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In Case You Missed It….

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Click here to watch Britney's VMA performance disaster!

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1265 comments to “In Case You Missed It….”

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  1. sebastian says – reply to this


    totally hot! oooowow! yes!

  2. Carson says – reply to this


    She was terrible and looked wasted.
    p.s what does "First" mean on these comments

  3. Amie says – reply to this


    OMG I tuned in cuz of her and was rooting for her to do well but wow that was bad. She was like a lethargic cow on skates.

  4. yoadrian15 says – reply to this


    Re: mICHELLE – britney spears is the most beautiful in the world
    she was great.
    That ,Sarah Silverman, is stupid and envious because britney is the best
    sarah 's jokes are cheap.
    britney looks great and she's still the princess of POP

  5. Luscious says – reply to this


    Brittney needs to get HERSELF together. THen and only then should she concentrate on a come back. She seriously SUCKED!

  6. tita says – reply to this


    she looks gorgeous.she is not fat.she just isn't emaciated.i think she was very very nervous,so she was given tranquilizers and that caused what we see.she is definitely tranquilized.that is what the problem is.
    she is an excellent performer and that is an ability one doesn't lose.she just needs to go low key for a while and take care of herself,her kids,her spiritual growth.but she will mature a bit and be better than ever.she has a great voice,very very pretty and unique,she is very pretty.she knows how to do it.she has enough money to take it easy for a while.she is a better performer than most.just needs some recovery time.

  7. sue says – reply to this


    You people just don't get it. YOu are so cruel. She obviously has a lot a severe problems, post partum, depression, or maybe even bi polar or possibly drugs or both. No one does all the things she has done the past couple of years without it being completely obvios that she needs help. I feel so sorry for her. Instead of people being so cruel they should pray for her.
    I think she already had problems before marrying Kevin, but it was being lied to, having him pretend to love her, but realizing he didn't give a damn about her, and having two kids so quickly that was the catalyst. I think people were right to say she acted like she didn't care. It seems as if she does not care about herself anymore and is slowly trying to end it all.

  8. kirsty says – reply to this


    honesty she looked like she was muttering under her breath rather then trying to lip sync :|
    also the celevs looked more interested in the pole dancers

  9. kate says – reply to this


    honestly i danced harder at the dive bar saturday night.

  10. laur laur says – reply to this


    i love her psychedelic "i'm so high right now" dancing.

    she def wasn't dancing full out..
    i'm just shocked that none of her "people" were like WOAHHHHHHH YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!!

    and her hair? ew.
    belly? jiggly.

    everything was a disaster.
    she was totally just like mumbling atleast pretend like you're singing.

    she just looked so lost and confused.
    i think her career is officially o-v-e-r.
    she had such a good shot to make a comeback out of this and fuckkk it up hardcore.

    it's a good song she could've killed it!!

    so ironic how she opened the show and bombed…and JT closed the show and proved where he stands in the game..on top.
    and i don't even like him! hah

  11. me says – reply to this



    I hope you get dry bummed to death!!

    Like your opinion matters anyway.I doesn't.TOSSER!!!

  12. James says – reply to this


    I initially was disappointed in the performance….and I will never say it was one of Brits best eprformances…but it wasn't all taht bad…def bad costume choice and not enough dancing….but it wasn't bad…give it a chance and you might change ur mind.

  13. Jenny says – reply to this


    Talk about going through the motions. She did not even try.
    She looks good though, not too skinny!!

  14. kb says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her, this totally bombed. She looks a mess and has no confidence whatsoever (my take on the trying to look overly confident with no clothes virtually). Someone needs to take control of her - she's an adult yes, but she is not in control and needs help getting back on track. A waste of whatever she was otherwise.

    What gets me was the faces of the stars in the crowd, they looked so embarrassed for her.

  15. booooya dof says – reply to this



  16. audrey says – reply to this


    she was not that bad, she wassnt fabulous either. but…maybe there are reasons behind it or something. we wont know :)

  17. twin atlantic says – reply to this


    you know, this isn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    it could have been A LOT worse.

    right, so theres not exactly much dancing from Britney - shes had kids, shes been drinking and smoking and not really had much reason to work out recently, right? ..

    I somehow doubt she's exactly fit enough to have some full on dance routine, and yeah, she shouldn't have excuses.

    but i'll make em anyway, gotta love the Britney!

  18. schmanker says – reply to this


    my upload on youtube is better. it doesn't skip. when will youtube stop making the quality so bad. the original file is pretty good.

  19. lili says – reply to this


    this is sad. poor girl.

  20. dave says – reply to this


    I love brit, i stood by her and told everyone she will be on top again. Well, i feel cheated. Thats show or whatever you want to call it was awful. sorry brit, ya lost me.

  21. bobbie says – reply to this


    okay, i feel so bad for this girl. she look so bored. you would think that this is your big moment after the way that you have been slammed for the past 2 years. and what did she do? half ass it. the song is actuallly pretty good, but for once being dubbed the "pop princess" she looked like nothing more than a jester, where is your hat with bells on it. and it sounded like there were only 15 people clapping for her. sad sad sad.

  22. Amy says – reply to this


    WTF was that? Wow that girl has issues. Even all the celebrities were wondering WTF that was. I think that she wants her career to end…she told that college guy that she was making out with that she just wants things to be done and move back to Kentwood or whatever. So I really think that she is doing this on purpose. She will suck for this whole album and then maybey come out with another joke of an album…she do a tour or two and lipsynch the whole tour messing up and doing half ass dances and just walking around the stage all cold and clammy. WOW that is pathetic…how sad is that…you have a GREAT opertunity to open up for the VMA's!!! and you suck ass at it…..HEY "BRIT BRIT" YOUR BACK UP DANCERS ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE MORE CONVINCING THAN YOU. IF YOU WANNA BE DONE THEN JUST GET UP AND GO DONT DISAPPOINT PEOPLE. THE VMA'S MUST HAVE BEEN A JOKE TO YOU, YOUR SELFISH YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID NO AND SAVED IT FOR SOMEONE WHO WOULD HAVE REALLY BLOWN OUR SOCKS OFF. PATHETIC.

  23. heather says – reply to this


    all of that money spent on lights and dancers to showcase a two dollar piece of trailer trash.

    someone's got some splaining to do!

  24. Rachel says – reply to this


    Everyone is in all saying MTV wouldn't let her do that.. Sarah Silverman was saying this… Well had the bitch been rehearsing the past 3 days MTV might have been able to make some adjustments for her if they knew what the fuck her routine was supposed to be BEFOREHAND.. and would Sarah Silverman have anything to say if Britney truely wasn't neglecting her kids? Nope…… So if Brit is getting upset about it - then that means she truely feels she is being a bad mother.

  25. *deejay* says – reply to this


    Ummm..wtf did I just watch? Ya, I'm with you on this one Perez. She looks horrible. She doesn't even look like she wants to be there. She actually looks like some regular people that inpersonating Britney Spears more than anything.

    She looks horrible. I agree, she needs some help and FAST!!

  26. laurlaur says – reply to this


    and i didn't find silverman the least bit funny..and neither did her audience..what was up with all of the pauses and stuff?
    chris brown saved the show.

  27. JEN says – reply to this



  28. wtf says – reply to this



  29. Molly says – reply to this


    Re: Brooke – It's not like she wrote the song, or the choreography (why is she famous again?) She didn't look quite as much like Mick Jagger as she does in reality, but she still looked terrible. That entire performance was like if your friends dad sat next to you and put his hand on your leg. I don't want to see anyones fat, lazy and drugged out mother flailing around in a bikini.

  30. j says – reply to this


    I'd still hit it =)

  31. lisa says – reply to this


    I can't watch this again. I just started to, but I just can't do it. so sad.

  32. Kate says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, can you put up a video of Chris Brown's performance? Now there is something that I would like to see again. Forget Shitney!

  33. carlos says – reply to this


    can someone throw a $1 bill to this ho'? little girls all over the world could dream about making it big like britney and well end up vegas show girls. Now strippers everywhere can dream to make it to the MTV video awards. thanks Brit. pop that licky, girl!

  34. Kaitlyn says – reply to this


    Her strategy of trying to use the VMAs to fix her career was not unlike Hitler using Napoleon's strategy to attack Russia.


    Never before has the whole world said, completely in unison: "Oh…my…God."

  35. Boo Britney says – reply to this


    Did she even break a sweat!?

  36. i heart popsickles says – reply to this


    wow. the strippers danced better than her. the freaking audience was laughing at her when they thought the cameras weren't looking. you know they weren't about to put that camera on paris! she had to be on the floor laughing. you backup dancers are not supposed to out-shine you brit! we supported you, and you gave us this?

  37. K says – reply to this


    I don't like Britney but she did great and the audiences' reaction confirmed it.

  38. ella says – reply to this


    That was so sad. I think she did this way too early. The song isn't bad but she has got a long way to go before she's performance ready again and if she doesn't want to stop the partying and get her shit together then just leave the songs for mixing and playing at the clubs and scrap the live performances altogether.

  39. QueenT says – reply to this


    that was soooooo sad to watch, im embarrassed for her.


  40. bunny says – reply to this


    the game is up.. go home to inbredsville and mind you brats.

  41. Karla says – reply to this


    I'm disappointed, but I still want her CD? Anyone else feel the same?

  42. Sheery says – reply to this



  43. kim says – reply to this


    was she even singing? she barely moved her lips! fake fake fake

  44. val says – reply to this


    WTF was THAT?! omg its a shame, i actually thought she might've had it in her for a comeback….silly me…

  45. Jane Dough says – reply to this


    U ROCK PEREZ!!!!
    u never let me down ; )

  46. Todd says – reply to this


    I agree that her performance left a lot to be desired. Part of that due to an INSANE amount of pre-show hype. It is extremely sad that so many people comment that she is fat. That is so sad. She is not fat by any means. I'm also still waiting for official comment as to where Chriss Angels input was. Sarah Silverman, though usually funny crashed and burned harder than Britney and her piece was obviously planned by MTV and way out of line.

  47. Lizard says – reply to this


    ugh…… poor britt, what the hell happened she looks aweful what a waste of a performance!

  48. Gigi says – reply to this


    I disagree with the comments that she looks fat here…just because we can't see her clavicle like the rest of Hollywood doesn't make her a blimp.

    But yeah…disappointing performance. She didn't even really move…the dancers just kind of…moved her. She looked nervous and bored.

    Too soon, Brit. Practice more, get back into the swing of things…!

  49. jusme says – reply to this


    She moves like a tired, old stripper doing her third set of the night… Pathetic

  50. jdiddy says – reply to this


    she looked petrified and like a lost little newbie performing. i think she knows her career is dead dead dead.

  51. kisa says – reply to this


    i really feel bad for the dancers… u cld see that they were really into the performance… its a real catchy tune… u cld dance to it fine in a club or something like that… if only britney really put her heart into it… if she really did want it im sure she cld have made it happen. oh well, what's done is done.

  52. becca-lexi says – reply to this


    dat was awful she needs to sort it out i cant belive the way she acts and dresses wen shes a mother its discusting. her dancin was dead and it looked as though she didnt even make and effoct mi nan could of done a beta job

  53. moxxiimissii says – reply to this


    what a steamin' pile of hot mess. as for a comeback.. i think the average response is "please god dont!"

  54. jusme says – reply to this


    She moves like a tired old stripper doin' her last set of the night…. Pathetic…

  55. KFo says – reply to this


    that performance had SERIOUS potential… she could have made an amazing comeback.. the song… the dancers… but instead….. she ruined it for everyone by looking like an awkward, non-athletic scared puppy

  56. Beth says – reply to this


    Fook me that was shite! If she's gonna mime at least dance and not just wave your arms about. Utter poo!

    Perez…luv ya!

  57. floss says – reply to this


    Can you say "going through the motions?" That was like watching a little pageant kid being forced to compete… creepy and sad.

  58. Tasg says – reply to this


    The song rocks though but…huh? Her dancers rocked too and I agree with jusme she does move like a tired old stripper…oh Britney…I never liked you but I do wish the best for everyone….

  59. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Oh my! Finally someone tells the truth. As I was watching, I was thinking "SERIOUSLY!?!" It was so terrible! No offense, because I'm not a size 0, but she's too fat for what she was wearing. I mean, great- she's had two kids. But there's nothing to show off with her fat thighs and chubby tummy.
    As far as the dancing, she loooked like she thought it was a rehersal. She wasn't even there.
    AND YES- the hair- what was that? I've seen hookers on the street with better extensions than that.

  60. Miz B says – reply to this


    Well first let me start off by saying I'm not a fan of Britney's and never was. I didn't watch the VMA's cuz they will play them all week anyway and up until Christmas time!! lol However, her performance was sorely lacking and all the hype they built around it, it was shitty, I'm sorry to all of the B. Spears fan but she didn't bring it at all. What happened to the fancy mirrors and illusions Criss Angel was supposed to bring to the show?? All she did was walk back and forth with some lackluster ass dance moves and a swimsuit and high heeled boots on…she lip synched LIKE ALWAYS and perhaps this was her performance and she's a bit rusty. I can cut the girl some slack…but it was piss poor.

  61. ksl says – reply to this


    yuck that was so half ass its not even funny

  62. kate says – reply to this


    no one's complaining for her to entertain. SHE wants her "comeback" so she can make more money. America is greedy. And if she wants to put herself out there… then so be it. You put yourself forward like that when you're not mentally, physically, or whatever her problem was.. prepared to perform to your full potential, you're gonna fail. she agreed to open the mtv awards. i never loved britney, but i always enjoyed her on award shows and stuff. she was a bummer. everyone keeps saying it wasn't that bad. well… YES it really was. She just was slow and had no energy AT ALL. I was waiting for her to be like "just kidding heheh" and then do something amazing. but the moment never came. And shes one of the richest people in the world!!! She couldn't get a decent hair weave??? COME ONNN. They should've done her up. She looked like she jsut rolled out of bed and put on a diamond encrusted bikini… and fishnets. She could've done something AMAZING if she wanted to. I don't care if Cris Angel was out — she still could've done better. And the Sarah Silverman jokes were not THAT BAD! Honestly. If she really wanted to offend britney there's A LOT more she could've said. Especially about her kids. That was putting it lightly calling them "Cute mistakes" atleast she called them cute, right? And being pissed at Sarah Silverman is no reason to ruin YOUR comeback.

  63. kristina says – reply to this


    i'm so sick of everyone on here calling her fat! god bless, she had 2 kids in 2 yrs! and by real life standards, she's no where near fat, she's not even chunky. besides, it's not fat that you're seeing, it's called being BLOATED from ALCOHOL! duh! that's a beer gut not baby fat.
    now her performance did suck. i understand being upset by what sarah shitman was gonna say but she shoulda cancelled instead.
    too bad, she ruined a great song.

  64. MommaClark says – reply to this


    This is soooo not good. Shame on her and all that manage her. She needs to take a serious look at herself and her mothering and get a clue!

  65. phq112 says – reply to this


    Ok, so thats why she's been at all those stripper clubs. She wanted to step a thousand feet away from being creative. That was so boring and already been done before. She just bounced and what ever. Nothing amazing.

  66. Dora says – reply to this


    me cago en ella

  67. stephanie says – reply to this


    what the F&^K!!!!! Britney!! I was one of the last to have faith!! LIP-syncing , if you could call it that. Too bad that it sounded just like the single that was "released", there was no variation in your tone at all. I take it that Wade didn't choreograph this? Because he would've been appaled!!!! i liked watching the backround dancers and that pole dancers…..

  68. Raquel says – reply to this


    where's britney? :/

  69. Dai says – reply to this


    she sucked bad!!!!! horrible!

  70. stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: kristina – well yea, i hade 3 kids in the last several years, and i look like that.. it'll go down eventually. but yea people need to stop talking about how "fat" she is

  71. gstar says – reply to this


    ….liza actually comes from talent and has (had) quite a serving herself. Brittney is proof that a little doesnt go a long way. She never had any real talent but she was cute and young and freash…..she has peaked, with nothing to say. Plenty of poptarts to take her place. Re: Tall_Blonde

  72. jennnnn says – reply to this


    she might as well have just had sex on stage….that would have at least been somewhat interesting

  73. jennnn says – reply to this


    she might as well have just had sex on stage….that would have at least been somewhat entertaining….

  74. Mrs. R says – reply to this


    Quite frankly, she looks like she had taken some form of anti-anxiety drug or depressant to get her through the "performance" (and I use that term loosely). Her movements were very slow, and not necessarily in synch with the music. She Forget about the lack of talent, motivation, drive, live voice, toned body…etc., she WAS NOT enjoying herself at all. She needs to get more psychological help before she sets foot on any stage or recording studio. It's a sad burn-out - and she should have quit long ago!

  75. tepsy says – reply to this


    C'mon you guys! Give the poor girl a break, I dont even like her type of music/performances but seriously she wasn't THAT bad.I mean she's been away for years and had two kids, she was probably beyond nervous.I feel like most commenters on here just want be on the "cool train" and agree with everything Perez says. Can't you see Perez is trying to provoke you to have an opinion of your own?Oh, and she's nowhere near fat , people get a grip! Judging from these fotos she's probably at the lower end of a healthy BMI, most of uf us commenting and/or reading these comments can only dream of ever looking that good. PEACE!!!!

  76. Star says – reply to this


    now that i have seen it again it wasn't as bad as you guys make it seen of couse she seems alittle unsure of herself and how everyones gonna react you know not everyone has been very nice to her and she didn't know what to expect so fuck all of ya'll and kiss her ass you know you would in a heat beat bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO BRITNEY can't wait to see more! and i know its gonna get better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. dru says – reply to this


    what a trainwreck!
    she looked like a stuffed cow
    her hair was disgusting
    wtf…with her outfit!!!!
    if only she would of fell over and passed out!
    would of been great
    get the point and go away n take care of ur children!!!

  78. Brenda says – reply to this


    I cant believe that she let her fans down once again. Really what is wrong with her. She makes enough money that she could have sobered up before the show or at least her performance. Then after that she could have went back to being strung out. This is for sure not the Britney Spears that I grew up with…. I would let my listen to the old Britney …. not this one for sure not a role model…GET SOME HELP PLEASE

  79. your mom says – reply to this



  80. Chantelle says – reply to this


    OMG that was sad! She looked like a deer caught in head lights, she was totally not into it! Poor girl should have left every bit of her career until her family problems had been dealt with.

  81. Kiara says – reply to this


    She did NOT look fat. She's had 2 kids and a troubled few years mainly brought on by the heart break KEVIN showed her. Ofcourse she was scared and nervous as she has been slagged off non stop in the last few years.

    With some practice and confidence she can make it

  82. CK says – reply to this


    Girl needs to get on Dancing With the Stars. She didn't even dance as good as some of their contenstants. WTF? She literally WALKED through the whole performance, where is the dancing, where is the getting down? She needs to do what Justin did and get the performers he works with do actually do all the work while he looks like he is doing it all himself, thats what performance IS!

  83. CK says – reply to this


    Girl needs to get on Dancing With the Stars. She didn't even dance as good as some of their contenstants. WTF? She literally WALKED through the whole performance, where is the dancing, where is the getting down? She needs to do what Justin did and get the performers he works with do actually do all the work while he looks like he is doing it all himself, thats what performance IS!

  84. Star says – reply to this


    now that i have seen it again it wasn't as bad as you guys make it seen of couse she seems alittle unsure of herself and how everyones gonna react you know not everyone has been very nice to her and she didn't know what to expect so fuck all of ya'll and kiss her ass you know you would in a heart beat bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO BRITNEY can't wait to see more! and i know its gonna get better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. keren says – reply to this


    this is a britney spirs

  86. Jordan T says – reply to this


    I can't get my friggen comments to post so i've written like 4 already. I just have to give my take on this preformance. I am SO dissapointed I was really rooting for her, and she let us down. She looked uncomfortable and scared. Deffinantly not the same britney we once used to know. Did you guys see her TRIP over her own foot in the very beggining….uuuhh it was almost painful to watch. OH and let me just say one thing WHAT A BITCH the sarah silverman is, she tried so fucking hard just to make an ass out of britney, and I wasn't having that shit…..leave the poor girl alone, she just bombed on a HIGHLY anticipated preformance and now your gonna shit on her in front of everyone….that bitch. On a brighter note, i think britney's album is gonna be pretty good, I just hope she can match up the quality of her album to the quality of her preformances…..cuz she deff needs a little work on it.

    OH YEAH, and can anyone tell me what happened to criss angel helping her with this preformace….that what I heard, wether or not it was true (well obviously it wasn't)….I was wondering if anyone else heard that too?

  87. Stephjonlove says – reply to this


    Okay I dont know how many of you are in the entertainment business but its NOT EASY and there was SERIOUS pressure..should she get drunk three days straight before she performs NO..but NONE of us have ANY idea what its like to be her at this moment..and according to reports MTV pulled Cris Angel at the last min and they had to change everything..she looks like she was "marking" the whole time..(if your a dancer you know what that means) you rehearse something one way and change it hours before a live broadcast..and uh thats what you get ..its not ALL her fault MTV holds blame too. BUT none the less she should have given it her all..it is her JOB after all.. But I personally feel shes not ready yet (obviously) and her management pushed this shit to make things "appear" better then they are. Take is from me a Custody Case Divorce and two kids in two years is a LOT for ANYONE..and you have people recording every tragic moment of it..and yeah she signed up for that to be in this business..but come on.. give her a fucking break man..was it good-no but I dont think she is in a place emotionally to be good right now..she is just working it out trying to do what she can..and come on..isn't that all ANY of us can do?? Why is everyone so damn judgemental?

  88. erica says – reply to this


    Re: Cy – yeah right - -a parody. PLEASE!!

  89. keren says – reply to this



  90. Lori (Sweden) says – reply to this


    I don't understand why everybody wants 2 put her down. She has been trough a lot and is trying the best she can. Why cant people just concentrate on their own problems instead? Do you people have THAT much free time??

  91. maira says – reply to this


    she should have cancelled she sucked…it looked like she wasn't even excited… her dancers looked better than her…so sad

  92. Tina D says – reply to this


    That was pretty sad. Who knows, she might end up on Dancing With The Starts someday !

  93. dani says – reply to this


    wow..that was actually embarassing to watch!

  94. kelly says – reply to this


    Right on Perez!!
    This bitch earns $750,000 a MONTH and STILL cannot get her shit together?
    I don't feel sorry for her at all.
    This was a nice "fuck you" to all her fans and you still support her.

    BTW…I am loving all the conspiracy theories (MTV changed her routine, she had her wittle feelings hurt by big mean Sarah). What a pathetic excuse for a "professional."

  95. No Longer Brit Fan says – reply to this


    Time for the thank yous! Good job back up dancers for giving your all. Thank you wardrobe for getting Brit some new fishnet stockings. Thank you MTV for giving the bitch one last chance. Thank you those in the audience for being nice and clapping at the end. And thank you Britney for giving me a reason to hate you.

  96. James says – reply to this


    Guys, the only part of her that looked a little fat was her belly, nothing else. The rest of her was slim!!!!

  97. Tina says – reply to this


    HORRIBLE! OMG!!!! She moved like she was at a crappy high school dance. She should for sure stick to being a psycho, shes better at that! TRAINWRECK! there was absolutly ZERO effing effort in that. Total dissapointment. Makes me wanna kick her in the teeth :*(

  98. Aimee says – reply to this


    I've heard a lot about this over the last 12 hours, and i was expecting it to be a lot worse…it wasn't THAT bad, but it could've been a hell of a lot better. And whoevers calling her fat is deluded, just cos she's not a fucking size zero.

  99. Kandy says – reply to this


    I didn't see her trip at all. Where is half the stuff people are talking about??? She looked big on her stomach but not fat anywhere else

  100. ScottyBoi (uk) says – reply to this


    The sad thing is, I think we all hoped she would be great. The new songs were rocking, she could have owned that stage. I aint giving up just yet…

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