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He Likes 'Em Young

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This is the best shiz!

We all know Andy Dick loves dick, but these pics are on a whole other level!!!!

100_1090.jpg 100_1091.jpg 100_1094.jpg 100_1095-1.jpg 100_1096.jpg 100_1097.jpg

Comic Andy Dick was not very funny this past weekend at a gay club in Ohio. In fact, he was disgustingly inappropriate. And we LOVE it!

Thank God so many quick-acting PerezHilton.com readers have digital cameras. We live for this!

Dick was at Axis nightclub in Columbus, which caters to the queer college boys at OSU. He was in town for a booking at FunnyBone, but it got cancelled. Ah well.

Andy rolled into the club and went on a rampage.

One PerezHilton.com reader tells us, "Andy solicited me in the bathroom, and he tried to urinate on me." Ewwwww! "Not only that, he also proceeded to attemp to piss on my for a good 30 seconds, with many people witnessing it. I had to inform him that I was not into water sports. He was beyond drunk. He seemed cracked out as fuck. And for the record, AndyDick's 'dick' is not that impressive."

Another Perezcious reader tells us that Andy did have sex in the bathroom (with another clubgoer).

"He was hitting on and making out with guys all night," says yet another spywitness. "Everyone was taking pictures! At the end of the night, he was so intoxicated that he had to be carried out of the club!"

Dick also tried to score some cocaine from a few PerezHilton.com readers, they told us.

"He kept slurring all night long," says someone who came in conctact with him. "He could barely speak."

We love you Andy Dick.

Don't change!!!!!

100_1110.jpg 100_1104.jpg 100_1113.jpg 100_1114.jpg andy-dick-006.jpg andy-dick-007.jpg andy-dick-008.jpg andy-dick-009.jpg

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447 comments to “He Likes 'Em Young”

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  1. tallguy says – reply to this


    What an absolutely dismal sad existence. This old Dick looking for youngsters. What a sick vile creep!

  2. stephanie says – reply to this


    I used to live in Joliet, Illinois where Dickman went to high school, I bet he is the talk of the town. What a child molester.

  3. tommee boom boXXX says – reply to this



  4. gaby says – reply to this


    i just saw this pictures after lunch.
    not recommended.

    i ahve a a huge stomache now.
    fucking gross.

  5. Kat says – reply to this


    OMG, he is the male, gay Britney……….

  6. Giggly says – reply to this


    eww look at all of those desperate whores:P
    gross !
    Not just the fact that it's Andy they are making out with
    ewww who fucks someone in that kind of shape ?
    they all need to get their dirty asses tested Asap
    (no pun intended )

  7. Devilicious says – reply to this


    Oh Lord have mercy…that man is a big gay ol' mess! He needs to ditch the drugs or he will be dead within 5 years.

  8. Carlos Rey Esteban says – reply to this


    perez, for the 1st time I'm ashamed of you. WTF? Why do you give that shithead props? This is a man who joked about being responsible for phil hartman's death. He's scum and i'm surprised you are ignoring that.

  9. Michelle says – reply to this


    I almost feel sorry for him. His life is down the tubes and he's just making everything worse by being so irresponsible. I predict that Andy Dick will die of AIDS.

  10. lolz says – reply to this


    ew andy dick…..i hope jon lovitz beats him up again

  11. and then... says – reply to this


    Perez, this dirty Andy dick juice makes up for your Fidel Castro fiasco. Stick to the news you do best, salacious gay news!

  12. Alan Is A Drunk says – reply to this


    what a slob and a dog……

  13. Andree says – reply to this


    Wow…i had no idea!

  14. toni says – reply to this


    Don't let your meatloaf or your buddy hackett.

  15. DawnT says – reply to this


    Hey, I live in Columbus, Ohio. OMG, I think I saw my married neighbor in one of those pics… Oops.

  16. Dr. Pean Iz says – reply to this


    …says "I would not stick my throbbing rocket into Andy Dick's rectal orbit because when I pulled out I do not want my cock cover with the cum of 23 other boys."

  17. Ohio(not as bad as you think) says – reply to this


    haha, I love the axis. Wish I woulda been there that night. Would have been entertaining to see him there.

  18. Sharon says – reply to this


    Okay I love in Columbus and my gayalicous friend always wants me to go there haha to bad I didnt go lastnight! DAMNIT!

  19. SUNSHINE says – reply to this


    PLEASE GO TO REHAB- GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Vivian says – reply to this


    what is that juice like stuff all over his face????????? Disgusting (unless)

  21. He needs help says – reply to this


    Is he EVER going to Rehab? Blow…blow…blow

  22. Hugs Not Drugs says – reply to this


    Oh shit! Isn't that Al Reynolds squatting down behind Andy?

  23. ~WootsCute~ says – reply to this


    ~I thought Andy was married. If I'm not mistaken he did an MTV Cribs episode showing his wife and a kid or two.~

  24. STRAIGHTENED UP says – reply to this


    Andy Dick should go see the celebrity shrink, Dr. Carla DelVecchio. She has a special treatment for turning a person straight if they really want to change and be cured. I hope she can help him like she helped me! Here is Dr. DelVecchio's website: www.HollywoodPsychotherapist.com

  25. hekd says – reply to this


    he really loved my friends cock 2 years ago!!!

    and then my other friends cock a couple months after that!!!!

    i know his son!! my friend danced with him in line dancing in pasadena high.

    i love him though!!!! keep the party going!!

  26. Emily says – reply to this


    I love it.

  27. jamie says – reply to this


    I had to post just because I was scrolling down waiting for the pictures to end…but they just kept on going….ugh, oh, man who the fuck cares, I cannot stand the waste of space on this guy. He is sooooo annoying and I don't think he's ever once made me laugh. EVER. I've never even laughed AT him because I think he's just irritating as all hell. I try to have compassion for him because he's obviously very sick, but damn it's hard. And if EVER there was a "if you are easily offended don't click here" post, this is one Perez…..

  28. dolphin says – reply to this


    How many ways does this gay (uh, GUY) swing? And how O-L-D does he LOOK in those pictures? What happened to our boyish Andy? Sorry to find out that he belongs to "our" team!

  29. O'Really? says – reply to this


    Britney doesn't even act like this gay HO. Gross, hope he wore a condom….

  30. CONVERTED says – reply to this


    Andy Dick should go see my psychohterapist. She's a celebrity shrink and she could straighten him out, if you know what I mean. She has a special treatment that helps convert you from this foul behavior to a normal life. It worked for me. Her name is Dr. Carla DelVecchio and her website is www.HollywoodPsychotherapist.com

  31. dianacrabtree.blogspot.com says – reply to this


    Why would such good looking guys be interested in HIM?

  32. O'Really? says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter "how drunk" he was…Andy got drunk on his own and is still responsable for his actions under the influence just like everybody else. I'm so sick and fucking tired of this "i was drunk/drugged out" unaccountability bullshit.

  33. mzy says – reply to this


    is that piss on his shirt? i bet it is

  34. danie caw says – reply to this


    is that dr. drew?

  35. Andy Dick's Dick says – reply to this


    I'm so embarrassed!

  36. kh says – reply to this


    that is what I call a drunk fucking mess. loves it

  37. MUAH says – reply to this



  38. shox says – reply to this


    what a sloppy ass mess.

  39. WTF says – reply to this


    he is sooooo GROSS!! Looks like he takes it up the ass for shizzle!

  40. mel says – reply to this


    He's so washed up and gross it's unreal that he would even be considered worth reading about. It's sadly pathetic. I feel sorry for anyone that has contact with him.

  41. ohplease says – reply to this


    every dude that messed around with him that night is lamer than he is

  42. Rebel in GA says – reply to this


    This is good. Priceless even! Fun night at da club!

  43. Sultan. says – reply to this


    mon dieu !! il fait tellement pitié!

  44. John says – reply to this


    How the hell did all these guys know who Andy dick was now a days…I wouldn't know this asshole if he was in mine for goodness sake!

  45. djibuddha says – reply to this


    How sad for him.

  46. Tracy says – reply to this


    WOW………..but its not that we never thought this was the way is was.
    sometimes its better to just imagine than face reality!

  47. notahater says – reply to this


    Excuse me certain posters-
    Why are you focusing on the gay part of this story. His sexuality has nothing to do with his actions. He is a sick person, and would do the same thing to women were he straight.
    AND I have seen far more slutty young girls hanging all over ugly trashy men because of their money or star power. Keep your small minded hatred to yourselves.

  48. Jorge Florez says – reply to this


    I still love Andy Dick…It is a pity this footage seems so embarrassing…He is talented and on these pics he is drunk as well…How would have the reaction been if he were making out with girls instead? Just wondering…

  49. stevo says – reply to this


    That douche still owes me forty bucks.

  50. katie says – reply to this


    This is actually kind of sad. He looks so messed up. If I am trying to get my groove on, I don't want people taking my picture. He can't even focus his eyes!!

  51. Donte says – reply to this


    as a gay teen i'm very upset at the way you perez portray gays on your site this is very disturbing this man is gonig to die living the way he lives i think it's not drugs or suicide that will depart him it will be aids since in the gay community is very keen on promiscuous and unpretected sex you should use this site to influence young gays as my self to not live this life style

  52. snlfan says – reply to this


    I wish he would just fade away, we should set jon lovitz on his ass (not literally) again

  53. christy says – reply to this


    I saw him at a comedy club in GA and he was HORRIBLE! He was so fucked up that he didn't make any sense. He came out as Daphne Aguilara naked and humped on an audience member until the club security hauled him off. The other comics there said he was totally coked up. Sad…

  54. Drew says – reply to this


    Damn, I wish I was there. I go to Axis occasionally, but am out of town this weekend… all the fun shit seems to happen when I'm gone! He looks a hot mess, I bet it was fun! Finally someone who gets more wasted than I do! Haha

  55. jenbunny says – reply to this


    sick. before i'd read this, i always wanted andy dick to be my big gay spaz friend, but these pics and info together are what you regulars call "shiteous". as a former party animal, he's giving messy drinkers like me a bad name. it looks like there's a whole squad of gaybos enabling him rather than telling him to piss off or call it a night. they likely just let andy be an ass so they could take pics and get some attention or money from perez or other bloggers. isn't andy bi? i guess it doesn't really matter, no one decent wants to get with such an appalling douche anyway.

  56. Mary Alexandra says – reply to this


    Andy Dick is the new James Wood…uh, or the new old-perv man James Woods? Maybe they should do lunch and swap secrets and hints!

  57. jenbunny says – reply to this


    by the way, columbus is a huge blast of a city, it's one of my very favorite places.

  58. julie says – reply to this


    this is incredibly sad.
    there's nothing funny about being fucked up like that.

  59. spliff says – reply to this


    how do we say this…RAUNCHY!! you got some good scoop here, we can always can't on you to get the behind-the-scenes gay action..YUMMY yummy..

    xoxo, Spliff

  60. Fanny says – reply to this


    I just vomited in my mouth

  61. Gwen says – reply to this


    lol, is that cum on his shirt? Sick.

  62. GOBUCKS! says – reply to this



  63. SUGARPUSS says – reply to this



  64. sherrz says – reply to this


    god what a sloppy ass mess… did he throw up on himself or did he just miss his mouth while trying to swallow?

  65. dick says – reply to this


    Holy Shit!
    or, Holy Urine!!
    That's fucked up Andy!
    Aside from the piss, though, you look good!
    I'm feeling your Anderson Cooper haircut.
    Hey man, it's no secret what you boys do in these clubs.
    It's like; Oh Wow! some guy got shit-faced in a gay club, and started blowing young guys in the bathroom!
    I'm sooo surprised!
    Next time, two words: GLORY HOLE !!
    Keep the cameras out!!!
    PS: fire that CUNT that didn't have your back!

  66. Angie From Chicago says – reply to this


    Soliciting whomever will give it to him (or take it) in the bathroom of all places while pissy drunk and coked out of your mind is why HIV/AIDS is on the rise. These risky behaviors are not worth it in the long run and there are safer ways to party. I agree with those who've commented on the seedy side of gay bars and had this been a woman it wouldn't have been so funny, it would've been grotesque and walking the fine line of illegal due to the excessive intoxication. But in this case, everyone's just laughing and passing him around. Its screwed.

  67. lily says – reply to this


    so is that pee on his shirt?

  68. Angela Marie says – reply to this


    what a mess.. but hey, its amazing how celebrity can get old balls some young twinks.

  69. ohgirlplease says – reply to this


    I don't think Andy ever recovered from the death of David Strickland. Andy was one of, if not the last, person to see David alive. There may be more to that story than anyone knows……
    As for the gay stuff, it is weird Andy denies being a really big queer.

  70. mark friend says – reply to this


    Perez i think your getting old :( he needs 2 change who wants to see that? im bisexual n think its disgusting big YUK

  71. Knower says – reply to this


    I know that boy in a lot of those pictures…the dark haired one…he has herpes…..Andy Dick has herpes!!!

  72. sonnyday says – reply to this


    Trivia: Whatever you do, don’t become friends with Andy Dick. He counted Phil Hartman and Chris Farley and Mr. Strickland as three of his closest friends. He was with Strickland the night before he died, he was supposed to take Hartman’s wife to AA (whoops.) and he was in Chris Farley’s rehab group.

  73. andrea says – reply to this


    Im sorry for him =(

  74. maria says – reply to this


    That's so fucked up!!! These people taking advantage of him while he's evidently more than FUCKED UP. I know he's a grown mad BUT this was very sick…I'm sorry to say, Perez, you really sank really LOW for putting these pictures in. Especially the last ones where you can see these idiots laughing at him and he's a mess!!

  75. tobi says – reply to this


    what a drucken sluto nasty ho boy

  76. wise old sage says – reply to this


    Ahh, the interweb…

  77. Fidel says – reply to this


    Perez-may you die a slow torturous AIDS death.

  78. Sonni says – reply to this


    he has testicle chin.

  79. WOW! LIKE, I'M A GENIUS!!! says – reply to this



  80. heyyall says – reply to this


    Andy, honey, WTF???

  81. Heather Mills' Left Shoe says – reply to this


    Perez why in the hell didn't you draw a cock next to that aged queen's mouth!?!? That was a prime opportunity!

    Holy shit what a fucking mess he is. Andy Dick will either die of AIDS or an overdose.

    I hope the twink he screwed gets tested . . . he probably has more diseases than Lohan, Spears & both Hilton sisters combined.

  82. Dick Lover says – reply to this


    I'm just wondering if half the people posting comments are actually retarded. The pics show Andy sitting with some young guys and kissing one of them. It doesn't show him blowing anyone or getting fu*ked, etc. It seems to me he's having a pretty good time. If the young guys have no problem with being around him, you prudes should just mind your own fucking business. It doesn't appear he is forcing them to hang. Ang all the ignorant posters talking about him getting aids and what a sad life he has, just stop being jealous and go back to your boring old lives. AAndy Dick ROCKS!

  83. melliee says – reply to this


    in the 11th pic down, it looks like BIG GAY AL is hanging on to his leg.

    LoL :)

  84. Alex says – reply to this


    Andy Dick is disgusting. I wouldn't makeout with this nasty mess if he was the last guy in the gay bar…YUCK.

  85. melissa says – reply to this


    sucks that he went to joliet west high school…what a shame!!!!

  86. hmmmm says – reply to this


    looks like this was staged, planned, etc. but u never know

  87. kimy says – reply to this


    sad. saw him shopping at whole foods once in LA. He was normal there. of course.

  88. Wolverine says – reply to this


    All the bars at Ohio State are gay bars… GO BLUE!

  89. AnyKnockoff says – reply to this


    Like anyone is suppose to be surprised by the way Andy Dick is acting? Please, Perez-He askes for a b-job after every meeting!\

  90. AnyKnockoff says – reply to this


    Like anyone is suppose to be surprised by the way Andy Dick is acting? Please, Perez-He askes for a b-job after every meeting!\

  91. dick says – reply to this


    Yo PEREZ baby,
    why did you remove my Glory-Hole joke!!!
    It was fucking hilarious!!!
    #187 DICK LOVER
    Meet me in the bathroom, I'll be in the next stall.
    Don't peek through the Gloy-Hole, and NO cameras!
    Dude, you act as if there's no cock-sucking going on in gay bars! Who you trying to fool?

  92. Amy says – reply to this


    That poor guy- someone get him some rehab.

  93. just me says – reply to this


    Somebody is gonna find him dead in a public bathroom dead from drugs. He isn't gonna last much longer the way he is going.

  94. ouch says – reply to this


    i just feel bad for him, thats embarassing and rather sad

  95. dee says – reply to this


    since when was he gray? i'm behind on the andy dick times

  96. Krista says – reply to this


    Is that puke on his shirt? Gross! Those boys are hot though.

  97. CousinTone says – reply to this




    Who cares. If you are first, you need to get a life, NOW

  98. Lysette says – reply to this


    wow … he seriously looks OLD and like shit! What happened to the blonde locks and boyish face? These photos are pathetic. He nasty. And the boys are nasty too. it all looks very white trashy.

  99. MMOM says – reply to this


    Sadly I was there to witness the spectacle, and those boys are friends. Love them but as I told them Friday evening, and the next day. EWWWWWW!!!

  100. Jason says – reply to this


    I can smell his cunt from here. What a cum guzzling twatt face.

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