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In Case You Missed It….

| Filed under: Britney Spears

Click here to watch Britney's VMA performance disaster!

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1265 comments to “In Case You Missed It….”

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  1. lol says – reply to this


    She's the Mike Tyson of the Music industry. The girl is a LOST SOUL!

  2. Seira says – reply to this


    As weird as this is prob going to sound I was suprised, expecting her to do a lot worse… sure her dancing wasn't as awesome as she usually is.. she couldn't engage herself with the audience — because if everyone was judging you and expecting you to be bad wouldn't that cause you to feel somewhat nervous?? She looked freaken hawt waaaaaaaaaay better than she has in recent months. I think it's a great effort, although, maybe a little premare for her coming back party — I'm still a fan.

  3. Smoke&Mirrors says – reply to this



  4. Stavros says – reply to this


    Re: love u b

    OMG! I had no idea! I hate this fucking "comedian"! Way to go B!

  5. OVER says – reply to this


    Re: Stavros
    Niarchos,your Brit Brit (Shit Shit) has an ass that`s bigger than the world.She`ll never come back,never.
    I have premonitions,last night I dreamt about her performance,believe me,her carreer is OVER.

  6. a says – reply to this


    When will this trainwreck stop?????????????????????

  7. mauro says – reply to this


    she should stop try to make cheap reinventions of what Madonna did 20 years ago!

  8. tanya says – reply to this


    i hope she is not suicidal…

  9. mzy says – reply to this


    i couldnt even watch the whole thing. pathetic.

  10. disappointed says – reply to this


    Choreography needs to be re-examined. Whomever put it together did a crappy job, no room for Britney to shine even if she wasn't drunk / stoned / sleepy.

  11. 1 says – reply to this


    I never really liked Mrs Spears…
    but now … i fucking HATE that bitch !!!
    and, god, she's so hot !!!
    she obviously can't dance, even move … but i'm sure, that in top of me, she'd do reaaaaaallly better !! mmmm
    anyway… she sucks !! (mmm i'm sure she sucks really well !)
    poor little bitch…

  12. Crane says – reply to this


    That "performance" was terrible and pathetic.

    Britney will never be the same star… And she was STAR. Sad, really sad.

  13. joe says – reply to this


    The performance was an absolute failure, but MTV outta be kissing her ass for giving them the biggest ratings they've had in YEARS! It's not MTV she owes an apology to, Perez.

  14. dini says – reply to this


    she SUCKSSSSS, I would done it beter hahaa, she seriously needs help !!

  15. kel says – reply to this


    ahhhh…..I think she was lipsinging!!!!!!
    But other than that, there was NO effort or nothing. She shows more spunk when she is out on the town whoring it up.

  16. jon says – reply to this


    i think she looked sexy as feckkkkkkk… fuck all of you.. perez, catch aids and die fag

  17. Monster says – reply to this


    what a terrible performance. she was just doing it because she had too. didnt have energy too dance. she still looks really good. ill still fuck her

  18. Michael Riley says – reply to this


    If B were a normal person, someone would have stepped in and intervened in her life before this. Sadly, too many people live on the gravy train that is Brit's former success. For the love of God, somebody PLEASE sober her up and show her this performance. It will truly hurt her, but in fact it would be the KINDEST thing anyone will ever do for her…

  19. SamB says – reply to this


    It wasnt the best, something seemed wrong……and its too bad, because like Perez said, the potential is there…..but it wasnt THAT bad either.
    the part the bothered me the most was Sarah Silverman.. its an awards show, not a Roast, or a stand up comedy act. No matter who it is, Britney or not, that was unproffesional and innapropriate for her to comment on someone else's kids,– and in the end , it wasnt even funny? It reminded me of the 'funny kid' in a 8th grade class 'Vagina' HAhaHAhah….?! no, it was stupid……, she is almost NEVER funny, just vulgar and rude……

  20. uk drama queen says – reply to this


    she looked good but seemed very nervous and scared and who can blame her. give her a break man

  21. liese says – reply to this


    Man i hope she was drunk cause that was atrocious. Go home and look after your kids you fat alcho. Or just grow the fuck up sheesh. I used to feel soryr for ehr but shes just sad.

  22. Damien Estreich says – reply to this


    What a disaster

  23. suzie says – reply to this


    at least youre not kissing her ass, like access hollywood, entertainment tonight
    bottom line she sucks,
    what i really think is SHE IS ON METH
    who acts like that from coke, or down?
    she is a fucking meth head bottom line
    TAKE HER BABBYS AWAY BEFORE SHE EATS THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    brit dont put that in the oven its not a ham
    its small fry
    SHAVE YOURE HEAD,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come on you have to pull something new,
    no panties-old news
    OMG wouldent that be so cool
    you shit where ever you are,
    DING DANG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YEEEEE HAWWWWWWW

  24. Steve says – reply to this


    Umm. . . what more can you say! Her performance was the shits!!! She looked fat, her moves were terrible, and not only that she looked like she was fucked up!! I could count at LEAST 5 times where she somewhat tripped!! Her backround dancers WERE the show! Pathetic absolutely pathetic!! Take care of your kids, your career is over. . . .

  25. erin says – reply to this


    yep, wasnt even trying, looked horrible, the pole dancers looked better than she did, she wasnt even lipsyncing in time. her career just went down the shitter. oh yer and shouldnt she be trying her hardest to make her hair look as REAL as possible?? putting it up maybe. she didnt even look happy to be there !
    if shes that over it then quit, alright song, but its pretty plain obvious she wouldnt be able to actually sing it live.
    what happened to the hot britney i loved about 7 years ago, the britney who got up on stage with a snake around her neck !?

  26. aa says – reply to this


    What was she thinking???? Seriously. It was embarrassing for her. I'd like to make fun of her, but it's just so sad. Her life has become a train wreck, and all for what???

  27. steve says – reply to this



  28. emmaleigh says – reply to this


    lackluster. def not near britneyesque potential, but its been a while. she'll come around.

  29. erin says – reply to this


    and also, it just seems her heart wasnt into it … she actually has the money to be shit, thats the sad thing for us expectant fans … madonna would be ashamed of ever kissing that alcoholic drugged up child star f***up … the reawson she looked scared was probably cos she knows everyone hates her and she realised that her bad performance wasnt gonna get her any sex tonight … what a model parent … makes me so mad, that these are the role models of today …

  30. Jenny-talia says – reply to this


    i was expecting an incredible performance from her, with pyrotechnics or other surprises like she usually did at the vma's.

    she could've really proven everyone, all the tabloid magazines and other haters, wrong had she actually tried if she at least made some effort and bombed, i'd understand. but she didn't even TRY. i feel horrible for her.

  31. jennE says – reply to this


    I waz really hoping for something more….gimme more! right? I think she had a typical mom-syndrom…no rythm. I feel real bad for her. Her career is officially over. Like some better than her, they give up while the pickin's are good. She should give it up. Even I look better than that dancin' in a night club on any given nite!

  32. HorusLuvR74 says – reply to this


    I definately think she could have put a whole lot more energy into the song, lip syncing or not. She definately should have kept her abs up too, as she did look a little pudgy. What was that? Bra and underwear??? Brit finally wore underwear!!! And her hair grew back! Whoo fucking Dooo!

  33. simone says – reply to this


    I live in Australia so didn't see if awards - was this clip a rehearsal

  34. Dayzd n Confused says – reply to this


    My first reaction to Britney's body: shock and horror at her huge stomach, back fat & bra overhang, flabby arms, and no signs of any muscle tone whatsoever. And if you're going to get a weave, why would you get one that looks unwashed and like you let your roots grow out for 6 months??????

    The Britney of old would have NEVER even appeared in public this way, much less performed in the opening number at the VMA's like that!!!

  35. Dayzd n Confused says – reply to this


    As a former dancer and current choreographer, and knowing that Britney has extensive knowledge & proficiency performing complex dance moves, I can only assume she was flying higher than the space shuttle.

    She showed no sharp moves, was extremely low energy, actually visibly mouthed an 8-count at one point, was off-count several times, and it looks like she just plain FORGOT several steps/moves along the way too. (And this criticism doesn't even address the painful semi-lipsynching!)

    After the shock wore off, I am now struck with a profound sense of pity. To put herself out there like that and not know or care how she appeared to the worldwide audience, is indicative of a mental disorder or a serious SERIOUS substance abuse problem. My heart hurts for her……

  36. Damien Estreich says – reply to this


    Its all good

  37. nOrB says – reply to this


    Buy her a decent wig and a new brain!!!, she was more lost than people in "LOST" island. Still have freecky eyes, she needs some help inmedately!!!

  38. hershey says – reply to this


    i still love britney!

  39. Paul says – reply to this


    Truly I spected more from Britney,after the performance I thought : "That's the big comeback of Britney……?Ok…." She looked lost,confused on stage,she could move her mouth at least!

  40. Still In Shock says – reply to this


    My first reaction to Britney's body: shock and horror at her huge stomach, back fat & bra overhang, flabby arms, and no signs of any muscle tone whatsoever. And if you're going to get a weave, why would you get one that looks unwashed and like you let your roots grow out for 6 months??????

    The Britney of old would have NEVER even appeared in public this way, much less performed in the opening number at the VMA's like that!!!

    Also: WHAT POSSESSED HER to wear a bikini with her body in that condition??? There are many ways that a woman with "a little bit extra" can camouflage the flabby parts, emphasize the great parts, and look completely sexxay. She has great boobs and a nice waist, despite the wobbly bits. It's not like she can't afford the absolute best designers to fabricate a performance outfit that would showcase these assets!

  41. Robin says – reply to this


    I used to believe she was a great dancer and a so-so singer. Tonight I believe she is a woman with many problems. She is lost, perhaps high and definately not grounded. She couldn't dance, she couldn't remember the words to her song. She looked scared and spacey. She didn't seem to know where she was. Frightening. I hope she gets help but until she does, I must say I think her career is over and that her ex should have the kids for their own safety. She will be haunted by this night for years to come.
    A shame.

  42. Mach Wil says – reply to this


    What Britney Spears needs right now is a timeout, new management and a friend. What is with the movers and shakers at MTV to produce and book that opening segment! I really don't fault Britney personally for this bad judgement call, but I certainly do fault her management, "friends" and peers in the entertainment industry that encouraged this particular performance to take place. From the overstylized backdrop & dancers to Britney's personal appearance and performance — whoever ALLOWED this debacle to take place should be FIRED. I don't own any Britney CDs nor will I ever, however, I certainly recognize the successes and achievements this young talent has attained so far in her chosen industry. Somebody needs to inform Britney that she needs more time to straighten out her personal demons before being exploited by the mucky-mucks that she apparently is dealing with and are seeking her out for their own promotional agenda and paycheck.

  43. Kel says – reply to this


    I don't think it's called dancing. It's called walking around on stage.

  44. Susan says – reply to this


    I think Britney Spears was ok this evening and people need to stop the horrible comments especially commenting on her body. My god! She has a beautiful healthy body and isn't some air brushed anorexic model.Perez comments on her beer belly WTF??? Perez is a fat ugly prick who needs to lose some pounds himself!!!!

  45. lauren says – reply to this


    that was painful for me to watch. sister should have dressed appropriately. she looked completely effed up.

  46. asdf says – reply to this


    yall need to lay off Britney. her moves weren't crisp but it wasn't all like you making it out to be…damn

  47. ysabel says – reply to this


    britney is a great performer but in her comeback performance at the VMA's, uhhmmm… it was lacking of something.. i don't know what it is, but watch her past performances and you'll know what's lacking…. anyway, i hope she does something better next time… and she gives all her fans something more….

  48. Its Brendan bitch says – reply to this


    Hello all this is a open message to you all inc MR perez! First of all after viewing the Video of Britneys VMA opening, I would like to say that she has done well and great new track, she looked great! Perez you comment on her body, but she looks healthy; you have no right to comment on that, after all when was the last time you looked in a mirror… naked? So you cant really talk. I think shes done a good job, after all she has gone throw in a short period of time, and not to mention the shit she still must be going throw. MELISSA: her career is not over you dumb bitch.

    NICK: Your the only one who has said something correct. This reminds me when I went to see Michael Jackson at the W.M.A in london., there was soooooooooooooo much hype that he was making a comeback act, but he stated before he was not, still he accepted his awards and he did come on stage to close the show and started to sing ( very well ) then because they cute the backing track, and the mic it ended it earlyer, this lead to the same crap as britney!

    Perez your w fool, all you do is sit on your ass eating and drinking, slagging stars off, printing shit. You should look at your own life and see what shit you truly are. I hope people start to sue you soon for slander. Then you be some fat trap on the streets!!!!! Bitch!

    oh ps, lets make one thing clear, i'm not a britney fan,….

  49. yasmin says – reply to this


    shes did fucking great
    LOVE U BRIT!!!!!!

  50. Sonja says – reply to this


    ew. i think i just threw up. she looked drunk. and the audience looked confused and disgusted. just.ew.ew

  51. Paulacro says – reply to this


    OMFG!!It was AWFUL!!!The britney we knew is DEAD!!She will never come back,shes a mess!!!


  52. Britany says – reply to this


    I am really disappointed with her performance. Her song has such potential and for her to just come out on stage and half ass a performance was RUDE! If you are given an oppurtunity to OPEN THE VMA's, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!! She was a mess, and she obviously doesnt care about her career. She was given an oppurtunity ( a BIG ONE) to come back and she blew it. She better have a bomb ass cd or something to dig herself out of this one.

  53. Miki_84 says – reply to this


    Crap Crap Crap performance.. seems like she just can't be stuffed…i seen a teletubbies episode to be more better!! and honestly Brit what are you thinking - to wear something like that..sex sells darls but not when you've had 2 kids and well have a blown up tummy - possibly from all the binge drinking… Brit honey.. keep at your day job.. Your singing career gone down hill

  54. alicia says – reply to this


    it looked as if she didn't even care!?! the song is awesome but when you don't write your own songs, delivery is everything or else the songs will go to another pop star who can bring it. maybe she's just not into it anymore but she should bow out greacefully. i was hoping for so much more. very disappointed :(

  55. BRANDON LONDON says – reply to this


    ps. Sarah Silverman you dumb fucking ugly bitch cunt fuck face

  56. Vitto says – reply to this


    Everyone expects performing women to be dramatically underweight. Brit's body is fine.

    But the performance was pretty bad. The wire copy is accurate: she walked through her routine as if it were an early practice, not the most important gig of her career. I have to wonder if it was fatigue from her no-discipline lifestyle or Valium. Maybe both.

    Pretty unfortunate, particularly in view of the decent song. She'll be a very tough sell now.

  57. Katie says – reply to this


    OMFG!! How sad….
    this was like a crossover between musical Chicago's dancers and the choreography for Madonna's material girl but performed extremly bad…

    She looks drunk…
    what happened to the old britney filled with energy?

    She can't go threatening the VMA to cancel last minute, that's a diva talking, she looks more like trailerpark tr*sh! = she should be happy to be able to perform at all!!!!!!!!!!! the song is ok though…


  58. katrina says – reply to this


    fuck u perez u fucking suck………look at u….her song is hot and like she doesnt have enf. problems in one day than u would have in you gay lifetime……………she rocks and it will be a #1 hit and u'll be kissing her ass in a month…………news headline of nov.13…perez kills him self and family is sueing britney for the sorry note left by perez………….haha u suck

  59. quang says – reply to this


    The dancers outshined her !! And she sucks

  60. dee dee says – reply to this


    Even though we have all had a good few months enjoying brits antics..we did wish she came back and surprised us but…cmon ,Brit if u actually read this U FUCKED UP!!! you had a chance to prove everyone wron and you didnt handle your bizz….Take care of your partying girl u are talented but the only thing thats gna save ur career now is to take off oversees get your shit together stayoutta dodge QUIT THE FUKIN PARTY AND BE A MOM..

  61. Me says – reply to this


    she looked like a bag of shit! what is going on! im in the UK and we get the VMA's tonight! Cant wait! Britney sucks.. i dont care any more.. it looks like she didnt wanna be there..she wasnt trying.

  62. Insano says – reply to this


    She looks shit scared and nervous. Poor Brit. Time for a bit of a make over - move into more mature territory.

  63. Roy says – reply to this


    get over yourselves and get a life…what about the show in general?…i hope kids weren't watching…it seemed like it was more about the alcohol & drugs than the music…shame on everyone!!!

  64. ;) says – reply to this



  65. Charlotte says – reply to this


    She can´t dance!

  66. ;) says – reply to this



  67. Ume says – reply to this


    Oh… my… dear…

    I now understand all the negative press surrounding the VMA performance…

    Is this the "new" Britney? Please, if she thinks this is the way back to former glory, she is way off…

    Can someone wake the poor girl up? Give her a shokabuku? Make her see she's not Lindsey Lohan?

  68. Steph says – reply to this


    Wow, just saw her performance. She is horrible. Period. There will never be a come back for that white trash idiot.

  69. Toby says – reply to this


    OMG! Perez i normally laugh but you have seriously over reacted! She was ok, she looked pretty good, she did dance, she never properly sings so thats not really a valid criticism! I dont even like britney, but it was ok! Just leave her be, I swear some people want to see her break down again….. and how perez can criticise her weight and lack of talent!!!

  70. kalo says – reply to this


    uu antes te amabamos aca en chile perez
    pero esas no son palabras para referirse a una dama…
    que lastima
    esta bien , todos sabemos que el show no fue lo mejor
    pero decir esas palabras es rebajarse.
    que feo perez!

  71. Maurice de la Falaise says – reply to this


    She remainded me of Paula Abdul when she performed "Vibeology" at the VMA's in 1992.
    A total mess, but at least Paula sang live.

    Youtube-it, compare performances.

  72. Brandon says – reply to this


    Britney just needs to uncover that spark! If you watch the clip of her rehersing she was spot on, sharp, and made us expect to see her rock it. I can understand what happened though MTV USED HER FOR RATINGS and hyped her up, everyone was talking about her and the shows own host was talking shit and she knew sara was gonna say shit about her after! So naturaly her nerves would shatter her confidence! She should have used this to her advantage to prove her self. someone needs to remind her that she is FUCKING BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS because apparently she forgot! And Rhianna is a rude bitch for laughing at her durning the performance because although rhianna's music is great she will never acomplish what britney has already done in a life time!

  73. t to the a says – reply to this


    The PERFORMANCE was FINE. it WAS just TOO hyped UP. it WAS a DECENT performance THOUGH. britney IS hot AS hell. NICE body EVEN after TWO kids?? WOW. i THINK the song IS ok TOO. although THE only COMPLAINT i have IS, it LOOKS as THOUGH she DIDN'T try BUT i WOULD just CHALK it UP to NERVES. that HORSE that CAME on AFTER her WASN'T even FUNNY…. not ONE bit!!! WHO is THAT UGLY ass ANYWAYS??

    hey PEREZ .. you GET too HYPED up .. SHE is HUMAN after ALL. more SPECTACULAR than YOU will EVER be.

  74. Mary Tunta says – reply to this


    First of all - YOU ARE RIGHT!! Britney asked: "gimme gimme some more" she needed more of that "crack" that is….seems like she left her steroids at home, she looked nervous. She almost tripped twice in the beginning of her performance. She used to be so hyped up in all her perfomances(before the family life began)….this time her performance was uy! and the song was all about gimme gimme gimme some more…..the stripper pole dancers attracted more attention than her!! poor girl. Her hair was uy! like she did a half blow dry (he he he)—or too much mousse in one spot (ha ha ha)!
    and the costume…omg. what was she thinking?! oh yeah she was not on her meds(to keep her up n happy). the belly dear. she needed to suck that gut in or not wear the $#!+ at all.

  75. mandacris says – reply to this



  76. debo says – reply to this


    she looked like a nasty cracked out hooker. she needs to give it up.

  77. AF says – reply to this


    I actually like her new song but I thought the performance wasn’t all that great. She seemed like she was not into it at all and it was probably because she knew what was going to happen next… (Sarah Silverman's bashing)…But even though, that’s not a good enough excuse to perform badly if you REALLY want a good comeback. We weren't feelin you Britney!

  78. Aussie Trish says – reply to this


    Why did the organisers let her do that, surely someone in her management/posse has a say about her costume/ hair and performance?? You'd think money could buy an honest opinion. Lucky they had pole dancers in the audience so they had something to watch!! Try again Britney!!

  79. Annie says – reply to this


    GOOD GRACIOUS!!!! She really does need to go far away from everything that giving her bad influences!! Britney Spears must go away, far away to a SECRET island, where no ones know! That should hopefully boost up her "issues"…

    Ha! did anyone see Fiddy (50 Cent) lmao! He was like…. WTF?! Hehehe

    Rihanna must had enjoyed gossiping to the other lady (sorry i didnt get a good look and im pretty sure it was noone that i know of anyway)…

  80. dan says – reply to this


    Who cares.

    Hot song.

    Will be a hot album and she will sell.

    Everyone talks about her. Shes an entertainer.

    If she didnt go out previous night, it wouldve been good. but Hey, thats hollywood.

  81. Tibie says – reply to this


    Word from the other side of the world (read: The Netherlands)… wow.. that performance of Brit-brit….:-S She reaaaaly lost it this time. I think it would be better for her to retire and give some much needed love & attention to her mistakes.. uhm.. childeren;-)

  82. nicolelovesyouu says – reply to this


    not as bad as i thought it would be but its still far from good :)
    and whats this sarah silverman buisness?lol
    shes SUPPOSED to make fun of her kids .how could she vlame her performance on someone else..

  83. Sophie says – reply to this


    I think het come-back has to wait… Maybe she has to practice better next time XD

    Oh well, she made enough money that night for a whole year of partying I guess XD

  84. kELSeY says – reply to this


    Wow, that sucked. Her stomach was disgusting and I felt bad for the guy who had to feel her up in the dance and she looked like she had fog in her head her face was so blank.

  85. Holly says – reply to this


    it was absolutely HORRIBLE. I love 50cent's look at the end. Like honestly, how bad can a person's performance be if it scared the shit out of a guy who has been shot nine times?

  86. t to the a says – reply to this


    If you pay attention to rihanna and 50 cent they are actually looking at the women gyrating the poles .. not britney.

  87. t to the a says – reply to this


    how is her abs area disgusting?? she is toned. you guys are way too harsh and brain washed. you do realize all those magazines you buy are photo shopped! i don't agree with her lifestyle either but still, give it up.

  88. kimy says – reply to this


    Re: david
    What? I am not a fan, but Britney began to FALL after the Madona kiss & friendshiip. You are not making sense.

  89. bec says – reply to this


    well she didnt look bad! and the song is good but she didnt own that stage! but lucky for her she's a natural perfomer so it worked……but thats not enough for the opening of the vma's , she looked really nervous maybe that effected her! but love the song

  90. JenandGaz says – reply to this


    HER DANCERS ARE WORKING HARDER THAN SHE IS. She is clearly high. Stupid cow. Give us a proper comeback or f***OFF! Her fans deserve more than this half-assed performance. It was insulting. Rhianna laughing is the best bit of the clip.

  91. kELSeY says – reply to this


    she is toned?? ha!

    are you delusional or what?

    She just sucks face it. She used to be hot and my role model when I was 10 (when she was ”virgin”) but now she is just a disgrace. I bet MTV is really regretting now.

    I honestly thought she would be able to pull this off.

  92. chinkyspice says – reply to this


    we know britney can dance and we know she can lip synch but clearly she couldnt bearsed at the vma's, shame cuz its a massive audience and it would have been the biggest f*ck you to the critics, i hope she gets her shit together cuz going back a few years britney was amazing as a performer.

  93. Maria from Finland says – reply to this


    Pray for Britney. She needs help. Looking at her life makes me wanna cry.

  94. Amanda says – reply to this


    She looked NASTY!! shes a mother… She should act like one, Instead of tryin to be a stripper!! U dont see gwen stefani on stage actin like a slut!! She needs some mothering skills taught to her by gwen! POOR KIDS!! I hope kevin gets them!! SORRY BRIT… But u dug your own grave!

  95. kELSeY says – reply to this


    and hey I don't got anything against people that are bigger but don't wear your panties and a bra on stage if you aint got it going on.

  96. Orionsaint says – reply to this


    According to hollyscoop.com. Spears was supposed to disappear last night via the magic of Chris Angel, too bad she didn't. She could have spared us of that performance lol!

  97. mama mia says – reply to this


    how utterly unamused did she look… If you hate you job That much; get a new one!

  98. penukz says – reply to this


    rough time??? more like too much fun time… she should quit performing and focus her time for her babies…. it was very painful to watch….

  99. david says – reply to this



  100. bitch says – reply to this


    What drugs does she do???

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