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It Gets Worse

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Britney has no one to blame for not regaining custody of her kids but herself!

Click here to see the court's ruling on Tuesday and find out the details of her very limited visitation with her kids.

The most damning evidence that hurt Spears in her bitter baby battle with K-Fed was the testimony and a report by the court-appointed parenting coach. All of which "concerned" the Commissioner immensely.

According to the court's ruling and the parenting coach's testimony/report:

- Britney failed to meet the parenting coach on three separate and previously scheduled occasions
- Britney is not child-centered
- "It seems that her choices are more dependent upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children."
- When the kids are with Britney, they have no real schedule or routine
-  "The environment in the house ranged from chaotic to somber with little communication at all."
- Britney has a "lack of general attention at times."
- Spears had "no interest in talking to or utilizing [the parenting coach's] guidance"

Per the court, Britney still has to submit to drug testing, twice a week, despite her lawyer's best efforts to get that removed.

A missed test is a failed test.

Spears and K-Fed will be in court next on November 26th.

Unfitney will probably go out and pAArty tonight. You know, to cope with the stress and all. She deserves it!

Party all you want, honey.

Trick or treat!

[Image via WENN.]

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521 comments to “It Gets Worse”

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  1. dee dee says – reply to this


    geez perez! you all are like vampires– after blood!! i know this is your job but don't you have any compassion or respect for people? i'm not a fan of britney's but you can see this is a woman who's on the verge of a breakdown or worse!! so after she kills herself, what will you say? will you continue with your vicious shit? she is the way she is because of her fucked up parents who were probably fucked up themselves; it is not funny to make fun of ill people… i thought you had SOME integrity!

  2. Cathal says – reply to this


    Re: Ivanka

    Yes you moron. I'm sure everyone is going to buy 3 copies of Blackout so she will have high sales. You're just bitter because she's going to debut high and it's killing you.

  3. Samwise says – reply to this


    nice acne. :)

  4. KHM says – reply to this


    It's so nice to come to this site after visiting x17. At least here you post all sides of the story. And for you people buying her sad excuse of an "album," all you're doing is supporting her drug habit and giving more money to Kfed. Way to go, dumbass.

  5. v says – reply to this


    haha she sucks. im glad her kids are away from her…they'd only grow up and be completely fucked like her. p.s. i love how she's missing a ton of nails….get them fuckin fixed!

  6. D says – reply to this


    and the yucky ness on her face
    seriously wtf is with her
    what happened to the baby one more time chick seriouslllly
    people looked up to this chick!

  7. Lew says – reply to this


    Perez why don't you ever say anything nice about Britney, Like how GREAT her new album is that came out today!

  8. Chris says – reply to this


    I dont get how your calling her a worse mother when she gained more rights with her children.

  9. The kids don't smile says – reply to this


    The court should order IQ tests on Sean Preston and Jayden because they have that blank emotionless stare on their face that retarded kids have. It wouldn't suprise me one bit if they were both "special" because you just know this HO was taking drugs and drinking while pregnant.

  10. MonyMony says – reply to this


    I just bought her album on iTunes…and it's good!!! It's all I expect of her. She delivered.

  11. Pinche Cagon says – reply to this


    Listen up you bitches!! I like milk and I like titties! Oh yeah, first you bitches, first! First I say! First I say! Fiiiiiiiiiiirst!

  12. James says – reply to this


    I like how you left out that the parenting coach also felt that Spears "loves her children and the children are bonded" to her. And that on the Oct. 23rd visit, Lisa Hacker (the parenting coach) said that Spears was "much more engaged with [Hacker] and the children." If you are going to report on people's lives, then put everything else up with it, not just the bad things because you don't like her. And I got those quotes from a CNN article, I didn't make those up. So report everything, not just what you want people to hear, or don't report at all.

  13. James says – reply to this


    Re: KHM – uhh even if I didn't buy the album (which I did) Britney would still have enough money to do whatever. And I bought the album cuz I liked her music on it, its pretty good and has gotten good reviews. so you're an idiot who doesn't kno what the hell he's talking about. and Perez didn't post all sides of the story idiot. Go to CNN where they have real reporting, jeez.

  14. ?????????? says – reply to this


    Re: Chris

    #317 Are you serious? For reals?

  15. Idiots should not breed says – reply to this


    Re: #318 "The kids don't smile"

    I have no doubt that the younger one has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). He has the facial features and Unfitney always said he was a "mistake". I'm sure she was on stuff before she found out she was pregnant. Poor kid.

  16. maggs99 says – reply to this


    bitch ever herd of cover up?

  17. Ted says – reply to this


    I work with someone on Itunes and I have an inside scoop that her and all of her friends are buying her shit up to make her look good. About 50 people bought the album, actually it was the 50 you saw standing outside that store on that video and they were paid to buy it and given the money for the purchase. Nice going
    crackhead, cover up your herpes lips next time. You look worse then a heroin junkie.

  18. Angelina loves sex with her brother says – reply to this


    she really hates Kevin and thinks she is makin him pay ….. what a loser only those kids will pay.

  19. Get on the stick, Chris! says – reply to this


    Re: Chris

    You seem a bit confused… Britney still has to have a court-ordered monitor/parenting coach with her the entire time she has the kids. (They don't make good mothers do that.) Also, there was a report from the coach that stated some very bad things in regard to Brit's lack of parenting skills. It's now official that she is a sucky mother.

  20. Mhasnotalent says – reply to this


    Face it she's going #1 ALL AROUND THE WORLD cause her CD is CRAZY GOOD!
    They are selling it at TARGET for $9.96 y'all! The clerk said they have been selling LIKE CRAZY!


  21. jayluv says – reply to this


    ok ok enough, this shit gets boring and all your doing is selling her album even more so at the end of the day people who hate on her give her and her label exactly what they want. So if she's such a disaster stop paying so much attention to her because in all honesty real people like myself don't like her so that means i don't wanna hear about her every five minutes and see so many articles on about her untalented ass it's a waste of time.

  22. Jenny says – reply to this


    I don't understand how Britney can be accused of being a drug user when she has never been seen using any type of recreational drugs. I honestly think that if she were really on drugs the photographers who surround her 24/7 would have caputured it by now.
    I know it's not relevant to the custody case but I feel that Britney has been over critizied for her crying and break down during the Matt Lauer interview. I feel that he was in the wrong…he should have offered her a tissue! People constantly made fun of her for wiping her face with her hand but she was bawling and he just sat there and stared at her instead of being polite and offering her a tissue.
    I would also like to say that I feel she was sold out in a certain music video that portrayed her as being a cheater. It doesn't seem that anyone has ever called this person out on making such a tacky video but they have tried to shift the blame on Britney, accusing her of being a cheater. Whether or not she did, selling your ex-girlfriend out on a video that can be seen by the world is just not classy or moral at all.
    I feel outraged when people say she doesn't deserve her kids or that she doesn't want her kids when she is the one who's truly supporting them as well as career challeneged ex. The father is no better of a parent than Britney and has already proven he is irresponsible by leaving his last pregnant wife.
    Everyone is attacking Britney and not looking at all aspects of these situations.

  23. Mary says – reply to this


    People are talking and telling the truth about her. She beat those kids and she took drugs and alcohol when she was pregnant and smoked of course. The hospital said that they were paid to keep quiet about it. What a tool.

  24. Unfit-Fit says – reply to this


    Re: James

    Those kids probably have "Stockholm Syndrome". AND, love does not always result in good parenting. Face it, she is a terrible parent.

  25. BUMMER says – reply to this



  26. BLACKOUT IS #1! says – reply to this



  27. finally!! says – reply to this


    THANK GOD!! those poor kids seriously deserve a better mom than unfitney. if she really wanted her kids she should have at least made an attempt to comply with the court orders. I'm just glad that the judge didn't go easy on her just because she's famous. now hopefully those kids can get some damn good therapy

  28. Lora says – reply to this


    Re: Excuse Me

    Britney Spears is a loser. Her mom should have swallowed.

  29. Oh dear! says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny

    Hey Jenny, I've never seen Jesus either, so I guess he doesn't exist, right? The paps don't follow her into the bathroom (where she seems to go ALOT!!!) I'm sure it all takes place in the potty room, honey. Your "logic" is flawed and your argument is weak. Move on, little naive one!

  30. Christofffer says – reply to this


    why this girl always missing her nails? lol

  31. srs_baby says – reply to this


    OMG.. this is ridiculuous! Most of you are arguing over something that doesn't amount to anything. First off, if you don't like what perez has to say, then don't fucking visit this site, it's only common sense! There are other obvious places that you can visit with the same info. So, why do you waste your time? Secondly, if you like Britney fine, if you don't fine. But, I honestly, and this is my opinion, believe that she will never be what she used to be. I don't care how many records she sells or how many videos or performances she makes. She's already blown it. I was such a huge Britney fan back in the day before she married kfed and then became shitty. I hope she does get the help that she needs because obviously those poor kids will need a mom that can be there for them and love them.

    So, why don't you all just leave perez alone, and if you don't like what he says then get off the website!

  32. Steve says – reply to this


    hey perez.
    remember when britney's new album was number 1 on itunes?
    oh yea. it was today.

    go fuck yourself perzez.

  33. A hater and i fucked myself says – reply to this


    Straight up Haterzzz! wOw telling me to go fuck myself was the best THING I have HEARD all Damn DAY! ok hold on………………..Oh Oh OH YEAH! what now? She still sucks she is still a bad mother a horrible citizen a bad driver her music sucks her album sucks she is wasting peoples time causing traffic problems And she showed her Vagina Again! If she would sing the national anthem or Sing something LIVE i might just like her until then she is worthless Untalented Unfit Poorly dressed hick lost in hollywood thinking shes the shit! Britney needs to get a fucking clue! I second the smacking theory! Someone SMACK HER! Fuck that bitch up did u see the picture of her in her car? She had a pissed of psycho look! She IS MENTAL! she has like 20 personalities i bet when she turns 30 if she makes it that far……………..She will be like all nasty hollywood 30 year old bitches BITTER AND A WHORE! I HATE Britney I think all of you britney fans are losers! there is much better music out there OPEN UR EARS!

  34. taxlady says – reply to this


    #218 - Mimi says – reply to this

    "Re: chris – The negative posts have nothing to do with Shitney’s album sales. They’re about her rampant child neglect. Anyone who focuses on her album sales while she’s fucking up her kids lives is a fricking moron ie you Chris. I don’t care if she needs to sort her shit out or work out what she wants. When you have kids, they become the priority in your life. cares about her album sales when those two kid’s wellbeing are suffering." (Had to paraphrase because I exceeded the keystroke limit.)

    Mimi - you are brilliant and you say it all succinctly. I applaud you, your intelligence, kindness and your sensitivity. I think you should adopt the little tater tots so they have a good chance of growing up normal.

    Have you ever looked at pix of these kids?! Always sad, depressed, confused…that's not Photoshop….that's real life. They're still young enough that they can be helped and shown love and a real family life.


  35. shawn says – reply to this


    Okay - honestly leave her alone. Paris is FAR less a talent and easier a target. Brits new CD is actually good! A divorce is hard for anyone - especially one so young. Just lay off man… its just looking sad now.

  36. lt says – reply to this


    she kinda has that picked skin meth face goin

  37. Britney's secret cousin says – reply to this


    It's a family secret, but those kids do have things wrong. Lynn might bring this out,not sure. Remember what the little girl looked like in "The Hills have Eyes?" Well!!!

  38. Michael Mc says – reply to this


    Pretty sure she can do what ever she wants its F*ing britney and her new cd is amazing !!!! she's back B**ches

  39. honesty says – reply to this


    so hi perez, i find it kinda pathetic that you can't even admit that her album is fantastic. ur sitting there dissing her just because you need to maintain this asshole angle of yours. its sad really. pretty fucking sad.

    ps i'm not even a britney fan, just someone who likes to have a good time and can tell when music's good.

  40. CATHAZAT says – reply to this


    Is she actually crying and shocked? How could she not think the judge would rule against her? Does she think her children are accessories like her little toy dogs? If this isn't rock bottom for her, what will be?

  41. molly says – reply to this


    ha. notice how she can't even keep all her fake nails on.
    and is she contagious or something? look at that gross mess near her mouth. probably from sucking too much d!ck while she should be watching her kids.
    and to think i used to like her as a child…

  42. Point says – reply to this


    all of you saying things like "supporting her music means supporting child abuse"… are idiots. i got the cd because i like BRITNEYS MUSIC i dont care for all the other stuff. Its a good cD.

  43. cdil says – reply to this


    k why does she keep holding her tits and covering her mouth.. like shes repulse.

  44. bama says – reply to this


    she's missing 2 finger nails.. what a skank, its just too funny!

  45. IHateLindsay says – reply to this


    Anyway, now that THAT's out of the way……..
    I am SO glad the justice system prevailed on this one. Shitney is a backwoods, inbred, intellectually-challenged, musically-defecit piece of TRAILER TRASH!!
    I hope that someday when one looks up the term "trailer trash" in the dictionary, or on wiki, that Britney's face appears front and center!
    She has NO business with those kids. She just needs to lock herself away in her Malibu opium den and do as many drugs as she can until she is gone for good. And then the next day someone drives her fucked up car (with all the paps following) to the junkyard where it is COMPACTED, on tape, for all to see.


  46. no name says – reply to this


    Wow.. I just love her fingernails.

  47. Mimi says – reply to this


    Re: taxlady – Thanks Taxlady. How anyone can have take their children for granted is beyond me. We can argue forever about album sales and whether Britney's a skank or whatever, but at the end of the day, those children need to come first. Album sale are irrellevant when compared to a child.

  48. Sorry but Models should never want to be like unfitney says – reply to this


    Re: BLACKOUT IS #1! – #335 - BLACKOUT IS #1! says – reply to this

    Yeah and i am a stripper! her music sucks! she can't write her own songs she can't sing! she can't drive! she can't be a parent she can't Party! she can't walk straight and she take TOO MANY DAMN bathroom breaks! That IS WHERE SHE IS powdering her Nose! She can't even follow a simple direction!!!! she is a pig! and she is doing such a good job at ruining her already ruined career! So unless she can go on tv or cable and do a concert LIVE and sing her little heart out that actually sounds GOOD! She will remain in my book A LOSER! who says fuck off to the world and to religion and the law! She would do good doing porn since that is What she REALLY wants to do with her life! sex tape anyone? Shes stupid! if ur a model Please don't compare yourself to britney she isn't someone you wanna be like!

  49. Lame says – reply to this


    Re: Her ALBUM? Are you F*Cking kidding me?!

    apparently you know nothing about good reporting. You're supposed to be objective. Clearly Perez is only focusing on the negative aspects of Britney's life and not her latest accomplishments for his own personal agenda. He's knows nothing about the media, and you're obviously being spoonfed every single piece of TRASH he has to offer.

  50. lolly says – reply to this


    Her behavior screams of a meth problem. I live in an area where it is prevelant, and have seen this before. The problem with meth is it makes you think you are a totally normal functioning person. You can't see what others see. However, you are able to some what hold on to a routine of life!

  51. Missy says – reply to this


    Anyone want to comment on the mark around her arm? Shoot up much?

  52. Emotional Abuse says – reply to this


    Ok play is how children learn! it is essential for children to play because they cannot do structured lesson what are these children learning at starbucks being straped in a damn car seat well there unlicenced drug using mum drives them around? Take them too the park or stay home and DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR KIDS… how can anyone support this "Im britney i do what a want attitude"? The woman is fucked shes off her damn rocker and honestly faceless midclassed strangers would give these boys a better life then she ever could with all her millions…. Even if she cleans up her act tomorrow these kids might have behavioural problems as teenagers due to there subconcious memory (begins at 2 months of age) kids remember all the shit u think they dont… anyone who supports this behaviour is going to hell…. Do the world a favour and blow your brains out its the only way your kids will remember you with anything but discust… P.S Britneys Album is NOT NUMBER 1 KEEP DREAMING FUCK FACE

  53. TYRONE says – reply to this



  54. becca says – reply to this


    Re: Blackout – Oh, I'm sorry, actually, I did read that. Obviously she doesn't love her kids that much if she can't even at least ACT interested in them while the court monitor is there. But if we're going to talk about being stupid and acting 12, when you say "your stupid" it should be "you're stupid," as in YOU ARE STUPID. Go back to middle school and learn English you idiot. Oh, and you only have to hit "submit comment" once, clicking it multiple times makes your comment come up multiple times. But apparently, YOU'RE too stupid to realize that.

  55. queentay320 says – reply to this


    Unfitney?! no shitney?!
    you dont deserve kids honey and to be frank neither does your ex-hubby but whatevs
    now that your coping with this loss I suggest the first step of recovery being discovering natural beauty again…this is a nice way of saying CONTROL YOUR ZITS EEEWWW IS ANYONE ELSE NOTICING THE MAJOR BREAK OUTAGE ON UNFITNEYS FACE>!??
    have you hear of clean and clear?
    or no b/c that would be an analogy to sobriety now wouldn't it?

  56. Julie says – reply to this


    just because you can conceive doesnt mean you should be a mom. poor kids but they'll be fine..some kids have shitty mom's and they're poor too..
    I wouldnt worry..a nanny could do a better job than Brit.

  57. Omg Britney Shoots Up!!! says – reply to this



  58. justin says – reply to this


    Omg Perez…leave britney alone bitch…if you don't like her that's that…but leave her the fuck alone and stop feeding her all the shit..if your gonna write about her then get the facts and leave your two sense out of it please..she has done nothing to your fat ass than be born with better genes lol.

  59. Lame says – reply to this


    Ps- You people are obnoxious for judging her for zits or blemishes. She's human. Like you. Although, considering most of the terrible things that been have said here (Perez included), I'm starting to doubt just how human half you people are.

  60. charm says – reply to this


    do you really have to have 3 posts of the same story,

    the parenting coach's report was negative. but IF YOU READ THE COURT DOCUMENTS, it says that she improved.

    also, the monitors appointed by the court reported some positive stuff too.

    they just jived with the observation that the house is not child proofed enough.

    if you want to come out as credible, at least report in a COMPLETE manner. not just the ones which will jive with your personal opinion.

  61. Blackout says – reply to this


    Anyone watch Showbiz tonight where they said the truth on what the parental coach said? How the parental coach said mostly positive things with a few constructive criticism techniques. Get your news from a REAL source. Not a homo that should be killed.

  62. love_those_spacemen says – reply to this


    This is so sad.

    Miss Spears, please remove yourself from the public eye (it IS possible) and just calm down. Exploiting yourself by acting out is self-destructive. Understandable, but extremely counterproductive to your career and personal integrity. An artist needs to project herself with class, dignity and respect in order to receive it. And that takes effort. Effort and vivaciousness which is simply inaccessible during abuse…

    You have such talent, such opportunity, and so many people willing to support you. But if you are unable to be proud of yourself, how can they? You're a young lady. Find yourself–possibly for the first time– and return to your craft with admirable force.

  63. Bel says – reply to this


    I read the entire report and it DID state some positives on Britney's behalf as well. The report began with the statement that it was evident that Britney loves her children and that they are bonded with her. While the monitor had negative reports for 3 visits she DID state that on her last visit the situation was MUCH improved and that Britney's activities seemed more centered around the kids needs and that indicated there was improvement. If your going to write about the facts I feel that you should not leave things out in order to put a MORE negative spin on the story.

  64. Lame says – reply to this


    Ps- You must be pretty obnoxious to be judging her for zits or blemishes on her face. She's human! Like you. Although, considering the things that have been said here, I'm starting to wonder how human half you people are.

    Those lines could have been anything. Maybe, I don't know, a mark from something she was wearing? That's an outrageous notion. Maybe even leaning on something? Naw. It MUST have been from shooting up. Lame.

  65. gretchie says – reply to this


    where are all ur facts regarding 'kfed' being a good dad? remember a just a while ago what a partying, psychotic, smokin while holding the baby, pot smokin, hates to shower mr. kfed? the only thing he did to change that was hire a MONEY thirsty lawyer… its fukn britney spears. cha-ching!
    he failed a drug test.
    where is his column on this site? he NEVER has been a good dad … he bailed on Shar while pregnant… had a family with her and walked on them to be with brit…. because he knew hed be set for life.
    ya brits a mess right now … but after all this sh*t wouldn't u be too? fuck. lay off.

  66. SaraBaby says – reply to this


    i love the britney CD!! :)

    #1 britney fan!! lmao

  67. Satin likes to fuck britney good britney says – reply to this


    Just waiting for an UPDATE!
    heres one : God struck unfitney down for being a shitty human being! or god stuck britney spears down today with a bolt of lightning after the catholic church called him and told him or her that she was sitting on he/shes sons lap! Yes god sent jesus back to be a preist in his church …somehow britney found out where jesus was and snagged him in confessional unfortunatly while sitting on jesus britney became pregnant Yes Pregnant with jesuses baby! God found out and that was the last straw he nolonger wanted Britney on this earth and decided to let the rath of god down upon hollywierd ….. YEs its been confirmed Britney Spears has been struck down by lightning…………….will she live?
    Damn you Britney You pissed God off! Why did u sit on a preists lap? what was the point? U pissed the law off and you let ur kids down Now u pissed of god! thanks! Have fun playing with satin!

  68. bill says – reply to this


    come on, britney, get you act together. you are just fricking crazy to do what you are doing. enough is enough.

  69. GROSS says – reply to this


    All of these posts, well the few that i looked at, are just disgusting. Zits, calling ppl privates vay, jay jay, whatever. Plain gross and repulsive.

  70. jesse says – reply to this


    hey go buy britneys new cd ITS REALLY FUKING GOOD !!!

  71. duran says – reply to this


    Hey Yal! I don't care if she ever talks to those kids… Her new album is hot hot hot… and fug you perez for calling it aververage a while back… It is trully state of the art… I didn't dance all of those nights in clubs to toxic because the silly girl was making babies and I am not going to stop dance cause she forgets to talk to the lil' bastards, hell they probably remind her of Kfed… anyways who cares those kids are a lot richer than all of you because of her I doubt that they mind.

  72. kitnghmo says – reply to this


    Britney needs help… like MAJOR help! If she was my mom… I'd get her drunk and take money from her to spend on myself. She's a bad mother and deserves worse!

  73. BeanSi says – reply to this


    Who the F^ck cares. Useless trailer trash. There are real women out there deserving of notice. Take the trash out of the list Spears, Lohan, Hilton,…you know who you are.

    let's hear of Angelina, Kat Von D, you know REALWOMEN!!!!!!!!

  74. MoniqueA says – reply to this


    She's obviously on some good stuff, her record label too. I would like to know what it is?

  75. That's her secret.. says – reply to this


    Her secret how she is trying to lose weight is the shooting up thing. You can plainly see that she has a mark around her arm from tying it off. My cousin use to shoot up. She's an idiot for showing her arms in public.

  76. britney spears blackout . c o m says – reply to this


    Check it out!

    New Britney Site

    Photo's video,s music remixes and more!

    b r i t n e y s p e a r s b l a c k o u t . c o m

    Check it out!

    New Britney Site

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    b r i t n e y s p e a r s b l a c k o u t . c o m

    Check it out!

    New Britney Site

    Photo's video,s music remixes and more!

    b r i t n e s p e a r s b l a c k o u t . c o m

    Check it out!

    New Britney Site

    Photo's video,s music remixes and more!

  77. Nicoon says – reply to this


    mm.. real classy brit i love how 2 of your
    fake nails are missing? Are we also off of
    the PROACTIVE? But i will give her one
    thing, there is a car seat in the back which
    should count for somthing right? i mean as
    long as we know she didnt let the kids drive?

  78. Peter says – reply to this


    The reason why her mom is going to write the book is that she is afraid of Unfitney and she knows that she has been shooting up.
    To some people shooting up is nothing, to others..it's the end of
    the world. The only people who bought that album are the fat people that was standing outside in that video of her and she paid them to buy it.

  79. Carrie says – reply to this


    Why was she holding her boob in all of these pictures?

  80. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: SHITNEY FANS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN STUPID AND UGLY – with a mouth like that i will leave the dick sucking up to you. clean my toilet bitch!

  81. bobby says – reply to this


    perez you are the reason gay people get bashed…its people like you that ruin it for gay people like myself.. first of all look im the mirror you fat bacon eating.pig fucker.. leave britney alone… she is and always will be a true celebrity . unlike youself … she is a true talent going throug some tough times.. so fuck off.. and go eat a mc muffin.. you fat ugly hairy piece of shit..by the way you look like you smell like dick cheese

  82. bobby says – reply to this


    perez you are the reason gay people get bashed…its people like you that ruin it for gay people like myself.. first of all look im the mirror you fat bacon eating.pig fucker.. leave britney alone… she is and always will be a true celebrity . unlike youself … she is a true talent going throug some tough times.. so fuck off.. and go eat a mc muffin.. you fat ugly hairy piece of shit..by the way you look like you smell like dick cheese

  83. blackout says – reply to this


    Leave her alone, jeeez… her new album is ill and she is on her way to a comeback, just let her take her sweet ass time!

  84. mary says – reply to this


    it's actually making me feel a little nauseous just looking at her. please post something else, 'rez.

  85. big DDDDDD says – reply to this




  86. mary says – reply to this


    i'd like to see pictures of INSIDE some of these clubs and bars she goes to. who the fuck would walk up to her and try to grind all up on that shit? makes me puke. in my brain. a little.

  87. Dani says – reply to this


    Nice impression on her upper arm… rubber tubing perhaps?!

  88. JJ says – reply to this


    SHUT UP!!!!!
    no one cares about britney anymore

  89. }>{{{}}}*> says – reply to this



  90. cool chick says – reply to this



  91. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Dani – scroll way the hell up and you will get an answer to your ridiculous rumor-spreading notions. it's like a witch hunt…people and their judemental attitudes make me sick. now you want to paint her as a heroin addict. kicking people whenthey are down is the lowest things anyone can do. you will all get your karmic desserts.

  92. somebody says – reply to this


    WTF? I adopted a cat from the pound. I spend more time with him every day than that bitch spends with her own damn kids!

  93. susie says – reply to this


    How many COURT dates is Judge Ito 2 going to give, Just to give Britney the same right he frist gave her ? I'm wondering if he isn't TURNING like BRITNEY, LOVING ALL THE ATTENTION….

  94. angie says – reply to this


    Why dont you never write positive your sooo stupid.
    HER ALBUM IS THE SHIT.so talk all you wanttt shes back

  95. Your stuck on STUPID says – reply to this


    Re: mary – gawd. puke in your brain.??? Sigh people see couple words on a web site and they adopt it with out thinking HOW STUPID they (You) SOUND

  96. Heather Bell says – reply to this


    Her album is NUMER ONE!!!

  97. STUPID WHORE says – reply to this


    [re=820750]Re: dura

  98. Jordan T says – reply to this


    Does Britney even want her kids? I feel like shes trying to lose them. I just don't understand how she could continue how she is going, and completely ignore her children. Pull yourself together gril, no1 feels bad for you anymore…..we stopped feeling bad once we realized how much you don't give a shit about anything or anyone…..not even your children. Stop feeling bad for yourself, stop playing the victom and be a woman….if not for yourself than for your CHILDREN.

  99. KiwiGirl says – reply to this


    I honestly did read through those court documents, and they might as well just have her move into the drug testing facility. She won't have time to parent, do drugs, or anything else with the number of times per week she has to show up there.

  100. Jen says – reply to this


    What is that red mark across her bicep. Is she shooting up?

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