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Lindsay's Father Drops Some Bombs!

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Our exclusive interview with Michael Lohan is soooooooooooo explosive.

It's going to rock your world!

He makes damning allegations against Dina, including calling her a cocaine addict, and so much more.

CLICK HERE to read Perez Hilton's exclusive chat with Lindsay's dad.

It's a must-read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perez Hilton: Hello? Hello?

Michael Lohan: Hi, it’s Michael Lohan calling.

PH: Hey, how are you?

ML: Ok, listen, I just want to say, that you know, I realize that until cross certain legal boundaries, no one can prevent you from just propagating the conjecture and the rumors that are out there. But let me tell you this about the latest comments of you just reported about me going out to see Lindsay.

PH: Yes.

ML: I have more than enough proof to prove otherwise, because Dina is doing everything possible to try and prevent me from seeing Lindsay and my kids, and believe me, this is going to wind up back in court if I don’t see my kids and the truth is gonna to come out. Ok, because she’s even going so far as to try and, I’m not even going to say what she’s trying to do. But everything out of this woman’s mouth is a lie. She uses other people to say things and do things. She tells the court, the public, and her lawyers, and my lawyers one thing and does the exact opposite behind the scenes. She had nothing to do with anything, any negotiations that we had….. she’d do everything but.

Secondly, part of my whole agreement in court was for me to see my kids, which she has prevented me from doing.

All she is, is deceptive and full of lies, and that’s the bottom line, and I think the people are so on to see that now, they better go have their eyes checked.

PH: Can I quote you on this?

ML: Quote me!

PH: Goodness. So, are you seeing Lindsay, or you’re not going to go see her?

ML: Let me put it this way, as I’ve said from the very beginning, any of my communication - and please quote me on this - any of my communication or contact with Lindsay is between Lindsay and me. I’ve stated that and I’ve kept my word. On the other hand, Dina is the one who contacted The New York Post today and said I was seeing Lindsay.

PH: Well, you know, it’s not the worst item in the world.

ML: No, but if I’m keeping quiet about my contact and communication with Lindsay, by Dina going out there and saying that, that sort of hurts everything I’m trying to accomplish, doesn’t it? I mean, you’re an intelligent guy, doesn’t that make sense to you?

PH: Potentially, but if you have some sort of agreement with the courts and she’s trying to intervene with that, then that seems illegal to me.

ML: Well, of course, and that’s why it would have to go back to court because Dina doesn’t live up to what she’s saying about promoting my relationship with my kids. Then it’d have to go back to court.

PH: Well, good to know and I’ll go ahead and put something up on this then.

ML: Well, let me ask you something.

PH: Yes.

ML: Doesn’t it make sense to you that in order Lindsay and my children to move ahead in their lives and use the blessings that have been given to them, don’t you think that it would only be right that any issues be addressed because otherwise it’s a ball and chain? It pulls you back.

PH: Yea, if they want to be. I mean, obviously it’s a different situation with your kids that are minors, but Michael and Lindsay are both adults, so you can’t force them to see you.

ML: Of course not, and that’s my point, that’s my point. My point is that while the little ones are being held back, you can’t hold the bigger ones back, but at the same time, the only way to do that, is by putting me down with something in their heads, so Lindsay wouldn’t want to see me. So I guess time will tell what that truth is right?

PH: Right.

ML: Yea, we sow what we reap, my friend.

PH: Well, well…

ML: I’m sorry, we actually, whatever we sow, we're going to reap is what I meant. My life is just getting more and more fruitful and you can tell the quality of a person by what is being produced.

PH: Well I hope maybe hopefully you’ll be able to resolve things without going to court.

ML: You know what, that’s been my hope the whole time. This is about being good parents to the kids, not about Dina and I. But she still continues to make an issue between me and her. You don’t see me having some degenerate boyfriend around my kids, I don’t have anyone around our kids, but she has this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy’s a drunk, he’s a rapist, he’s a piece of garbage hanging around my children.

PH: Wow, uhm…

ML: Yea, and there’s plenty of proof. Look at her bodyguards. As soon as I had an investigation done on their backgrounds, I found out that they were New York city police officers that were thrown off for ticket scam, and then one of the brothers found out that uhm, found out that his employer, he once worked for a pharmaceutical company, was driving the CEO around and he found out the CEO had settled a sexual harassment case years ago, so he goes and sues the employer for sexual harassment himself.

Dina's brother Paul Sullivan is getting sentenced for 9/11 fraud. Her other brother is still living at the basement of her mother's house at 45 years old! You want to talk about backgrounds, look at her family background and look at mine. Look at where my family is. CEOs of companies. Partners of some of the biggest brokerage firms of the country. And look at the other side of the coin.

You want to see letters from people who have known us for 25 years? To see what a good father I was? How I was there for my kids, how I supported them in every way possible. I’ll give you 45 of them. And then you go and call everyone one of these people, including DAs, one from LA. And the one from LA will tell you that Lindsay had a stalker at one time and Dina didn’t want to do anything about the stalker because she said it would be negative press for Lindsay. But worked hard and nailed him.

What comes first, the money or Lindsay’s welfare. I put welfare first, Dina put a price tag on that. I’ve never taken one red cent from Lindsay. Dina still collects from her percentage [as Lindsay's manager] $354,000 a year from her in salary. What do you have to say about that?

PH: I’d have to say that you know, I’m sure neither parent is perfect, and….

ML: Did I say I was perfect?

PH: No, no….

ML: Ok, did Dina ever come forward and say that she’s wrong for doing anything. No,huh?

PH: Hey, I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, trust me.

ML: What’s that?

PH: I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, you know, I’ve said before I think she’s…..

ML: I’ll give you a tape - a video confession - of someone who came up to me and said, 'Michael, I know for a fact that Dina does cocaine because I delivered it to the house to her.' That’s recently, about six months ago, how’s that?

PH: There’s been that speculation.

ML: I know its your job and its your vocation to report things that happen in the celebrity community but in doing so we have to be really really careful since what you record affects many many lives. You know, Dina’s had six DUIs, has had car crashes and left the scene, had someone else pick up and drive, but you know what it all catches up. I can prove it, Nothing I've ever said has EVER been proven to be a lie.

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1013 comments to “Lindsay's Father Drops Some Bombs!”

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  1. lilo says – reply to this


    Ugh, Sad Michael you are a sadddddddddd example of hollywood parents.

  2. chachifach says – reply to this


    Thought this guy found God. Didn't they tell him God don't like ugly?

  3. jeff says – reply to this


    Who the hell is in this picture? That is not lindsay

  4. me says – reply to this



  5. Nick says – reply to this


    "#122 - frank the tank says:



    Anyhow, he says this as if any of it is shocking. I mean…everyone knows Dina Lohan is even worse than Lindsay.

  6. Emma says – reply to this


    holy shit. these people have some severe problems. lindsey needs to get out from underneath these two people. God Damn thats all i have to say!!!

  7. mummy says – reply to this


    This guy is off his rocker just as much as Dina

  8. jenniferz says – reply to this


    This man is tee'd off at that winch of an xwife!!
    love to see him fired up about that skanky woman keeping him from the kids
    i know he's no angle but Dina is just trash beyond trash

  9. kELLY says – reply to this



  10. becs says – reply to this


    good stuff… it's all speculation until he releases this "proof"- how awesome would that be?!

  11. bobby says – reply to this



    This guy is begging for a live one on one interview. You could do it on your new show, or the network. If you and he agreed to do an exclusive interview……….wow man ……….i mean c'mon? You could play it cool or go all Geraldo Rivera on his ass………think about it!!!

  12. danny says – reply to this


    wow….busted…free lindsay and put dina in rehab!!!!!! good shit perez!

  13. snoopy says – reply to this


    That is one crazy disfunctional family. Shows that money cannot buy class

  14. kelly says – reply to this


    wow…poor lindsay, as much as she annoys me I feel bad for her. She needs to fire her mom and get as far away from both of those nut jobs as she can!

  15. unrocked says – reply to this


    That was kind of lame. He's really grasping at straws now.

    And, BTW, all of you "first" people are complete idiots. YOU ARE NOT FIRST, you are NEVER first. Get the feck over it.

  16. P-Nasty's Reporting style says – reply to this


    Wow, your demeanor sounds so unassuming. I think now anyone will just spill their guts to you. I especially liked the:" Hello? Hello?, Yes, Can I quoute you?" So polite and gentle. I like your subtle reporting technique.

  17. stevene says – reply to this



  18. AM says – reply to this


    why would he lie? I believe him.

  19. katie says – reply to this


    oh shit nig.

  20. Laura says – reply to this


    Gees! That poor family is so messed up - hopefully the good parent will prevail.

  21. Josie says – reply to this



  22. SinisterGal says – reply to this


    Papa's coming home!!!!

  23. artiesgirl16 says – reply to this


    If this is true, is it any wonder that Lindsay is so FUCKED UP?????!!!!
    A Coke Head for a Mother and an Extremely Angry Father!

  24. JayBee says – reply to this


    Absolutley the best thing you EVER posted

  25. v says – reply to this


    At least he admits some of his mistakes and is trying, Dina is just interested in living through Lindsay. No parent that actually worries about their childs welfare sees the mess Lindsay was in and condones it. Dina is too worried about the money she might lose.

  26. racheli says – reply to this


    wow this in unbelievable. I hope dina gets nailed for everything shes done to hurt her children.

  27. xtina says – reply to this


    WOW. I love my life and every lohan detail contained in it.

  28. MONICA says – reply to this


    PEREZ! You're just AWESOME…great exclusive interview girlfriend!!!! luv it!

  29. Drea says – reply to this


    I believe him.

  30. Marshall says – reply to this


    The guy is out of control……..anybody got any duck tape for his mouth? If I had to guess I'd say while he was on the phone with PH he probably was stringing out an eight ball for lunch. I hope the judge tells Lindsey part of her rehab should include never having any contact with her trailor park parents again.

  31. Necy says – reply to this


    These people are totally fucking crazy! I have never seen people act as childish and bad mouthing one another as the Lohan's.
    Get it together, If not for your children for your selves.
    No wonder Linsey is "out there" She doesn't give a fuck anymore! She is grown and doing her own thing. I would hate to have her parents…

  32. evawyn says – reply to this


    first bitches, wow!!!!!!!

  33. Zoe says – reply to this


    Um, wow. Talk about your disfunctual families.

  34. kiks says – reply to this


    wow, dina is disgusting. its obvious that she and lindsay used coke as a weight loss tool and became addicted. I'd like to see proof of her DUIs. I don't think anyone needs proof of her drug use as its quite apparent. The dad is an ass too, but I can see how I'd want to clear my name in the media too if some bitch kept telling lies about me. dina is an asshole.

  35. allison says – reply to this



  36. gail says – reply to this


    You both feed off your daughter. Dina directly and you indirectly. You are as bad as Dina is. Both of you STFU and get lives of your own and quit trying to hitch your star on Lindsays. Can';t you find a paying job? Go back to school
    if you need to. you've both ruined this girl- move on and let her get better.
    Parasites you both are.

  37. msmary says – reply to this


    Fuck all the commenters who say Lindsay looks fat. That's BULLSHIT.

  38. char says – reply to this



  39. andie panda says – reply to this


    This does not make me like HIM at all, either. He is just pointing, pointing, POINTING fingers. For every finger you point, there's 50 pointing back at you, Michael.

  40. Perez's Love Child says – reply to this


    Holy sh*t, I never thought that I'd say this, but he makes Charlie Sheen look like Father of the Year!

    Just because you can have kids doesn't make you a parent…

  41. MSTEE says – reply to this



  42. kris says – reply to this


    I never write on these things but I have to right now. I hope Michael and Dina read this. This family is so screwed up it's unreal. This guy is a mess, the mom is a mess …what a disaster! How freaking sad for all those kids. It's no wonder at all that Lindsay's in the place where she is w/ parentS…yes Michael, yes Dina…PARENTSSSSS like this. If you care the way you say you care and love the way you say you love then all of you need to keep your damn mouths shut. If your child doesn't want anything to do w/ you then respect her wishes. I would go fucking insane w/ this crap going on and to do so publicly is so unbelievably selfish. Dina and Michael are obsessed w/ the spotlight and fame and they are so selfish and pathetic. Get over yourselves. You both need serious, serious help! Get a life and let your children live theirs. Trust me, they're better w/out you in it!

  43. shewasntliketheothergirls says – reply to this


    Why is Hayden Panettiere wearing so much makeup? And why is she standing with Lindsay's parents?

  44. Jaclynn says – reply to this


    If Lindsay wants to see her father she will, and it disgusts me that this creep has the nerve to put his families problems out in the open like that. Lindsay, if they have internet in rehab, and yo somehow come across this comment may I just say that I'm going thru something like this with my Dad right now and it sucks, and I wish you so much luck in getting better, and to always remember that it's your choice who you wanna talk to, and wethere you would be better off with or without someone in your life.

  45. Nela says – reply to this


    OMG you rock Perez!

  46. OMG says – reply to this



  47. Matt says – reply to this


    Damn… a mess.

  48. Sara says – reply to this


    This guy is pathetic loser. This is your daughter for God's sake. What decent human being would call Perez to discuss his family issues. Poor kids. Poor, poor kids.

  49. Nicole says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. Both parents need to grow the F*** up already and help those children.

  50. FINALLY says – reply to this


    THE TRUTH COMES OUT …………..PEREZ I dont like you always lol but you were always right about DINA now Im happy he called you and Im happy you didnt bash him and got the REAL story as well

    YOU GO excellent article!

  51. emma says – reply to this


    this is crazy, these people need to not even speak to lindsay. its only hurting her

  52. Melissa says – reply to this


    Talk about drama! I'm not a big fan Dina either, but they both need to stop. All this bullshit is messing up the kids even more. They need to grow up!

  53. Michelle says – reply to this


    juicy juicy

  54. burak says – reply to this


    WOW!Team Michael!!!

  55. fuckin' idiots! says – reply to this


    would ppl stop fuckin' crying cause perez is mean and his site is mean! Why the fuck do you come here, do you think one day he's going to start gossiping about Jesus??? It's his job to be mean, get the fuck over it!

  56. susan says – reply to this


    hot damn!

  57. ENOUGH!! says – reply to this


    OMFG - does Perez give out Hundred Dollar Bills for being the first to comment? Am I missing something??

    STFU with the "first" you lonely pathetic losers! GEEEEESH

  58. Jen says – reply to this


    Both parents are screwed up! I kinda feel bad for lindsay sometime! but dont u think that as for her father…hes trying to see her…i dont think calling perezhilton and airing out all the family's dirty laundry is goin to make her want to see him! Oh and everyone knows dina does coke! no surprise there! they prolly did it together!! sorry lindsay! forget your parents and get your career back!!!!

  59. reality-check says – reply to this


    That chunky one in the middle looks like she would be a fun ride.

  60. laura says – reply to this


    this shit is GOLD, perezzers!


    i might make t-shirts with pictures of him and lindsay on saying 'team michael'

    i'd make sweet money if this shit is real!

  61. mgm says – reply to this


    that guy is WHACK!

  62. sexual says – reply to this


    WOW! michael needs to stop contacting the press… he's only making everything worse…

    he just looks like a douche.

  63. Cin says – reply to this


    Sad….they need to take those kids away from BOTH of them..They r both SHIT parents..somone needs to clean house! Who's worse Brit and K-fed or Lohan? we should take a vote

  64. niki says – reply to this


    can u beleive that these 2 jerk offs even were able to get along long enough to spawn these trainwrecks? Enough already..about LILO and whatz goin on w/ owen wilson?

  65. v says – reply to this


    insane. i feel bad for lindsay for having to be around either of her parents.

  66. Britt Doll says – reply to this


    i totally beleive that the orange oprah is a drug user and liar. that is one messed family

  67. i love christian bale says – reply to this



  68. MillieRoc says – reply to this


    Honestly who gives a shit.. neither one of them are good parents that's why LLO is all f'd up.. she learned from the best.. he wanted a reality show.. he sure as hell has got one…

  69. erica says – reply to this


    No wonder their kids are so effed up!

  70. lilsmiley says – reply to this



  71. mc says – reply to this


    Lindsay needs new parents.

  72. rai rai says – reply to this


    OMG! Make him shut up. I'm so sick of the of hearing about LiLo family affairs. Next it will be Dina calling u PNasty & tell her side of the story.

  73. Young says – reply to this


    WOW! Perez, do you believe him? I do.

  74. Mina says – reply to this


    This is how this "conversation" sounds to me "Such as Southafrica and Iraq and BS… and such us…"
    When he called you, was he reading the news about Fidel's death…? just asking

  75. team Lindsay says – reply to this


    This man is such an idiot. No wonder Lindsay is a mess. The life of a celebrity is hard enough with the stalkarazzi in your face 24/7, add in a dysfunctional family & your destined to become a disaster. I wish you'd asked him how he thinks blabbering on to you is going to help his daughter get well, or bring her closer to him. Slamming her mother so publicly is certianly not going to score him any points with her. I hope that when she sees him, she hands him a transcript of this very conversation and tells him that this is the exact reason that she wants nothing to do with him. I bet the other kids will read this & feel the same way. This is why people should be screened before they're allowed to reproduce. F'd up parents can and will create f'd up kids. I feel sorry for all of the Lohan children. They're the ones who really suffer.

  76. ALEXIS says – reply to this


    OMFG that is crazy! that whole family poor kids! I cant believe the nerve of dina and michael lohan comming out in the public and exposing these awful things… they say they are in it for the children, but who talks about the woman who gave him his children like that? i know shes a coke whore but damn thats so wrong! XOXOXOOX

  77. peanut says – reply to this


    mommy, daddy and daughter dearest

  78. mike says – reply to this


    who cares…..boooring

  79. smoochums says – reply to this


    no wonder why lindsay is so fucked up!

  80. oldfart says – reply to this


    This entire family should be investigated by child welfare services. Lynsey, sadly is a drug addict and a whore - somebody needs to help the other kids - fast!

  81. L-Dogg says – reply to this


    Whoa … This will be Britney / small fry & tater tot / K-Fed in a few years … Dina Lohan and Britney should start hanging out … that would be AWESOME!

  82. hangmansdaughter says – reply to this


    What a loser.

    Yeah, like Perez said, you jumped to the closest media outlet.

    Fucking douchebag.

  83. mirna says – reply to this


    I hope he is telling the truth.

  84. Babycakes says – reply to this


    I want to come to work for Perez in transcribing phone calls. This is classic!

  85. just askin.... says – reply to this


    what happens if lindsay gets caught with drugs in rehab….does her sentencing change….like at least 2 days?

  86. msjane38 says – reply to this


    i thought you wrote tape before that you were going to air it?? are you still? :0)

  87. Joy says – reply to this


    What a scumbag. He dishes on Dina like he's at a feast. Creepy loser. I'm sure she's no prize, but he's worse.

  88. Cin says – reply to this



  89. thecleaverfamily says – reply to this


    Lindsey may I suggest oxycontin or something a little stronger to cope with coming from a family like this one. Cocaine doesn't give you quite the "false sense of well being" that oxy's do and it seems like you need all the help you can get in that area. wow what a group

  90. poe says – reply to this


    personally, i would have gone to diane sawyer or barbara walters, but whatevez.

  91. aleii says – reply to this


    this isn't really worth reading Perez. I know if I don't care I shouldn't be on this site, but seriously who fucking cares anymore. That whole family is probly on crack

  92. sickened says – reply to this


    Perez, this chat with Michael could be the beginning of of beautiful relationship. Two media-whoring starfuckers with unscrupulous and vile antics that know no bounds. You guys are perfect for each other.

  93. ANI ANI says – reply to this


    i love what's happening, hey Perez hun if u read this def try to get some dirt on Dina, i do believe even though he's done stupid stuff. but come on ppl, ppl we know have done sooo much worse, seriously give the guy a break. i think dina and her ugly little rats should grow up. specially lil Ali. she is like a lil hoe. KEEP THAT TRICK ON CHECK. CHIN CHECK THE BTICHES!

  94. Kelly says – reply to this


    Good job Perez!

  95. shannie says – reply to this


    Seems like the girl has 2 horrible parents

  96. M from Toronto says – reply to this


    Amazing scoop, Perez, you get the great stories! If he can prove it, he should be in court. Yes, Michael is a crook too, I'm no fan, but if the things he said about Dina's boyfriend are true…Any woman lets a pervert near her kids, she shouldn't have custody. I feel awful for these kids and I hope that the courts can help them.

  97. Jessie P says – reply to this


    What the hell he's such a FREAK! A ranty, aggressive, incoherent freak! Poor Perezzle listening to him rant. He talks like my neighbour when he is high on meth. Rargh.

    Anyone else get the impression he doesn't like Dina? Hmm.

  98. gaby says – reply to this



  99. RUBY ROCK says – reply to this



  100. Michael Lohan says – reply to this


    #225 - I FUCKED YOUR MOM.

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