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"In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa. I got pulled over going 107 [mph] and the guy let me off. He’s like, “Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.” Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [mph]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, “I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I’ma let you go this time. It’s your second warning. You get pulled over again, you’re probably going to go to jail.” Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [mph] in a 50 [mph zone]. The guy is like, “Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.""

- Nick Hogan tells the August issue of Rides magazine

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641 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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  1. Sarah says – reply to this


    Asshole If he wants to be a racer, then he needs to do it on a course not on the freeways in Florida.

  2. Nikki says – reply to this


    What an incredible Douchebag. Hulk is so protective of his drag queen daughter ( who is amusing and MUCH prettier in person) and gives this 17 year old kid cars that go 200 mph- It is no doubt Hulk Hogans' fault this stuff is happening. I mean he looks like a retarded pinhead, and youre letting him get behind the wheel of 200k sports cars?? Hulk has taken one too many hits to the head. If this kid dies, the kid is going to jail, hopefully for years. Then where is Daddy gonna be. Youd better buy some butt plugs and stretch that hole you retarded fuck! It's prison time!!

  3. fig says – reply to this


    Maybe the hulk should focus a little on his son's behavior instead of acting as a human chastity belt for his fug daughter?

  4. casual observer says – reply to this


    and you told us this because… we needed proof he's a moron?

  5. BLAH BLAH says – reply to this


    This kid is worse than Brit Brit, Lilo, Paris and the rest of them put together. What a fucking idiot!

  6. Tara says – reply to this



    I live in Florida and I've never gotten out of a speeding ticket once, let alone twice! And certainly not in the same day!

    Nepotism is bullshit!

  7. christy says – reply to this


    Have you seen his show where his mom wants Hogan to go back into the wrestling ring at 54 so that he can earn more $$$$ for her outrageous spending habits!!!! Have you seen the dude??? Can barely walk. Way to go wife!!! The whole family only thinks about themselves and their—-strike that—- HIS money!!!

  8. Rebecca says – reply to this


    young and dumb

    hopefully he will get a wake up call, for the value of other people lifes he puts at risk with his "childish driving."

    I am surprised the Holk (his father) has not put an @ss woppen, on his punk @ss!!!!

    they have enough money to pay for him to go to a "safe track" to have all the fun he wants…… the "public roads" are not the spot for his play.

    he father needs to step up and handle this!!!!!

    (my whole family lives in Fla. and if he kills one of them, i'm NOT going to be HAPPY)

  9. Rich says – reply to this


    He's dead before he reaches 21. Perez mark my words!

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    What a loser….doesn't he realize that he could have killed someone? All these celebrites speeding and driving drunk….someone is bound to get killed eventually…hopefully it won't take that for them to learn! I guess he thought he sounded cool…but really he just sounded like a white trash idiot!

  11. me says – reply to this


    stupid idiot maybe hell learn his lesson now

  12. ROBIN says – reply to this


    what a bunch of idiots. 3 times he gets away with it in ONE NIGHT. I hope he sees that that was a sign, because the next time he probably will be dead!!!

  13. Rick says – reply to this


    He's defiantly 17… "I'm Fast and Furious biotchs!" - Yeah well, you almost killed your friend idiot, and you're just showing the world what a douchebag teenager you are. Your driving "fast and furious" is no different than any other 16-20 year old I know. You just have a faster and more expensive car than most to do it with. Good luck kid. Grow up or life will be particularly short for you.

  14. T.rex says – reply to this


    what a fuck-wit.

    and everybody knows that when you beat out karma, you don't brag about it.

  15. Perez_bathroom_friend says – reply to this


    Arrogant little fucker. You reap what you sow asshole.

  16. daveludd says – reply to this


    i wish he was in a coma

  17. DEWAYNE VINSON says – reply to this



  18. Mogul says – reply to this


    If he was a female celebrity, like LiLo or Britney, you'd be defending him. But since he's a guy, he's wrong. He should learn to go out without panties. Then people would give him a break.

  19. Bekka says – reply to this


    what a fucking loser. He deserves to go to jail for this last accident, I will never be able to watch Hogan Knows Best in the same way. I guess his parents aren't as good of people as I though they were!

  20. Bella Bella says – reply to this


    Can someone please revoke his license? This idiot shouldn't be driving. Maybe after this accident he will tone down his driving, if he doesn't he'll probably stop when either he kills someone and goes to jail, or he dies.

  21. Carissa says – reply to this


    Stupid Fucking Idiot he should go to jail! and I hope the family of his friend sues the fuck out of them. It was or is just a matter of time before he kills someone innocent like a car full of kids. I used to like his parents , but anyone who let's their son knowingly drive this way and him only having his DL for one year doesn't really love their kid and It would be very hard for me to feel any sympathy for them if they were making funeral arrangements for Nick or he was laying in a coma.

  22. dee says – reply to this


    typical idiot boy

  23. sta says – reply to this


    This little bastard needs to be taken off the freakin road.

    If he just wants to kill himself goto a track or the desert, the public roads are not made for assholes like this.


  24. SassyPants says – reply to this


    Why doesn't he tell that little story to the passenger that is in the ICU after last weeks crash. I am sure he would get a kick out of his rants. What a funny loving stupid idiot! I hope he gets his before he harms somebody else,

  25. Ashley says – reply to this


    It all sounds cool until you seriously injure/kill one of your friends. I really hope he goes to jail or SOMETHING for this. He is an idiot spoiled brat!

  26. Rodger Thompson says – reply to this



  27. MeShe says – reply to this


    He's a selfish twat! Those cops who let him go only made him braver and dumber - thinking nothing could touch him! How easily star-struck where those idiots??? That Nick retard isn't even famous by reality TV standards!

  28. ks says – reply to this


    I think that he was trying to sound cool, what a moron!

  29. missmay says – reply to this


    what a tool.

  30. katie says – reply to this


    this guy is so white trash. racing on a freeway. get a life, loser.

  31. Iddy says – reply to this


    Shame on the parents for allowing a 17 year old to (own and) drive a sports car. Mr. Hulk has taken too many steroids and Mrs. Hulk's boob implants are leaking as to why her brain is clouded.

  32. kelly2 says – reply to this



  33. lo says – reply to this


    he is a fucking idiot!!!!! sick of these low life celebs being treated like they are above the law! why are they any different?!

  34. KJ says – reply to this


    Hmmm, I'm not sure who this comment reflects worse on….Nick….OR THE TWO OFFICERS THAT LET HIM GO! Any normal person would have gotten a ticket right off the bat…1 officer. Had they been caught again they would have had a high 2nd ticket…and the 3rd cop would have throw an ordinary person in jail.

    This is why citizens don't trust cops. sleezy bastards

  35. Jules says – reply to this


    Hulk Hogan should be completely embarrassed! He made a horrible decision by letting a TEENAGER get that type of car…HE IS A KID! I don't understand what these celebrity parents are thinking!

  36. g says – reply to this


    What an entitled little prick. He'll kill himself eventually — hopefully before he kills someone else.

  37. :( says – reply to this


    fuck that kid

  38. E says – reply to this


    This is the kind of selfish, idiotic behavior that makes me shake with fear and never want to leave the house again. And just think, there are millions of people like Nick Hogan out on the road, basically marking you and your family and your CHILDREN for death. Nick should have his license taken away for life. Someday he's gonna KILL. Mark my words!

  39. pineapple88 says – reply to this


    perez, please send these comments to the hulk!!!!

    geez, what a moron. GET HIM OFF THE ROAD!

  40. TAG says – reply to this



  41. EP says – reply to this


    I think that Nick should only be allowed to drive Geo Metros or Ford Festivas from now until he's 35. And those cops who let him go should be fired!

  42. holly says – reply to this


    Okay, who made reckless driving cool? When someone peels away from the curb or flies by you on the road, do you ever think "Wow, they're awesome?" I know I don't….

  43. JP says – reply to this


    This dude is a fucking waste of space. Please let him keep driving until he kills himself.

  44. Mandi says – reply to this


    He is SUCH a retard. There is no discipline in these people.. He just sounds like a completeeeeee idiot!

  45. Mama Lynn says – reply to this


    Wow. This bitch is actually bragging about this shiz? I wish he killed himself on Sunday. What a stupid douche. Lucky he didn't kill someone else a la Brandy.

  46. Carissa says – reply to this


    What a Fucken Idiot! it was / is only a matter of time before he kills someone innocent like a car full of kids. I hope the family of his friend sues the fuck out of him what kind of parents let their son Drive Recklessly like this only having his license for one year?wtf? It would be very hard for me to feel any sympathy for them if they were burrying Nick or he was laying in a coma

  47. claudia says – reply to this


    you think he would learnt he first time! some ppl just dont care what if he like killed someone? i mean u dont wanna turn out like lindsay do u?

  48. I drive a Lotus Elise says – reply to this


    So was Hulk driving the silver Viper that Nick was racing at the time of the crash??
    The lawyers are gonna eat this up. He's hosed.

  49. claudia says – reply to this


    what if this guy killed a whole family man i mean hes gonna get his ass sewed one day bye a family that was sooo inocent

  50. Dude says – reply to this


    He's a fucking idiot, and so are the cops! Why the fuck would they let him go, since he's not even famous and knew he wasn't learning his lesson from getting caught a few minutes before? Shame on them too.

  51. Why, oh why? says – reply to this


    Seriously, what a fucking douche bag.

  52. Greek Goddess says – reply to this


    duh…..wish the rest of us go such treatment - niner

  53. Mega says – reply to this


    Those Police Officers should be charged as well for not doing their jobs. Nick is a loser like the rest of his family and let's hope he will go to jail for this, but one thing is for sure - the Hogan's will be sued for mega-bucks - their car insurance & other policies can't cover this!

  54. Lauren says – reply to this


    Hang that white boy hazardous piece of shit from his tiny peepee. Grows up and stnad on you own too feets, daddy's boy.

  55. loves it says – reply to this


    this is such crap. i got pulled over in CT for doing 63 in a 35 and got a reckless driving charge…which i deserved…and had to go to court for it. I got pulled over again for doing 53 in a 35 and got another ticket, and now the state is threatening to take my license away. it sucks for me, but makes me really glad i don't like in the south! and i definitely learned my lesson the second time

    nick hogan is an ugly tool who is only "famous" bc of his name. i really hope is friend pulls through and nick realized what a cock he is.

  56. coleo4912 says – reply to this


    is he bragging? what an idiot…. he should be the one in the fucking hospital.

  57. fishnizzle says – reply to this


    Where is Natural Selection when you need it????

  58. Erica Nicole says – reply to this


    He obviously doesn't know how to be responsible with grown up toys- he's a little boy wanting to be in a grown up world– I hope this accident woke him the fuck up! He needs a dose of the REAL WORLD! This kid has it ALL and took it for granted, as i'm sure he'll keep doing.. This kid annoys me with his wanksta ass wanna be!

  59. mandy says – reply to this


    nick hogan is a dumbfuck, too bad he wasn't paralyzed. Seems like he's mentally impaired. WTF Mr. HULK HOGAN, your parenting skills suck and keeping your eyes close on your daughter as clearly back-fired.

    you really should pay more attention to the child, not Brooke.

  60. allison says – reply to this



  61. Erica Nicole says – reply to this


    #260 is right.

    He should definitely be in the hospital instead of his friend..sounds mean but i'm sure we'll see him racing out in the streets again eventually…

  62. jarvis says – reply to this


    nick hogan has the i.q. of a 4 year old. why is this reminding me of roald dahl's charlie and the chocolate factory? the blame is not solely on him for turning out like this- it is also his parents fault he should not have cars at his disposal when he was 15. i don't know what the speed limit was in that zone that he was driving, but it is reckless driving and for that, he should have his driving priviledges taken away. either by the state of florida- or by his parents. does he even know what it's like to have a real job and pay for his own cars… his insurance…. and the hospital bills for his friend? he needs to see pictures of accidents where innocent lives were taken by fools like that. and he is publicly making the police officers look like jackasses.

  63. Rebecca says – reply to this


    (the wife was SO NOT wanting her husband to go into the ring.
    she was upset and did not even want to watch.)

  64. Mel says – reply to this


    That fuckin moron. He coulda fuckin killed somebody.

  65. TskTsk says – reply to this


    Not to justify his behavior, because I do think he should be punished in some way, as should the cops who let him go on "warnings" for going 100's of miles per hour. Really though, this is typical 17 year old behavior, rich or poor, sports car or not. We should blame the Fast and the Furious movies for glamourizing this shit! I pray that his friend makes it through OK and I'm sure this will be a huge wake up call to Nick. For all those criticizing the family, if you have kids….I'm sure there no angels. They may not speed at 100 mph on the highway, but I'm sure they partake in their own form of "deviance", what teenager doesn't at some point? And why bring Brooke into this by dissing her? She had nothing to do with this and she seems to be a level headed girl all around….stay on topic people and stop letting jealousy get the best of you!

  66. JUST SEND A CHECK FOR YOU POLICY LIMITS says – reply to this



    That quote will do him great in a civil lawsuit. Plus the stupid shitkickers of the Florida Highway Patrol (too lame to be in real law enforcement, they are accident investigators and revenue agents for the state..) sound like they did a great job of 'impartial' enforcement of the state motor vehicle laws too.

    'Hulk' - just open your checkbook now, you might be able to setlle out of court the inevitable civil suit against your barely-out-of-his- teens, driving-a-high- performance-vehicle-recklessly-on-the-public-roads-son.

    Im guessing 1.5M should handle it. Nothing like indulging a kids passion for adventure that costs other people their safety.

  67. Manda says – reply to this


    What a rich brat who thinks he's above the law. A friend of mine got arrested for getting caught going that fast, with no previous tickets. I don't see why Nick should get preferential treatment TWICE. Trashy fuck should get his license suspended for the next ten years, or he can learn some respect for other people on the road.

  68. love perez says – reply to this


    what's even worse is that there was an episode of Hogan Knows Best where Nick went to driving school and saw graphic tapes of people that had been injured and killed in reckless driving accidents.

    maybe he can watch the video again with his poor friend all bloodied up.
    good one nick

  69. Ginger says – reply to this


    Stupid,spoiled kid. I hope his passenger/friend is doing ok.He and the rest of his family are'nt just ugly, they are stupid too!

  70. Kim says – reply to this


    What a horse's ass!

  71. Rebecca says – reply to this



  72. NO COMMENT says – reply to this


    Wow your a real jerk off Perez. Printing this after this kid was in a major car crash.

  73. Kelly says – reply to this


    Sadly, this didn't teach him anything because last week he DID hurt someone very badly who is now clinging to life in the Clearwater Hospital with sever brain damage in a medically induced comma. Nick, however, has 2 cracked ribs and a broken ribs. Brag about that asshole!

  74. what a says – reply to this



  75. ed says – reply to this


    i hate this bitch. Immature little fuckkk. Should go to jail

  76. Mess says – reply to this


    SO glad my tax dollars are getting the job done.

    Dumb cops.
    Dumb kid.
    Dumb parents.

    Go back to fucking Miami.

  77. MissSaska says – reply to this


    Not sure what to think abou this guy….does he actually think that its the police fault? Am I reading into this the wrong way? He should have his license
    suspended for a couple of months….he seems to lack brains…

  78. amy says – reply to this


    Any of us would have had our license revoked ASAP

  79. Rebecca says – reply to this


    #260 "Coleo"……&…..#262 "Nicole"……=………same person
    but, i do agree w/ you
    try using "different names" whan u want 2 complament (spell check)yourself !!!


  80. Lisa says – reply to this


    Nick, You need to slow down and act like an adult. Poor John is brain dead because of you and your fast car. I blame the damn cops for letting you go also. Thats Bullshit!! Your license needs revoked and you need to grow up. If you wanna race on a track and speed that fine. To be out racing on a busy street is wrong. You're lucky you didnt hurt anybody else. I hope now you think real hard before you do it again. I know youre only 17 and kids do stupid stuff but it was very very irresponsible. Just because your dad is famous & rich you think you can do whatever you want . Thats wrong. I sure hope Hulk wasnt the one in the viper racing you. This should be a big lesson to learn. Poor John, I hope he pulls thru. By the look of the pics of your car you both are lucky to be alive. Slow down, Nick. My prayers go out to John and his family. Im glad youre ok too Nick. Please drive safe off the track.

  81. Rash Manly says – reply to this



  82. Tyranny says – reply to this


    I'd never even heard of this douchebag until he crashed. *shrug*

  83. dohertyssickkittykat says – reply to this


    he should be in prison for life, even if he never sped before, he should be locked up for being so lame.

  84. jeb says – reply to this


    will the cops ever fucking learn that they're the ones at fault here. if i were the parents of that kid in critical condition, in add'n to suing this dumb shit's ass, i'd sue the cops that have let him behave recklessly. for fuck's sake, it's bad enough that they do it with the celebs, why their fucking entitled fuck children— teach them they don't have to work, teach them they don't have to follow the rules. i don't think hulk raised his kid this way, but the rest of the world turned him into a monster- most especially the cops. i feel sorry b/c the kid fucked up and he is just a kid- stupid and don't understand consequences- but instead of making him learn the lesson the hard way by nearly killing someone, the cops could've just pulled his fucking license on the first ridiculous speeding spree he was on. i think everyone should bombard the dumbass police with negative letters, emails, calls, letters to their bosses, to their state legislators, everything. this is just fucking crazy.

  85. AL says – reply to this


    The night of the accident God gave you 3 opportunities to be safe. 3. And you didn't give a shit.!!!!!

    Now, everybody will know how stupid and selfish you are, even your best friend, the one you almost killed, will know you are a piece of shit.

    You are alive, but your name will be forever link to your stupidity that night. Money and "fame" is bullshit. When you don't have character and integrity, you have NOTHING.

  86. Way Gay says – reply to this


    Over privileged young and stupid! He has not a care in the world or respect for other people.

  87. Tina says – reply to this


    I already left comment but the more I read about this little TWAT, the more pissed I get. I didn't know his friend John (the passenger) was in the marines and in Iraq twice. Also that his brain is so swollen they can't operate.

    All I can say is that I hope John pulls through this. He and his family do not deserve this.

    I hope this scum of the earth JACKA$$ grows up and learns something.

    Also have to blame the parents and law enforcement for giving him the amunition to let this happen.

    What a little idiot!!!!!!

  88. myan us says – reply to this


    fine police work

    the poor injured guy should sue this asshole and the police.

  89. dayve says – reply to this


    what a dink… just goes to show if your famous or semi famous you can get away with anything!!

  90. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Born With A Silver Spoon In His Mouth

    his spoon is sooooooo silver that, HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD.

    it took a lot of money for me to be a mother of 3 and if his RICH little @ss takes one of my babies from "CHILD-ISH DRIVING," it is going to be GAME ON, you little PUNK!

    he needs to grow up and have compashion for others that are just going on their marry little way in this WORLD!!!

    the WORLD is full of OTHER PEOPLE not just you!!!!

  91. Jenny says – reply to this


    IDIOT! I live in Clearwater (where Nick lives)! I'm scared!

  92. wastedOne says – reply to this


    This is exactly why these douches act the way they do - they get off with everthing!!!

  93. Hogan's an ass says – reply to this


    What a TOTAL ASS!! Hope he does some jail time, loses his license, etc. What a jerk. He obviously has no thought of anyone else while driving, including himself. GROW UP LOSER!

  94. Janice says – reply to this


    What a little prick!!What parent in their right mind would gey a 17yr old boy a car like that. His parents are dumber than a mud fence.

  95. meg says – reply to this


    Point in case why insurance is so high for guys until they're 25….idiot!

  96. illusion millan says – reply to this


    LMAO @ Lindsay Lohan was chasing him in an SUV.
    Anyway, yeah.. this kid's a dickhead. He needs to grow the fuck up or get smacked the fuck up. He's not impressing anyone.
    obnoxious and retarded.

  97. jarvis says – reply to this


    o.k. first of all… let me just say- this story is really pissing people off. for the first time…. people are actually commenting… they are speaking their minds…. and i don't think i've ever seen the word "douchebag" been used so much against one person! also…. a sign that it is really getting to people is that people aren't saying "first" as their comments… and they are not repeating their same sentence a bizillion times just to waste space. it's cause nick hogan is a waste of space. rock on! tell the hulkster…. tell jeb…. tell the police. let this twit rot in jail… be locked up in his mansion…. and have a mandatory sentence that he visit families that have lost loved ones due to drag racing and also wipe the butts of those that been paralyzed because of drag racing… when all they were doing was following the traffic rules and ooops… made a right turn in front of an ongoing drag race. i hope that nick has the balls to read all these comments so his smug face will be wiped off and he will be reduced to the person he really is… a snot nosed, spoiled brat who is living off of his father's fame.

  98. neenee says – reply to this


    What a dick! I hope he get's his ass sued off! I hate all of these punk's who get famous off there parent's hard work. There worthless media whores. It's to bad he's not the one in critical condition.

  99. bunsen says – reply to this


    Another idiot spending daddy's money. WTF has this kid ever done on his own?

    He's gonna kill somebody. Those cops who let him off should be put in jail.

  100. Christina says – reply to this


    Can you smell the payout that's gonna come from the civil litigation to come?? Don't even fight it Hulk, the stupid boy's already signed the check for you in a million different ways.

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