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He Likes 'Em Young

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This is the best shiz!

We all know Andy Dick loves dick, but these pics are on a whole other level!!!!

100_1090.jpg 100_1091.jpg 100_1094.jpg 100_1095-1.jpg 100_1096.jpg 100_1097.jpg

Comic Andy Dick was not very funny this past weekend at a gay club in Ohio. In fact, he was disgustingly inappropriate. And we LOVE it!

Thank God so many quick-acting PerezHilton.com readers have digital cameras. We live for this!

Dick was at Axis nightclub in Columbus, which caters to the queer college boys at OSU. He was in town for a booking at FunnyBone, but it got cancelled. Ah well.

Andy rolled into the club and went on a rampage.

One PerezHilton.com reader tells us, "Andy solicited me in the bathroom, and he tried to urinate on me." Ewwwww! "Not only that, he also proceeded to attemp to piss on my for a good 30 seconds, with many people witnessing it. I had to inform him that I was not into water sports. He was beyond drunk. He seemed cracked out as fuck. And for the record, AndyDick's 'dick' is not that impressive."

Another Perezcious reader tells us that Andy did have sex in the bathroom (with another clubgoer).

"He was hitting on and making out with guys all night," says yet another spywitness. "Everyone was taking pictures! At the end of the night, he was so intoxicated that he had to be carried out of the club!"

Dick also tried to score some cocaine from a few PerezHilton.com readers, they told us.

"He kept slurring all night long," says someone who came in conctact with him. "He could barely speak."

We love you Andy Dick.

Don't change!!!!!

100_1110.jpg 100_1104.jpg 100_1113.jpg 100_1114.jpg andy-dick-006.jpg andy-dick-007.jpg andy-dick-008.jpg andy-dick-009.jpg

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447 comments to “He Likes 'Em Young”

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  1. Kay says – reply to this


    I met him when I was in NYC with my family. He sat in the isle accross from me during the broadway production of RENT. He was incredibly annoying and for sure drunk with a plastic cup of beer in his hand. He was obssessed with himself and was hitting on the girls around him. He was with his friend and his friend thought it was hilarious. But in reality it was obnoxious and rude. he was shouting at the actors on stage as the production was going on and saying things like "YOU'RE SO FUCKING GAY". Nobody laughed except the buddy he was with. Then when I looked back he was gone. So when it comes down to it: RENT is one of the most creative, free spirited and REAL broadway shows I have ever seen and if this so called "comedian" can't see that then he has major problems. I genuinely think that he is an alcoholic and he needs major help. The friend he was with was obviously not a real friend at all if he let him make a fool of himself like that. I used to absolutely adore Andy dick because I thought that he was hilarious but now when I see him I think "uch…that man needs to be taught how to be normal again!"

  2. me says – reply to this


    Where's Jon Lovitz when you need him? Andy DICK is a PIG!

  3. cindy in salem says – reply to this


    Andy looks like he's wasted out of his mind. Those EVIL little twits are laughing behind his back and doing everything conceivable to DESTROY that man. Andy looks like he's already dead….look at his eyes. It's so sad and very disturbing what human beings will do to each other. Makes me appreciate my dog more.

  4. emily says – reply to this


    Aww.. that poor guy drinks way too much. look at the fuckin alcohol all over his shirt…
    It's cause people like you keep accusing him of being gay, and I mean if he is thats fine obviously theres somethin going on
    but DAMN when the whole WORLD bullys the shit outa your for something you cant help?
    not everyone is as comfortable with being gay as you perez.

  5. hotlatinboy says – reply to this



  6. Lostnthegroove says – reply to this


    Well it will give something for the twinks to brag about this week.

    Notice the "X" on the hands on the patrons of aXis (aka CraXis) this stands for under 21. So i'm not surprised at the clientle nor the way they acted. But that is the kind of people that you would find at aXis. Party Skanks. Twinky Twinks. and Queeny Queens. Sadly, I know and often associate with a few ppl in the pictures. And once again, this is why I do not go to aXis.

    I somewhat feel bad for Andy, as he probably cant remember what happened. thanks for reminding him Perez.

    I'm inviting you to Columbus, to see what else we have to offer…

  7. buckeyegirl says – reply to this


    party like a rock star baby. that's how we do it in cbus, go bucks!

  8. jo says – reply to this


    WOW sad sad sad

  9. i work there says – reply to this


    I actually work at axis and was there that night. There was alot more to that story then those pictures even show, sadly andy was out of his mind drunk by the end of the night he didnt pay for drinks and he was given very strong employee strength poors. HOWEVER, far before he was shitfaced he was rude obnoixious and dicurtious to most of the people working there. OUTSIDE ON THE THE PATIO where most of his rediculusness was going on he was almost kicked out, he was throwing cups at the bartenders making rude gesutres and acting like a complete idiot, had he not been a semi celebrity he would have been removed long before he was. He also fingered a boy on the patio as well as gave a blowjob to one before he was stopped by the bartender. Dont know where those pictures are but that happened also. He did eventually leave and was so waisted he couldnt speak, he asked THE MANAGER OF THE BAR for cocaine and he thought it was funny to do so.
    He needs some help badly
    hes out of control to be acting like that when he was in town for business. VERY unprofessional

  10. Evan says – reply to this


    I'm so proud of my little Columbus!!! You get it giiiiiiiirls!

  11. margie says – reply to this


    omg andy dick is so fucking sad, its just after a wile u would thing that when u look in the mirror before u head out to the club wouldent you think god im way too old to go out and party with people way younger than me. but i guess andy really dosent know how old he is, and i so wish i could be the one to tell him.

  12. tb says – reply to this


    does anyone else think he looks like don knotts?? he looks old as hell in these pictures

  13. yikes says – reply to this


    yikes! he's too old to be behaving like that! and those bitches "cuddling" with him? have you NO taste at all?

  14. Cranky says – reply to this


    Will gay guys f#$% ANYTHING?? Obviously… the drool, pit stains and whatever other bodily fluids he has all over him don't make a bit of difference. Really, guys, there's a lot more to life than f#$%ing. A lot more…

  15. sincere says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for andy he need's help instead of people telling him not to change you need to be helping him iam not talking about him being gay that is his business. iam talking about the drugs and everything else he is doing he need's help and if he had real friends they would be trying to help him he is going to end up dead from the drugs

  16. gay in Dubai says – reply to this


    doesn't anyone believe in love anymore…

    Andy went home to find his wallet verrrry empty

    and more promises to buy 'gifts' for the boys who allow him to call
    them and pretend to be his boyfriend


  17. Ella says – reply to this


    I feel a little vomit in the back of my throat.

  18. mer says – reply to this


    i saw him in columbus on a different night and not only was he tanked he then proceeded to get in my friends car and came back to a friends apartment where he was spitting all over himself, crying, and almost broke a big screen tv…he finally threw a glass out in the sidewalk and just walked off no cab nothing just walked down the street at 4 30 in the morning

  19. Victoria Sapphire says – reply to this


    #51 - Dick Lover says:

    I was in the bathroom with him. He tried to piss on me but I turned the tables and pissed on him. At first it was on his foot, but he got on his knees and that’s when I pissed on his shirt.

    #411 - i work there says:


    OMG I live in Columbus and I goto Axis when Wall Street is boring. I've heard so damn much about this night, not even funny. Apparently all of the above is *very true*. He needs rehab again!

    Now I want to see them Dick in Dick's Mouth Pics!
    The Dick with Piss covered shirt pics are priceless!

    Love ya Perez!

  20. britt says – reply to this



  21. Morgiii says – reply to this


    More than apt. Love him for it.

  22. Ryan says – reply to this


    He tried to make out with me, but i refused so he flipped me off!

  23. Dee says – reply to this


    Wow..just….wow.. and not in a good way…

  24. Em says – reply to this


    Why is he so wet?

  25. cmhboi says – reply to this


    AXIS clubs sucks…just like its fucking gay money sucking owners

  26. sara says – reply to this


    yeeeeeeah alex! you're hot.
    go bucks is right!

  27. sara says – reply to this


    yeeeeeeah alex! you're hot.
    go bucks is right! :-)

  28. alicia says – reply to this


    he is so nasty & old !!! and the young guys are so gross that screw him! i hope they at least get paid by him or are they just risking getting aids for free. cause they sure arent doing it because he is hot or even a little of a turn on!!! nasty shit!!!!!!

  29. Cole says – reply to this


    he looks old. and who are these guys with him… have they lost their minds!?

  30. jo says – reply to this


    Who's that kissing him? Emienem?

  31. Pope says – reply to this


    Andy Dick is a typical fag.

  32. spleefarella says – reply to this


    Who would evenwant to touch that sloppy mess! For being a somewhat of an icon he is disgusting. He is slobering sweating, drooling on himself, and what is on his shirt besides drool? FOOD or something i would rather not mention. NASSSSTTTYYYY!!!!!!!

  33. donnadoyawanna says – reply to this


    what a hott mess….love it!!!
    ohio…another hott mess!!

  34. Philip says – reply to this


    Effin ewww….what a silly ho….

  35. dyates says – reply to this


    He looks disgusting…he's probably gunna go all owen wilson in like 2.2 and no one will care. and i didnt know he was gay…silly me

  36. Eric says – reply to this


    That night he got picked up i took that mess down town on the way down he (no suprise tried getting in my pants) but after i said no chill the f out he started crying then persisted to open my door on the highway going 70 tried to jump out, i almost let him… haha not but i grebbed him by the collar of his shirt yanked em back in.

  37. Josh says – reply to this


    I was there… in fact, I'm in one of those pictures on the site… it was a total train wreck. Dick is such a weirdo… and absolutely gross. Funny… when everyone started pulling their phones out I turned to a friend of mine and said "I wonder if these will end up on perez… nah' doubt it - Andy Dick is way too D-list for that site." Guess I was wrong.

  38. Josh says – reply to this


    I need to clarify - I'm in the *background* of one of those pictures… I am not one of the skeezy twinks that was all over him…

  39. maya says – reply to this


    He is so ugly

    I want to see man on man action with wentworth miller and his boyfriend

  40. El Fashionista says – reply to this


    Andy is such a freak! God isn't he like a hundred years old…disgusting…grow up dude

  41. Selene says – reply to this



  42. timewavezero says – reply to this


    what's even gross than andy dick are the twinkies who actually hang out with him..and the one who actually kissed him??? YIKES!! the things you have to do just to be with someone on the D list

  43. shazam! says – reply to this


    here's an advice to all the people in the pics posted here and to all the people who somewhat got associated with "andy dick"…if this is your 15 minutes of fame—what a pity!! and get some help!

    you might want to relocate to another town who have no clue who andy dick is or was….change your name, appearance, and perhaps join a witness protection program!! again, get some help!! who in the right mind would like to be associated with someone like "andy dick"?? i will not even claim i was in the same room with him

  44. shazam! says – reply to this


    by the way, for the club owners–you can now actually put a claim that a CELEBRITY has been to your club..andy dick presence in your club definitely put your club in the same level as PURE, TAO, GHOST and all the hottest spots in vegas, l.a. and NYC

  45. R says – reply to this


    Do the boys in Columbus enjoy dressing up like Eminem?

  46. R says – reply to this


    Do all the boys in Columbus enjoy dressing up like Eminem?

  47. jessica says – reply to this


    thats gay

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