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Republican Senator in Gay Airport Bathroom Sex Scandal!

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Shame on you Larry Craig!

Click here for details on the Republican Senator from Idaho's arrest and guilty plea.


Idaho's Larry Craig on the issues:

* Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)
* Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2002)
* Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
* Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
* Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)

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380 comments to “Republican Senator in Gay Airport Bathroom Sex Scandal!”

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  1. darling says – reply to this


    what's up with all these gay republicans? it seems like they are ALL gay - Mark Foley, the other racist one, the intern etc. etc. Next we're going to see Bush and Cheney doing a Brokeback "I can't quit you" at the end of their term… And the dems were supposed to be the pussies… LONG LIVE OBAMA

  2. chicagoboy says – reply to this


    Okay 52-Arnold:what the hell are you talking about? Us "fags" (as you so eloquently put it) are not banding together to "protect [ourselves] from straights;" we are fighting for the same rights given to the heterosexuals. And do you need to learn the definition of hypocritical? An example of being a hypocrite is voting against gay issues while secretly having gay sex. Hypocritical is not calling out a person who is also gay who speaks out (votes against) gay issues (issues that ultimately should affect him). But since he is okay with employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, I guess he should be hitting the unemployment line any second now. Maybe you could hold him a spot, Arnold?

  3. Judy says – reply to this


    I'm from Idaho - I know the Senator - it's hilarious!!!! It's about fucking time that guy came out of the closet…too bad Idaho is 705 republican and will believe what ever he says…which is bullshit.

  4. I Guess says – reply to this


    Is this what you call being "Down Low"?

  5. FUCKU2 says – reply to this



  6. Melis says – reply to this


    As a happily married Upper Class White Republican with four children and a physician family, I find it so often that these closet men that vote against all gay rights are the exact individuals that are performing gay sex acts in private. They are leading double lives! It just happened to a friend of mine whose husband was getting it up the *** while on "business". I totally agree that they should be held accountable for their hipocricy. I love ya, Perez…but it doesn't have to always be about "gay" issues. You have SO MANY straight followers too. Love ya!

  7. Taylor says – reply to this


    rollcall.com has the story. What are rollbags?

  8. F YA says – reply to this


    PEREZ i hate when you out people but I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for this! he deserves it.

  9. Perez's Puta says – reply to this


    Does it really surprise you, Perez? These people are hypocrites and liars. Most of the radical Christian conservatives voting against gay rights legislation are latent homosexuals themselves. It's such a joke and who suffers? The gay community suffers and suicide among young gay people continues to rise. Americans must speak out and not accept any form of discrimination.

  10. cherie says – reply to this


    Kevin Naff, Washington Blade Editor wrote:

    "Craig's office is once again in full damage control mode, denying the senator did anything wrong. Craig reportedly told police he didn't intend to tap his foot or invade the space of the neighboring stall. He just has a "wide stance" in the bathroom and reached down to pick up a piece of paper from the floor. The undercover cop in the adjacent stall says there was no piece of paper."

    uuuhhhh, how stupid is Craig's staff? Any homophobe knows you keep your stance narrow and butt clenched at all times… you never, at any point, bend over in the presence of another guy, even if you're separated by a bathroom stall partition.

    What, did Craig's staff forget to check the self-hater's guidebook before spewing a comment?

  11. Drew R. the Ewok says – reply to this


    cant wait for him to tell blame his "urges" on a fucking priest.

  12. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    To the dudes wondering about tapping one's foot.

    read the whole police report

    1- tapped foot
    2- moved foot into other guys stall to touch other guys foot

    3- bent down and put hand under stall wall and reached into other guy's stall


    DUMMY's that isn't simply tapping one's foot.

    This dude got busted for trying to suck dick. I am glad the hypocrite got busted.

  13. rachel says – reply to this


    he deserves everything comin his way!

  14. Nix says – reply to this


    emmie says:
    The airport is GAY????…..

    That's what I came here to ask…maybe it's the bathroom that's gay.

  15. Kathy says – reply to this


    I'm sure Satan made him do it.

    And Perez sweetie? I love you honey, I really do! You're the best!

  16. Jens says – reply to this


    Even though this putz will be forced from office (being Idaho-born, I know), the governor of Idaho is a Republican and will just appoint another Republican to take Craig's place. So not much change.

  17. Kiss My Ass says – reply to this


    I hope that fucking hater has a sore ass now!

  18. Richard says – reply to this


    and why is it we only can hear about it here? this should be made more public!

  19. I Guess says – reply to this


    I am so tired of the media reporting on people's sexual indescretions. There has got to be a point when they say enough. Who cares? Why is somebody's sexual exploits so interesting to others? Get your own sex life.

    At some point, this sexual stuff has to go private again as far as the media is concerned. And I hope it is sooner rather than later. What is the point in embarrasing someone? It's not like you can't do it too.

    Everyone can have sex…No matter what their profession. Who care's if they decide to have fun this way? I don't.

  20. ME says – reply to this



  21. GareBear says – reply to this


    just another closeted Homo.. you can suck my dick..but please don't kiss me or vote for me.

    The Bush spin doctors will be all over this.

  22. k says – reply to this


    this is no surprise, all Republican men are closet homosexuals

  23. JC says – reply to this


    What a fucking peice of shit. I hope this ruins his life and career. The fact that he has stopped thousands of people fr safety and overall happiness….any thing that will happen fr this is, is nothing compared to what he deserves.

  24. emma says – reply to this



  25. Average joe says – reply to this


    W is next.
    Isn't it funny all the closet gays are repubicans who hate gays?

  26. REPUBLICAN VIRUS says – reply to this


    There is a virus running rampant among Republican males. It is called HYPOCRISY!! They need a reality check-up..

  27. Terry says – reply to this


    This jerk is so unoriginal. I hope his wife and kids kick his ass.

  28. I Guess says – reply to this


    Having said what I said in the previous post. It is awful that he has involved a wife in this. And kids.

  29. I Guess says – reply to this


    Having said what I said in the previous post, It is awful that he has involved a wife in this. And kids.

  30. Watch the Teeth says – reply to this


    I'll tell you what. Them there false teeth of his sure come in handy when giving a blow job under the stall wall. You'll never hear any fellas hollerin' "Watch the Yeeth" with him, no sireee.

  31. Clementines says – reply to this


    wishy washy? 8 ball says try again later.

  32. djibuddha says – reply to this


    sad, sad, self-hating mother-fucker… come out of the closet, and the stall!!! To think I could have gone next door to Union Station to see this hypocrite in some manly action…

  33. drea says – reply to this



  34. BK says – reply to this


    The people in capitol hill are almost never truly homophobic. They just see espousing homophobia as a cheap and effective way of getting TV-programmed prole 'constituents' to feel represented while business goes on as usual.

  35. Rebel in GA says – reply to this


    Those who protest the loudest (Craig, Haggard, Bush?) usually are…
    HOW MANY MORE? Come out, Republicans, come out!

  36. Farto says – reply to this


    Just another self hating closet case cocksucker…….u can keep him we dont want him.

  37. Anne says – reply to this


    The nerve of that guy…go Perez, though! Keep them coming, there are always more where this guy came from!

  38. opi says – reply to this


    If all these Republican gay hypocrites like this Senator, Reverand Ted Haggard and Merv Griffin wouldn't stay in the closet and perpetuate the status quo, but come out, things would be a million times fairer. How much money did this hypocrite receive from the likes of Rev. Ted Haggard?

  39. Terry says – reply to this


    I feel so badly for his wife and especially the three kids. How could he do this to them?!? ugh - just be gay already! Don't marry a straight woman & have kids with her & live the whole lie. He'll get what he deserves for voting against gay rights & same sex marriage. It's all about the karma! I just feel soooooo badly for the wife & kids, ugh, they must be dying right now.

  40. another homo says – reply to this


    Nasty old hypocritical homo. What the fuck was he thinking. I thought bathroom sex went out in the early 80's. At least they caught him with his pants down, so to speak. I am gay, but this is just gross. Hope his career gets flushed like a turd in the toilet. Shit like this, whether its a Senator, George Michael, whoever, reflects badly on all gays who would never think to solicit sex in a bathroom. He deserves whatever punishment he gets and more….make him lick the stall floors clean, he deserves it.

  41. Headboard says – reply to this


    This guy is a neighbor of ours. Thank God he keeps his indescresions to airport bathrooms. What a dirty creep. The details are so condemning..you should see his wife!

  42. JP says – reply to this


    Hell yeah! Random glory hole batroom sex! *high five each other*

  43. headboard says – reply to this


    His kid's are all grown and out of the house…His wife should be chained in Michael Vick's back yard.

  44. the tearoom trade says – reply to this


    Is there anything worse than a hypocrite? Ah yes— a hypocrite with power and influence.

  45. Sarah says – reply to this


    Just b/c he did it doesn't mean it thinks its "right" or it should be condoned. A person that does drugs wouldn't necessarily want to make them legal or tell their kids they think it's acceptable. It's a double standard, but it happens.

  46. Eternal Skeptic says – reply to this


    The biggest haters always turn out to be the biggest LOVERS… wink wink…

  47. Get Real says – reply to this


    Most Republicans are closeted fags, thats why they claim to hate gays so much.

    Im not gay and I could give a fuck if gays get married or not.

  48. DJ says – reply to this


    Hmmmm…. wonder if he'll claim ALCOHOL made him do it and he needs to go to REHAB (rolling my eyes *yawn*). F*ckin' hypocrite scumbag.

  49. idahoan says – reply to this


    Feel sorry for his stepkids? One of his stepsons loved to get drunk at the University of Idaho and bitch about how Craig was in the closet. He got married (his first) right before he got into politics, I think around age 40. Total beard.

    The gay communities of Boise and D.C. have known this for a long time, they just felt bad about outing him. After Foley, you would think he could show more discretion, but I guess not. Sucks for him.

    Oh yeah, and Boise's mayor went to jail a few years back for spending city money at a gay strip club in Florida, now we have a democrat. Would it be too much to hope we could have a reversal of fortune at senator too?

  50. Another Nobody says – reply to this


    Ok, i totally wanna read what Fairy Craig got caught doing but the link is kaput. Anybody got the inside scoop?

  51. Sean D says – reply to this


    At one point during the interview, Craig handed the plainclothes sergeant who arrested him a business card that identified him as a U.S. Senator and said, "What do you think about that?" the report states.
    - Did the cop reply "maybe you shouldn't have married, had three kids, deluded yourself and the gulible state of Idaho, voted vociferously against gay rights and (most importantly!)… perhaps you should have avoided swinging around your old gay gray balls in the Minneapolis Airport"!!!!!!

  52. Maximus Sawdust 4 Brains says – reply to this


    Quit pickin on that poor Republaho from Idaho you bitchy libs.. heee heeee

  53. Yancey James Swigger says – reply to this


    Why this is nothing but a democratic smear campaign. Iknow Larry very well thank you Mr.Perez. He is an upstanding member of society and a dutiful public servant.We go back to schooldays and let me tell you-he was a man's man.We had sleepovers and everything.So before you go spreading dirty tales about my Larry,keep in mind that I spread em when I squat-it helps get the job done quicker and my god if I had a dollar for everytime I drop something in a stall-Iwould be a rich (and regular)fella. Larry's innocent of this-he just pleaded quilty to avoid a circus.

  54. He can fuck me says – reply to this


    I would bottom for him.

  55. Infamous E Roberto says – reply to this


    He has the scariest looking eyes. Betcha he's a top.

  56. Caroline says – reply to this


    Larry Craig to hell!!!

    i hope he gets ass-raped in the mourge.

  57. Maximus Sawdust 4 Brains says – reply to this


    Aww quit pickin on that Republaho from Idaho you mean mean libs…hee hee

  58. Jocelyn says – reply to this


    what a loser!

  59. Pineygrrl says – reply to this


    Go to the Sen. website and tell him to take his hypocritical lying ass out of office. I just did. It felt real good, not at all like a painful buttf–k. I promise!

  60. Sean says – reply to this


    Yancey James Swigger and the Gay Senator having sleep overs? Brokeback Mountain may not have played widely in Idaho. Perhaps the home videos suffice! Keep lickin' that old GOP ass…

  61. ThatChick says – reply to this


    I agree with Tammy he's a part time gay guy…just in it for the cheap thrill what a poser….

  62. Uncle Jimmy says – reply to this


    I lived in Idaho for a while a lot of the gay men are married. They call a phone # leave a message, another guy will pick up the message and then they meet. I did it a lot when I was living in Boise. I did a lot of married men. Funny thing is most of them know each other.
    It's like this little married gay mens club. Scary HUH!!!

  63. Sarah says – reply to this


    Gay or straight, who picks up a stranger in a public bathroom (except George Michael, of course)???? That's just nasty!! I won't even sit on a public toilet, much less a stranger's cock. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  64. opi says – reply to this


    Is there anyone dumber than Log Cabin Republicans ?(ie., Gay Republicans who are out). All these Republican hypocrites care about is hiding in the closet, and the millions to keep rolling in from fundamentalist Christians (who, like Haggard, often can be gay). The Republican party is NEVER going to change, never make room for gays, when they make millions gay bashing and for anti-gay marriage amendments, etc like this latest right wing hypocrite caught red handed. WAKE UP AND JOIN THE DEMOCRATS.

  65. FAMILY VALUES says – reply to this


    During the Clinton Impeachment was this the SAME Sen Larry Craig that said:
    "I'm going to speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy." on Meet the Press 1-24-1999 . . . .
    If a "bad naughty boy" has consentual sex with a member of the opposite sex WHAT do you call blowing strangers in an airport toilet? . . . oh yeah, I forgot . . . a "Family Values Republican" . . .

  66. Deborah Ombres says – reply to this


    Can somebody provided me with an online serious source? Haven't see the tv Today.

  67. Ryan says – reply to this


    And I see your truuee colors, shining through.
    Yes, I see your true colors, that's why they fuuucked you.
    So don't be afraid! To show your True cooolors!

  68. Jessica says – reply to this



  69. gregg says – reply to this


    Another gay repuublican, why should i be surprised, what a loser. i bet hisife feels like shit

  70. bluefish says – reply to this


    Anybody surprised he's a republican?

  71. Diana says – reply to this


    Hope he gets raped in jail by some black dick, I bet he's a racist too, Karma is a bitch!

  72. Joe says – reply to this


    Hypocrites alias name = Republican.

    Burn in hell with your dark soul.

  73. MothersLittleHelper says – reply to this


    Is anyone surprised that these holier than thou repuglican right-wingnut's are cruising airport john's? These axxxholes make me sick. I didnt choose to be this way. This man chose his votes to keep hit potato-growing constituency. To hell with all of them.. Vote Democrat people. Vote Democrat.

  74. Angela says – reply to this


    Amazing to see there are Conservative people actually defending him, it's like those guys defending Vick..for every criminal idiot, there is a even bigger idiot defending him.

  75. snazzle says – reply to this


    Seeing that this happened in Minnesota, I couldn't be more proud. Exposing hipocracy, one Republican at a time!

  76. arnold divine says – reply to this


    Why are Republicans such……PERVES…..???????? LURKING around toilets to get there pee pees pulled no or chasing little boys ?????? SHAME …SHAME….

  77. jen says – reply to this


    Sad for him that he hates himself that much..I know a lot of gay republicans like that, and they are miserable people. Maybe he can hook up with Andy Dick in the bathroom!

  78. darlene says – reply to this


    Perez - you crack me up! LARRY IS A TOTAL SELF-HATER!!!

  79. Tired Teacher says – reply to this


    Its always the ones who put on the biggest front………..

  80. kar says – reply to this


    I honestly don't care if your gay or not. What I care about is people who claim to be so righteous and while bad mouthing others. How many Republicans does this make in the past year? Bastards.

  81. u2boy says – reply to this


    What kind of sex would be considered scandalous at a GAY AIRPORT?

  82. Oliver says – reply to this


    I will bet by the end of 2008, all the Republican senators will come out of the closet. Maybe thats why they hide their gay because their republican parents will kil them and throw them out.

    I feel so sorry for his wife and children. His wife probably loves him so much, what an ass.

  83. George says – reply to this


    The fact that he is a Republican senator who votes against gay rights makes what he did absolutely abhorrent. This piece of self-hating shit deserves to see his life implode. No sympathy whatsoever. He deserves to have his private life exposed. Lying sack of shit.

  84. Knowsall says – reply to this


    Typical Republican……They are ALL ghay. It includes their phallic love of guns.

  85. Karen says – reply to this


    You go Perez! Maybe this won't be the last of the hypocrits to get hoisted on their own you know whats……

  86. sexybeasts says – reply to this


    Republican all the way. Democrats need to get damn jobs and stop trying to get government handouts. I am so damn tired paying my high ass taxes because someone is to lazy or to damn stupid to find work.

    p.s. yes, i agree that he is a hypocrite. I don't believe in same sex marriage either. Your asshole was made for shit to come out of not go in it.

  87. Miapocca says – reply to this



    Too bd he wasnt caught with midgetstiltskin…hahha

    oh my, serious self hater…maybe he will start datign teh New Jersey guy…these folks just need to admit that they can be gay and REPBLICAN…

    America needs you Senator to lead the gay republicns in teh next election.ahahhahah

  88. Dan says – reply to this


    If you know you're gay and get into politics, why not at least go democrat so you can vote in favor gay causes instead of becoming a self-hating hypocrytical republican? That's just what I don't get, why some minorities and gays become republicans, they don't fucking care about you, wake up!!!!!!!!!

  89. jersey city tom says – reply to this


    I love you, Perez Hilton…

  90. JFS says – reply to this


    lol. the twin cities airport mensroom is one of the most well known gay "cruising" spots in america (i know, i've been there and i'm gay). i jus went to his website and his statement on pleading guilty was-

    "I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously."

    lol, i'll bet the closet 'mo was handling himself (and others) "quickly and expeditiously." too funny!

  91. Kasey says – reply to this


    I think it's funny that you all support so much someone who is outed without their permission and you feel sad for them when they are picked on. But if by chance, this man is truly homosexual, you won't support him and you will make fun of him. It's so freaking one-sided. That's why I think the liberals are a joke. It's all okay to them, but if it's a Republican then pick the HELL out of them. Grow up and stick to your convictions, otherwise, don't voice them.

  92. barrywhite614 says – reply to this



  93. Charles says – reply to this


    What a hipocritical bastard!

  94. Bob Dylan says – reply to this


    I had the misfortune of living in the twin cities awhile back and never got my cock sucked in the airport! The Eagle bar is another story but I digress FUCK REPUBLICUNTS especially the closet queens!!!

  95. Ashley says – reply to this


    Wow.. I have never been more ashamed to live in Idaho. And yes, thats definitely saying something.

  96. dick lover says – reply to this


    they have "gay only" airports now?????

  97. Jason says – reply to this


    Big shock! Another hypocritical Republican, who certainly isn't practicing what he preaches. I've always said, the most homophobic ones are almost ALWAYS homos themselves.

  98. wisher says – reply to this


    OOOOHHH, Nice Flag!!

  99. dr.mrs says – reply to this


    typical republic hypocrite motherfucker…give him what he wants…let him get gang-raped by a herd of elephants. maybe he'll really feel good then…

  100. Nelson from Springfield says – reply to this



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