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The Truth Will Come Out

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We stand by our story 100%.

Fidel Castro is dead!

The only way the Cuban government can settle this once and for all, though, is to parade him (alive) around Havana this weekend. No pictures or video!

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1373 comments to “The Truth Will Come Out”

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  1. horsehungboston says – reply to this


    I think its kinda funny how all of you have these "sources" I know someone that works for the FBI, I have a friend at channel 10, I have a dad on the fire dept. PLEASE… The US is not the only country that would have this information. All the other countries around the world would have been put on alert and leaked something too. Our Home Land Security, how screwed up that is, doesnt have the power to stop world news.. Castro will make an appearence in a few weeks to put all the rumors again to rest. Although, I do find it fun to see that over 700 people are replying to this. I bet this rumor was started by one of these advertisors on this page. Maybe the Murder of Diana people, or the Perezciuus Collection people, or the Self Magaizine people. I bet its all them so we see their ads. Well, it worked cause I just checked out all of them again. Thanks for making my Friday night Fun Perez. Are we really still waiting for the Miami Rush Hour to subside as was in your other posting? Hmm…

  2. NIKO M says – reply to this


    Get your facts, what you are suddenly a source for breaking news on foreign policy, spend the money you made and take a course in political science….. you might learn a thing or two.

  3. sigi says – reply to this


    The rumors have circulated for years. Usually every couple of months they'd start, but in the past week, the rumors have been in overdrive.

    Local 10 called its contacts at the White House. Spokespeople there said they were aware of "no change in Cuba." A spokesperson of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said "it's all rumor and that Castro is fine."

    An ABC news source in Cuba said all is quiet in Havana and as far as he knows, no announcement is pending.

    In fact, the president of the Cuban National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon is reported to be on the beach in Varadero and would presumably be in Havana if a major announcement was imminent.

    Local 10's assignment desk also contacted police departments , which said they are monitoring the situation and taking it very seriously. Miami police said they are in contact with the FBI "hourly."

  4. Mal Lalo says – reply to this


    Just saw it on Channel 3 he is dead!!! Wow!!!

  5. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    You think communism is good? please leave America and go to cuba. That's an idiotic thing to say. AMERICA is the greatest country in the world w/ the best health care. I can imagine stupid Cuban's tearing up So Florida and Miami like a bunch of wild animals. Castro is/was a dictator, period. Cuban contribution? Rum and Cigars. We can live with out Cuba forever. Castro Bro will continue Commie BS, F Cuba. America treats cubans better like gold. They get instant status when they hit the beach. So cubans shut up or go back.

  6. me says – reply to this


    channel 6 saying fidel castro has died.

  7. Ame says – reply to this


    Are you sure Perez ???im in the DR an i havent hear anything!!

  8. Derek says – reply to this


    Breaking News: Cuba is hiding weapons of mass destruction, today the president of the US has received info that Cuba has gotten weapons from USSR and are pointing them at the US. The US is sending every warship to surround the island. Please stay tuned to perezhilton.com for more info

  9. tawny says – reply to this


    I totally believe you, Perez. You never fail me with Paris Hilton, so why is Fidel Castro any different?

    Commissioned by Perez Hilton for '08.

  10. The Devil says – reply to this



    No S@it Sherlock, how profound.

  11. wot? says – reply to this


    #674 that's some funny shit!
    Man, this is almost as good as Anna Nicole Smith's story. Well, maybe not, but it's good. Can't wait for the ending?!?!!!

  12. l says – reply to this


    Drudge is talking about it, but only as a rumor…

  13. just me says – reply to this


    no one is speaking about this issue on the news Perez… i really hope its true… but on the other hand… i'm really upset about all the comments that say things like… i can't wait to see what happens in Miami… i mean… Cubans living IN cuba are actually the ones that are going to see a major change aren't they?… I believe that our eyes should be looking towards them… and miami of course… its just… the "american" ego can be so big sometimes… its sad…

  14. Yaritza says – reply to this



  15. Sweety says – reply to this


    Mi madre just called me and told me she saw it on the News so is it really true? Anyone?????????

  16. ... says – reply to this


    yeah yeah the truth will come out in…. two or five years??? i love u but don't give such important news until you have solid proof… besitos!

  17. sexy MF says – reply to this


    is this story still up? WTF is Perez doing, calling his mom's hairdresser's aunt's digsitter to verify his EXCLUSIVE STORY!! I looked up this Castro guy on Wikipedia, and it says that is living in Cuba….NOT DEAd!

  18. jan says – reply to this


    OK PEREZ…. Its After 7:00 PM on the EAST COAST! Is he DEAD OR NOT? WHATS THE SCOOP????

  19. eaewe says – reply to this



  20. Juana says – reply to this



  21. tlc says – reply to this


    WHEN Rupert Murdoch says it happened then we can believe LOL LOL

  22. Cerulean says – reply to this


    Uh, kids, this is a gossip site, probably everything on it should be read with a critical eye. So, is it just all a rumor, perhaps, but I don't know. So stop being such big babies about this people.

  23. tumadreesputa says – reply to this


    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denied rumors of Cuban President Fidel Castro's death Sunday during his weekly television show.

    During the program, Chavez said his close friend Castro continues to write and produce his essays which appear in Cuba's national newspaper. He went on to strongly deny rumors circulating on the Internet that the Cuban leader had died.

  24. HANS says – reply to this


    Perez is pushing this Bullshit b/c he can't talk about what a DOUCHEBAG married Perez's junkie friend Amy Wino

  25. busheefks says – reply to this


    now maybe all the republican cuban fks will go back home and florida will go back to the dems.

  26. Dori says – reply to this


    still waiting….lmao.

  27. JT says – reply to this


    why should we believe you? this is like the second or third time you've printed this in the past 2 weeks. so far no word from the real media. I'm skeptical although originally being from Miami, the city would fucking party like the Wicked Witch of the West had another house dropped on her!

  28. Fidel Castro says – reply to this


    Fuck You Perez! FUCK YOU!

  29. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Get a real fucking job and leave national and international news to real reporters! If he was actually dead the major networks would be all over it.

    Get your facts straight!!

  30. twinkle says – reply to this


    Perez, you don't have any qualms about posting something like this? You think the media outlets around the world are holding this story back? Until rush hour in Miami is over?

    EARTH TO PEREZ EARTH TO PEREZ (insert Twilight Zone music). Maybe you should draw antennas on your own picture.


  31. Sandy says – reply to this


    I read this on Faranduleo.com too… They're saying he is officially dead and their connection is someone on the mainland of Cuba. Once the conversation started and the person in Cuba stated his demise the call dropped.

  32. Nina says – reply to this


    OK, on local NBC right now they have reports from Cuba that fidel MAY BE DEAD, and thats better than denying it, but still it does not mean he definitely is. I guess this is an update to your story though to give you more cred.But ya, they said "FIDEL CASTRO MAY BE DEAD" but neither confirming nor denying…………………..

  33. mefito says – reply to this


    Why would some mongoloid, ass-kissing blogger who is bankrolled by a con be the only newssource when a genuine government official could release this info for some serious $$$$?

  34. Scarlett says – reply to this


    From your mouth to God's ears Perez!

  35. Faith says – reply to this


    News says "THE CUBAN DICTATOR MAY BE DEAD" but still "UNCONFIRMED" from Cuba.

  36. Steve says – reply to this


    Cubans are assholes anyway, I hope he is dead. That way all you thick -headed, only care about yourself loudmouths will go home and stay there. Say hi to Elian for me, and please take the dickhead Diaz-Balart brothers and Ileana who the fuck cares back with you. Good riddance.

  37. Bill Clay says – reply to this


    Jesus, Mario! Are you a professional Cuban? For the second week IN A ROW you give us FALSE ALARMS about Castro's death. You look SO stupid now.

  38. bebe says – reply to this



  39. Gilly says – reply to this


    Well CNN normally breaks news like this first, and so far nada. It's almost 7:30 pm. I know that you are doing something journalistic but it's very irresponsible to report this right now.

  40. over perez says – reply to this


    perez when you gonna change those goofey character pics of you at the top of the page to accurately reflect what you REALLY look like….cause from that pic and what we're seeing on tv….i think MTV is not showin your better side

  41. angel says – reply to this


    The Cuban people say his brother is more of a evil cruel tyrant then Castro… To me that WHOLE family needs to be ran out and go straight to hell.


    I hope he is dead for all the pain he has caused his own people, may she finally be free!

  42. YouIdiots says – reply to this


    its confirmed to be A RUMOR not that he is dead! What a load of fucking idiots man! GEEZ! Perez just go public and apologize for starting this world altering rumor and fucking just take your site down. What a fucking JOKE!

  43. god says – reply to this


    if Fidel Castro died… Perez would not be the first one to know about it. Seriously, fuck

  44. Manica Patrick says – reply to this


    I just checked the Miami Herald, NBC 6's Website, CNN, MSNBC and there is only the "Unfounded Rumors" on them sans CNN/MSNBC. He's most likely dead but as of now, there's not much to tell.

    Back to watching the Phillies.

  45. lulinha says – reply to this


    so basically you announced something inevitable in the hope that it will happen soon, just so you can get "the scoop"? What a crock of shit.

  46. Britney's untouched prozac bottle says – reply to this


    my best wishes to all of the Cuban people

    I only hope little brother Castro dies soon as well leading to a wave of democracy, free trade and travel to your country

  47. kerryAnn says – reply to this


    I'm waiting for someone to come on the news and tell me. Don't get me wrong, Perez is always right, but you seem to be the only one talking about this

  48. kerryAnn says – reply to this


    I'm waiting for someone to come on the news and tell me. Don't get me wrong, Perez is always right, but you seem to be the only one talking about this

  49. la cubana says – reply to this


    I really think that although he may had a wrong idea of what his country needed, in his mind he made all those things to help his country and if his death is true it will be a an end of a Leyend and an era and part of me is sad because after all his is a human being; and on the other hand, in what way will this death beneficiate the cubans in Miami? i dont' see any of them returning to Cuba any time soon.

  50. Heather says – reply to this


    I would like to believe it, but it's almost 7:30 eastern and there's absolutely no mention of this on CNN or Fox, on the TV or online. Why would they be reporting breaking news about Michael Vick and a teen who hacked an iPhone if Castro were truly dead?

    Don't get too excited until you hear this from a reputable source. Perez is amusing, but he's no hard-hitting journalist.

  51. Johntron says – reply to this


    AMERICA is the greatest country in the world w/ the best health care.

    Please leave.

  52. FC says – reply to this


    I heard from my aunt who heard from her friend who heard from her sister who heard it from her bf who heard it from his best friend who heard it from a distant cousin who lives on the island that Castro is alive and on the phone with Chavez laughing at all of Miami.

  53. Kim says – reply to this


    The only reason Miami-Dade police are on call is b/c of the rumors and what people will run with and party.

  54. 1pissedbitch says – reply to this


    Matti…WHO THE F*CK wishes AIDS on someone???? Have you ever known anyone with AIDS?? Shame on you.

  55. Laurita says – reply to this


    If there was a drop of truth to this story, it would've been all over CNN!! Don't we think??

  56. Blogger Rrrrrevolucionario says – reply to this


    I live in Miami. No local reports, no arming of the police in the streets. Chisme de mierda, Penecito, chisme de mierda.

  57. Paris Hilton says – reply to this


    Cud someone pls tel me who is this guy? He looks cool, I'd like to hav invite im to my housewarmin party in BH!

  58. Narles says – reply to this


    I love that you had this story before anybody else….Nice work Perez!!

  59. JoHnO says – reply to this



  60. Laura says – reply to this


    On the Spanish Language news here, they reported that Castro HAS DIED. But I still do not see it on CNN.

  61. Martin says – reply to this


    Ok, let's say it's over for this time. FALSE ALARM, the old guy is still alive.

    Sorry Perez but you were wrong this time.

  62. Amy says – reply to this


    We can only hope! As long as we can get Chavez outta the arena we're golden on that front. PLEASE . . . PLEASE . . . let this be true.


  63. Battista says – reply to this


    As the son of Battista, I plan to retake the country and make the Cuban people the bitch-class of the US once again! Viva class warfare!

  64. viva cuba says – reply to this


    792 is confused as hell

  65. horsehungboston says – reply to this


    If people keep saying they "hear or see" it on their local news. Say where your located and what station and we can all google it and check. Cause all the people saying it just say "Oh, channel 4 just confirmed it" bullshit. Its NATIONAL NEWS. I am watching ET and I am sure that NBC would be breaking in on this. Yeah. I think he did this cause he got a scold from Amy Whinehouse today. although, that is one screwed up bitch

  66. jarvis says – reply to this


    i think he's been dead for at least a decade… they just sent him to the taxidermist and moved him around like a marrionette

  67. Dani says – reply to this


    hmm nothing about castro being dead on any news channels. your full of shit!

  68. jstuddle says – reply to this


    I'm still trying to figure out why the Cuban gov't gives a shit about rush hour traffic in Miami.

  69. Javier says – reply to this


    MIAMI (WSVN) — Rumors are circulating around South Florida of Fidel Castro's death are unfounded according to multiple sources.

    FOX News cites multiple officials at the White House saying there is nothing to back up rumors coming out of Miami that Fidel Castro is dead.

    WSVN's assignment Desk has received several calls regarding Castro's rumored death.

    According to Miami Police Chief John Timoney officials are in contact with the FBI on an "hourly" basis.

    On Thursday, Cuba's Foreign Minister Asaid said rumors about Fidel Castro's deteriorating health are untrue. Felipe Perez Roque made the comments to reporters while attending the Forum for East Asia-Latin American Cooperation in Brazil.

    When asked if the 81-year-old Castro was still in charge of Cuban affairs, Roque said, "He is being informed and consulted constantly."

    Stayed tuned to WSVN.com and WSVN News on Castro's health.

  70. Ame says – reply to this



  71. Jessica says – reply to this


    If it is true, then I will never go to cnn.com…ever again!

  72. Irak says – reply to this


    FUCK!! if thats true… Bush will do anything… atacking cuba??… maybe he (bush) would kill more people like 9/11… and then he will say that is a terrorist atack from cuba?? yeah! yi think thats it… BUSH SUCKS

  73. Natalia says – reply to this


    August 24, 2007
    Rumors on Castro's Health Swirl in Miami
    Filed at 6:54 p.m. ET

    MIAMI (AP) — The official word in Cuba is that Fidel Castro is still very much alive — but you'd never know that on the streets of Miami.

    Premature rumors of Castro's death are a staple in this heavily Cuban-exile city. But their frequency has intensified in recent days after his 81st birthday came and went Aug. 13 with neither pictures, letters nor recordings from him.

    Friday, the rumors were pushed into overdrive by a meeting of local officials to go over their plans for when Castro really dies and a road closure in the Florida Keys that was actually due to a police standoff.

    A circular game ensued with radio stations reporting the rumors, citing TV stations, which cited the rumors on the street.

    Sandra Avila, an executive at a design firm in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood, said clients and vendors called all day asking about the rumors.

    ”I've heard the rumors before, but there's a different feeling this time, like this time it's real,” she said.

    The rumor mill took off a year ago when the Cuban leader announced he would turn power over to his brother Raul because of an intestinal illness. Since then, Castro, who has ruled Cuba for nearly 48 years, has not been seen in public.

    Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, a Cuban-American who normally deals with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, jumped into the fray Friday, writing that sources were saying the Miami police were poised to announce Castro's death.

    Never mind the question of why the Miami police department and not the Havana government or, at least, the U.S. State Department would let the world know.

    In Cuba, officials remained tightlipped about Castro's condition.

    ”Fidel is doing very well and is disciplined in his recovery process,” Cuban foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque told reporters in Brazil on Thursday. Perez Roque insisted Castro maintains ”permanent” contact with members of the government party in Cuba.

    On official Cuban television, there was no hint of trouble Friday. A rerun of the hit NBC series ”Friends” played late in the afternoon.

    To steal a title from Nobel prize-winning Colombian author and Castro friend, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the last two weeks have been a nonstop ”Chronicle of a Death Foretold.”

    ”For us it's not so much the waiting for the death of a person,” said Joanna Burgos, spokeswoman for the Miami-based Raices of Esperanza, a nonpartisan youth group that advocates for a free and democratic Cuba.

    ”It's much more the waiting for the opportunity for young people on the island to have a chance to live freely, and hopefully that might give them an open door to do so.”

  74. Hope G. says – reply to this


    Anyone who says perezcito's career is over is an idiot. Obviously this garnered him a ton of attention and website hits. If you are threatening to leave this site forever, guess what? NO ONE CARES. He has his own TV show, why would he care? GOOOD RIDDANCE

    Also I just heard that Castro is dead on the local news here (Channel 6)

  75. Maxeriel says – reply to this


    News Channel 6 in Miami is saying that the Cuban Foreign minister is denying the rumors and that Castro had a "setback" healthwise, otherwise he's alive.

    A setback…hmmmmm…

  76. Lulzwarrior says – reply to this


    Haha, US of A sucks balls … Fuck you, in WW3 you'll be wiped out by Europe & co :) Enjoy.

  77. DUMBASS!!! says – reply to this


    Dumbass perez hilton just got mentioned on the Miami Herald web site.
    Hahaha goodbye you fraud. welcome to obscurity.

  78. Kevo says – reply to this


    It's really not up to the Miami Police Department to decide when to announce Fidel's demise. It's a bigger story than them. Stay out of foreign affairs reporting. Gloria Estefan is not a legitimate news source.

  79. JP says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHA Yeah OK…. the next breaking story is Perez is straight.

  80. kristin says – reply to this



    if this doesn't turn out to be true please take care of yourself next time you're in miami.

  81. .sao. says – reply to this


    have u heard anything?! this is a huge deal. i am losing faith and hope its not some hoax. :-(

  82. Angelle says – reply to this


    Why isn't the news hitting the National news? Nothing on CNN, nothing on any channel!

  83. Rockmelon says – reply to this


    So are you saying that no one, not even the inhabitants of Cuba know that he is dead? Has he been dead very long? Will the government eventually tell their people that he is no longer alive? Did they keep this from the people because they have to secure their borders before spilling the beans?

    Just a little more information, Perez! If you know so much, you must have some of these answers.

  84. jarvis says – reply to this


    and…. why are all you fucktards so pissed off that a fucking DICKtator is dead? you little twats weren't even alive when the worst of it happened…. do you think that florida is full of cubans for the fuck of it? don't you remember that little twit elian gonzalez and how much money we spent? um… how about the fucking bay of pigs? educate yourselves before you write bullshit.

  85. Ashlee says – reply to this


    i can't wait for the meltdown when it all comes out.

  86. jarvis says – reply to this


    and…. hopefully we'll be able to purchase DECENT cigars now!!!!!

  87. Rhonda says – reply to this


    I do believe that Castro is dead. He likely has been for weeks. I do not think the Cuban government is going to come out with the news for a while, though. Maybe with something like this happening, they'll be forced to. You know how those pesky dictatorships are and everything.

  88. stressedgoddess says – reply to this


    Well, I certainly WILL NOT believe it from FOX NOISE CHANNEL (Republican Talking Heads Central)…but I'm hoping that a RELIABLE SOURCE comes forward soon…there's been NOTHING on this story anywhere BUT here…fingers crossed for ya, Perez…hope you're right on this one…otherwise I'm starting to wonder about other stuff, kwim?

  89. JV says – reply to this


    Perez, I think you got Punk'd

  90. JB says – reply to this


    If you go to Google, type in Fidel Castro, then hit the news tab, you will read a lot a varying reports on this.

  91. --- says – reply to this


    Popo cito Perez–it was obviously a SLOW news day.

  92. Lynn says – reply to this


    TO ALL THE WHINERS——->>> Stop threatening Perez that you won't come back to his site. #1. Yes you will. #2. He. Doesn't. Care. And, neither do we. Whiny self-entitled losers.

    If you were *really* outraged, you'd leave without posting a comment and being an annoying tard on here.

    Now go!


  93. as says – reply to this


    UMMMM…..rush hour is over!

  94. kels says – reply to this


    5:26…still nothing. Why would cuba wait for *our* rush hour to be over…that’s redic –> HELLO HUGE CUBAN COMMUNITY IN MIAMI? WHAT? Uggggggh.

  95. Kim says – reply to this


    Perez just got his own TV show and plays a role on another new TV show, you really think he's going to be obscure? LMAO, some of you need to STFU and stop being jealous. You KNOW you read his website everyday anyway!!!


  96. Juan P says – reply to this


    He died last friday at 2:30 pm at Hospital…failed third surgery/
    He had final recurence of Colorectal Carcinoma. This was oprerated several years ago now again recured. Last year during early July. First surgery went wrong. He had Severe case of Bowel Necrosis. Requiring the removal of the rest of his Colon. An Illeosty was left in place. But there were already Metastasis. That is why you have him using the red white and blue athletic jacket…to hide his Illeostomy and the feeding tubes. Why they not confirm the news is that no one can dare to tell the truth. No one has made a desicion since 1959

  97. Robert Thompson says – reply to this


    My brother is in the Cuban press (the state-run group) and says it well known that he is passed away but the government has yet to make an announcement (which is no surprise as Castro stubbornly and arrogantly ran his government). I think you're right as I have heard from not one but THREE accurate sources in or around Havana who all are agreeing with him. Plus, the medical facilities which are all run with extremely stringent guidelines cannot speak to any press outside of the country, only the public relations director and he is just a puppet himself and will only speak to selected news stations the government approved. People are really fucking thankless right now as they read your site everyday but are so eager to tear you down! Maybe this can be there almost Lohan/Richie/Spears/Hilton claim to fame — tearing down a blogger on an immensely popular website? Sad but I still think you're right and you entertain me every damn day.

  98. Lissette says – reply to this


    my 3rd comment 2 b or not to be.


  99. I had lunch with Fidel says – reply to this


    And he looked fine to me. He had the vaca frita and a cafecito, told jokes and went to play golf.

    Unless he got struck by lightening, I'm pretty sure he's OK.

  100. StallonelovesDolph says – reply to this


    p-nasty - i'm all about you knowing what's up, however, saying that a statement will be made, and then turning around to say, they have to prove that he's alive is not "standing by your story 100%". That's backstepping. Broseph, rock the clashing colors and make a stand - either a statement will be made today or not, it's okay to be slightly wrong. oh, and kate moss' douche boyfriend is probably BFF with amy wino's skeez husband.

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