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In Case You Missed It….

| Filed under: Britney Spears

Click here to watch Britney's VMA performance disaster!

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1265 comments to “In Case You Missed It….”

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  1. voice of reason says – reply to this


    I really believed she hadnt a clue what she was doing and forgetting how to lip synch lol britney you kidder……what….that was real??!! ok then …
    The song was good britney looked ok but maybe with a bit more clothes on it's not as if she was gonna get hot doing that dance routine! I just think it was too much too soon. Brit get help because you're setting yourself up for a really big fall.
    I feel the need to quote homer simpson on this performance
    "You tried and you failed miserably, Lesson is never try"

    At least she didn't do a winehouse and run off stage to throw up!!

  2. The Infamous Dr. Para says – reply to this


    Well, I can say I certainly haven't seen such a good train wreck in a while. However, it had potential and the song is ok, but if she doesn't make an effort, really what's the point?

  3. Pleasssse says – reply to this


    for all the people that say give her a break….grow up…she generates over $700,000 per MONTH in income doing nothing worth watching…now she is a big fat loser on & off stage wanting her fans attention while giving under performances…so for everyone that still loves her thats how little her fans mean to her!! she should never have make it the way she did with zero talent. There is so much more talent "out there" so lets give talent a try for once and put ms. spears where her big blubber ass belongs….in the street

  4. trampabitch says – reply to this


    the bitch shoulda done a line or 2 before this shit.

  5. johnnieboi says – reply to this


    crak…no CRAX…. crack killz!

  6. mandarin says – reply to this


    I love love love that Sarah Silverman ripped Britney! Someone had to! Too funny! Brit Brit's stunk; her performance was lame and pathetic. Ha Ha to MTV for choosing her to open….we turned the channel the awards were so lame, and I thought to myself these celebutaunts shoud be embarassed to be there. What a bunch of losers!
    P.S. JT was hilarious as well. Rippen on the Simpson's and talking smack about reality tv after those Hills skanks gave him an award!

  7. OP says – reply to this


    Just caught the clip on your page. Glad I didn't watch last night. Watching the clip Britney looked like a disaster. Reminds me of a six grader with socks on and a hair brush singing in mirror she didn't know the words to [clumsey]. Hope Paris got a climps in the mirror watching Brit and how stupid they look.
    I thought Britney could dance. She didn't even do that??? She did nothing. VMA made money. They knew Britney couldn't pull it off. Brit needs to get some help for herself and take a five year vacation before trying again. SAD VERY SAD!

  8. incognito says – reply to this


    come on, not really that bad. Atleast she looks better than 85% of the strippers that work at the Cheetah in ATL…for a woman with two kids, that's saying something.

  9. Yaya! says – reply to this


    Oki….the performance was like a joke! If anyone thought she sang live…bohooooo u r wrong…dead wrong….and somewhat blind!
    Let's just not comment on her weight, she looked good for giving birth twice within the last couple of years.
    Sad…very very sad..Britney!

  10. Kindylu says – reply to this


    I think you're crazy. I loved here song a damn she looks great, compared to the fuckup she has been this past year. At least she is trying to get back in the game. Leave the her alone, she is trying!!!

  11. Jodi says – reply to this


    White Trash!!!

  12. Sharli says – reply to this


    What the hell was her management thinking? I am a Britney Spears fan; have been for years. I love Britney! This was a HUGE opportunity for her and she blew it. MTV gave her the chance to prove everyone wrong, to come out and do a kick ass performance and she dropped the ball. As a fan it was painful to watch. As soon as they zoomed in on the back of that badly glued weave I knew things were gonna be bad. She should not be allowed to dress herself and her people should be fashionably obligated to burn most of her clothing, including what she wore last night. They should have done her hair big and curly, the way it looked when she performed I’m a Slave for You on the VMA’s a few years back…and she was too big to wear what she wore…they should have covered her up more, sexy not ranchy and covered. All of her dancers had clothes on and they looked great; they should have dressed Brit similarly. And what the hell is up with the blue contacts? She has such pretty brown eyes! Why is she wearing those ugly things?

  13. DobbyHeartsPerez! says – reply to this


    Can she at least try?? If she wants a decent comeback so bad she could've actually put some effort into that performance. i couldn't even bring myself to concentrate on the entire thing…..hard work can take you places….what she did just hit her harder and brought her lower. Its so hard to respect her anymore….
    I really wanna say that I feel bad for this sad sad little girl, but it's hard to have sympathy for someone who has fallen so low and doesn't even try to scratch her way back up to a respectable place….which really won't happen even if she tried to save someone from a burning building….but she'd probably half-ass that too!
    Britney- your days are numbered sweetie….the truth hurts.

  14. Meagan says – reply to this


    Dear Britney-

    Your performance sucked and your career is over! Maybe now you will ave time to take of your kids and quit being a shitty parent!

  15. Jaclyn says – reply to this


    First off I'll like to say that I am and will always be a Britney fan no matter WHAT!! Last night on the awards she was probably extremely nervous, I mean come on, how would you feel if you looked into a crowd of celebrities who are praying that you fail even more…I'd be a little uncomfortable too. You guys are making her performance out to be worse than it was…no 'chris angel' no 'magic'..who the fuck cares, did you guys forget the shit she went through…..eveybody CLEARLY wants her to fail…and her body looked pretty decent for having 2 kids. For Sarah Silverman…i know it;s her 'job' to make fun of celebrities (as she did make PAris Hilton leave one award show with her comments) I have no respect for her…shes the fucking disgrace…you don't go and put Britney-who yes still needs a little help- down and bringing her kids into it..like GROW UP SARAHH!! I'd like too see u come up with good jokes for once. Anyways i'll wrap this up by saying…."K-FED" ruined Brit's life…now he's the one laughing it up while shes paying him the money…b4 Kevin, Britney had everything…he took it all from her…and for that I hate him, and always will!!! BRITNEY YOUR BEAUTIFUL..you just need your confidence back…and a hug!!

  16. mooshki says – reply to this


    Wow, she really was as bad as everyone said. :(

  17. KK Harris says – reply to this


    I agree the performance was not good, she definitely looked hung over or on something, but I thought she looked great for a woman who has birthed 2 babies. I think she looks like the epitome of a hot Mom in her 20's, and people should stop proliferating ideas that if you're not ripped like an 18 yr old you're fat.

    Still, the performance was bad, bad, bad. Kudos to the bod!

  18. LuLu says – reply to this


    Oh. My. God. It looked like an early rehearsal, not a polished performance. Well, she can do what she wants, but she shouldn't take everyone down with her. She's DONE!

  19. Julie says – reply to this


    So, I can honestly say I wasted a good 3 minutes of my life I will never get back by watching this train wreck. I agree with Perez. It's one thing to lip sync when you're bouncing all over the place doing some quite difficult dance routines, but this… "walking" and lip syncing was embarassing. Why didn't they cut to Justin Timberlake so we could see his reaction? I'm sorry, but if you're a "performer" you need to do just that.

  20. IT WASN'T THAT BAD says – reply to this


    listen guys the performance wasn't THAT BAD!! No it wasn't great but she is just warming up. I definately think she should have rehearsed more but hey ho. She still looked fuckin hot. And PEREZ…. YOUR NOT IN ANY POSITION TO CALL ANYONE FAT!!

  21. sun says – reply to this


    i love her, really!!! she is so crazy nd beautiful!!!!!!!!! kisses

  22. Kat says – reply to this


    Damn, I'm glad I missed this. I didn't know she lipsynced. Seeing as she barely danced, she should have actually sung the song. Then again she's probably have forgotten the words. Part of me feels bad for her, but then I remember that she ditched her mom and married a gold digger wannabe rapper. A few words of advice for those out there that feel the need to learn the hard way, DON'T. But who listens to others anyways. Good luck to Britney on recovering from this career nose dive. I think Vanilla Ice has a better chance at making a comeback than she ever did.

  23. Linda9801 says – reply to this


    Didn't you all ever think that MTV knew exactly what they were doing by putting her as an opening act? They used her. They made a huge mistake and I'm assuming that by them KNOWING she was going to be exactly what she was-a huge-horrible mess, they'd get more viewers-that they ignored the rest of the show-which was also- a huge-horrible-mess…Watching Britney was like slowing down for a car accident: knowing you should just turn away; but ya can't help it. I don't feel sorry for her. She brought all of this on, along with her floozy mother her guided her in a oh so lovely direction in life. Poor Jamie Spears-true talent and class over at Nickelodeon (so far)-must be embarrased as hell.

  24. Baltimorean says – reply to this


    OMG HAHAHA why was 50 cent lookin so dumb sittin in the crowd? and yes, the performance was very..mediocre. the back up dancers were doing a better job than she was

  25. Lisa says – reply to this


    That was so painful to watch! She looked so stiff and had no rhythm was so ever. It doesn't even look as though she really cared [and to be honest you cannot compare that mess to the REAL MUSICIANS that were there, the MTV VMA have no credibility in my book], her perfomance looks like an SNL parody! SO SO SAD BRIT_BRIT

  26. Sheri says – reply to this


    OH MY!!! How far they fall!!! I've enjoyed her before but seriously, that sucked. Whaaa Whaaa. What a terrible life she has!!! Boo hoo, try a new therapist!!! Or drug dealer….

  27. KatieSARNO says – reply to this


    Okay seriously wtf britney. My bestfriends and I couldn't even stand how excited we were to watch your suppossed "comeback performance" on the vma's..and what do you do…FUCK IT UP. You didn't even fucking try…Comeon, we weren't expecting miracles, but i mean next time you're going to perform while on crack..LET US KNOW SO WE CAN CHANGE THE CHANNEL…

    I will be the first to say that i am still a britney fan, always have been always will BE. But, what she did last night was just so dissapointing. I'm so angry because i know her talents, especially as a dancer, why couldn't she have atleast shown a little bit more personality?

  28. Chris says – reply to this


    I can admit that the performance (dancing) was pretty flat.. but Perez I just read your letter to Britney and I think you are way too harsh! It wasn't all that bad I seriously think you are making it seem worse so that you can get some pleasure out of seeing her fail. Seriously I've seen much worse performances at award shows… and of course I've seen much better! But she didn't suck as much as you Perez would like to make your ions of Zombies believe!

  29. Sharon says – reply to this


    OMG Britney! Your career is going down in flames! I was embarrassed for you, watching that crap of a performance. Just give up! Stop partying and stay home with your kids, you jerk!

  30. Heidi says – reply to this


    the poor guy dancer whose crotch she had to grab…I feel sorry for him…I feel sorry for all the dancers participating in that mess, especially the ones who were forced to grope her fat, ha ha

  31. Deborah says – reply to this


    Re: christina – That reaction was the best!

  32. fj says – reply to this


    I was actually pretty shocked by how catchy her song is.

  33. Emma says – reply to this


    That was just horrible, not vey worthy to be the opening act for the VMAs! And why isn't anybody slamming her OBVIOUS lip synching, and I mean OBVIOUS!!! Just plain bad. Girl, give it up… Go home to your kids for crying out loud.

  34. sleepymom says – reply to this


    The people at MTV never should have given her this coveted spot…opening for the VMA's…it was so embarassing and they lost me as a viewer as the show stumbled to try to kick start itself….Britney…hire someone to take control. You can't do it yourself…The Emperor has no clothes!!!

  35. Deborah says – reply to this


    Re: christina – That was the best! 50's face.

  36. HH says – reply to this


    the poor guy dancer whose crotch she grabbed…I feel sorry for him…I feel sorry for all the dancers participating in that mess, especially the ones who were forced to grope her fat, ha ha

  37. Spencer says – reply to this


    the performance was actually not that bad, ive seen her less energetic many times before on top of the pops or whatever

    but it was bad considering the hype and buzz and considering it was her comeback performance. it certainly was far below my expectations…and i think everyone elses

  38. Jilly Bean says – reply to this


    I never thought I'd say it but I honestly feel sorry for Britney. Obviously no one in her life gives enough of a crap about her to stop her from going on stage loaded and unprepared.

    Go to rehab Brit - for real. Go ahead and watch a video of that performance and then try to tell yourself that you don't need seriousl help.

    How sad.

  39. Charlie glasgow says – reply to this


    Perez, you are nasty. fair enough, performance was a bit on the lack lustre side b ut you seem to be on a one man mission to bring down this girl when she is having so many troubles outside of her career.
    I hope your show falls flat on its fat face. Who the hell do you think you are? Dont suppose you have considered for one second that your poisonous commentary might be a contributory factor in her downward spiral.

  40. TV says – reply to this


    She didn't even try. Come on. She was partying all the time, she was not into this AT ALL. When a true artist wants to make a come back they WORK HARD. They will lock themselves in a studio and creat the best album they can and work with the best. You guys have Nelly Furtado as an example. Nelly was not out and about at night clubs or showing her ass at day time during a shopping spree.
    If Britney doesn't take herself serious, NO ONE will. So, bitch needs to put her act together. Seriously, she didn't even try. Her hair looked terrible, the clothes were not appropriate for her body shape. Who cares if Sarah S. made bad jokes? Who cares if MTV didn't want the magic tricks?! Use your fucking brain. She should either cancel everything or come up with something.

  41. Kelli says – reply to this


    She looked dead in the eyes. She had no self confidence. She took no risks in her performance. She's done. Go home and be a good Mommy, brit. There's no shame in that. In fact, it's the most important job in the world.

  42. aysuska says – reply to this


    well it was not good as I expected..ı think she cant dance anymore and she needs to lose pounds..she could do better and the show was actually a porn movie..sorry brit your losing your reputation

  43. spencer says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – i think no one is slamming her lip syncing because i dont thnk anyone actually expected her to sing….she hasnt sung live many times in her career…..thats not exactly what we look for in a britney spears performance…we look for an awesome dance routine and shit…but unfortunately she couldnt even do that. i can forgive the lip synching, but i cannot forgive this garbage performance

  44. zbabe says – reply to this


    She seems either very nervous or totally high — she has no energy at all. She was barely moving.

  45. a.j. allen says – reply to this


    Britney give Janet a call so she can show you how to dance. YOU must have been strung out.

  46. sheri says – reply to this


    she needs to ask Madonna how to make a real comeback, like the song though..

  47. sheri says – reply to this


    she needs to ask Madonna how to make a real comeback, though like the song

  48. Butter~Face says – reply to this


    goes to show…Shitney doesn't give a flying shit, fuck or whatever else…
    She has so much cash, so why should she care!?!?!
    Plus,she was moving kind of slow…
    …..maybe she could feel the beer swishing around in that big 'ol beer belly…
    I hate when that happens!!!!

  49. effrvv says – reply to this


    Yup it wasn't all that bad. I can tell she's been working out though. She's not totally flabtastic as some said. Just that she still hasn't achieved her desired weight and she needs to put on more clothes!!! For some women their bodies change the minute the get pregnant and they can never lose the baby weight. Brit's one of 'em I guess. But she looks horrible prancing around with those gyrating dancers in nothing but fancy undergarments which should only be viewed by a spouse!! EEEEEeeewwww if I were the guys onstage I would feel kinda icky placing my hands on her body. Disgusting performance.

  50. shar says – reply to this


    i honestly think brit dose not want to do this anymore…..i bet her manger pushed her to preform and she just felt pressured……she dosn't look happy anymore..her heart is not in the industry anymore..looks like she just wants out and her performance is proving it

  51. May says – reply to this


    OMG !! what was that ?
    it looked like a bad rehearsal !

  52. Sarah says – reply to this


    Yeah, gimme gimme more….. coke so I am dead to every emotion in the world. She is a hot train wreck mess.

  53. jimbo says – reply to this


    She looked like a cheap older hooker. At her prime, she danced better than her dancers. Now, she makes them look almost as bed as her. She reminded me of fat Elvis not long before he died. At least he could still sing…

  54. libby says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – No no. You must be blind and deaf. That was horrible. She was lacking in all elements of performing. Its her job to be an entertainer, and its quite obvious that she no longer cares about herself or her reputation (which, lets face it, has been doomed since she started marriying random people). Watch it again. If that performance entertains you at all its because you are making fun of it, too.

  55. Puss Daddy says – reply to this


    I got good news and bad news..The bad news is that Brit is way through like Senator Larry Craig and Owen Wilson..The good news is I'm bangin her!

  56. YOU SUCK FOOTBALLS!! says – reply to this



  57. Bernie says – reply to this


    Here is my two cents. I think it was not too bad, just a little dead. But to her defence she has been through a lot in the last few months. I hope she can get it together for the sake of those two little innocent children. Even though they are maybe called a mistake, they still deserve the best. The only thing I can say is we can't pick our paretns.

  58. chiya says – reply to this


    no. britney, no. if you're trying to blame your sad excuse of a performance on sarah silverman, then grow a pair. was sarah out of line with her jokes? yes. she's not funny in general, but for you to use that as an excuse is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c.
    did sarah silverman cause your raunchy weave, lip synching, flab, and bad dancing too? wow what a bitch then.
    you disgraced the viewers and any fans you had left waiting for your comeback. i think a part of everyone wanted you to really surprise us, but you need to go home, get your life together, and then don't make any more comebacks…cuz we know you're incapable of it

  59. ges says – reply to this


    omigod. she was high. crazy bad. fat. couldn't lipsynch. She's utterly insane.
    This is so so sad.

  60. melissa says – reply to this


    i love britney spears. i just think shes very misguided and has bad/unworthy people helping/hurting her. other than theat her performance wasnt that bad. i think she did rather ok. the dancing was way slow/boring she needed a little help, she almsot tripped. il oved the song!! she just needs to not be nervous drink red bulls and well shesll be ok. i just think shes to worried about making a good impression at the vma's …but well hopefully shell get another chance. perez u were a jerk in ur post let me see u dance fat boy. gordinflon!

  61. Peppis says – reply to this


    How to live with ones self after doing that awful performance???

    Her belly- why have underwear on? that could have been nicely covered up. Her non-existing hair- you did it, now be proud, her hair must be atleast 3-4 cms (a couple of inches) by now, wear it short and dye it in some nice color.
    Her lack of performance skill- yes she must have been drunk out of her mind, her eyes were out of focus, she had no balance- what are you getting paid for Britney???
    What fuckin happend??
    Can somebody save this girl?
    All the respect in the world, but please honey, get yourself together infront of the cameras!

  62. vegasfan says – reply to this


    It's not subscription…it's prescription. What are we talking magazines or drugs, y'all? Anyway, shit was so bad that I think she was actually straight. A couple of shots may have helped–she was pretty stiff. I think nerves got her and maybe some horrible comments about her children…"mistakes"? I hope K-Fed shut off the t.v. right after the song and that never gets back to those innocent boys. She looked pretty good for having two kids in two years, but it just stunk to high heaven. She needs new handlers, stylists, management, assistants, and a long, long vacation.

  63. Sarah says – reply to this


    She looked so confused and lost. her lip synching was all over the place. but i gotta give the girl props. she looks pretty damn hot for being such a mess for so long. and she did go out there. so i say props to brit. but i KNOW she can do better. I saw her in concert 7 years ago and id have to say she put on one hell of a fuckin show.
    all she needs is some damn support.
    go brit.

  64. Cubican says – reply to this


    Ummmm What the Fuck was that?? Her dancers killed it, all she did was walk around the stage. Like P said, it would have been better if she just cancelled. Message to Brit: Go to rehad, Take care of your babies and go get a fucking education!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Canadian cutie says – reply to this


    She looks like a stripper Teletubbie! I'm used to her silly lipsyching, and i thought the dancing was ok. I think Britney was used by the VMA's for publicity, hoping she would mess up. Poor Brit looks nervous & ill-at-ease. Her confidence is gone & so is her charisma. Let this be a lesson to us all - don't marry or procreate with an unemployed, sex maniac loser!

  66. rob says – reply to this


    I cannot believe this poor girl thinks she got "it". I have to tell you, this girl is not good at all. I find it hard to believe no one legitimately tries to help her.

  67. Mike says – reply to this


    It is pretty sad that be base great performances on how well people lip synched at previous performances. Sad. I miss the grunge days.

  68. Annabelle says – reply to this


    I think she forgot how to dance in heels… because she umm… DIDN'T dance…

  69. cbug says – reply to this


    She Looked great, heck give the girl a break she's got to be rusty. I don't think it was all that bad just not the Britey from 5 years ago. Still decent and I didn't exactly cringe. She looks good, her body has a womans shape now and if you ask the average man and he will tell you that old girl was looking mighty fine indeed. Go Britney, practice will get you loosened up some and your performance ability will shine in no time.

  70. cee cee says – reply to this


    besides her hair looking a hot mess.. i didnt even think her performance was THAT bad…ppl are jus blowin dis shyt outta proportion because britney is such an easy target. i'm pretty sure there has been alot worse performance. And after her having 2 kids, i thinks she looks DAMN good..ppl need to relax and stop puttin her done every chance she gets..if she needs help, let her get it..scolding her wont do anythin to help the situation

  71. Tornadogirl says – reply to this


    She looked almost confused- she didn't even look like she knew where she was and what she should be doing. I always want to cheer for the underdog but I am so done with her. She seriously needs to get some help and soon!!!!!

  72. Kim says – reply to this


    OMG…it hurts me to watch but i agree that the girl is going thru a lot of shit…if there wasn't so much hype she would of been awesome…hopefully she watched it and will shape uuuuuuuuuup!


  73. jess says – reply to this


    Funny how her first single is called "gimme more" and yet she falls short to give anyone more then a shitty performance. Britney, get your act together or get your ass off the stage so real performers can do their job. On the other hand, Sarah was deff. in the wrong for talking about her kids. It was fucked up and very uncalled for. Lets hope britney gets it together.

  74. Alex says – reply to this


    hahahahahahaha funniest, most disgraceful SHIT I have ever seen.

  75. lol says – reply to this



  76. Jennifer says – reply to this


    WOW, Anna Nicole was really good.

  77. V says – reply to this


    I have no problem with lip synching IF the artist performs the HELL out of the song. It reminded me of the runthroughs that are done at rehearsal when the artist just kind of goes through the motions to make sure that they are remembering all their moves….pitiful.

  78. elena says – reply to this


    year 2000…britney was on fire!
    year 2007….britney is a pile is embers
    so sad….

  79. Andrea says – reply to this


    That might as well have been Brooke Hogan up there. She probably would have put on a better show.

  80. noe says – reply to this


    i love brit and i really thought this would be here comeback like everyone else……britney what happened to you?

  81. natalie says – reply to this


    she should have been training and practicing instead of dringing and getting high.
    poor girl.

  82. steffy says – reply to this


    OMG her bellys bigger than mine, and I got 3 kids!

  83. ThePope says – reply to this


    Ya know, when I first red the blog, I thought - this is just negativity at its finest. Then I saw the actual video. It reminded me of a little girl in a dance recital that really sucks at dancing, so she is just watching what everyone else does, and mimmicking that. I imagine Britney must have been WASTED. The lip synching was bad. It was like she was up there wandering around to collect a paycheck. Britney was pathetic…

  84. steffy says – reply to this



  85. Love Her Still says – reply to this


    The song is good, that was not her best showing. she just looks nervous and shows a little lack of confidence. I guess so with assholes like Perez just looking forward to her failure. At lease she was the shit once, you turd. and I think with a little work, she can get it back.

  86. Linda says – reply to this


    Although Britney had a lot of potential to do way better, the performance was still pretty good. Give her a break. If I were her, I would have been a little too self-conscious with all the hype and all the negative stuff on the media. Sarah Silverman is an unfunny ho-bag and horrific vma host.

  87. melissa says – reply to this


    sarah silverman is the BEST.

  88. Norwood says – reply to this


    There was a lot more performances that sucked worse than this one. Brit you're still smoking hot. Two kids later and you look great. Keep it up kiddo

  89. Yoma says – reply to this


    This is the result of hard partying and not taking care of yourself. She looked tired, high, and drunk. Britney used to be such a good performer. When you are planning to make a comeback you shouln't be out partying before such an important performance. She looked horrible because she was tired!!!! She needs to take responsibility in her carreer and have people around (her entourage) tell her the real deal and let her know when she is screwing up and looks horrible instead of giving her her way and telling her she is great and she is doing amazing and bla bla bla. Sorry Britney, but you mija really really need to take some responsiblity and get rid of all those fake people around you and really get some people that can put some common sense into you!!!!!!

  90. Cara says – reply to this


    You guys are being way to harsh. Give the girl some credit! It takes alot of guts to get back on stage in front of all those fellow stars and do her thing! She hasnt performed like that in ages im sure shell get back into the swing of it. Its an amazing song and i dont think they made a mistake by having her as an opening act. On top of that, shes looking much better. I think shes well on her way back to the top. Team Britney!

  91. Shawn says – reply to this


    I think the song is her BEST yet. As far as everything else,Shes not some"FAT pig" as people are saying and that must have been so hard to do.
    With all the s*** thats been said about her and how we are destroying her after so many years of putting her on top,her mind must be a mess.Its sad but I dont take pleasure in watching her fail.
    I believe she still has the goods but it might be to late? That was nerves, you could see it.
    Guess she is human after all.
    I love her,I HATE the way she is acting!

  92. F-dat -performance! says – reply to this


    I have seen Drag queens more commited to thier performance and with better moves! At least they learn the lyrics before they perform in front of a small crowd of 6 people!

  93. Anna says – reply to this


    Seriously… she hardly danced at all. She put up her arms a few times, that's about it. The story about Britney is so sad. Once she was such a great artist, a great perfomer. Now she has just fallen, and somebody needs to help her to get up again. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to want any help. I hope someone will save her before it is too late.

  94. ThisGirlCanMoove says – reply to this


    I could have danced a million times better than she did last night. I am one of the biggest britney fans you'll find out there, still love her But SERIOUSLY comon. That was lame and a sorry excuse for a TRUE pop star, I hope one day she wakes up from this thing she calls life.

  95. katie says – reply to this


    wow. those cottage cheese thighs are damn sexy. -_-

    seriously, woman, the least you could have done was worked out so no one gagged while you danced.

  96. boo poo says – reply to this


    she looked HEAVILY medicated. Its such a tragic tragic mess, I hope she sees how the bottom looks because that was it. She needs to take her babies and disappear for a year and just get healthy.

  97. blondie2219x says – reply to this


    All the hype….
    And for what?
    ….A mediocre drunk-ass/doped up Britney.
    She was high as a damn kite. Bitch couldn't even dance without teetering and stumbling around. She was probably sucking on one of those big red (fentanyl) lollipops before she went on….
    The crowd was in agony watching her, waiting for the big ta-da…
    I feel sorry for her. Even more for her kids. She needs to get her shit together, like pronto.
    Can someone say…. TRAINWRECK????????!!!!!

  98. Sarah says – reply to this


    Wow! Not much can be said about that.

  99. Chris says – reply to this


    She was on something. Blatently obvious. The girl needs help.

  100. GINA says – reply to this



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