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Guess The Future Troublemaker

| Filed under: Guess The Celebrity

whoooo1.jpg whhhooo.jpg

Whose daughter is this????

She is the child of two famous people!

CLICK HERE to find out who were parents are.

It's Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver's daughter, Kristina!


[Arnorla & Maria image via Mavrix Online.]

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599 comments to “Guess The Future Troublemaker”

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  1. Clarissa says – reply to this


    why are those girls pretending to "f*ck" that girl in the middle, she's a little over weight if you ask me… cellulite anybody???

  2. Bobbeh says – reply to this


    #193: Me too!

    In the first pic, I really thought it was Adriana Lima :D Not so much in the second.

  3. Cinthia says – reply to this


    Wow, she's a knock out. Weird that I've never heard of her before…

  4. NK. says – reply to this


    what a little ho. this looks like those pictures they show on those segments on datelines about girls who sex themselves up and get raped by myspace predators.

  5. Gwen says – reply to this


    lmao, that b&w picture is priceless. Simply slutacious.

  6. Gwen says – reply to this


    and yeah NK, I was going to say — she's askin' for it in those pictures.

  7. DUDE says – reply to this


    the picture is just them being drunk and stupid, and they look stupid. its not like they are partying hard here, they spent then night in someones house, its not that wild, and alot of 16 yr olds smoke but its still groosss but this isnt that odd

  8. Polly says – reply to this


    to # 17- Damn it, another Grammar Nazi!
    There's no formality in froth blogs like these so get over yourself and let Perez type whatever the fuck he wants.

  9. Morgan says – reply to this


    oh dear…here we go again!! :-/ how old is she?

  10. PIKE says – reply to this


    Just more Kennedy/Clinton trash. Yes KENNEDY/CLINTON trash. When will people who support these KLANS, finally see the light.

    Guess the next time they kill or rape someone AGAIN, the people will wake up to these creatures.

  11. dana says – reply to this


    ya typical facebook pic but its all just fun and games

    i personally think shes a great person i actually know her
    and she is pretty
    we are young girls sometimes we push it but its for laughs

  12. asian jill says – reply to this


    are those parliaments she's smoking? classy gal.

  13. anony-mouse says – reply to this


    she looks like adriana lima on the first pic.

  14. M says – reply to this


    I think shes cute and the pic of her with friends is just her having fun with friends!! we all have pics like that ((even when we're sober!!)).

  15. Katherine Schwarzenegger says – reply to this


    I would just like to say this…you all should be ashamed of yourselves! Christina is just a young girl having fun just like all of you did and do. How dare some fool go on to something that is suppose to be personal and expose it to the world like this! It’s disgusting! She’s a beautiful intelligent and amazing girl and if you have the chance to meet her you would be privileged! She makes peoples lives better by being in them and she's one of the best people I know! For those of you who continue partaking in commenting on this picture you will realize how stupid you truly are and should also know that you are nothing but jealous of her! Have we not all taken fun pictures before? Have we all not just had fun? Have we all not made poor judgments in our lives? I can tell you one thing and that is that she will not end up in rehab like most of you idiots that spend hours on this pointless web site and find it necessary to comment on this and make her feel bad, and I can also assure you all that by being rude and jerks like you all are, will get you no where in life. It is sick to think that some people find pleasure in hurting such an innocent girl. You all should feel horrible by trying to make a 16-year-old girl feel bad about herself like you are! I am enraged and disgusted and I hope and can only hope that one day in all of your lives you will experience something similar to this and live public humiliation all because you thought you were having innocent fun! I know all of this because this amazing girl that you all are commenting about is my sister! She was having fun with her friends just like any other girl does and never once did it cross her mind that someone would betray her and give this picture to a web site to mock her. I know for a fact that my sister does not drink or do drugs and I also know for a fact that she is hurt to now have that reputation because someone so bored with their life decided to post up this picture. Whoever released this picture; you should feel nothing but guilt and know that I am truly disgusted by your actions! For those of you who have been rude and continue to be rude, I will not express my anger for you but my family and friends and I will pray for you. We will hope that this stage of boredom passes, that the stage of hurting people passes, and that all of you can find your inner strength to not support these web sites and to let people try to live their lives! –Katherine Schwarzenegger

  16. AmberDawn says – reply to this


    Gosh, they must be soooo proud.

  17. sara says – reply to this


    #10 - brit says:

    she’s actually pretty… how did that come from those two parents?

  18. dominiqueangelina says – reply to this


    I bet her mother is pissed! but what do you expect she is a normal girl who happens to have famous parents.

  19. laura bizzle says – reply to this


    her poor parents… and she looks extremely young. haha that'll help her dads future for sure.

  20. Aussie Roo says – reply to this


    Now theres another kennedy that needs a bullet

  21. choochoo says – reply to this


    arnold as a woman….as ta la vista ba-ba….scaryyyy…..

  22. Kelli says – reply to this



    Not only are you judging her but you are judging her family. Maria is a wonderful, brilliant, inspiring and beautiful women. Her father is so genuine, smart and continues to improve our state every day. It is such a shame that you all are making these comments. It is sickening and disgusting. I cannot believe you would judge this beautiful young girl by just seeing 2 pictures.
    And how dare any of you comment on her weight, she is not anywhere near "fat", she is beautiful inside and out. I just have to say I am so sorry that you are all so ignorant.

  23. brittanydreamcream says – reply to this


    EW. hollywoods newest slut!

  24. Ugh says – reply to this


    When you have a SCUMBAG father who should have been put in jail for his sexual harassment (and worse crimes), I guess it's hard to come through unscathed. Pity.

  25. trex says – reply to this


    Daddy will not be pleased.

  26. Miss Luciee Loo says – reply to this


    oh ma' Lord!
    can you believe this shiz?!
    i can.
    celebsluts, that's their calling!

  27. perez is fat says – reply to this


    she looks good, better then her peeps.

    Eifel tower rocks with 3 girls!!!!!

  28. annie says – reply to this


    i've met this girl and she is a complete brat, but i still feel kind of bad for her

  29. good friend says – reply to this


    i cant believe you assholes. you people make me so sick with your shit. you spend your time on this fucking website disrespecting and degrading a girl whom i personally know has done ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING WRONG. she does not drink. she does not do any drugs by any means at all. yet here you idiots are saying shes a whore and shes going to rehab when you dont know the first thing about her. she is one of the nicest people i know and was just having plain old teenage fun. she is not under the influence of anything in these pictures. shes a great girl who happens to be the daughter of arnold and maria so fuck you for taking out your anger on celebritys on their children, when your children im sure are doing much worse things. and by the way those arnt her cigarettes. get off this stupid fucking website with these rumors about her. she has done nothing wrong. xtina your great…i love you and dont listen to these idiots make up shit. i truly was apalled by these comments. fuck you perez you asshole

  30. Kevin Perrotti says – reply to this


    A Kennedy misbehaving scandalously???? SHOCKING!!!!

  31. Heidi says – reply to this


    I personally think that the gov's daughter is beautiful. Shes just trying to have fun and live her life!!
    Can't tell what the fatty in the middle looks like… I SUGGEST LIPO FOR THAT ONE ewww shes gross… i bet her face is even worse. Looks like those cigarettes cant hide her fat
    And the blonde bimbo… shes hideous. She looks like a dieing rodent. Seriously, get a tan, a new face, and especialy a new nose! Can you say Paris Hilton wannabe?
    Christina, get some hotter friends like you!!

  32. ashley says – reply to this


    no wonder she is so ugly

  33. Cassy says – reply to this


    She's actually much better looking than Mischa Barton. Mischa isn't hot, too skinny nothing. Why you white folks are all obsessed with her I don't know. The girl's got no presense at all! This girl. looks like fun. Ease off Perez, last I checked, you wre more fearfully than wonderfully made yourself!

  34. Sheckles says – reply to this


    OMG If you're the governer of California's daughter you need to behave! Not act like a little slut faced ho bag!

  35. jennifer A says – reply to this


    Oh well" what can you say……. lifes a bitch isnt it….. but she is definately better looking than her mum and dad put together., or even separately……. Does this all really matter.. I dont know….

  36. Bambi says – reply to this


    HAHA good one I am waiting to see what Frances Cobain turns out like

  37. Bambi says – reply to this


    I just notices something she has JFK's lazy eye

  38. SilverSpoonFed says – reply to this


    she used to be really fat actually so i'm stoked that she slimmed out as much as she has…i was in high school when she entered my schools middle school. I got to see her everyday. Besides she's still a teenager, we all had our weird fat/ugly overtly sexual phase then.

  39. Not tellin' says – reply to this


    Learn a lesson Perez - remember Rumer Willis? Don't give these celebu-spawn fame! I think it encourages them.

  40. Lady Lovely says – reply to this


    she is the next (lindsay lohan/paris hilton/nicole richie/angelina jolie) homewrecker.

  41. Lala says – reply to this


    jesus her parents are sooooo ugly! her good days a dwindling fast!

  42. Snarky Bitch says – reply to this


    There just goofing around is all. Girls just wanna have fun. Pretending to be a lesbian threesome with clothes on, silly chicas! Nice friend who took the pic and leaked it out should be bitch slapped tho!

  43. kizz. says – reply to this


    haha. she's not even that ugly.

  44. lala says – reply to this


    Oh that is sooooo not cool. Her parents are going to kill her!

  45. GOV says – reply to this


    Are those cigs in her hand? Is she old enough to have those???

  46. Mean says – reply to this


    Is she over 18?

  47. Josephine says – reply to this


    When Maria was Oprah last year, she was bragging that she did not alow K to watch TV or have a computer in her room or even have a cell phone. Wow her strict parenting methods are really working-NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Elle says – reply to this


    oooh so grounded!

  49. kim says – reply to this


    'to find out who were her parents are' . Good Grammar

  50. de says – reply to this


    She has gotten rather pretty too bad this kind of photo has to be how the world finds out, huh? Girls will be girls (gone wild) .

  51. Shannon says – reply to this


    everyone should leave her alone, shes just a 16 year old girl. Myself, as a 13 year old has moments like this everyone makes mistakes. Im sure she is devasted to know that someone would write such things on a innocent picture. Also, that someone leaked this picture out. stop writing this shit on a picture. it's immature,

  52. ArChErHoEz says – reply to this


    THIS IS CHRISTINA IN THE PICTURE! the middle girl is Danyelle De'Andrea (nobody worth knowing, fatty). and the blonde is Skye Peters, daughter of producers Christine Forsyth and Jon Peters, sister of Caleigh Peters and goddaughter of Barbra Steisand. They are going into the 11th grade at The Archer School for Girls in Brentwood and yes those are cigs. there are straight from xtina's facebook! Emma Roberts is the only one missing from the photo.

  53. sydney says – reply to this


    they go to my school. ew

  54. Jessica says – reply to this



  55. Orange Oprah says – reply to this


    I'm placing bets for how long it takes her to enter rehab!

  56. Shanny says – reply to this


    WOW! What the hell is wrong with these little whores??

  57. Sexy Bastard says – reply to this


    Holy shit I didn't know arnold had a kid even that a wife…. Shit i would like that white stuff cumming out of her mouth from me!

  58. Rey says – reply to this


    They say two ugly people always make a cute kid. She's not ugly she has bad taste in photo taking but that's about all

  59. eeh says – reply to this


    Arnold made that? i'm impressed…

  60. toni says – reply to this


    you have got to be kidding…whats this bitch gonna do now? So sick of celeb kids UGH! They are the worst.

  61. MANDY says – reply to this



  62. SuperSean says – reply to this


    Man Maria Schriver looks tore up…. she should play the scarecrow in the next remake of the Wizard of Oz

  63. Ruby says – reply to this


    you'd think the livejournal and myspace scandals would've taught the archer girls something about posting sketchy pics….

  64. the kat says – reply to this


    wow all you who said shes ugly are so jealous…shes gorgeous and you know it what i dont get is her coming from the two of them ew.

  65. alphie says – reply to this


    arnold get a handle on your girl. she is headed in britneys direction. she aint all that cute either but look at mom

  66. fafi says – reply to this


    common gurl make u'r daddy proud.so wen will c da nude snaps.kkkkk

  67. fafi says – reply to this


    common gurl make ur daddy proud.so we we'll c da nude snaps

  68. Sophie says – reply to this


    I'm trying to think of something clever that has to do with "I'll be back."
    Got nothin good right now.
    I'll get back to this one though.

  69. PK says – reply to this


    I'll be (on my) back.

  70. Danielle says – reply to this


    all I have to say is disgusting very disgusting

  71. Katherine S. suck my dick says – reply to this


    Katherine Schwarzenegger, go fuck yourself…..I am not jealous of you or your ugly ass sister. I have seen plenty of pics of you two since i live in cali, and why the hell if i was a girl would i be jealous of you average to homely faces and chubby bodies? Get over yourself girl lard ass. It is always the fug chubby chicks who think that THINK all the hot girls are jealous of them. You two are brown baggers.

  72. maximus says – reply to this


    i love how when fug bitches are found not to be overly pretty or attractive, or hott or the shit, (that they think they are) , and rightfully so, they all like to scream JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Schwzanneiiger girls, however you spell, it must be nice to be sooooooooooo delusional and live in bubble……hope you don't carry around any sharp objects.

  73. She is ok, but thats about it. says – reply to this


    She's not heinous ugly like rumer willis or anything, but she is never going to be considered beautiful or a head turner by any stretch of someones imagination.

    Now the blond girl is very ugly and needs a nose job.
    The dark haired girl looks normal and average like most everybody
    else. I'm sorry I don't think she is the most beautiful girl on the planet.
    But I am not going to lie, I don' care if it hurts her or her sisters feelings
    or not. I'm not going to lie and praise them to make them feel better.
    Most people wont, except for their friends and family on here that keep posting
    things in her favor and who are completely biased.. The reality is, she is just normal, average looking girl. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as her pictures go, a lot of teenagers take stupid pics like this, so lay off of her for this minor indiscretion. It's harmless.
    Just trying to be a voice of reason.

  74. Whatever says – reply to this


    To a voice of reason #475–STFU—she is fat, she is large, her forehead it to big,her nose could be smaller & she is not petty. she is not even a buttaface, cause she needs to drop and lose 25 pounds.

  75. Karina says – reply to this



  76. LiNDZZZZ says – reply to this


    EVERYTHING ArChErHoEz says is sooooooooo true old friend of the girls and yeah emma is missing !!!!!!!!!!

  77. LinDZZZZZ says – reply to this


    everything ArChErHoEz says is sooooooo true old friend of the girlz em is missing and im pretty sure thats skyes house !!!!!

  78. Andreas Christopher says – reply to this


    Ha ha someone or a bunch of you all pissed off one of the Govenator's fug daughters. She practically had to write "War & Piece" for a rebuttal, which is 99.9% bullshit anyway. We get it hag, we are all losers and you and your sibs are the best looking things since God created the heavens and earth.
    not really, none of you are all that. keep dreaming bow wow. lose some weight also.

  79. pmc says – reply to this


    "shes gorgeous and we know it" yaaaaaa sure, you wish, keep telling yourself that if it makes U feel better whore. You are in La La Land if you think someone would be "jealous" of her looks — her money yes, her looks NO!
    And to her sister, go to hell–you wish what you said was even remotely true.

  80. Princess says – reply to this


    I don't think she's ugly at all. and she's just being a kid.

  81. Andreas Christopher says – reply to this


    sorry "War and PEACE," long day.
    ya, and she still is not cute.

  82. Hunter Rosie says – reply to this



    1.) fuck u perez for making her look like a slut when shes tooootttallly not at all

    2.) christina ur beautiful dont listen to these fags
    ps perez….. least funny guy i know

  83. Saw her last year at a charity event. says – reply to this


    I saw her at the Kids 4 Kids 5K Run-Walk a year ago, spring 2006 actually.
    she is not cute, all of her peeps on here, saying she is beautiful r crazy and just friends with her so they are going to be nice, she really is fug. I have no reason to otherwise than it is true. I know from seeing her in person..I think that ugly blond girl with the big nose was there too. If that was the blond girl w/her, she is very fug with huge jew looking nose.

  84. Big sky country says – reply to this


    god daumn christaina and katherine. get over it, deal with it, you are not cute or sexy or pretty, and the majority of people don't think you are cept for your ass kissing star fucker friends. you dont want to meet up w/me, cause i will tell your fug asses exactly how fug u r if you pull shit with me. sincerely, Montana

  85. i'll be back says – reply to this


    why is she acting like slut. shes homely anyway.

  86. Adrianna says – reply to this


    Hey its Kristen Cavalarie, ole girl from Laguna Beach, on the right!!! Probably misspelled her last name.

  87. Andrew says – reply to this


    just average looking. whats the big deal?

  88. cookie monster says – reply to this


    fug girl

  89. stephanie says – reply to this


    yup..def. the next lindsay..as long as we keep paying her attention. i'm sure there are hundreds of other teenage crazies out there just waiting to come out of the wood work.

  90. jessica says – reply to this


    haha there daughterz a skank

  91. popozow says – reply to this


    Her name is spelled Christina, and she is only 16!!! OMG! she is already smoking and acting bad!!

  92. diana says – reply to this


    shame shame

  93. jerseygirl says – reply to this


    The blonde on the right is Skye Peters, daughter of Jon Peters of Peters Entertainment. HUGE, rich producer of such films as Superman, Ali, Caddy Shack, Batman and much more. Her sister Caleigh had like two seconds of fame with songs on some Disney movies. Caleigh Peters is the millionare blonde seen with Sean Stewert, they've been dating for quite a while.

  94. Just a thought says – reply to this


    Most of these comments are very mean spirited. I have known these girls and their 2 brothers for quite sometime now. They are sweet kids. And so what, the girls may not the prettiest things out there. However, they do NOT act like they are, they are not out there thinking they are going to winning teen beauty pageants anytime soon and acting conceited. Christina used to be much bigger, she has a very strong tendency to gain weight like her mother. (Both girls do) and has lost a considerable sum of weight. She deserves credit for that. So they don't have faces that could launch a thousand ships…….do any of you? Something to think about.

  95. Stonewall Jackson says – reply to this


    google her—-shes a goofy looking fugly wugly. so her big sis, but not as fug as hr little sis.

  96. Rhinoplasty calling says – reply to this


    everyone keeps saying the brunette chick, Arnies kid, is not pretty–granted she isn't a beauty queen and never will be, but HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The FAKE blond girl is downright a horrid homely fuck. My god honey, GET A NOSE JOB AND LOSE SOME WEIGHT OFF THAT ASS!!!!!!!

  97. jmo says – reply to this


    ok the majority consensus is that she's fug. i would have to concur.

  98. Lisa says – reply to this


    hmmmmm not cute

  99. maris schriver looks like Skeletor says – reply to this


    the govenators kid here is a little on the chunky chubbo side. just sayin'.

  100. Gaffer says – reply to this


    blond girl is fug mug 2.

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