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Lindsay's Father Drops Some Bombs!

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Our exclusive interview with Michael Lohan is soooooooooooo explosive.

It's going to rock your world!

He makes damning allegations against Dina, including calling her a cocaine addict, and so much more.

CLICK HERE to read Perez Hilton's exclusive chat with Lindsay's dad.

It's a must-read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perez Hilton: Hello? Hello?

Michael Lohan: Hi, it’s Michael Lohan calling.

PH: Hey, how are you?

ML: Ok, listen, I just want to say, that you know, I realize that until cross certain legal boundaries, no one can prevent you from just propagating the conjecture and the rumors that are out there. But let me tell you this about the latest comments of you just reported about me going out to see Lindsay.

PH: Yes.

ML: I have more than enough proof to prove otherwise, because Dina is doing everything possible to try and prevent me from seeing Lindsay and my kids, and believe me, this is going to wind up back in court if I don’t see my kids and the truth is gonna to come out. Ok, because she’s even going so far as to try and, I’m not even going to say what she’s trying to do. But everything out of this woman’s mouth is a lie. She uses other people to say things and do things. She tells the court, the public, and her lawyers, and my lawyers one thing and does the exact opposite behind the scenes. She had nothing to do with anything, any negotiations that we had….. she’d do everything but.

Secondly, part of my whole agreement in court was for me to see my kids, which she has prevented me from doing.

All she is, is deceptive and full of lies, and that’s the bottom line, and I think the people are so on to see that now, they better go have their eyes checked.

PH: Can I quote you on this?

ML: Quote me!

PH: Goodness. So, are you seeing Lindsay, or you’re not going to go see her?

ML: Let me put it this way, as I’ve said from the very beginning, any of my communication - and please quote me on this - any of my communication or contact with Lindsay is between Lindsay and me. I’ve stated that and I’ve kept my word. On the other hand, Dina is the one who contacted The New York Post today and said I was seeing Lindsay.

PH: Well, you know, it’s not the worst item in the world.

ML: No, but if I’m keeping quiet about my contact and communication with Lindsay, by Dina going out there and saying that, that sort of hurts everything I’m trying to accomplish, doesn’t it? I mean, you’re an intelligent guy, doesn’t that make sense to you?

PH: Potentially, but if you have some sort of agreement with the courts and she’s trying to intervene with that, then that seems illegal to me.

ML: Well, of course, and that’s why it would have to go back to court because Dina doesn’t live up to what she’s saying about promoting my relationship with my kids. Then it’d have to go back to court.

PH: Well, good to know and I’ll go ahead and put something up on this then.

ML: Well, let me ask you something.

PH: Yes.

ML: Doesn’t it make sense to you that in order Lindsay and my children to move ahead in their lives and use the blessings that have been given to them, don’t you think that it would only be right that any issues be addressed because otherwise it’s a ball and chain? It pulls you back.

PH: Yea, if they want to be. I mean, obviously it’s a different situation with your kids that are minors, but Michael and Lindsay are both adults, so you can’t force them to see you.

ML: Of course not, and that’s my point, that’s my point. My point is that while the little ones are being held back, you can’t hold the bigger ones back, but at the same time, the only way to do that, is by putting me down with something in their heads, so Lindsay wouldn’t want to see me. So I guess time will tell what that truth is right?

PH: Right.

ML: Yea, we sow what we reap, my friend.

PH: Well, well…

ML: I’m sorry, we actually, whatever we sow, we're going to reap is what I meant. My life is just getting more and more fruitful and you can tell the quality of a person by what is being produced.

PH: Well I hope maybe hopefully you’ll be able to resolve things without going to court.

ML: You know what, that’s been my hope the whole time. This is about being good parents to the kids, not about Dina and I. But she still continues to make an issue between me and her. You don’t see me having some degenerate boyfriend around my kids, I don’t have anyone around our kids, but she has this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy’s a drunk, he’s a rapist, he’s a piece of garbage hanging around my children.

PH: Wow, uhm…

ML: Yea, and there’s plenty of proof. Look at her bodyguards. As soon as I had an investigation done on their backgrounds, I found out that they were New York city police officers that were thrown off for ticket scam, and then one of the brothers found out that uhm, found out that his employer, he once worked for a pharmaceutical company, was driving the CEO around and he found out the CEO had settled a sexual harassment case years ago, so he goes and sues the employer for sexual harassment himself.

Dina's brother Paul Sullivan is getting sentenced for 9/11 fraud. Her other brother is still living at the basement of her mother's house at 45 years old! You want to talk about backgrounds, look at her family background and look at mine. Look at where my family is. CEOs of companies. Partners of some of the biggest brokerage firms of the country. And look at the other side of the coin.

You want to see letters from people who have known us for 25 years? To see what a good father I was? How I was there for my kids, how I supported them in every way possible. I’ll give you 45 of them. And then you go and call everyone one of these people, including DAs, one from LA. And the one from LA will tell you that Lindsay had a stalker at one time and Dina didn’t want to do anything about the stalker because she said it would be negative press for Lindsay. But worked hard and nailed him.

What comes first, the money or Lindsay’s welfare. I put welfare first, Dina put a price tag on that. I’ve never taken one red cent from Lindsay. Dina still collects from her percentage [as Lindsay's manager] $354,000 a year from her in salary. What do you have to say about that?

PH: I’d have to say that you know, I’m sure neither parent is perfect, and….

ML: Did I say I was perfect?

PH: No, no….

ML: Ok, did Dina ever come forward and say that she’s wrong for doing anything. No,huh?

PH: Hey, I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, trust me.

ML: What’s that?

PH: I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, you know, I’ve said before I think she’s…..

ML: I’ll give you a tape - a video confession - of someone who came up to me and said, 'Michael, I know for a fact that Dina does cocaine because I delivered it to the house to her.' That’s recently, about six months ago, how’s that?

PH: There’s been that speculation.

ML: I know its your job and its your vocation to report things that happen in the celebrity community but in doing so we have to be really really careful since what you record affects many many lives. You know, Dina’s had six DUIs, has had car crashes and left the scene, had someone else pick up and drive, but you know what it all catches up. I can prove it, Nothing I've ever said has EVER been proven to be a lie.

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1013 comments to “Lindsay's Father Drops Some Bombs!”

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  1. Shari says – reply to this


    I wonder if there's any truth to what Michael said about Dina's DUI's … hmm. No wonder Lindsay's the way she is, poor thing.

  2. reality-check says – reply to this


    920th BITCHES

  3. PerezaSucks says – reply to this


    Dina is a nasy ho trying to live through her daughter because she is old and used up. She is a coke head (can be proven obviously, lol) and she is bring her daughter down with her.

    YOU GO Mr . Lohan! Let is all out, WITH PROOF, to end this nonsense!!!!!

  4. marcus says – reply to this


    All this is is who can air the most dirty laundry and we all contribute by still caring what goes on in these peoples lives. We should all get a clue and that is about life we all have one but we want to be rapped up in everyone's but are own. What makes this situation so bad is people look up to the Lohan's and the other drug abusers of HollyWood. Please let's do America a favor and stop worshipping celebs and start living our own lives while actually contributing to society. Criticize my spelling all you want but you can't avoid the truth.

  5. sng says – reply to this


    baby girl needs to move far far away from her parents…srsly - i'd prob be a coke head too if i had to deal with them

  6. Z says – reply to this



  7. Juliebean says – reply to this


    Wow…. You know, at first I thought that HE was the creep in this f#@ked up family, but now I'm starting to think it's the mother. I would not be suprised at all if everything that he said about her, doing cocaine, getting DUI's and getting into car crashes and then leaving the scene wasn't true - I mean, look at what Lindsay's doing!!! The apple sure as hell doesn't fall far from that family tree, now does it?

  8. Lilliana says – reply to this


    Poor kids. All this drama. Dina does look like a crack whore though.

  9. Joanne says – reply to this



  10. morgan says – reply to this


    Seriously, this is what is wrong with America. Theres a talented young girl with a dysfunctional family and a problem with addiction. And some of you are commenting on her weight in the picture! Sickening, really. What do you care about her weight? I know it's great to look at celebrities and aspire to their "perfection," but I promise, there is more to life than that. Ridiculous…

  11. GABY says – reply to this


    dina lohan is fuckin scank…..

  12. Spactator says – reply to this


    WOW…I mean..WOW..

    Poor kid. If I had parents like this I'd probably be high and drunk all the time too!

  13. GABY says – reply to this



  14. Lenna says – reply to this


    I believe him. Dina is a slut and the worst mom ever. She just wants to be in the spotlight all the time, no matter how. She'd die for being Lindsay, not just her mom. She'd just try to do some cheap porn instead.
    I can't wait to see all that proofs that Michael says…

  15. BJB says – reply to this


    Perez did you cream yourself from all the excitement when you got this call?

  16. juliana says – reply to this


    I'm confused, is going on record about staying out of it, staying out of it, or is it staying in it by saying you're staying out of it. Is my question more or less confusing than this whole situation?

  17. 8ball says – reply to this


    i do belive dina lohan is a coke head but im not sure i trust his intentions

  18. the Bel says – reply to this


    this whole family is whacked
    lindsay is a pathetic person
    who is making the same mistakes
    her mom is, ONLY out in public
    while her mom prolly snifffs the
    coke offf toliet seats…….

    baby whered you get yer weirdnessss from?

  19. b says – reply to this


    I somewhat believe him! The mom always gave me a shady vibe.

  20. Cass says – reply to this




  21. maaaaam says – reply to this


    i'm not a fan of michael's history, but he's right in saying he has been there for her. i realize he's had a history with drugs and jail and all of that, but i remember about 6 years ago, before all this was a big issue, I was looking on Lindsay's website (way before she was uber famous) and fans could comment her page. one of the comments was from her dad, saying something like "no one knows how hard lindsay works and she deserves the best" (something to that effect)…lindsay commented back with a comment saying something like "thanks dad i love you!") that just goes to show you that even though he's made mistakes, he always cared for lindsay. but dina's just a douche.

  22. d@rciE says – reply to this


    Is he drunk???

  23. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Those poor kids….how can they ever be normal with all of that drama between the parents?

  24. u says – reply to this


    FIRE FIRe i Love This Guy.. Seriously,.Dina is a bitch.. we all knew that and we hated micahel aswell.. but the poor guy has no choice but to go to all these magazines and take his anger out and frustration.. he shud definately see his kids..

  25. bidz says – reply to this


    perez! where are your sheets?! lol that room is so empty!!!!!!!!

  26. chicago says – reply to this


    Lindsay is an adult. No court in the world dictates how often a parent sees or communicates with his/her (legally) adult child. What BS. See her, don't see her; talk to her, don't talk to her. It's his decision and has nothing to do with the ex.

  27. Susie says – reply to this


    None of her parent is perfect, but it might just be that he is telling the truth for once? It might look as he is desperate for attention, but it might be that he is just desperately trying to reach out to his children. If I were ever to be cut completely out of my children’s life I would do anything possible to get my children back or at least get their attention so that they could hear my side of the story. If I could use the media like he is, when I can't reach them other vice, I would use it for all it's worth! Maybe he is doing the same? But backstabbing their mother is not the way to go. They probably love and look up to their mother and then their anger towards him will just grow. I do not understand why she is keeping him away. What has he done to her? I do not know their story. If anyone could tell me, I would like to know. I really feel sorry for the whole Lohan family. It is just sad. I hope I never get famous ☺

  28. Ciji says – reply to this


    Damn Perez! THis is some seriously gutter info. I've never liked Dina Lohan and always thought she was getting off scott free. It's good to see that I have her downfall to look forward to soon. Someone needs to expose this crackhead mom!

  29. Karla says – reply to this


    Wow I didn't recognize Lindsay in that picture. I feel sorry for her being in the middle of all this; but I mean, he seems honest, and I believe him about the cocaine and her seeing Lindsay as a mere object that gives her money. Lindsay stay away from your mom!!!!!!!!!

  30. robbie says – reply to this


    uhmm, how much do you love the lohans!!!..PLEASE keep it coming.!

  31. Tracy says – reply to this


    Wow, you can take the family out of Long Island but you can't take the Long Island out of the family… This is just tragic. Fame always has a price tag, for a Mom-ager especially.

  32. Esther says – reply to this


    I am so sorry that she had to deal with a douche for a father and a mother. I can appreciate hi honesty and wanting to set the record straight, but dude, come on, stop talking!!!

  33. Alli says – reply to this


    I think that's her sister

  34. Nicole says – reply to this


    GREAT, finally someone who tells the truth! loves it. and i dont care how violent he supposedly is.

  35. lucky lady says – reply to this


    You know all I got from that is Lindsay's parents are total fuck up immature people that don't deserve children. How childish for him to point the finger instead of saying I'm a bad father but I am trying at least!

  36. Sharon says – reply to this


    The guy is a jerk, a the scum of the land. If I was a part of that family I would have him no where near me. If he was on the straight and narrow he wouldn't be discussing his family or ex wife like that. He is the one after money. Look at his past. The man is no good.

  37. amanda says – reply to this


    This is the Biggest load of White Trash bullshit I have ever read. Grow the Fuck Up. No wonder why Linds is so fucked up. Her parents need to be placed into a mental institution. Way to go Mom and Dad, You're forever the reason why your daughter is crackwhore fuckedup! Congrats!

  38. brittany says – reply to this


    it looks like daddy wants his kiddies back..tell the coc addicit to go back to the trailer park :)

  39. Angie says – reply to this


    Can someone PLEASE adopt Lindsay and the other two Lohan kids and give them a sane upbringing?!

  40. ana freitas says – reply to this


    woww . im stunned so much anger but who cares not me every family has problems why should they be special .
    i dont care i have my problems to think about

  41. Gilly says – reply to this


    How cool is the guitar linds has in the photo??… go the james burton tele..

  42. tracy says – reply to this


    poor lindsay. no wonder she's so screwed up.

  43. jazzper says – reply to this


    You can't take these charges too seriously. They are in a bitter court fight. Things are out of hand!

  44. Miles DeNiro says – reply to this


    he used to call me all the time..and ask me random questions…if you ask me the man is on drugs himself.

  45. nb says – reply to this


    this whole family is off thier rocker

  46. LongIslandNative says – reply to this


    Everything he says is true about Dina, it's a known fact about the cocaine and the weight loss for the mom-daughter team. It's also a known fact that Dina doesn't even think Lindsay has a drug problem becuase to her it's normal to use it socially and casually. I've known them through 2 separate sources and they both report the same stuff.

  47. Nancy Angeles says – reply to this


    That guy sounds like my lying sack of shit ex-bf that I had to get a restraining order against. People who say they don't lie are usually lying.

  48. Drew says – reply to this


    Im not even sure how to comment on all that… But I do think that Michael made mistakes and I think that Dina is making them NOW! Oh my oh my oh my!

  49. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Wow! He shouldn't say dat about his children's mom no matter what..da kids will find out dat Daddy hates Mommy..not cool

  50. sherrymurph says – reply to this


    Mr Lohan needs a beer and chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Too much bitching from his side of the tracks—-Dad is guilty of all!!Other Lohans keep thier mouths shut untill provoked.I now belive Lins' problems are because she was afraid of what would happen after dear old dad got out of the joint!But then again———-Lins is fighting who to belive.Dad needs to go away-Mom needs rehab!No wonder she's a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. South Philly Nicole says – reply to this



  52. cindy says – reply to this


    i cant wait to see the real truth come out……..These are the days of our lives

  53. Sarah says – reply to this


    I say Lindsay takes the money she pays her mother (still dont get that ..shes the daughter here) anyways take the money she pays her mother and buy herself some new parents

  54. DINA LOHAN says – reply to this


    Ýou can quote me Perez, "Mike is weasling, conniving and manipulative sack of shit. The kids don't see him because THEY DON'T WANT TO. You made your bed now lie in it. It's pathetic that you have stooped so low as to contact an insignificant little blogger like PH to rant, Mike. You define low-end and you are a complete loser and the kids want NO!!! part of you. All the head games you played with them over the years; the mental and physical abuse we all endured made us detest you. Currently we are investigating you for sexual abuse as well. You'd better get youself a damn good lawyer!!!


    My fans are encouraged to write to me as often as they like. Thank you for all your support!

  55. kate says – reply to this


    i think that those dina lohan should a) change her first name to diane or diana or anything thats not dina and b) should give up her kids and go to rehab and get some INTENSE help!!!!

  56. rast says – reply to this


    now you know why lindsay have a problem..her parents are sickoooo

  57. Sunshine! says – reply to this


    Hmm.. I can see how he would be how he is being. I can see how her mother would be a user and abuser and convince Lindsay that her father is bad, but she is old enough to make her own decisions.
    That sounds like my crazy ass family! LOL.. now that's America for you.

  58. ALF says – reply to this


    Go dina, Go lindsay,go paris, go britney, even go Nicole Ritchie,Lindsay if you have spend 83 minutes in lockup, cell time will probably be like 35 minutes, relax, take time to smell the roses, don't sweat the small stuff and as phil jackson and bruce lee said, use your zen, the NEXT JULIA ROBERTS……..Americas SWEETHEART…………….Lindsay Lohan!!!!!!!!

  59. karen says – reply to this


    i love that you call these fame-seeking whores on their bull-s–t–you rock–please keep doing what u r doing–i am so happy that you are doing well–i have so many friends like u and i am so happy there is somebody out there who is making fun of the bull-s–t hollywood game

  60. nichy says – reply to this


    i think it's ridiculous that we are even caring about these people anymore. i mean i get how comedic they are, don't get me wrong. anytime i hear anything about them i laugh because they are so disfunctional, but what happened to the girls that used to inspire us? maybe this will be the edn of lindsey and the world will be a better place

  61. fae says – reply to this


    poor lilo she is going to be soo messed up if her parents keep acting this way
    it truly is entertainment for me all this starlet drama but for her sake i hope she can pull it together

  62. Donna says – reply to this


    No wonder the poor girl has problems with parents like that! Leave her alone and let her get a life!

  63. tom says – reply to this


    never been proven to be a lie… is he a lawyer? He words some of these sentences very methodically…

  64. zibbyz says – reply to this


    whoo hooo - great interview. hope it gets all sorted out. i have to say that dina does seem like a bit of a leech. not really a mother, more like a desperate coat-tail hanger-on-er

  65. amy says – reply to this


    She is a fat ass

  66. Kathy says – reply to this


    Ewww that's UGLY. No wonder Lindsay is so screwed up, it's actually really sad. He's an idiot and her mother is a cokehead. Great! She needs to make a clean break from that family. Fire her Mom and get a real manager and grow up and be an intelligent, somewhat respectable, (hopefully) woman. I have a little hope that she's smart enough to do that.

  67. Nichole says – reply to this


    Well, that was harsh. Its hard to believe her mother would do drugs with her. From what I've seen and heard, I sure don't want to be famous. Their lives are really messed up.

  68. chanty says – reply to this


    I can't believe you people…thinking Lindsay looks fat…no wonder girls feel the enormous pressure to starve themselves to be thin. She does not look fat, she looks healthy and non skeletal! Jesus people…

  69. MISS MARIE says – reply to this



  70. jasmine says – reply to this


    are you sure that he is her father??? both parents got brown eyes…

  71. Christina says – reply to this


    According to this confessional, Lindsay learned how to party from her momma. And we wonder why she's a trainwreck…she get it from her momma!

  72. tila says – reply to this


    Bottom line is both of these parents are screwed up and blaming each other for how they have screwed up their daughter. It's not Lindsay's fault she was born to parents with addictive behavior and a mother that is greedy as shit. It's so obvious that Dina is trying to live through Lindsay and in the process she has screwed up Lindsay terribly. I feel for their children I really do because Dina is just as screwed up as Michael and these kids are the way they are because of the parents that they have. Michael needs to learn how to shut his mouth just as much as Dina does.

  73. LIZZIE W. says – reply to this


    DAMN! As sad as this whole saga has been for LL and her siblings, I have to say that I really believe this guy. He sounds pissed, frustrated and a little high, but I still believe him. All the time he was in lock up, Dina was raising the kids and they still wind up fucked. So who's really the loser parent?
    A blind man can see that bitch is all about those benjamins. She doesn't give a damn that she fucked LL up, she's just embarassed b/c her little gravy train has ran out. She's probably going to try and pimp out the younger kids like she did LL, but hopefully, ML will keep her ass in court and constantly watched that she won't have a chance to profit off the other kids and fuck them up, too! The guy may not be an angel, but his ex-wife don't deserve a halo either.

  74. emilie says – reply to this


    i think he just likes to hear himself talk…i mean, he pretty much said nothing this entire interview. was he intoxicated himself at the time of this interview? or is he just retarded?

  75. Lauren says – reply to this


    obviously this guy is warped, although no one can say hes gone off the deep end as much as dina. hes definatly crazy but he looks like hes just fed up being portrayed at the bad guy while dina is even more fucked up than he is. poor poor crazy lindsay never had a chance in hell. social services should do the younger ones a favor and take them outta her custody altogether…foser care is better than dina lohan

  76. Lauren says – reply to this


    obviously this guy is warped, although no one can say hes gone off the deep end as much as dina. hes definatly crazy but he looks like hes just fed up being portrayed at the bad guy while dina is even more fucked up than he is. poor poor crazy lindsay never had a chance in hell. social services should do the younger ones a favor and take them outta her custody altogether…foser care is better than dina lohan….and we all thought britney was crazy!!!

  77. nika says – reply to this


    This guy is clearly lying about something because he just keeps jumping around from topic to topic like he wants to hurt Dina Lohan…If you ask me he is the one making mistakes with Lindsay. And if Dina Lohan did do cocaine, didn't Micheal Lohan just shoot himself in the foot by saying that he delivered it to her?Clearly he is lying and hasn't completely thought through the way he is going to bash Dina Lohan.

  78. dOTTIE says – reply to this




  79. Lisa says – reply to this


    Ha ha ha OMG talk about DISfuncitonal!! now all we need for him to do is to pull a family massacre yeee!

  80. Amanda! says – reply to this


    well, i see that everyone likes to bash on both of them and i'm not going to continue along with the others and do the same.
    every family has there problems and the limelight of hollywood just makes it worse. everyone has f*ed up along the way somewhere, and like ml said… "he never said he was perfect either". he's just a man trying not to seem like the duche to the rest of the world that everyone thinks he is. it seems to me that both parents have problems and neither should have expressed how immature they are by spreading "lies" or the "truth" about one-another.
    the rest of the population has NO reason to judge them. none of us know them personally, and I just wish that Lindsey didn't get caught up in this mess. It's a shame because she's not that bad of an actress, At least until her most recent movie, horrible movie, where all of these things in her personal life seemed to be going on.
    so seriously people, shut up about your opinions on "who cares about this messed up, crazy family" because if you didn't care… you wouldn't have read this great conversation…

    thanks perez!

  81. navia says – reply to this


    wow!! this is crazy!! i feel so sorry for the lohans…all that money and fame they have just brought all this drama to them. lindsay is a drunk/druggie/whore before she even turned 21, her moms a crack whore that lives off her daughters money, and her dad is just trying to make himself look good after getting out of prison..crazy!! but we love it!!! ha,ha…keep going lohans!! this is just the beginning!!

  82. Grey says – reply to this


    Her mother looks like a freak from the South. (No offense to any normal Southerner, of course.)
    Lohan's an adult, she ought to get herself her a new manager, 'coz this one's nothing but bad news.

  83. Sawana says – reply to this


    OK so… does he really think that by saying all this Lindsay is just going to come running into his arms saying "you're right dad, you've been right ALL along, I love you and I hate my mom" Um… my guess is NO. If my father was completely slandering my mother KNOWING it would be published REGARDLESS of truth or not - I don't know how I could forgive him. I don't know how I could forgive EITHER of them. All I gotta say is these two need to figure it out amongst themselves, let Linds heal like she TRULY needs to, or else she's never going to get better.

  84. Melissa says – reply to this


    God damn look at those thighs!!

  85. holly says – reply to this


    hahahaha.. the lohans should just disappear! make the world a better place

  86. Rachel says – reply to this


    And that, my friends, is the pre-cocaine look for the lindsaytart.

  87. Shannon says – reply to this


    And people wonder why Lindsay is the way she is. Look at her role models!!! They're more worried about fighting amongst themselves instead of rallying together to help their very sick daughter. Some people should not be allowed to have kids…

  88. t0RIA:) says – reply to this


    ohmy, that guy is cRazy ;p

  89. HECTORALUS!!! says – reply to this



  90. Char says – reply to this


    I'm glad they're not MY parents! :O

  91. n-funk says – reply to this


    Lol pathetic publicity stunt, Michael and Dina Lohan are TWO BIG pieces of dump! Lindsey might still have a chance, but w/ parents like this, all we can do is pray for her….

  92. Sara says – reply to this


    Wow… I'd be upset if that was my father. Lindsay's mom is doing the right thing by not letting Lindsay see him, he is probably going to tell the press all of the family problems…ECT just to become "Famous." He might me making this up, but you never know, you can't always trust the Lohans.

  93. Jane says – reply to this


    Do u believe him?????????? Well, fuck that!

  94. Myself says – reply to this


    i grew up in the same situation where my dad ex wife was bad mouthing my dad to my other brothers and sister. they found out that my dad was a great father and their mother was a lying sack of shit. now, i believe that dina is a lying sack of shit and micheal is trying to fix things between him and his kids! he does have that right

  95. Naomi Bitches says – reply to this


    Lindsay is a coke head bitch!!! Shes trashy…but look were she gets it! One look at her mom and you would know shes a coke head!!

  96. jessica says – reply to this


    the last time the family was photographed together was back when lindsay was still fat as a cow, huh?

  97. tobi says – reply to this



  98. asherz says – reply to this


    OMGizzle! This family def puts the fun in dysfunction!!!This wackadoodle needs to stfu and ditto to her mom. No wonder fire crotch has the issues she has! Her parents need to be committed! Cra cra crazy!

  99. mothafucking WOW says – reply to this


    Haven't these people learned not to air their dirty laundry in public. shit!

  100. Sumone says – reply to this


    thats sad her mom is ruining Lindsays life!!!!! PETHETIC

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