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Censorship Sucks!

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The Emmy telecast bleeped part of Sally Field's acceptance speech for her best actress in a drama win.

What did she say?

"If mothers ruled the world, there wouldn't be any god-damned wars in the first place."

Amen to that!

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476 comments to “Censorship Sucks!”

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  1. mark levy says – reply to this


    So if this idiot had her way :
    the brits would still run this country
    blacks would be slaves
    all the jews would be Dead

    works for me

  2. CW says – reply to this


    was not edited on TV live in Quebec. heard it loud & clear.

  3. nbc says – reply to this


    was not bleeped in Canada. Which is good cause when Maroon5 was here at the MMVA, he sang makes me wonder with full lyrics.

  4. princess8 says – reply to this


    That's a good image to think about, but is completely ridiculous, because SF obviously forgot her history. Women like Golda Mier and Margaret Thatcher had no choice but to lead their people into war….

  5. Amanda says – reply to this


    Damn I love this woman!

  6. Marcia says – reply to this


    She's a freaking moron. I'm a mother and we need our military and wars or we would never be the super power we are today.

  7. shut up says – reply to this


    What a moron! Another completely clueless celebirty spewing political nonsense. READ A FRICKIN' HISTORY BOOK! Oh and let's not forget all the RADICAL MUSLIM MOTHERS THAT BLOW THEMSELVES UP AND ENCOURAGE THEIR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME.

  8. bored says – reply to this


    Re: USMC WIFE – I give huge praise to you and your family that are serving all of us. I totally agree with your comments to the sleaze that make derogatory statements re the military–which are fighting for all our rights–including freedom of speech.

  9. CDn says – reply to this



  10. Debbie28 says – reply to this


    I always liked Sally Field! She tells it like it is! She also looks wonderful for her age!

  11. sgt dan says – reply to this


    I don't get it. I am active duty military. WHo the fuck is sally field? What could she possibly be relevant to the military. DOes she have a kid in the military? NO? And perez you fat fuck. You agree with her? What the fuck do you know about the war in iraq. YOu dick stache fat fuck. You dont even know where iraq is. WHy don't you and your fuck cunt sally field take your asses over here and give us an Amen.

  12. catty says – reply to this


    She might be right b/c if a woman was runnng the country the first time some 3rd rate cave dwelling terrorist Muslim country killed Americans their ass would be nuked to hell. A woman wuld only put up with so much shit and then the button would be pushed.

  13. Fuck Liberals says – reply to this


    You know what? I wish these freakin' Hollywood assholes would keep their political opinions to themselves! I'm not tuning into the award ceremony to hear you jackasses spew anti-war rhetoric. Nice going! Another fuck bringing down the morale of our men and women in the military. Bunch of Liberal retards! I liked Brothers and Sisters and now I won't watch it anymore. Haven't you people gotten it yet? The majority of intelligent people don't want to hear your shit. As popular as you Hollywood Liberals think you are, more and more of you seem to be getting black listed. No one wants your OPINION!

  14. Pete says – reply to this


    Amazed that no one seems the least bit bothered that this flabby armed untalanted Bitch, won over Edie Falco ?

    Award shows are just so yesterday, ther all now about politics, not any talant

  15. bored says – reply to this


    Look at the way you are all talking to each other on this web site. If this a representation of the US, maybe I should leave and go to Canada, Great Britain, or even China. I really don't want to be compared to a lot of this population. A lot of you are pretty disgusting–and you know who you are. And, look, I didn't even need to use one swear word to get my point across–it's call intelligence. Learn how to express yourself using the English language, if you are all so American.

  16. Anna says – reply to this


    I think Margaret Thatcher had two children.

  17. floridasandy says – reply to this


    sally is a lousy actress and i don't know why she keeps winning. she must have the goods on somebody.

  18. Mo-Mo says – reply to this


    That's just silly. Have you ever seen a mother after someone has messed with her child? They would totally declare war.

  19. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: CDn
    Canada…#1 reason to put up a 25 ft fence all along the border!

  20. killmenow says – reply to this


    Re: bored – perhaps you should leave to another country since you don't like our exercise of free speech….and while you are at it, take all these conservative fools with you that equate being anti-this war with being anti-military….AGAIN, THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH THE MILITARY AS THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOBS…..IT IS ABOUT AN ADMINISTRATION THAT LED THE MILITARY INTO AN UNNECESSARY WAR

  21. Chantal says – reply to this


    I live in Canada, and it was NOT bleeped when I was watching it.
    I started to laughing so hard. I told my husband that someone was slow with the beep button.

  22. shmtx says – reply to this


    Re: Emdub – NOT HER PLACE…? Whos place would that be then? a completly unrepresentative group of elected officials who just LOVE to tell us the truth and hate serving their own interest, shes right… whether its her place or not.

  23. JC says – reply to this


    Sally, Sally, Sally. Stick with your Boniva…and for god's sake, wear something with some sleeves.

  24. MKT says – reply to this


    Censorship? Last I checked, the TV/Cable network that broadcast the show was privately owned and can do whatever the hell they want? Unless something has changed. Since when can the public, or Emmy winner, tell a private company what they can or can't do?

  25. Sad to be an American right now says – reply to this


    They weren't just bleeping out the expletive; they were actually blocking the entire comment. And they do this because WE WILL NEVER TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PROTEST OF OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!! Americans will only get pissed and blog about it, screaming behind a computer.

    This is NOT democracy for any of you who care. Don't believe the brainwash. This war is not about protecting our country or defending a country against tyranny or even about spreading "freedom" (imagine that being said with a thick TEXAS accent). This war is about OIL. Read Allen Greenspan's new book–he even says it—it’s about OIL.

    Sally Field was right and I’m sorry FOX doesn’t have the balls to let her comment air—at least with the expletive just bleeped out.

  26. Jennifer is a idiot says – reply to this


    Right wing Americans are one of the most crazy stupid fucked up people out there…Especially because they keep repeating themselves and obviously have never picked up a book…let alone a history book. Everyone is their enemy. Can't differentiate and think that every person slightly looking foreign to them is their enemy. That's why a Sikh man got killed after the attacks in New York.

    Back on the subject: Women should rule the world cause men obviously have screwed up badly so it can't get any worse then it has been/is.

  27. sandman says – reply to this


    So mothers could have rid the earth of wars? And yet they have chosen to sit on their asses and do nothing? Then by her own account, mothers are to blame for all the killing, for not putting an end to what (clearly) in her mind is within their powers:(…If you're a mother and you've the ability to put an end to war/wars/killing, get off your but and do it!…A little help please?

  28. Badger says – reply to this


    Margaret Thatcher-mother
    Indira Gandhi-mother

    Need I go on.
    Sally Field is a stupid coont.

  29. Cat says – reply to this


    A mother wouldn't damn god on television. A mother would know the right time and place to speak one's mind and when to thank god for an award and the talent she's been given. But talk is cheap, when she takes an action then maybe she'll deserve some praise. Anyone can have an opinion but like they've always said…"actions speak louder than words" ..unless you're a mindless zombie who believes everything you're told. Cheers.

  30. ravelle says – reply to this


    GOLDA MEIR (Meyerson) from Isreal was nobody's whippin' beotch!

  31. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    She should have acted like a lady, and not tried to eat up on the air time !

  32. RepublicanTwist says – reply to this


    Re: mark levy – Not a logical jump, Mark. Sorry. I'm pretty sure Sally is against slavery, and is not for the Holocaust. What a ridiculous jump. What pseudo-McCarthyism. Americans just aren't that stupid anymore. It's not all or nothing here. WWII was quite a different animal. There actually was a megalomaniac marching across Europe occupying countries he had no business being in. Have fun doing the Republican Twist.

  33. Kiss My Texas Ass says – reply to this


    Re: CatRe: Proud Liberal
    Liberal IDIOT!
    U R off! Way off!
    FYAH & YBT

  34. Es says – reply to this


    All of you dumbfucks who keep saying "you can't say Goddamn on TV" must have never watched NYPD Blue. Dickhead, prick, Goddamn, bitch, asshole…all were common on just about every episode! And that was on fucking NBC, not MTV, or some other cable channel…NBC, MAINSTREAM NETWORK TV! Oh, and what about The Shield! Wasn't that on FOX? Maybe FX, don't remember, but at any rate…same language as Blue. Its totally disturbing that the USA seems to be the ONLY country in the world where the Emmys got censored! Land of the fucking free, huh?

  35. maple leaf says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – I agree. To keep Canadians safe from this kind of censorship among other things.

  36. pierre says – reply to this


    dumb naive statement. Hillary is a mother and she wanted a war with Iraq. Many mothers through the ages have waged war. What about fathers? Do they what war too?

  37. bored says – reply to this


    Re: killmenow – I didn't say anything about free speech nor did I say I was conservative–I'm a liberal. People should be able to use the English language in such a way that they can express themselves, other than to use ignorant swear words. Everyone knows them—big deal. It leads me to believe that they have no command of the English language and these are the only words they know. They are so overused, they are meaningless to me. And, although I am an American, it is my right to live anywhere in the world that will allow me–your's too. Another one of my freedoms. Why limit myself. Only a small minded person would do that.

  38. Kelly says – reply to this


    Go Sally!!! Good for you!! Glad she was able to say that in front of so many people!! HAHAHA!

  39. Bill says – reply to this


    She wasn't censured for saying God Damn (as evidenced by one "star" who was allowed to openly discuss cunilingus on the air), she was censured for insulting the young men and women serving our country in foreign lands as well as our president. Once again, she babbled and was practically incoherent as she accept an award for her shitty performance on a shitty show.

  40. yay perez says – reply to this



  41. Nota Peace-nik says – reply to this


    Kylie, the little man from Iran I was referring to is the president of Iran — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's height is given at only five feet two inches, and he has a severe case of little man's disease) Watch what he does in the next few years. Big.

  42. bored says – reply to this


    Re: killmenow – And, BTW, I don't get where you thought I agreed with the administration. You must have been reading someone else's post. I was only praising the people that are fighting the war for you–just doing their jobs.

  43. JENNIFER says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer is a idiot
    Hmmm….I don't recall labeling myself as a rightwing american….I'm a military supporter who has family in the military you ignorant ass.

    I wish foreigners would keep their nose out of things they don't get involved in… I'm all for free speech, but if you don't live in the country you're attached STFU!

    Oh, and I have CANADIAN FAMILY too, who happen to not be LEFT WING LIBERAL jackasses like you…so, there's a label for ya…

  44. shanmcd says – reply to this


    hooray for Sally and BOO to censorship!

  45. ?? says – reply to this


    What was so wrong with that?

  46. orwell is right says – reply to this


    i'm hoping some country will invade us and fight to give the people their democracy back…not to mention health insurance …go sally go…

  47. ridic says – reply to this


    i think that a lot of you are missing her point. she wasn't bashing soldiers or marines. someone can be supportive of a person without being supportive of what they are doing (or in some cases are being forced to do).
    and when you dislike something that is hurting people, and you voice your opinion on that, i think that that is showing that you love and care for them.

    i also would appreciate an explanation as to why the people who believe that her words should have been censored are taking it upon themselves to say some very controversial words of their own on this website - ones that are much more hurtful and mean-spirited than any words sally fields used.

    another odd thing i noticed is that some of you claim to believe so strongly in God, but don't seem to care much about what happens to the people that He has created and their unique and passionate opinions. how can you say such horrible things about a human being who has never done anything to you? she's not calling people "stupid cunts" for supporting the war. come on.

  48. Celia says – reply to this


    Why the hell would they censor that? I thought my TV just freaked out at me or something! Who is that going to hurt? It's true though.

  49. honeydoo says – reply to this


    Amen Sally Amen!

  50. anon says – reply to this



    And tho I didn't like the censorship of Sally Field's comments, I completely agree with your sentiments that people outside of the USA should mind their own business and be happy where they are! Why do foreigners LOVE to butt in America's business if they so-call hate the US so much?! Worry about your own!

  51. History 101 says – reply to this


    This is why you should never listen to actors. This Sally "Pump the Sh*t" Field does not know anything about history… PM Indira Gandhi led India in a war against neighboring Pakistan which resulted in the creations of Bangladesh,formerly East Pakistan. She is remembered most for her campaign against Sikh separatists…PM Margaret Thatcher started the Falklands war over a country they didn't legally own…Catherine the Great…Bloody Queen Mary…China Tz'u-hsi…and other female rules murdered 100K of people…do the research..

  52. jennifer says – reply to this


    "divided we stand, united we fall."

    this is what the terrorists want.

    congrats to all of us on our accomplishments.

  53. Lauren says – reply to this


    hehe it's so funny how celebs get all political when they get on a stage in an evening frock. tools.

  54. jennifer says – reply to this


    ANON–thank you for seeing my point.

    Does anybody see Sally as the new Hanoi Jane?

  55. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Nasty Republican
    I just have to comment on what you say about working mothers…please remember that some of us HAVE to work in order to support our children. I had no choice. I WAS a stay-at-home mom until my husband leaped for the greener pastures of an older hag and I was told by the court that I would HAVE to get a job. I work so my kids aren't wearing thrift store clothes and so that we don't live in gov't subsidized housing. God knows I can't rely on the gov't to collect the child support that is owed to my kids! I don't drive an SUV, I drive a modest 4 cyl manual transmission 4 door.

  56. jennifer says – reply to this


    no, they want us falling off the wtc–maybe if sally had been prez–all her money would've cushioned their landings–no wait–we wouldn't have to work we would all be rich celebs!! but would we be able to be green at the same time—hmmmm??

  57. Jessica says – reply to this


    This country is so backwards. All our leaders do is boast about freedom. We go to war to shove this freedom down the throats of people in other countries (because for some reason we think it's our place).

    But then we can't say something against war? I don't even want to hear that it was censored because she said "god-damn". That's not something that can't be said on television. Nothing in that sentence needed censorship. She's just not being patriotic.

    And Kathy Griffin got censored because she was blasphemous. Are you kidding me? Because she doesn't think Jesus is the reason she got her award? That's basically saying you need to be Christian or you're getting blocked out. Or is it because she said the award is her god now? That's totally her right to say.

    We're such a fascist society.

  58. Jessica says – reply to this


    Oh and the whole idea that if you don't support the war you're against the troops is total brainwash. And it's so affective!

  59. Michael says – reply to this


    Yeah, so true, except for the fact that mothers throw their kids in the dumpster, or drown them, or stab them to death, or leave them in 150 degree cars for 8 hours… yeah, the world would be so much better if mothers were the ones ruining it.

  60. nia says – reply to this


    so HAPPY she won…she really deserved it! Love her in that show…she's amazing in it!

  61. jessica says – reply to this


    you stupid americans!!

    viva la france!!!!!!!

  62. No Thank You!!! says – reply to this



  63. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica

    Affective or Effective?

  64. Tsk says – reply to this


    You are fearful and darn near hysterical. Maybe you should stop getting your "information" from tabloids and talk radio. It would do you good to read and hear a wider, more intelligent views.

  65. Sarah says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with that?! She probably was just joking. Anyway….if it was a man saying something of that nature it probably would have been allowed on air.

  66. Melissa says – reply to this


    THEY Didnt BLEEP IT IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We heard it LOUD AND CLEAR!! GO SALLY GO!!!

  67. Ironmag says – reply to this


    Nice touch Sally, now go get fitted for a burkha. Moms/women are just loaded with rights in the Islamic world.

  68. Everybody in america says – reply to this


    It was an appropriate comment at an inappropriate time. People with no lives of their own that watch that tripe where all the rich sit around and blow each other and tell each other how good they are, watch to see who wins what and to a lesser extent how they look, not for peoples personal opinions on politics. I admire and respect Sally Field and yes she is absolutely beautiful and classy, just not the right forum. It was censored because it was primetime and a lot of kids watch tv during those hours, but then a pedophile like yourself isn't concerned about the things children hear and see on television.

  69. sibs says – reply to this


    that was it???

  70. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Tsk
    Do you have any idea what you are talking about, cause I don't.
    Fearful? Hmm…I don't recall saying I was afraid of anything.
    I don't read tabloids or listen to talk radio…I get my information from the "news" which is run by liberals (minus Fox). I get real news from family & friends IN THE MILITARY. More intelligent views from celebrities? Please…they need to just stick to "looking pretty" and pretending to be somebody else.
    Anyhow….for the record, I am middle of the road, not a right wing conservative, not a left wing liberal (GOD, I hate labels). I believe in this country and I believe in those that fight to defend our freedoms.

    Some of you people are so narrow minded. I wish we could go back to how we felt after being attacked on our own soil…everybody was united. this is soo very sad.

  71. Army wife says – reply to this


    WTF?!? She has no idea. Wars are unfortunate but sometimes necessary to preserve the rights we have today…. & our military preserves the right for Ms. Fields to be an ignorant asshole. If we didn't defend ourselves (whether proactively or reactively), then our enemies would have won and we would be speaking German, Japanese, or even Arabic! I love how Hollywood acts as if they care about our military, but all they want to do is bitch and complain about stuff they know absolutely nothing about. Maybe they should speak to 1 or 2 soldiers and find out what is really going on, and not believe what the biased news media is dishing out.

  72. MizTrudette says – reply to this


    Nice dinnerlady arms

  73. filipinakira says – reply to this


    whether you agree with her sentiment and statement or not…there is a serious violation of free speech going on here. if the rule is FCC bleeps out what they deem as "curse words" then bleep them out. lucky for Fox that they can use her "god-damned" as an excuse to censor her. unfortunate for us that they get away with it.

    we need to be talking about this. kudos to perez for bringing this to many people's attention.

  74. OOOPS. says – reply to this


    Re: anon – Why don't you apply your philosophy to your own foreign policy? Pot meet kettle.

  75. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Ironmag
    good one!

  76. Andrew says – reply to this


    Fox News is a Republican network.

  77. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Andrew
    Yes, it is. And NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN are all democrat networks. Your point is?
    I watch them all…try to get all points of view…still have my OWN feelings and opinions.

  78. Army wife says – reply to this


    Re: jesse
    You are a complete FUCKTARD! Your comment to 'usmcwife' were totally inappropriate & uncalled for! You have absolutely no idea what you are even talking about! According to you, since my husband was in Iraq for 12 months, then that means he is "damaged goods" (as per your words)?!? Completely untrue and you have absolutely no basis to make those assumptions. Our military's bravery and service to this country give you the freedom to be an asshole. If you hate our country and military so much- then fucking leave! Rather than condemning the men and women who preserve your freedom (again, your right to be an asshole), maybe you should thank an active duty military or veteran. Do you think your comments would be tolerated in Iran, North Korea, Saddam-era Iraq, etc? Hell, I even dare you to say it in the physical presence of a uniformed solider or marine… it's a lot easier to bitch anonymously in cyberspace you wimpy coward!

  79. YoureAnIdiot says – reply to this


    Yes, Jennifer, yes! The Muslims are out to get you. Personally. They (all twelve million of them) spend time at their dinner tables every day plotting how to upset your way of life. It's true. Fox says so. You are so right to be so very afraid that you want to kill everything that moves to protect yourself. Nothing hysterical about that. No, not at all.

  80. !!!! says – reply to this


    "And NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN are all democrat networks" — Jennifer
    BWAHAHAHAHA. I said you were an idiot, Jennifer, but now I see that is an insult to idiots. Sorry, morons. I realize you're a lot smarter than Jennifer.

  81. Tom says – reply to this


    I don't disagree with you. But it's a freaking award show. Get off your soap box and accept your award gracefully. Call a separate press conference if you want to make a political speech!

  82. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Army wife
    OH MY GOD! I WANT TO HIFIVE YOU SO BAD RIGHT NOW! What you said is just friggin AWESOME!!!

  83. jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: YoureAnIdiot
    no, YOU ARE an idiot…and you have to keep changing your name because you don't want to look so flippin stupid. you make no sense…I can just see you sitting there getting all excited in your obvious hatred because you aren't really reading what it is that I am saying.

  84. usmc wife says – reply to this


    Re: Army wife

    loved what you wrote! obviously this whole thing got blown out of hand, but what got me was when that guy wrote that stuff about our men in the military and directed it towards my husband. i'm sure just like me, you get really defensive when your husband is on the line! at the end of the day our military has some awesome fucking spouses behind them and that is all that really matters. but i sure would love for these people who type their little hearts out like they are all big and bad, to say that shit in person…ignorance is bliss!

    glad your hubby came home safe!! :)

  85. J says – reply to this


    I am truly scared to see how many people here are pro-bush/pro-war… and it's even worse when you read their reasoning behind it - I am proud to be an american living in Europe! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW THE NAIVE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN FOOLED AND BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE IN THIS WAR! And don't tell me that being anti-war is being anti-military because I support the military in a way that 99% of you will never understand - and I know many troops in Iraq who are educated and aware enough to know what the war is really about, but they are still there to honor the commitment they made to their country.

  86. jennifer says – reply to this


    armywife & usmcwife…best of luck to your hubbies!
    my brother is heading back in early winter for his 2nd tour…not looking forward to it, but it's his duty.

  87. gmann says – reply to this


    Sally Field looks amazing. Bravo: she's beautiful, smart and sexy! She's an excellent actress!!! And yes, award shows are good platforms for allowing actors to voice their opinions about political. Whoever thinks otherwise should sit down and research the First Amendment! Barring that, perhaps living under the iron fist of a totalitarion regime somewhere would suit your fancy. Perhaps, move and then you'll not have to worry about speechs at an awards show. Hell, you won't even have to worry about getting to choose to watch a particular TV show.

  88. tulane says – reply to this


    if the emmys are going to start censoring free speech then all the celebs should boycott next years awards. It's one thing to go over the 30 second time limit it is another when the celebs can only say what the producers want them to say! Norma Ray should be able to say anything she wants - she's earned it.

  89. Marni says – reply to this


    I heard that part of her speec, so not sure how the "censored" it

  90. Megan says – reply to this


    IF mother's ruled the world…pfh. I don't know, when a female gets PMS, she might start a war. I'm a female who does not want a female running the world.

  91. Anonymous says – reply to this


    That's the bush big brother censorship. But besides that, rumor has it Sally Fields is a nightmare on set and talks down to everyone. Supposedly the crew HATES HER.
    Sister Batril is…well a raging bitch.

  92. sam says – reply to this


    did she win for brothers & sisters i HEART that show:D

  93. Nic says – reply to this


    Re: J
    Please do not assume that I am a “Naïve American” simply because my views are different than yours. I am well educated (working on my 2nd masters), well traveled, and I also consider myself to be open-minded. I am disappointed by several other posts that assume that anyone with “conservative” viewpoints is either uneducated or a “redneck.” Why can't people just argue their beliefs by stating facts, rather than resorting to name calling or personal attacks??!!!? Call me crazy, but it is just an idea!

  94. erica says – reply to this


    If you believe that than you are just ignorant as she is.

  95. southern belle says – reply to this


    This is FUCKING SCARY. Just go ahead and FUCK THE CONSTITUTION and our right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It's one thing to bleep out goddamn, but to CENSOR AN ANTI-WAR REMARK? This isn't about whether you are for or against the war, this is about OUR RIGHTS that are being TAKEN AWAY! BOYCOTT FOX and WRITE expressing your OUTRAGE.

  96. Nicole says – reply to this


    Sally Fields gave the best speech of the night!! Shes so right! good for her =)

  97. RJII says – reply to this


    go sally. congrats you are on the money.

  98. TheConstitution says – reply to this


    Faux. Not Fox. Faux.
    Faux defined: Not genuine or real, fake.
    Anyone who doubts Fox has an agenda can put those doubts to rest.
    The real press report the news truthfully as it actually happens, not attempt to stifle or rewrite it.

  99. southern belle says – reply to this


    This is not about the war, it is about freedom of speech, but now that some of you mentioned it… For those of you who are for the war and want FACTS here they are:

    Saddam never had WMDs, but instead this was about oil (even Greenspan admits to that who is Republican)

    Iraq had no relation to 9/11. There weren't any terrorist in Iraq before we came in. Saddam hated terrorist b/c he liked to be in control and terrorism causes chaos (which is what Iraq is now).

    Iran is one of the more liberal countries in the middle east but we hate them because of the 1979 Iranian Revolution which kicked out the Shah who was a dictator and we supported. And please don't say that they have a crazy president b/c he doesn't run shit. It is the Ayatollah who is in charge. Also they don't hate Jews (they have the second largest Jewish population in the MidEast), it's Israel they dislike b/c of the apartheid with the Palestinians and they fact they have nukes without the approval of the international community.

    By the way, those of us who against the war do not hate the troops, but we want to see them home safe, not dying for the current regime's personal interest.

  100. Burn in hell says – reply to this



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