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An Open Letter From Charlie Sheen

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In response to the most recent allegations Denise Richards has made against him, Charlie Sheen released the following (lengthy) statement to TV's Extra on Monday:

"I will not dignify the majority of these allegations set forth by Denise Richards with any measure of response. On its best day it remains laughable and inane.

For the record, as well as for the scales of morality, the following must be clarified:

Two years ago, when this circus first arrived, I chose a high road position and remained quiet and dignified. Yet, based on the resurfacing of certain specific claims, made in a severe and grievous manner, illustrating Ms. Richards’ poor judgment on every possible front, I must counter with these FACTS.

The FBI was aware of these issues. I provided them with every computer I owned. The computers were returned two weeks later. Haven't heard from them since. Period. The end.

During the 18 months before my request to select my own child care provider, not a single complaint was made or received regarding the welfare of the children while under the care of myself and/or Brooke [Sheen's fiance]. I repeat - NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT by either Ms. Richards herself, or her representatives and nanny.

All of this, keep in mind, is because I asked the court to grant me the legal and God-given freedom of choice to hire my own child care provider. I have asked that the Court eliminate Ms. Richards ability to abuse and harass us any longer. One can only imagine what we've withstood thus far.

Brooke and I remain committed to the task at hand. These unlawful and diabolical accusations will not distract us from the focus of our resolve. Shortly before unleashing her attack Mr. Richards asked for another baby via a sperm donation, after her divisive attempts at a reconciliation behind Brooke's back failed. She was flat out rejected.

I am making every possible effort to assure that the courts focus on my children and their welfare. My refusal to dignify garbage needs to be understood in the context of the history of this case and Denise's need and desire to make it about issues that do not involve anything other than her emotions.

Respectfully - c sheen, 9/24/07"

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200 comments to “An Open Letter From Charlie Sheen”

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  1. spence says – reply to this


    denise is a ho, no career, a liar, gold digging bitch. good job for sheen to respond

  2. darcy says – reply to this


    Re: i heart perezzers – yea cuz he's let shit get spewed from the psycho bitch for over a year.

  3. Johanna says – reply to this


    Ok…they both seem crazy…but answer me this…If he's wanting to see his kids more…why had a nanny around at all?

  4. terri says – reply to this


    Actually, i do Buffy. Part of the agreement was that they did not discuss the case with th public. Charlie has ALREADY breached that and he is further damaging himself now by continuing to discuss it.

    All Denise has to do now is go to court adn say look, how can I responsibly co-parent when he uses the press as a tool to try and get me to comply with everything he wants?

    Judge says yes. simple as that. I have yet to see an ”open diatribe” to the public from Denise that specifically details ANYTHING to do with the case, other than her trying to be nice when Charlie initially announced the engagement.

    so you tell me who is in hte right.

  5. David Lee Roth says – reply to this


    I feel no smypathy for either.

    Charlie Sheen knows nothing about love and not lying to his significant other regarding; drug use, gamblind addiction, porn addiction, seeig prostitutes. He has no business getting married.

    Denise Richards is has horrible judgement and appears to be nothing more than a star fucker who just wanted to have the babies of a wealthy celebrity.
    She knows nothing about love either.

    Both are fucked up, shallow, fame/wealth/indulgence obbsessed people. And its not surpirse, instead of finding happiness, only find chaos.

  6. stepppppppppppp says – reply to this


    Re: annie – His comments were not well written; they were wordy and ridiculous. Glad to see that stars still know how to use a thesaurus to work in the big words.

  7. KIPLING says – reply to this


    I'm on Charlie's side. Denise first dumped him, then humiliated him in airing all sorts of dirty laundry (that may or may not have been true)… then she went on to date a friend's husband, who she probably was having an affair with all along which is why she sought to drag charlie through the mud. and when that was done and her lover DUMPED her, she came crawling back but he didn't want her after her shameless affair and nasty behavior. it's obvious she is using the kids to control him. The courts ought to side with Charlie.
    Denise is dead wrong. anybody with eyes can see that. Way to go charlie! Intelligently stated!

  8. Anna says – reply to this


    Charlie has no class. Regardless of if people like Denise, she is the Mother of 2 of his children and you need to respect that. Denise is just as bad as he is and she needs to respect the fact that he is the Father of her children. One day the children will read about their parents and be hurt. Grow up, you may have money but your brains are fried. Charlie take some lessons from your father and Denise keep you trap shut.

  9. CD in the DEE says – reply to this


    I don't believe either one of them. He is JUST as NUTTY as she is. It wouldn't surprise me if he was into kiddie porn, just like it wouldn't surprise me if all of a sudden she wanted his ass back after Drunkin Sambora dumped her ass. As for sperm donors, WHY WOULD SHE GET A DONOR, CANT SHE BUY SOME OR GET LAID ON HER OWN MERITS?? I almost want to say he is making that up. But then again she is nuts too.

    I mean after all look at Britney. Does everyone in LA have a warped sense of reality or doing crack (Oxy, Coke, Heroin, etc…) Frightening!

  10. KIPLING says – reply to this


    Charlie SHOULD speak out. She raked his name through the coals. I wouldn't trust a woman who stole her best friend's husband anyway. From that you can tell she's a sneaky conniving little twat.

  11. jen says – reply to this


    Brooke Mueller is a fucking moron. Anybody who treats the mother of his children this way is somebody to run from. Obviously Brooke is a starfucker, because no rational person would get involved with Sheen.
    And whatever crazy things Denise is doing (and believe me, I think she is crazy, she married him AND had two kids with him), I don't think anything justifies splattering her personal issues (like sperm donation requests) all over the tabloids. She may be nuts, but she is mom to these babies, and one day they are going to hate him for saying all these things about her in public.

  12. Ellelque says – reply to this


    Man, Charlie just gave Denise a major burn! Crazy bitch needs to move on.

  13. chinagirl1 says – reply to this


    You go Chuck! She's crazy and is a backstabber stabber! She's a maneater.
    team tramp!!

  14. Ray says – reply to this


    Why don't we hear about gay couples who fuck up marriage and kids the way breeders do? hmmmm?

  15. liliana says – reply to this


    I believe him…
    anyone who sleeps with their best friend's husband is scum.. That is clearly what Denise is..

  16. Anon O Muss says – reply to this


    Charlie Sheen is a known drug addict, pedophile who loves trannies and hookers. There's a reason why the court mandated a monitor at Denise's choosing.

  17. Jennifer says – reply to this


    oh, snap!!

  18. sfgirl says – reply to this



    I agree, she is a CUNT and Charlie has been tighted lipped for too long. Charlie is a good guy from and is rich since his show went into syndication. She wants the $$. She is a D actress who knows once she hits 40 she'll be in more straight to video movies

  19. miranda029foru says – reply to this


    I ain't saying she's a gold digger… just be glad you got the pre nup Charlie!!!!!!

  20. CVC says – reply to this



  21. Kimberly says – reply to this


    Sorry Denise, but Charlie is making complete sense and you are starting to look like a real WACK-JOB.

  22. Janet says – reply to this


    Kudos to Charlie!!! Denise is left out in the cold and she has managed to lose her husband and her best friend and she is now digging a hole for herself. Charlie is over you Denise…get on with your pathetic life and leave your kids out of the mess YOU made!!! Denise is just trying to get attention it seems…just another dumb blonde…lol

  23. Maria says – reply to this


    Apparently, both of these people do not think of the kids… poor kids

  24. maruschka says – reply to this


    boooring. i don't care about these has-beens. quite frankly, i'd be more interested in a story about Emilio haha

  25. Jessie says – reply to this


    He is the ugliest thing in Hollywood, but Denise is looking more and more crazy. And I agree, if he is such a pile of shit, why ask him to father a third child?

  26. spaziarz says – reply to this


    they're both total whack jobs.

  27. fay says – reply to this


    i supose they are becoming the new Baldwin/Basinger.

  28. sad says – reply to this


    Last time i checked, when you aren't dignifying statements with anymore statements, you don't issue statements. This "open letter" should have been addressed, "Dear Denise." Both need to keep their private issues private and stop mentally torturing their children by venting their anger towards each other in the media. None of us cares who is right and wrong, so stop trying to vindicate yourself.

  29. gossipmonger says – reply to this


    FUCKING HELL, how fucked-up do you have to be when CHARLIE FUCKING SHEEN comes off sounding like the RATIONAL party?????? SHE IS BRITNEY CRAZY!!!! KFED would be saying shit like that if he had a vocabulary, and could type, and could think in complex sentences, and had 5 friends helping him…

  30. ocgirl says – reply to this


    Wow, sounds like some baby mama drama that me & my man are going thru with his ex. there's some pscyho bitches out there. believe me she's put us thru even worse than this

  31. mojo says – reply to this


    denise richards should get help - she seems a tad bi-polar and i mean that in all sincerity. Throwing computers at old ladies, asking for sperm… man somethin' ain't right

    I never was a fan of hers…

  32. gossipmonger says – reply to this


    Re: Ray – Melissa Etheridge had a bad breakup before she met and married her wife and had kids, she shared a lot of her life with the public when she had cancer, Ellen had a drama that was covered nationwide, and Rosie's kids haven't grown up yet. Change ALWAYS happens at a MUCH slower pace than intelligent people would like, but thrives through perseverance. I would like to hear more come forward, not just for the gossip, but how they've lived and dealt with hardships in their lives, just like everybody else.

  33. laura says – reply to this


    Good for charlie for getting some of his side out there in a respectful manner, at least as respectful as you can get in this situation. Denise is accusing Charlie of these rediculous things (porn,drugs,etc in front of the children) in the media to taint the public view of his character. She is using her innocent children as leverage to exact some sort of revenge against Charlie for whatever she thinks he may have done to her, that is the biggest disgrace in this all.

    She's upset now that he wants to choose his own nanny to help with the kids becuase she can no longer choose a 'supervisor' that can serve as her mole. She needs to think of the effect her actions have on her kids and their attitudes toward her. He cleaned up his act, she's just starting hers.

  34. KAREN says – reply to this


    Dear Denise~
    You are a stupid fucking bitch. Leave Charlie alone and let him and his younger babe have a good life together with YOUR little girls! lol lol
    Ha ha ha ha Denise! You are a dumb bitch!

  35. rudetude says – reply to this


    “I will not dignify the majority of these allegations set forth by Denise Richards with any measure of response…" but here goes anyway.
    Best way not to dignify something is to refuse to acknowledge it.

  36. Jessica says – reply to this


    He pretty much slammed her. Good for him. Somewhat surprisingly, he's looking like the good guy in this one so far.

  37. Sgirl says – reply to this


    Re: LaMulata – Okay…NEVER have I posted a response on here but Ms. LaMulata…your way of thinking is what is SO fucked up about people like Denise Richards. You said:

    "I saw a pic of Charlie and the new woman cuddling and holding his kids, as if they were hers. I dare any woman to say that wouldn’t piss her off!"

    WTF? You my friend are a Brittney Spears. You are a Denise Richards and I hope to GOD you do not have kids because any GOOD MOTHER…any FIT MOTHER would want what is best for her CHILDREN…not for HER.

    I pray that if my Ex gets re-married, he marries someone who will "cuddle and hold my kids as if they were hers".

    You ARE the epitomy of a STUPID BITCH.

  38. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Look at what Denise did to Heather Locklear and then to Ritchie. The dumb bitch doesn't care what she does to others! FUCK HER!

  39. toby says – reply to this


    people! he's not dignifying most of her actions….just some! anyway if you read a bit further there's this sentence that starts with "Yet…" that indicates he is going to dignify some of the accusation with a response…geez, way to read

  40. andrea says – reply to this


    lol wow!! im glad i don't ever have to go through with any of that kaka!

  41. Deb says – reply to this


    Way to go Charlie!! That witch needs to accept the fact that she has made a a** of herself and hurt her career (if you can call that a career). If the FBI would have found something they would have let Charlie know.

  42. becky says – reply to this


    charlie's a douche bag anyway.

  43. Lovely1 says – reply to this


    Having been down the custody road myself, some of his remarks hit home. A lot of times, the father has something to prove and an ax to grind with the former spouse and will try to hit the exwife where it really hurts the most - with regard to the kids. This has been my experience. He may be on the up and up, but in the court of law and public opinion, each parent is out to prove that he/she is better and the kids become pawns. He commented not that long ago that Denise thought the kids were "her possessions". When someone says something like that, it puts a red flag up to me that he, in fact, feels the kids are his "possessions". Also, if anybody thinks these custody battles are treated fairly and the outcome is what is best for the children, think again. It all depends on the judge. Sad, but true. I think that children should stay with one parent (usually the mother) and be allowed some visitation with the other. It is not good to jerk kids around, even when they parents are on good terms. My humble opinion. He is a jerk, so is she. No matter what, the kids just shouldn't be jerked around.

  44. cali says – reply to this


    Everyone commenting on his response, you do realize Charlie didn't write one word of that - HIS LAWYER DID. Charlie doesn't have 2 brain cells to rub together and probably couldn't even understand most of that statement, much less write it. That being said, Denise deserves it all and then some for starting this disgusting display to begin with by publishing all of her accusations. I wouldn't put the internet porn and other stuff past him but she should have spared those kids from the public fiasco. Frankly I believe most of the stuff they are saying about each other, neither one is a decent human being they are both utter turds. They were stupid enough to choose each other and now they deserve the humiliation they are getting. Very sad for those 2 little angels though.

  45. GOODBYE KITTY says – reply to this



  46. Nanci says – reply to this


    Sounds like Niecey needs her head checked! Jealousy rears it's ulgy head! Lets hope ye old justice system doesn't fail the Sheen kids. Sounds like Denise needs some counseling and to be placed anti-depressants. Time for you to move on Denise…if they don't already, your kids will see through your bullshit and when old enough, they will be able to pick whom they want to live with…..Go Daddy!

  47. Sweetie says – reply to this


    If Charlie Sheen doesn't want to dignify garbage then how can he dignify his own existence? He is truly a Class A Scumbag. I wouldn't trust him with a book of paper dolls! Yuck.

  48. whatever2 says – reply to this


    Go CHARLIE! Put the money hungry slut in her place! She's only after your sperm for more child support. The only way she makes money is flat on her friggin back because otherwise, shes' ugly and can't act for shit!

  49. Bel says – reply to this


    I think they are both equally nuts. They have been at this (on & off) since Denise was pregnant w/ their 2nd child. They just both need to shut up and get over it. I do have one comment though….why so objective to the kids caregivers that they are used to & comfortable with. It seems to me that he would not want the children to have to adjust to a new nanny (unless he has something to hide).
    I mean in a year or two the kids will go back & tell mom what is going on at dad's anyway so why object to the nanny?

  50. queen elizabeth says – reply to this


    Dayum!!! He's hella articulate!

  51. Kathy says – reply to this


    Denise is a psychotic ex who is just jealous over Charlie's newfound happiness with Brooke… Good for Charlie! :)

    However, I will end this note with a disclaimer:
    There are always two sides to every story and I am quite sure that both parties are not being 100% truthful to the paps concerning their personal affairs.

    I just hope that the children can remain unscathed after such torrential relations between their estranged parents. Forreal! :)

    God Bless!

  52. nique says – reply to this


    Who cares about these 2 has been?! They are both cneed to move on & shut up. Proof that celebs shouldn't breed. At least she is pretty to look at…..

  53. Jon says – reply to this


    Hmmm…I get this flash in my head that Denise and Britney will get together soon. :)

  54. chris says – reply to this



  55. Katherine says – reply to this


    Divorces get nasty. I am married but feel sorry for anyone who takes something other than the hight road. there are always two sides, but allegations as this are repulsive to me. Clearly, there was nothing on the computer…..go Charlie. Go Charlie!

  56. YumYum says – reply to this


    Denise Richards is crazy but Charlie is still on the top rated TV show so if SHE says stuff, then by association, she gets to be talked about too. She is pathetic. When she threw a laptop off a balcony and hurt someone, well- who the hell DOES that? No self control at all. She should be helping her kids LOVE their father and try to get along for their sake. These selfish assholes….

  57. Karen says – reply to this


    Team Charlie forever! He may have been a prostitute loving ho as recently as 6 years ago but that bitch Denise knew his past and present and still used her twat to catch him and she didn't have to marry him when he asked her. She knew about his kinky and freaky past and didn't have to agree to have children with him. But her eyes were always on the prize: the Sheen fortune and inheritance whenever Papa Sheen passes away (which I hope is never…he's been amazing to his children and grandkids).

    Whatever type of person Charlie used to be, I believe he has changed and that bitch is using the media to keep her name in the papers and keep the cash flowing.

    Team Charlie forever!!!

  58. Sparkles says – reply to this


    Regardless of whether or not Charlie wrote it, his lawyers, his fiance, or WHOEVER the fuck wrote it - it STILL makes sense. And Denise has been getting more and more fucked up. When her daughters grow up, they'll realize and be happy to get the fuck away from her, move back in with their dad and whatever schoolmate of theirs he might be dating at the time.

  59. Miss Craven Moorehead says – reply to this


    Oh by all means keep taking the high road and airing your dirty laundry in public, Chuckles and DUHnise. In addition to their college funds, hope you're planning to sock away plenty of cash for future psychotherapy sessions because those poor children are going to need it. Can't you selfish Hollywood types *ever* put your childrens' welfare ahead of your petty, attention-whore squabbles?

  60. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Christi – i was going to say this. but you sum it up nicely.

  61. He He says – reply to this


    Gotta say Team Charlie. Course I love Emilio Estevez and the dad too. I can see why chicks falls for these guys. I went to High School with a girl named Charlie who dated Charlie. She actually was kind of a whore though.

  62. true dat says – reply to this


    Charlie is a pervert and Denise is a whore.

    A match made in hell.

  63. me says – reply to this


    Poor Charlie Sheen… Denise seems like a fucking nightmare! I have 2 step-daughters, and their mother, too, is a total nightmare to deal with on every level. CS must be so frustrated with all the bullshit Denise pulls, while calling the paps photogs for every photo op she can get. I feel especially bad for the little girls…I see first-hand what a venomous mother can do. Totally pissed off that she couldn't hang onto her man. Oh well! Looks like she drove Sambora into rehab, too! Yikes!

  64. R says – reply to this


    I am with Charlie on this one…Denise seems like a real freak! And to those who think he shouldn't have responded, the woman practically accused him of being a child abuser and pedophile…those are SERIOUS accusations…I don't know if I could have remained mute when I had 2 young daughters and a reputation to maintain…I just watched his appearance on the Actor's Studio and I gotta say that he seemed normal and down to earth…has he had problems in the past? Absolutely…he has never denied that and based on the success of his show and seemingly normal appearances at public events, I would say he is far from a child abuder or sick pervert…Denise is the one who needs help…she had already accused him of these things before asking him to be a sperm donor…so, what changed between that and now? Seems like someone became pissed when he refused her advances and gave her the cold shoulder…the only 2 who will suffer are their children…I think Denise needs help pronto to confront whatever demons are eating her up…it's one thing to be bitter about a divorce, but quite another to run around accusing people of crimes because you have a hissy fit…what a sad woman!

  65. gretchie says – reply to this


    I bet Brooke wrote this for Charlie!

  66. Hash says – reply to this


    Dat bitch is craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

  67. Marianne C. says – reply to this


    I believe Denise. People forget that Charlie was part of that whole Heidi Fliese hooker ring. Any guy that would have sex with a woman, who has had sex with 10 or 15 other guys earlier that night, if a complete nut case. He had no problems sleeping with a bunch of dirty toothless whores, what makes you think he doesn't hit those babies. I noticed that he never said the feds cleared him, just that the feds have had no further questions. I feel sorry for her.

  68. JAN says – reply to this


    OH SNAP!!! She asked him to donate his sperm for another baby? Bitch is desperate!

  69. lauren says – reply to this


    Denise is crazy. Where were all her complaints a year ago when she was traveling with Richie. She was in Europe, Paris with Richie. Sure didn't see any kids tagging along. She was filming a movie with Pamela Anderson. Got arrested for the laptop flinging. Where were the kids. Why was Charlie such a great parent back then. She is just bored with nothing to do. Or tying to get more money because she can't get a job. She can't act.

    Granted Charlie has had some difficult times in the past. But Denise knew all about this when she married him. You don't venture into marriage/kids with a recovering drug/sex addict with knowing the risk. The again she was out for the money.

  70. michelle says – reply to this


    denise . i know u read this. denise. u know what u have done. denise - u know how full of shit u r. u know all the bad things & sneaky this u have done. u know. u do. u r reading this right now wondering who wrote it. and u know who is writing it. u know because of the many many people u have stepped over to get where u wanted to get - to have what u wanted to have - u know that the people u have hurt r looking at u now - saying - "so THIS is what all your bad behavior was for." at least 2 of us are shaking r heads. saying to u , "u fucked over ur friends 4 this." Karma is a bitch. eh denise. oh.and ps. ur kids look miserable. stop dragging them 2 places knowing u will b fotograhed with them. they r not happy, u r raising very sad kids, and it aint cuz of charlie. it is cuz of u. u know it. so stop it. ur sister is disgusted with u. ur mother is horrified by what u have become. u know it. so stop,

  71. Miriam Polar says – reply to this


    Both of them

  72. Terese says – reply to this


    The headline on this one could have also been, "WHEN SLUTS FIGHT"–Need I say more?

  73. Gabby says – reply to this


    "diabolical accusations" ??
    now all of the sudden Denisse Richards is the daughter of satan??

  74. Gabby says – reply to this


    "diabolical accusations" ??
    Now all of the sudden he's perfect and Denisse Richards is the daughter of satan???

  75. Pandora says – reply to this


    I hope everything works out for the sake of their children.

  76. Sandeana says – reply to this


    If Denise Richards wants someone's sperm for another baby, why doesn't she ask her last boyfriend, Richie Sambora for it if Charlie Sheen turned her down? She was in love with him for awhile. What is the problem there? Unless he turned her down, too!

  77. Sherry says – reply to this


    The man paid for hookers YEARS ago people!! And he wasn't married (or had any children) at the time! Does that make it ok?? Of course not! But the things he did only affected HIMSELF at that point in his life. And when all that shit was going down, he "outed" himself before somebody else could expose him for it, and wholeheartedly admitted his wrongdoings! The fact that you people still bring that shit up YEARS later is what is pathetic! OF COURSE Charlie is finally coming out and defending himself! I would NEVER let somebody publicly accuse me of looking at child pornography! Would you?!? Those are serious allegations, and she's got NO evidence to back any of it up. Lying about stuff like that could cost him not only his career, but also his very freedom! He willingly allowed the FBI to investigate ALL of his goings-on, and they found NOTHING, and that's because an innocent man has nothing to hide! Women have been manipulating the court system to gain power, money and control over their ex-husbands for YEARS. Women are not ALWAYS the "victims" anymore people! What she has been doing to his life goes WAY further than just bitching about child support or some of those other things you see in ugly divorces. Not to mention SHE SLEPT WITH HER BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND before the woman's divorce papers were even signed! What kind of "victim" does shit like THAT?!?

  78. me says – reply to this


    Good for Charlie! let's remember that she was the one who put all there shit in the public eye. And by what i see, it was all lies to begin with. Everything except his past. But we all knew about that before they were even together. This man stayed quite for far to long…..But in doing so, he has allowed her enough rope to hang herself. Any woman who cries wolf as much as she has and then return's to him, then leaves again, then put's there shit out there again,get's caught making out with her girlfriend's husband (Heather was still married to Richie), then has lunch with Charlies girlfriend with there children, and asking for a sperm donation and trying to get him back behind the back of his wife to be, then comes back with the same old shit, is crazy. And anyone who see's it diffrent can only be the same as her. She still married him knowing his past. She didn't care then, but know that she can use it to make him look bad, all of the sudden it mattered. And even when she first came out with all these bad thing's she said about him, she still asked for a sperm donation. No one trust's her. There afraid to lose there boyfriend's or husband's. And I'm sorry but he and his family have been in Hollywood long before her and she has lost alot of contact and very important people in Hollywood. Karma is a bitch and she is getting her's. I hope he fuck's her in court.

  79. me says – reply to this


    Everyone should Boycott everything that is attached with Denise. I'm glad he finally responded to her bull crap. He needed to set the record streight. She's lost more then just a sperm donor. She has lost the most important thing to her. Fame. Fame that she only started to get because she was married to him. And if I'm wrong then tell me what she has done that was worth a shit since she divorced him. HOW ABOUT NOTHING!

  80. Ell says – reply to this


    wow. it seems like all the celebs are friggin' nuts.

  81. Mal says – reply to this


    That was just corny.

  82. DIANA S says – reply to this


    Well Charlie seems the more rational, intelligent and indeed saner person of the two!! Denise needs to get some counselling and stop airign her dirty laundry in public, it's not dignified and is incredibly tacky! those poor children will read what was written by their parents and see that Charlie was the more rational and normal of the two!
    Why do people do these things????? Obviously Denise Richards is in dire need of some help…. children come first when their parents split up but she is putting her feelings first! She will look bad, apear to be the worst parent and what for?? Her own revenge?? DUH the girls will know one day and that will be the day they choose daddy!!!!! Well done Charlie….:-D

  83. Chinawhite says – reply to this


    Hmmm.. "diabolical" and "inane"? Them's some big words there, Chuck!

    BTW, you didn't answer the allegations that you used to hit the family dogs? Oh yeah. A real man beats on defenseless animals.

    I'm sorry, but I think he's the fucking scumbag here. Or maybe they're both idiots. Meh. I've already stopped caring.

  84. Lisa says – reply to this


    Team Charlie! Denise go get some therapy, you need it home wrecker!!!!!!!!!

  85. Snickers says – reply to this


    Charlie Sheen is no angel but he is coming out looking better and better each day. Crazy bitch Denise will just keep on with her stupid accusations and make Charlie the media darling. Sort of like how Britney was the only one in the world to make KFed look good. Denise is just a desperate, lonely out of work diva with a dried up vagina who is jealous that Charlie has moved on with a younger woman. Loser!

  86. JB says – reply to this


    Charlie is a piece of shit, and a liar - he's always been a piece of shit and he'll never change.

  87. Nic says – reply to this


    He says twice in this statement that he's not going to dignify her accusations by responding to them - but that's exactly what he's doing by issuing these statements! He should hire someone to write his rebuttals if he wants to come accross as the logical sane one. Anyway, do they really believe that anyone cares about their relationship problems? What a couple of egomaniacal crazies! I feel sorry for their kids! Neither parent deserves them! The kids will probably end up even more damaged when they get older & read this stuff.

  88. T says – reply to this


    I can't believe that she is acting that way. I know there are two sides to every story, but she is acting like a psycho. How dare she use her children as a negotiation tool. She needs to grow up and do what is right for the kids.

  89. Shelly says – reply to this


    Re: Sgirl – I agree what a moron, I hope she never has kids, what does children the most harm in a divorce is the fighting and bitterness between the mom and dad. my husband did remarry, so did I and my husband is an awesome dad, and so is x hubby's wife. the x and I and our son did three years of family therapy AFTER the divorce just to make things easier on our son, and THAT is how you should handle a divorce with children, like actual adults.

  90. AR says – reply to this


    THis is just as bad as Britt vs Kevin!

  91. beth says – reply to this


    They are both a mess and until one of them stays sober and stable for more than a few months the kids should be with the grandparents. Not Martin though he is crazier than both of them….

  92. lele says – reply to this


    Can't stand Denise Richards. She is a media whore and a nothing without his name. She only does this to get her name back in the tabloids. Bitter much?

  93. mac says – reply to this


    It's interesting how the scumbag contiues to say that he "won't dignify her accusations with an answer" and then, continues to rebut every accusation. They're both idiots.

  94. kathyq says – reply to this


    you go big boy!!!!! why is Brit the only one being called out for being a REDNECK with money??? At least Brit is only a trainwreck, it's not intentional, and how is D-whore allowed so PUBLICLY and in court say this crap without being accountable????

  95. John says – reply to this


    Oh spare me. will you ? He's a whore and she run's a close second. They get what they deserve. What, with all the prositutes he's been with it's nothing shy of a miracle he doesnt carry the AIDS virus. Probaly infected his wife and kids as well. Keep in mind he was one of Heidi's best client's. SICKENING.
    They are both repulsive and should NOT be allowed to breed. However, w/his past record he is far and away the worst of the two.

  96. Christian G. says – reply to this


    Give the Kids to Charlie…. Denise is such a Bitch who wants attention…. Charlie is a good Father imho.

  97. anabel says – reply to this


    no one care about this old bitch she money hungry live this man alone he only want to see he kid he don't care about you , course you are old and your pusssy is not [ T ] your
    hold is big no man want you but your dad. if you need money bitch get a jooood. if you want the man back yez telll he.don't put the kid's in the mix

  98. anabel says – reply to this


    no one care about this old bitch she is money hungry. live this man alone he only want to see he kid he don't care about you , course you are old and your pusssy is not [ T ] your
    hold is big no man want you but your dad. if you need money bitch get a jooood. if you want the man back yez telll he.don't put the kid's in the mix

  99. Trysta says – reply to this


    Team Charlie all the way. This is bloody typical of a woman trying to play the "Parental Alienation Game" My God she sounds like my husband's ex. No doubt psycho Denise is also upset and jealous that Charlie has someone new. Denise will pretend she's single because she's focusing on her kids, but in reality no guy wants her. They'll bang her and run maybe. I'd bet she's up late plotting on what she can do to Charlie next. She'll get ideas from bad friends, men-haters who will urge her to do the smear campaign deluxe. Meanwhile Charlie's just trying to move on.

    The old first bitches just go ballistic when the kiddies love the new step-Mom. Oh, yeah, she'll try to befriend the new woman for sure! Happened to me too. Ever so casualy Denise will drop hints to the new woman, try to turn her against Charlie, call at all hours disrupting them. Denise will become stalker-ish, and she'll want to be the third wheel in Charlie's new relationship. The kids will be interrogated, she'll want to know every little detail. I dealt with it, it's sick. It was almost a taste of being a celebrity and having a crazed fan who wanted to kill you. I feel for Charlie and the kids, plus the shit his new lady will have to deal with. Take no shit Mr. Sheen.

  100. Me one more time says – reply to this


    One last thing if I may…as a woman myself and a Mom, I can honestly say this: The hell with this MOM respect bullshit. You do not get instant respect because something fell out of your twat okay? And fuck the offspring too. Who cares if the kids read things! Boohoo, that's the life of a celeb darlings! Rich little bastards who read mean things - wow, that doesn't happen in Hollywood does it? We all visit this site to read the dirt (thank you Perez) so why shouldn't the kids? Let the kids sort it out as they cash that huge support check. Damn straight I'd call my child a la Mr. Baldwin and chew the little bitch out for being disrespectful. Many of you are all for raising these little pussies, shelter the kids, God forbid they hear the truth! And of course most people think Mommie Dearest is always right because she's "the mother of those babies" When I had kids a halo did not appear over my head and make me a saint. If I acted like an asshole I'd expect someone to tell me rather than put me on a pedastal because (violins please) I am a "Mom".

    For those nitpicking Charlie's letter and over-analyzing it, please, unless you've had your reputation smeared with lies don't even go there. At some point you're a pussy to your kids if you don't defend yourself. The Sheen family might be wacky but they're a good bunch of people. Denise has no talent other than making up stories. Perhaps the hag should try screenwriting.

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