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Both Kanye West and 50 Cent's new albums have leaked!

Something smells fishy here. We wouldn't put it past Fiddy to leak his own record so that he would be "forced" to release his album early instead of September 11th, the same day Kanye's new album also is supposed to come out.

Thus far, Kanye is far outselling 50 in pre-orders.

Let's see if these leaks have any effect on release dates!

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158 comments to “Oops!”

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  1. Carrie says – reply to this



  2. jaxi says – reply to this



  3. eee says – reply to this



  4. Racist says – reply to this


    Jungle Bunnies

  5. Jennie From the Rock says – reply to this


    Too commercial for me.

  6. Jess says – reply to this



  7. Racist says – reply to this


    Spear Chuckers

  8. Racist says – reply to this


    Jigga Boos

  9. WAWAWEWOW says – reply to this


    first :]

  10. issa says – reply to this



  11. Jennie From the Rock says – reply to this


    To bad the only way yuou have to let out your racist remarks #4 is through a blog fest like this. POOR IGNORANT LITTLE LOST THING. Stupid ignorant people crack me up. I feel sorry for your kids.

  12. pam says – reply to this


    everyone go out and buy kanye's cd. that way we'd be one rapper down, a zillion more to go… even with only 1 less rapper, the world would be a slightly better place.

  13. Ray says – reply to this


    Yep, I think you got it right about Fiddy.

  14. chrissy says – reply to this



  15. shmeegil says – reply to this



  16. LOU says – reply to this


    HATE 'EM BOTH!!!

  17. lulu says – reply to this


    where can we listen?

  18. Cece says – reply to this



  19. olivia says – reply to this



  20. mrscolon says – reply to this



  21. RIGHT.... says – reply to this


    50 will be the winner at the end of the day…trust eminem and dre

  22. Julie says – reply to this


    down with fiddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. aLL aMERiCAn GurL says – reply to this


    These two guys are
    No talent
    Glory hogs
    Grasping at exposure
    Recycled has beens
    Screaming for attention

  24. Tiffany says – reply to this


    just heard Kanye's CD…its not really the official CD and its clean, but surely a classic. I'm still going to go out and pick up 2 copies.
    -Forget Loose Change, I'm GRADUATING!

  25. kelly says – reply to this


    can you get fucking new pics of them..the pics are getting old…

  26. mom-e says – reply to this


    I personally don't care for either one their tracks out right now… the only thing that saves 50's is the fact that JT is in it… otherwise… blah.

  27. RE: #1 Carrie says – reply to this


    Wow…..your promoting on a BLOG?!?!

    I checked it out and I can see why. NO ONE in their right mind would promote you anywhere. You sound like a dying whale!

  28. Clover says – reply to this


    hop off of conyays dick already
    this is all just publicity
    don't let them make you their whore
    unless of course
    there is video

  29. eddy says – reply to this


    Here's my comment on your OOPs headline. Wrong pictures. Should have been a picture of an old, smirking dictator by the name of Fidel Castro. And the headline should have said "I am Alive". Perez, your 'credibility' is at stake. It is no sin to admit to a mistake… so c'mon already. Say you're sorry and that you were wrong. After that, I want you to stand in the corner and think about what you've done.

  30. Eve says – reply to this


    Fuck Kanye Fifty's better

  31. BeevoNerd says – reply to this


    It was the clean version of Kanye's album that leaked, so far. We shall see.

  32. Johnny D says – reply to this


    Yes, because you personally know 50 and know that he wouldn't be above releasing his album early because of it. You're stupid and maybe the most ignorant man alive. By the way, fat P….get a fucking life. I don't care for either rapper but to make misinformed comments is wrong. Oh, and by the way how should I even believe you? You know since Castro is dead.

  33. time waster says – reply to this


    I really, really want these two to go away, especially 50. I can't stand hearing his monotonous mumbling. He reminds me of Droopy the Dog. Blech.

  34. Racist says – reply to this


    #11 must be a jungle bunny

  35. naebaby says – reply to this


    i bet 50's behind this .

  36. ISmellAss says – reply to this


    These two are boring and tired, and they act like they're in 2nd grade with this whole "I'm better than you" and "Nuh-uh, I'm better." Pssh. Who gives a shit? And they're obviously as in love with each other as they are with themselves.

    Someone should tell them rap and hip-hop are OVER. Go make out already, boys.

  37. Shelly says – reply to this


    it's all just a ploy - they are friends, not frenemies - it's just to gain exposure and make people go out there for it… then they'll think of something clever to get out of the whole 'retirement' idea…

  38. charlie says – reply to this


    well kanye has always been better than 50. it's so not a surprise that 50's feeling a bit intimidated!

  39. Ohreally says – reply to this


    50 is a genius at this shit !! Remember when The Game first came out and all that beef (that I still dont buy by the way) between those two to sell records??? He is trying to play us all right now, it's getting old 50 and how talented can you really be if you have to resort to these types of tactics to sell records?

  40. Sarah says – reply to this


    If so many of you hate Perez so much, how about you stop posting your stupid comments on his blog?

    Kanye and Fiddy both suck and need to stop rapping for good.

  41. corky says – reply to this


    They both suck but I'll go for Kanye. 50 is shit nowadays.

  42. Jimmy Iovine says – reply to this


    Only Kanyes leaked, no 50…People full of shit

  43. cpbx says – reply to this


    AYO TECH sucks! I never been a big Kanye fan but I like STRONGER!

  44. novice says – reply to this


    I hope 50 keeps his promise and leaves the biz behind. I'm not buying 20 Kanye CDs for nothing.

  45. Kim says – reply to this


    Would you shut the hell up already RACIST???!!!

    You annoying fuck. Go play in traffic.

  46. Ginger says – reply to this


    kanye is by far the more talented of these two. Fifty has a body and thats the only thing going for him. Yeah for steroids!

  47. wowseyCASTRO says – reply to this


    Isn't it time to say OOPS about your announcement of Castro's death? Your credibility seems to be at an all time OOPS level. Can't you make a statement? I can't wait until you are live on some TV program and sharp interviewer gives you the question. What will you say: OOPS? You should address this before it get's bigger.

  48. Rhi says – reply to this


    fiddy will just 'quit' the same way Jay-Z 'retired' lol

  49. AshBone says – reply to this


    obviously this is just a stunt to get ppl to go out and buy a record they would otherwise have just downloaded!
    whoever said they are friends..it's true..they did a show at MSG a few weeks back, i doubt mortal enemies would do that. they're both geniouses to have come up with a plot like this…even so i'm getting Kanyes CD…stunt or no stunt.

  50. Milk says – reply to this


    Can someone link me to the download?

  51. AshBone says – reply to this


    clearly this is a genious marketing ploy to get ppl who would have otherwise downloaded their favourite rappers cd to go out and buy it.
    these guys are friends, there is no beef. they did a show together a few weeks back at MSG…i highly doubt mortal enemies would be sharing the stage. it's a smart stunt to get more records sold for both. period.

  52. geraldomexicanman says – reply to this


    it's so funny how the racist of this site are making their comments when k and fiddy are raking in millions from the kiddies in the suburbs!! i bet they both laugh all the way to the bank!!

  53. RACIST says – reply to this


    #45: MAKE ME BITCH

  54. XxShirleyxX says – reply to this


    Kanye West is gonna sell more records!!!!!!

  55. Huky Buky says – reply to this


    @#29 - eddy says:

    Perez is holding back until Castro finally dies. Then we will have an item with "We had the scoop in 2007"

  56. MIGZZZZZ says – reply to this


    Fuck Fidel Castro i hope he is dead

  57. Graduate says – reply to this


    Kanye all day everyday! 50 is washed up and should just stay in the mansion in CT with all his other pirate friends (Yayo, Banks, Timbaland and JT).

  58. steph says – reply to this


    yeah. pre orders on itunes. nobody who buys 50s album is on itunes! 50 is gonna crush kanye worldwide. itunes pre orders dont mean shit

  59. jackie puppet says – reply to this


    everythings good nothings great

  60. bababooey says – reply to this


    boff i like shrimp

  61. robin quivers says – reply to this


    I am the real queen of all media

  62. artie lange says – reply to this


    can i get some cupcakes and heroin?a hooker maybe?

  63. StinkyButt says – reply to this


    Fiddy looks like that from getting boned up the butt. 99% of rappers have absolutely no talent. hell…if Perez can rap, what does that tell you?! It's unfortunate that you have young blacks and whites and yellows and all colors in between look up to fiddy and kakka west as role models.

    Society has GONE TO HELL!!

  64. t says – reply to this


    Can someone tell me, if I preorder the CD, will the album sales still be in effect on sep 11th.. I sooooooo want Kanye to win this and shut 50 up for GOOD! thanx

  65. Miss Know-It-All says – reply to this


    You need not get upset by "Racist", the name says it all! Stupid, underachieving, hateful hillbillie moron with a single digit IQ and tiny tiny dick to match his brain! They're all the same you know.

  66. Mimi says – reply to this


    Didn't 50 Cent say that if Kanye outsold him, he'd quit the business? I can't WAIT for that to happen.

  67. Racist_Hater says – reply to this


    RACIST is the REAL LOSER, isn't that right?!

  68. Mike Hunt says – reply to this


    What a joke! Bof a dem. They actually think they have talent and are geniuses. They have to pay those white girls on TV to even be next to them. yeah, it's in the dancers contracts.
    Rap / Hip - Hop is DEAD. Hasen't gone anywhere in 20 years.Mostly males bragging about wimmins, money, drugs and thesize of their 'pistols'. That shit gets real old, but if you are under 20 enjoy that shit as a rite of passage.Oops Nigga rhymed again and said bad words. Didn't their last records fail too??

  69. Anon says – reply to this


    I agree wit #30 (Eve) Fiddy'z much better, Kayne is a twat!! with a captial T!!

  70. HateRap says – reply to this


    Who fucking cares….Jiggaboos getting rich from other worthless ghetto jiggaboos….

  71. dhsighsfdgs says – reply to this


    okay to the comment above me
    50cent has no talent
    kanye is great lyricist and poet

  72. AJ says – reply to this


    I just heard the Kanye as well. The one that leaked is the clean version, and I think it's a real hot hot CD. I'm about to listen to the 50 album. I love OinK !!!! Those who know, know what I mean… ;-)

  73. Tom Shelly says – reply to this


    "Personally, I do not hate niggas at all, I just correctly understand that they are not human and treat them accordingly. They are nothing more than wild niggas running around loose and one must act accordingly around them. A hundred and fifty years or so ago, people in this country treated niggas accordingly and kept them contained and controlled. We made them useful by managing their numbers, containing them, and forcing them to work and be somewhat productive. But the natural empathy of the White man caused him to unrestrain a species of animal (niggas) largely due to the fact they they mimic humans in their behavior and dress. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, he can't be put back in and we're stuck with living around 30 million wild niggas.

  74. kylie says – reply to this


    Does any one know where to find the leaks? Where is the music? Did Perez post it????

  75. Right On says – reply to this


    I am sure Pam is a fat chick…and Racist….his mom is in my basement

  76. marik says – reply to this


    if you hate black people
    you can take your sorry ass out of this country
    because no race is going to leave because of your obstreperous comments towards that certain race.
    you cant solely base a whole race on certain people who are ignorant
    because if we all did that
    this country will be that of pure racism towards every race
    so maybe you should think before you say shit
    because you just make yourself sound like a ignorant fuck

    what do you have to say now asshole
    -coming from someone who is korean and black.

  77. marik says – reply to this


    woah i cant believe this
    if you hate black people
    you can take your sorry ass out of this country
    because no race is going to leave because of your obstreperous comments towards that certain race.
    you cant solely base a whole race on certain people who are ignorant
    because if we all did that
    this country will be that of pure racism towards every race
    so maybe you should think before you say shit
    because you just make yourself sound like a ignorant fuck

    what do you have to say now asshole
    -coming from someone who is korean and black.

  78. psgirl4now says – reply to this



  79. unorigina| says – reply to this


    Who's got a link to the download?

  80. kasra says – reply to this


    hate to brake it to ya perez but curtis didint leak….if it did where did u find the link???

  81. Lizzy J says – reply to this


    I got KANYE's from a friend yesterday and IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!

  82. Bruno says – reply to this


    Wow, I just heard Kanye's CD. It's really good. Despite his ego he always manages to make good music and push himself further. And so what if he has a bit of an ego. He was always told he would never make it, and he did. And he even almost died in a car accident that wasn't his fault. The song on his CD with Chris Martin of Coldplay is great. The beats, lyrics are all tight this time around. I think he will have his biggest selling CD yet. Does anyone know if Jon Brion is still working with him? I kinda hear the similar musical flourishes that Jon added to Kanye's last album on here too.

    All in all it's a solid CD. And comparing Kanye and 50 is pointless. Kanye writes and PRODUCES his own music. He is a musician. 50 Cent is a glorified gangster rapper who utilizes whatever hot beat any producer can provide him. He does nothing a real musician like Kanye does. And his expiration date is almost near. You can take but so many boasts about the same topics before you get tired.

  83. yo says – reply to this


    what web site can i find the albums at

  84. Bruno says – reply to this


    And really if Curtis did leak, we already have about 4 songs we know since he keeps trying to make his CD happen by releasing songs like crazy. Already he released "Straight To The Bank", "Amusement Park", "Ayo Pornography", and "I Get Money" and none of them interest me really. "I Get Money" rips off Cassidy's "Im a Hustler" and "Ayo" is a good Justin Timberlake song. But a good 50 Cent song? Nope. (www.youarenotthefather.net)

  85. CR says – reply to this


    I heard like 56 songs from kanye's upcoming album, last nite, on hot 97fm, in NYC…..Kanye's album is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great. Everything I heard from curtiss is the same old same old garbage. The typical gun and ho's and money materialistic BS….Kanye is so more creative than curtiss!!

  86. bubble yum says – reply to this


    go fiddy

  87. anon says – reply to this


    #76: OOOOOOOOOOO. You really told them, oh smart one. You're even sadder. How many times do you frequent these kinds of sites? Enough said. People that know anything at all about race or ignorance DON'T VISIT THESE SITES EVERY FUCKING DAY. I guess you get your news from the mainstream media too right? That is if you actually take any time at all to care about things that go on in this country, that doesn't involve idiots like you. That is when you're not reading stupid shit like this, right?

  88. JB says – reply to this


    There are 3600 people sharing Graduation a certain torrent site. There are 160 download Curtis.

  89. CR says – reply to this


    i didnt hear 56 songs…..i heard like 5 or 6 songs

  90. Bytch says – reply to this


    We need so new Rap stars.
    I'm sick of these clowns and there egos.

  91. Darvulia says – reply to this


    The angry looks make them look less like the pussies they really are.

  92. Amy says – reply to this


    I love 50 and think he will sell more then that kayne west guy..

  93. JUST SAY NO TO RAP CRAP! says – reply to this


    Never have, never will purchase rap crap. Show of hands, how many of you ready this have ever bought rap? That's what I thought. Only the morons buy that sh-t.

  94. Chill babby chill says – reply to this


    Please. Kanye is a fucking hack.

    Has the dude ever had an original thought?

    Isn't this the same guy who was pissing and moaning when he did not win some best video award?

    At least 50 has some originality. And the cat has some serious business sense. After Vita-water sold to Coca-Cola the kid could care less how many cd's he sells. He could, seriously, buy Kanye many, many, many times over.

  95. Jungle Fever says – reply to this


    This is kinda in response to number 4…why care about color when sex is all that matters? And about 50 and Kanye, 50 couldn't rap his way out of a paper bag and while Kanye is cocky, at least he's talented.

  96. you.equals.fag says – reply to this



  97. Mike m says – reply to this


    Both are gonna make money and thats all that they are gonna truly care about, not what is said on this site

  98. rapthisbeeotch says – reply to this


    Clean version…you know your a no talent outdated fuck head if you have a clean and a dirty version…grow the hell up rap is shit and finally outdated…..O and these spooge gurglers have ZERO talent.

  99. ted says – reply to this


    rap….mines well listen to a fuckin polka…

  100. ted says – reply to this


    rap….mines well listen to a fuckin polka

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