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The Truth Will Come Out

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We stand by our story 100%.

Fidel Castro is dead!

The only way the Cuban government can settle this once and for all, though, is to parade him (alive) around Havana this weekend. No pictures or video!

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1373 comments to “The Truth Will Come Out”

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  1. Owned says – reply to this


    Perez you really got owned.

  2. Shut up! says – reply to this



  3. Michelle says – reply to this


    Um.. From ONE REAL CUBAN to a fake ass other (ala perezhilton which I bet you dont EVEN SPEAK spanish)…
    Please DO NOT write blogs about Fidel when you KNOW that YOUR SOURCE is full of it. Wait to see him in the coffin and THEN…… my dear…. you can be 100% sure…. respect to the cuban people eh.
    We are ALL WAITING so……

  4. frenchie says – reply to this


    I just taught a class that had a man in it who had escaped from Cuba by boat tMexico, and then to the U.s. His family is still in Cuba, and it seems that rumblings there are stronger than ever right now, especially since his birthday passed without an appearance or a radio address or anything. I specialized in Cuban studies for my Spanish degree and I can't wait to see what happens after Fidel is truly dead. There is an old joke where a schoolteacher asks the class where Castro should be buried. Many name various places in Cuba. The teacher asks Jose, and he says "I don't care where they bury his as long as it is not Jerusalem." The teacher asks him why. He says "Well, they buried Jesus there and he rose again after 3 days. We can't take that chance!!!!"

  5. Cubano says – reply to this


    Pues yo soy cubano, y apoyo a Fidel, la revolucion no es para nada perfecta, pero es mejor que ser lacayos de Bush asesino y Terrorista. En Cuba no hay analfabetas, no hay ninos pidiendo comida en las calles, como en el resto de latinoamerica. Y no, la revolucion no me ha dado ningun privilegio, como seguro alguno de uds gusanos ya penso. Viva Fidel, abajo(no les deseo la muerte, eso seria rebajarse a su nivel) los gusanos de Miami!!

  6. Americano says – reply to this


    Oye Cubano, en Cuba no habrá analfabetos, pero sólo pueden leer la propaganda comunista de mierda que permite tu querido Fidel. Y si tienes menos de 50 años, nunca has conocido nada más que la revolución, así que claro, ¿qué vas a pensar? ¿Cómo es eso que aquí no viene ningún Cubano de Cuba a hablar mal de Fidel? Y no me vayas a decir que es porque no los hay. A ver, habla de Fidel como has hablado de Bush pa que veas lo que te pasa, cabrón.

  7. para #1335 cubano says – reply to this


    Te escribo en español para que entiendas. Esta revolución del asno de Fidel es una basura. Fidel no es mejor que Bush, los 2 son encarnaciones del mismísimo diablo. Este imbécil hechó a perder a Cuba y a los cubanos. Tú mismo ya ni siquiera estás ahí, si te encuentras blogueando aquí. Los cubanos son una raza de traumatizados, con una mentalidad de carencia e intranquilidad. Todo arrebatan, por el terror de que se los vayan a quitar. Son pendencieros y abusivos una vez que tienen cualquier cosilla y esto es obra de Fidel. Lo terrible es que su muerte no liberará a Cuba, el régimen seguirá con sus familiares al frente. Y los cubanos? esos ya se quedaron jodidos. Y los peleoneros que están aquí, no se van a mejorar.

  8. para #1335 cubano says – reply to this


    Te escribo en español para que entiendas. Esta revolución del asno de Fidel es una basura. Fidel no es mejor que Bush, los 2 son encarnaciones del mismísimo diablo. Este imbécil echó a perder a Cuba y a los cubanos. Tú mismo ya ni siquiera estás ahí, si te encuentras blogueando aquí. Los cubanos son una raza de traumatizados, con una mentalidad de carencia e intranquilidad. Todo arrebatan, por el terror de que se los vayan a quitar. Son pendencieros y abusivos una vez que tienen cualquier cosilla y esto es obra de Fidel. Lo terrible es que su muerte no liberará a Cuba, el régimen seguirá con sus familiares al frente. Y los cubanos? esos ya se quedaron jodidos. Y los peleoneros que están aquí, no se van a mejorar.

  9. USA rules says – reply to this


    To all the other Castro lovers here: you cannot change the fact that it is the Cuban people and they alone who should be allowed to decide how they’re governed. You can talk all you want about how much the Cubans love Castro, but until there’s a free and open election, there’s no way to know. If Castro is so beloved by his people, then he shouldn’t be so afraid of an election, should he? And you only show your contempt for the Cuban people by denying them the same rights that you (presumably) possess, even as you pretend to love them. No, all it takes is for some asshole to spend a week in Cuba as a pampered tourist and have someone say to him that they like Fidel, and it’s “Aha! You see? Cubans love their government!” All you Castro lovers are such pathetic hypocrites. You make me sick.

  10. Americano says – reply to this


    Tienes razón, para #135 cubano. Dudo muchísimo que ese esté en Cuba, como dice.

  11. Inés says – reply to this


    It's about time!!!!

  12. Carla B says – reply to this


    I believe you perez!

  13. Mary says – reply to this


    B-A-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY THOUGHT YOU WHERE A PROFESSIONAL, NOW YOU JUST PLAIN S- U- C- K!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DONT FUK WITH MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MiamiNice says – reply to this


    Well all is calm here in Miami…so I doubt it.
    But the Cuban's seem a bit "happier" than usual…besides who said they were leaving Miami if he truly is dead? Besides they are waaay toooo comfortable here in the banana republic.

  15. spleen says – reply to this


    You Cubans are cowards!!!
    Promise that you will go back to that sh!thole of a country when Castro dies!!!
    COWARDS!!!! Can't fight Castro from here!!!!

  16. Raul Julia says – reply to this


    My auntie has been saying this since she got off the boat in 1968. You and her would get along great, you are both washed up hags.

  17. Chisme says – reply to this


    The comments don’t allow for much….so I’m writing this in pieces:
    I think all of you are going to be owing Perez an apology…Fidel is Dead!!!! I have been reading his blog since Friday & listening to the news & had my doubts since the cuban community has killed Fidel 50 times already,however his story is 100% true only b/c mine is 100% true. I have sources in Cuba that have also confirmed to me that he has passed. I don’t reveal my sources b/c they have been political prisioners in the past & are afraid if caught saying something. In their words: "We knew that Miami would hear it sooner or later. When it becomes official please stay in your homes & only go out if needed b/c remember that there are alot of communist there also". This implies that he has been dead & we haven't been told. I also have 2 friends in law enforcement that confirmed that they have been told that he is dead.

  18. chisme says – reply to this


    One told me they would announce it on Sunday night or Monday after rush hour. The other said that they are trying to get reinforcement b/c they fear that when the "party" begins it won't just be in Miami in Little Havana on Calle Ocho…it's all of Miami from the Keys, Kendall, Miami Beach, Hialeah;cities like Orl&o, Tampa, Gainesville & even other states like NY, TN, GA, NC, CA etc..They are not just planning the Orange Bowl as a place for Cubans to gather to celebrate but also in Tropical Park. I have been told that the media is cooperating. I've also heard that CNN will be the first to report the announcement & they will be stationed in the parking lot next to Versailles as it has already been rented from the owners. So when you see their news vans….

  19. chisme says – reply to this


    Additionally to those hating on the US; You might as well leave. That's what is so great about the US…If you don't like it you have the Choice to leave it!!!! I was born here & love my country. I agree that the govn't isn't the best it has been in yrs & we have taken a turn for the worst but the freedom of speech & right to choose that we have in this country is unheard of in many others. The govn't WOULD hide news from us, sometimes they have to. (IT'S THE GOVERNMENT) They have a lot of secrets & will always have secrets. I also believe that Raul & those left in power in Cuba don’t want to admit what has happenned. Look at what happenned in the USSR & in Spain.They spent months/years keeping the truth from us. Spain use to actually parade the man's body on a balcony waiving to his people & give the excuse that he was unable to speak meanwhile their leader had been dead all along.(People it happens) Who knows when the announcement will come out, maybe not today or tomorrow but it will leak out with time & the death date will come back close to the week of Aug.17th.

  20. chisme says – reply to this


    To my cuban people:Change won’t come right away so be patient. My father died w/o ever seeing his Cuba free from communism. I have family that have died at sea trying to make it here & since I myself have never had the opportunity to visit the isl& I have family that I have never met & I can't wait to meet. I know my generation will see him die of old age. I just hope that people like my mom actually get to witness it also before they pass as I know they have suffered & waited a lifetime (50 years). My religion never celebrates a death & I don’t wish for anyone to die (including Castro) but if God has chosen that it is his time to go then I'm glad to see him leave. I can't wait to see Cuba Libre!!!

  21. molly says – reply to this


    perez, you better make an announcement about this rumoured death of fidel castro, or you will lose my (and i'm sure many others) audience for your website. this is shizz

  22. jenjen says – reply to this


    Still waiting!!!! : (

  23. mirta says – reply to this


    hijo de puta

  24. sara says – reply to this


    Fuck castro!!!! He's a fag ass bitch we should have taken him out years ago.. Mabey my family would all be together? Hey perez do you ever vacation their?

  25. starr says – reply to this



  26. noelia says – reply to this


    You should be more interested in watching Bush die, he is killing innocents every fucking day and your country still chooses him so pleaseeee Before talking about cultures you have absolutely no idea about try first to understand yours…If you can….I think nobody can because is fucking ridiculus. Dont become and American Idiot!-
    Noelia –> Argentina.

  27. la sirena says – reply to this


    YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully now that the communist bastard is dead i can find my family in cuba!

  28. sean says – reply to this


    havana is with a B.. HABANA! U STUPID WHORE!

  29. luis says – reply to this


    I thought the scum bag fidel castro is dead. is he really dead and r u really 100% sure

  30. Unleash the WASP says – reply to this


    The reason they named the drink Rum & Coke the Cuba Libre?
    The combination of the nectar of Cuba, Rum with the nectar of America, Coke = a Free Cuba!
    We should had taken the island long ago.

  31. Amy says – reply to this


    Shame on you for going down this path just to be the first one to break the story. Shame!!

  32. Unleash the WASP says – reply to this


    I need a drink.
    Cuba Libre, anyone?

  33. Marcus says – reply to this


    Sounded too good to be true and it was. I had heard from several sources within Miami-Dade county offices, Castro was dead since last Wednesday. Guess everyone was wrong and hopeful. Annoucement was scheduled for today. Nothing has been announced. One day it will be TRUE.

  34. Americano says – reply to this


    Hey Noelia, at least we can choose our presidents. Nobody chose Castro. And by the way, I suggest you get your own piece of shit country together before you go around criticizing one that is FAR superior.

  35. Jenn says – reply to this


    If you hate our country so much, go back to yours! And leave us the hell alone! Oh yeah, and take your language with you. You come to our land, take advantage of all we have to offer, and don't even bother learning our language, and expect us to learn yours. Sad day in America when a person who was born and raised here, and has paid taxes all of their life, is now required to speak a different language just to find employment, to serve the non english speakers…. give me a break… Hope the old guy dies, and maybe you can get the hell out of our beautiful wonderful country.

  36. wondering says – reply to this


    Perz, I think you owe some sort of explanation now. Do you still stand by the story? Were you misinformed? Say something, don't just leave us hanging like this.

  37. Heather says – reply to this


    WTF …..Perez!!!!! Um NO ONE has even said anything and it's FU*king MONDAY! Ur Source is FULL of SHIZNIT!

  38. Kay Kay says – reply to this


    Hey Jenn,

    Well your hope is fleeting –so get used to it, because it's only going to get "worse" –we're not going anywhere.

    Learning a second language–THE NERVE!

    Newflash–half of NORTH America speaks Spanish and in the continent below us about 80% do….

    p.s. remember the alamo? ………he he… yeah….

  39. ms_freSsh says – reply to this


    uh oh perez..i haven't seen anything on CNN or ABC. if you're wrong..you might lose some serious credibility. you better be right honey or you might have to go kill that man yourself just to make your story stick!

  40. Mercurtio says – reply to this


    Castro died of syphyllis like Al Capone. Unlike Al, Castro got it from a sheep he pumped in the back of his 55 Chevrolet. The newest model they have running in Cuba. Hopefully now all the Cubans can go home. We have enough baby talk here with the rio grande river jumpers.

  41. Unleash the Wasp says – reply to this


    1).the crazy US government won't confirm the news because they are first positioning to over throw the cuban government and take cuba once and for all. one last hurrah for GW! son of sam.
    2). perez is not commenting on this because he has been SILENCED by the government
    3). they are first calling in all available law enforcement in the southern states to rally in Miami because when news hits the beloved CNN, Telemundo, whatever - they are prepared for the, well, "dancing in the streets" of haBana, calle ocho, sobe, kendal…. south florida….. that is sure to follow an "official announcement"

    now, about that drink…..

  42. perez hilton says – reply to this


    I was wrong. See #1171 - Perez Hilton says:

    Ok everyone, I have to admit that I was wrong. My source was inaccurate and I should not have posted this news item without verification by a second source. My apologies for creating a frenzy based on information that was, in the end, not factual.

  43. HavanaJournal.com says – reply to this


    WOW. That's a lot of comments. I see this post in #1171 - Perez Hilton says:

    Ok everyone, I have to admit that I was wrong. My source was inaccurate and I should not have posted this news item without verification by a second source. My apologies for creating a frenzy based on information that was, in the end, not factual.


  44. MW says – reply to this


    Sean #1351…you are the idiot. its HAVANA…..moron….

  45. bajabill says – reply to this


    the person posting as fidel perez is not, he will post proper and not in a comment thread. There is a lot of resons to believe this time Castro is really dead- but a public announcement is being delayed for political and safety reasons. Lets hope someone breaks the silence soon…..

  46. PEREZ SUPPORTER says – reply to this


    If Perez were wrong, he'd post it on the main pages, not just to those of us commenting on this entry.

    In Miami news today (quoted):
    Miami Police Chief John Timoney told Local 10's Rad Berky there has been a noticable increase of "chatter" about the ailing dictator's condition.

    Timoney told Berky that he was awakened in the middle of the night by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Wednesday with first word of the rumors. He told Berky that was "very unusual."

    Timoney said he is now getting hourly updates from the FBI and is passing those on to the Miami officials including the mayor and city manager.
    Fidel is dead. Perez is right. The truth will come out….

  47. mn says – reply to this


    (posting in parts…sorry)To those shouting for Cubans to go home. First of all, a lot of us have become American citizens or were born in America. Home is America. If you think you can order an American citizen "home" to Cuba because they are concerned about the status of a dictator who hurt so many of their parents and grandparents, then go back to Ireland, England, and anywhere else unless home is a reservation and quit calling yourself (fill in the blank)-American because you're being pathetic hypocrites.

    For those that feel the exiled Cubans are cowards, you might want to read your history books. The US offered help to get the country back, then backstabbed them. However, Cubans that came to America have more patriotic sense and appreciation for the freedom they have as Americans than a lot of people who have been here for generations. And if the Cubans are cowards, then so are those that fled Europe continuously for the past few centuries.

  48. mn says – reply to this


    To those of you that want to stereotype America and be hateful, it's your choice to be. Everyone has their opinion. At least if we don't like a president, the longest he can be there is eight years and we vote, have the power to change things, and unlike the governments that do not allow that, we can criticize our leaders publically, and do.

    To in the same breath criticize Americans for materialism while vacationing on pristine beaches that are not even open to the average Cuban citizen is plain hypocrisy. You just want your little tourist playground and have no regard for the situation in Cuba.

  49. mn says – reply to this


    Spin works both ways. I have relatives that remained in Cuba, a few of them professionals and in the medical field. They starved like anyone else and like a lot of people in Cuba, depend on care packages from family in America. Cuba's health care system is so great that a doctor in my family could only get a pain killer from family in the States as he died riddled with cancer in a leaky little house. Remember that, tourists, that you see what the government wants you to see in a place like Cuba.

    Is Castro dead? Who knows. I think he's been dead a long time. I am just a little miffed that Perez hasn't issued an apology or a retraction a little more publically than on a message board. His death is not going to give rise to sweeping positive improvements in Cuba, but it's going to make a lot of us feel really good that this tyrant has left the earth. Let us have our moment.

    Communism looks really good on paper when you are a hippie on acid, but in the end, it doesn't work because human nature will never allow it to be anything more than oppression. Don't sit back there and act the armchair politician when you've never seen it firsthand, or allowed yourself to be taken in by the innane rhetoric.

  50. Americano says – reply to this



    Your comments are so RIGHT ON TARGET that I wanted to commend you for a job well done! So many Americans (but by no means all) haven't a clue as to what goes on in other countries. These people are totally taken in by the beautiful-sounding rhetoric of communism, but fail to see that theory and reality are two very different things. They also ignore the old adage "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." As for the great Cuban health care system, my relatives in Cuba used to beg us for Tylenol and all sorts of medicines all the time (they're now deceased). Any Cuban in America knows this, but the Castro lovers think we're all liars, because they've been suckered in by Castro's propaganda. And yes, if the Cubans who came here are cowards, so are the refugees from Darfur, the jews who fled from Hitler, and the pilgrims of Plymouth Rock, USA.

  51. mn says – reply to this


    Thanks, Americano. :) People seem to want to understand only the things they wish. I got tired.

  52. El Ma' Pingu'o says – reply to this


    Now Che has a new roomate in the 9th circle. Make sure you give Hitler our regards!

  53. Pilar says – reply to this


    No duh! The man has been dead since 1984! The stuff job the did on him was great though, he still looks fresh as a daisey!

  54. MelissaL says – reply to this


    Why does everyone want him to be dead? Surely the phobia of communism in America went down with McCarthy. America needs to be a whole lot less xenophobic.

  55. kyle says – reply to this


    you are such a fat idiot perez

  56. kyle says – reply to this


    you are such a fat idiot perez

  57. *** says – reply to this


    Hey Pubez, nice one, I bet ol' Fidel is chuckling away on his deathbed right now at your lack of any journalistic skill or "inside information" whatsoever! I guess if you start reporting the deaths of all old, ill men, you're bound to hit gold sooner or later! You should stay away from the politics and stick to celebrity gossip, though I'd challenge that you don't know shit about that either.

    Castro's eventual death will be no release to Cuba, just a symbollic freedom. Be real, Fidel Castro hasn't "ruled" Cuba in years. No shit will change. Power already officially rests with his brother Raul and has done for over a year. Cuba will be in as tight a chokehold as ever. Your lack of any sort of poltical awareness in your own country astounds me.

  58. Fidelia says – reply to this


    sure! an 81 yr old guy's death should change the world
    He won decades ago!, his death is of little meaning right now but I guess miamians (not cubans anymore) already have their minds so twisted that this probably means a lot. I really wish he dies and all the cubans that "depend" on his death will honor their promises of going back to their "free" cuba (sure they will).

  59. sara_log says – reply to this


    pinche morrillo mentiroso!

  60. sara_log says – reply to this


    pinche morrillo mentiroso!

  61. sara_log says – reply to this


    fidel esta vivo ayer me hizo el amor desesperadamente!

  62. fyi says – reply to this


    UPDATE: Below was just copied from Reuters moments ago (Aug.28,2007)

    HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is tipping Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up and win the U.S. presidential election.


    Clinton leads Obama in the race to be the Democratic nominee for the November 2008 election, and Castro said they would make a winning combination.

    "The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate," he wrote in an editorial column on U.S. presidents published on Tuesday by Cuba's Communist Party newspaper, Granma.

  63. Fidel Castro Ruz says – reply to this


    Perez now you are toast

  64. Chase says – reply to this


    Perez–Isn't it time for a retraction.

  65. luci g says – reply to this


    he is dead! i went to cuba last year and the rumours were flying everywhere since then…..cubans themselves said he was dead and his brother who is currently head of the army, will be soon taking over his post….dont hate on perezelle hes the bestezelle!!!!!

  66. james dean says – reply to this


    hi perry i was just talking to elvis and john lennon and we all agree with you .after all we belive in fairys too even big fat ones.

  67. Joe says – reply to this


    perez, when are u going to provide an update or retraction to this story? other blogs are reporting that he is on his deathbed with a trach and life support keeping him alive…what do you know?

  68. Congri says – reply to this


    Actually, close sources at CNN that told me on the 10th of August that they thought Fidel was dead and that they were preparing for the story. Apparently CBS was in Cuba for intreviews with party leaders and thought something was "off" and CNN got wind of it. Don't ask me any more because that is all I know….

  69. Juanjo says – reply to this


    Que viva el Comandante!
    Todos los cubanos que viven en Miami(US) son unos rateros mafiosos. Cuando se muera Fidel ellos son los que van a llevar a Cuba a la destrucción.

    Estudié en Cuba. La mejor experiencia de mi vida.

  70. Your an idiot says – reply to this


    Premature rumors of Fidel Castro’s death are common in Miami, Florida, a city heavily influenced by Cuban exiles. Their frequency intensified after Castro's 81st birthday passed on August 13, 2007, with no word from him. On August 24, 2007, rumors began circulating heavily in Miami, about the possibility that Fidel Castro's death would be announced that day. Rumors were notably escalating with a meeting of local officials to go over their plans for when Castro dies and a road closure in the Florida Keys that was only due to a police standoff.[121] Media outlets received high volumes of calls asking to verify if the rumors were true. None of the rumors have been confirmed.[122] Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque responded by saying that Castro was still recovering from his surgery in 2006 and has been keeping busy.[123] FOX News reported that the US State Dept believes the rumor to be false.[124] Castro wrote and signed a lengthy essay published August 26, 2007 saluting a Cuban political figure, Eduardo Chibas, but giving no hint of how he is feeling, even amid rampant rumors of his demise. [125]

  71. christina says – reply to this


    wow, its funny that this story dropped off your radar so fast….could it be you realized you FUCKED UP BIG TIME YOU BIG RETARD!!!! i always used to read this site, but its all such shit

    hope YOUR 15 minutes of fame comes to an end really soon you fat tub of lard

  72. mn says – reply to this


    Mejor ratero mafioso que Comunista mierdero.

    Porque no te quedaste en Cuba, Juanjo?

  73. scooter says – reply to this


    As a guy who is studying poly sci and has been for quite some time now, you beter be right Perez. I feel bad for you if you are wrong, for I can see this turning into large race riots in the south east region of the state. I can see these riots being much large than the race riots in L.A. You have quite some balls there Pere. You have some balls. cudos.

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