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Dina Responds!!!!

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This is why we love the Lohans. They never know when to shut the fuck up!

Lindsay's father, Michael, gave us this shocking interview, the most explosive and candid of his life.

In his exclusive chat with Perez, he claims that Dina is still using cocaine and exploiting Lindsay for financial gain, amongst other incendiary allegations.

Click here to read the transcript of our almost twenty minute chat.

Now, Dina Lohan is firing back!

Responding to our exclusive interview with Michael, Dina gave our friends and colleagues at VH1 this statement:

"Now the world will know why eight people were issued criminal stay away orders of protection until 2011 against Michael Lohan."

How vague!

We love it!

Long live the Lohans, the best family in America!!!!!!!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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300 comments to “Dina Responds!!!!”

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  1. Unbelievable says – reply to this


    No wonder their daughter is in fucking rehab at 21…. I'd be too with these clusterfuck selfish self absorbed shitbag parents.

  2. jenn says it is time says – reply to this


    it is time to stop talking about michael and dina lohan. they are not celebrities, they're the parents of a woman who is having a really rough time living in public view. Dina does have a drinking problem (and she is not shy about it, believe me), and Michael.. well he's got some anger/temper issues. If they both want to act like mo mo's and call celebrity gossip bloggers and have their reputations tarnished further and dragged through the mud, let them, but don't give in by posting every juicy detail. i do not know what they're trying to accomplish by doing this.
    i am not a fan of lindsey's, but i think it is time that everyone shut the fuck up and give her a chance to turn herself around for real. this is NOT helping her at all. The girl has a problem. Let her deal with it as privately as possible so she can get the help she needs instead of bringing more and more attention to it eventually leading her into another drug/alcohol induced meltdown.

  3. Starbelly says – reply to this


    What a couple of provincial nouveau riche reprobate scandal hounds! Poor Lindsay, no wonder she ended up face down in a bag Peruvian marching powder!

  4. holden says – reply to this


    ML should propagate these allegations through the Post etc just like DL does.

    LL, be smart, find a Larry Rudolph. Fire your mom. Don't let ML and DL drag you into anything else. You cannot fix them. Gee Whiz, you have a boat load of problems. Please get some good advisors

  5. Melissa says – reply to this


    If she cared about her daughter at all, Dina would not dignify Michael's comments with further allegations. They should deal with this in private. Stop using the media to deal with your feuds. I actually feel really bad for Lindsay. She needs to stay away from both parents and see a therapist.

  6. Kassi says – reply to this


    LoL Funny things is isnt everybody families like this. Theres no difference…my mother and father are both fucked up divorced parents ….boring……NEXT

  7. gagmewithafork says – reply to this



  8. kay says – reply to this


    wowwww. i could have sworn drama like this was left in high school but i guess not.

  9. Mrs Minx says – reply to this


    Don't you think Dina dresses like it's still the 80s?

    What an absolute mess for Lindsay to go home to. If I were her, I'd stay in rehab….

  10. Dawn says – reply to this


    the whole family is fucked… they ALL need help……FAST

  11. Julie says – reply to this



    I'm from France, and i don't really have any idea about L.L's life except that she's an addict etc…
    But when i read all this, the only thing that comes to my mind is "wtf is that family?!!". The parents are so stupid, they're so not helping their children. They're like doing a little war through the media, so laaaaaame !
    I understand why L.L is an addict.
    If i was the poor girl, i'd try to go as far as i can from these two assholes!

  12. honorarymarauder says – reply to this


    "criminal stay away" orders?

  13. Amy says – reply to this


    Oh crap - did she phone that in from the bar stool?

  14. Just a thought... says – reply to this


    Perhaps the Lohans, as crazy and self-centered as they are, do this public feuding ON PURPOSE?!?!?! It's the only thing that keeps us all talking about Lindsay.

  15. Anonymous says – reply to this


    These two so-called adults need to be slapped. Hard.

  16. Dr Rexall MD says – reply to this


    The whole family is sufferng from Fuckendaheaditis. There is no known cure for this sad condition.

  17. missypoo says – reply to this


    This guy really needs to stop talking. Those poor kids, they never had a chance in hell with these two as parents!

  18. Emma xx says – reply to this


    Shes A Skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. STOP ALREADY says – reply to this


    Dina, Dina, Dina why you letting that big mouth, jail bird yank your chain? Do the dignified thing for your children's sakes, please and just leave it alone. He always winds up hanging himself. Let him yap. It shows he got no class. Lady, maybe ya did plenty wrong and maybe ya did some right things as well. Just leave it alone. You chose him as the father of your children. Now deal with it for your kids's sake. Focus on your kids, Dina, and not that low class, good for nothing ex con.

  20. paca says – reply to this


    god damn anyone who would let a RAPIST be around their kids is a serous phucker. i hate that orange bytch, she is worse than NYUGirl with her homo brother

  21. John L. says – reply to this


    No wonder the poor daughter is so messed up. What pathetic parents they are. They should be thankful their daughter got them to this level. Everyone wants to blame Lindsay for all her issues. We look at mom and dad. No wonder Lindsay drinks and uses drugs to escape her reality. Hopefully she will wise up, toss the parents to the curb(tough love baby) and get her life back on track! She is beautiful, smart and yes, I'm going to say it, a good actress. Just dump the baggage Linds!! Your better than that!

  22. L.A. says – reply to this


    And we wonder why Lindsay is so screwed up? Lindsay is MEAL TICKET for that family and nothing more. I feel for Lindsay as she has TWO really screwed up parents that are interested in nothing more than FAME AND FORTUNE… for THEMSELVES! You PATHETIC ASSHOLES! Yes, Dinah…YOU AND MICHAEL!

  23. Lisa says – reply to this


    The Lohan's split up ? when did this happen ? they seem such a lovely, wholesome family.

  24. ratfink says – reply to this


    OK…we all agree that Beyonce's mom is scary looking. But what the hell is with this bitch's face!?! This is scary beyond belief! Like the creepy woman in a horror movie that tries to pull you under the stairs or something. Yikes. Orange Oprah gets my vote for scariest looking parent.

  25. Johnny Popacollar says – reply to this


    Someone needs to tell this woman to shut up. At least tell her to get a lawyer and let them talk for her.

  26. Betty Bitch says – reply to this


    The Lohans - America's most fucked up family. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode when Michael Lohan goes to Time's Square with a bullhorn.

  27. Holliston says – reply to this


    Michael…email me Holliston@zerogossip.com. No commando interviews. Just the truth.

  28. ida says – reply to this



  29. poe says – reply to this


    oh long live long island trash. it must be in the water. but seriously, i don't think anyone needed that interview to be told that dina lohan has a coke problem. she's got the lazy coke eye for crissakes! wake up lady and quit living through your daughter!

  30. PARIS says – reply to this


    FACTS: There are 46 chromosones in the human body. One set of 23 is inherited from the biological mother (from the eggs) and the other set is inherited from the biological father (from the sperm).

    The chromosones govern our physical and medical characteristics such as hair color, blood type and personalities traits.

    In other words, Lindsay is fucked!

  31. Holliston says – reply to this


    Dina…same with you, email me Holliston@zerogossip.com. No commando interviews. Just the truth.

  32. uhhhh says – reply to this


    why does this woman still go by the name lohan? aren't they divorced?
    maybe she's married to lindsay now

  33. kelly says – reply to this


    i hope lindsey never works again, the whole family is trash.

  34. Nicole says – reply to this


    Dina lohan is like a hoover without a power cord…done a lotta suckin but now she's just a bag of dirt…

  35. HANNAH says – reply to this


    she should be going to rehab… not lindsey
    SHE FREAKING CRAZY! (coo-coo)

  36. KurryG says – reply to this


    stay away orders? dont we call that here in america restraining orders??
    stay off the coke there dina love. no child likes to assit their MOMMY dearest with their mental problems they caused themselves for some cheap blow.

  37. Maggie says – reply to this


    I am sure Michael Lohan is telling the truth. Just look at Dina…..she looks like crap! She appears to be ten years older than she really is and she looks like she has an eating disorder. Michael has issues of his own but at least he doesn't pretend to be innocent.

  38. dina says – reply to this


    yeah ithink your both are add -n-retarded….

  39. Jana says – reply to this


    This family makes Nick Carter's family look like the Brady Bunch!

  40. emily says – reply to this


    These people need serious help

  41. ihatemydad says – reply to this


    does it even matter? they are all rich and always will be.

  42. josie says – reply to this


    To the retard that wrote comment #244 it's people like you low sel-esteemed loner's that have no life and find the need to write such hateful things to have even the slightest feeling of superiority that should just curl up and die to rid the world of

    1. Stupidity
    2. Ignorance

    And next time you use a fake name try spelling it right "Za Za"

    Perez their just jealous of your success.

  43. enough said says – reply to this


    The biggest problem with the Loahns is that they are sooooooooooo self-involved! Work out your issues in private.

  44. Diane says – reply to this


    There is always drama in every family but keep your mouth shut. Help your daughter heal and get on with your lives. Tearing each other down is not going to help either of you win. Shut your mouth and take care of your family. No one cares about all this crap unless they want to see you fail. Family first. Shut your mouth.

  45. Robbie Dee says – reply to this


    Hey everybody! Let's all party at the Lohans next Thanksgiving! Seriously…the kid doesn't have a chance. When Lindsay does do her day stint in jail maybe her parents will also be in there and they can have a family love fest! NOT!

  46. su says – reply to this


    thank god she's a cokehead. makes her cashing in almost justified. had she been just prim and sober, the cruelty factor would have grown exponentially.

  47. G says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY, #146 - Serena

    it IS illegal to drink under 21 in New York and California. Jackass - if you are at a party or anywhere and they catch you drinking, you will get arrested. Why do you think there are so many people that get offenses for "underage drinking"


  48. the princess says – reply to this


    not just in america in the whole world.THEY'RE SO FUKING CRAZY!!! shame on theme.

  49. Kat says – reply to this


    what the fuck is a "stay away order?!?!?!?" no way is anything she says legit. haha dumb bitch.

  50. Precious says – reply to this


    El Debarge was arrested..google that.

  51. Ejumacated says – reply to this


    Dina, you freckled old wrinkled, plastic-toothed crackhead: STFU. You are a bottom feeder. When your daughter slips out of your claws you'll be left out in Patchogue or wherever the fuck you live without 2 nickels to rub together and you'll be changing the beds at some no-tell motel along the LIE to pay the bills. Get your own life, stop living vicariously through your drug-addled daughter and get some class, honey.

  52. Lee says – reply to this


    God, these people are so boring. Have you ever noticed how the biggest losers are the most predictable? These Lohans are like clockwork in their idiocy. Fuck 'em and forget 'em.

  53. jegemlin says – reply to this


    I believe it all………..she has been such an ass………. no on has ever come out about her

  54. Dez says – reply to this



  55. Lee says – reply to this


    You're so right, #261 — they're not crazy, they're just boring. Why would anyone give their precious time to their retread drama?

  56. Lindsay Lohan says – reply to this


    Oh Dina, would someone just gas you in the smallest oven available? You are beyond boring.

  57. Katie L. says – reply to this


    I'm no fan of Lindsay Lohan by far but I actually feel sorry for her. Her parents are fucked and return it fucked her up. Lindsay needs some therapy quick and lots of it. Her parents are using her fame as their own and in the end its gonna bite her in the ass. and I thought Britney Spears had problems.

  58. marc says – reply to this


    Logan Noh is my favorite new actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. that_girl says – reply to this


    Kat - she means a restraining order.

  60. Anon says – reply to this


    What is that expression…THOU DOES PROTESTEST TOO MUCH!!!

    Desparate grasping tentacles that need to be blasted by aliend terminators!!!

  61. Rash Manly says – reply to this


    Lindsay’s next movie should be called,

  62. nogakinotsukai says – reply to this


    What fucked up parents. Do they not realize how much of a fool they look like. I mean its one thing when you're an ACTUAL celebrity with acting or musical (public) work on your resume and all the tabloid stories you can look back at say I did something at a time people appreciated me for. There's still a bit of respect for the celebrity regardless of embarassments.
    However, when your a reckless, or leeching parent trying to get that same publicity YOU"RE AN ASSHOLE. I bet if Lindsay stopped letting her mom be manager, Dina will jump to a playboy spread.

  63. ATLEAST8SPONGERS says – reply to this


    Because there were 8 people sponging off Lindsays money! Michael Lohan didnt get one "red cent"!

  64. Logan says – reply to this


    you know i am not a fan of any of them but i do think that DLohan is an awful mother by the why she speaks and the things that she does she like like a partying older lady her up keep is not so good….

  65. pepperoni says – reply to this


    feel sorry for lindsay! somehow i trust what michael said about this fucked up family..

  66. KRAZY KRACKERS says – reply to this



  67. Mother of the Year says – reply to this


    She's lived off Lindsey for 10 years.

    Now that Linds is sucked dry, Dina is working on getting her two younger cash cows into the biz.
    Maybe you should consider having a few more kids right now, Dina. You know…. so by the time their ready to start acting, you'll have a retirement fund.

    You're not a parent. You're a money sucking fame whore. You've turned your children into your annual income.
    Manipulative and exploitative.

  68. yobaby says – reply to this


    hopefully she'll OD soon.

  69. daniel says – reply to this


    fucking media whore! how the fuck does she sleep at night ….oh i know ……something that ends with a …pam….media whore family ….should all rot in helll

  70. lyra_the_greek says – reply to this


    i fully agree with Mother Of The Year!!!!

  71. Miska says – reply to this


    No wonder Lindsay is so fucked. Go snort some more coc Dina…sick of this fucked up crazy family

  72. aran says – reply to this


    LILO GET AWAY FROM YOUR CRAZY PARASITIC PARENTS!!! they are too selfish to CARE FOR YOU!!! RUN RUN and get better be strong you are beautiful you don't need them anymore just find good and strong people who really care about you xoxoxoxox

  73. Zulusssssssssss says – reply to this


    Dina looks 65. My God, she's aging terribly. Give her some Kinerase and a jug of water. Every day, twice a day, starting now, now now NOW!

  74. Curious in Connecticut says – reply to this


    Is it just me or is DINA's nose getting smaller and smaller….
    Coke nose?
    Bad repetitive plastic surgery?
    Coke Nose?

  75. Jilli says – reply to this


    This whole family is so nasty. I'll bet the dad is waiting around untill he can hook up with another women in hollywood, that happens to have money.
    Whats with this new trend in hollywood leaching nasty families, reminds me of the Jessica Simpson and her family. I will be glad when this trend vanish.

  76. Juice says – reply to this


    What kind of family airs their dirty laundry to the world by speaking to VH1. They really need to keep their private life PRIVATE… but that wouldn't be as much fun!

  77. bitchi says – reply to this


    Fuck she is one ugly chipmunk toothed bitch, she looks like woody from the bay city rollers lmao.

  78. KHill says – reply to this



  79. Mercedes says – reply to this


    The way the convo went.. it seems to me that Dina isnt the only one on cocaine..

  80. Shorty_girl says – reply to this


    If she really wants to clear her name she should go get blood tests done right now to prove he's lying.
    But I'm sure she doesn't have enough balls to do it!
    No wonder Lindsay's out of control I mean who ends up okay with those kind of parents!

  81. tzzs says – reply to this


    Dina has chipmunk cheeks like a bulimic….

  82. The Bel says – reply to this


    coke is a fake drug, thats makes u believe yer losing weight.

  83. hillary says – reply to this


    these people need to get a grip, i mean seriously they are all doing a good job at showing america how trailor parkish they really are…and the parents, WOW they have done a good job at fucking their children up..what an "all american family" lol

  84. coreng says – reply to this


    coke whore just like her fucked up HAS BEEN daughter

  85. Erika says – reply to this


    "criminal stay away orders" WTF? She's a moron!

  86. Jay says – reply to this


    I am SO on Michael's side on this one. Dina is a money- and fame-hungry whore who is jealous of her own daughter's success. As an Orange County, CA native I can tell you that the "single-mommies-club" in southern CA is SICK. These women - although 45 and dilapidated - want to be 21, and want to sleep around, party all the time and shun all responsibility. Dina Lohan is the worst mother I have ever heard of in my life and I hope Lindsay accepts that her mother has made some SERIOUS mistakes. At least her Dad admits his and is trying to make them better…

  87. jESS says – reply to this


    jeez, no wonder lindsay is all fucked up, look at her mother!!!!!! the saying is true kids are a reflection of the parents………. YIKES i love lindsay i think shes just a victim

  88. Princess says – reply to this


    THAT'S IT?? That's ALL she has to say about all the negative allegations against her?? Well, then Michel Lohan MUST be telling the truth about her!

  89. PeachPie says – reply to this


    She's a pimp. Plain and simple.

    While Lindsey is facing jail time, mom the "manager" (ie, PIMP living off her daughter at the cost of Lindsey's sanity) is forging ahead with a reality show about getting her NEXT TWO kids into show biz.

    Dina Lohan isn't a mother. She isn't a manager. YOU'RE A PIMP. And she'll never stop. Regardless of the human cost to her kids.

  90. Brangelina_has_AIDS says – reply to this


    That is one ugly fucking hag. The bitch needs to lay off the Botox.

  91. Tig says – reply to this


    I'd like to tap both them @$$E$

  92. MILF FAN says – reply to this


    Damn id sure love to hit that MILF, why cant i meet trashy women like that. Oh wait i do, college campus are full of low self respecting women, heck now that i think about it, why cant i meet a girl with some self respect

  93. kerri says – reply to this


    We dont know the truth ,but let me say this, WE DO know dina is poisoning the minds of her children, her younger ones are so impressionable and im sure because dina has them full time they idolize there mother and she has the power to put whatever she wants in their brains, again whatever the truth is is besides the point, these kids NEED to have their dad in their lives, if they think he is after money so dont give him any but for gods sake they need to have their dad i guarentee these kids will have big issues when they grow up because of what their mother is force feeding them about the dad. Dina put your bitterness and greed aside to show you care for your kids, because one day they will judge you, and it wont be pretty.

  94. lynn says – reply to this


    Stop fighting Micheal let him see his kids, you scanky money hungry drunken cocaine dick sucking fucking bitch

  95. chris says – reply to this


    long live long island. PUKE

  96. Bob says – reply to this


    I want to worship Dina Lohan.

  97. Zophop says – reply to this


    dear fucking jesus joke life i fucking love these gurls. i swear there a hot mess but i would suck about 20 dicks to have there life.

  98. Leanna says – reply to this


    It's honestly hilarious what a joke the whole family is.
    FIRECROTCH! Lindsay, stop being such an attention whore.

  99. chocolate says – reply to this


    TYPICAL White parent…can't control her fire croch child and She does coke with her…Parent of the Year!!!!

  100. Logan says – reply to this


    She looks like Michael Jackson in this picture, HA!

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