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So, Did You Watch????

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What did you think of MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar????
What did you think of MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar????
What did you think of MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar????

And….more importantly…..

How did Perez do??????????????
How did Perez do??????????????
How did Perez do??????????????
How did Perez do??????????????
How did Perez do??????????????

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727 comments to “So, Did You Watch????”

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  1. Tara says – reply to this


    You did great!! Team Perez all the way!!!

  2. Lay says – reply to this


    U SUCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yolanda says – reply to this


    That was sooooo cool!!!! PEREZ #1!!!!!!!!

  4. Jess-nasty says – reply to this



    soooooooooooooooo good PeePee. love you :)

  5. teddi-girl says – reply to this


    shar i so gonna win…..shes awesome!

    perez u suck…stick with your day job!

    love ya p-nasty

  6. Kathyaaa says – reply to this


    the day it premiered; i didnt get to see you, i started watching it when that fat girl started singing "Lipgloss". But i saw you this morning. You performed better than expected. I was very happy when they picked you for the next round. You owned it!
    Good job!

    PS. die your hair some other color.
    or shave off your mustache.

  7. Erin says – reply to this


    Perez, you did AMAZINGLY well!! I can't wait to see your next performance! I think Shar Jackson may have more talent than K-Fed AND Britney!

  8. farrahgluvzperezz says – reply to this


    perez u were freakin adorable!

    teammm perreezzzz!

  9. Jackie says – reply to this


    ahhhhhhh perez!
    you were amazing!

  10. Joey says – reply to this


    U suck, yer quite Fug, and you make fags look like fugs , Pull yer self 2gether man !

  11. Angelica says – reply to this


    u were great! and think that people will want to see u next week keeep doing ure hip hop because u were awesome!

  12. Scarlett says – reply to this


    That show is poppin.
    I loved it.
    I voted for Perez and F-Fed's Normal Baby's Momma.
    Perez, You were hella Dope!

  13. Chass says – reply to this


    OMG ! Perez you did awsome !!!!! I was waiting to start voting for you, but they new better and kept you on !! Your gonna win !!!! I freakin LOVE YOU !!!

  14. dA LilZ says – reply to this


    You pwned it, brah

  15. Heather says – reply to this


    I absolutely loved it! Perez, you are my hero! I thought you did a fantasstic job. That was a hard song but you rock it baby! Love you!

  16. natti9 says – reply to this


    perez you were awesome!!!

  17. Cadence says – reply to this


    hehe i def watched i voted liek 20 times for u!!! luv ya perez xoxo

  18. mercy boachie says – reply to this


    I love Britney new single,she has to keep it up.

  19. love you! says – reply to this


    aww perez. i don't like the show, i think it's boring. but i watched it for you =]
    i stopped watching it when you were finished with your 'right thurr' thing. i made my sister stay and make sure you didn't get voted off.
    love you bud!

  20. Jenny says – reply to this


    You were the best!!!! You really got some skilzzzzzz?!!! I love you!

  21. Britta says – reply to this


    I must say that I was shocked…I didn't know that girl friend had it in him! All of the sudden the queen turned harcore rapper, and I was frightened! haha great job P-Nasty

  22. Amy says – reply to this


    Kudos!!! You rocked the house P-Nasty! I made my fiance watch it with me and he even thought you did good. I think he wants to watch it again b/c of you! Keep up the good work! Give props to Tone-Loc too!

  23. Susan G-K says – reply to this


    YOU DID SO GOOD! I really really enjoyed it!

  24. bad kitty says – reply to this


    love you perez you were hot

  25. Lana says – reply to this


    hallo leute,
    ich komme aus Deutschland, wollte nur mal hi sagen!!!

  26. Aimee says – reply to this


    Perez did okay for a gay white guy. I was not oober impressed, but I was not dissapointed either. I was enticed by the way Perez made some explicit moves on the dance floor. OOH LA LA!!!

    *And also; I am a huge Britney Spears fan, and I am really rooting for her. I have been through a lot and lost myself in the past. I think her life must be hard. But most importantly…I really hope that is not her singing and not really her song "Cold As Fire". GOOD GOD IT'S BAD!!!

  27. mserica says – reply to this


    i never heard of perez until the commercials started on mtv for the show, but love him to death, perez you did an awesome job, you just need to work on the clothes a little and your bounce, love the way you make the songs yours, to sum it up you and sebastion are the best white rappers on there so if you work on you rhythm and style i think you'll win, dont look so heart broken when the judges give you a bad critique, you almost made me cry this week, but you're doing great

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