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The Fresh Prince Of Lompoc

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Damn, Will Smith's son is a hottie!

Perezcious reader had a run-in with the actor on Thursday, and he was kind enough to send us some pics and tell us about the doting dad known as Big Willy.

"Will Smith travelled up the California Coast today to the lackluster town of Lompoc, CA, today. He went to see his son Trey Smith, play his first game of Football for the Oaks Christina Academy. On the field after the game was also Wayne Gretzky, whose son Trevor Gretzky, plays alongside Trey Smith. After the game, Will embraced Trey, and showed true support for Trey in this venture. Will mentioned to some fans that he won't be able to see many games this year, because he is shooting his next flick, Clint Howl this autumn."

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128 comments to “The Fresh Prince Of Lompoc”

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  1. one says – reply to this



  2. lisa says – reply to this


    First - I love Will Smith!

  3. the rocks wifey says – reply to this


    2nd bitchez omg will smith is so damn flippin sexy and so is hes sexy ass son. muy caliente!!

  4. the rocks wifey says – reply to this


    wtf did my comment even show up?? either way will smill and son are bangable!!

  5. Katherine says – reply to this


    Father of the Year!!!
    (David Beckham = close runner up)

  6. Ivy says – reply to this



  7. IMGAY says – reply to this



  8. spiceyicy says – reply to this


    I dont think that son is jadas kid but his first girl and jada looked alikeand this son could easily pass for jadas son. He looks like the both of them. Very cute. awww the teen acne. that will pass. he is well on his way to gorgeous.

  9. ME says – reply to this


    how sweet! at least somebody is a good baby daddy :)

  10. Mel says – reply to this


    Will Smith is SEXY!!!

  11. Pj says – reply to this


    Shooooooot….WILL is a HOTTIE!!!!

  12. spiceyicy says – reply to this


    I know will is greying early but i like him with the dyed hair. He looks so handsome.

  13. spiceyicy says – reply to this


    its funny to see people that are 6, 7 or 8th even..say things like "FIRST BITCHeS" you truly look like a fool. its so funny

  14. Beevers says – reply to this


    Will And Jada Smith are the best. You never hear about them or their kids doing anything stupid. Good on them!

  15. jackie says – reply to this


    Just wanted to be NEAR the top! I love Will Smith!

  16. Jules says – reply to this


    This story made me sad.

  17. Sjeng says – reply to this



  18. kortnee!!! says – reply to this


    dude your reader is retarted..oaks christian is in westlake california..nowhere near lompoc.

  19. VISIT KATRINEHOLM WILL! says – reply to this


    By the way, Will Smith visited Sweden for the premier of his film I, Robot. You should too. See stockholmcountyside.com and pay a visit to Sweden. In fact, come vacation at the best small town in Sweden-Katrineholm-relax and enjoy yourself! So…

    Välkommen till Sveriges Lustgården! (Welcome to Sweden's Pleasure Garden!)

  20. inadee says – reply to this


    wow that makes me feel old.. I remember when Trey was just a little kid!

  21. Jo says – reply to this


    hes awesome =]

  22. areatha says – reply to this


    #8 you're right. His oldest son is by his previous wife whom he married when they were both in their early twenties and much too young to marry. Nobody, men or women, should get married that young. They should wait until they are at least in their early 30's.

  23. TwentySomething says – reply to this



  24. BB says – reply to this


    Will and Jada seem like such an amazing cople..
    gorgeous devoted to thier kids, never in scandal, funny as hell and so successful.
    they also seem genuinely in love..

    very very hard to find all these qualities in hollywood these days..

    i think they are very lucky….

  25. James Nick says – reply to this


    Damn! Forget the son…Will Smith is a HOTTIE!!!

  26. Carol says – reply to this


    Boooo, Lompoc isnt a lackluster town…..

  27. kat says – reply to this


    will smith is so fine

  28. icky nappy says – reply to this


    no not really……… but he ain't ugly……

  29. Becca says – reply to this


    What happened to the cute little kid in his "Just the Two of Us" video??? Jeez! Can't believe he's gotten so big!

  30. Vickie says – reply to this


    is that the same son from the MV for "just the two of us"?

  31. ames says – reply to this


    trey is totally cute, but needs some proactive…

  32. Steph says – reply to this


    WOW! What good genes on that team! Gretzky's son?!?!

    I bet Will Smith must hang out with a ton of NBA stars - imagine the informal coaching Trey's received through the years!!!

  33. proactiv plug says – reply to this


    this is child cruelty. why does this child have acne when his dad makes $10 mil a movie? can't he afford proactiv? even i can and i work at the local hot dog shack.

  34. Les says – reply to this


    It's a sad statement on society when we fall all over ourselves to applaud a parent for doing what they are supposed to be doing - supporting their children in sports, education, etc. He does seem like a good father.

  35. Steve says – reply to this


    They're both really ugly. Hopefully he's not as shameless and self-promoting as his cheesy dad…and yeah, the kid needs a dermatologist ASAP!

  36. GP says – reply to this




    (I'm surprised Perez even knows of its existence!)

  37. stickaforkinher says – reply to this


    Willy dyed his hair!! no more gray.

  38. queenie says – reply to this


    it's Oaks Christian , not Christina.

  39. beer says – reply to this


    Sorry but that kid is fugly. Can't he close his damned mouth?

  40. Neneh says – reply to this


    Jesus, that boy looks just like his dad- and almost as tall already! Wow! But where is his mom??? And where is Jada and the other two kids? And why is he going to THAT school???? Weird! Anyways, nappy hair or good hair- the 'fro is a dead horse! Cut it off!

  41. prunesxx says – reply to this


    HOW DID THESE MONKEY ESCAPE FROM THE ZOO??????????????????????

  42. Sonni says – reply to this


    a) Lompoc is like 75% lackluster and 25% dirty anymore and

    b) whoever said that that school is nowhere near Lompoc obviously never heard of "away games" in high school. Clearly Lompoc was the home team. dumbasses.

  43. Terry says – reply to this


    I feel like this kid has never had the quality time with Dad the younger two get. :(

  44. Size Queen says – reply to this


    #36 despite your assessment that both will and his son are ugly, i'm sure that they are swimming in way more high quality snatch than you can even fathom. but if your words hurt them, i'm sure they can use their millions of dollars to find a way to heal. personally, i'd rather be them than you.

  45. butt probe says – reply to this


    #42 these monkeys escaped cause your rent-a-cop dad was too busy banging his sister (your mother) on the job. needless to say, after he was fired, your dad lost the trailer that had been in the family for 5 generations. tough break.

  46. JaimeSayz says – reply to this


    Not sexy at all, he's what, 12? And what is with the "lackluster town" comment? I'm thrilled that not every town is as lustrous as hollywood. Sheesh.

  47. Monkey Turd a.k.a. Perez The Turdster says – reply to this


    No he ain't!!! Who are you seeing? He looks like a Pekingnese with acne! Will on the other hand is DAMN HOT!!!
    Perezy you're such a turd.

  48. stefystef says – reply to this


    Trey is his son from his first wife. Wayne Gretzky's son plays foorball? Wow, that's different.

  49. Emily says – reply to this


    this is my brothers and sisters high school. its oaks christian and its in westlake not lompoc.

  50. yajaira says – reply to this


    love him, he's an amazing actor, and they are THE ONLY NORMAL FAMILY LEFT IN HOLLYWOOD, keep up the good work!!

  51. Alisa says – reply to this


    Oh Will Smith….you're so effing dreamy!! His son is hot too, but it's all about Big Willy!

  52. yajaira says – reply to this


    everyones has acne, even will, look at the pics, THEY'RE HUMAN, no robots

  53. b says – reply to this


    good thing he didn't get robbed in Lompton.

  54. sexyback says – reply to this


    It's Oaks Christian School - not Oak Christina Academy…

  55. shandidarlington says – reply to this


    pizza face just like his dad.

  56. Carissa says – reply to this


    Cool! I also live in northern Santa Barbara County about 15 min. North in Santa Maria. I will be checking out one of Treys games in hopes of catching a Glimpse of The Fresh Prince. That School is locally famous for their football team. I ran into Alfonso Rebeiro last week at The Angels vs. Yankees Game in Anaheim it made my night! wish he would have let me take a pic though.

  57. Aliecat says – reply to this


    CHRISTINA Academy?!

  58. pg says – reply to this


    you think he's a hottie with all those zits!!!

  59. carissa says – reply to this


    Hey Kortnee you are a retard it is not in westlake it's in Lompoc! there may not be much else in the town , but Oak christian is! I live their it was on our local news Dumbass!

  60. Lompoc AKA Mayberry says – reply to this


    LOMPOC - pronounced Lompoke - is a WONDERFUL place. We lived there for 7 years and both my girls graduated from CABRILLO H.S.
    Shout out to the GREAT PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE!!!!!

  61. Emz says – reply to this


    FYI Lompoc is a CITY not a town you retards

  62. iloveperez says – reply to this


    Hey Perez.
    Will smith's my second cousin.
    And i met my 3rd cousin.
    Isnt he a hottie.
    But I can't date blood lmfao

  63. shelovesglitter says – reply to this



  64. Sarah says – reply to this


    To # 63.

    Legally, you can boink your 2nd and 3rd cousins. Just not the 1st cousins. So you go, girl!!!

  65. TT says – reply to this


    I dont think so..He needs some Proactive

  66. Local D says – reply to this


    it's Oaks CHRISTIAN Academy (not Christina)

  67. shik says – reply to this


    Ummmmmm. Perez. I love you - BUT, that kid is a pimply, 13 year old awkward teenager. Really.

  68. ALF says – reply to this


    I love Will Smith, what a class act, Jada is awesome too, TONIGHT HE COMES!
    The fresh prince is number #1 in my book. loved the Pursuit of Happiness, Hitch, Men in Black, Enemy of the State. Will Smith Rocks!

  69. Phoenix frying pan says – reply to this


    Why is his son "trey". I think "plate" or "saucer" sounds more prettier, y'all.

  70. Steve says – reply to this


    "Christina" academy! Get someone to edit your stuff, Christina-Perez.

  71. anon says – reply to this


    Will Smith has the most gorgeous kids in Hollywood, all 3 of them.

  72. anon. says – reply to this


    its OAKS CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL not oaks christina academy…

  73. Lompoc Sucks says – reply to this


    I can't believe I missed the most exciting thing to happen in Lompoc — ever? Lompoc sucks!

  74. Cinderella says – reply to this


    Teen acne is such a bitch.

  75. Lauren says – reply to this


    Lompoc is NOT a city! I'm stationed in this crap hole and can't wait to get the fuck out of here next year. It smells like butt and feet here. Besides the AFB the only other claim to fame this town has is the damn prison.

  76. Maddie says – reply to this


    #46 - Butt Probe: Couldn't have said it better.

  77. Dave says – reply to this


    CORRECTION: Oaks Christian Academy is in Thousand Oaks, CA–where both Smith and Gretzky live.

  78. Allnight says – reply to this


    I love Will Smith, he is so perfect in everyway. I wish more black people were like him. The world would be perfect!

  79. Tangerine says – reply to this


    Come ON. Let's be REAL here people. I spent many MANY years growing up there and those of you from Lompton KNOW that it's honestly 75% TWEAKER and 25% DIRTY. There ain't SHIT good about that sorry ass town. Graduated myself from Cabrillo High School Class of 1993. Anyone remember the Vandenberg Credit Union Robbery Attempt???
    Now…..Will Smith on the OTHER hand….very sorry I missed that. Yummmm…..

  80. Ashley C says – reply to this


    For all you saying Oaks Christian is in Westlake-no duh! they traveled to Lompoc for an away game! wow. And Lompoc is where I was born and riased and it may be pretty small but you cant beat the weather or beaches of central California so dont hate!
    Oh & Will Smith will always be hott!

  81. Lola says – reply to this


    Don't Scientologists have their own High Schools?

  82. LovelivininLompoc says – reply to this


    Lompoc is not lackluster! it may be small and it may not be LA or NY but dont fault it just cos it is little. Take it back Perez…btw luv ya

  83. Ashley says – reply to this


    LMFAO!!!!!!! will smith comes to town and everyone acts like its the biggest thing in the world!! LMAO!!! lompoc is a pathetic ghetto ass town, i lived there all my life so yea lompoc is LACKLUSTER!!! THANK YOU PEREZ FOR POINTING THAT OUT!!!!! you lompoc people live in a damn bubble an act like no other places exist ouside lompoc….well….except for Santa Maria and thats about it. get out once in a while and be a little more worldly

  84. lex says – reply to this


    U r so gross! Admiring the looks of a teenage boy is not cool.

  85. Allison says – reply to this


    Will is looking a little old…you can see it by his eyes

  86. brandi says – reply to this


    The school's name is OAKS CHRISTIAN not christina….

  87. the princess says – reply to this


    i love will smith,and his son is actually ok!

  88. danielle says – reply to this


    i'd tapp thattt ,

  89. Mrs. Duggar's Vagina says – reply to this


    90th bitches!

    I HATE Will Smith! He is a shiteous actor!

  90. DR.FUNK says – reply to this


    Almost as tall as his old man. Reciever? Safety? QB?

  91. PEREZEY says – reply to this


    Perez - are you lusting for children now? And you judge other people.

  92. Kristan says – reply to this


    Lompoc is such a silly little town. A bunch of my family lives there and I'm really glad I don't. =)

  93. lulu says – reply to this


    haha how many others oaks christian kids are posting here…
    oaks christian high school is in westlake village…

    its basically a celebrity child magnet

  94. amanda says – reply to this


    weird…i went to lackluster lompoc high…

  95. Lola says – reply to this



  96. knuck says – reply to this


    Lompoc, lol, how funny. Grew up there. Lackluster, yes, but at least it wasn't dirty like some people claim and probably made it so. Cabrillo H.S. '86.

  97. molly says – reply to this


    They go to Oaks Christian in Westlake Village.
    Not Oaks Christina in Lompoc.
    I know a chick who went out with Trevor Gretzky.

  98. jackie says – reply to this


    the kid looks like that fluffy-haired guy on passions: vincent hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaah

  99. Leesh says – reply to this


    How funny! My sister lives in Lompoc and just e-mailed me some pix of him as well! Yes it is a lackluster little city/town, whatever you want to call it. Definitely the most exciting thing to happen to them!

  100. oaks christian alum says – reply to this


    Ayeee I went to Oaks Christian before all the celebrities started sending their kids there…no fair, haha.

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