that Fidel had passed or that he was almost about to go," Quintino said.

    One woman said she heard there were tanks seen in Cuba and funeral "people" had arrived in Cuba from Russia and Egypt.

    Perez, keep being you. Ignore all the people who have to be told how to think by the "real" media. Whatever.

  13. opi says – reply to this


    People are mistakenly believing that when Castro dies, the regime/revolution is dead. The plan has been in place for 46 years, since the Bay of Pigs. Raul takes over. He has already been Commander in Chief since Fidel relinquished power a year ago. Bush would be INSANE to get involved in this too. There would be a civil war on the Island, just like in Iraq, between the different tribes, black and hispanic Cubans on the Island, and the white and hispanic Cubans in Miami. Only an Army coup will get rid of Raul. Stay out of it Bush. We don't need another Iraq disaster.

  14. armando says – reply to this


    Pues yo soy nicaraguense y soy sandinista, perra!! Y nunca me confiscaron nada,!!! Viva Sandino. Viva Daniel, Viva FIdel!!! Muerte a los gusanos de Miami!! Patria Libre o Morir!!!

  15. Lina says – reply to this


    I hope he isn't dead, he is a great man who has done so much for cuba!

  16. twin from miami says – reply to this


    First I dont understand people comming to this site and putting perez down, if you dont like him so much then dont come on his site and give him the extra hits. He is standing by his story, and even if he is wrong, people make mistakes and someone should be judged by one stupid mistake.
    For all of you, who think that cubans should go back to cuba and that we are stupid or w.e, you guys are a bunch of ignorant individuals as to even think that you are more american than others because you were born in america. Everyone in this world is equal nomatter where you were born or what color your skin is. Fidel was a leader who not only brought his country down but also his people. Cubans risk their lives to get to this country to be able to provide a better future for their family. Theres nothing wrong with that! Some people dont understand the value of freedom, they dont understand what it feels like to be controlled in such a way that destroys peoples lives. If the people on this site that are shit talking truly knew what cubans have gone through they would not make the asshole comments they do about cubans. I hope Fidel is dead. I will be happy to know that someone who brought so much hurt his people is finally going to pay for the things that hes done. Even if his brother is as bad, Fidel no longer be living on this earth!

  17. perez gaffs nuts says – reply to this



    perez hilton is fuckin lost………….what a hurting motherfucker……..viva fidel long live cuba

  18. mn says – reply to this


    All Commie filth should die. I know that it will not mean an automatic change in Cuba (TRIBES?? Cubans aren't tribal) but it's one less waste of space on this planet, and one dictator from the bowels of hell dead.

    Perez owes everyone an apology for posting what is obviously an unconfirmed report and getting the hopes of good people up.

    As for all you Commie lovers… go suck a dick and live in a Communist country for a while. You'll change your tune.

  19. mn says – reply to this


    armando el comunista de mierda… metete el dedo en el culo singao.

  20. SuperStarSteve says – reply to this


    Can we start visiting there already?

  21. opi says – reply to this


    A similar country to Cuba is North Korea. When the father, Great Leader died, the son, Dear Leader, took over. It was widely believed the regime would fall since the son didn't have the charisma the father had. The son, Dear Leader, is still running the country (into the ground). It didn't fall when the cult of personality leader died. These regimes make plans for the inevitable death of the cult of personality leader to survive, and do.

  22. Chelsea says – reply to this


    I'm not going to bitch at Perez or call him names. However, I am disappointed. I read this site knowing that a good deal of the information regarding celebrities is nothing more than hearsay. But in the true "this is what is wrong with America today" spirit I have to say that I enjoy reading Perez's site regardless of whether or not it is factual. But this stunt irks me….for the second time in as many weeks. This is the second time I've gotten my family all in a tizzy and watching the news, the second time I've preparred for celebration and the waited. And waited. And waited. How very disappointing.

  23. liz says – reply to this


    totally agree. why is there no video of him raving n ranting about nothing like usual.

  24. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    1169 Armando

    Then your family must have been the slackers who received my my

    grandfather's finca (the one that he worked his entire life to buy)– but it's

    okay –because we got it back. The only people who are communists

    are people who want hand outs (from people who do work) JUST LIKE

    ARMANDO. Hey Armando–I'm not the dog–you are, you're the

    pathetic loser who would rather take scraps from the table instead of finding

    your own meat. BITCH


  25. Jose says – reply to this


    Yeah right!
    Nice one…

  26. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    …thank you

  27. Rose says – reply to this


    why hasn't CNN or BBC made this announcement????? I find it odd that no news station has said anything about his death

  28. val says – reply to this


    i believe you perez. i'm anxiously awaiting the announcement.

  29. zoe says – reply to this


    tu es meilleur a poster des news people que politiques Perez. Alors s'il te plait reste dans cette voie……..

  30. Blog Hoax says – reply to this


    kiss VH1 goodbye - what slim credibility you had evaporated when you moved from Wino and Brit Brit gossip to geo-politics. Mr. Moose Knuckle - your 15 minutes just expired.

  31. g$money says – reply to this


    Perez, you're an ass. Get your facts straight and stop being soooooo gay.

  32. Gran34 says – reply to this


    This is officially the 10th death notice in 40 years. I just to live in Miami and we had him dead every couple of months, like the thanksgiving holiday.

  33. Mrs.bloom from Miami says – reply to this


    well even though I havn't really been watching the news, the rumor is still circulating. So what who cares if he is dead. I don't like some cubans, when the news actually confirms his death I will be so damn annoyed with the stupid chongas and chongos celebrating & honking their horns and in their damn pick-up trucks with the cuban flags. It's not like Cuba will be any better. Lets put all aside and start building resorts and making business with them. The beaches there are beautiful(so I hear).

  34. Reason, People says – reply to this


    The onus isn't on others to prove Perez's claims are false; it is on Perez to prove that the claims from his little foray into political reporting are true.

  35. canuban says – reply to this


    "Muerto el perro,se acabo la rabia"; No ,not yet.The oldest dictator in history which health has been handled as "state secret" is politically dead anyway,we are just waiting for the official anouncement,so we can all pop a champagne bottle and go dancing on the streets.sure you all ,there willbe millions doing that.

  36. Laura says – reply to this


    I like Fidel Castro. He's responsible for creating publicly funded health care in Cuba. The US is just angry because it failed to profit from Cuba's resources and failed to overtake Castro in the Bay of Pigs.

  37. californialvr says – reply to this


    someone who reports only celeb gossip should stay out of politics in my opinon.

  38. the REAL news says – reply to this


    From published reports…
    Friday, the Castro rumors were pushed into overdrive by a meeting of local officials to go over their plans for when Castro really dies and a road closure in the Florida Keys that was actually due to a police standoff.

    A circular game ensued with radio stations reporting the rumors, citing TV stations, which cited the rumors on the street.

    Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, a Cuban-American who normally deals with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, jumped into the fray Friday, writing that sources were saying the Miami police were poised to announce Castro's death.

    Never mind the question of why the Miami police department and not the Havana government or, at least, the U.S. State Department would let the world know.

    In Cuba, officials remained tightlipped about Castro's condition.

    "Fidel is doing very well and is disciplined in his recovery process," Cuban foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque told reporters in Brazil on Thursday. Perez Roque insisted Castro maintains "permanent" contact with members of the government party in Cuba.

    On official Cuban television, there was no hint of trouble Friday. A rerun of the hit NBC series "Friends" played late in the afternoon.

  39. Scott says – reply to this


    I'm sure that all the major news outlets would delay releasing info like this so the Miami police wouldn't have rush hour traffic issues. Stick to reporting "real news"
    like Dina Lohan was seen at a party or Nicole Ritchie ate a sandwhich. Get a real job, dude.

  40. mn says – reply to this


    Laura (1192): You are as ignorant as you are stupid. You obviously have no clue as to how the Cuban people suffer. Like Perez, you should get a clue about politics before you open your trap.

  41. South Florida says – reply to this


    On Friday night, on the local South Florida evening news, I watched Miami Police Chief John Timoney say "There's definitely something going on in Cuba." He said the FBI had contacted him twice to "check in". I say Perez is right, Castro is dead. It's just a matter of when the Cuban Government announces it. I found it strange that the US would make an announcement. I think there was a leak and the truth got out. Personally I'm waiting for the new "crop of photoshopped photos" from last year to re-emerge with today's date to prove Castro is working hard and disciplined about his health care.

  42. Meeschka says – reply to this


    Is he really dead? Because in Europe the media denis it. I think if he's really dead there will be an annoucement.
    Anyway *Greetings from Europe*

  43. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    Hey Laura,

    You love Fidel huh…yeah well I wonder why his own wife and children hate him, or why this "equality for all" dictator made the Forbes list of richest people (he's worth about $550 million–that we know of) –maybe it's because he’s a murdering cold-hearted dictator.

    I just wish that your parents and family were able to live in Cuba (BEFORE THE EMBARGO) and have everything they own taken away from them and randomly tossed to other people.

    —Then I would LOVE it if about 80% of your income was taken away in taxes–or–you received no income at all, meaning, if you work your ass off for a better life you would still have the same life as a loser next to you who chose do to nothing with his.

    Laura, how about you get a fucking clue and stop basing your political beliefs off of regurgitated Michael Moore sound bites. Hmmm…sounds good?

  44. divine1 says – reply to this


    Is Fidel dead yet? I sure hope so!! Good riddance to the rubbish and tyrants and murdering dictators who ruin other people's lives. No matter what happens afterwrads, Cuba will be abetter place, as will this world, without the likes of an egotistical "rude vile pig" as Fidel Castro Ruz.
    Congrtas to you Perez, for reporting this truly "feel good rumor" today. You made my day!

  45. mn says – reply to this


    Kay Kay, thank you for putting it to Laura better than I could have. These Commie lovers have been making me too angry to write with anything like coherence. I wish we could pack all these idiots off to Cuba to see how they like their world when they aren't there as tourists and have to starve like everyone else.

  46. Rrrrt says – reply to this


    My mother had an opportunity to go to Cuba in the middle fifties and I'll never forget her astonishment and sadness over the treatment of the poor and uneducated people in Cuba. Yes the revolution made the rich and middle class'life unbearable. the artistic community suffered but the suffering poor finally had a voice and a piece of the life they only dreamed about before. It's time for Cuba to be a part of the world again, howerver the US did nothing to help by the almost 50 year imbargo on trade. I just hope when Castro finally does die that the rich (Cuban and American) don't surpress and exploit and poor people again!

  47. Not impressed says – reply to this


    When are you planning to recant your scoop? The supposed 4:30 pm EST announcement has long passed, and nothing- NOTHING! - happened. You can't stick by a story 100% that involves a date and a time that are false.

    All "journalists"- which includes bloggers like you trying to scoop a story - have a responsibility to integrity and ethics- which means you don't try and start a riot in Miami just to get additional hits for ad revenue. For shame.

  48. FUCKING IDIOTS says – reply to this


    I love how all you fucking people are saying "oh perez is lying" bla bla, and "no one else has said it blabla" HAVE YOU GUYS NOT WATCHED THE NEWS OR READ THE NEWSPAPERS!!!??? The New York Times, Drudge Report, Babalu Blog, FOX, CNN and its affiliates in South Florida have all reported it… You guys that have problems with Perez are the most incompetent, and idiotic people ever featured on a comments section to ANY website. READ A BOOK, READ THE PAPERS, WATCH THE NEWS… and make your own decisions and by being smart you will realize that the bastard is already and has been dead for a while now… IDIOTS!!!

  49. PEREZ: VISIONARY says – reply to this


    Perez, keep peppering your site with real world issues! That makes you a true visionary. Hook us with dirt and give us what's real.

    This site has the most diverse readers of any blog I've seen. People hate each other, but we're all here - rather than staying safe in blogs where everybody agrees, or everybody has the same level of education. Here we are: the haters, the christians, the racists, the homies, the tweens, the farts, the liberals, the right-wingers, the celebrity obsessed and insensed, the idiots and the professors.

    Boobies and Trainwrecks: the great social equalizers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you noticed how many posts the political stuff gets????? People really do care. We're just frustrated because we feel no one is listening and we don't know what to do and nobody believes they can actually change anybody's opinion, so why waste our breath (or type for nothing).

    But if we keep slogging it out with insults and screaming, that let's off the steam and what comes out next are real thoughts and feelings and maybe common ground.

    KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. intellectual says – reply to this


    To #1206 ("FUCKING IDIOTS"), while you criticize everyone else, you are the real true moron. You mention that other newspapers have covered this story, but not one of them have actually confirmed Castro's death. All that has been confirmed is that THESE ARE RUMORS. You are the one who needs to learn how to read!

  51. marymay says – reply to this


    Blessed be Castro. One of the only men who ever told your stupid fucking government to get lost. They're in much better shape for it than Haiti, Domincana nd Jamaica. Education and health care come first selling out to Uncle Sam and it's loser culture was never his priority. I hope your wrong Perez! The world could use more of Fidel's conviction instead of American manufactured bullshit!!!!! Blessed be Fidel!

  52. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    Harrison Phuknows



  53. canadian-thank god! says – reply to this


    FUCK BUSH AND HIS EMBARGO! HE'S THE FUCKING TYRANT!! I'm Canadian and that means I'm allowed into that wonderful country and I'd go there any day before going to your plastic country. I lived there for 8 months and let me say there health care system puts yours to shame!! Along with their amazing education system and the fact that they have more doctors helping out in Africa than any other country in the world. Your media is biased and spun and that's why Americans have no true idea what life in Cuba is like it is one where greed is not everything! Something I imagine you find hard to swallow! The ones that leave are the ones that are lured in by all your American dream bullshit, give me Castro anyday before the fucknut you guys decided should lead your country. Cuba si!!

  54. To Fucking Idiots says – reply to this


    Please provide links to the CNN and NY Times articles, because I haven't seen anything supporting this story or your claims at either site. Don't bother with Fox "news," Drudge or Babalu silliness. Thanks.

  55. Just Me says – reply to this


    I heard it from someone that heard it from a high rank police officer. He is supposed to be dead but somehow the government is not letting it come out just yet because of chaos over here and over there!!!

  56. mn says – reply to this


    Damn, Canadians really are moronic…

    Being that I have family in Cuba, I know better. You can kiss Communist ass all you want, live like a king and get great health care, but it's at the expense of the people you claim to love so much. My aunt died on a Cuban operating table. She had to WALK fifty miles to the hospital for that surgery too, which by the way, was not in any way elective. You can hate America all you want, but if you had to live like the Cuban natives do, you'd be building a raft out of the skin on your fat, pasty, northern ass to get to the States.

  57. To #1207 Perez: Visionary says – reply to this


    Interesting points about this being the virtual commons for this community, but I doubt Perez actually planned it that way. Seems more like dumb luck to me, but still you make very interesting points. There is a great cross-section of views, national and international, here.

  58. Kay Kay says – reply to this



    I'd love to stay discuss this…especially w/ you Harrison Phuknows, you seem like very, very, very, very intelligent person (suck off uncle tom …profound!)–but I'm off to lunch (w the money that I made from my career, which I attained after I went to college with the scholarship given to for the high grades I achieved)

    –later loser! ;-P

  59. Samra says – reply to this


    YESSSSS!!!! (for real?)

  60. Rachael says – reply to this


    what a load of bull shite……. Your just a bunch of facists. Isn't this supposed to be a celeb site not some where you can put your political views on.

  61. Kay Kay says – reply to this



    I'd love to stay discuss this…especially w/ you Harrison Phuknows, you seem like very, very, very, very intelligent person (suck off uncle tom …profound!)–but I'm off to lunch (w the money that I made from my career, which I attained after I went to college with the scholarship given to me for high grades) –later loser! ;-P

    MN–don't bother with that retard —-tell him to go have fun with his Che Gueverra t-shirt which was brought to him by……………CAPITALISM!

  62. trapitossucios.com says – reply to this


    I totally agree with you that's why yhis siteis so popular! I lof yu Perez

  63. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    bye-bye brainiac aka Harrison Phuknows!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!

    mn–have a nice weekend

  64. mn says – reply to this


    Would love to hang and chat myself, but I have big plans for the weekend. Have a good one, Kay Kay. In fact, everyone but the Commie lovers, go out and do something. The rest of you Commies sit at home in the dark like they do in Cuba while they ration electricity

  65. RAY M says – reply to this


    For all intended purposes Fidel Castro has been dead socially and politically for several months already, and this is more important than anything else. What we need to keep in mind is that he is part of a totalitarian system of government where they can literally lie about his passing for months and no one will really know otherwise. So ultimately it will come down to when the Cuba government feels they have balls big enough (a sign of their true weakness, his condition is a state secrete) to tell the rest of the world the true about there self proclaimed leader (dictator). The world has not seen one single proof that he is alive, no pictures, no videos, no voice recording for several months. Yet they calm that he is in constant communication with his brother, and governing from his death bed. Yhea right! They have not shown proof that he is alive for one of two reasons, either he is in his death bed with twenty tubes in his body keeping him a veg. state or he is in the coffin. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for his brother and puppets to tell the world the truth or until that weak government implodes.

  66. l'astronaut says – reply to this


    woa i guess when someone runs a successful site they can say whatever they want, and idiot people actually believe them! how can you ask me to believe you when you have the murder of princess diana on lifetime wallpaper? anything for a buck.


  67. 1207 to 1218 says – reply to this


    Absolutely agree with you!! After I posted I said to myself "why didn't you write ACCIDENTAL VISIONARY?!" I don't know if Castro is alive or dead and don't look to Perez for facts, but even if all this is spin for spin, and I hate the hate, I love freaky-ass-vibe!

  68. Diannia says – reply to this


    Fidel Castro Death Rumors False: US State Dept Tells FOX News
    by Mike Baron
    Published: Aug 25, 2007

    Fidel Castro Dead? Not according to the State Dept. Fidel Castro dies and Fidel Castro Dead stories have lit up the internet over the past 24 hours.
    Cuba's foreign minister, in an effort to quiet the rumors, made a statement yesterday saying that Castro was is in good health.

    The US state dept tells FOX news that the rumors are false and stem from a meeting of Cuban officials getting together to discuss how to handle it when the Cuban dictator does leave this earth.

    The rumor seemingly started on Wall Street and was largely propagated by self proclaimed gossip gangstar Perez Hilton.

  69. Mark says – reply to this


    Nice call dipshit

  70. mama says – reply to this


    you are full of it Perez… Stop talking about things you know nothing about

  71. To_Vivian_#520 says – reply to this


    #520 - Vivian –

    Yes, Vivian, because Cubans as such a proud people. Not. My god, look at your history. Your country has been a train wreck for years. I've met so many people who fleed Cuban, and thanks to you Cuban assholes, we were forced to take in all your hardest criminals to live in Miami, because your goverment put them on a boat when they didn't want them. Yeah, Cubans are a class act. Drug dealers and smugglers. I live in NYC, but in a choice between Cuba or a an American farm, I'll take America any day of the week. Shut your mouth, Vivian. If it's so awful, why do YOU live here? You Cubans have ruined Miami, by the way.

  72. Natacha Seijas says – reply to this


    Despite his attempts to act hip 'n stuff, deep down inside Perez ain't nuthin but gusano trash from Miami…raised to hate Fidel and love Republicans.

  73. Sarah says – reply to this


    What now, Per-LEZ Hilton? I haven't seen an update from you today, sistah. What's up? Could it be that CASTRO ISN'T DEAD???

    But if you continue to make this claim on a weekly basis, eventually you'll be right, and you can claim to have broken the story first. Loser.

  74. pmilli says – reply to this


    Your full of more than just yourself on this one

  75. Canadians Suck! says – reply to this


    Canadians are jealous of their neigbors south of their border.

  76. ALDOINMIAMI says – reply to this


    REPLY TO 1234…….
    Yeah we've ruined Miami! LOL Wether you like or not you hater, Miami grew from a Hamlet to what it is today thanks to us, plus as far as the WORLD knows it was CARTER who let them in.

    In my family we are all professionals, never been involved with drugs! Certainly you dont help your case opening your mouth to let out a hateful nonsence message. Get your G.E.D. and learn some history try to understand what happened in Cuba and everywhere else in the 50's!

  77. rob says – reply to this


    hey perez, you should lay off the meth.

    long live castro, long live chavez! vive le revolution

    south america will be free. the only people that "escaped" from cuba were the rich, who now push propaganda out of Florida. have you ever been to cuba do you know what it's like!

    Perez is dead!

  78. rob says – reply to this


    americans can't take how much better cuba and canada are, where we don't put a price on life.

    and maybe if your aunt wasn't such a bitch someone would have given her a ride to the hospital. because the cubans I've met look out for one another!

  79. ALDOINMIAMI says – reply to this


    REPLY TO 1234…….
    Yeah we've ruined Miami! LOL Wether you like or not you hater, Miami grew from a Hamlet to what it is today thanks to us, plus as far as the WORLD knows it was CARTER who let them in.

    In my family we are all professionals, never been involved with drugs! Certainly you dont help your case opening your mouth to let out a hateful nonsence message. Get your G.E.D. and learn some history try to understand what happened in Cuba and everywhere else in the 50's!

    "Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom" Jose Marti

  80. blondejlf says – reply to this


    PUBLICE SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! how does everyone not know that wikipedia can be updated and changed by anyone?! it is not the hard and undisputable truth so if you cite wikipedia as evidence you are an IDIOT! anyone who read the rumor here could go and change the wikipedia page. people these days have lost their minds.

  81. Andy says – reply to this


    If this turns out to be false, Perezhilton's credibility will suffer a lot.

  82. Andy says – reply to this


    If this turns out to be false, Perezhilton's credibility will suffer a lot.

  83. newsflash says – reply to this


    Saturday, 3:30pm, almost 24 hours after the big 'new conference', sources close to the ground report late breaking news "Fidel Castro - Still Alive'.
    Perez Hilton out scoops CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and more.

    In other news 'Thousands of people are proved idiots for thinking Perez Hilton is a credible source - More imformation @ 6PM."

  84. Andrew says – reply to this


    christinainpalmettobay said, "My friend is a state trooper and she says that indeed the police where put on high alert and that an announcement will come at 7pm "…

    ..and my godmother's friend's cousin told me that his next door neighbor's teacher said Perezhilton spreads rumors and calls them "truth".

  85. Victor says – reply to this


    I'm cuban . we are here in miami waiting for that great news …. but nothing confirmed yet… bwe all are ready for the big partY in CALLE 8.

  86. Andrew says – reply to this


    No wonder men rule the world. Take a look at all the commentes, and note that almost 100% of women blindly believe what Perezhilton has reported, even in the abscence of any evidence. Men on the other hand, are skeptical.

  87. russianspy says – reply to this


    rob, I've been to Cuba. It's a real shit hole. The average person lives worse than the favelados in Brazil, while the military elite live in mansions in the hills. Which is what you expect when a country has been living under a fascist dictatorship for 40 years, unless you're so stupid as to believe the propaganda of the state's monopoly press.

  88. Miami born and raised says – reply to this



    It's a damn shame no one could torture him the way he tortured so many Cubans and Cuban families. Some of the stories I've heard are absolutely horrifying!!!!!!

    Oh and to Banana #892… #1 Fidel pretty much did the same things those other a-holes did… #2 Che was a cold blooded murderer and I'm glad they betrayed him. He's been burning in hell for years! #3 I don't know who your sources are but a good percentage of cubans that have arrived in Miami over the past couple of years are not literate. #4 I would be more than happy to be "another Latin American country the U.S. government can manipulate and control" at least this way I know that the family that still lives on the island has food in their stomach. If you dislike the U.S. so much pack your bags and get the hell out!!!!!!! By the way… you should seriously consider talking to some of the political prisoners of cuba… maybe then your ignorance will be enlightened!!!!!!

    #504 It's funny I can afford the internet… as a matter of fact I'm sure I can afford a lot of things you can't.

    #493 Get played by a cuban and now your bitter??? Nice comment by the way… what street corner do you work on?

    #1164 Kay Kay - Ditto on everything you said. Ignorance is a horrible thing and an enormous about of people suffer with the ignorance virus. Cheers to our careers, our houses, our cars and everything else we've been able to achieve by working hard!!!!!

  89. mel says – reply to this


    I can see this turning into a hilarious event ala Weekend at Burnies.

  90. JLS says – reply to this



  91. Carlos says – reply to this


    Creo que el primero en hablar sobre la muerte de Fidel Castro esta semana fuè el Ministro del Interior del Paraguay Demàs Frescura,el dìa 21 de agosto del corriente año.

  92. Fidel Castro says – reply to this


    I'm alive, you dumb fucking cumfag.

  93. bwitty says – reply to this


    maybe the cubans will stayout of america now
    haha =]

  94. pinko says – reply to this


    Leave the politics alone, and stick to celebrities. You obviously know nothing about politics. Cuba has better health care and higher literacy than the USA. The only reason Cuba is faultering economically is the stupid, ricidulous trade embargo imposed by the USA.

    Tell me, if Americans are so "free", how come you have to go to Canada to buy Cuban cigars? Can you not make that decision on your own?

  95. ScrewY'all says – reply to this


    F**k all of you bashing Castro…Yeah, why wouldn't the Cubans in the US and morons with the brain of a pea like Perez talk the politically correct bullshit about Castro being the devil, blah blah blah…Yeah, it's pretty nice deserting your country and crying for asylum, when the great majority of you freakin Cuban deserters are descendants of former rich plantation owners who pillaged Cuba and were greedy bastards…God forbid that someone come around and stand up against capitalism and greed!! You people are so damn dumb…most of you morons don't live much better lives in your putrid Miami than you would if you lived in Cuba…How many of you have health insurance in this wonderful US of A that actually works when you're sick, huh?? Who gives a shit about you when you don't have enough money to feed your kids??? NO ONE!! not here anyways….but you gotta go spewing your moronic BS, right? Very few people ever make it big in a capitalistic society, but it's so funny and pathetic to watch all these freakin losers flocking to the US, blabbing away about freedom and blah blah…and in the end, they die poorer and more retched as when they came. You all deserve it.

  96. Nancy says – reply to this


    I think Perez is being held in a room being questioned by your own government as to why he is causing all this comotion. Fidel's death is a hot topic and will cause alot of problems once confirmed. North Korea and Colombia are tight with Cuba and will use his death to seek power over the US. Perez where are you? Let us know your okay.

  97. erica says – reply to this


    i live in miami and just yesterday (thursday) 3 of my family members called saying theres a new rumor that fidel has died and theyd announce it at night but theres been nothing yet. i hope its true though =P

  98. Nick says – reply to this


    Still waiting.

  99. alessandro says – reply to this



  100. jeb says – reply to this


    perez, if you fucked up you should say so. if you still believe this shit, you should tell us why. it's kind of lame to start riots and then just hide under the fucking bed.

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