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Quote Of The Day

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"In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa. I got pulled over going 107 [mph] and the guy let me off. He’s like, “Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.” Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [mph]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, “I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I’ma let you go this time. It’s your second warning. You get pulled over again, you’re probably going to go to jail.” Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [mph] in a 50 [mph zone]. The guy is like, “Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.""

- Nick Hogan tells the August issue of Rides magazine

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641 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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  1. YoMama says – reply to this


    He better pray his friend pulls through or he will be in deep shit! What a dumbass!

  2. jason says – reply to this


    what a fucktard. i live in pinellas county and most people are livid about this little idiot and the irreversible damage he's done. idiot.

  3. time waster says – reply to this


    Sort of off topic, but I hate to admit that I sort of like Brooke. From watching the show, she actually seems like a decent kid. And she actually has some talent, though her voice isn't the greatest. She plays the piano, which is more than a lot of other pop tart wannabees can do these days. She needs to ditch the bleach blonde hair and hooker clothes, though.

    Bonus: She's big enough to kick her little brother's ass.

  4. KATKAT says – reply to this



  5. Cetta says – reply to this


    OK, WHY is his poor friend the one who is critically injured and not him? What kind of God allows him to walk away from the accident unharmed while his passenger suffers?

    And why the heck didn't his parents crack down on this 17 year old punk for being so reckless and dangerous?

  6. Effin Moron says – reply to this


    Is there any way of finding out who those two idiot troopers were who let him off the hook? Suspend those bastards…they're supposed to keep the people safe from monkey faced morons like this.

  7. angerrr says – reply to this


    What a spoiled little asshole. Doesnt everyone hate those cocky guys who drive around town going wayy too fast acting like they are the shit. When really, ya look stupid, ppl are annoyed and want to punch your face in!! I cant believe the cops let him off cause of 'who he was' The criminal system is a farce thanks to jerks like that…

  8. MOI* says – reply to this


    What a little shit!

  9. t says – reply to this


    That's law enforcement in my fine state. What a bunch of fucktards.

  10. HEYOP! says – reply to this


    what a spoiled brat. maybe his accident will teach him a lesson. too bad it wasn't himself who got hurt…

  11. Josie says – reply to this


    And we wonder why celbs do stupid stuff all the time, because they can get away with it, no wonder they keep doing this stuff there never told no.

  12. hatjane says – reply to this


    what an idiot..he seems proud of it…fucking moron could have killed someone

  13. Jack Jett says – reply to this


    Lock up his tired ugly ass and don't let him out.

    He, like the rest of his family is a joke.
    If he were black Al Sharpton would get him off.

    jack jett

  14. p says – reply to this



  15. whatnextfred says – reply to this


    dumb ass

  16. Mary says – reply to this


    What a stupid f…ing kid. Spoiled brat. He could have killed somebody. Glad he got into that accident and wrapped himself around that post. Thank God he didn't hurt anybody only himself. Too bad he didn't lose a couple of limbs. He should have been taken off the streets a long time ago. These so called kids of celebs get off with murder. God it makes me sick.

  17. MMD says – reply to this


    What a complete and total moronic excuse for a human being. Lock this douche up NOW! Freakin' idiot!

  18. stef says – reply to this


    what a fucking tool

  19. Jennifer in Ottawa says – reply to this


    What a total douche. Some people are so fucking stupid. I wish it was him in critical condition - he's a menace, and being hospitalized and off the roads is probably just what the residents of Clearwater, Florida AND THEIR PETS AND CHILDREN need!!

  20. Nick Hogan says – reply to this


    The reason I was driving to fast was: I read that Fidel Castro was dead, and I was trying to avoid rush hour traffic (and all of the riots) once Miami held the press conference.
    Please keep your safety, and the safety of others in mind.

    Perez is a douche.

  21. Mary says – reply to this


    Sorry, I am amending my statement. Apparently he got out alive and in tact and another person got hurt. Too bad it wasn't the other way around. Stupid moron.

  22. PITH says – reply to this


    This kid pisses me off for sooooo many reasons.
    1. He is fugly and still goes around acting like he is a lady killer saying stuff like his cars make girls panties come off…. Duh, its not you!
    2. He brags to mags about getting out of speeding tickets with cars that his daddy bought him. Nothing says badass like a little boy driving daddys car like a idiot and getting away with it because most of America knows the Hulk.

    He must be shitting his pants right now. What a spoiled little bitch.

  23. RACHELinTENNESSEE says – reply to this



    But really, Hulk Hogan I love ya, but why do you allow your son to act this way? Don't let him have high performance parts on his car! Take away his cars and liscense and make him go to driving school!

    And for goodness sakes get your daughter a fucking stylist!

  24. Hulk Hogan Should Pay says – reply to this


    that's ridiculous…the little asshole had all of this coming, but too bad it's his friend who is in the hospital. One question: where were his parents?? They are completely responsible for all of this and I hope they get sued. It cracks me up seeing US magazine's ongoing segment where Hulk Hogan judges celebrity feuds and declares a winner - he's so judgemental in rendering his verdicts. I would like to ask him - does it make much sense to give a 17 year old a fast sports car and to support his racing dreams when he is speeding all over town, drag racing and putting other inocent people at risk with his dangerous behavior? Bragging about driving fast and getting away with tickets. The little jerk would not be able to race if he DIDN'T have a car! At least it would make it more difficult and he wouldn't have the temptation. Put the little bastard in a Prius that can only about 50 MPH tops if he needs wheels to get around…tell him he has to prove himself responsible before you'll give him a fast car or let him race (in the proper venue)…make sure he knows if he gets any speeding tickets or is caught doing anything illegal and unsafe, he is screwed…obviously the threat of those punishments were not given to him, or he wouldn't have been bragging like that to a publication, that his parents would read…all common sense, parenting 101 advice…I don't get how people can be so fucking stupid! I hope they lose all of their money and have to pay…

  25. Kenn says – reply to this


    What a DUMB FUCK!

  26. pass the cheese says – reply to this



    Police are confirming that Nick Hogan and his buddy were racing to the aid of good friend Fidel Castro when Nick lost control of the car. Police also confirm that they would like everyone to keep this a big secret until after everybody finishes their evening chores. SHHHHHH.

  27. joe says – reply to this


    Looks like he trying to blame the police for his troubles. I am sure if he was pulled over he would have gotten a ticket like the rest of us. He is a nobody.

  28. Anna says – reply to this


    I hope Mom and Dad are proud they raised such a spoiled brat. He doesn't have any worries, Dad's money will pull him through. Hey Maybe Brooke will get a lecture for Nick's behavior and Nick will get a pat on the back and a new even more expensive car. Being an arrogant prick does pay off. Idiots with money. SAD

  29. Liztron says – reply to this


    seriously…just as gross as fred durst. Looks just like a suburbanite douche that eats lunch from a gas station, dominoes with mountain dew for dinner, plays too much grand theft auto, and doesn't know who is runnign for prez.
    Only shops at wal-mart, probably buys his groceries at sam's club, and listens to Nickleback.

  30. JEEZLOUISE says – reply to this


    Lets hope he dies next time without taking someones child with him. Fuckhead!

  31. lyssa says – reply to this


    douche bag.

  32. ANDREA says – reply to this


    What a bitch and the cops are pretty lame too, they should all go to jail.

  33. Amy says – reply to this


    Stupid fucking twat! Lol!

  34. Shame says – reply to this


    Gerri Shephard, a manager at Shephard's, an entertainment resort on Clearwater Beach, said that Nick Bollea, his father and at least one friend were at the resort on Sunday between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. She said they stayed on a boatoutside the tiki bar.
    Rabih Cheaib, 20, who watched the high-speed race and was at the scene shortly after the crash, said he saw the Viper return to the area after the accident. He recognized the driver as Dunedin resident Danny Jacobs, whom he knew through friends.
    The Bollea have hired a Lawyer who spealizes in DUI's. J. Kevin Hayslett confirmed he was retained by the Bolleas.(ALREADY COVERING HIS ASS)
    Meanwhile, Graziano, a U.S. Marine home from Iraq, is in a medically-induced coma at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, WHAT A DAMN SHAME.!!!

  35. tabetha00 says – reply to this


    hahah are you serious? why would you admit you were going over 3 previous times before totalling your car?!

  36. Lexie says – reply to this


    What an asshole! Not only is he ugly as hell but he is retarded too. See what happens when you have two uneducated celebrity parents.

  37. sandy says – reply to this



  38. ~steph says – reply to this



  39. Jenny says – reply to this


    What a douchebag

  40. Green Car says – reply to this


    Can we say ~New Money~??? This is what happens when white trash gets some green… they let their kids run wild and buy them expensive toys. I am sure he feels like it's fine to break the law and it's cool to drive like an asshole, he's entitled to do this because daddy used to be someone special.

    Oh and his sister is a ho!

  41. Popo says – reply to this


    Well, now there's a fourth installment to the quote: "Was speeding for a fourth time and nearly killed my best friend." Can you say "negligent homicide." Hope it haunts him forever.

  42. Judy says – reply to this


    What a fucking ass….but then look at his parents! No education there either!

  43. fatoldlady says – reply to this


    Talk about dumb and dumber! I don't know who wins the prize — this idiot of a kid or the two patrolmen who let him go with a warning. A warning for 107 mph????? Crazy.

  44. Lindsay says – reply to this


    what a fucking idiot..dumbass of the century

  45. DAZED AND CONFUSED says – reply to this


    Is this guy an in-bred or something? What a PRICK, RETARD AND MORON. His comment demonstrates such a blatant disregard for everything but himself and to keep going even faster after each warning was given shows that he thinks himself above the law. Just for that he should be WHIPPED; physical torture is what I mean - because jail time would be too lenient for this congenital idiot. And the second cop who let him off is no less of a plonker either.

  46. Danita says – reply to this


    This is why he should be dead. People like him who lack the necessary brain cells to be productive members of society should simply be erradicated!

  47. Joda says – reply to this


    What a chode. What is he compensating for?
    Also, way to go coppers for letting him get away with it.

  48. Nia says – reply to this


    what a piece of shit. he should be laid up in that hospital, not a war vet who just got done serving his country and an asshole president for a war built on lies. His entire family should be SO ASHAMED.

  49. smorf says – reply to this


    What does this guy have to do to learn a lesson..oh maybe kill his friend??

  50. gina says – reply to this


    what a fucking loser…how come the hulkster won't put both of his kids in headlocks?

  51. Grvy says – reply to this


    Nick, if you read these comments… please wake up!!!! Face the hard reality of the consequences for you actions and do the responsible thing behind the wheel. If you like speed, race your car on a legal track. You are in a perfect position to be a role model to your peers…

    I hope your friend recovers soon. I am just glad your friend survived… not only for him and his amily, but for you… killing your friend is a terrible shadow to live under for the rest of your life.


  52. Deb says – reply to this


    The area that I live in if you get caught driving over 100mph you automatically receive 5 days in jail. I think Florida should change their law so that idiots like Hogan can recive serious punishment for his actions.

  53. MomMom says – reply to this


    Hogan needs to knock this arrogant jackass' teeth down his fuckin' throat and then get a grip on him.

  54. Rita Pita says – reply to this




  55. xtina says – reply to this


    Hulk Hogan, it's about time you act like a father and set some boundaries for your children instead of giving them everything they want. Who in the fuck would keep giving an irresponsible teen sports cars when he wrecks them? Oh yeah, a guilt ridden father who is trying to make up for not being there for them because of his career.

  56. Sara from Canada says – reply to this


    If you're dumb enough to buy your kid a sports car, you should know that's how he's going to drive it..not like a civic. why do 17-year olds need $60,000 cars anyway? I live in Ontario where we have a new law that if you're caught street racing or doing speeds as if you were racing, your car is taken away immediately…something for the rest of the continent to think about…

  57. I smell BULLSHIT says – reply to this


    The Silver Viper belongs to the HULK, he was seen hanging out with Nick MINUTES before the crash. (Questions)
    1. How did the Hulk get home.?
    2. Why did the Viper drive away only to return minutes later.?
    3. Why hasnt the police charged NICK qith atleast reckless driving
    Thought it's clear he was RACING.?
    4. Why has the HOGAN's run out to obtain a LAWYER. while NICK'S
    friend lays in a medical induced COMA. This whole story smells
    of BULLShIT.!!!

  58. Katie Dearest says – reply to this


    To make up for Small Packge:
    Option 1: WWF
    Option 2: Buy expensive cars and drive them fast.

  59. VeeCeeBee says – reply to this


    Can you say… IDJUT????

  60. nia says – reply to this


    what a piece of shit! he should be laid up in that hospital bed, not John.

  61. AMANDA says – reply to this



  62. Sammy says – reply to this


    dumb douche.

  63. Dawn says – reply to this



  64. JP says – reply to this


    HAHA… what a fucking idiot.

    SHout out to the crew.

  65. Barbara says – reply to this


    What an asshole!

  66. shitbird says – reply to this


    What a spoiled ass moron!!! Another celebutards spawn who thinks it's all about their sorry ass!!! PUNK!!!

  67. a says – reply to this


    This little spoiled dick needs to meet a family who has lost an innocent child due to stupidity on the highways.

  68. GOD says – reply to this



  69. Clover says – reply to this


    i hope his friend gets better
    17 and rich and famous is a bitch
    mommy and daddy
    take those keys away NOW
    while you can
    live and learn youngster
    live and learn learn learn

  70. mia says – reply to this


    what a fucking dumbass.

  71. bdit says – reply to this


    what an asshole. I hope he gets what's coming to him

  72. cbh says – reply to this


    This kid is a moron, but so is #77 for saying that s/he hopes the passenger dies.

    I actually completely doubt Nick's story of being pulled over three times in 10 minutes. First of all, he's not so famous that they'd recognize him, nevermind let him off. Second of all, if a cop was lame enough to let someone off for going that much over the speed limit, they wouldn't say so over the radio or their supervisor would go ape shit. Definitely not twice. What cop wouldn't love to write any of those tickets?!?

    I think he was trying to look like a hot shit when he's actually a LYING SACK OF SHIT. Too bad since this will surely be used against his punk ass.

  73. Jen says – reply to this


    What an idiot he is!! And he's bragging about it???? Any normal person would've gotten a ticket AND lost their car and liscense. Goes to show, he won't ever learn his lesson!

  74. Ms. WV says – reply to this


    …and I'm sure he's sitting there thinking why this had to happen to HIM. We should pray for his friend. And pray Nick Hogan or whatever his REAL name is, gets what he deserves. This is insane. The Rich and "Famous" really do think they are above us law abiding, tax paying and God fearing citizens.
    I'm sure his parents are so proud…

  75. dianna says – reply to this


    I read this and was instantly pissed and thought "what a douche!!!!" Then I read the comments and EVERYONE has called him a douche!!!!! Hahahahaha! What a fucking moron.

  76. norma snockers says – reply to this


    a 17 year old doesn't have the experience or maturity to be driving a viper. the parents need to wake up. hopefully this spoiled little turd will lose his license for quite a bit of time. norma hopes that the next car (preferably a used one with a little rust or duct tape) turdo boy drives will be bought with money that he earned at some menial part time job. mama and papa peroxide need to dish out some tough love and stop dishing out the greenbacks.

  77. Rosie says – reply to this


    Drags the family name in shame. Good job Nick!

  78. Deb says – reply to this


    What an arrogant piece of shit.

  79. heather says – reply to this


    And he's bragging about this because…

  80. Shandidarlington says – reply to this


    Two words…DOUCHE BAG.

  81. Versus says – reply to this


    Oh good! He's bragging! What a fucking retard.

  82. marama says – reply to this


    This little cockslap needs to be reminded of the fact that driving is a privilege, NOT a right. His license should be revoked, PERMANENTLY. As in, forever, until he's dead (which hopefully won't be too far away.)

  83. No Sense says – reply to this


    From the begining When they showed the Hulk on TV at the scene of the accident. I thought it weird that he wasnt freaking out like I thought he would be ( His only son seriously hurt) he seemed to calm to me. Now I understand why. Hulk already knew there was an accident. because I believe he was the person RACING the SILVER VIPER. it's report the silver vipor left the scene but came back minuted later. Something is missing in this story. because It just not making sense.

  84. SuperStarSteve says – reply to this


    I speed sometimes.

  85. Panteragirl says – reply to this


    What the fuck is wrong with these cops?! Letting him go for driving that fast? He could KILL someone. Idiots. This world is coming to an end because celebrites are running it.

  86. jamiet says – reply to this


    what scum. the other kid should not be the one in a coma..

  87. Jimminy Cricket says – reply to this


    This fuckwad needs to be bent over and fisted without lube.

  88. Margarita says – reply to this


    So he's basically bragging that because he's a celebrity, he can purposely break the law repeatedly while putting peoples' lives in jeopardy and he just doesn't care.
    Wonder what sort of aftertaste those quotes leave in his mouth now that one of his best friends is in critical to serious condition in hospital thanks to his macho "look ma! I go fast and faster! I super cool!" bullshit on our roads.

  89. alex says – reply to this


    dumb kid…is he bragging?

  90. tampa girl says – reply to this


    Shame on you Hulk Hogan! You try to act like you're this big family man who cares about their children knowing the value of a dollar. Well, look what giving your son expensive cars and no respect for others has gotten your family. I really hope your son goes to jail for this. He would definitely deserve it.

  91. Tami says – reply to this


    Oh wow, you're just too cool…asshole dork! You should be on deaths door, not your friend, shit eating loser!

  92. henna says – reply to this


    He should face some sort of criminal charges to teach him a lesson.

  93. Sue says – reply to this


    TO the PARENTS of this little braggert…….if my son got just one speeding ticket over 75 MILE PER HOUR I WOULD TAKE THE CAR AWAY FROM HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! Are you out of your minds Hulk and Linda???? This kid is only 17, has no experience driving, is a really bad driver, has no common sense, and you are putting him in a lethal weapon. It may be his friend who is paying the price now, but any innocent bystander can be paying in the future for this kids stupidity.

    I hope you read this blog and finally come down on this kid. Is he in school? Is he working? Is he smart and aware of the world around him or just his selfish little self? Seems he is just driving around like a little punk in daddys nice cars being dangerous with no PARENTAL GUIDANCE!!!!!!! Grow Up all of you!

  94. tkeduck says – reply to this


    Let him run into me and I would own the hogan family. What an asshole…

  95. Karma La Puta says – reply to this


    Stupid fucking asshole. I felt sorry for this jerk earlier this week. I hope he gets run over by a drunk driver.

  96. mustbenice says – reply to this


    so he just thought why not keep on speeding who's gonna give me a ticket because i'm known right?

  97. erica says – reply to this


    What a Punk!!!!

  98. eddy says – reply to this


    This asshole needs to be permanently removed from the road. Reading his comments of being pulled over so many times like he's hot shit, he could have killed someone. I would like to nominate this fucker for a Darwin award ahead of time. Will someone second that?

  99. Jen says – reply to this


    Daddy should have never bought the punk anything faster than a Yugo. Dumb a@#!@!!!!!

  100. Mamma Bear says – reply to this


    …and this folks is what great parenting contributes to america. Thnx Hulksters!

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