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Just A Regular Dad

| Filed under: Brad Pitt

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Brad takes Mad for some hot dogs in NYC's Times Square on Friday.

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281 comments to “Just A Regular Dad”

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  1. orighow says – reply to this



  2. ebony says – reply to this



  3. Greg says – reply to this



  4. cristi says – reply to this



  5. lola says – reply to this


    HOW CUTE!!!!!

  6. cristi says – reply to this


    top ten yay

  7. aussiegal says – reply to this



  8. BABY BABY says – reply to this



  9. cas says – reply to this


    I thought he was in Chicago…

  10. Harmen says – reply to this


    awwwwwww soooo cute!!

  11. bleh says – reply to this


    brad pitt should pretzel me.

  12. bethy says – reply to this


    ow owww

  13. hh says – reply to this



  14. fghkahgkl says – reply to this


    FIRST, bitches !

  15. junk says – reply to this


    Mmm yum.

  16. Slater Granite says – reply to this


    Never understood what the heterosexual males were talking about when they said they would go "GAY" for him. He looks exactly like a young Robert Redford. I go more for the face and tend to look less at the waist…????? I think alot of guys that are straight look at the body first….


  17. baxter says – reply to this


    this is cuter

    mys pace dot com/ sirbaxter

    fuck miami perez

  18. BANESSA THE CUBANA says – reply to this


    i suck on his dog any day

  19. kittykat says – reply to this


    thats sooo cute:)

  20. Francis says – reply to this


    aww love him.

  21. Time To Move On says – reply to this


    Brad seems really nice, I don't get why people don't like him (please don't mention the Aniston thing, it's getting old)

  22. Brigette says – reply to this


    Parents with integrity…This couple is showing how to follow through……..Take notes shallow ppl

  23. jochy says – reply to this


    OMG!!!!!!!!!….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D… and I LOVE PEREZ!!!:D

  24. NIKA says – reply to this



  25. k. ran says – reply to this


    attention whore.

  26. Brigette says – reply to this


    This man has some serious parental follow through…take note shallow ppl of Hollowood

  27. Me says – reply to this


    Awww…such a normal family. I like how they try to bring up their kids nicely and properly, no high class restaurants for lunch all the time, even a street vendor hotdog is good enough.

    I see why u like em Perez…! Hehe…

  28. Mariah's Boob says – reply to this


    He looks so gay in the first pic. Bless.

  29. SUCK IT says – reply to this


    man his hot and seems like really nice guy

  30. fgdf says – reply to this



  31. jenbunny says – reply to this


    i'm conflicted by this photo. on the one hand, i like brad and his loony wife and their squad of kids, and it's nice for him to do something normal and all american with mad. on the other hand, because they're in times square, half the tools in new york city are either taking photos of him or calling someone to hurry up to get down there to take snaps, and brad knows that. if you're going to eat out of a cart (generally a lousy idea), go to the algerian dudes over near the midtown hilton at about 56th st. and 6th ave., they've got both halal and veggie choices.

  32. jenbunny says – reply to this


    also, i'd make sexytime with brad, but ange would wear me down too much first.

  33. martha says – reply to this


    how cute.. how long will this last?

  34. Mariah's Boob says – reply to this


    On the 2nd pic… I think someone's stealing a doughnut. I guess it was Perez himself ;-)

  35. Jason says – reply to this


    I kind of got bored of him there for a while. But, he is seriously hot. I wish I was a young asian boy right now. Gross, I know, but whatever, it's how I feel.

  36. koo koo says – reply to this


    mmmmmm - sabrett's…

    love those weiners!

  37. Team Brad says – reply to this


    I hope he gets custody. Oh wait, it's K that is trying to get the kids. Well if he and Ange split he should get to pick one of the four. At least one!

  38. *juggz* says – reply to this


    #40 must be rosie o'donnell

  39. Cubano Real says – reply to this


    Castro has been winning for 48 years. American presidents have come and gone and he has remained all the same. When he finally dies it will be in his own terms.
    He liberated Cuba from CACIQUES and American Imperialsists and delivered it to the real Cubans. All GUSANOS who chose to leave their Patria to eat the crumbs that America throws at them, hoping one day to return to expropiate what never was theirs to begin with, will forever roam the sad streets of Florida, like ghosts in limbo, pretending to be 'Cubans' while deep inside knowing well that they sold their soul to the devil for a couple of dollars and that they will NEVER see Cuba again.


  40. Marco Fabian says – reply to this


    Hey Brad, with you behaving unlike other celebs,
    you have really put a crimp into my sarcastic
    remarks about you because you are taller than
    me and just as handsome and sexy as me.
    Marco Fabian photog for The National Scorn NATSCORN.COM

  41. xoxo says – reply to this


    Great dad. Mad looks like a happy little kid.

  42. MADONNA NEW ALBUM CLIP says – reply to this


    media.putfile (dot) com/cssnip-78

  43. Michael Jackson says – reply to this


    I feel bad for them they are treated like freaks

  44. hahaha says – reply to this


    LMAO @ Jason!

  45. Nip says – reply to this


    ever wonder why pax never seems to be seen to have alone time with either brad or ange?

  46. Marissa says – reply to this


    Perez they are in Chicago not NYC!! Love ya!

  47. nitsua says – reply to this


    ANGI will freak HOTDOGS???

  48. kelly says – reply to this


    Hey, I was there today!!!!!!!!!

    THey are a GORGEOUS couple in real life. People were cheering for them when they left Lees, it was kind of funny.

  49. brads a nice guy says – reply to this


    #21 I met him recently and he really is just a nice guy. I don't agree with how he treated his ex-wife, but I don't know any of them except for the mere 2 minutes I got to speak with him…so from what I did get to know I really enjoyed.

  50. sexy china doll says – reply to this


    i don't care what the brad haters say, i still adore him…and dammit, if angie doesn't want him, i'll scoop up a side of sloppy seconds.

  51. Sara says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for them. They always have hordes of photographers around them. (The camera phone are just as bad!!)

  52. mrs.sexy says – reply to this


    Perez, please stop the neverending posts!!! btw, i'm cute if that will make you listen…

  53. so what says – reply to this


    Regular dad? What planet are you living on..this is half of the 2 media hos of the century!

  54. nina says – reply to this


    don't you think it's sad that the guy can't even buy his kid a freakin' hot dog with out a damn circus

  55. nick says – reply to this


    That first shot is gayface if I've ever seen it lol

  56. amigm says – reply to this


    he is the epitomy of the most boring bloke ever. initially he made some interesting films, then he didn't do anything of note (anything with an ocean in the name obviously does not deserve a mention in the serious world it is crap).Angie may be the most beautiful girl in the world , & he may be the most blonde bloke (ohh lovely bright & shiny ) ever. she is bored , she needs another victim?

  57. Aunt Esther says – reply to this


    Maybe it's just me, but I think a man should be able to get a hotdog with his son without people snapping pictures of it.

    That sounds bad. =/

  58. belledejour says – reply to this


    Damn! That is one hot daddy!! He can buy me a hot weiner anyday. Hold the toppings just straight up plz

  59. lisa! in hell paso! says – reply to this


    I want a pretzle…..

  60. lakevubud says – reply to this


    Poor guy, can't even buy a hot dog for his kid without everyone taking out their cell phones to snap a pic! I'd hate to live like that….No matter how much money they paid me. F'n people.

  61. Eye Opener says – reply to this


    Talk about "gritting your teeth"!!!


    I mean having to deal with 4 KIDS and 1 Phsycopathic bisexual drug addicted starving HOMEWREAKER, has to take it's toll! Look at him! His sex appeal is dropping as fast as her weight! Come on Brad! Acknowledge your mistake of leaving a loving wonderful friendship and marriage to JEN, and realize that people can be forgiven and when there was so much shared with her, there is NO WAY something, even a birth certificate should deny you a chance to restore a great romance!

    Be strong and wise and let love and faith lead the way!

    And another thing, I'm sure you would have LOVED BEING ON A BEACH IN HAWAII!!! Not in a city with everybody tracking your every move! THAT MUST SUCK!

  62. Brad's wife says – reply to this


    Yes, I know that my man is hot!
    TOO HOT! I will sop him up with a biscuit!

  63. Brad's wife says – reply to this


    YES, he is getting tired of the scums in his grill!(face)

  64. Ambermoon says – reply to this


    What a hot Daddy!

  65. Staciasweet says – reply to this


    Ii that really Brad?

  66. stella says – reply to this


    he used to be so handsome…but that fake smile disgusts me…go home and make the kids some hotdogs and drop the smile brad.

  67. TOM CRUISE IS A WASHED UP HOMO says – reply to this



  68. Vivian says – reply to this


    How'd he get so average looking?

  69. Lisa says – reply to this


    That's just sooo tragic! Havin one zilion people watching, taking pics of you tryin to have a normal day with your son. I feel so sorry for the poor man. Go back to g be-a-utiful Aniston and hide away on some island far far away!

  70. Lisa says – reply to this


    That's just sooo tragic! Havin one ziiilion people watching, taking pics of you tryin to have a normal day with your son. I feel so sorry for the poor man. Go back to g be-a-utiful Aniston and hide away on some island far far away!

  71. abby says – reply to this


    okay. why the hell would u go get the a hot dog in the middle of times square? out of all the places in nyc. if he was really a good dad, he would know that his family is more vulnerable to being harassed there than anywhere else. idiot.

    sexy idiot.

    and his hot dog.

  72. the princesse says – reply to this


    he looks hot.i love him.

  73. benbentley says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, who's that skinny gay in the illustrations? is that supposed to be you?

  74. Heather says – reply to this


    Humans are SO WEIRD! …think about it! its bizar, he's just like anybody else! Not in a millllllion years would I want to live a life like that

  75. havenorespectforhim says – reply to this


    A person that can totally humiliate and disrespect another without looking back like he did Jennifer Aniston, is total garbage. He is not worthy anymore. That is why people hate on him. How he handled the whole break-up was selfish and immoral. Just Wrong.

  76. Mary Fox says – reply to this


    God, that has to be so annoying- buying a freaking hot dog and swamped by photographers. Makes me actually feel a bit warmer towards the guy.

  77. Cy says – reply to this


    OMG…I don't know how they stay sane with people constantly in their business, snapping pics.
    What a price to pay. Can't even get a hotdog without people rubbernecking!!

  78. RJII says – reply to this


    I LOOOOVE this family. I wish the paps would just leave them be, but hey they are probably so use to it and have adapted.

    You don't see this kind of love and devotion from Hollyweird or most parts of this country. Adoting three children takes a special kind of dedication and spirit. Working to help Neww Orleans is a bonus.

    I really hope the best for Brad and Angie.

  79. Awful life!!! says – reply to this


    It must be the worst thing in the world to have a life like that. I enjoy so much being away, alone, just with my other half, that looking at the circus that buying a hotdog cause really it makes me think how lucky with normal people are. Obviously, we have to work to make a few bucks, but WILL I prefer to have a few millions and that miserable life?? NO WAY…..

  80. metstark says – reply to this


    he is just toooooooooooo hot

  81. Kira says – reply to this


    I was thinking about going there after work yesterday it would of been nice to meet him.

  82. jeri says – reply to this


    Poosy poosy poosy! Meow!

  83. sol says – reply to this


    awww, look at Brads face… its like hes pleading with the freakin photographers to back off so that Mad could have a NORMAL hotdog!!! for God sakes back off…

  84. sol says – reply to this


    freaking photographers ae ruining his hot dog… look at Brads face, pleading for them to back off! and the two biker guys in the background doing a great job!!!

  85. jenfraud says – reply to this


    I cherish Jennifer Aniston for being stupid enough to wreck her own marriage. Look at Brad, he wanted to be a dad for so long and thanks to Angelina, he is doing exactly what he wants to do, rearing kids and being a dad. Thank you, MISS FRAUD Aniston.

  86. Angie From Chicago says – reply to this


    Wow, look at all the people gathered around with their camera phones out. When was the last time he got to just walk to the store without a frenzy started and not be behind a gated community or on a set or in lesser toured countries just to be able to hang out in the sunshine. That's rough, but interestingly enough if I saw him at a hot dog stand i'd still be overly compelled to whip out my phone and take a snap too. Its crazy

  87. Lois says – reply to this


    I like Brad Pitt and all, but I thinbk that everyone was just going a bit over the top there!! He was only buying a pretzel for his little boy, my dad does that for me every day and you dont see people taking photo's of him and saying, awww he's buying a pretzel for his little girl!!
    No offence Brad but…

  88. Jessica says – reply to this


    Omg, he's actually smiling!!!

  89. horsehungboston says – reply to this


    Has Fidel died yet?? Cause they are "Standing by their story" right?? he he

  90. Diana says – reply to this


    They're dirty water dogs!!!

  91. Sad says – reply to this


    Must be awful to have paperazzi and people snapping your picture wherever you go and not have one bit of privacy. Fame and fortune isn't worth living like this. They should move somewhere in Connecticut. We have a lot of famous people that own houses here, but no one bothers them and you never see them much in the tabloids.

  92. jo3ly says – reply to this


    Not first.


  93. God says – reply to this


    I hope fidel is dead and then we can blow up cuba. If the idiots like CUBANO DE VERDAD love it there so much right now, of course they'd want to stay and burn with their country. After we get rid of brainless zombies like that, we'll rebuild it and make people take an I.Q test before they can call themselves CUBAN.

  94. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Smooches Brad! ….this family man is soooo damn hot!

  95. jennzz says – reply to this


    I just am so sick of this hat thing!!! He does not look nice in these old fart hats!!! Please BRAD PITT for the love of all that is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave the hats at home!!! and how off your ass a lil more,, this makes women want to watch your movies more,, when you look hot,, we love this,, when you dress like your old,, makes you look old and frumpy!!!
    Step 1. Go by Justin Timberlakes latest CD and put into a CD playing device,, focus on the song Sexy Back
    Step 2. Go to your closet,, look around,, surely you will find something that could help you bring your Sexy Back!
    Step 3. Go smoke a pipe like Indians do,, and go on a vision quest,,, I'm sure you will find your old inner Sexy,, and then,, just bring it back!!
    This would just be so great!! we know you are banging Angelina,, but still that just alone does not make you SEXY,,you need to own your SEXY!!
    oh,, and as a bonus step,, maybe toss in Thelma and Lousie,, You were right on track with your Sexyness then

  96. brandon says – reply to this


    I never comment on this blog, but read it all the time. Do you know how little I care about brad getting a pretzel with mad???? Let the fucking guy live. That's not even news. I mean, JESUS, you can tell he didn't want to turn a photo op out of it, and it's not even interesting. Let the man live… and then go rent 12 monkeys

  97. jennzz says – reply to this


    Oh,, one more thing ,, for Brad Pitt and his sexyness,,, you were also smoking hot in Interveiw with a Vampire,, you were at your most yummy,,, maybe a movie with your hair longer,, where in between the lines you could be maybe kissing other guys,, but outwardly you are not,, that just screamed hotness!!
    I keep forgetting you were my favorite movie vampire,, HOT!! and YUM!!

  98. a says – reply to this


    the crowd surrounding them is sick

  99. tasha says – reply to this


    why does the one photo guy have a helmet on….???

  100. anita says – reply to this


    I could never give up my privacy and the papps are the biggest losers because taking random camera in your face pictures of actors in order to make a living is bottom feeding.

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