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Quote Of The Day

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"I've actually become a more violent person since I became a mother, If someone came between me and my kids, they'd be dead meat. So I didn't agree with that particular statement."

- Former Everybody Loves Raymond star, the ultra Republican Patricia Heaton, responding to Sally Field's Emmy acceptance speech

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664 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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  1. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton is a MORON!!! The whole point of Sally Field's speech is that no one would come between mothers and their children because that would be primary. War then wouldn't be an option.

  2. ashley mashley says – reply to this


    Could not have said it better myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You go Patricia!!!!

  3. ProudAmerican says – reply to this


    Re: Screw her – Gee, I guess our country would be much better if ran by people like you. Scary that there are so many uninformed, uneducated loosers out there.

  4. Who cares? says – reply to this


    Stupid cow, just like all Republitard women.

  5. honeybee says – reply to this


    eww. what mother would want to send their child to war?! a crazy woman… heaton should go beat the shit out of the bush administration then… for sending American sons and daughters into such a mess!

  6. Marie says – reply to this


    AMEN, SISTER! Liberals are under this impression that no one in the world wants to kill us and there are rainbows and butterflies everywhere. I can't believe how quickly people forget about 9/11. They'd just as soon behead Sally Field, just for showing some skin, than they would praise her for her antiwar comments!!

  7. meg says – reply to this


    republicans/conservatives are just fucking stupid. and patricia heaton is a bitch

  8. Disgusted says – reply to this


    Strange that Patricia is proud to be violent. That fits with the "compassionate conservative" image the Repubes try to maintain. Assuming "compassionate" means "ripping people's heads off," I guess they are. It didn't used to mean that, though…

  9. Lahub says – reply to this


    I agree with these comments (and more):

    #53 - Farout1977 says – reply to this
    …Patricia Heaton’s face is stretched too tight and I think it’s affecting her ability to put a sentence together that makes any sense at all. Her poor children have a Nazi for a mother!!!
    #54 - A Mom of Three says – reply to this
    …I agree that she missed the point. While I can totally relate to the idea of protecting your children (I feel the same way) I do think that it also gives a different perspective on war. If you want to protect your children, you wouldn’t send them to war. So, she’s talking about individual situations and Sally Field is talking about violence in a more global way.

    I can't say I HATE Patricia Heaton because I don't know her, but I dislike the stupid flag waving non-thinking perspective. As a mother of 3 I would do just about anything for my children - they are the most precious things in my life - including preventing them from going to war should there be a draft. If she is such a staunch supporter of war, she needs to make sure to ship her sons off as soon as they are old enough. It's too bad her @ss is too old to go…

  10. lefty says – reply to this


    Typical american hillbillies…"we have freedom of speech" (but only if your viewpoint is the same as mine)

  11. Disgusted says – reply to this


    Marie, you stupid twit, Iraq did not attack the U.S. and had nothing to do with 9/11. Maybe you have a problem with basic geography, like Bush and company.

  12. new york guy says – reply to this


    To no. 88 - rest assured the only dumb ass is you. If you did your research you would know that Ronald Reagan not only supported Sadam but helped him collect weapons, Bush Sr. was right along with him untill Sadam Screwed them all and invaded another country. Yes, there were attacks under Bill Clinton and there will unfortunately be attacks under the next president, but the biggest attack happened undser the asshole George Bush who ignored the warnings during the summer of 2001 and went on vacation, or have you forggtton that. Then he attacks a country who had nothing to do with it, only to cover his father, and lied about weapons to get us into the war. Sorry, I think you loose, this administration is taking down this country little by little, god help us, they have another year to complete the task!!

  13. Jenlyn says – reply to this


    Ok…#208…your a cow. There isn't anything wrong with being a Republican woman. It just means your really really smart. ANYWAY - Yah Patricia and yah for republicans. :)

  14. Billy Bob says – reply to this


    She did miss Sally Field's point but Sally Field's point was dumb in the first place. Last I checked everyone in the US Military enlisted voluntary. And when you voluntary enlist in the Military you may get sent to fight.

  15. Dr. Pean Iz says – reply to this


    Dr. Pean Iz sez: "Patty Heaton is a worthless, disgusting cunt. I'd like to shove her plastic surgery head up Karl Rove's asshole."

  16. jelluy says – reply to this


    Is Scientology one of your political parties?

  17. Danielle G says – reply to this


    last time i checked who gave a shit about Patricia Heaton? Everybody hated Raymond and her anyway.. hence no show anymore? Anyone?

  18. Ken says – reply to this


    Now this is a woman of substance. God bless her for swimming in a pool oshit out in Hollywood and keeping her values.

  19. xtina says – reply to this


    No one gives a fuck what actors think about politics or wants to hear their political diatribes. I'm glad they cut out Sally Field prattling on. I enjoy Sally Field as an actress but what makes her think she or any other celeb should use their fame to jam their beliefs down out throats? Many actors haven't even attended college. So what makes them qualified to tell America what's best for it? Liberal Hollywood thinks they shouldn't have to be exposed to views on the right, like snubbing Elizabitch Hasselbeck, but think they should be able to be given free reign to spew their crap. What a bunch of moronic egomaniacs!

  20. Weatherman says – reply to this


    Re: britney is my idol
    You are an idiot if you truly believe that what you see on the news is truth! Do you not understand how the corporate media frames things? Do you really believe ALL Palestians celebrate the deaths of their martyred sons?! Jesus. What the media is portraying as the masses is in fact a MINORITY.

  21. Hate this WAR says – reply to this


    Why don't you Republican mouthpiece for the republican party get
    your facts straight. Iraq did not attack us. Going into Afghanistan was understandable but Iraq?? We are in more danger now then we were then. Oh what happened to Bush finding Bin Laden? Oh that's right it doesn't matter. We have never invaded another country. Well Bush sure change that didnt he.
    I'm a mother and I for one despise this administration.

  22. Mary says – reply to this


    Somehow, I don't think Heaton's boys will ever be in a military uniform.

  23. CoCoChanel says – reply to this


    She's a fucking bitch and a has-been. She was just lucky to get one role on a hit tv show. That's it! Bitch was lucky. I hope her new show BOMBS!

  24. Karin Buckland says – reply to this



  25. e says – reply to this


    but that's exactly the point. no mother would want her child to go to war, to be fighting, to be subjected to any sort of risk of death or injury, because there would be hell to pay. so both women are really making the same point, only heaton is so far right she can't see beyond bush's propaganda.

  26. tufe says – reply to this


    ms heaton's an idiot. let's just drop her. actually, from a great height…

  27. think for once says – reply to this


    sally field didn't mention anything about women being non-violent, of course women can be violent. The operative word in her statement is "mothers", she didn't say women, she said MOTHERS, meaning those who have children. It is about a mothers maternal instinct to not want to send their children to war, to not want to see your child suffer, to not want to see your child come home in a body bag. wake up people and take a moment to think for once, especially you patricia heaton (who, by the way, I didn't know of before this, hahaha free publicity for her)

  28. HonestWoman says – reply to this


    Finally a woman who isn't afraid to tell the true nature of women. Women are vindictive and hold grudges like no tomorrow. They also backstab like no one and instead of taking about things in a straight out fashion expect everyone to be tuned into them like they are the only individual on the planet that matters to the point it could be considered ESP. Pfft women being cool headed and caring, what a fucking contradiction in life, especially if you don't agree with them.

  29. leelee says – reply to this


    Wait, I'm confused, shouldn't Patricia Heaton be agreeing with Sally Fields if she would kill whoever came between her and her kids - like war/armed forces , since Sally said If Moms ruled the world there wouldn't be any god damn wars - this doesn't make sense, Either she missed the point or the press got this wrong -

  30. josh says – reply to this


    yeah, because the iraqis are really going to kill your children…….

  31. dingdongy says – reply to this


    yah shut the f up patricia…….when your kids get s disease that might have been eradicated with stem cell research, you might be singing a different tune, keep your damn thoughts to your self, no body wants to hear from you, loud mouthed D lister

  32. jesus christ, people says – reply to this


    While I don't support terrorism in ANY form (and I believe that we, in fact, have a long-standing tradition of terrorism), you've gotta understand that so much of the hatred for America in the Middle East isn't unfounded. Pick up a goddamn history book. We have been messing in the affairs of the middle east for the past 100 years, trying to push OUR form of government and cultural values on societies that have existed for millenia! I'd be pissed too!

    WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES, ASSHOLES! Our track record isn't exactly shiny.

  33. Margaret Thatcher says – reply to this


    You tell 'em, Patricia!

  34. too bad says – reply to this


    If you remember Clinton was accused by the republican party "WAG THE DOG" for going after Bin Laden. They were too busy going after Clinton for sex. Which as we know how many hypocrites the Republicans are. How many sex scandals have they been in?? If they woukld have left him alone he would have been even more effective. As it is many miss the good old days under his admistration.

  35. Golda Meir says – reply to this


    Woop! Woop! Woop!

  36. fsoijfs says – reply to this


    yeah no shit - and if you had the choice to send your kids to Iraq to be killed in a pointless war - you wouldn't because you don't want anyone hurting your kids. duuhhhhh

  37. patriciagotowar says – reply to this


    she should sign up for the army and go to war then.

  38. Ummm... says – reply to this


    Re: You suck – :

    Her kids will not be called to war because the U.S. has a VOLUNTEER military. People can't seen to grasp that. And please don't tell me about Vietnam and the Draft. Different era.

    On another note, as wacky as Patty H is, she makes a valid point. And why the "ultra-Republican" before her name!? Hope to see "Left-wing nutcase" in front of Sean Penn or Rosie's names when mentioned.

  39. allan theodore bundy says – reply to this


    she's very protective of her kids….so i guess she wouldn't let them go ff to war? silly bitch

  40. Pondering says – reply to this


    And what about the mothers of all the innocent children that were killed in our "shock and awe" and aftermath? Don't they count too? Republicans don't like to put a face on the war, that it is people we are killing, not just "evil doers" but women, children, men, Christians, Muslims, and all other types of people. Sons and daughters….our own and theirs. Patricia Heaton needs to stay home, bake cookies and drive car pool and get over herself. She was not and is not the star, she is just plain obnoxious.

  41. Fuck Republicunts says – reply to this


    It's one thing to defend your CHILDREN if they're in danger, but it's another to send them to a useless, brainless war. Stupid cunt Heaton.

  42. Rob says – reply to this


    Doesn't what she say kinda agree with Sally Field's statement. Some republicans act like they own free speech. Like nobody else' opinion matters apart from their extremist view on life. Its America. People can say what they like. Go Sally Field. I really agreed with you but even if I didn't still go you! You made the night memorable. Plus her role in B&S is awesome. What a talented lady! Patricia heaton should remain silent if she has nothing positive to contribute.

  43. Do you see the irony? says – reply to this


    According to IMDB, Heaton is Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life - a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, grassroots organization established 30 years ago which opposes domestic violence, child abuse, infanticide, and abortion - the cause to which she was most passionately drawn.

  44. COCO says – reply to this


    She is right. Poor Sally Fields is really a wacky mess, remember the famous Oscar speech? "You love me, you really, really love me"!

    They should never EVER give her another award so we don't have to endure the stupidity of her speech!,,Patricia Heaton is right, I also didn't agree with Field's statement! It was wacky and out of line.-

  45. Sheena says – reply to this



  46. Inyourconsious says – reply to this


    Isnt this the same woman that wanted to keep Terry Schivo ALIVE?!?!? So putting people to death is ok when they don't have the same beliefs as you? Yeah, ok lady. Please have a seat and shut the fuck up!

  47. marie says – reply to this


    I hate hate HATE Patricia Heaton. She's a psychotic, pro-life "feminist". She makes me so unbelievably mad. I love that she totally understood what mama Sally was saying. More proof that she really is a moron. I wonder how much the Republican Party is paying her?

  48. Katie says – reply to this


    Patricia obviously has a hard time with comprehension skills. What a right wing tool that woman is.

  49. Kacky says – reply to this


    You got that right, sistah mama! We birth them, nurse them a raise them up… you think we then would not fight for them?

  50. VoiceofReason says – reply to this


    Why is it that liberals are so closed minded and so damn hateful? Oh, and I forgot, ignorant.

    And Sally, if it wasn't for wars, your dumb ass wouldn't be allowed to stand on your soap box and make such idiotic statements. Dumbass.

  51. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Re: Inyourconsious – Yes…same woman…she's sick. I live in the city where Schivo was and there was NO way this poor woman should have been kept alive and Heaton was ALL over the media protesting her tube being pulled and bashing the husband. She even went so far as to call the husband - Michael Schivo - a "murderer" I know boycott Heaton.

  52. Peggy Wanker says – reply to this


    I don't support the war but I agree with Patricia. I would rip anyone to shreds if they tried to hurt my girls.

  53. VoiceofReason says – reply to this


    Why is it that liberals are so closed minded and so damn hateful? They can't stand for someone to actaully have a brain and think for themselves.

    And Sally, if it wasn't for wars, your dumb ass wouldn't be allowed to stand on your soap box and make such idiotic statements. People have fought for different types of freedoms over the centuries. Dumbass.

  54. Raybert says – reply to this


    Don't forget to sign up your children for the armed services when they are of age. Bitch. You did a shitty job raising your on-screen children, I bet your own children are spoiled, arrogant, self-important, and mean.

  55. Republican Bitches for War says – reply to this


    Lets harness all the violent mothers! & bring down the 'Insurgents' trying to protect their homes!!
    We should have sent those angry bitches (especially patricia heaton) after Osama! oh yes- I couldn't agree more
    GOD DAMN CUNT (oops)

  56. Madam Bomb says – reply to this


    Yeah! War, kill, kill, kill. Protect your young. Blood, destruction. Yeah!! Fuck hippies! Kill em'all!!!

  57. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Re: VoiceofReason – You can't be serious. CONSERVATIVES are the ones who are closed-minded and hateful and basically idiots. They are a joke. I suppose you don't believe in the science that backs up evolution either, right?! Do you still think the world is flat?! Oh, and I suppose you are SOO pro-life that people should give birth to ANY and ALL babies under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - ie: rape…just like Elizabith Hasselback…Wait are YOU ELIZABITCH!?

  58. hottie says – reply to this


    Make love not war, SHUT UP patricia…ur show will flop

  59. lucha says – reply to this


    there are mothers and there are mothers (that are crazy)

  60. FRANCO says – reply to this


    In response to #22 - Mimi

    I disagree with you, Patricia Heaton didn't missed the mark and Sally Field's comment were not "brilliant", they were stupid.

    First of all, nobody is sending "their kids to war". We don't have an obligatory military service. When you sign to become a soldier, that's precisely what you become, a soldier. And soldiers take orders and go to war. That's what they do.

    Sally Fields is a podium's nightmare, she "did it" again.

  61. Midge says – reply to this


    Heaton is a rightwing nut job. I like her character on Ray but as a person. not so much. The fact that she thought she needed to even comment of the speech proves she is less of a human and more of a lap dog for Faux News to trot out their latest talking point. She and her equally rightwing neo-clown loving co-star Kelsey Grammer can enjoy oblivion on the Fox Channel. Gee! I wonder how they go that "network" for their show?

  62. hpl99us says – reply to this


    This statement is pretty tame for her. Usually, Patricia Heaton is pure, unadulterated cunt. A self-loathing woman if there ever has been one.

  63. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: L35L13 – And I am tired of people thinking those who support a free Iraq and Saddam's ouster are blind. I know exactly what I am supporting and I don't appreciate you questioning my ability to think clearly for myself. I may not agree with the pro terrorist position you people have but I am certainly not questioning your thoughtfulness about your postition

  64. Elicia says – reply to this


    I think Patricia is right but she missed the point of Sallys speech, which implies the same message. Mothers will do anything to protect their children, violence included!!! Sally's point of "If mothers ruled the world there would not be any wars" is the same as "if you come near my kids I will hurt you" Mothers will do anything to prevent their children being put in harms way.

  65. MissSaska says – reply to this


    And its true….take away politics….its true for all mothers…denying it is hipocraci. All the bs about no war if I was in power…that's such bullshit…world is more complex than that….mothers would be able to save the world…only in fairytales. And Perez, do you always have to bring up politics with all the right wingers…you never do with the dems. Try to stay away from politics and see the point from a 'human' perspective'. Oh…and Im not a rep or dem…

  66. tracy says – reply to this


    My husband is currently in Iraq for over one year. If Sally Field wants to express her anti war stance, then go to a rally. I am truly sick of hearing either side of this when most of the people making all the hoopla are not living it day to day. I hear it from my family about the war. blah blah blah. What the hell, it effects them NONE. Now if you want to bitch about the COST of the war.. Go for it but I dont want to hear it. Oh thats so sad and wrong bullshit when these people aren't living it. Trust me. All the spouses here at the military base want their loved ones home. Its a damn mess and Sally Field, celebs, shut the HELL up and just look pretty and entertain us.

  67. Ms. Field says – reply to this


    What an obnoxious contrarian.

  68. Momma Bear says – reply to this


    Her sons are 13, 11, 10 and 8, however something tells me that if they were old enough to serve those motherly insticts she's criticizing Sally Fields for would kick in and they wouldn't be wearing the uniform. I'm a mother too and there's no way my kids are going.

  69. The Badge says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton is a war monger. An ugly bitch with false teeth too.


  70. Luauumama says – reply to this



  71. Luauumama says – reply to this



  72. Ellen says – reply to this


    Absolutely right Patricia!!!! Amazing how some commenting here feel only one person, Sally Field, has the right to an opinion. Ms. Field can state hers and so can Ms. Heaton. That being said I feel Ms. Heaton is savvy, smart, articulate and has a mind of her own.

  73. Kathryn says – reply to this


    Seems to me that Ms Heaton reflexively responded to Sally Fields comments without really thinking. Seems like she just had to make an oppositional statement even though it really didn't make sense. I do wonder how Heaton feels about mom's who oppose the Army recruiting on high school campuses. Seems like they are trying to stop someone (the army) who comes between the mom and the kid. How does she feel about Cindy Sheehan who has been fighting to find out why her son Casey died. How does she feel about the parents of Pat Tillman who are not taking lies for an answer as to why their son died. I think Heaton just had to give a response to what she perceives to be a liberal hollywood comment. She's an ass.

  74. Hag says – reply to this


    PH is such a dumbaXX ! The comment came out of nowhere and has no relevance to Sally's comments. DumbF*ck!

  75. ROBERT says – reply to this


    tO #50 - dodah1

    Hey dODAH1, Sally Fields has the right to express her opinion but not Patricia Heaton? Why? Because she is a republican? why are you liberals so angry? And so nasty? Patricia Heaton has all the right in the world to express her opinion. That doesn't make her, as you said, a "piece of shit, right wing fascist, Stalin-loving fuck face and ugly cunt". ..Whao! This is what liberal do best, trash people who have a different opinions. You and your IDIOTIC little group are the fascist, because you, like Chavez, Castro, Lenin and Hitler, want only ONE POLITICAL PARTY ,ONE IDIOLOGY and ONE OPINION. You can't stand people who think different than you and when they do, you want them dead.

    So, I respectfully tell you FUCK YOURSELF. Democracy and freedom will still be the power, who make America what it is. A strong, generous and incredible country. …And I'm not a republican but a registered democrat. Got it?

  76. this war sucks says – reply to this


    I'm sorry Tracy that your husband is in this war, but I vote and I didnt vote for this idiot in office and have a right to speak against a war I appose vehemently , my brother was in Vietnam and I was against that war too. So does Sally F.

  77. kmac says – reply to this


    WTF? Are you serious? She is such a whacked-out Republican she has to have a problem with that comment? She's an a$$.

  78. Republican Bitches for War says – reply to this


    Re: Elicia – She didn't "miss the point". She's a right wing Republican & she HAD to say something PRO-WAR, & piss on ANYTHING that sounded ANTI-WAR. There is no room for thinking
    abortion? Wrong!
    War (for oil)? Good!
    Get it? it's easy
    Just don't think about all the people who have died &/or lost the ones' they love. What baffles me are all the soldiers' wives, defending P Heaton's comments. Do you really want your husbands coming home in time to be buried? Don't you want tham home now? Alive?

  79. FART!!!!! says – reply to this


    Old broad has Dumbo ears.

  80. Diana W says – reply to this


    War Monger - Head up Bush's arse

  81. BVB says – reply to this


    I'm a bit confused by Ms. Heaton's comment. I'm glad she's become more violent since becoming a parent — that's such a bright, inspired comment. How about protective? Watchful? Embracing? But no, she chose the word violent. Huh? Would Ms. Heaton be willing to send her children off to a war? Something tells me her rich, pampered, show business children are not enlisting. And if she was willing to do that what is she then going to do, follow them to some sand pit and step in the way of on coming bullets or shrapnel? As a father, how you protect your children is NOT to send them to a senseless, insane war started by another pampered, petulant, weak man without a plan. You Ms. Heaton can't even defend her own argument. But there has become nothing sadder and more pathetic than a blind Republican who is loyal to a demigog rather than to their own supposide Christian convictions.

  82. ambi says – reply to this


    ph is one of the few republicans with the guts to speak out in the hollywood liberal lion's den…why does everyone feel the need to bash her for expressing her opinion? she was asked for a response to sf's acceptance speech, and she gave it. and the problem is?????

  83. Growmillers says – reply to this


    This idiot sucked off Bush for 8 years.. Does ANYONE care what she thinks.. She is a TOOL. Her SHOW IS GONNA BOMB.. GO AWAY

  84. JAA says – reply to this


    I can't stand this woman. She also publically said Michelle Pfieffer lied about plastic surgery and had to apologize after it was proven Michalle had not had surgery. More violent since having children? Maybe she sjould sign her 4 sons up now because God knows we will still be in Iraq when they turn 18!

  85. Hate the War in Iraq? says – reply to this


    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW
    Kelsey Grammer is also a right wing Republican- BOYCOTT THEIR SHOW

  86. katie rude says – reply to this


    I flippin LOVE this woman. She's so right…….I wouldn't think twice about murdering someone over the safety of my child!

  87. Jaysun says – reply to this


    This annoying bitch needs to go away - far far away - I can't stand her and her "my right is the right right and my right is gonna make it right" attitude! I loathe that she is back on weeknight telelvision! Ugh! Sally has 2 Oscars - take that Bitch!

  88. dicHole Itchy says – reply to this


    YOU ARE ALL DUMB FUCKS………………..Sally's comment (which was only censored in lame ass america) has NOTHING to do with AMERICA, it has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives or w/e politics you feel so strongly about. it HAS to do with the fact that MEN are idiots, that think the only way to solve a problem is to FIGHT IT OUT. unlike MOTHERS, we would not EVER want to PHYSICALLY harm another human being….THAT IS WHAT HER COMMENT WAS ABOUT. stop trying to read more into it, for the pure fact that you want to debate. stop getting your panties in a bunch over your damn political beliefs.
    You are all so friggin uptight over this. YOU ALL NEED to be LAID BACK like CANADIANS and the rest of the world.
    you all live in the U.S. but dont support eachother simply because of your different opinions. "DIVIDED we stand" "united we fall"

  89. RJII says – reply to this


    you're a marginal actor and a retard who missed the point that Sally was making.

    IDIOT!!! you and the republicans were wrong about terri shrivo, irag, federal deficits, the economy, etc….

    war monger, i'll never watch your lame show.

  90. no name says – reply to this


    she is republican…and her views are limited and non-intelligent. i will not watch any of her shows or support anything she does. I hope you read this patricia.

  91. scott says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton is a republican? That's sad, I always thought she was so cool, obviously NOT.

    Not only is Ms. Field right, no one should have interfered with her having her say, one reason why I never watch those stupid shows anymore.

  92. Illyria's ghost says – reply to this


    Geez, this woman is a moron!!! Her statement doesn't make any sense at all. Sally Fields merely is stating that women protect their young in a different fashion than men and at any cost. Even if that means sitting at the table with the enemy. Ever hear of "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? Women would only send their children off to be serve if the war is a necessary one. Betcha, Patty would never send off one of her boys off to fight an unnecessary war. She's a douche. And by the looks of her crappy ass show we won't have to listen to that bitch, except for maybe on Fox News.

  93. jen says – reply to this


    #288 That was an awesome statement!!

  94. Cira says – reply to this


    Patricia is missing the point. Sally is saying one thing and Patricia is saying another, but both meaning the same thing. Why would we mothers want our children put in such horrible positions. We would kill for our own kids. No one wants to sent thier child off to War, let alone stand there and have someone come in between a mom and her child!!!

  95. love being CANADIAN says – reply to this


    YOU ARE ALL DUMB FUCKS………………..Sally's comment (which was only censored in lame ass america) has NOTHING to do with AMERICA, it has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives or w/e politics you feel so strongly about. it HAS to do with the fact that MEN are idiots, that think the only way to solve a problem is to FIGHT IT OUT. unlike MOTHERS, we would not EVER want to PHYSICALLY harm another human being….THAT IS WHAT HER COMMENT WAS ABOUT. stop trying to read more into it, for the pure fact that you want to debate. stop getting your panties in a bunch over your damn political beliefs.
    You are all so friggin uptight over this. YOU ALL NEED to be LAID BACK like CANADIANS and the rest of the world.
    you all live in the U.S. but dont support eachother simply because of your different opinions. "DIVIDED we stand" "united we fall"

  96. katie rude says – reply to this


    Liberals crack me up…….You go ahead and live in your "Lets all hold hands and be one" bullshit world. But dont come crying when your home gets invaded by some psycho and kills your family….all because "Guns are bad" and you wouldn't dare buy one for the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones….. You need to face reality….There are BAD people out there….and we need to take certain precautions in order to protect ourselves.

  97. IknowtheTRUTH says – reply to this


    Sometimes I wonder, how can Irish people like Patricia and O'Reilly feel that this war is justified? HELLO, ever heard of NORTHERN IRELAND…your people are being oppressed. But hey you are in Americaaaaa right?


    Viva Bobby Sands! Never forgotten (The true definition of being Irish). Kathy Griffin is a good example of being Irish! She doesn't BS!

  98. noname says – reply to this


    Particia has every right to express her opinions..as does any American. And, we are blessed to live in a country that celebrates the individual… with his/her right to speak. Yet, Patricia's statement is flawed greatly. I feel that she spoke out of anger….and yet, I feel that she truly feels this way: she is more violent after becoming a mother. Maybe the city needs to look into this. Patricia, your statement is extremely alarming and disgusting. It seems that you are a staunch Republican that will defend this president and his administration no matter what. Maybe it would be intelligent to look at issue critically and analytically instead of regurgitating republican sentiments.

  99. Patricia Heaton says – reply to this


    Re: hey dumbasses! – you clearly hate women and lesbians. The Republican party harbors racists, homophobes, masogynists and tax evaders. As long as you get to hate, think violent thoughts and build cop huts at the front of your neighborhoods, you'll agree with anything they tell you. Clinton did not invade Iraq. The case is closed.

  100. A BAD EXAMPLE says – reply to this


    Re: ambi – there is no problem in expressing your opinions, but think about what you say before you say it. The only thought in her head was to counter what she perceived as being left winged or liberal comment, but in the end, her statement just proved to solidify sally field's point, and has made herself look like an ass in the process. Why can't anybody just think for themselves for a moment? why have a political agenda about everything?

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