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The Most Precious Preciousness

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Say hello to the newest member of our family!!!

We just named him Teddy and he's our little teddy bear.

Actually, he's a mini Goldendoodle and we are madly in love!

We got him on Monday and he's almost eight weeks old.

Teddy is the little brother to our adorable Maltese, Coquito, who is getting older now (he's 12 ).

We had no idea what kind of doggy we wanted, but we knew we wanted to add one to our family and our mom's birthday was the perfect occasion to welcome him to the clan.

How'd we stumble upon a Goldendoodle?

We typed in "small" "cute" and "smart" into Google and they popped up!

Teddy will grow up to be about 20 lbs and even more adorable than he already is.

We got him at Southern Cal Kennels, Grade A mini Goldendoodle breeders.

We are just so in love.

Our little Teddy bear!

We even made a little video with our new man.

CLICK HERE to watch Teddy in action.

He will melt your heart!

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1152 comments to “The Most Precious Preciousness”

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  1. reboundrescue says – reply to this



    I like your site, but I need to educate you on one thing. You did not buy a "purebred" mini goldendoodle from a reputable breeder. You paid a ton of money for an ordinary mutt from a puppy mill only interested in making money on so called designer dogs.

    What a shame, I would have thought you were smarter than this.

  2. gg says – reply to this


    tons of people read this blog, and while you could've done some good by adopting, you set a bad example by buying a designer pup. Maybe the place you bought it from was legit, but I guarantee the places your readers will stupidly order from to emulate you will not be, there is serious abuse happening at this puppy mills. I got no problem with you ragging on celebs, but setting a dangerous example perez….take this post down. PLEASE.

  3. gina says – reply to this


    Stupid asshole bastards…..by getting a dog from a breeder you just guaranteed one in a shelter will be put to death

  4. LOLOLOL says – reply to this



  5. truth! says – reply to this


    maybe if all rescue dogs weren’t pit bulls that nigs got to look tough until they ralized they couldn’t handle and/or fight them, or if shelters weren;t so strict and expensive (remember when it was like $20.00?) then more people would pick those dogs. but until then, i’ll be like perez and pay the extra money to know what i am getting (temperment-wise). you all act like rescuing a dog is free, and the kennels are filled with adorable tiny puppies that are well behaved… why else would noone want them?

  6. Ciro says – reply to this


    so very cute and precious!

  7. katie says – reply to this


    I have a goldendoodle!!!! there the nicest cutest dogs in the world

  8. jennie says – reply to this


    Re: Susan – i agree my bobbie ws from a rescue centre england, he's a jack russel, n so adorable, u shoild save a dog not kill a dog luv, oh n u suck!!

  9. Jaci says – reply to this


    That is the freakin' cutest dog ever!!

  10. rockstarpup says – reply to this


    OMG perez, congratulations on feeding the designer dog frenzy AND supporting puppymills! Two birds with one stone……I'm impressed.

    I will never read your column again.

  11. Jodi says – reply to this


    Shame on you for going to a breeder when there are thousands of dogs dying in shelters every day.

    It's a cute dog but, still, shame on you.

  12. ANNA NICOLE SMITH says – reply to this


    OMG Perez,this puppy is so cute.and u are very sweet.i have 3 Pointers and i adore them.i'm sure you will adore your puppy too.and now we love u even more.kisses Perezito!

  13. dick says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, did the dog come in that big box in the background???!!!!
    Dude, what's your story, if your gonna show the world your house, clean up a little!!!
    Are you moving into a bigger pad, now that your web site has blown-up?
    Or is that little apartment your new digs????
    Anyway, for being a butt-nut, your kind of messy, tasteless.
    You need an interior designer!!! And fashion coordinator!!!
    This video reminds me of the one you did in the green office, the one with no furniture!!!

  14. Jena says – reply to this


    You should be ashamed of yourself for BUYING a dog. Why didn't you adopt? You have enough influence on people with your website that if you would have adopted a dog from a shelter you really could have done a positive thing to promote shelter adoptions. What a dissapointment.

  15. smellybelly says – reply to this


    You're no better than Britney. You could have gone to a shelter, you fuck. You care as little as the stupid celebs you insult. Hope you enjoy your new accessory. Make sure you stop by your local shelter to visit all the dogs that'll die today - dogs that you could have saved.
    I got my dog from a local Humane Society, and not from some fancy Mutts and Moms - they made sure I had a good home and left us the hell alone. Not all shelters will "Ellen" you….

  16. psaggie says – reply to this


    Never mix family and work. Perecito, your dog could now be kidnapped, or even your mom. Never do that. Bad choice. U know who is reading you wall, most are perverts.

  17. gayle says – reply to this


    love ya, please do not support puppy mills, please support rescue organiations , we get ALOT of rescue dogs from the US to Canada before they are killed….alotttttt

  18. ko says – reply to this


    There is NO SUCH THING as a GOLDENDOODLE!! You have a MUTT! Is Goldendoodle a recognized AKC breed? Of course not!! Nor is Maltipoo or any of those other misnamed "designer dogs." And, Perez, ALL breeders claim that their dogs will stay small. 20lbs for a purebred Golden retriever? Impossible. 20lbs for a purebred poodle? Possibly. For this dog to not grow past 20 lbs it would have to be part chihuahua.

    YOU GOT TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don't get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

  19. erin k says – reply to this


    So disappointing! You bought a dog from a breeder when there are plenty of great animals at shelters. Considering you plugged the breeder I doubt you even paid for it.
    The worst part is you used Google keywords to pick out a pet. What keywords should I use to find Perez? FAT, UGLY, and FAT?
    My “TEAM PEREZ” shirt is going in the trash

  20. elisabitchsuxdix says – reply to this


    Puppies taste like babies.
    I mean puppies taste like CHICKEN…. yeah i meant chicken.
    Id love to send those hard working completely sane individuals a box of steaks for al that they do for the world.

  21. FARTO says – reply to this



  22. lala says – reply to this


    OMG Teddy is just adorable! I remember when my baby was that small!!!

  23. kim says – reply to this


    i'm so happy for you perez! tell your mom i said happy belated birthday!!!!!!

  24. JB says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, this is a different side of you I was not aware of and I think it's great. Good luck to your new pet, he is cute.

  25. Mo says – reply to this


    OMG!! Too cute!! Yes, you should've gone to a shelter but he's so damned cute!!!

  26. Toni says – reply to this



  27. claire says – reply to this


    you really should have adopted….

  28. lisa says – reply to this


    [b]maybe if all rescue dogs weren’t pit bulls that nigs got to look tough until they ralized they couldn’t handle and/or fight them, or if shelters weren;t so strict and expensive (remember when it was like $20.00?) then more people would pick those dogs. but until then, i’ll be like perez and pay the extra money to know what i am getting (temperment-wise). you all act like rescuing a dog is free, and the kennels are filled with adorable tiny puppies that are well behaved… why else would noone want them?[/b]

  29. Mia! says – reply to this


    Awww! I love him. So adorable
    I want a dog like that when move away from home. LL'

  30. So does that mean soon there will be a cat/dog hybrid? says – reply to this


    AHHHHHHH! how adorable! that was a long ass webbie u did perez! Happy Birthday to moma Perez!
    Perez whats up with a poodle mateing with a golden retriever? so a boy poodle doinked a girl golden retriever? somehow that doesn't sound right! we are creating hybrids and that is scarey! genetically that dog will probly have a lot of problems! and possibly a shorter life span! I am all for adorable dogs but jeeze quit mixing THE next thing to come out is a cat mateing with a dog??

  31. Emily says – reply to this


    I sure as hell hope you didn't get a designer dog from a breeder, probably a BACK YARD BREEDER. Shame on you, Perez. This might be enough to keep me from visiting your site ever again. Designer dogs like cockapoos and puggles and all the rest are bred for money and without regard for any kind of health/genetic/temperamental considerations. You could have found a dog just as sweet and adorable at a shelter. You already have this dog, so give him all the love he deserves, but shame on you for buying into the designer dog phase and for pumping money into a kennel that breeds trendy dogs. Next time, go to a shelter.

  32. andrea says – reply to this


    you got your dog from a breeder?!
    you have to be kidding me!
    millions of dogs die in shelters every year because people choose to go to breeder instead of taking a trip to the shelter.
    and don't give me any shit that you couldn't have gotten a goldendoodle at a shelter because last year my fiance and i got a lhasa-poo (just as cute, just a different mix) and a shelter. we paid only $200 and saved a dog's life.
    you on the other hand probably paid a hell of a lot more then that and supported the cruel practice of breeding.
    way to go perez! you're a dipshit!

  33. cait says – reply to this


    Buying designer dogs supports a cruel, inhumane industry. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  34. Alyson says – reply to this


    There are thousands of adorable mixed breeds (puppies and adult dogs) living in shelters that need good homes. Very disappointing that you would buy a dog from a breeder.

  35. mia says – reply to this


    Totally cute, I never knew of the goldendoodle! My first pup was a white fox terrordoodle named Puff! (my choice of a name at age 7) Smart little doggies for sure!

  36. Rachelle says – reply to this


    Promoting BUYING a puppy…how sad. You had a great opportunity to advocate for shelter dogs. I'm so dissapointed. =(

  37. Tiro says – reply to this


    oh well…there´s a heart somewhere after all…nice

  38. elisabitchsuxdix says – reply to this


    Re: anna
    Um… those werent PUPPIES that Angie Brother Fucker and Mid Life Crisis Pit version 2.0 adopted ya fucking idiot.
    Those were chinese people.

  39. wikiwiki says – reply to this


    well i don't need to add another comment about how idiotic it is to buy a puppy mill bred dog vs. a shelter dog, but i will anyway. nevertheless, i don't think perez even reads this shit, nor does he give a shit, so there.

  40. QUEEN RANIA says – reply to this



  41. ko says – reply to this


    Perez paid $2,500 for a MUTT!!!!!!!


    What a FOOL!!!!!!!!!

    A Goldendoodle is NOT an AKC dog!!!! IDIOT!!!! You got SO taken!!!!!!

  42. LT says – reply to this


    Awwwww congrats Perez!! He's REALLY cute!!

  43. Heart Perez says – reply to this


    He is GORGEOUS!!!
    Please do an Ellen and give him to ME :D

  44. Tricia says – reply to this


    If anyone wants to get a labradoodle all you have to do is go to www.petfinder.org and put in your zip code and the kind of dog you want (put in poodle and all the "Designer dogs" will show up) and the age range and gender and see what pops up close to home.
    And don't forget to spay and neuter your pets so less end up in the shelter waiting to be killed.

  45. Sam says – reply to this


    Ok, that puppy is waaaaay too sweet. Heads might explode as you walk him down the street.
    Seriously, for a moment there, I thought I had gone to cuteoverload.com!

    As for the people who are screaming bc Perez got his dog from a breeder, please keep in mind that not all breeders are puppy-mills. Breeding, when done selectively and correctly, can produce a happier, healthier dog, with fewer chances for genetic and hereditary diseases, and, in the long run, a longer life. I'm not knocking shelter dogs (my "niece" is a mix, and I love her to bits!), but get off of Perez's ass, will you? Let him enjoy his new pup in peace!

  46. Girlz Rule! says – reply to this


    Seee Perez the dogs a girl and shes Jammin on your ear and u look like u really like it! See what a girl could do for you Perez! No man will munch on ur ear that way! what an adorible little girl!

  47. Andrea says – reply to this


    Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!
    He is soooooooooooooo adorable I have one to but yours is soooooooooo much cuter!!!

  48. Steve says – reply to this


    A breeder????? Are you kidding? Perez. that's so shitty. I'm sure there was a shelter you could have gone to. How selfish of you.

  49. Jujuslaoriginal says – reply to this


    He is really adorable! Make sure you have him neutered.
    Perecito keep in mind next time that SPCA Dogies need a home too! It's cheaper and it saves lives!=)

  50. shocked says – reply to this


    A goldendoodle is not a breed…..it is an overpriced mutt. A reputable breeder does not breed a mixed breed dog. Way to go supporting a backyard breeder and contributing to pet overpopulation. And by the way, you CAN get goldendoodles from a shelter or rescue. Where do you think those puppies go when pet stores, puppymills, and backyard breeders can't sell them?

  51. UKer says – reply to this


    Re: kat
    amen, i'm sick of these rightious cunts who never miss a chance to have a go at perez.
    #fuck the haters, i got my dog from a breeder too because i wanted a cocker spaniel .
    i love my dog and i'm sure perez loves his.

  52. Bucky says – reply to this


    Wait, now I'm in love with Teddy too. Are we going to have to fight over him?

  53. Ex-Druggie says – reply to this


    Am I the ONLY one that noticed how much Perez was sniffing in the video? What's wrong, P-Nasty? Catchin' a cold??? More like meth…

  54. theonlygirlphilosopher says – reply to this


    P- I have a goldendoodle (a standard) and she is AMAZING!!!! They are the best dogs - cuddly, super smart, fun, and loving. Great w/kids and other dogs too! Don't listen to the people talking about breeders. Most breeders are dog lovers who take great care of their puppies and breeding dogs. You have to be careful about pet stores like Petland, they are the ones that feed the puppy mills!!!!!! We got our baby from a Petland when she was 3 months and she was EMACIATED - you could see every rib, and now she has food and toy aggression probs b/c of it. But she's so great anyways!!!!

    Remember to neuter!!!

  55. J says – reply to this


    I am so jealous! I've wanted a golden doodle forever. They are great dogs. Have fun with Teddy. :)

  56. Sigh says – reply to this


    Re: So does that mean soon there will be a cat/dog hybrid?
    Hybrids are usually healthier than purebreds. Purebred means inbred and that never works well. BTW, a pup from the pound would make a nice companion for Teddy.

  57. Sue says – reply to this


    What a cute puppy.

    Wow someone is getting paid to spend over $2500 on a designer dog. So sad…. too many cute puppies our currently in shelters.

  58. Miranda says – reply to this


    Yikes……those fingernails are terrible!! So 1990's! Kind of trashy if you ask me….but nobody did.

  59. BREEDERS KILL says – reply to this



  60. Jhey says – reply to this


    Nobody cares about your life Perez. - The dog is adorable tough.
    We want to know about the real celebritieeeeeeees!
    Gimme some Britney Spears drama!!!


  61. bmoreboy says – reply to this


    he's adorable perez, but i'm disappointed that you did not get him at a shelter or rescue. there are so many loving dogs in this country who need homes!

  62. lilvoices says – reply to this


    omgosh he is absolutely adorable!!!! happy belated birthday to your mommy!!!! love you perez! muah~!

  63. Why? says – reply to this


    Why didn't you go and look at the shelters?? We found our Labradoodle at a local shelter here in Corona. Personally, I'd rather save a little life than pay a breeder for a doggy.

    AND… WHY, WHY, WHY THE SHAMELESS PROMOTION??? Did you promise the breeder that you would promote so you could have a better "discount" on the dog? If someone wanted to get a goldendoodle (and the whole "mini" thing… don't get me STARTED!!!!!!!) they could google it themselves. PLEASE, no more shameless promotions Perez!! IT'S PATHETIC!

  64. Shame on you says – reply to this


    You bought a dog instead of adopting from a shelter??? I have a golden retriever that I rescued that is way cuter. There are so many adorable dogs out there that are in desperate need of a good home. Instead another one will be put down that could have been saved. Shame on you.

  65. Bucky says – reply to this


    Re: So does that mean soon there will be a cat/dog hybrid?

    Mixes are much healthier in general than purebreds. Inbreeding produces genetic problems, not mixing.

  66. Courtney says – reply to this



  67. The Battle of the Cocks says – reply to this




  68. ptc says – reply to this


    Gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt pets.

  69. kristen says – reply to this


    Nice. Why couldn't you adopt a dog? a mini goldendoodle is not a breed, its a mutt. There a millions of dogs in shelters waiting for a home, and now thanks to you thousands of people will be running out to get their own "mini goldendoodle".

  70. ko says – reply to this


    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don’t get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

  71. Aileen says – reply to this


    Congrats on the cute puppy- he is adorable.

  72. Kell says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,

    cute dog, but i would have thought that you would adopt a shelter animal instead.
    another shelter animal is put down everytime someone buys from a breeder.
    huge fan of your site, but quite surprised at this. Think about a rescue next time!

  73. HI says – reply to this


    Yes, Perez, you SHOULD HAVE gotten your dog from a shelter instead of paying big bucks for a breeded dog.

    BUT - I totally admire that you had the balls to admit where u got your dog to your entire fan base. That took guts since you probably knew everyone would attack you for buying and not adopting.

    I hate when people are forced to lie because society does not find something "socially or politically correct"). Two points to Perez for not giving a shit and admitting it he paid for the dog. I'm glad you have the guts not to care what people think. I respect you for that, even if I don't agree with what u did.

  74. callan says – reply to this


    as a pure breed lover, i would just like to share that there is NO such thing as a 'goldendoodle' therefor no one can be 'grade A' at breeding them. its just another crap breeder that churns out poorly bred animals for profit. Very, very sad.

  75. Eden says – reply to this


    Congratulations on your new family member! He is beautiful. I wish you many, many years of love and happiness with your new boy!

  76. Sarah says – reply to this


    Did you guys not see the photo of Iggy, the dog that Ellen rescued from a SHELTER?!? Just as cute. So don't tell me that pit bulls and big dogs are the only dogs you can rescue. Why don't you take a look online or better yet go down to your local shelter and see for yourself.
    I just think it's a shame that someone with Perez's readership would promote buying a dog from a breeder. I don't even know what to say about the price tag…that's just offensive. The reason dogs aren't free at the shelter is to protect the animal from being taken for unsavory reasons such as medical experiments or dog fighting bait as well as to help fund the rescue of more animals… I can guarantee you that the cost of rescuing is a fraction of the cost of buying from a breeder.

  77. fuzibuni says – reply to this


    lame. you should have rescued one from a shelter.

  78. ko says – reply to this


    PEREZ PAID $2,500 for a MUTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don’t get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don’t get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

  79. Cat says – reply to this


    That breeder should be shut down. Yes its an adorable puppy, but its not a pure-bred.
    These "designer" dogs are just a way for breeders to make money on MUTTS!!!!!
    What did you pay for it? $800? more?

    Rescue a mutt…..give a dog in need a good home, AND it only costs a small donation fee. Save $$$$

    I'm dissappointed in you

    and everyone who buys these dogs

  80. nasty says – reply to this


    okay for real, first off, you're letting that dog lick all over your face after he's been licking his nuts and ass….that's just nasty…hope you don't get some kinda fungus!

    second, if you were going to pay that much for a dog why not go full blooded? all these doodle dogs are is damaging the integrity of dog breeds. it's a shame. Should have just went to a shelter.

  81. Dina D says – reply to this


    I WAS a Perez fan. However, I will no longer visit your website because you are supporting breeders now! If you only knew the horrors of "puppy mills" you would NEVER support ANY breeders. You can adopt high-end breeds rather than buy Perez! SHAME ON YOU! Another fan bites the dust over your purchase.

  82. Haylica says – reply to this


    The dog is soooooooooooooooooo cute. But ewwwww! Don't let him lick you like that! It's nasty! ewwwwwwwwwww

  83. doglvr says – reply to this


    Around 6-7 MILLION dogs and cats are put to sleep every year in the US because they are unwanted.

    And you BUY from a breeder who breeds MUTTS?

    You just became part of the problem.

  84. ko says – reply to this


    Perez - so THIS is what you are blowing your newfound money on???? A mutt from a backyard breeder?

    YOU ARE A FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PEREZ PAID $2,500 for a MUTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don’t get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

    People: GO TO www.PETFINDER.com and save the life of a rescued dog!! Don’t get taken by shady backyard breeders like Perez did.

  85. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says – reply to this


    So cute - congrats!! :D

  86. Sharon says – reply to this


    You bought a mutt from a breeder? Are you nuts?

  87. Kassie says – reply to this


    aww! cutest puppy ever! one thing: whoa - whose Cuban zombie hands are those?!?

  88. Hanna says – reply to this


    Oh nooo! I did just the same Goggle-thing. And I found Daniela, she looked very much like your little puppy. But she was a (small) devil in Disguise!

    She’s two years now and I should probably rename her. The proper name for her would bee something like ”never ending trouble”. But still…I love her more than anything!!!

    Good luck!

  89. Sha says – reply to this


    Congratulations on paying top dollar for a MUTT. You could have adopted that "adorable mistake" from one of the millions of shelters around the country for next to nothing. Responsible breeders don't sell online and they certainly don't manufacture "designer breeds." Shame on you, Perez. I'm truly disappointed.

  90. mia says – reply to this


    If you ever need a highly qualified dog sitter in Colorado, I'm your bitch!

  91. Kimberlea says – reply to this


    With all of the animals out there in shelters and rescues, you should have adopted instead of buying an animal you tool. Petfinder.com is a wonderful website full of animals needing homes. You are an idiot to pay for a mutt. Someone bred a poodle and a golden retriever and you shelled out good money for it. They gave it a cute name and you fell for it. How sad.

  92. Armida the Diva says – reply to this


    I can't stand it!!! That's too precious, Perez. I Love him already. LUCKY!!!

  93. Yen says – reply to this



  94. LOLOLOL says – reply to this



  95. Jodi says – reply to this


    You are setting a really bad example for your readers.

    You could have used this space to promote animal shelters or rescues but, instead, you gave a freakin' breeder free advertising.

  96. CeeCee says – reply to this


    It's unfortunate that you didn't use this opportunity to showcase the many rescue dogs that are in desperate need of loving homes.

  97. Sarah says – reply to this


    Perez, why not adopt a dog from a shelter? You should have tried Mutts & Moms!

    No, just kidding about those Mutts & Moms bitches, but seriously Perez, you should have adopted! Shame on you!

  98. Gigi says – reply to this


    Awwww! What a friendly little pup! Congrats Perez! :)

  99. Kristen says – reply to this


    Here come all of the adoption people to the rescue…the whole adoption thing is a PITA, but thats a WHOLE different story…not saying it's right, but let the man do what he wants…people will BUY dogs, bc adoption of a purebred is damn near impossible..HATE ON HATERS!

  100. Mike says – reply to this


    Why do you buy from puppy mills like that? Have you heard of humane societies?

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