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Republican Senator in Gay Airport Bathroom Sex Scandal!

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Shame on you Larry Craig!

Click here for details on the Republican Senator from Idaho's arrest and guilty plea.


Idaho's Larry Craig on the issues:

* Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)
* Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2002)
* Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
* Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
* Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)

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380 comments to “Republican Senator in Gay Airport Bathroom Sex Scandal!”

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  1. Obama Girl says – reply to this


    2008 Elections cannot be here soon enough. Get these lying, two-faced, discriminating haters out of office already!!!!! WTF has this country come to? Gay people are people, too. Normal, tax paying citizens. Since when did it become okay to start legislating against an entire group of people just because they love each other? I don't get it. I'm a straight suburban housewife living in the conservative South. I think gay people deserve all the rights and protections we can give them. Larry Craig will burn in hell for this. ha ha.

  2. Jason says – reply to this


    Hey #190….how about you use your asshole for how YOU want to use it and I'll use mine how I want to use it. Since your so "holy" I'm certain you use your cock only for procreation purposes and not pleasure right?

  3. danthegirl says – reply to this


    Perez………he is a senator for IDAHO!! Not California! You know, his job is to vote for his people, and Idahoins seem to be super republican types who would be against gay marriage etc.

    I hate to make a comparison, but at least ONE federal representative actually votes for what their people want/believe in. Bush

  4. Corn Julio says – reply to this


    Sounds like Jason is a bottom!!!

  5. chinagirl1 says – reply to this


    I know Britney's involved in this somehow.

  6. xoxo says – reply to this



    How come clean cut old white men always like gay sex? They don't even want younger mistresses. They want men. They want prostate massage.

  7. twunt-hunter says – reply to this


    He ***LOVES*** THE COCK!!!!!

  8. RedRory says – reply to this


    Dumb bastard.

  9. tc says – reply to this


    haha, that's priceless. this guy was in the idaho chapter of my fraternity. just shows ya what being scared into the closet can do to you from an early age. this guy really thought he could have it both ways, what a friggin loser. i see this all the time with guys at my college, they think they can lead a double life. it doesnt work.

  10. Excerpt from 'Pam's House Blend' says – reply to this


    As should be painfully obvious, the issue with Larry Craig — or with pointing out the wildly promiscuous recreational-drug-aided sexual behavior of Rush Limbaugh, or Newt Gingrich's multiple, overlapping broken marriages — isn't to apply our moral standards to their private lives, but is to apply their own publicly claimed moral standards, as well as the core tactics of the GOP, to document that they live in utter contradiction to the sexual morality they relentlessly embrace for political gain…

    …Watching Bush followers angrily objecting to the use of sexual behavior and homosexuality for political gain — or listening them oh-so-solemnly lament how the Good People are being driven away from politics because of the personal, invasive treatment to which they are subjected — is about as jaw-droppingly astonishing as any spectacle one can fathom. This is a political movement built upon claims of moral superiority in the sexual and private realms. It is truly difficult to express the level of contempt and scorn that is merited when the most fervent supporters of that same political movement pretend to be offended and angry when it is revealed that the lives being led by their political leaders are grossly inconsistent with the sexual and moral values they claim to monopolize.

  11. Sunny Sam says – reply to this


    Homophobes are often gay themselves to hide the fact that they are gay. He got what he deserved.

  12. Natalie says – reply to this


    Well that's INTERESTING! What hyprocrites- living a lie. Don't forget your tax dollars will be paying for his retirement and pension. VOTE to make this stop!!! When you owe money back in taxes after working your ass off, this asswipe is benefiting from it all and can't even come out of his REPUBLICAN CLOSET!!! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MS. SOUTH CAROLINA says – reply to this




  14. Liberace's stunt double says – reply to this


    So he's into anallingus….is that so bad???

  15. Pretty_Princess says – reply to this


    And that, in a nutshell, is what's wrong with Republicans; they are repressed, oppressive, hatemongering (themselves and others) and hypocritical.

  16. Acer says – reply to this


    Being from Idaho and being gay, this did come as a shock. Funny thing is, we are in the dark about so many things, and we are taught to accept lies for truth, especially when it comes to homosexuality or anything of that nature. I'm glad this was exposed for those of us that have the voting rights and powers to take him out of office. Sad thing is… no one will listen to the truth.

  17. AskaLesbian says – reply to this


    Don't worry! The fundie christians have a sure fire 3 week cure for closeted homo's. They'll send him to camp with Ted Faggard. Ted says he's all cured and shit. These Republican's are a constant source of amusement, aren't they?

    Big shout out to: David Vitter, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, and Rick Santorum!!!

  18. jeffrey says – reply to this


    Republicans are hypocrites…..just like the conservatives here in Canada….Do as
    I say not as I do….

  19. The Desk of Larry Craig says – reply to this


    Listen to me you fucking retarded democratic fucking nit wits, IM NOT GAY!!! Your president was the one getting the blow job in the Oval Office I eat gnash not cock…and if you're man enough meet me at the Meat Rack in the Fire Island Pines and we can discuss it further….and bring poppers you fucking wimps!!!

  20. jeff says – reply to this


    Ya'll should know that Craig said this about Slick Willy on Meet the Press in '99:

    "Bad boy, Bill Clinton. You're a naughty boy."
    "Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy."


  21. Catie says – reply to this


    Hypocrites like him are the reason that I'm ashamed to be from Idaho.

  22. ertrt says – reply to this


    Larry Craig loves cock, Alberto Gonzalez retires…what a bad day to be a Neo-Nazi Republican!

  23. Spudnik says – reply to this


    I am so ashamed to admit this is my senator. But I am proud to say that I've voted against him for over 25 years because I always hated his right wing smug politics.

    This is poetic justice. A self righteous moral terrorist now gets caught on the down low in a bathroom stall. This is the nail in his political coffin. Now he'll be lucky if he can get a job cleaning toilets at Micky D's in Boise. Haw, some of his right wing buddies will bail him out I'm sure. They'll get him a job as a towel boy at the sauna.

  24. joeyOh says – reply to this


    YEP He was the guy who sucked my dick in Newark Airport last Thanksgiving… had false teeth and was gummin' me

  25. L says – reply to this


    f'ing hypocrite!!!!! this is the kind that'll be burnt in hell, if not already during his miserable earthly time!

  26. joeyOh says – reply to this


    He must call tomKat he'll tell him how it works from here out

  27. Nothing, including this, changes the definition of right and wrong says – reply to this


    Did it ever occur to you that there are some gay people who deeply despise their secret urges and therefore vote their conscience instead of their preference? And for the record, the rest of us here in the real world are well aware of the fact that there are closet homosexuals on both sides of the partisan lines. That is only news to you, apparently. I say kudos to him for voting for that which is right instead of voting to please people like you who wrongly believe they have a right to shove their own selfish ideas down the throats of everyone else. The only "intolerant" folks in this deal are the homosexuals who constantly stomp their feet like children and demand that the rest of the world agree with them. It's most refreshing to see a gay politician who still knows right from wrong, even if he doesn't live it. It takes far more courage to admit that homosexuality is wrong than it takes to give into it and come out loud and proud, contrary to that which you constantly preach here. Here's hoping that this arrest will lead him to get the help he so desperately needs. Regardless of the sexual preference involved, (be it gay or straight) public bathroom hookups are nasty and beneath any decent individual's dignity.

  28. L says – reply to this


    f'ing hypocrite, this is the kind of ppl that will be burnt in hell, if not already during his miserable earthly time!

  29. emma says – reply to this


    Let's get down to the real issue….Britney, politicians, etc. If you are making the bucks, you need to be accountable. Celebs pose for cameras, and pols take money from corporations to further their causes. When will real discourse happen?

  30. Becks says – reply to this


    Mwahahahahahaahahahahaha stupid hypocrite self-hater bitch

  31. S87 says – reply to this


    Ewww…u ppl wot's the matter with u?
    bein' gay is wrong wrong wrong!
    ppl who are gays need medical therapy..n i don't mean it as bad thing,because it's not anormal thing 2 be gay it's against nature!

  32. Bytch says – reply to this


    Everyone is bi on some level.
    He needs to be real with himself and stand up for our rights.
    But I'm sure his party will throw him to the side now.
    Bye bye politics!

  33. Elle says – reply to this


    To "Wrong", this is not FOX NEWS so don't even attemp to spin this.

    Glad this a-hole got bused and he deserves to be OUTED publicly.

    Now, let's just wait for him to go to rehab…I mean, to be "be born again" for his party to pardon all his sins…

  34. Larry F Luckenhill says – reply to this


    just lurking… "Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places" is Idaho Senator's signature tune.

  35. emill says – reply to this


    #231 said "It takes far more courage to admit that homosexuality is wrong than it takes to give into it and come out loud and proud, contrary to that which you constantly preach here."


  36. Jane says – reply to this


    "#235 - S87 says:

    Ewww…u ppl wot’s the matter with u?
    bein’ gay is wrong wrong wrong!
    ppl who are gays need medical therapy..n i don’t mean it as bad thing,because it’s not anormal thing 2 be gay it’s against nature!"

    as stupid as they come! (a typical closet case)

  37. Exactly! says – reply to this


    This is NOT Fox News, so all of you right wing jackasses take your sniffling, holier than thou opinions and post it somewhere else. What did you think the MAJORITY of bloggers here would say??? It's Perez Hilton, hail to the Queen of All Media, not effing Hannity and Colmes Holmes Jones oh whatever the eff!

  38. olander says – reply to this


    Muy impocrito!

  39. Famous Potatos says – reply to this


    Larry Craig got a guy named *Crapo* elected as the other Idaho Senator. Care to comment on this sh*t?

  40. I am an Idahoen!!! says – reply to this


    I am ashamed, but then again, arent ALL political people a bunch of liars?? This just proves it, I am ashamed that my state is anti-gay, I am not gay, but I believe that gay people are who they are, just like the rest of us. It makes me sick that they pick and chose what is and isnt against the law, this is suppose to be a free country, BULLSHIT, THEY RUN US AND IT SUCKS!!! LET ME SMOKE!! LET ME TAKE AWAY MY MIGRAINES WITH HERB!!! LET MY GAY FRIEND GET FUCKING MARRIED, STOP RUNNING OUR LIVES, IF I AINT HURTING YOU, THEN LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THE GOV AND THE HORSE THEY RIDE IN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEEEDOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Native Idahoan says – reply to this


    I'm laughing at the person who said that perhaps now the voting tables will turn in Idaho. It's no better on the other side! Congessman LaRocco (Democrat) had multiple sexual harassments suits against him, yet nobody cared. So it's apparently worse to vote against gay marriage and be arrested for 'disorderly conduct' (Larry Craig) than to vote for women's rights, then physically torture women and fire them when they won't sleep with you (Larry LaRocco)?

  42. peirce says – reply to this


    People need therapy because love doesn't fit your definition? Makes a whole lotta sense, ya'll.

  43. Jim McSleazy says – reply to this


    The Former Govenor of New Jersey is somewhere pissing his pants right now!

  44. the Bostonian says – reply to this


    What a hypocrite. And the worst part is there are thousands like him who behave similarly & never get caught…


  45. mel says – reply to this


    Well, between Sen. Craig and Rep. Bill Sali, no wonder people hate on Idaho. I'm an Idaho democrat, so I did not vote for this guy. I'm sorry world, as I love the gays.

  46. JerryCraig says – reply to this


    What the hell is all this?!?! I sure the HELL didn't proposition no kinda cop! I've never even BEEN to Minneapolissss…oh….wait….LARRY Craig? Ooops, nevermind. Carry on.


  47. ynot says – reply to this


    Watch out, Orrin Hatch, you're next!

  48. Milla2007 says – reply to this


    While We vote at the polls he will be shopping the bathroom GLORY HOLES!!!!!

  49. Sturt from Sydney says – reply to this


    This guy should go to jail for missreprsenting mankind. I cannot even believe that America would even give people the power to refuse such civil liberties. Eat shit old man.

  50. Jenny Craig says – reply to this


    I'm ASHAMED to be from Idaho and I'm not even from Idaho! Could you imagine what this perverted queer would do if ellected President???? The fucking Oval Office would have a backroom and a sling! This prick propositioned my son in a toilet in Frankfurt..

  51. emily says – reply to this



    i hate the government!!!
    they're a false sence of security for people who are afraid of difference and change!!
    thats all!!!
    The Government are useless hypocrites!


  52. Maddi says – reply to this


    As if his political conduct weren't bad enough…It's this sort of bullshit that makes me embarrassed to be a native Idahoan.

  53. dssfd says – reply to this


    Idawhoran - you're missing the point…we are merely pointing out the blatant HYPOCRISY of the GOP…do as we say and not as we do!

  54. Morcilla anyone..lol says – reply to this


    Oye Perez you got papi's in all coners huh. Patos in high places but won't admit they like the morcilla. Wapaleee

  55. Barrack Obama says – reply to this


    LOL…I love how all the Repugs are coming out (no pun intended) and reflecting the ignorance which some (I'm being generous here) of you are know for in your comments.

  56. St. Awful says – reply to this


    Too bad the paparazzi don't follow politicians around like they do celebs. They could probably do away with the underground sex slave trade and all kinds of other nastiness they get away with….this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can bet.

  57. Kehwen says – reply to this


    Good on you, Perez, for pointing this out! Enough with hypocritical, closeted GOP politicians.

  58. MIKE says – reply to this



  59. Not Ian Thorpe says – reply to this


    So why can't a guy get their rocks off at the Airport bathroom????
    Its not just Homophobia, it's Sexphobia as well.
    This world of prudes sux.

  60. geoff says – reply to this


    Finally,some prick who deserves to bo outed.

  61. Erin M says – reply to this


    I screamed, "YAY! Another one!" when I heard the news. Gay Republicans are worse than regular Republicans. Douche bag hypocrites! Embrace who you are!!!

  62. fluffy galore says – reply to this


    gay or straight, I dont care who anyone fucks, but rutting in a toilet is just disgusting and putrid. How romantic….

  63. George Bush rocks...men's cocks says – reply to this


    He and Alberto can go fuck each other.

  64. wth says – reply to this


    democrates……go down to your local gove'ment office and get yo free shit! BASTARDS!
    LMAO at this man and this story!

  65. droplet says – reply to this


    How are these old men popping hard-ons at will these days? Gross me out!

  66. Little Timmy says – reply to this


    He was sucking my cock in the toilet as I was shitting and I even snapped a pic its at www.tubgirl.com

  67. salah w. says – reply to this


    look i'm not american but i'll say it "FUCK U BITCH" . A SYRIAN GUY.

  68. wendy says – reply to this


    It's a good thing that the Democrats have an alcoholic murderer like Ted Kennedy in the Senate to balance everything out.

  69. Senor Foxxxy says – reply to this



  70. Rose Kennedy Speaking from the grave says – reply to this


    Wendy maybe you should stop eating so much Wendy's and start car-pooling with Ted Kennedy you trick ass, nappy headed ho!

  71. Kylie's Bikini Line says – reply to this


    What a hypocrite. What a liar. As I like to say, people like him will eventually piss on their own chips ("fries" if you're in the US). Looks like he's pissed a whole keg of urine on his chips this time. Karma, man.

  72. gddg says – reply to this


    Wendy, whether you want to admit it or not, Ted Kennedy will never be a mass murderer like Bush. Truth hurts, yes!

  73. Alls well that ends well (THIS AIN'T) says – reply to this


    How much would you pay to be in the room when this closet case has to explain this shit to his wife and get to see her blue-blooded soul killed in one fell swoop???? PRICELESS

  74. kitoffun says – reply to this


    Shame to you. God has created sexual organs to have pleasure but you are using other body parts for it. How do you do it rascal? You are really an animal in clothes and that too on high post.

  75. The Truth says – reply to this



  76. txbich says – reply to this


    wow. so, fire him, then let the gays stone him publicly. whatever happened to public stoning? it seems there would be a certain satisfaction far beyond spending tax dollars for them to rot in jail

  77. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    HATE all this gay centric focus on this site, but AT least Perez has it right here. YOU want to stay in the closet, fine, cool, you should, and people like Perez should not OUT you. BUT if you're going for sex in public restrooms (GROSS) you deserve to be OUT. STOP IT. AIDS is real and still a problem. Men dying of AIDS, not pretty and costly to society. Not ANTI-GAY just ANTI stupidity. Oh yea Republicans are hypocrites.

  78. Lala Bush says – reply to this


    WTF is it with all these self-hating homosexual republicans? Dude, we don't give a fuck what you do in your spare time but when you make a career out of preaching family values and the moral high ground it makes it very difficult to forgive you when you get caught cheating on your wife with a guy. What a loser. I hope the people of Idaho bend this guy over and give it to him good during the next election.

  79. Dawn says – reply to this


    You know….just because someone is gay doesn't mean they have to vote with the rest of that crowd. Free will and all that shit. Pisses me off when people say gay people or black people or christians or anyone *should* or is supposed to do something or think a certain way JUST because they are part of a particular group. What kind of crap is that??
    Besides - he is representing his state, not his own viewpoint, right? If the majority of the people he **serves** agrees with an issue one way or another his is obligated to represent them. If he doesn't he gets voted out, plain and simple. I sure as hell don't vote for people that I think won't represent my views, I doubt people in Illinois do, either.
    Bunch of self righteous people around, claiming they want 'freedom' for everyone….until someone chooses to exercise their freedom of speech or vote or anything else that disagrees with their viewpoint or agenda. Then they are ready to choke the very life out of someone just to keep them silent. I hate all politics and parties equally but the thought police on the lib side are really starting to piss off.
    I'm a pro-choice catholic and have been told many times I'm a hypocritical bitch. A man I work with is *clutch the pearls* an openly gay, disbaled republican with muslim in-laws. Wonder how he should vote…? I'm sure there are people here that would love to tell him. >

  80. Latuusha-Raylee says – reply to this


    Just another typical conservative redneck politician hiding his personal depravities behind his public policies.

  81. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    Dawn and other idiots, yes you are an idiot!

    It is about young gay kids growing up being told by these hypocrites that they are bad because of who and what they are while these hypocrites in positions of power are sucking dick in secret.

    If you are too stupid to understand the hypocricy then I recomend you go up to your moma and beg her to put diappers back on you and give you a bottle. you are too stupid to be allowed to walk around in public unsupervised.

    Grow up, get a life, get some brains. Enough with the stupidity. Enough with your homophobia that you are trying to mask behind some kind of false "freedom to vote however they want BS"

  82. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    when throwing that stone please toss a few at admited alcoholic and former cocain user george bush. Also don't forget that there is a polic record detailing Laura bush's running over her ex boyfriend in college not accidently once, but multiple tiomes back and forth back and forth.

  83. Fed UP says – reply to this


    The problem here is that America isn't accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with people who want to be with the same sex but in states like Idaho it is "morally wrong" to love someone of your own sex. These politians and others end up living their lives in the "closet." These are the same Republicans who are coming down on America and saying we need more "family values." First Representative Foley, then Senator Vitter, now this. Shouldn't America be more accepting of gay people? Senator Vitter and Senator Craig should both resign from the U.S. Senate. We the people have elected you and you have shown us nothing but hypocrisies and embarrassment.

    Elect more democrats that are open to ALL lifestyles in 2008!

  84. cc says – reply to this


    This is not a new thing for Craig- I have lived in the DC area for 15 years and rumor is that she regularly does the same thing about a block from the Capitol at Union Station- with mixed results. About half of these right-wing anti-gay Republicans are on the down low- in time they will be forced out just like Foley and Haggardtard.

  85. Fed UP says – reply to this


    and btw we should all be looking at Senator Craig's connections with Presidential candidate Romney…

  86. jimmyboyo says – reply to this



    "against nature"? If something occurs then it is within nature since nothing that happens or exists can be outside of nature for to be outside of nature is to not exist at all.

    Since the early 1700's (for idiots that is close to 300 years) after people stopped burning witches and started studying science , animal studies have shown homosexuality, bhisexuality, pansexuality amongst all animal species in large numbers. National Geographic helped produce a great documentary with video of Dolphins, deer, wolves, chimps, ducks, etc all practicing gay and bisexual relations. Dolphins in particular are interesting since they are considered the 2nd smartest creature on earth right after mankind.

    If it occurs and or exists then it is IN NATURE = natural. To be unatural is to not exist at all.

    please read a science book.

  87. paca says – reply to this


    isnt he from idaho or wyoming. i think that makes him a real life brokebacker

  88. AB says – reply to this


    Thanx 4 bringin this up Perez! i hope into 2008 u will have more "political coverage" but of course in Perez style, so its not borrrrrrrrrring… and nice comment ajay… y would he be soliciting sex in a PUBLIC bathroom? its like he WANTS to get caught, specially wit the guilty plea and all!!!! y wouldnt he have gone to a hotel or somewhere more private, not like he cant afford it

    ps. this is another perfect example of celebrity justice, says he served 10 days in jail (prolly liked that! lol) had fines and now proation, all for lewd conduct! they should make examples out of Politicians because we elect them to be morally straight, HONEST and to represent US! they have obligations to our country! they should get it twice as bad! not to mention, these bitches are representin our country! (not in a very good way)this is y so many other countries think we're all wack!

  89. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    sexybeast PLEASE sign your future social security retirement check over o me now since that is a government hand out. You get more back then you will ever pay into social security. please refuse your future medicaid as an elderly person.

    Please preach no welfare to GE. Yes GENERAL ELECTRIC a multibillion dollar company that recieved a tax REFUND in a larger amlount then they paid in taxes. Please tell exxon Mobil who made hundreds of millions of dollars to pay back their tax breaks.

    COPORATE welfare is welfare yet as a repub you don't see your hypocricy. CRAZY

  90. Dawn says – reply to this


    Have you actually read the constitution of the United States?
    I assume you intend to toss it out so a few gay kids won't feel bad?
    I will say a rosary for you :)

  91. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    Sorry the Exxon part should read made Hundreds of BILLIONS last year alone and recieved tax breaks = corporate welfare

  92. jimmyboyo says – reply to this




    A rosary?

    LOL You did hear in the news how Mother teresa herself no longer believed in God . Her personal writings say so and where revealed this week by the Vatican. LOL

    Please go pray your beads in the dark ages while watching a witch being burned. IGNORANT SAVAGE worrying your beads while cowering from some imaginary sky father god. LOL Bugga Bugga rattle those chicken bones you barbarian. LOL

  93. wow. says – reply to this


    check craigslist.org…there are tons of "straight" guys looking for casual encounters with other males….they're not gay but love the feeling…. i don't get it.

  94. bR says – reply to this


    what does gettin off with a dude in the bathroom have to do with supporting gay marriage and other legislation? Does that mean that every str8 guy who likes his girl to fuck him with a dildo should support gay marriage? now thats narrow minded.

  95. Barbara says – reply to this


    Whats with the rainbow flag on his lapel?!? He deserves what he's getting now…ousted!!!!

  96. Dawn says – reply to this


    As for the rosary comment, it was a bit of fun but you are so worked into a frenzy you couldn't see that I guess.
    It's exactly what I said e easy it is earlier….peeps like you Jimmy are so bull headed, so insanely passionate about your views that you are quick to jump to name calling and insults when someone disagrees with you. Where is all this hate (yes, it is hate) coming from? Most hate stems from fear? What are you afraid of?
    If you can't tolerate another person's opinion, you are the one that needs to go back home to mom. Acceptance of others is a lesson you should have learned in kindergarten. It's funny how you you want acceptance, how you want gay people to have acceptance but you refuse to give it to others that think differently from you.
    Do you or do you not see the hypocrisy in that? I think you do see it but you will put a spin on your own hypocrisy to make it 'ok' for you.
    And that's your choice. I don't think you're an idiot and I don't think you need to shut up and go away. I do think you need you might consider reading further about Mother Teresa. She was an extraordinary woman that did *question* the existence of God many times in her life. Look at where she lived, how could she not? She was like most of us, searching for the truth in a world of pain.

  97. Dawn says – reply to this


    Oh! And we only bring out the chicken bones during Holy day, everyone knows that! duh!
    I'm heading to work, happy hunting all!

  98. I Love America says – reply to this


    He's up for re-election next year Idaho'ans!! Vote the self-loathing hypocrite out!

    GOP = Grand Old Perverts

  99. jimmyboyo says – reply to this


    Dawn how about this, if you want to know where I am coming from.

    A recent gay man was beat by chicago cops and Chicago is trying to get the case dismissed because Chicago says "homosexuals do NOT have equal protection uncer thde law."

    reread that a couple of times.

    Then maybe you might just understand.

  100. Assh*lesneedloveto says – reply to this


    Yawn….another corrupt, lying politician…same sh*t, different party.

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