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Britney Bombs! Again!!!!

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Leave Britney alone! That's exactly what fans are doing.

And radio seems to perceive the former pop star as toxic as well!

Spears' "comeback" single, Gimme More, debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 on Wednesday with a thud. The song came in at #85! Most of that came from curiosity play.

Music insiders tell PerezHilton.com that Britney's new song is not likely to do well.

Poor Brit Brit.

Does she really want us to leave her alone?

No! She wants us to like her new stuff. So far? Not so good!

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974 comments to “Britney Bombs! Again!!!!”

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  1. Daniel says – reply to this


    music insiders??? what the heck does that even mean?

  2. sweet_LJ says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her. Her confidence is strained. She was with a jerk for two years. You know he was verbally abusive. He sees her and his kids as a meal ticket. she is being put through so much! I would drink to numb it away as well.

    I am boycotting that show Fed-Ex is on. He should want good things for his children's mother. Not money. Be a man and make your own, asshole.

    I am behind brit 100%.

  3. perezisthepig says – reply to this



    Listen up Perez.

    Let me start off by saying that you are a complete asshole.

    Anyone who admires you is a complete moron and should pull their head out of their ass immediately.

    Anyone who thinks Sarah Silvermann is a comic genius has a sense of humor Stalin would be proud of.

    Anyone who thinks Britney deserves this treatment by the media should be put into a straight-jacket and padded room and force-fed crazy pills.

    If I seen you in public Perez, I'd tell the world that I thought I had just seen Big Foot and that Big Foot may be gay.

    You are a prick Perez and are the last person to be trashing artists.

    You, my friend are an unfunny, large, greasy, harry, bitter, malicious and sore loser.

    I hope you get sued and put in jail you asshole.

  4. peachy says – reply to this


    Ya know at least Brit isn't coked out or on heroin and looking like a pretzel stick. If she was in that situation Spears would be facing negative comments about being too skinny. But instead Brittany is looking like 95% of the divorced/seperated/married/single population of our country including you and I. Yes she is out of practice, yep she could work out a little…not unlike most of us checking out this site. Why don't we look in the mirror and see our own imperfections when it comes to our break ups, divorces, custody disputes. Not one of us is perfect. Imagine yourself under the microscope and how you would handle personally. All Britney needs are some positive people in her life who are looking out for her personal best interest. I wish her luch with that. Obviously the machine that booked her on the VMAs were not thinking of their client but about their wallet.

  5. anonymous says – reply to this


    OK. so she's not as skinny as she used to be. So what, she's had two kids and at least she doesn't look like a skeleton like other celebs. 'Fat Ass' is a little over the top, but I will agree that the wardrobe should have been planned out better. I am not a Britney fan or anything, I just think that it sucks that people are flipping out about how 'fat' she is, 'average' would be a better word choice. This is a HUGE problem in our society and this pressure to be skinny is ridiculous.

    Call her 'out of control', 'crazy', or 'uncaring parent'…whatever…but 'fat ass' is kinda extreme

  6. puta says – reply to this


    MALDITOS chismosos todos cabrones de mierda dejenla en paz!!!!

  7. CummyBear says – reply to this


    Enough of this fat slob already!

  8. Daniel says – reply to this


    Perez you are such a liar!!!!! Billboard has reported, and I quote:

    "Gimme More" landed a spot at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart as of September 12th, 2007; this makes her most recent single the second best debut of her career, behind Me Against The Music

    So I don't know where you get your facts from Perez but you really need to have them checked.

  9. Moi says – reply to this


    Perez you're a bully. Britney spears is being bullied. I'm sorry but stars are not fair game, they are human beings and the bashing that's taking place is unacceptable. I'm not even a Britney but I know this is just plain wrong. She is obviously not well and people are profiting from it, it's really disgusting. I bet Perez was bullied in school for being fat and homo and now he's playing bully being nasty and hurtful to others. When this disgusting raunchy period is over, if we finally get over the sadistis hunger for watching people get hurt and humiliated, I hope Perez will feel ashamed about his participation, it's not only nasty, but worthless and empty.

  10. Danielle from Oakland says – reply to this


    Ok, Britney screwed up her performance. We all saw, we all know. Some people think she's over weight….SHE'S HAD 2 FREAKIN KIDS! SHE LOOKS DAMN GOOD IF YOU ASK ME! I am NOT in any way a Britney fan, however, all of this negativity and SH#T talking is getting to be ridiculous. These comments are exactly why these young girls end up being addicts, have eating disorders and screwing up their lives. These people have feelings, just like you and me. It kind of feels like people are in high school picking on someone just because they have nothing better to do. Leave the poor girl alone, I'm sure she feels horrible already….

  11. playboy39 says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton you make my life complete. Brittany is so dumb. K Fed probably made her that way. Anyways, Perez youre so hot. omg, i'd hit it so fast. Yup.

  12. Danielle from Oakland says – reply to this


    And Perez…..you know damn well you were made fun of in high school….I bet it didn't feel good, did it? So STOP! It's getting to be ridiculous!

  13. ivee says – reply to this


    of course not..some ppl dont even know the song exists..plus songs dont even get in the top 40 til an artist releases a video…and every1 themselves said the song had amazing reviews for once, and it was the most requested song in the radio

  14. George says – reply to this


    The twat is still doable. She used to be the best, now she is just one of the rest. I'd still hit it though.

  15. JD says – reply to this


    Perez… YOU'RE SUCH A HUGE FLAMMING PC OF SHIT!! Always reporting the bad about Britney. This is her first week on the charts and that is not a bad entry. She is #25 on the Radio & Records chart. She was the most added in radio and the most increased plays. Why wouldn't you post that?????? You know why.. B/C you represent everything that is shitty about the media. Posting ONE SIDED articles aimed at altering everyone's views to represent your own. It's so wierd to me that you always post her bad things, but don't post crazy mean shit about Amy DUMBASS!! She is truely on drugs and has HUGE problems, but you ALWAYS KISS HER ASS!! The reason you don't kiss Britneys ass is b/c she hasn't called and talked to you… You childish little BITCH! I know you think you are some big thing, but you are just the next fad and your 15 minutes will end soon. It is also really wierd how you never post every shitty movie Paris Hilton is in and bash that. There are TONS. Have a field day with that! Leave Britney and her kids alone and you promoting what she said about Britney's kids is MESSED UP!!

  16. Dwg says – reply to this


    Sorry fellas but the hetrosexual world still thinks Britney has a hot body. Well at least I do. It's not always about skin and bones.

  17. lala says – reply to this


    i hate her, but we should leave her alone, i can't hate on someone while they are down, she's just someone with problems, no one is perfect, let her be.

  18. YAYA says – reply to this


    well what i think is that she could of at least tried to loss sum weight before going on stage. and that if she knows she's trying to come back in the music world she should watch her image and shape it up britt!

  19. tiffani says – reply to this


    whats funny is that all of you are dissing britney cuz u think shes fat. i guarentee she looks a heck of a lot better than any of you. just cuz shes not anorexic looking like many other celebs dont mean shes fat. she just had two kids give her a f*cking break. shes still hot!! your either too skinny or too fat.. where the hell is the medium. she looks healthy like she eats more than a carrot a day. i dont give a sh*t what any of ya'll say britney is still a fine a$$ bi*ch

  20. Paige says – reply to this


    shut up jealous bitch. you must be a total fatass since you're calling perez skinny. haha. you are totally pathetic.

  21. carl says – reply to this


    listen haters that go to u too fucking Perez.. Britney it's going to do good cos she always do so stop hating and star losing some pounds fact bitch, and all Perez fan fuck u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anna says – reply to this


    Perez, you're an ugly fuck! Britney is 10 times hotter than you!

  23. jane says – reply to this


    i effing detest nickelback! why does anyone listen to them????? does anyone else agree with me?

  24. Julia says – reply to this


    "umbrella" aka the biggest hit of the year debuted at #91
    where was your post about what a flop rihanna is?

  25. love britney and waht!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    maldito Perez tu si k jode maldito perro lla deja a la bella Britney tranquila fucking hater.

  26. Paige says – reply to this


    go BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the shit and fuck all you jealous bitter bitches!!! i find it hilarious how all you spend your time putting comments up about her, it shows that all of you jerks still give a shit about her, no matter how much you hate to admit it.

    perez, stop hating on britney, cause the more you hate on her, the more im hating you. you are so mean, and this is not the way to make yourself feel better. go get some therapy. and how the hell do u know that its was just out of 'curiosity'?????????? all the people that i've talked to, even non britney fans say they like the song. stop trying to sway things just to have everyone agree with your point of view. its SUPER annoying!!!!

  27. justine says – reply to this


    no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to blog about her, dumbass.

  28. TucsonGryphon says – reply to this


    Wondering when your going to get your fat azz up there, Perezina? You're so full of shizz your eyes are brown…

  29. some one says – reply to this


    Perez when the song first came out you liked and even danced to it(badly). Your just jealous cause your a nobody that looks like shit and everybody knows who she is. Maybe one day when you lose about 80 pound your self then maybe just maybe people will know who you are, you even have to us someone elses last name trying to get noticed.

  30. Jorge says – reply to this


    yea…thats why britney's song has been #1 in NYC for the past week….nice going Perez……you an go shave the pubes off ur face now…lmaooo

  31. Kristin says – reply to this


    Ahaha oh Perez, I love you.

  32. Kelly says – reply to this


    OK Number 1: BRITNEY IS NOT FAT you moronic lard assess. Get off your high chair you dickhead..u sit there and judge this poor human being who is trying to improve her life while you stuff your face without fat ladden food america is churning out. I'd like to see you get up on a stage and do a perfect performance after the world has witnessed your breakdown and dissected your mental state every freakin day. No matter what you say about her, the girl has talent. Her music is good..trash her as much as you want but at the end of the day you know the truth.

  33. Britney Lover says – reply to this


    If you're so sick of Britney then just stop FUCKING LISTENING TO THE SONG!! JEALOUSY IS SUCH A TERRIBLE THING!


  34. stop the madness says – reply to this


    Perez why are you leading the hate-a-rade campaign against Brit Brit?

    I like her song it's okay…and I heard it on the radio! I'm no Britany fan but the hating is RIDICULOUS
    love perez poster - you need a life !must you keep repeating your post DUMD ASS!!!!!

  35. Petunia says – reply to this


    You know what? I love the fact that she sported this look…and yet despite the fact the chubby isnt the new skinny shes toned, tan…AND SHE FUCKING ROCKED THAT STUDDED LIL NUMBER…like myself I am also one the fluffy side…I was flat out relieved to see this…this kinda stuff helps mend somethings that shouldnt be filled w/ food

  36. skankityskank! says – reply to this


    fuck that top ten list!

  37. MJ says – reply to this


    Perez, you totally pwned Chris Crocker. He is SUCH a freak!

  38. Mila says – reply to this


    It's the outfit that didn't work. To skanky.

  39. ZC says – reply to this


    Hey Perez? Perhaps your blind hatred towards Britney blinded you from the fact that the song is still charting despite the lack of a music video or digital downloads, and digital downloads are factored in as part of the Hot 100. The song debuted in other countries in the Top 10, some in the top 5. Get over your blind hatred for Brit.

    I'm curious, also, as to why you want Britney to fail so much. Considering the fact that she's sold 30 times the record your talentless namesake Paris Hilton will ever, and also hasn't released a sex tape (talk about loose vaginas) where she answers a cell phone while getting f*cked in the ass, I think your double standard is getting somewhat tiring. Get over yourself. Although I could see a career for you as Kirstie Alley's replacement with Jenny Craig.

  40. ummmm says – reply to this


    Ummm…. she's not fat. It's just that her body isn't as toned as it used to be. Man you people are morons. When you have kids your body changes. She'll probably make a come back when she gets her life together.

  41. tlx says – reply to this


    Perez FAT Hilton won't let go - HE'S A MISSION: I need a topic to keep this stupid blog alive. Here is an idea, why don;t you write a daily journal of your attempts to lose weight?? might be more interesting than your sick crap.

  42. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    Perez your such a prick…

    You would split your pants if you made even cose to what Britney makes.. your nothing but a blood sucker !

    Keep talking shit about Britney so you can get press.

  43. Rash Manly says – reply to this


    Give me, give me more,
    give me more, give me more money
    for sleep walking thru the MTV awards show!
    Give me give me more, give me more
    fried chicken and big macs to eat so I almost
    burst out of my bra and panties…I mean costume,
    Give me give me more, give me more attention
    because I forgot to wear my panties yet again
    in front of a dozen cameras!

  44. GooberGirl says – reply to this


    way to go Rash Manly!!! I love both it and the real song. Britney is hilarious!!!!

  45. JZZHNDS says – reply to this


    Get all that other keee-rap outta the top 10. Gimme More is the best thing next to madonna.

  46. TellItLikeItIs says – reply to this


    Oh yeah?? You really think its a bomb perez? check this shiz out…………….""Gimme More" landed a spot at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart as of September 12th, 2007; this makes her most recent single the SECOND BEST CHART TOPPING SINGLE OF HER CAREER, behind Me Against The Music.Due to considerable airplay, "Gimme More" has reached Mediabase's #22 spot. [12]"

  47. PrincessAli??? says – reply to this


    i love you perez!!!! :-D

  48. Doug says – reply to this


    I love you Brit Brit!!!! Hang in there…Your song is awesome and next Billboard release day I know it will have shot up the charts!!!! Britney haters can go F*&k themselves!!!!!!

  49. Tim Dudley says – reply to this


    Rhianna - Umbrella debuted at #91. Nuff' said.

  50. olivia says – reply to this


    I say FUCK YOU ALLLLL>>> SHE will COME BACK!! AND GUESS what you all will be dancing to it ……………….

  51. beth says – reply to this


    seriously…im obsessed with the song…so what she f*ed up at the vma's…the song is catchy and im not gonna lie but i can't wait to dance to it in the club…i love britney even if she is a trainwreck…end of story…

  52. Britney Fan says – reply to this


    Moving on Moving on………..I can understand the public intrest on Brit but fucking hell Perez the press in uk are leaving it alone. I don't underdstand is this cos she wouldn't give an interview? Or is it that u rele want to see her fail. In the age of celebrity there are only a few celebs left that actually famous for doing something and not just beacause of of who they are. Brit hasn't put this out on digital download in the states yet so that aswell goes towards airplay. Just leave it now Perez it's getting unhealthy and as i said before it's another form of bullying.

  53. whattheflake17 says – reply to this


    rihanna-umbrella debuts #91
    beyonce-irreplaceable debuts #87
    mariah carey-we belong together debuts #81

    not all good songs start off strong. proof.

  54. Shitney says – reply to this


    Give Shitney a break?????? Are you serious??????
    She became famous for being a performer and entertainer not a muppet walking around on stage with probably the same enthusiasm as searching for her panties. The chick needs to move on to a more suited role, diaper cleaning and sucking a pop.
    What a joke!!!! Give her a break????? Give vibrant, hard working performers a break and free up sojme airtime.

  55. filipe says – reply to this


    Perez is a guy? Man, you look like a woman the way you diss Britney! Are you jealous or what?

    I've heard that her single is going really well debuting at #85 since it only got airplay and it isn't nationwide yet!

    You should get a life, man! Or woman? lol you suck as a person. Your blog is all about Britney!

  56. brenda says – reply to this


    Britney represent everything that is wrong with the "music" industry , no talent can't sing can't dance can't perform anymore! Just like the music INDUSTRY do yourself a favour, DL

  57. mamakangaroo says – reply to this


    PEREZ, I am not nor have ever been a Britney fan, but you are being MEAN. Yes, she needs a wake up call, but I think YOU and your ilk might be driving her over the edge.

  58. trini says – reply to this


    Aussie clubs are hot for gimme more at the moment

  59. JJ says – reply to this


    "Does she really want us to leave her alone?" No, but she only wants fame on her own terms and those terms include doing exactly what she pleases when she pleases with whom she pleases at the time that she deems convenient for her. Poor, pitiful, rich, spoiled, little girl who wants to just wants to play and play and play. Media, listen up, quit enabling her behaviors. Then maybe, she would really figure out what is important.

  60. sar says – reply to this


    you know, even though her preformance wasn't the best & that is putting it kindly, & even though the clothes were abit to skimpy for her at this moment. She doesn't look to bad for a mother of two. Most women would like to have a body like hers, they just wouldn't show it in that way lol. You have to feel somewhat sorry for her. Life is not going well for her at the moment & i hope for her sake & her children things will pick up for her.

  61. im lol says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! I thnk its funny that she sucked to no end!Personally i loved britney when i was little but now shes just a low class skeeze.Shes trying too hard(the bra and panties)Then not hard enough(The performance).If she really wanted people to like her for her music and talent she would have cared and had respect for her fans.Not eat out and party all the time and look like a freakin cow and she would have tried harder.She dont care so why should her old fans?

  62. hahahha says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i think its funny that she sucks so bad.I used to be a big brit fan but now i dony=t like her so much she tried too hard (to look sexy iow Bra and panties)And didnt try hard enough(the perforamance)If she really cared and respected her fans she would hae tried.but thats the thing she doesnt care.So why should i a once brit fan?IF you really want people to like you for your music and your talet -not your personal life not so personal-It would have been off the chain.so buy the song and the performance she tells me that she doesnt care.ha ill leave her and her cd "Alone"

  63. beb says – reply to this


    Total and complete spin job, Perez. The Billboard Pop 100 tells a completely different story…in its 2nd week, "Gimme More" climbs from #65 to #41. If they decide to release it on iTunes, it'll probably go Top 10 on both charts.

  64. Anonomous says – reply to this


    I hope Perez you read this cause your a fucking flaming deush bag who does not tell te right stuff you know britney wanted to have a big comeback she wanted everyone talking well gues what everyone is talking about her and you need to shut your fucking mouth all you do is talk shit aboout her leave her the FUCK alone! got it anyone come on you know Perez is just trying to start shit cause he is gay and lonenly cause noone likes him please someone shut his fucking mouth cause none of the false shits he says is true about BRi LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONe and go and play with you boy friends oh wait you dont have any fuck you perez leave Britney alone

  65. Lorie says – reply to this


    I LOVE the new song.. gimme more!

  66. Perez is a Dick says – reply to this


    seriusly, perez. britney didn't ask you to write about her.
    and FYI; she is not fat, i'd kill for her body, sure it's not the skinniest, but "pretty is skinny" image is what's making adolesence puke their food, you're an ass, perez,
    Britney, i know you'll be coming back soon. We (loyal fans) will wait.
    Love - to britney
    Middle Fingers - to perez

  67. So yesterday.................. says – reply to this


    This website should be renamed …………….

  68. lucie says – reply to this



  69. Jami says – reply to this


    Get the facts straight. #1) That number does not include sales, its not even released on itunes! #2) Billboard.com on its pop 100 airplay chart is #25 up from #31 last week. She is actually kicking A**

  70. lili says – reply to this


    Perez do not be stupid~~
    Her record label have not send her song to all the record station.
    Her song is in 4 radio station. One in Los Angeles, New York , Louisiana and the other one in Puerto Rico and the name of the one in Puerto Rico is call La Mega Station and they say that Jive records have not send the cd with her song yet!!
    How they got the song ??
    Simple they down load it from lime wire !!
    They even say that is the radio station and they got aprove to do it lol!
    Only in Puerto Rico!!
    So Perez do not hate on her her song is doing fine!!
    Sometimes Perez I think that you like Britney a lot!!!That is why you get mad at her!!
    Gay people have always love Britney Spears lol

  71. Trisha says – reply to this


    Oh Perez! I love you! Your video is a brilliant response to that crazys video. WE LOVE YOUUUU. Keep doing what you're doing.

  72. Mark says – reply to this


    Come on give credit where it's due. You failed to mention that Gimme More moved up to #25 on the Pop Airplay chart which after only the second week is pretty awesome and rarely does a song climb so quickly. Also as mentioned by Johnny SoCal the hot 100 includes digital downloads and album sales in their tabulations and since neither is availble for Gimmer More entering at #85 is again pretty awesome. Don't be like Michael Moore and spin your own story at least give the facts.

  73. Give her a break says – reply to this


    OMG… y u guys gotta be so mean?? you already know the shit she went through. and how do you think she feels while reading all the shit your saying about her =( if you dont like what shes doing then you dont have to listen to it… just watch, give her time and shes gonna show you what she really can do

  74. JB says – reply to this


    You forgot to mention that Gimme More was #25 on the Hot 100 Airplay, up from #31 the week before.

  75. piccolo fulmine says – reply to this


    perchè non critichi la tua paris hiton??? la tua cara paris è una vera zoccola per non dire altro…critica lei e non britney che è uscita da un bruttissimo periodo…taci idiota!!!

  76. Rose says – reply to this


    Oh I love you Plies! Keyshia's single is hot too.

  77. mjp says – reply to this


    Perez- you are so stupid. All you are is a glorified shit stirrer. The overall concensus on "Gimme More" is very positive and we all know that Britney's new CD will do well. Please just stop contradicting yourself and accept the fact that you will never have the success or money that she does. Speaking of 15 minutes … can't wait till yours is up?? Also, how were the ratings on your VH1 show???

  78. LOLA says – reply to this


    I hate Britney, but for a moment i felt sorry for the girl.
    Her performance was lethargic at best (more slutty than anything) & Her outfit was HIDEOUS!!!.

    Maybe she should have spent less time making out with girls in vegas, and more time practicing.

  79. Dan says – reply to this


    Perez, you're kinda lame… you don't know how the Billboard Hot 100 works, do you? You've never payed [real] attention to it, have you? It's not so common that a song just released to radios reach the Hot 100 based in pure airplay… so, Britney's accomplished something more (her airplay keeps increasing daily as you have no idea). Gimme More hasn't even been released to digital downloads, so you can now imagine how HUGE the single will be ;)

  80. VtFarmboy says – reply to this


    Re: Als – People tend to like these stories only when the person the story is about is so superficial. Britney has for years been "the pop princess". The fact is she really is Trailer Park Trash. I dont say that to insult her. I say that because if she would simply start acting like that and forget the pop princess stuff she would prolly get thru this and move on with her life. You cant try to make the public think one thing of you if you are living a different lifestyle. Shes a Ho, She doenst have great taste in clothes and she likes to party….. hell that was madonna in her early years. Just learn to be comfortable with yourself Britney connect with your inner trailerpark upbringing and act normal like the other 99 percent of the unwashed and you will finally come back big time!!

  81. issie says – reply to this


    youuuuuuuuuu people can handle everything she touches turn to money and you broke assssssssss don't have any hatersss back the f up and let her live perezzzzzzzzzz finds someone else two talk about stop hating pleaase i love your website but i'm tired of you bashing breatney soooooooo good bye

  82. phil and eric says – reply to this


    phil: she did do a really bad job
    eric: she should just give up
    phil: imma buy her new album tho.

  83. Evel says – reply to this


    The're turning against you dude!

  84. Bobakanush says – reply to this


    Britney's radio presence is bigger than every you moron! The single just came out, has a 2 million bigger audience today than the day before, #1 AOL listened track 10 to 1. I know you don't understand the bizness - go back to name calling from the safe distance of your queen diva blog. For all your name calling and assuming everyone is a mess - what is YOUR excuse?? Can anyone be a bigger mess than YOU?

  85. MONICA says – reply to this



  86. alicia says – reply to this


    her song actually isn't that bad but if u keep listening to it over and over u get sick of it

  87. abz says – reply to this


    at least she is talented unlike u!

  88. debi says – reply to this


    Re: Britney Lover – When backed into a mental corner do you always revert to homophobic slurs? Do you do racial epithets, too?
    And FYI, I don't think anyone's really listening to her songs, it's just rubbernecking. I mean, everyone turns their head to see an accident. Oh wait, not a mental heavyweight like you, right?

  89. SM says – reply to this


    Dumbasses…radio doesn't go off of requests. They have set playlists that they follow daily. You are basically wasting your time dialing a station…if they answer…they won't play your request, IF they do, it's only because it was coming up on their playlist.

  90. boxer says – reply to this


    Little miss Piggy!

  91. KMS80 says – reply to this


    Listen people, Brit is not "performance" ready…she might not be "fat" according to every-day-girl standards, but if you're going to "attempt" to shake your a$$ & whatever else you think you have in front of America, then make sure it looks like you haven't eaten your children…Thanks.

  92. Jack Frost says – reply to this


    Perez, you idiot, I don't even like Britney but am smart enough to know that most songs debut that low, especially when they don't even have a download available to purchase at itunes. Matchbox Twenty debuted at #93 last week and jumped to #12 this week. Pull your head out that fat ass of yours and try to understand what you're talking about before you drink more haterade on another celebrity.

  93. jealousmuch says – reply to this


    I see you just can't stand all the Chris Crocker attnetion, huh?

  94. JJ says – reply to this


    I love Britney. She's fine. Next subject.

  95. megann says – reply to this


    ahahah perez, i loovee you.

  96. mp says – reply to this


    Re: Ken Park – I love you for this comment. Perez is so stupid and its sad that so many people don't know any better.

  97. MONICA says – reply to this



  98. andrea says – reply to this


    i like her i think she looks good for having two kids

  99. ConverseQueen17 says – reply to this


    Perez I hate when u r right about stuff but can't u give brittney a break. I think she has been embrass & punish enough this week.

  100. oliverrr says – reply to this


    perez u dumb but

    her single is doing really good

    u mister a a hateful little bitch and ur 15 min are tick tocking be-otch

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