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Whoring It Out

| Filed under: Film FlickersOlsen Twins


Mary-Kate recently landed a recurring role on the Showtime hit Weeds. Now, twin Ashley is returning to work too.

The blonder Olsen just scored a role in the new film The Informers, an adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis book.

The pic features seven intersecting storylines taking place over one week in Los Angeles, circa 1983.

In the movie, Ashley will play "a sexually promiscuous girl" - and that's all that is known.

It shouldn't be a stretch!

Other actors cast in the film include: Brandon Routh, Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger and drunk diver Austin Nichols.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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130 comments to “Whoring It Out”

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  1. Lopez says – reply to this



  2. Momo says – reply to this



  3. xdfgsdfsdaf says – reply to this


    perez! sex me plz

  4. xdfgsdfsdaf says – reply to this


    perez! sex me plz! i dont care if your fat rolls crush me your still sexay

  5. Tal says – reply to this


    fourth, beezys

  6. hana says – reply to this



  7. Adrian says – reply to this


    first bitches, i love this shit!

  8. corky says – reply to this


    drunk "diver"????????

  9. aliblahba says – reply to this



  10. The BIg One1 says – reply to this


    I would say that i would fuck them, but i can't get the image of "Michelle Tanner" out of my head when i think about them. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  11. Kels says – reply to this



  12. Adrian says – reply to this


    i am first in line hoes!

  13. Adrian says – reply to this


    i love Ashley. she is such a hoe! i wish i could date her!

  14. drew says – reply to this


    love her. im a twin too.

  15. duh says – reply to this


    wow. sometimes you suck, perez

  16. Fla Freak says – reply to this


    Fab! "The Informers" is a great set of stories. I especially love the vampires in "The Secrets of Summer". Bret Easton Ellis rules!

  17. tina says – reply to this



  18. Liztron says – reply to this


    Lame, I can't stand the Olson twins.

  19. b-don says – reply to this


    she looks like a mon che che

  20. convictoria says – reply to this



  21. Kala says – reply to this


    I think she looks awesome tons better then the recent pics of hers!

  22. killallfags says – reply to this


    leave my baby alone. kill all fags

  23. Ginger says – reply to this


    Perez, who cares about the Olsen bitchs?!

  24. Bob says – reply to this


    Loved her in Full House!

  25. BHpug says – reply to this


    How about a separated at birth item of Ashley olsen and the big stone thing outside of Maxfield's that is behind her in the photo you have up?

  26. john says – reply to this


    i fucked her up the ass she is promiscuous

  27. dora,greece says – reply to this


    i WISH i could have Mary -Kate's weight.
    she is the best thinspiration for me.

  28. jarvis says – reply to this


    good for her- bret easton ellis an awesome writer… too bad his movies all end up like shite!!!

  29. hed says – reply to this


    ash and mk were already in a movie with austin nichols (holiday in the sun - with megan fox as well)

  30. wowseyCASTRO says – reply to this


    WTF? It is almost 4:00 Miami time. Will they announce Castro's death today? Or will you tell us what happened and why you are not confirming or retracting your opinion?

  31. Ginx says – reply to this


    Well everybody in the acting industry don't want to play a square person all the time, and start to be known as a "American Sweetheart". Then when you make one small mistake in your life, everybody wants to judge you. So I have to say good for you Olsen twins. There's nothing wrong with playing a character that not full of sunshine and rainbows, that stay indoors and reads a book on every weekend night.

  32. Paula says – reply to this


    Where'd that statue of Priscilla Presley in the background come from?

  33. Is That Castro? says – reply to this


    Holy Cow, Is that Castro in her bag? Where could he be?

  34. lindsay lohan says – reply to this


    castro report? TODAY

  35. LameAss says – reply to this


    Why do these lame ass ho's always walk…texting on their cell as if they actually have a business life! The Olsen sluts don't know a balance sheet from a cook book. Kudos to them for having money in the bank. Now go whore yourselves to little boys and girls and peddle your monkey clothing line. These twits don't have any acting talent at all.

  36. hizzle says – reply to this


    at least they're doing somthing!

  37. Smell ya later says – reply to this


    Ugh I do NOT like these two. Read an article about them this weekend that made them sound like savvy business moguls or something.
    Well, if you grow up in a rich family who pimps you out to studios as an infant and throughout your childhood, you're going to be able to slip into the role of calculating businesswoman quite easily when you're older.
    I also resent them being portrayed as fashionistas. Have you ever seen some of the stuff they wear? Its like 1,000 dollar t-shirts and 8,000 dollar leather pants, of course they are going to look good. You can't get that kind of look at Old Navy lemme tell ya.
    Of course if you buy top designer items you will look good. You have to be PRETT-Y clueless if you have billions of dollars and can't put a stylish outfit together using designer items!

  38. bethy says – reply to this


    hm cant wait to see weeds

  39. GlamSceneGirl says – reply to this


    I'm psyched for Ash's big return… (more so that MK's.) Adore her!

  40. Perez Lover says – reply to this


    Isn't their 15 minutes of fame way over by now????

  41. LittleTiajuana says – reply to this


    don't talk shit, this lady has her act together. she knows how to work it.

  42. addie says – reply to this


    ready to see her back on screen!

  43. ruby raven says – reply to this


    She's promiscous? w/whom?

  44. justint says – reply to this


    that was my least favorite brett easton ellis reading.

  45. cails. says – reply to this


    10 bucks says.. ASHLEY OLSEN AND AUSTIN NICHOLS hook up during filming… yay or nay?

  46. Lu says – reply to this


    Is that a YSL bag she's carrying? It's cute.

  47. Zimbabwe oondabi says – reply to this


    The olsens look a little like chimpanzees to me. I am curious , however, what they look like naked, or in a bathingsuit

  48. perez bitch says – reply to this


    yays i heart her

  49. jeb says – reply to this


    good luck to them. it'd be nice to see them make a successful transition out of the fluff world (out of which they've made millions, of course- but i'm sure they're bored with ny minutes lived over and over)—-

  50. Leah says – reply to this


    ashley isn't a whore.

  51. Jamie says – reply to this


    "It shouldn’t be a stretch!" Haha, pun.

  52. jeb says – reply to this


    i can see people not understanding or "getting" the olsen buzz, but i can't seeflat out disliking them— sounds like jealousy to me. go twins! (i find them mezmorizing in a muppet kind of way— like, their bodies are kind of squished at the neck and midsection… and the legs are kind of shapeless like kermit or something… but, they're still cute, like kermit.

  53. J Bravo says – reply to this


    This movie will destroy yet another Ellis novel. The girl can't act. And everyone is insane if they actually think that Warners is going to let their franchise boy Superman be in a movie about Vampires, Sex, and Drugs. STOP BUTCHERING ELLIS NOVELS!

  54. jennifer says – reply to this


    DIVING under the influence? Isn't that really dangerous? Isnt that a good way for a diver to get the bends?

  55. marion says – reply to this


    27, are you joking?? i am so tired of the americans, most consuming culture but always trying to cover it up with forced-strained thinness. the irony of a 90 pound girl wearing thousands of dollars of clothing is ridiculous, america is rich and fat but they are embarassed to physically embody it!

  56. MissPinkKate says – reply to this


    I think that picture is of Mary-Kate….

  57. T says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHA it's funny to read what all the HATERS are saying!!! But i bet all you wish you were rich like them!!!

  58. Joel says – reply to this


    I love weeds, i can not wait to see what the fuck she is going to do. fuck her son, maybe the younger one? do drugs? the sky is the limit…….. you go girl !!!

  59. Kate says – reply to this


    YAYYYY!!!! I love the Olsen twins…. they are both so talented!

  60. Scooter says – reply to this


    Damn, does anybody realize how hot Ash-Ol Looks in this picture?!

  61. Perez is on the hilton payroll says – reply to this


    You are taking potshots at Ashley who seems far from a tramp yet you protect herpes ridden ebola hilton? Just a little biased Perez?

  62. Yethica says – reply to this


    I just find it really, really interesting that the NYTimes fashion folks love these girls. They called them "Fashion Gremlins" in a recent article, which I tend to think is apt. The Olsen Twins take a huge amount of "risks" (according to the boring-ass American fashion trends) in their attire when, really, they just dress like the fashionistas in Paris — not the US — which I tend to think is actually a lot more adventurous and fun. The article actually likened them to Parisian fashion editors — a very good comparison, since I've seen a few and many of them dress in this haute-sloppy manner. Anyways, good for them. And yeah, they're not rocking the Old Navy jeans and whatnot, but who can blame them?? If I was worth millions of dollars, I would dress in crazy expensive clothing too. I think all of you people who love to knock them are really just jealous that they (a) have cooler clothes at their disposal and (b) have more money than you'll ever even be able to sneeze at in this lifetime. Just sayin'…

  63. ashhh says – reply to this


    she is so pretty and have great skin who agress with me

  64. kelly says – reply to this


    Bret Easton Ellis (author of the informers) is amazing! Hopefully it will be a good movie. More like American Psycho then The Rules of Attraction.

  65. MINA says – reply to this


    She is having a scene on Fidel Castro's grave

  66. Aimee says – reply to this


    Oh yes Perez, I can't stand those "drunk diver"s…always splashing around on people

  67. ju says – reply to this


    Now they are all grown up can u start dishing the dirt - in UK mag Perez said the olsens are bad girls but private about it - dish dish - who's Ashley's secret boyfriend (she mentioned him in Marie Claire article saying shes glad noone know who he is yet)? and why don't we see MK with Max anymore (not since birthday 21st party pics)?

  68. To Yethica #62 says – reply to this


    I didn't say they should wear Old Navy dumbass. I said you can't get the look they are wearing AT Old Navy! There are some fricken' stupid people on this site :(

  69. Simone says – reply to this


    Yes. I AM jealous of them for being rich, but I wouldn't be if they actually contributed something to society that warranted their extreme wealth! Why can't people understand that??

  70. Monica says – reply to this


    Why don't you leave them alone… the olsen twins… how would you like it if your life was in the public life forever… would you really like your personal life out there? obviously not and i'm sure you over exaggerate and stretch the truth a million times… she is just like anyone else in this world… stop making comments like that….

  71. Alex says – reply to this


    hey anyone know who makes the shades? i wanna cop a pair

  72. Frosted lucky charms- says – reply to this


    They're magically delicious!

  73. Marrissa says – reply to this


    Why would you say that?I never hear anything bad about her.She's not even a media whore!! I'm beginning to think that this is really Paris's blog and you are just her cover.

  74. Starla says – reply to this


    Good for them. I love these twins….and the haters too!

  75. t says – reply to this


    #69….So you must be jealous of almost every rich person then, because most dont 'contribute' to society…they make THEIR money and do what they need to do for THEMSELVES……maybe you should find the Lord and He can help you comfort/deal with those jealous unhealthy feelings…..:-)

  76. elise says – reply to this


    This just reminded me that these girls never do anything. Jeez. No wonder i don't care.

  77. aimey says – reply to this


    yay I love brett easton ellis and I LOVE the Olsen twins!

  78. emgee says – reply to this


    don't try start some shit about the good twin phatty p . she's a saint!

  79. DarvuliA says – reply to this


    That girl's hot!!! It is great to see a girl withoiut fake tits once in a while.

  80. Been waiting totalk to you says – reply to this


    Starla is that YOU!? :)

  81. Dionne Warlock says – reply to this


    What many people don't realize is that the twins have been around for a lot longer than we think. Try 500 years ;)

  82. torahbabe says – reply to this


    Why is there a statue of Ashley behind her??

  83. bonita says – reply to this


    These girls aren't pretty, they can't act, they're like a waste of space.

  84. Sara G. says – reply to this


    ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don't butcher it..

  85. Mark says – reply to this


    Wow! Superman [Brandon Routh] is in this movie! Interesting! Maybe we can se if he REALLY can act!

  86. Dark says – reply to this


    All I can say is, "FUCK YEAH" another Bret Easton Ellis flick .. we need More ! Good job Perez ~

  87. Sammy says – reply to this


    These girls are actually 2 of the more decent of young hollywood! Lohan & Britney are the ones who you can say whore it up…but not the Olsen's! btw…Ashley looks WAY better than her way too thin anorexic twin Mary-Kate.

  88. No, no, Olsen says – reply to this


    Hello Producers of The Informers! Guess what?! I will be one of the millions who will NEVER–I mean NEVER–pay a penny to see anything 'acted' by any Olsen chick. Sorry. Cutness as a child doesn't equal talent as an adult.

  89. aaaamanda says – reply to this


    scarves are soooo in this SUMMER.

  90. lnz says – reply to this


    eeek i love the olsen twins, i have the biggest girl crush on them ahha

  91. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    Good I want to see them act as adults. Really they have done nothing but the sister kid act, except for the New York Minute feature film I never saw and never will. Hope they are both brilliant in their new separate rolls. We shall see. It's just acting people, not rocket science.

  92. carrie says – reply to this


    Nothing worse than a drunk DIVER, lol….bastards

  93. holly says – reply to this


    Perez, you only wish some one would whore you out. Do you hate the fact that you have to be your own pimp?

  94. holly says – reply to this


    Perez, you only wish some one would whore you out. Do you hate the fact that you have to be your own pimp?

  95. Meeshell says – reply to this


    Does anyone know where I can find her sunglasses?? LOVE THEM

  96. 5652 says – reply to this


    i'm glad both my girls are going back to work… i've missed them!

  97. neeeenz says – reply to this


    does anybody know what kind of purse she is carrying? i want it! :o )

  98. Maddy says – reply to this



  99. krissy says – reply to this


    I love Ellis. I don't know how I feel about this.

  100. Mel says – reply to this


    Somebody PUFF out that Perez cartoon, puleeez!! I didn't even know that was suppose to be him!

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